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  1. jdogavatar

    XB1-JDA Car Meets

    Xbox One Weekly Car Meets Host: xSniperCanisJDA Any pictures with no GT below them are ones I've taken. Like this one from an older muscle meet. Link to the Crew Hosted Meets Page. http://gtaforums.com/topic/840941-xb1-jdas-car-meet-crew/ Drag Racing Cross Map Cruises Car Show Contests Join-able Crew This is a place for people with an interest in cars to have a good time and meet new people. Photo Taken By:StancevD - Night Cruises We love to hear and converse with the people that show up and have mics, but be considerate and let others talk at times. Sometimes just sitting back in your ride and enjoying the meet is the best thing to do. Everyone has their own style and their own likes and dislikes, So no talking about how garbage someones car is or how you don't like it. If you see a nice looking car, tell the owner of it that you like it or what you like about it. I want to have these Meets be a friendly environment for any newcomers and/or long term "veterans." If you are trying to have a one on one conversation with someone just message them, this way we don't have a cluster of voices all at once. Photo Taken By: StancevD - Mikestryke's Turismo I'll host the meets to a crew only session that way I don't have to stop the meet to invite people, and so that way I can just ban people from the crew and the meets at the same time. Also this thread is only for me to advertise Official JDA Car Meets on. I've provided a link to a page for the crew to post their meets on .This way any single crew member can start a meet with the other crew members. I'm going to keep "Crew Member Meets" separate from "Official Crew Meets". This link is where any Crew Member can post their meets to. http://gtaforums.com/topic/840941-xb1-jdas-car-meet-crew/ Here is a link to the Crew. In no way do you need to play with this crew outside of the meets,(You don't need to have the crew set to active) but you can if you want. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/jda_car_meets Insane roll down Mt.Chiliad to finish the meet. Hate to see this list get longer but it has to. BAN LIST o0 ClassiCz 0o SexualShrek 277 FreeHeadBandzz e1ico11ins XxEBSxRECONxX Trccop TEMP. BAN LIST More updates to the thread coming soon. Note: I have only just started hosting meets in maybe the last month from today (1/25/16). So any feedback or thoughts on what I could do better are much appreciated.
  2. I thought it would be a good idea if someone could help me organise a regular weekly car meet Say friday nights around 9pm AEST on Xbox 1 gt: bigpumpa86 I'm going to start a lobby every Friday night at 9pm I also have 2 mates willing to join the lobby For a invite please message me anytime or reply here with your Gamertag and I'll invite you. If someone in the AEST is already organising a similar regular event will happily join Have a nice collection of 40 odd cars ..
  3. jdogavatar

    XboxOne Car Meets

    Looking for anyone that might be interested in doing car meets here and there. I'm pretty laid back so I don't have plans on having some strict schedule. Mostly looking for people to Drift, Drag, or Cruise with. As long as everyone is Passive (unless lowing car) and not constantly crashing into people everything will work out fine. Have a mic, Don't yell or play music in background or breath into the mic. Also I don't really care if your voice is high pitch as long as you're not annoying. My GT is xSniperCanisJDA Just message me once we've got a couple people we'll start a session
  4. I am hosting a a car show/drag race for all cars. I will be hosting for a few hours, message CKiiLLA for invite.
  5. Public Parking Entertainment Has a Kik Chat used to Communicate with the Members of the Gta Community in order to inform them of Future Car shows ahead of time before posting them on the Gta Forums. If you have a Kik Account and are Interested in getting in on the car shows early Send Huntergatherer a Message (If you dont want to post your Kik Account Name here) Or Post your Kik account name here and i will be sure to get you in the group
  6. OFF-ROAD CAR & TRUCK MEET- Only Cars listed in the rules below. The meet starts at 10:00pm GMT Rules: 1.Only bring the cars listed: Canis Mesa (Merry weather version only), Benifactor dubsta 6x6, Benifactor Dubsta, Vapid Sandking SWB, Vapid Sandking XL, Karin BeeJay XL. Anyone who does not follow these rules will be voted out of the lobby. 2.No guns/shooting, anyone shooting/killing will be put on my ban list and will not receive invites to following meets. 3.Follow the Trail in single file to reduce crashes, after each obstacle you will be expected to stop and wait until all vehicles have passed the obstacle. 4.leave your vehicles on everyone in case another player has destroyed thier vehicle and needs to be driven away to the closest road. Everyone will meet up at Vespucci beach where we will start a first trail. Then we will loop back around to to the trail in reverse this will be done for all trails. In order to be invited at 10:00pm GMT message StanceDivision on Xbox One
  7. We need a player to complete the humane labs raid heist for either the pilot or the gunner position and possibly other heists. Cut will be 15% to 20% depending on rank. MSG crazyshotZ1
  8. peterthedrummer

