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  1. DTCursix

    18+ Jobs, and Heist Crew

    The Criminal Death Squad is currently recruiting members. This is an 18+ crew, and you must have a Mic. We are a group of mature players who have joined up together to pull off Jobs, Heists, and other game modes to gain RP, and Money. If you are tired of trying to pull off jobs with random people, and zero communication, this is the crew for you. We do our Jobs, Heists, and other challenges on Hard difficulty, looking to reap the rewards for being more organized, and eventually completing the Criminal Mastermind Challenges (which are worth $12 Million) You can find our Crew page here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/criminal_death_squad
  2. x VIBE x

    Banished Breed MC - Now recruiting

    Banished Breed MC, formerly known as Los Demonios is now recruiting for new prospects. New applicants must request to join both our website and the social club page, both links are below. There is a two week prospecting period before your patch is decided at our weekly church on Sundays. http://banishedbreedmc.enjin.com/home http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/banished_prospects_ Below is our clubs recent creation, directed by our Nomad Chief, EP.
  3. Looking for a laid back crew (Xbox1) to do heist, make Hella money$$$, & take over rooms with? DOC (LS County Jail) is currently looking into expanding its numbers & may be just the fit for you. RSSC LINK --> http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_county_jail We are a group of laid back friends that have been playing Xbox with each other over the past 5+ years, we do not discriminate ones race/gender, make fun of, or disrespect one another so if u can't give the same respect you expect then don't bother, we are looking to expand and add on members that mostly play GTA in the event of we can start doing more heist and have more people online to play instead of being outnumbered in lobbies by other crews, we also do a lot of VIP work so we're always making bank. We understand everyone has their own responsibilities with their home life/jobs/kids, but we do ask that you are at least online four days out of the week Weather it be mornings mid day or at night. Requirements are and we'll go over more if you have any questions... -lvl 80+ rank, we was going to set the bar higher but we feel will give you a chance to prove yourself. -Age 18+ but will consider taking 16 and above depending on how mature you act. -Positive K/d ratio. -No disrespecting other crew members. -Must wear the crew orange DOC jumpsuit (because we are a clan based on inmates) while rolling together in lobbies. -Must have a mic. And like I said if you have any questions we will go over anything you want to know. We are a group organization no one is your boss, or tells you what 2 do, but understand we do have a leader/Co-Leader... decisions will be made as a group not just based off one's choice. Unfortunately we do not accept just anybody so you will roll with us for a couple days before the decision on whether or not you are fit for this crew is made So with that being said ask yourself this are you tired of not having nobody to do heist with?, being bullied in lobbies or getting chased down and killed by the same group of people or person multiple times without any backup? Not having anybody online to play with? If your answer is yes then DOC maybe the crew for you, stand up and take the fight 2 your enemies & take back the city!!!. Anyone interested in joining feel free to add/msg myself (NOxMERCYx419) or (Lord Rezzer) & we will get back with you a.s.a.p as we are usually online!
  4. Bring your best vehicle no exotics and leave your guns at the crib GT: CokeBoyCEO 216
  5. SweptbackFiber

    Sons of mayhem is RECRUITING XB1

    Do you want to join an active mc crew go to the webb page here http://joelleo942.wix.com/sonsofmayhem

    Xbox 1 racing lobby

    Come join and do some races on xbox 1 my gamertag is XxEBSxRECONxX
  7. Message for invite. GT: xXDRxWHOXx. rules no killing no wrecking must have a mic
  8. CBRsDJ2flyforu

    Xbox 1 car meet

    Anyone up for a car meet?
  9. kevin52200

    Who's doing a car meet?

