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  1. mostwanted2848

    Xb1 tuner meet

    Rules ********************* NO bulletproofs Must stance car No killing No cops No supers or highend. *sultan is aloud * * * There will be- Dragracing Cruising Taking pics Doing LTS matches * * * * TO Contact Me My gamertag:mostwanted2848 Just ask for invite
  2. Car Meet and Cruise.. Message AdoptedFarmer for invite.
  3. Looking for associates to help run cargo for Twerk Ltd. I run VIP missions in between to help cover ammo and equipment costs incurred. Mic would be nice but not necessary and no level requirement. I'm just looking for team players who pay attention to the map and understand defense. Let's get paid. Message xWillTwerk4Food to join
  4. Looking for a car meet XB1
  5. Every time I have attempted to play heists players have left or died repeatedly making it very difficult to complete. This is an outreach to players who are willing to do heists with me in an efficient and fun manner. My mic is currently disabled and I am working on getting another one. My username is ViralGamer21 if you are interested. I am also on the prison break setup Station. If we complete that we can move straight on to the wet works part.
  6. Looking for 3 to help with heist. I haven't completed them yet. I'll give 20% for every job. Gamertag:MankDz
  7. Hey guys, I'm going to try to make this short unlike my usual posts. XPG is recruiting people still in GTAO to our role play division. We have a lot of content that is lore friendly and really creative. We have a lot going on and the best way to see it all is to look at our website yourself. (unless you want to spend the next hour reading what I can say about it) The host website is www.experiencegaming.org Here are some links to the specific GTAXP info: http://www.experiencegaming.org/gtaxpcopcrookforums http://www.experiencegaming.org/gtaxpcivlife That's just to get you started...we have a lot of stuff in our gallery that is oriented around our GTA role play and you can see that here: http://www.experiencegaming.org/gallery So jump on our site and fill out an app, we would love to have if you are a mature and serious role player. Application here: http://www.experiencegaming.org/joinus We are a community that started as "The GTA Experience" and we have since expanded, but that should tell you how seriously we take our gaming. Hope to see you on our site, if you have any questions...feel free to ask.
  8. Alphonsedagher


    Rules: No killing No stealing No crashing Listen to me What we gonna do: Meet up Cruise Drag
  9. LoneTherion

    Therion Wolves

    New crew looking for others to join us in playing heists, races, adversaries, etc. whatever the crew would like to do. The goal is to move on up in the GTA Online world, helping one another along the way.
  10. MidgetMan2013


  11. Irelandkid1

    Now Hiring - The Underground

    Players, With the new addition to the GTA V online experience (Finance & Felony), I would like to point out that many jobs are being created. Although, everyone has the opportunity to lead their own business, it is going to be difficult to maintain with the growing amount of players out there disrupting your supply lines. If you have an interest in increasing your overall salary, please continue to read the information below. I have recently just acquired the Maze Bank corporation and am searching for a strong staff. The company name is called The Underground. I am going to need exceptionally powerful players that are willing to work and help increase profit. As the standard rates of pay-outs apply, I cannot alter the totals, but I can however guarantee the income is constant thus constantly flowing into your pockets. I have started this from complete scratch, and gave everything I have to get everything going. I have my own crew as well and am the only one in it as of now. If interested in joining my crew, it is called The Drinkerz (Tag is: BEER) I have an organized and complete rank structure as well. I am currently on the line of breaking level 70. I understand a lot of you have me beat in terms of level, however the higher the level, the more say you have in running the business (Which I will have to respect). I am really looking forward to meeting a lot of you in regards to this post. If you are not interested, but want to associate in some way, feel free to get in touch with me on here or Xbox One. I hope we can get this business started and start taking over Los Santos together as soon as possible and feel free to also get in touch with me on any questions you may have. Keep in touch! Irelandkid1 CEO, The Underground Gamertag: Lobster Fist91 Crew: The Drinkerz Tag: BEER Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  12. Hello! As of today, from this post date. I am currently seeking anyone who's wanting to try out my playlist or wants to have a good time with a lobby with various made gametypes. I might consider doing them tomorrow also. Send me a message and I'll invite anyone who's interested! GT: SoupiestEar
  13. stanced euro cars no shooting other players, and no bs. message TheJockobo for inv
  14. SCOGWarfare