    THE G4NG5T3RS Are Recruiting

    The are a all round crew, about teamwork,making money and killing enemies based on Xbox One if anyone is interested in joining then send me a GT message to peterthedrummer
  9. All Players get 25% Add me @ Mr Roboto 13579 No squeakers f*cker
  10. 10th Planet Heist Co Is a start up crew looking for new members we will guarantee equal cuts and group activities we want money this is an open group looking for ppl to get heists done quickly and split evenly. You can join on The social club site and I can be reached in game jiujitsuphil
  11. I'm looking for a free aim motorcycle club to join up with, I'm very active as possible, I'm 18 years of age, I've been in the MC community ever since gta iv came out, I'm very loyal, I would probably be coming with another 5 guys that have the same experience as me and is very active as well. Must be a free aim club only. Same as my guys they won't join a non free aim crew either. If you need to get any information about me or my guys that would be coming with me, if you need to talk with me you may message me on kik at, punk_the_random, you can also reach out to me on my rockstar social club at punk_the_random as well. I'm currently on the Xbox 360 for right, I'll be moving to the Xbox One tomorrow sometime. My guys are also currently on the Xbox 360 with me as well.
  12. Hello! Thank you for viewing our forum post here on the GTAforums it is my honor to present to you the following few paragraphs about our group Blaine County Role-play Community, Which has Changed so much within the last year, as you all can see this was posted on December 31st, 2015. This is being Edited on December December 21st, 2016 3 days after our Anniversary, While i don't post here often our social media presence is large and we are not at all an inactive community. What do we do you may ask? Well, we roleplay, and we role play to the best of our ability our civilians are required to obtain jobs if it fits their characters description and our law enforcement is trained to the best standards possible with a almost week long training course, while our fire department is also trained with a similar structure [/url] As you can see from our Images we take this seriously, so if you're the type to come into sessions and shoot stuff up and mess around, turn away now,as you're not the type we're looking for, however if you're looking for a fun roleplay experience and a fun community to do other things with, this is the place! Website: bcsorp.enjin.com RGSC: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blaine_county_sa_rp
  13. Put your gamer tag below for guaranteed spot in the meet or msg me on Xbox one @ StanceDivision Also I've just created a new crew for lowered car lovers, msg me below for more info on the subject. Tonights meet is stance/slammed cars only the rules are as follows.. 1.lowered cars only e.g. Shoot centre of the rim. 2.Dont bring supercars or racecars (jester and masacro) with the exception of the coil voltic and vapid bullet. Anyone with any of these cars present will be banned from any other meets. 3.No lowriders with the exception of "bagged cars" (cars with the low rider upgrade applied but without and whitewalls or vinyls on there cars). 4.No ricers. Don't bother bringing untasteful cars a.k.a. "Rice boxes" e.g. Yellow and purple paint job, white walls, massive wing etc. 5.No more than 2 of the same car, if a third of the same car is brought out you will be asked to change car or face being banned from other meets. 6. Have fun. The most important rule to prove you have read the rules when msging me @ StanceDivison write the code word camber to be put on my list, also if I'm not online still msg me as I will still se it and get back to you as soon as possable.
  14. Wizz man 21

    Drag racing starts now!

