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  1. Gta 5 Xbox 1 Online Roleplay. Contact RenitentEagle first if not then XxIMking66IxX or XxISycoBoochIxX.Please fill out info below as a way to join. Character Template:ALL FOR YOUR CREATION NO REAL INFO Name: Age: Gender: Childhood City: Job (Max of 2) (Alsoto be a cop you have to sign up and be recruited): Special: Background story: Gamer tag: Specials Can choose 2 Or One Of OtherBig Winner:Start with $20,000 in your bank License-Start with Gun,Pilot,or Vendors Bang-Can start with default pistol with no attachments Wheels-Start with free vehicle under 20,000 Business-Start with free 24/7 buisness Or Choose One Of These Instead Masters-Increase of 25% wage 420 Blazing-Sell drugs for 20% higher Knowledge-Can grow/make drugs Bang Bang-Start a gang for free in location of your choice with starter pistol Bank Account (start with $10,000): House (Have to start with low end): Business(s): Vehicle(s): Weapon(s): License(s): Items you carry: Stash (items you have to sell): Total Money Drivers License Name: Height: Weight: Hair Color: Eye Color: Home Address: Date Of Birth: Vehicle Registration (Ask RenitentEagle about it before filling out) Personal Info Name: Age: Gender: Where you live: Place you were born: Vehicle information: Brand and Type of Vehicle: Insurance: Plate Numbers: Cost of Vehicle: Vehicle color: Mods to vehicle (If caught lying you will be banned) Name of Character: Gamer Tag:
  2. -NEED PEOPLE FOR DRUG DEALING ROLEPLAY/VIDEO SCENES -NEED TO LISTEN -MATURE -GOOD MIC -add me or send me message on xbox one my gamertag is dopeboyking66
  3. LAshootingstar


    Another Friday is here so that means another Fashion Friday is here too. If you're not familiar with Fashion Friday, it is a event where people get creative and put together a outfit based on a theme. After a mini carshow takes place to showcase cares too. Fashion Friday is a fun time and a great chance to meet new awesome people. If you're interested and/or have questions, shoot me a message on XB1 at LAshootingstar2. Everything will start at 8:00 pm central time Hope to meet new people to have a fun time !!!!
  4. sdruw1234

    Xbox One Roleplay

    Professional, exciting, and active members wanted. Must be mature, active and have a mic. We will give any added rules in the party. Add LGx Druw, and LaSkii sE for an invite. If you have any questions reply to this or send one of us a message.
  5. Looking for mc players to earn serious money Xb1: PNT x LSTAR Mic not neccessary
  6. Don sidoli

    Sidoli mafia crew Recruitment / Xb1

    We've just started a new mafia crew on Xbox one If you want to join I would wish you read these rules Please respect higher ranking members Be nice to one another We're trying to build a community around this where we can do weekly meets and missions Don't need a mic Please feel free to message me Our social club : https://socialclub.r...e_sidoli_family GT : MAYOR JINGLES or SixTheAssassin
  7. XBOX ONE Looking for adults to start crew with, or adult crew to join once dlc drops on the 4th of october. Must have mics. No f*ck arounds. Must have a good sense of humour. Active players. Happy to help grind heists, experienced player. Basically just looking for a solid group of a few players to have fun with! Msg if interested kik - dimi_58 or xbox - D1M182
  8. I'm looking for people to do Mc work with like contracts ect. Message CBRsDJ2flyforu if u want to join
  9. Bike meet and ride out sports bikes dirtbikes naked bikes only No KILLING or GET kIcked Msg YG Riptide on xboxone only


    Need one more player to do the heist, anyone is welcome. Message: dola18
  11. Warstrikewolf117

    Navy Strike Group 3(Milsim)

    Hello everyone, I am here today to inform you about a new milsim clan that has just opened up for GTA-V and is recruiting personnel for our group. The name of our group is Navy Strike Group 3, as our title states we are a navy milsim clan. We plan to do operations ranging from Precision ground team strikes by highly trained and highly specialized teams, to SEAD Strikes, to Naval Flight Operations aboard the aircraft carrier in GTA V and on base. We plan to open up many MOS's for both enlisted and officers to take advantage of. We will try very hard to emulate the united states navy and their operational capacities to the fullest as well as full flight operations and training of new personnel. So if you wanna be a part of a realistic experience that is based around the United States Navy then feel free to join us. A website will soon be established for this clan and a formal application will be made but for now as far as an application goes we would like you to fill out the following information before joining us. 1. Full Name (Last, First) 2. Full Date of Birth (xx/xx/xxxx or xx-xx-xxxx is acceptable format) 3. What experience do you have in milsims or similar military styled clans? 4. Why do you want to join us? What makes us so special over all the other military clans out there? 5. Are you willing to follow orders to the letter and not screw around during a official/semi-serious session? Please fill out the following information in a new topic and then please feel free to join this social club group. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/navy_strike_group_3 Also we play on pc and xbox 1 although our xbox 1 will not be opening right away as I still have to get my gta back from my friend. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you playing many hours with us.
  12. FA_Pres