    Car Meet Security

    You need security...hire them through me. I can get you top level security personnel
  15. wasuup guys its me LlewizZ hosting another awesome car meet we are recruiting players for our crew so when the time comes we can have alot of players to do some meets that will be going on youtube if you would like to join plz read the rules and my gt will be at the bottom rules listen to host and co host bring the car catagorie that is chosen no griefing no bright green colours due to green screen effects apart from that have fun and enjoy the meet i will take pics if it is requested msg LlewizZ FOR AN INVITE
  16. Looking to do Non-Stop Heist. Tired of waiting for someone to ready up? Tired of people dying all the time? Tired of people NOT knowing what they are doing? Then this post is for you! Lvl's below 100 will NOT be accepted. _POT HEAD FRIENDLY_ Let's Get This Money....FAST! gt @swaggaboylz412 (XB1)
  17. When: 6pm BST, 10am PST What will we be doing?: Showing off eachothers cars Drag races Loop around the map including rocky terrain Gamertag: Letubi Message saying 'SUV' Rules: Use your own car Listen to host No killing eachother No destroying others vehicles
  18. Asterix2mf

    Mature players

    Looking for mature player wanting to make money, do heists, missions. Must be calm and not in a hurry to get through the jobs, mic preferred. By mature I mean older,(45-65) patient, pleasant, good attitude, no racist, mean, bullies. gamer name asterix2mf leave message "mature"
  19. Looking for people that are doing heists please read below Im legit level 186 NO NOOBS Must be level 90 or adove any difficulty any heists idc HMU if you doing heists GT: PNT x LSTAR

    Crew emblem help!

    Hi people of gta, I'm looking for someone who can edit my crew emblem as I no longer have a computer to do so. It will be a simple task of changing the colour of it from yellow to black. This would be much appreciated. Thanks, NOVITEQ. P.S. If this post is in the wrong place, please point me in the right direction.
  21. Welcome to the clan! If you are here then you must be interested, allow me to start off by talking more in depth about the clan. We are a group of people who dress in basically asssassin outfit (deadly evil , dark killer) in other words. So what we do is join a random session and drive our armored kuruma and kill everyone one by one, why you may ask? Simply because we can. Now if you look below there are some requirements. Side note: depending how successful we are, I may start a website and youtube (professionaly) for the clan so we will see how it goes. Thank you and have a nice day ! 1. Armored Kuruma 2.Able to kill professional (if not) easy fix 3. Xbox One
  22. im looking for some high level people who can stay up all night for CEO missions Message Brenttino 2 on xb live for invite
  23. WiiZe StrafeZz

    Xbox One JDM/Stance Meet

    Right now I will be hosting yet another stance meet. Meet up at Los Santos Customs (3/4) On the north side of Los Santos. When everybody is in the lobby we will go to our next location This meet includes: -Drag races -Criuses -Etc... To request an event during the meet message xWiiZeStrafeZz your idea and I will take it into consideration NOTE: You must have a mic Rules: -No killing -No Damaging of others property -JDM Only -No Super Cars nor Muscle Cars tonight -Have Fun Message xWiiZeStrafeZz for an invite
  24. RyanTheHeadShotter

    OsG-Recruiting {Xb1 Only}

    OsG - OneShotGang Recruiting Sup everyone, recently a new crew has been made. OneShotGang. We are a competitive auto aim crew that drops bodies faster than you can flick the light switch. We have 5 core members, all auto aim trained to the max. Leader: Hmu Ryan - Background: Knowledge of most auto aim skills with a headshot that'll drive you crazy. Co leader: OneShotShows - Background: Former Untold Legendz(UTLx) and Only The Greatest(OTG) member back on the 360. Fully auto aim skilled with over 2000 death matches played. Be careful if you counter roll him, he still might get you. Co leader: Quabo - Background: Former PBNK and former member of various other TDM crews. Posses all skills of OneShotShows. Your team up 8 points in a TDM? Watch out, Quabo might change that as he fears nothing. Member: Polo - Background: Newly trained member. Watch out for his dagger across the map body shots. Member: HowlingWolf - Background: Newly trained member. Don't not fear this newly trained guy, he can go from 0-100 real quick. Now you have a little info on us. Think you got what it takes to join? Then pass these requirement: 1. Have a mic. Vital for communication 2. 1v1 a leader or a co leader and score under 20 deaths and at least 11 kills. TDM Rules: No helmets, AR's only, no Lester. If you are interested message Hmu Ryan or OneShotShows on XB1.
  25. Archon PMC is a mercenary crew that does small scale contracts until we get bigger. I plan to turn this crew into a thriving community of hardened mercenaries to help those in need. We have ETF as an ally and we have no wars started at the moment. I hope to have more allies in the future. To contact me fill out the following: message me on xbox: QuotedPrince206 kik: unknownfury or here kik: Gamertag: Reason to join: What you can bring to the crew: Pictures will be posted in the comments with some of our activities. Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/archon_pmc We do assassinations, security work. escorts, and various other things
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