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  1. So, I did initially find one, and being a dipsh*t I went into the spoilers while customizing my spoilerless Phoenix and it added the lip spoiler back onto it. So, I am looking for one once again, with the only luck being another Phoenix with a spoiler on it. I'm on Xbox One, in hopes that someone is in a session and finds a spoilerless Phoenix and is willing to hand it over to me so I can put a tracker on it as well as State Farm Insurance on it. My GamerTag is ThingOfLoud, so please respond here or message me on XBL as to who you are and where you found me at. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. - Michael
  2. We are organizing a GTA 5:Roleplay where I and my wife need personal drivers and assistants.Please message KillerCobra737 if you're interested
  3. Catlas Se7en

    Xbox One Open Car Meet

    Welcome to Skycat's Open Car Lobby. Bring your favorite ride, whether it be flashy, subtle, fancy, laidback, or just all out. Rules are standard, no shooting, be nice etc. Message EskotheSkycat or vRaPIdz for an invite. The meet starts at 7 PM EST.
  4. gammerman101

    roleplay community

    Does anyone roleplay at all, like cops and robbers or civilians? My friend and I started a roleplaying community on Xbox One and needs players, players choose whether to be a cop or civilian. Cops enforce the law, while civilians do jobs like work at the airport, they can also create skits like robberies, motor vehicle accidents. We have a website that we use to help organize everything, if you would like to sign up please do, but if not you can send me a message or invite me to party on xbox live if your interested! Gamertag- gammerman101 http://grandtheftautovrp.enjin.com/
  5. Hoonigan Co

    Xbox one exotic car meet

    Rules No killing No freaking out No screaming No crappys cars Gonna meet then cruise then drag Message - Hoonigan Co
  6. CaliMeatWagon

    Red Block Mafia

    Red Block Mafia is now looking to recruit new members. We started in Oct. 2013 with the release of GTA V. The crew consists of older members (25+) who are interesting in not only enjoying the game, but making money doing so. We do not glitch or cheat, nor do we condone doing so. The ability to join parties and be active in them is a must. All members have a headset. Most of us enjoy smokage. It is not a requirement that you do, but you must be tolerant of it. Console: XB1 Activities: If it makes money and is fun, we do it. Playstyle: We mind our own business and don't start problems with others. All we want is cold cuts, cheese, and money. Aim Type: Free-Aim. The lobbies seem better and quite a few of us play in first person Motto: We won't fire first, but we will fire last. If you're interested in joining, please be 21 years of age or older, have a working microphone, and either message me here (this thread or PM) or through XB Live @ CaliMeatWagon. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/red_block_mafia You can also contact us through Discord, come join the conversation and meet us. https://discord.gg/ABDvbsH
  7. Vaperx DI3S3L


    Welcome to CASUAL CAR MEETS AND SHOWS! We are a friendly car meet comunnity with over 50 members! To become a member msg BENONMYBILLS AMD HE CAN register you in the comunnity!
  8. Huntsmen

    Huntsmen Military Corps. (XB1)

    Huntsmen Military / Corporation (XB1) TAG: HUNt Type: Military Competitive (mature) Main Colour: Red Secondary Colour: Black Huntsmen Military Is now Recruiting (All message will get a reply) Discord Message: Huntsmen Osprey or Huntsmen Kratos RockStar: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/huntsmen_military_ Gamertag message: Huntsmen Kratos or Huntsmen Osprey. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvQnUpNwnMFeZoCOoTavihA Requirements: Character Gender: Male Targeting: Must be willing to train in free aim Gamertag: Must eventually say (Huntsmen "name")
  9. Gta Heists/Meetups

    Looking for friends XB1

  10. Quick join us. on xbox 1 - message - Focus and lose - for inv ALSO BET!!! And invite your friends!!!
  11. White_Lightning 1

