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  1. Lets Kill Tires

    XB1 Drift Meet

    Anyone down for a XB1 drift meet? Message Gt: Lets Kill Tires
  2. Looking for two people to complete the 10 million dollar heist. Sick of randoms who can't play, we want to try to complete it all on a Saturday and Sunday. Looking for people who are experienced and know what they are doing. We're rank 170ish and we are good, hoping you have a decent mic and able to communicate through it. If interested leave gamertag below, thanks!
  3. shonxdon44

    XB1 Lowrider meet

    Bring out your lowriders for a drama free cruise .. Lowriders, and classics gamertag: shonxdon44
  4. I need help with getting the beast outfit on Xbox one message me on Xbox one GGEBB 38000 if interested and big money reward to everyone that helps
  5. mostwanted2848

    Car meet xb1

    No compacts Other wise bring any car There will be drag racing, cruices, and taking pictures My gamertag: mostwanted2848 Just ask for invite to party and game

    Hands of Fate MC

    Hands of Fate MC is looking for new prospects, 18+ (exceptions have been made) on Xbox1. Check out http://handsoffatemc.weebly.comor if you're too lazy to do that, here's some basic info. We have roughly 35 members. Ages 16-49. Mostly US, a few CAN, 2 UK and 2 NZ. We have 3 chapters; Paleto Bay, Grand Senora and Nomad. Also have a prospect chapter, support club and our killsquad. We are not racist or sexist. We strive for true brotherhood. We've helped a brother buy the game, helped another switch from the 360 to the one and started a gofundme for a brother when his daughter passed away. Yes, its a video game, but the bond we share is so much more than that. Kik np_fate if interested or have any questions. Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  7. My MC and several others are setting up a gta 5 Sturgis on Xbox One ONLY it is basically a huge gta 5 motorcycle ONLY show. There is no set date yet but everyone is welcome sport bikes, cruisers, and even off road. stay tuned if you are interest I will have a date and time soon, our goal is to have a full lobby so tell your crew and friends. *RULES* - NO KILLING if you start to kill anyone you will on purpose you will instantly be voted to be kicked and the rest of the game will stomp the F**KING SH*T out of you until you get kicked and you will be flagged to never be able to join any of our crews or come to our events - No blowing up vehicles or causing mayhem in general so if you are killing cops nonstop, getting in shoot outs, knocking over or crashing into peoples bikes, or just being annoying and messing up our good time we will kick you - if you are trash talking other clubs or bringing over beef with people into the game we will kick you **basically just dont cause problems and be mature or you will make yourself look dumb we are trying to have a good time and if you cant do that and you are causing problems and looking for a fight we will just kick you so dont be a bi*ch** Follow me on twitter for more news about dates and info i dont care if you unfollow me after the event (https://twitter.com/HappyCatGaming) I hope to see you there
  8. Reapers Creed MC was founded only a few months ago and has around 10 members we are an Xbox one club ONLY. If you join and are mature you are almost guaranteed a high rank because of the few members. We are all about respect and loyalty to our club we take it very seriously, but we still know how to have a laugh and we still know its just a game. We have set up rides with other clubs every week, we have weekly meetings to cover news and to deside big club decisions, and we have weekly fight nights with other clubs. to join you must leave all other crews and prospect for us for a minimum of 2 weeks. We WILL treat you like trash as a prospect and push you till you break I dont care how old you are or how much you want to join there will be times that you want to cuss us out and beat the sh*t out of us but we do this to see how dedicated and loyal you are to the patch. If you want to join the club message HappyCat49 on Xbox one or go to the prospects link and request to join (https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rc_prospects) I hope to recruit at least one person from this i will hopefully soon be able to call Brother.
  9. mostwanted2848