    I have no mic but I wanna get a drag racing lobby up and going starts now BTW no killing My gt: wizzman420 Message me for a inv
  15. Car show/meet in my lobby!!! Message me on xbox one for an invite GT: mr prez61
  16. I'm looking for people to do the pacific standard heist with me, 20% cut, but thats after the setups are done. I have the Kuruma Garage so thats sorted. GT: GlumMacaroon860, msg me
  17. MayhemMenLSMC


    Hey guys im the president of Mayhem Men LS MC. A friend referred me to this page so i hope its useful! Anyways we are a relatively new MC looking to recruit new members. A mic is required but we are not level or k/d based as some MCs are. Just really a group of people looking to hangout, make money, and f*ck sh*t up! If you're interested in joining or want to learn more feel free to add me on xbox @ xxLRG SURFERxx or on facebook @MayhemMen Lsmc See y'all round.
  18. National HoBo

    Join the SWAG ZEBRAS

    Join the Swag Zebras crew on XBOX ONE. We have really awesome crew colors and we really are avid about car customization! We play really fun and interesting jobs and like to do really awesome stuff in freemode! Looking for members of any kind! Check us out! Swag Zebras Also here is my Social Club Account
  19. Ruhsean

    Xbox One Chill meet

    No Ricers No Ugly Cars in general No killing No Cops Preferably JDM cars but doesn't really matter to me Msg: Ruhsean
  20. Hey guys just state your gamer tag and ill send you invite
  21. How about we start a private lobby, see how many players we can get then just have some fun? Maybe do the freeroam events, custom races, or just cruise or deathmatch? Everything is better with more players! And all I have been getting lately is solo lobbies -_- Send an msg to "FrazierGang" for invite 2 private lobby -Tired of seeing all these car meet post-
  22. CBRsDJ2flyforu

    Xbox 1 car meet any car

    xbox 1 car meet any car no killing cruising drag races message for invite GT: CBRsDJ2flyforu
  23. Looking for some adventure in GTAO? Looking for GTA Role Play? Looking to further your experience in GTA all together, I've got the place for you. Experience Gaming is actively developing on the Xbox One after our success with GTA role play on the Xbox 360. We have cops, criminals, entrepreneurs, and even civilian stories. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter as The Gaming XP and we are also slowly developing Youtube and Twitter activity as well. Musts: 18+ (if younger than 18 but older than 15, you can be interviewed for acceptance) Functioning Microphone Xbox Live (Obviously) Access to a smart phone, PC, or Tablet to monitor website activity and updates Maturity Patience Creativity Approval of Application We have been developing our community since Summer 2014 and just recently made the step towards being an Xbox One/PC exclusive community. We have many opportunities and we are always looking for fresh creative minds to boost our world and create new content. We have a criminal crew and are currently developing a police crew as well. Check out the Vercetti Family GTXP Crew on the Rockstar Social Club. We also have several Police and Rescue Divisions that you can be a part of... Police Crew coming SOON!!! With Experience Gaming's GTAXP, you get more than just a GTA role play world. You get a thoroughly thought provoked experience and a world that expands upon GTAO in ways you could never imagine. You also get access to a group of gamers dedicated to helping you truly Experience your games as we participate in several games with various activities as well as things such as Blogs and Reviews. Check out our pages and get registered, we are recruiting and developing and I hope to see a lot of you soon and get to know each and every one of you. Let the GTA Experience take you to places you never thought possible in Grand Theft Auto Online at experiencegaming.org. We also have activity in other games and are working on Youtube, Twitch, Journalism, and forums as well for all things gaming. Come hang out with us and find some unique people to Experience Gaming with. Samuel Gregory "SamGregImmortal": Xbox GT XPG Founder Apply Here!!!
  24. I've recently created a new GTA Online MILSIM crew and I am looking for new members. At the moment we are exclusively an Xbox One crew only. If you would like to apply, join, or learn more go to our crew's page linked below. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/usmc_98th_division
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