    Gta 5 Xbox One Car Meet

    Hosting a Chill Car Meet Rules: NO KiLLING Listen To Hosts At All Times Have Fun Any Car No Bikes Mic Not Necessary Be Respectful Message Players Below For Invite naggingunicorn4 nicktkd99
  12. LIFE IN LOS SANTOS ROLEPLAY COMMUNITY [ALL PLATFORMS, NO EXCLUSIONS!] WHY ARE WE WORTH A LOOK? - RP as whatever you desire. Attend car meets & fight clubs, host yacht parties, own businesses, start gangs & WAY more. Your character is not limited here! - There many cool gangs, MC's & police crews to join but how many of them co-exist in an actual living, breathing world? Here you have MC's, Gangs, Mob Families, Police & way more. - Because we don't exclude any platforms, we are able to carry out some form of cross platform RP! I won't go into too much detail here because it's something one would have to see to actually grasp! - Established back in 2014, we've had many spin-off communities come from our ranks but few still exist and none have existed as long as we have. - We do have a very big player base, and boasted membership peaks of 600+! - Even with our big player base, our community still feels like a cohesive unit & family. No matter the crew, faction or platform. Our staff care very much about our members and we do our best to ensure we maintain a culture of friendliness & helpfulness. In this roleplay group, you're not just another number. - We are an active roleplay community for GTA Online constantly pioneering & exploring new ideas. We encourage freedom and creativity when it comes to developing your character while still maintaining fairness & proper RP etiquette. HOW TO JOIN - You are required to read all guidelines in the "Getting Started" section on our site (Sorry! But it's for your benefit! Trust us, it makes your experience soo much better!) - Create a character bio afterwards. There's a template for it to make it easier for you. Once approved, join our Discord server as this is where we communicate in-game and in real-time. - Remember there's always help if you need it! - Our site: http://lifeinlossantos.proboards.com
  13. RubMyDuck907

    Late night meet. (XB1)

    Car meet right now MSG me for inv. All cars welcome and bikes too. GT Rubmyduck907
  14. TheReaperDevilsMC

    XBOX ONE || The Reaper Devils MC Recruitment

    http://imgur.com/a/XVT7I <---- Our Club Patch We are The Reaper Devils MC. We are a new Club with 6 members at the moment but hoping to expand to more soon! Social Club Website: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_reaper_devils_mc We are an Outlaw Motorcycle Club based around all of San Andreas on GTA online and we are looking for players to join us on:​ - Cruises around Los Santos and Blaine County in formation ​- Partaking in weekly club meetings at our clubhouse (Yellow Jack Inn) ​- Eliminating rival NPC gangs such as; The Lost MC, The Families, The Ballas, The Vagos, etc. ​- Just generally having a fun and enjoyable experience with other club members! As we are a small club, right now we do not partake in any Crew Gang Wars, however as we start to grow to around 10-15 members we will be trying to organise a few Crew Gang Wars. ​We want everyone to have an enjoyable time while riding with us and being with us and therefore we are not super serious or strict, however we do have a few Official Club Rules: 1) When riding with patched members be sure to wear something that can have our Club Patch on the back of your top (Preferably a leather jacket). ​2) Do not kill other patched members. This could result in being kicked from the crew or being demoted in the crew depending on the severity of the incident. (obviously if its by accident then nothing will happen ) ​3) Be sure to have a Chopper Style Motorcycle when riding with club members (Western Bagger, Western Daemon, LCC Hexer, LCC Innovation, Western Cliffhanger, Western Gargoyle, Western Sovreign), there will however be a Bravado Rumpo Custom that will need to be drove around for those who don't want to ride their bikes all the time. 4) Have fun!!! ​Again because we are a small club right now, we will also be accepting the first 10 new members as fully patched members without having to be a prospect. After that new members will have to join our prospect crew and will have to wait that out for 7 real days. during that time they will be able to do everything a fully patched member can do except partaking in club meetings and will be doing tasks set for them by the President of the Club. ​Our Ranks are as followed: ​President - i V1NtAgE x (Kieran) ​Vice-President - ii Mr GumBY (iiMrGumby) ​Secretary - Vacancy Available ​​Treasurer - Kodak Black 7 (Chagels) (Temporary Appointment) ​Sergeant At Arms - Kodak Black 7 (Chagels) ​​Road Captain - ​Vacancy Available ​​​Patched Members - CaptainCrumpit (magicalbiceps) ​ - paschm1 ​ - zaphan21 Prospects - Yet to be Implemented Rank roles will be told to the player upon joining the crew. I hope to see some more Reapers in our club!!!
  15. TheCrazedAmp1

    Dark Wraith MC Recruiting

    We are a new MC and wanting prospects. We are also in need of a experienced road captain. We are experienced in the MC community. Looking for loyal dedicated members who are active on xbox one. If interested i will leave contact info below. I prefer for you to contact me through Kik. Kik:Neff4Life1322 Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/ Website:Www.darkwraithmc.webs.com
  16. 6ixnik

    Xbox one level up

    Message me on Xbox 1. If you want to level up. doing captures. GT - Focus and lose
  17. K1ck1nnscream1n

