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  1. SARPC

    SARPC Roleplay

    Hello! I am recruiting for SARPC Roleplay on the xbox one. I try to make our RPs similar to DOJ on PC but without all the mods. We use California 10-codes, LEOs will be trained and tested, and put through the test. Must be 17+ to be a LEO due to mature reasons. If you would like to check us out, feel free to join our interview server on discord here! https://discord.gg/sAxRpXz Also, please fill out an application https://goo.gl/forms/481FySaFqv493rp73 If the application link does not work for you. You can contact me on discord at Trestle#7244 or DM me on xbox GT: Trestle

    Rogue Souls MC

    Website: https://roguesoulsmc.wixsite.com/rsmc Social Club Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rogue_souls_mc Rogue Souls was founded in March 2015 by our President Jack O Melon on the Xbox One. We quickly settled down at our home, Ranch. Rogue Souls is a shoot first, ask questions later club. We pride ourselves in our ability to shoot and our brotherhood. We are Rogue and we don't care what other clubs think of us. That being said, we stick to strict 1% rules until those rules are broken. Once those rules are broken, we allow the use of whatever is necessary to piss off and pushout those that have shot at us. We like to cruise around the streets of Los Santos and mainly staying within our neck of the woods, Rogue Lands. We have always been a free aim club. When you are going up against another MC, we follow the 1% protocol until they break one of the following rules: Any Explosives Wearing biker helmets or rebreathers Not wearing a tag Using weapons other than an AR Using Vehicles other than a bike When defending yourself against any random or crew that is not following 1% law, you are free to use any weapons they use. Once explosives are pulled, you are free to open your weapon wheel completely up. 1. We must be your only crew, as this shows loyalty. Either the RSMC, prospect, or hang around tags. 2. Stay in your position during rides and never pass the president. If you are a prospect or hang around, never pass a full patch. 3. Always respect all RSMC alliances and ceasefires. Never attack any ally without cause or order to do so. 4. Never abandon any member when in battle. 5. Respect and follow through with all orders given to you. 6. Trash talk about RSMC, members, or Allies in immediate ground for kicking or ban from RSMC. 7. False representation of a higher officer is grounds for immediate kicking and ban from RSMC. 8. Minor offenses will be subject to a three strike rule. Minor offenses include but are not limited to; "accidental crew killing, leaving battle without notice, disrespect to your higher officers, etc" 9. ONLY parleys and choppers allowed. 10. Dresscode is required at all times. And you must always wear RSMC patch. No patch, no pride. 11. ARs are MANDATORY until told otherwise by the highest rank in the game. 12.Prospects and/or hangarounds are not allowed to help anyone (friend, ally, etc.) that is not in the club. You can defend yourself in a lobby if someone attacks you first, but must have proof. 13. Respect and represent Clint with pride and honor and not let anyone disrespect him. You've earned the right to wear him, do not let him or you brothers down. 14. While attending events you WILL act with maturity and respect. There will be no crew killing, no killing other crews, no kicking bikes over, no insulting others cars/bikes they bring to shows, etc. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rogue_souls_mc/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rogue.souls.7?fref=search There are two ways for you to become a Rogue Soul. The first way is to check out our website and apply there, or you may apply with the application below: 1. Gamertag? 2. Previous MCs or Crews? 3. Age? 4. Why do you wish to become a Rogue Soul? 5. Social Club? 6. Anything interesting about you that would make you stand out among others? ​Any other questions contact SOTL Cronus or Jack O Melon on Xbox One
  3. LevyPoppin

    San Andreas Department of Justice [US]

    The San Andreas Department of Justice Keeping those we love protected, each and every day! * * * * * About Us The SADoJ. is dedicated to serving the public with all different types of government operations such as the Local PD, Sheriffs Department, SA Highway Patrol, Local FD and so much more. We have fellow officers with us, as well as past experienced role-players. Enrollment is currently active, with a simple form you could get into one of our discord servers to speak with an admin about registration and approval. We are currently seeking leadership positions to be fulfilled! Departments - Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) - Los Santos Fire/EMS Department (LSFD) - Los Santos Sheriffs Department (LSSD) - San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP) - Other: Civilian Use the website below to receive an invitation (must have a microphone and be at least 16-18+ years of age): (Contact me on Discord @ ItsFocuss#0805) Social Club (Being Created Now!) Join Us On TeamSpeak IP:
  4. bhmcdeception