    Stanced street car meet Xb1

    Rules Cars must be stanced or have lowest suspension ************* NO super car Or High end sports ***************** NO killing - -- -- -- Events Drag racing,cruising,taking picks,and Rev contest * * * TO CONTACT ME My gamertag: mostwanted2848 Ask for invite
  11. Xbox One Car meets at 8pm GMT! (3pm EST) Hosted by Reetra & Kazza IV. How to Join: 1) Log in to Social Club and go to Settings > Privacy > Xbox Gamertag > Set to "Crew & Friends 2) Join our crew on Socialclub http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/downtown_car_meets 3) Follow this topic and come back to find out when the next car meet is (Usually 8pm GMT) 4) Set Downtown Car Meets as your active crew and go to an online session, press pause then: Online > Crews > Downtown Car Meets > View Members > Join Kazza IV or Reetra OR Add "Kazza IV" as a friend on Xbox One and then: Friends > Kazza IV > Join Game (Must still be in the crew as this is a closed crew session) Our car meets are hosted in Crew Only lobbies, so to join our car meets, you must be in the crew. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/downtown_car_meets I may be recording the meets and uploading them to my YouTube channel, therefore a mic is recommended to join our meets, however you don't need one! (if you have a mic, then please try not to loudly talk over people or scream and shout, we want a chill meet!) RULES 1) Destroying cars or killing multiple people on purpose will result in a kick or ban. 2) Realistic driving please, therefore crashing in to other players is not allowed. 3) If you have a mic, please use it. If you don't, please join game chat anyway so you can listen to what we are saying. 4) Please always listen to the host. Ban List Its Hanleyy xMattyBxD --- Come along for drag races, cruising and drifting! We do not have a permanent set theme, but themed meets will be announced on the crew feed.
  12. Car meet and drags! Absolutely no STANCING or kicking in your tires or you'll be kicked. Location:SkatePark By lesters factory Time: 10pm Eastern Class: Classic Muscle and Sport GT: Apple Knockerz Message me for an invite.
  13. Drift n' Drag Car meetup Xbox One Uk time from 9:30Pm to Whenever hosted by DriftK Dragz And Guns.
  14. :Slammed/Stance Cars :LowRiders are welcomed :Be Serious :No BS GT: BronxNewYork101, message me if you want to join
  15. deaththekid403

    auditions for gta 5&friend

    hello if you are interested in being in youtube videos here is your chance you can be part of my acting crew for skits and more by answering a couple of questions and say a couple of things my gamertag is deaththekid403 my youtube channel is death gaming i have over 200 subscribers but here is the link youtube.com/c/INFOGAMING i am looking forward to talking to all of you and good luck.
  16. Would someone like to help me do the Fleeca Heist Elite Challenge to start within (hopefully) the next half hour? Please tell me: Have you done this Elite Challenge before? Do you own the Alta Street apartment? If not I can buy it temporarily to try and get this done. Are you mature minded and willing to give it your all and not waste both our time? Your preference, either Drive or Hack & Drill? Thanks and hope to hear from someone soon.
  17. Gta123456789987654321

    Vip grinding

    Looking for people with a mic to grind vip missions with message RKL12
  18. Blazer123

    car meet (XBOX1)

    car meet on xbox1, send message to usmcxblazer for invt ANY type of car is welcome
  19. Join WCCM if you are serious about your vehicles and races. Casual and competitive carmeets held regularly. Contact former Vinestar Carmeets co-leader, chileanbean11 for details or invites
  20. i am trying to do the all in order challenge and loyalty challenge to make 2+ million. we can do it on normal if people want to make it go faster. i would like to try to get it done today message GRIZZ Snacks for an invite in the message put 2mill
  21. tedthetickler


    th the meet is over
  22. GTAV Tokyo Drift Car Show Come show off your street racing machines or your driftors at the Tokyo Drift Car Meet! **STREET RACING CARS ONLY** - Muscle cars are allowed TIME: 7PM US EASTERN Rules: -NO GUNS -MIC (Gamechat) -16+ Age -Fast and Furious style vehicles only ​-No touching others cars without permission There will be drag racing, drift competitions, alcohol, and more! Message me on Xbox Live **WILL NOT BE VIEWING THIS POST** Gamertag: xxROBBIE RIOTxx Hope to see you there!
  23. CheapApples12