    GTALSRPC Police and Civilian Recruitment

    Welcome to FLEECA Banking http://gtalsrpc.webs.com/ Administration MajorS1 (Don Seigo) Duce Williams The Papaya FTW K1ck1nnscream1n Membership We are an Xbox One only group Please direct all membership to our website and fill out the application listed under "Membership Form" on the right hand side or the big green "REGISTER" button, website: http://gtalsrpc.webs.com/ The Los Santos Roleplay Cooperative is unique does not operate based off of a social club crew. Once your application is accepted an admin listed above will friend request you, which is your key to get into our lobbies. We operate once and sometimes twice a week, our normal roleplay day is set for Friday's 7:00 PM EST. The lobby usually opens at 6:45, so come quick because it is first come, first served. Rules, Rules, Rules As a roleplay group, you can expect there to be a lot of rules and regulations. We will go over a few of them right now: ​Vehicles that have a weapon capability are banned. Passive mode is used for being away from your console. Wear appropriate clothing to conceal your weapons. Guns don't just appear out of thin air. Listen to Police Officers. Revenge killing is forbidden. Banned means it is not allowed in the roleplay at all, illegal means your may face roleplay jail time. Get involved and have fun! - But not a someone else's expense. There is much more rules on the rules page of the website. Click on "Rules and Emergency Services" to see the rest of them. Website: http://gtalsrpc.webs.com/ Opportunities! In Los Santos, you will never be bored. We have many families, jobs, volunteer work, and much much more! Emergency Services LSPD The LSPD offers a wide variety of fields such as: The Criminal Investigation Unit (CID), Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Prisoner Transport, and just regular Patrol! Please let us help you and keep the streets of Los Santos safe. Police website: http://gtalsrpc.wixsite.com/lsrpcpolice LSFD The LSFD gives people a chance to help others in need. They offer their time and effort into extinguishing fires, transporting injured and sick people to the hospital, and sometimes are involved in search and rescue missions. Contact Information If you have any questions at all feel free to message either one of us on Xbox One and I am sure that we can help you get an answer MajorS1 Duce Williams The Papaya FTW K1ck1nnscream1n Thank you for choosing FLEECA Banking
  18. Welcome to the official Topic for the Car Meets Xbox One Crew. We have a small community so far but wish to grow into a large growing community. We have only recently started but would love to meet new people and have fun whilst in car meetups. We host car meets, Drag Races, Car Cruises and also some role-playing on the side. We have had about 3 car meets from the past couple of days and wish to recruit new players to help host our lobbies. For more information, Hop on our website http://carmeetsxboxone.enjin.com/
  19. Hrzn Nstop


    (XB1 ONLY) Now Recruiting for a Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Mafia roleplay crew. Our crew consists of -Assassinations -Freemode Wars -Team Deathmatches and Crew Battles We are a fun and chill family overall, ***GAMERTAG CHANGE IS REQUIRED*** if you can't get a gamertag change right away don't worry because we have a associates crew tag that you will wear until you can change your GT. You also must be respectful to members and hierarchy, take orders, you must have a brain, must learn to follow rules and also must have a mic. No SQUEAKERS unless you think you're mature enough. We also have a YouTube channel where we upload Assassinations, Freemode wars and Crew Battles ->>>>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Ixp6leT5WlD1w7xI3NJYA IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING INVOLVED WITH THIS FAMILY YOU CAN CONTACT US @ SEND A MESSAGE TO ~> Kik Messenger- EtoTheR Xbox Live- Don N Martinez Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  20. Castro21

    CARMEETS! (Xbox one)

    Hello guys i will start doing car meets if you wanna join add me on kik Castro_Gaming21 I will also be recording them for youtube so you have to be mature ir will be kick
  21. FstikJRB

    Win real money playing GTA V online

    FKU2 is recruiting active adults on all platforms. We are having an RP competition soon with a $20 cash prize. Will continue to have competitions, contests, and giveaways. Join FKU2 - FearlessKillersUnion Like and share our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FKU2Official Our social club page is https://socialclub.r...esskillersunion You can find the link to our Android app in Beta version 1.1 at both links. Details for the RP competition can be found on our facebook page. Keep calm and FKU2
  22. Hello! This is a shout out for a GTA 5 crew that was formed back in February 2016. However the car meet facebook page has been running since May 2014. We've been doing car meets for a very long time now. Originally an Xbox 360 crew but now starting to branch off and expand into the Xbox One, PC and PS3/PS4 platforms. We are looking for both members and folk that would like to host. Crew Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_axle_rattlers Crew Leader: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/xtenbombx We still do meets on the old Xbox 360 and will be supporting that for as long as we can. Will be streaming on as many platforms as we can. Regards, xtenbombx
  23. IIIIVengeance

    Gta V Custom games!

    Hey guys im thinking of making a regular appearance on here on hosting custom games on GTA V On Xbox one. Note that I will be recording gameplay footage of customs maps so I can upload them onto youtube. If you guys have any custom maps please feel free to state when in a xbox live party with me Please leave your gamertag in the comments
  24. Rules: Stanced cars only - listen to host - no killing - no armored vehicles - this is going on YouTube - have fun - GT: XSlidexORxDieX or TRISTAN55600 For inv We will cruise around los Santos and stop at differen spots I will be doing crew request if you can drift just ask my team name is Slide Nation
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