    Twisted Hounds 1%ER VW MC Is Now Recruiting

    Twisted Hounds Is One Of The Most Truest 1%ER MCs In The Biker Community Looking To See Prospects Rise To A Fully Patched Member Then Eventually An Officer Spot We Meetings,Rides,Wars, And Much More If Interested In Joining Message Twisted Skull52 On Xbox Live Feel Free To Check Out Our Website/Instagram Page Aswell www.twistedhoundsmc.weebly.com @twisted_hounds_national_prez We Treat Everyone With Respect In The Club We Are A Brotherhood Not A Sisterhood Requirements To Join:Must Have A Headset Willing To Get Kik Must Be 15+ Have A Biker Mindset And Be Dedicated Active And Loyal Free Aim Only.
  5. JayHakeem18

    Recruiting For The Greed Empire

    Crew Just starting out and looking to build across all platforms. Currently searching for a primary list of Ps3 and Xbox 1 players. There are slight rules and only upon recruitment will you be able to do heists, missions, CEO, Gunrunning and Biker missions alike. Looking forward to meeting you.
  6. GTA Elite Roleplayers

    [Xbox One] GTA Elite Roleplayers

    Join the iRoleplay community today! Here's why... - 1,000+ registered members and still counting. - 24/7 Discord Server available for anyone use. - Fastest growing GTA roleplay club on xbox. - Professional staff team working on the clock. - All types of roleplay servers being hosted daily. - Friendly and fun environment for anyone to join. - Website built and a community forums coming soon. Message "Ueaz" or on Xbox to receive your club and discord invitation! Owner: Ueaz. Co-Owner: Ovoxiti Gaming. Development Team: Ueaz, FurryLion, and Pb600.
  7. Aether

