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  1. Date not set register for spot with GT: TomxTom25 on Xbox1 (you will be invited to Gta Drift Club) (tournament will be televised video will be going up on youtube) Hosted by TomxTom25 & SwiftMagician23 Please read carefully TEAM REVOLT will be hosting our first ever Drift Tournament Located at the Port Of Los Santos Elysian Island We would like for all fellow GTA Drifters and car Lovers to come join us for a session of drifting like youve never seen in gta online We are giving away 200,000 to the 1st Place Winner Cars Eligible To Compete Futo Comet/Retro Elegy/Retro Dewbauchee Spec Sultan/RS Banshee/900R Omnis Drift Tampa Stalian Dominator Gauntlet Buffalo S Kuruma (non armored only) Warrener Schwartzer Zion/Zion Cabrio Vigero Penumbra Sentinal XS/Convertible Oracle XS Intruder TailGater NightShade Mamba All Coquette Massacro Feltzer ​ Absolutely NO SUPER CARS!!!! AND NO MOTORCYCLES RULE & REGULATIONS -NO VIOLANCE (No Car Punshing, Shooting, Kicking, purposely Crashing, Bombing, or Stealing) we are trying to have the best Drift session possible -Wait Your Turn Once in session you will be set up for a 1v1 bout SO PLEASE Do Not Interfere with other players runs remember you as players if you win will be rewarded free of cost to you so lets make it a smooth session -Drift Battles 1v1 In this Drift Tournament you will be judged on "Style" For Example ​-Best entry into a drift -How long you can keep it going -How close you get to barriers without interrupting your drift
  2. Date not set register for spot with GT: TomxTom25 on Xbox1 (you will be invited to Gta Drift Club) (tournament will be televised video will be going up on youtube) Hosted by TomxTom25 & SwiftMagician23 Please read carefully TEAM REVOLT will be hosting our first ever Drift Tournament Located at the Port Of Los Santos Elysian Island We would like for all fellow GTA Drifters and car Lovers to come join us for a session of drifting like youve never seen in gta online We are giving away 200,000 to the 1st Place Winner Cars Eligible To Compete Futo Comet/Retro Elegy/Retro Dewbauchee Spec Sultan/RS Banshee/900R Omnis Drift Tampa Stalian Dominator Gauntlet Buffalo S Kuruma (non armored only) Warrener Schwartzer Zion/Zion Cabrio Vigero Penumbra Sentinal XS/Convertible Oracle XS Intruder TailGater NightShade Mamba All Coquette Massacro Feltzer ​ Absolutely NO SUPER CARS!!!! AND NO MOTORCYCLES RULE & REGULATIONS -NO VIOLANCE (No Car Punshing, Shooting, Kicking, purposely Crashing, Bombing, or Stealing) we are trying to have the best Drift session possible -Wait Your Turn Once in session you will be set up for a 1v1 bout SO PLEASE Do Not Interfere with other players runs remember you as players if you win will be rewarded free of cost to you so lets make it a smooth session -Drift Battles 1v1 In this Drift Tournament you will be judged on "Style" For Example ​-Best entry into a drift -How long you can keep it going -How close you get to barriers without interrupting your drift
  3. TXSBlitzkrieg

