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  1. ItzJExpert

    XB1 Players needed!

    Xbox 1 players needed to join a serious crew! Reply with social club username and ill send you an invite! Only if you want to make money!!!
  2. awzach01


    Welcome to Barbarians MC recruiting post! Hello, I am the President of the America charter of Barbarians MC, We have two charters currently, America and Australia. Barbarians does not currently have much to their history, except the two President's of the charters have been in the MC community for years now. In Barbarians MC, We do follow 1%er rules, and we do have By-Laws to make the club drama free, run more smoothly, etc. If you do not know the 1%er rules, and you are new to the community, in the application below just simply add a extra comment below your application stating that you do not know the 1%er rules. In Barbarians MC, We obviously need our Hierarchy filled, but it wont be given to you. You will have to earn each and every spot we have in this club. There are two stages of getting in this club, "Prospect" and "Hangaround". Hangaround is basically just simply wearing a top rocker of our patch that simply says "Hangaround". Your job is to hang with us, chill with us, help us, etc. Prospecting is the last stage before getting your patch. When you become a full patch, you will have responsibilities and if you cannot handle your responsibilities, that proofs to us that you are not worth the patch. If you are interested in joining Barbarians MC, There will be a application form below for you to copy and paste, aswell as answer the questions! Thank you all, and i hope to see you soon ! Application Form: Gamertag: Age: Country: Timezone: How often are you online: Which charter are you interested in joining and why: Why do you want to join Barbarians MC:
  3. Just need a crew that can help me out abit
  4. Evanclark33

    Looking for Heist Crew

    Looking for a loyal crew to do all the heists with on XBOX One. Add me if you're interested
  5. ItzJExpert

    Xbox 1 Players!

    Needing XBOX ONE players to join my crew! Only join if you want to make money or need help with crates, vehicle cargo, or any other missions! Reply with you Social Club username and send you an invite! Serious players ONLY!
  6. xX Cosmic Xx DM

    Looking for people to help out

    i am looking for 3 people who could help me deliver my hanger cargo. I got 50/50 but no friends that would help me thats why im asking on here. so send me a message on xbox saying you would like to help. i will give you money if you do help. xbox GT: xX Cosmic Xx DM
  7. Looking for loyal people to help me do some CEO/Biker stuff on Xbox 1
  8. PinPointSniper


    If anyone is on PS4 and wants to grind (CEO, MC, Bunker, Hangar, I/E, etc.), play around in freemode, do some PVP, deathmatches, LTS, missions, Heist, RP, and more then add me on PS4: Best12345678901 I also record YouTube videos and stream like a few time everyday! YouTube name: ASWPeter
  9. hello everyone bcsr community is now recruiting for the blaine county sheriffs department if you would like to join you must be 14 years of age or older have a working headset be realistic and able to follow instructions as well as be mature we want this to be a fun roleplay community for everyone involved we look forward to hearing from you the application is located at bcsrcommunity55.wordpress.com the link to our social club is the following www.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bcs_sheriffs submit the application and one of the community leaders will contact you if you would like you can also message the sheriff department commanding officer on xbox one at the following gamertag anarchyrulez812 thank you and have s great day
  10. My gamertag is the same as my username, add and message me on xbox that I'll send the invite for the heist.
  11. Hosting 2x RP & Money Lester mission playlist send a message to APA Document on Xbox live
  12. merica1776gaming


    Hey. MRCA Is a 70+ member crew founded by lI zKillMany Il (KillManyFast6) with an extensive history. We have been feared and hated, loved and admired. When people here MRCA, they run. They hide. MRCA has take several W's from other well populated crews. Formed over 2 years ago, MRCA has been tight-knit. and formed close bonds. Merica1776gaming is a gaming clan which plays on several games, GTAV, R6S, Fortnite, WWII, BO3, ARK, and several other games just to name a few. We are looking for well experience members over level 80. REQUIREMENTS: MIC Mobile device/Laptop Loyalty Looking to join? Contact me on xbox: GT: il zUnited li GT FORMAT: il z/x/v (patriotic/random word) li (This is the recruitment post for the GTA V Division. You are welcome to join any other divison too.) We communicate over the app BAND.
  13. unholyblade29