    Helix Team

    About Helix https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/helix_team Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helixsquadron/ Our website: http://helixteam.webs.com/ We are primarily.. exclusively on the Xbox One. Though some of us have Arma 3 and DCS world. The 289th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Helix" is a complex organization, which follows the militaristic and dignified principles set by its elder officers. In this current era, the squadron is centered around two main pillars: Education and aeronautical collaboration, the later of which is its backbone. The 289th highly values the lives of its members, understanding the difficulty of replacing skilled pilots, placing emphasis on the single rule of maintaining the abilities of the airmen it has. The training regime for new pilots is divided into various small classes, and teaches them practical skills to use in warfare to turn them into fearsome fighters. The academy their airmen graduate from is known as HTAS, which has produced numerous elite pilots. Those pilots are then further molded into what Helix Team considers high quality air superiority fighters. Being as how the 289th has been the only known functioning squadron of its kind on Grand Theft Auto, it will continue to act as a significant aspect in GTA Online's diverse dogfighting culture. Regarding GTA's military community, the team and its officers are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as a "formidable force." We are currently seeking candidates who would like to join our squadron. Helix is currently understaffed due to older/veteran members moving on to different games. Helix Team has been a strong functioning crew for the last two years now. The leadership is rock solid. The foundation that our squadron was founded upon has become even tougher. Vacancies As of 9/14/2017 the squadron has seven long time active members, the squadrons capacity has been raised to twenty. Recruitment This is not a beginners crew.. You must be able to fly and land the P-996 Lazer/H-27 Hydra.. You must be able to successfully employ all common weapons and be capable of some moderate level of air to air combat. Your training will focus on tactical formation flying, efficient communication and sound employment of basic tactics. Our instructors will not spoon feed you every bit of information. You will be asked to read and understand various different manuals. Feel free to apply here by posting the following application with your answers on this thread, or you may apply on our website linked above. Gamertag: Past Crews: Dogfighting Experience(list any or just rate yours 1-10): Ground combat experience(1-10): How did you hear about this unit? Do you have any leadership experience?(List examples if you do) What do you know about our squadrons and how they operate? Why do you want to join? What are you expectations? Do you have a working headset? Are you capable of speaking the English language? Information about this crew 1. The 289th Fighter Squadron is not for the occasional flyer. You must be willing to commit to flying online regularly. It is so much more fun to fly with confidence, instead of being forced to deal with a loss of Situational Awareness. 2. Captains and above have access to the protected area of our documents.3. Officers have access to all squadron training and official flights subject to availability. 4. Officers may be removed from the active roster into the reserves if they are inactive for one month. By signing up you are initially considered an applicant. Your membership will be considered based on what you fill out in the interview room. So if you are serious about becoming a member, you should fill it out properly from the start. You will become Candidate when 289th selection process is ended and you hopefully are accepted. You will remain as Candidate until your aviation course starts up. By then you will be transferred to cadet status and assigned to the training squadron. This timing will be briefed by squadron Personnel Officer to you when you apply. We do not allow dual membership, i.e. membership of other online gta Jet/MC/Military crew. We feel that being a member of two crews make you a member of neither. The 289th is a serious commitment; there is plenty to do. If you are accepted, a captain or above will schedule an interview with you. Recruit responsibility / Your way from Recruit to 2nd Lt/Cadet Rules Tasks to perform after you have been accepted as squadron recruit. You have to be active yourself. We will not organize everything for you. We will help but you need to put the effort in it yourself. Week 1 1. Make sure you attend the aviation course(s), if you are unsure about what you’re missing consult an officer. 2. TAKE NOTES 3. When on duty you must act alongside an officer at all times. 4. You are not allowed to fly alone. 5. You are not allowed to engage any other crew without officer consent. If you have officer consent then the act must be justified. 6. You are absolutely not allowed to be in passive mode unless you are away. If we catch this you may be discharged from the cadet class. 7. If you attend a training session you may have your time as a cadet taken off by one day. 8. If you attend a mock checkride(and pass) your time as a cadet may be reduced up to one day. Contact any 1st LT for a mock checkride. 9. You have one month as a cadet to become a 2nd Lt or you will be dismissed and will have to reapply. Week 2 1. Continue BFM training and attend any training you need. 2. Make an appointment for your checkride. 3. Go on and pass your checkride. 4. Attend the next Squadron meeting/winging ceremony and graduate to 2nd lt. Uniforms As a cadet you will wear the following uniform(s). Flight Suit -Green Flight Suit(With green helmet) PT Uniform -White Rolled Sleeved T Shirt(with crew emblem) -Black Chinos(shorts) -Black Cross Trainers(Sports Shoes) OR Any choice of running or sports shoes Airman Battle Uniform(Cadet Version) -Khaki Detail Battle Vest -Khaki Battle Pants -Flight or tactical boots -No masks/Helmets Customs and Courtesies - First of all, courtesies are optional, customs not so much. - Mostly, it is more appropriate for lower ranking officer to salute high ranking ones. - Whenever you are greeted, reply in kind. Respect shall be reciprocated with mutual respect. - Officers of the same rank do NOT need to salute one another. - You may choose to address someone by rank, however it's based on the person being addressed. - If they wish to stay casual and/or be address by gamertag instead please respect that. - Courtesies do NOT extend into combat situations, which requires tactical communications. - If you're not sure if you should act with courtesy or not, do it. - Uniforms must be worn when on the flight line and while on duty. - Service and dress uniforms may be worn off base and off duty.- Casual civilian clothes may be worn off base and off duty We appreciate any consideration. Feel free to post here if you have any questions.. here are some pictures from some of our sorties.
  8. brandochan

    Xbox ONE Heists

    I got time so im going thru the heists with setups I need a team thats willing to stick with for a while GT BRANDOCHAN no low levels please
  9. PinPointSniper