    I wanna join a car meet gt Kevinr23
  10. Hi I'm live streaming on twitch now doing crazy stunt races. If you want to join me add me on Xbox its Abbstar26 or get in touch on my stream mrmrsgamer100
  11. MANB3ARPIG79

    xb1 car meet drag/cruise

    xbox one car meet is starting NOW!! no killing or wrecking other cars gt: MANB3ARPIG79 all cars alowed have fun!!!
  12. True Explosive

    Xbox one meet/cruise

    meet will start at 5:15est message True Explosive for invite
  13. hurtboy1


    -no killing -must have mic( no kinetic or loud music) -no dirty driving mesg- hurtgqboyl for invtie (xb1)
  14. jdogavatar

    XB1-JDA's Car Meet Crew

    Xbox One Crew Hosted Car Meets Link to JDA Official Car Meets page. http://gtaforums.com/topic/838518-xb1-jda-car-meets/ This thread is for JDA Car Meets' Members. I created this thread so that the members of the crew could host their own meets with the other members, or join other members meets. How to Join It's so simple literally all you have to do is click the link and join. It's open to anyone. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/jda_car_meets Photo Taken By: ItzFoist - An excellent Banshee Build Already a Member? If you're already a member and want to host a meet with other members, think about a couple things before you just start one and start inviting other members. Are other crew member even on right now? Check the online Crew members in the pause menu under the online tab. Maybe post something on this thread asking if other people want to join your meet are already in one. Is anyone else already hosting one? Check the threads posts to see if someone has already started one. You might also check my page as I could be hosting one. Before the Meet. Plan everything out beforehand. Leave Points Of Interest around the map or on the spots you want to visit. Don't have everyone just sit around in a parking lot forever, find a couple nice spots and cruise from one to another taking maybe 5-10 minutes at each stop. You need to realize that some meets are bound to fail. The quality of the meet relies mostly on the group of people you have join. If the players are loud and don't listen, odds are that they wont be controlled easily and the meet won't go smoothly. In these situations it might be easier to just invite the few level headed calm people to a party chat and start a new session. This thread isn't %100 complete but I felt that at least getting it up now might be useful. Feedback is appreciated.
  15. You can join the meet anytime in the next hour, you just have to message: nm xG a M e R A mic is not required. Whenever we are about to move spots 1 flare will be shot into the air, then Follow me to the next spot. Keep it peacefull NO Killing. NO purposefully crashings into others. NO fighting. The host will be leading.
  16. Hey guys. On the xbox one edition of gta. I was planning to start playing with others to either fight crime or start crime in the san andreas area. Which would be much more fun as a vip body guard standpoint so everyone gets a cut. We can make costumes names all the fun stuff. Just something to add for things to do. If interested let me know.
  17. Car meet on gta 5 Xbox one. Everyone and every car welcome. No killing anyone if you do so you will be kicked. Starts at 6:00 pm GMT [uk times] To have an invite please message saying 'invite' Message: ImmenseRiver Thankyou.
  18. Hosting a car meet tonite starting 8pm eastern time.. Everyone is welcome Hit me up for an invite gamer tag: RettaRackz
  19. i am looking For money drops i will pay comment below if u can do it
  20. lordmcwizard08

    Crew name suggestions

    Hey guys, a friend of mine is making a crew, and I am in charge of the rank titles (The crew is called Th3 Birdz, so, its bird themed) So far I have: Egg (1-10) Hatchling (11-20) Youngling (21-30) BLANK (31-40) BLANK (41-50) BLANK (51-60) BLANK (61-70) BLANK (71-80) Bird (81-90) Bird God (91-100) Suggestions for the blank spots please? Thanks
  21. Car meet in 30 min EST Rules No killing No talking over people Follow host Be respectful Any car but supers( you can bring sultan RS and Banshee 900r) Message XxXeRtYxPoW3DXx for a invite
  22. White_Lightning 1

    Car Meet/Drags/Drift/Cruise

    No start time show come join when ever Rules: -No Killing -No Hitting Others Cars -Be Respectful -Mic Is Optional Bring any car except super (New Sultan and Banshee are Welcome) Message nicktkd99 for invite to lobby.
  23. Looking for people who are on regularly. Having a very difficult time playing any jobs because no one joins or everyone quits out. Am up for jobs, missions, heists, or just screwing around. Add me on XBox Live Cyxrus7
  24. Semi truck with trailers , going on a cruise (first person is recommended) Message senorgrinch1331 or ThunderyOdin for an invite . Please be friendly and don't kill.
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