    PathFinders PMC Xbox

    PathFinder PMC What we are. We are a Private Military Company that is looking to recruit loyal members who are willing to follow orders, follow a very lenient dress code, be respectful, make money, and have fun and yes its based off of Star Wars. We are only on Xbox 1 If your looking to join follow this link https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/pathfinders_recruits We are still establishing the PMC.
  14. Rependings

    XB1 Car Meet

    Anyone Tryna do a car meet
  15. Quick5ilverpro


    All applications must include: Gamertag: Age: Why do you want to join?: What can you offer ASEC?: ASEC Infantry units make up most of the battalion, they are fighters on the ground, and have a skill set involving ground operations. This type of unit battles in and out of San Andreas on a daily/weekly basis. Infantry in ASEC are usually divided up into smaller teams or squads, to maximize efficiency and enhance the fun factor while playing with the crew. The Armored Division of Arrow is essential for the support of ground infantry operations. The armored division can be tasked with many objectives, including: quarantine of an area, bombardment of enemy positions, and in some circumstances, anti-air. Armored vehicles currently in use: Rhino Tank, Khanjalhi, APC, and the Chernobog. Fixed Wing Pilots are the main part of Caelus Squadron. They consist of airmen, trained with the ability to take down enemy aircraft, and out maneuver enemy missiles. They keep the skies clear for units battling below, and can be commonly tasked to assist with the destruction of enemy ground assets. All Caelus Pilots go through a professional training course and will commission as officers in Arrow, Rotary Wing teams are made up of airmen trained with the latest in evasive techniques, as they are an integral part of getting Victoria Battalion units too and from locations. Transporters represent a part of the Air Force, but they do not have to be Air Force pilots. This job is, rather, a position in every division, including the Army. Units do not have to be apart of the Air Force to be a transporter. Transporters can be generally seen in combat operating a wide range of aerial helicopters, including Cargobobs, Buzzards, and multi-purpose Valkyries. Our Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/arrow_corporation We are on Xbox platfrom only.
  16. Rependings

    Xbox Car Meet

    Msg me GT: Rependings any car/bike besides supers
  17. I need as many people as possible so if interested please either leave your GT below or message me over xbox and I can talk to you about the roles that are needed and to go over the story of the video. Everyone that helps will be given credit at the end of the video as well as the description. My gt: MasteR LorD3OOO
  18. Mostlitpops