    Recruitment for my crew

    I have a very active crew for my YT channel and would like to recruit more people. This crew is for ALL platforms (PS4, PS3, XB1, XB360, PC), so anyone can join. I want the members to help each other (heists, CEO/MC work, selling missions, grinding cash and RP, missions, freemode things, ganging up on people, crew battles, and generally having fun.) So feel free to ask people for help on heists, CEO/MC stuff, and other things. I will also often use it when I do live streams so thats cool. We are currently at 23 members and I hope to expand the crew. Anyways I hope you decide to join. Have a nice day/night! LINK TO CREW: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/aswpeter1_yt_crew
  10. Xb1 Car meet! join ppl ! any car but must be customised rules: no guns no conflicts with others always follow me Includes Races, car show, drag race, cruising and pool party MESSAGE milosz2204
  11. •UNITED NATIONS ARMED FORCES• Recruiting Today! UNAF Leader: xXToxicWavesXx Brief History and Intro: The United Nations Armed Forces, or UNAF for short, is an Xbox One Grand Theft Auto V: Online MilSim created by a group of friends. The founders aren't new to the clan business, and have been fighting along side with and against many other crews since early GTA IV. There has been changes in leadership, crews, and most of the members themselves throughout the years, and had often switched between a closed group and a somewhat open group. UNAF was the newest of the crews created by the group in 2014, and plans on sticking around for a good long while. After a bit of time being a recluse, and with 2017 coming to a close, UNAF has began creating new alliances, recruiting members, and remodeling the website. This is why UNAF has come to the GTA Forums, recruitment. We'd like you in our army. UNAF is more relaxed then most MilSims, but still strives to be professional, and elite. For the most part, UNAF doesn't want to annoy its members with constant training, giving aggravating orders, and just doing things that are straight up ridiculous that most other MilSims do. At the end of the day, the leaders of UNAF knows that GTA is just a game, and when it comes to being part of a crew, not everybody wants to waste time doing stupid tasks for 'training' such as running across the map or doing some bogus 'mission' that somebody came up with on the fly. When it comes to training in UNAF, we just mainly want to evaluate you and, if need be, we will help improve your skills in combat, teamwork, and obedience. If you are a skillful player who knows how to protect his teammates and listen to orders, you won't have to put up with training unless there's a crew deathmatch event. In terms of being 'more relaxed then most MilSims' this is only towards pointless training, boring activities and events, and actual RP itself, but when it comes to wars, we are all over a good fight. UNAF is usually almost always fighting someone, whether it is some wannabe big shot randoms, or another crew, if you want some action, we have all of the action that you could possibly hope for. There still are activities and events that you can get into, we just try to make them more fun and worth your while than some other crews that we have seen. From time to time UNAF will also hold meetings to discuss current events, situations with our rivals and allies, and just overall updates for our crew and members. We communicate to our members primarily through Discord, Xbox Live parties, and Xbox Live group messaging. We are currently a small but firm group at the moment, and are accepting most members who are willing to join us in our adventures full of domination. As long as you're mature, somewhat skilled, and are not entirely broke, you will most likely get into UNAF. (Depending on if you seem to fit in well with the group of course) Any other bits of information that you'd like to know about UNAF can be found on our website at http://unitednationsarmedforces.weebly.com/ We strongly recommend you check out our website, it is very useful and has a lot more info as well as an enlistment form. UNAF Rules, Requirements, and What We Are All About: There are certain rules and requirements that must be understood and met before being able to be a part of the United Nations Armed Forces. Basic Rules & Requirements of UNAF: Members must be of at least 14 (preferably 18+) years or older in order to join, must also have a good sense of maturity, respect, and able to follow orders Must have a microphone in order to communicate with other members (exceptions may be made for those who temporarily lose a headset, and kinect users will not be accepted unless they have a proper headset) Must be at least the rank of 70 or higher on GTA Online Members must wear the [uNAF] crew tag and be in uniform while participating online with the crew, this does not apply outside of crew activities Any form of serious disrespect towards a player will not be tolerated at all No friendly fire (unless training) towards any member or ally at all, or any actions that would negatively affect the crew Stealing members from other crews to join ours will not be tolerated whatsoever​ The United Nations Armed Forces is basically a group of skilled comrades who enjoy the atmosphere of a militaristic structure and teamwork while working together to help each other and fellow allies conquer the vast lobbies of Grand Theft Auto Online. UNAF focuses solely on freemodes and does not participate in TDM's or most other gamemodes, but members are free to play what they like as long as they keep the UNAF operations in freemode lobbies. The ultimate goal of UNAF is to basically be the most skilled and seem the most professional out of the other players and crews in the lobby, making few friends and many foes along the way. UNAF Leadership, Ranking, Divisions, and Further Information: The United Nations Armed Forces leadership and ranking is set up basically the same as the United States of America government and military. UNAF Rankings (From Lowest to Highest): Recruits Recruit​Enlistment Private Private First Class Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class Sergeant Major Officers Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Generals Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General Presidential Secretary of Defense Secretary of Treasury Secretary of State Speaker of the House of Representatives Vice President President The United Nations Armed Forces is primarily lead by the President, he has the most power in the group, but many decisions are made through a counsel voting system within the members in the presidential rankings, so a good bit of the important debates and decisions are controlled by an intellectual oligarchy. When it comes to commanding the troops in battles or in training, the authority goes to the highest commanding officer on duty, and only officers and higher ranking soldiers are able to command the troops. The higher the command, the greater the authority, with the President holding the most authority. Any abuse in power by officers and/or generals will have serious punishment. The divisions in UNAF are currently still being thoroughly discussed and can be found on the UNAF website. An example of a few of the divisions are the UNAF Special Forces, UNAF Air Force, and the UNAF Mechanized Infantry. **Any information, details, extended list of rules, requirements, ranking up, & etc, as well as anything we may have missed or forgot can be found on the UNAF website listed below, or you can contact xXToxicWavesXx (Xbox One | GTA Online | Xbox Live) The United Nations Armed Forces Website, Social Club, and Email: UNAF Website: http://unitednationsarmedforces.weebly.com/ UNAF Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xunx_armed_forces UNAF Email: [email protected] <script> </script>
  12. Hello i run San Andreas Roleplay Community for Xbox one we are a new community and are in need of new members, we have a Sheriff department,US Marshals,SWAT,and highway patrol and fire. While we have all these departments we also need civilians as they make the Roleplay what it is,civilians make realistic calls such as car meets,shootings,and pursuits. We are a fun community and all we need are members. I encourage you reading this to fill out the application at http://sarproleplay.weebly.com/. I thank you for reading this and hope to see you soon.
  13. UncleLester