    San Andreas Roleplay (Crews and Members)

    San Andreas Roleplay provides gaming community hosting services for Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Crews. SARP empowers crew leaders to develop awesome communities, all while enabling other players to access advanced, easy to use systems. San Andreas Roleplay has been developed specifically for gamers who want to take their gaming and roleplaying experience to the next level. Hi There, My name is CheapApples12, and I'd like to introduce to you - San Andreas Roleplay. We provide community management solutions to Grand Theft Auto 5 crews, as well as roleplaying facilitation to general members of Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. We've spent countless hours developing a professional, secure brand-name and platform for both roleplaying professionals, and those who just want to fool around. We're proud to say that we're the only Grand Theft Auto 5 community management company in the world that offers the level of intricacy and detail that we do - all the while maintaining an awesome roleplaying environment. San Andreas Roleplay offers state-of-the art solutions to both crews and general members, unlike anyone else. Now, I know what you're thinking - but allow me to explain further: San Andreas Roleplay provides an awesome platform, for awesome crews. As a crew leader, you can easily get your crew on the fast track to success with our robust, easy to navigate system. When you register your crew with SARP , you get access to some pretty awesome stuff that you can utilise to not only create abundant success, but positive talk in the broader community as well. Registering your crew is easy, all you have to do is complete a short and easy form to ensure your crew is set up the way you want it. Once completed, she's all yours. With your new crew page in hand, you get instant access to prodigious features! Here's a few that we've hand picked for you: [table] Automatic Recruitment & Member ManagementSimple CommunicationAwesome WebsitesSan Andreas Roleplay provides Grand Theft Auto 5 crews with comprehensive, Automated member management and recruitment systems. Crew recruitment flows are completely automated. Applications can be accepted, denied, archived and commented on all with the click of a button.Powerful, integrated social community software is one of San Andreas Roleplay's highlight features. We provide access to awesome community and member account software so you and your users can freely communicate, share information, personalize their experience and most of all - make the most of your crew and it's benefits.Your community can achieve some pretty astonishing responses. We recognise that success starts with an accessable, and awesome looking website - that's why we generate templates and allow you to select from up to 90 modules including free Twitch.TV and Custom HTMLτ integration.[/table] That's just the tip of the iceberg. If you've got an existing member base, they can seamlessly convert to our system without any stress at all. If you have a custom domain (ie. yourcrew.com), we can assist you to have it domain redirected, masked or DNS directed. You can view a live example of what's achievable with San Andreas Roleplay by checking out an awesome creation at marines.rp-sa.net An awesome feature that was recently added, is the ability for crews to hold crew email addresses. We introduced this feature to allow members to communication with their crews, and potential recruits to communicate with crews. So, as of the 22nd of Febuary 2016, crews get @crew.rp-sa.net email addresses for free when you use the code "GTAFORUMS" when registering your crew! To register your crew or community, learn more here: sarole.pl/1o6hkmU San Andreas Roleplay also provides some pretty awesome resources and features for general players of online too. SARP features our unique marketplace, where members can buy, sell and trade all sorts of things. You can purchase services from other players such as the hiring of bodyguards, hitman services or even just hire someone to annoy your friends for a bit (funny, but not recommended). As a member, you'll automatically be registered as a civilian. This means that if you want, you can join into roleplays and events held by San Andreas Roleplay or individual crews. If you're not sure which crew to join, don't join any! You can always join a crew at a later point, or better yet - create your own! We already have an awesome range of crews for you to join: To register as a general player (civillian), complete the registration here: sarole.pl/20Q1EpZ So, no matter what you're interested in - there's a place for you. We welcome all crews and all members. Whether you're a police officer, mafia member, or homeless man.. we want to see you at San Andreas Roleplay! Make the awesome call - register today. Stay Connected with SARP Website: http://www.rp-sa.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saroleplay Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CheapApples12
  24. MyQrewKicks

    Xbox One Heist Crew

    Looking for 3 High level players to run all heist from prison break to the last one . Message me on Xbox @ Amaze DNA for a invite MUST KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING
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