    XBOX 1 Car Meet

    hosting a car meet , message me- X Kiid Buckets3 Only rules are no killing Bring any car you would like except tanks and war vehicles
  19. Looking for a decent player to help me finish the heists. Im not interested in the criminal mastermind achievement so I just want to finish on normal difficulty so I can get the discounts and awards for completion. Add me and send me a message if interested gt: MrWood865 on XBOX One
  20. The Task Group is recruiting. So what is the Task Group? The Task Group is an elite military SOF-themed crew that exists for one sole purpose - total dominance of the 21st Century battlespace that is the state of San Andreas. We operate on Xbox One. Our members also enjoy the Battlefield games and a bit of TCs Ghost Recon Wildlands on occasion. Crewed by ruthless cutthroats schooled in all the arts of modern warfare, we expect absolute loyalty from our members. In return for loyal service, The Task Group will support its operators in their personal business ventures, allowing them to raise their game to new levels. We are a GTA SOF/Mercenary-themed Crew without the usual Milsim BS. We endeavour to adapt real world tactics, techniques and procedures to the world of GTA Online. We seek to apply a warrior mindset coupled with controlled aggression to carry out our operations across the state. So what might these operations consist of? Let me break it down in to the key areas: Resource Acquisition and Procurement Exactly what it says on the tin. As a Private Military Company, The Task Group needs funds and equipment to survive. As such, much time will be dedicated to acquiring those resources. We aim to elevate each of our carefully selected members, and as such we will operate a franchise system in which we will rotate support between businesses to make sure everybody gets paid. Defensive Operations and Aid to Local Businesses On occasion, The Task Group may be called upon to conduct military operations to quell violence or respond to threats within the State of San Andreas. Although not officially sanctioned by any government, recently Corporate has begun to invest time and effort in to building relationships with key local power brokers. We seek to leverage these relationships in future to expand our sphere of influence in the region. You may find yourself outsourced to provide security to various organisations without our Area of Operations. You will always be well led, well resourced and well supported. We are a classless Crew, in that we accept people from all walks of life. But we are not rankless. There is a clear chain of command to support you throughout your tenure with us. Military Training We seek to constantly improve our operational capabilities and as such, regular training will take place to ensure we maintain a razor-sharp edge. As The Task Groups Leader, I personally have many years of military experience in a combat role, and we welcome members with a keen interest in military tactics, techniques and procedures. Prior service is NOT in any way a requirement, and we would welcome both Veterans and the enthusiastic amateur who is willing to learn. Training can include, but is in no way limited to: Advanced Weapons Training Small Unit Tactics Vehicle Mobility Operations Offensive and Defensive Driving Techniques Close Protection Training Advanced Close Quarters Battle Air/Land Coordination Maritime Operations Intelligence Gathering Surveillance and Target Acquisition Reconnaissance Techniques Counterterrorism Counterterrorism brings us to our next major operational capability. In this day and age of rapidly escalating threats, sometimes the appointed authorities simply cant react quickly enough to counter organised criminal and terrorist organisations. We seek to preserve life, wherever possible, by providing a timely and decisive (and should it ever be necessary a preemptive) response to such threats. As such, we are developing a Counterterrorist Quick Reaction Force (CTQRF) capability to target those who seek nothing more than to inflict violence upon the innocent businessmen and women of San Andreas as they go about their lives trying to survive . ETHOS We are looking for candidates who are able to function tactically in high threat, free flow environments. We need men and women who are able to think on their feet, assess the situation, adapt, improvise and overcome all threats and obstacles. We seek the best. We will always endeavour to conduct intelligence-led operations. We will always be meticulous in the details and planning of those operations. Most importantly, we will develop and maintain the skills and discipline necessary to live up to our motto: Strike from the shadows, own the night If you think you have what it takes to serve in our crew, drop us a line. Well be watching. Strike from the shadows, own the night! F3EA. The interested candidate should include the following details in any request for further information: Gamertag: Age: Country and Timezone: Any prior military experience: Any prior Milsim experience: Reason for interest: Skill set: Net worth in GTA$ and salary expectations: Prior or existing crew affiliations: We look forward to hearing from you. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_task_group
  21. Looking for one more player to join a crew to try and complete the criminal masterminds challenge, as well as all in order and loyalty on the original heists. 2 players are experienced in GTA (level 217 and 50(only got Xbox this year. But previously had PS4 and was level 210)) and one is a friend who is new to the game, but we are guiding him so he knows what to do (we're mainly trying to do this to get him money, as well as ourselves.) Must have a mic, be on GMT timezone and know what you're doing. Our friend who is new is a fairly low level at the moment, but were grinding out missions to right now to get him cash and RP to be ready (if you want, feel free to help with that too and get some extra money in the process) Message one of us on Xbox if you're interested: xDeathCreationx, Shellhecd, mrmegatrickster

    Devious Ghost MC Recruiting

    Wanna Be A Devious Ghost ? message me at dgmc_redneck on instagram


    We are Shadow Incorporated. We are a Private Military Corporation that specializes in Client Security, HVT Convoys, Search and Destroy, Package Deliveries, and Heists. Shadow Incorporated currently has 4 branches of operations, which include S.I Armed Forces, S.I Security, S.I Air Force, and S.I Law Enforcement. We are currently looking for operatives, staff, and any occupation in the list below. Requirements 16 years of age Good Communication Skills Teamwork Abilities Military Experience (optional) Microphone Be above level 50 Have access to military vehicles Ability to follow orders effectively Links Jobs in Shadow Incorporated https://docs.google.com/document/d/15KFeT7J1rhheLJNJGMwDUTF6P36NDkJoPXop64XDNHk/edit?usp=sharing Enlistment Application *MUST APPLY https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJADXC1ZaXq-IZMmSOTZXmo8EnupQohKGY8Us4o6sqdGtubQ/viewform Our GTA Crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shdw_incorporated If you have any questions, please contact our Lead Commandant Xbox GT: zCasar
  24. NPFATE