    Off The Radar Pilot?

    Experienced Transport Pilot for Freeroam XB1 Looking to help a few people by becoming their personal pilot in free-roam. This service is useful for those who want to improve their chances of safely returning packages to the base whilst off the radar (Smugglers Run). or Just want a pilot for leisure use instead of missions. How do I go about helping you? I am looking to help players over the next few weeks by offering effective off the radar transport within freeroam. If you've done plenty of CEO missions in the past then you would know that grafting missions can become stressful especially if you are having to worry about how you're gonna get the packages safely from A to B without some wise guy destroying your valuable stock. I can help by transporting you from A to B whilst off the radar increasing the chances of you making it back in one piece. This can also be used if you just want to get around the map safely and off the radar. How do I operate? You can either direct message me for pickup or text via the in-game phone. I don't really use party chat so just brief accurate messages explaining what you need done. Commands: You can give the following commands, (Please note: I won't be using Helicopters) These commands have been simplified so you can send them quickly & accurately. - PMU via Pjet I will use a private jet for these requests & will land at the nearest airport to your location - PMU at sea I will use a sea-based aircraft for this request & will land at your nearest location at sea - Wait at FZ,LSIA,TA or - PMU at FZ,LSIA,TA This command tells me to wait at or head towards one of the airports depending on which one you choose. This is great if you have an escape route that you have planned out and want a jet to be there ready and waiting. If I get no commands then I will always locate myself at an airport nearest to your position so that I am never far from reach. Giving me directions: When you're inside the aircraft just mark somewhere on the map and I will head there (unless a mission marker is already shown). If I cannot land then I will fly high above the drop off zone whilst performing a circular motion so that you can parachute out. Improving your chances (Smugglers Run): It is imperative that you activate off the radar whilst making your way to the aircraft. Once we are in the air I will then also activate "'OTR" once yours has expired. This allows you to be hidden for a longer period as you return to base. The more associates you have in the aircraft the longer we can keep ourselves hidden. We can achieve this by having associates activate "off the radar" right after the previous OTR has expired which will increase the overall time we remain hidden from players. I will also fly out of the range of players and other aircraft to improve your chances. A few things to note: I can get us into a quiet lobby if needed. Busy lobbies may result in me helping you whilst not being a member of your organisation. This is so that the passive feature is available for me. I have low-level clearence to Fort Zancudo so don't rule that out as a pick up zone. If I am AFK I will let you know via message and will be in my hangar until I return. I am only offering help in transporting you safely whilst OTR to and from missions and not offering any help in the hydra or savage. (Although it would be a good idea for you to seek such a pilot so that you can get us escorted for added protection) If it is possible I will fly low to the ground and help you pick up a package that may be stranded at sea etc. I will not be getting out of my aircraft to fulfill a mission objective I am only here to help you get in and out whilst hidden. I won't be using any helicopters so that I am not constantly changing aircraft to suit your requests as it will make this service slower. Instead, you would be better off heading straight to the airport where I am at for a quick & hidden escape. You don't always need to use me as transport! Don't go out of your way get my help if it isn't needed. I am here to help not to make things harder & I certainly don't mind waiting until I am needed. If you have a jet or helicopter on your tail don't head towards my direction as there will be no real way of shaking them in passenger jets. (Hence why you should go OTR as you are making your way towards the