    Military Crew Recruitment

    The American Federation Hello citizens of Los Santos, as you may know the Armed Forces of the Federation of the Americas has been conducting military operations in Los Santos for 2 years now. I am the President of the Federation and I want you to join today! We are a XBOX ONE crew only. __________________________________________________________________________________ The American Federation (Tag: AFED) is an organized crew with an elaborate custom ranking system with custom insignia's, medals and awards, and plenty of experience as we have existed since 2014. We have many forms of media which will be linked directly below, our website is the best place to get information, right along side our YouTube channel, "American Federation Crew." While it may not interest you because of the plainness of the post, I promise our website and YouTube will not disappoint. Website (old, but complete): http://www.americanfederation.weebly.com Website (new, but incomplete): http://www.federationoftheamericas.weebly.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_npb8rVDTq02CvNQ67UUeQ Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/american_federation Twitter: https://twitter.com/AFEDcrew Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Federation-of-the-Americas-1551561185109002/ _________________________________________________________________________
  13. mostwanted2848

    Xb1 tuner meet

    Rules ------------ *must stance *no supers *sultan is aloud Or Highend *no killing *No cops *No neon unless white *have fun Activities ---------------- Pictures Cruicing LTS matches Drag racing Exaust/nicer car contest To contact me ----------------- My gamertag: mostwanted2848 *Message me Xbox one Xbox one Xbox one
  14. CBRsDJ2flyforu

    Gta V car meet Xbox 1

    Any car for now may change to crap cars done nice No killing No weapons Cruising and drag races GT: CBRsDJ2flyforu
  15. Captian_buds

    expand crew xbox

    would anybody like to join my small crew? im looking for experienced players only hmu to get details and more info
  16. I've got a guy who's pretty solid with heists but I need two more guys and one with a Pacific standard finale so we can do the glitch back to back. Message: Fx ExampL
  17. If interested message -master colton70-. The job of being police is to uphold the law. we will do traffic stops random police call outs we also from time to time will do a swat stand off,swat raid,ect I want and try to make this as close to real life as possible meaning no shoot outs every traffic stop or call. No police pursuits every traffic stop. if you do not understand what we are doing i suggest you check out Rangerscope on youtube because that is what we are trying to do. base rules. 12 and up (i will make some exceptions) Must have a working mic. Message me on xbox for the game rules.
  18. CurledLynx

    Securoserv Work

    Hey! I'll work for your organisation and do whatever, if you help me get the bodyguard outfit with the green vest and tan pants. Just Invite me. GT: CurledLynx
  19. Search up Bandidos MC AUSNZ and join us before we make it invite only Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  20. mostwanted2848

    Humane Raid-EMP Setups

    Haven't been able to find some generous people to join my hiest setup for the 3Rd setup, valkrie so if any one wants to join and help me bang out the setups or even the whole hiest feel free to join me and message me. My gamertag- mostwanted2848 = = Also just to say my MIC is broken so I can't talk
  21. Hey Everyone, First and formost it is always a pleasure to meet new folk online and get stuff done on GTA 5. Please if you have anything going on hit me up at ASESINO1985 I am looking for serious friends who I can roll with when online and develop our careers. I have 5 warehouses and they are pretty up there in stock. Hit me up to play heists, missions, races, freemode whatever. Thanks!! VG14
  22. CHASERY01

    Xbox one car meet

    Car meet/drag/cruise Rules: No cops No crashing into each other Don cut other players off No killing Msg me: CHASERY01
  23. Raftica

    XBOX ONE Car Meet

    Car meet Right now! GT : FBD Raftica
  24. Looking for players to play GTA:O with, do races heists etc. my level isnt very high, though i know what im doing in heists etc. Anyone is welcome to Add me on Xbox Live and send me a message any time. generally ill be on after 6pm GMT. mic is not required but would be preferred. My Gamertag is Rare Bevy
  25. Aaron.Payn

    (XB1) No Mercy Famila Crew Recruitment

    For all you members that are looking for a Crew, looking to rank up, make money, and take over los Santos, feel free to join No Mercy Famila. I am the only member, but trust me, we can get this crew up and take over the city of Los Santos. "Respect, Fight, or Die Social Club Name: CrazyWereWolF6 Crew name (NMFA) No Mercy Famila XB1 GT: Crazy werewolf6 Rules of the Crew: -Please Show Respect -Stick with you Members -Be active on the Game -Be active on Social Club -Must be over rank 15 -Do Not Join To Leave Recruitment: Feel Free to join anytime or message me for any questions about the Crew
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