    The Archers MC

    The Archers MC is a newly formed club made up of most active members of a former club. After 3 years of playing as Hands of Fate MC it was decided that a fresh start was needed. We wanted to get back to the basics of the game and what being a club is really all about. If youre looking for people to game with, kick back and have laughs with but most of all get to know on a personal level and be able to call "brother" than were it. We are on the xbox1 only. Looking for members who are 17+. We play in both free aim and assisted. Just depends on are were doing. We dont let others dictate to us what we can and cant do. Its a game and were gonna play it. Kik np_fate or hmu on live at NP FATE it you have any questions or interests in joining.
  25. Discord Server - V7QSVhR The Royals MC is a loyal, family based Motorcycle Club. We believe in loyalty and respect to all those within the club and those we are related to. We are not head hunters, we do not look for fights, but we retaliate where needed. One of our main enjoyments is meeting up with other Crews for Bike Meets, races and joint drives. Within The Royals MC we have 4 Charters spread across San Andreas and 1 Nomad attachment. These Charters range from Los Santos all the way to Paleto Bay with each Charter having their own meeting point and President / Vice President. Each Charter follows the same clothing regulations and bike regulations apart from Blaine County who have less strict regulations due to the heat and terrain in which their Charter and Meeting Point is positioned. All Charters (including Nomads) are open to join apart from "The Mother Charter" which you must be directly messaged by the National President about joining the Mother Charter, this normally happen after around 1-2 weeks if you are a candidate for being patched over. We highly recommended friending the other Club Members within your Charter and the other Charters so you can quickly and easily find crew sessions. MOTHER CHARTER NOMADS <- Most popular on Xbox One LOS SANTOS BLAINE COUNTY PALETO BAY Our Rules are fair but stern, we want all our club members to have fun whilst being disciplined. [NOTICE] Club Events (unless Charter Only) MUST NOT​ be held on a Crew Only server, they must be held in either a Friend Only, Invite Only or Public Session. 1. All Club members wear their Club Cut whilst online with the (or representing) the Club. 2. All Club members must follow the Clothing Regulations set below. 3. All Club members must use the correct bikes stated below unless given permission by the National President. 4. Whilst online with the Club, do NOT​ attack random players unless directly attacked. ​5. We are not strict on what weapons you can use in fights but be fair in terms of usage. ​(example: using a minigun to mow down a Level 10) 1. Club members must ALWAYS​ ​ride in the following order where suitable: (The rest of the Club follows in in same Column order) (This formation is also used for when sitting at Club Tables) 2. Club members must always be ready to fight and die for their President / Vice President, if under fire you must always protect your 'Pres' and 'VP'. 3. Killing your fellow Club members unless they are "Marked for Death" is strictly against Club rules. 4. Unless the National President / National Vice-President is online you must follow your President / Vice-President. During official Club meetings / events only Club Houses owned by the President / Vice-President. If no Club Houses are available, the Charter Meeting points are to be used. (view website) During unofficial club activities any Club member can have a Club House active. We encourage Club members to get to know each other and make new friendships, so at any time during unofficial Club Business feel free to run your own Club House and run the related Club Contracts and missions. Any Biker Cut / Jacket Any Biker Helmet (apart from MOD Helmets) Hoodies with Club Colours on may be worn during personnel sessions or unofficial events Jeans / Working Pants ONLY ​ONLY​ The Blaine County Charter may wear shorts ​ONLY THE BIKES STATED BELOW ARE AUTHORISED FOR USE WHILST A MEMBER OF THE CLUB ​The 'Blaine County Only' Bikes are optional to this Charter and may be used if the Club Member wants to. SPECIAL VERSIONS OF BIKES SUCH AS THE 'SANCTUS' ARE ALLOWED IF YOUR GIVES PRESIDENT PERMISSION
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