aircraft) This service is only as good as you are. Be smart & plan accordingly I will be waiting without fail just stay OTR when making your way to me to avoid failure! To summarize then, I could be of great help to you if you know how to use it and although I am not advertising myself as a fighter pilot. Instead, I can get you around the map whilst hidden which will, in turn, increase your chances of returning packages to your base. Aircraft Available: Luxor Can reach any airport with 7 other passengers able to fit onboard. The Luxor & Shamal models are very reliable and the good news is that they are all very similar. You can't go wrong with this one. Luxor Deluxe Gold & Bold! Offers a unique flight experience that allows passengers to indulge in finest champagne & tobacco. Carries 7 other passengers. Can also take one direct hit from a projectile. Operates at any airport. Shamal Myfly Private Jet that can operate at any airport. Carries 7 other passengers. Very Reliable. Dodo Small but very useful. Can land at sea & carry up to 3 other passengers. Miljet Big & Blacked Out. Can carry up to 15 other passengers. (Doesn't Land at Grapeseed) Cuban Air support available - Gas to eradicate the effected area whilst not destroying the package. Carries 3 other Passengers. Please do get in touch with me via my inbox or reply on here with your GT to give and I will get in touch to discuss your needs further. Finally, I thank you for taking your time to read this post. -UncleLester
  14. Im looking for people to do stuff in gta and make money, i am low level on Xbox but i am experienced. I came from PS4 i was level 400 played since day 1 hour 1.. Leave a message if you are interested
  15. CREAM SUPPLY CREW WANTS YOU MUST HAVES: 1.MIC 2.$150,000-200,000$(gta money )- battle outfit/ crew setup. 3.Great communication skills. 4.a car or truck. 5. Weapons that your comfortable useing . 6. Be above a level 25. 7: Experience with weponized cars and trucks. 8. Be skilled with a hydra. Things we look for 1. how often you play 2. basic knowledge of the game 3. be able to follow orders or simple task 4.how good your KD ratio is 5. How you handle curtain situations. Things we do: 1.Kill anyone and everyone who f*cks with us 2.MONEY GRIND. 3.Plan public lobby massacres. 4.CAR SHOWS 5.help those who are in the crew with heist jobs and earning money. 6. Have a fun CREAM SUPPLY experience. CONTACT INFO PRESIDENT/ RESOURCER: KILLSWITCH2523 ARMS /WAR COORDINATOR :THEDABLEKING STREET ENFORCER : vapuhrized08 MONEY DEVELOPMENT:CORPORALCANDY09 MESSAGE: KILLSWITCH2523 for a interview and crew setup those who message any other affiliate will be denied entery.
  16. The Nguyen Family -Recruiting! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_nguyen_family Come be a part of the family! Introduction: We are a Mafia clan looking to become the most powerful and dominant in the world of GTA Online. Rules: No disrespecting members, especially higher-ups and definitely not the Boss. No disobeying orders from higher-ups. No friendly fires (constantly hitting members will have consequences). Uniformed at all times during crew session. Be professional (No humping trees, tea bagging dead bodies, acting childish, etc). No killing random people/getting police stars on other members. Must be active (in case of life problems, let higher-ups know). Must not be in other crews. Branches: There are many branches/regimes in the family. A branch is run through the Organization system by a Chief or higher-up. Therefore, Chiefs, Underbosses, and the Boss must have the ability to become a CEO. Chiefs and Underbosses' organization name would be like this: Nguyen Regime *next available number* (No 0 nor 1). Example: Nguyen Regime 3 Regime, Nguyen Regime 4, etc. No need for gamertag changes (such a hassle that is). A Chief's organization (branch) consists of the Chief himself and three Soldiers. These Soldiers will work for the Chief and obey his orders. All Chiefs and Soldiers must still obey the Boss at all times, even with their own branch. The Boss and Underbosses' organization (branch) consists of themselves and three Enforcers and/or Soldiers. Just like the Chief's branch, these Enforcers and Soldiers will work for the Boss and Underbosses and protect them. Branch leaders may do CEO work and heists to make money for his crew (challenges are allowed as long as they aren't friendly-fire related). They may also request a hit on someone, and when approved, he and his crew may carry out the hit. Chiefs and Underbosses may play on their own session with their branch, but still must represent the family and obey rules (permission must be granted by the Boss first). If members wish to play by themselves, with friends, etc, they must inform a higher-up and uniforms must be off during their own session. We are family. Look out for one another on the streets. Ranks: Associate (New) - Not yet part of the family. Just sent application. Must contact the Boss, Underbosses, and/or Chiefs to meet in game for introductions. Soldier (Muscle) - First rank of the family hierarchy. Must already learned the above rules and purchased required uniform. Soldiers do most of the day to day bidding, under the supervision of a Chief or higher-up. Soldiers must join a Chief or higher-up's organization when there is one in the session. Enforcer (Representative) - Most elite and skilled soldiers. Must be in possession of a Cognoscenti or Cognoscenti 55. Enforcers also do most of the day to day bidding, but they only work for Underbosses or the Boss. Enforcers must join an Underboss or the Boss's organization when there is one in the session. Chief (Lieutenant) - The most loyal and trusted enforcers. Hand-picked by the boss once he's shown enough of his worth. Must have the ability to become a CEO and be in possession of aCognoscenti (Armored) or Cognoscenti 55 (Armored). Chiefs work for the family under his own organizaion (branch). Chiefs must have his men in check and report any misdeeds. Chiefs must have contact with the Boss outside of Xbox. Underboss (Comissioner) - Chosen by the Boss. The Underboss is the Boss when the Boss is not in session. All Chiefs, Enforcers, and Soldiers must obey the Underboss at all times unless told otherwise. The Underboss also has his own branch. When the Boss is in session, the Underboss and his crew must remain at the Boss's side at all times unless told otherwise. Underbosses must have contact with the Boss outside of Xbox. Uniform: Black Tailored Suit (Suit Jackets) White Cuffed Shirt (Business Shirts) All Black Oxfords (Smart Shoes) Black Slim Fit (Suit Pants) Black Tie (Ties) Black sunglasses/shades (Soldiers and Enforcers are required) Cognoscenti, Cognoscenti 55, Cognoscenti (Armored), and/or Cognoscenti 55 (Armored) Promotion/Demotion: Promotions are discussed with Underbosses' and Chiefs. In the meanwhile, be loyal, active, and flawless would help in achieving higher ranks. Demotions are discussed with Underbosses' and Chiefs. The most severe consequence is that you can get whacked (kick from crew). Contacts (gamertags): The Phapper (Boss) The Neclso (Underboss) RichieDiscenzoN (Advisor)
  17. I run a life roleplay in GTA Online for Xbox One, I’m experienced and previously have lead three different rp's. If anyone is interested in joining, can roleplay seriously or has experience in such games, please contact me. Currently we have openings for police officers, nightclub staff, reporters, security guards, pilots, farmers, lawyers, and people who have high aspirations in the corporate field. In our roleplay, you can work for a private company or start your own, be a homeless bum and don't work, invest in real stocks, open a night-club, buy homes, boats, cars, planes etc. Every aspect of the roleplay is on the website. One unique feature of our game is that you can invest your roleplay money into real stocks on the New York exchange. The investing page on the site has a real-time stock ticker and gives you financial analytics on any stock you’re interested in. This allows people to make money in new ways, and for criminals to keep their money offshore. I should also add, that unlike many other rp's, this one is not a dictatorship. I focus on banking as I'm the bank manager, and we have a council of knowledgeable business people and civil servants that vote on laws and changes. Also, we have an independent court system for all criminal & civil cases, and a banking system on the website. My gamertag is ridge55, contact me if you are serious. Our website address is: http://ridgelym3.wixsite.com/lslife
  18. Looking for a crew to do all the heists in order. Players must be commit to it. If you are interested leave a message


    ​EAST COAST OUTLAWZ MOTORCYCLE CLUB ​Currently recruiting Prospects and looking to fill our table with the proper ranks if you have the experience. We're a 1% Club looking to build a Brotherhood; outside of GTAOnline we play other game titles such as NBA2K, COD:WWII and soon to release Red Dead Redemption 2! ​Our goal as a whole is to create a brotherhood for people to lay back and have fun. ​Requirements 1. Must be 18+ to Join. ​2. Be Active ​3. Have Fun, it is just a game. ​Follow us on Instagram @EC_Outlawz ​Add us or Message us on XboxOne ​President ECOxTHE PLUG ​V President ECOxBIGIRISH ​ ​Prospect Social Club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ecoz_prospects ​If you're already experienced and are interested in filling in our ranks message us directly on Xbox. ​Best, ​Pres The Plug
  20. Twisted Hounds MC


    Twisted Hounds Motorcycle Club is now recruiting for loyal, active players on Grand Theft Auto V! We are a true 1%ER MC on the Xbox One. We like to have fun while being a dedicated serious MC. We are also part of over 15 MCs in the Original Bikers Association (OGBA). Interested in joining? Please follow the Presidents instagram account and message him @twisted_hounds_national_prez.
  21. GTAgov dot com

    San Andreas life role play

    Hello all, I am the owner and CEO of GTAgov.com we provide a realistic structure along with role playing simulator platforms for use while role playing, We offer every role and every department, citizens, gangs, black market, casino, banks, and more. We have over a thousand active role players daily with more joining every day. We have everything listed below and much more. FULLY API INTEGRATED DATABASE. (NO NEED TO UPDATE ANYTHING NO GOOGLE DOCS) FULL USER MANAGEMENT FOR CREW LEADERS. INCLUDING RANKS, AND DEPARTMENTS OPTIONAL DISCORD OR TEAMSPEAK SERVER COMPLETE DISPATCH CENTER. INDIVIDUAL CHANNELS GIVEN TO CREWS WITH RANK RECOGNITION AND TAG CERTIFICATIONS. REAL LIFE JOBS FOR ROLE PLAYING INCLUDING PAY, DETAILS, AND ACTUAL JOBS TO DO DURING RP, WITH IMMERSIVE PLATFORMS. BANK STRUCTURE WITH MONEY, LOANS, ASSETS, AND CREDIT CARDS, ALL FULLY AUTOMATED. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO WAIT OR RELY ON ADMIN, YOU EARN AND USE YOUR MONEY AT YOUR LEISURE. DRIVERS LICENSE, BOATING LICENSE, WEAPONS PERMIT, DEGREES, AND MORE. CREATE YOUR OWN BUSINESS OR STORE STRUCTURE FOR USE WITH ROLE PLAY MANY GANGS TO JOIN (CURRENTLY MAFIA,MOB,CARTEL,GANGSTERS,BIKERS) EVEN A BLACK MARKET TO BUY AND SELL ILLEGAL ITEMS. WEAPONS AND DRUG TRAFFICKING, DARK WEB MARKETS. FULLY WORKING CASINO, BOXING STRUCTURE AS WELL AS OTHER BETTING AND RACING EVENTS AND LEADER BOARDS. MANY STORES FOR YOUR CHARACTER FULLY REGISTER ABLE CARS,BOATS,APTS ETC.. FULL LAW SYSTEM GUIDELINES AND WRITTEN COURT AND JAIL STRUCTURE ALL API INTEGRATED PER USER COMPLETE COURT AND JAIL PLATFORM EVERYDAY GTAGOV IS ADDING NEW FEATURES AND BUILDING NEW PLATFORMS TO OUR WEBSITE. SOCIAL STRUCTURE WITH PROFILE WALL, FRIENDS, AWARDS, CHATROOMS, IM, PM, SITE WALL ALL FULLY SECURED AND PROTECTED Join us today at http://www.gtagov.com/ -You must have a mic, be respectful, know how to actually improvise and role play. -We are on all consoles including pc, xbox1 , and ps4. -You must 14 years or older to be approved. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_role_play_academy The best part of our community is you do not need to wait for an admin, You can do everything at your own leisure the whole platform is all fully automated. check out an old view of our departments database they use.. Every role has there own platforms, get immersed join us today.
  22. ESOC Apocalypse


    hello we are the elite Special Operartion Command and we a GTA V crew that operates on Xbox and we are looking for new able rookies to fight along with us
  23. I am Colonel Zero, I am making this post looking for anyone interested in joining a GTA Online Military Simulation(MilSim). Our MilSim exists to help protect those who want to play GTA without fear of being randomly targeted by people who get off to killing others who are trying to make a living for themselves. I am in charge of the Air Force branch of our MilSim. We aim to provide air superiority along with providing air support for ground troops from the Army, Navy and Marines. I am looking for airmen that are able, or are willing to be trained, to fly in hazardous conditions and help those on the ground when possible. If you are interested in the MilSim, but not this branch, I can refer you to one of the other three recruiters, Army, Navy, and Marines. The best way to contact me is on Xbox Live at the GT "xXMLPxZeroXx" (without quotes). I hope to hear from you soon. -Col. Zero
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