    Devils Rejects MC Recruiting 18+ Only

    Devils Rejects XBOX One Founder/President: Prmc Blitzkrieg Website: http://www.johnnorton71.wixsite.com/devils-rejects Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/devils_rejects_indp About Us: This is an independent club I began to appeal to MC community members like myself who may not have the time or not want to be in a huge MC at the moment. Yes, we are still a patched club, abide by 1% rules and will hang and be associated with other clubs. But there is no mandatory activity, no mandatory churches/get togethers, only a once a month club meeting. I have great relationships with other MCs so expect to be hanging around alot with other guys and gals, getting to know them and expanding our club. Please read up on the website if you are confused on anything and please feel free to contact me in our contact section or hit me up on XBL @ PRMC Blitzkrieg. If interested,please comment with your: - XB1 Gamertag - Social Club Account - Easiest way to reach you At this time there is no officers or prospects. Full patch is given and you have to prove worthy to stay. After we have our first 6 then we will start the officer program.
  4. Welcome to the Molon Labe Recruiting Topic. Molon Labe is a militia themed unit that mainly operates within GTA Online. We also play other games with crew members. We are looking for free aim only players who are willing to fight with our militia. We frown upon the use of unskilled tactics/ combat (RPG, BST, Minigun etc). Gamertag changes are not required however any rank above Sergeant requires a gamertag change, and so does membership in the Minutemen division. Our divisions consist of Armored, Minutemen, Infantry, Air Fleet, and Reservist. Here are short descriptions about each. Armored: It serves as the main anti vehicle unit and provides heavy support to infantry units using Tanks and Armored Vehicles. It also serves as a transportation unit. It requires units to be skilled in armored and infantry combat. Minuteman: Minuteman serve as the guards of the Leader and High Council of Molon Labe and as a Reconnaissance/Quick Reaction Force. It's the elite force of Molon Labe encompassing the best pilots and soldiers. Membership in this is strict and limited. Infantry: Infantry serve as the main ground force of Molon Labe. They must be skilled in ground combat and sniping. They are trained in Aerial and Naval Insertions and work in tandem with all divisions. Air Fleet: Air Fleet serves as the main Anti Air division. The main goal is to keep Air Supremacy for friendly units and when possible provide Close Air Support for ground units. They are required to have skill in air and on the ground. Reservist Forces: Reservist Forces are members who wish to join Molon Labe yet don't want to change their gamertag or wish to dual crew. Reservist Members can only reach the rank of Corporal and can be a member of any of the divisions except the Minuteman. REQUIREMENTS Be at least 15 Have a headset Follow Orders Must not have any bad relations with members of the crew or allies K/D cutoff 0.80 Have Kik Rules: No Passive Mode Follow Superiors Orders Don't use unskillful weapons/ tactics (Minigun, RPG, BST, Suicide Excessively, Bulletproof Helmets, Assault Shotgun) Wear Crew outfits when playing with the crew Allies: SCAR Military, The Federation Neutral: Helix Team, Ghosts of War Military, Merica1776 Gaming and USMCx Raiders Enemies: Currently None Wish to join? Reply to this thread with the application below filled out. If we find you have applied to another crew, that can. If not possible to use the forum page, contact either ML Kemosabe or ML Blitzkrieg. Gamertag: Why do you want to join and qualifications? Former Crews? Kik? (to communicate) Division: Crew socialclub: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/molon_labe_ml DO NOT APPLY TO JOIN THERE, IT MAY/WILL NOT BE SEEN.
  5. DAZ4518

    Lorenzo Family Mafia (XBOX One)

    The Lorenzo Family are currently open to new recruits at all levels, We are currently looking a new Boss, Consigliere, Underboss, and Capo's for an established family where we are looking to refresh the hierarchy, we are also open to anyone looking to just be an associate or solider, whatever you'd be comfortable with. This will be a family in an alliance with the a strong and active motor cycle club, The Rotten Dead (RDMC) and there will also opportunities for cross interactivity on both sides, we will all support each other. The Lorenzo Family History. The Lorenzo Family Mafia started as a liquor trading company in Ireland in the early 60's, it wasn't until the owner of the Lorenzo Liquor Company, Tommy Flannigan Sr, realized he could make more money through extortion, taking advantage of the high tensions with the British Government at the time and the diverted attention within the local authorities. Soon after the extortion started the liquor deliveries tuned to gun running and brought further wealth and power to the Lorenzo Family, with this, blood soon started flowing too close to Tommy Sr's heart when his wife was gunned down whilst leaving their son at school, the horror of this attack led Tommy Sr on a 10 year rampage causing his son to flee to America to escape from overwhelming government force. Soon after his escape to America Tommy Jr was contacted by his Father Consigliere on a trip to America to warn of the fathers impending end, 1 week later, Tommy Sr was gunned down by the IRA, with this, the entire family's wealth, network and power transferred to Tommy Jr, with this power Tommy Jr was able to establish the Lorenzo Family within America, using the Liquor Company trading name to bring in muscle and arms, within 2 years, Tommy Jr had wiped out 3 other families and everyone feared him. In the intervening years the family growth stalled as Tommy Jr suffered from health issues, eventually succumbing to them 4 years ago. The Lorenzo Family name continues to this day with strength and wealth and is respected and feared in America and Ireland, but this is not enough, the Family needs to grow or risk being lost to history. ((The Lorenzo family is intended to be a role playing group so some level of dedication and maturity is expected. The ideal candidates will be members that are cool headed and respect the clear lines of authority and be ages 16+, a working mic is absolutely necessary.)) If you are interested in joining the Lorenzo Family Mafia please contact either my self or the Don on xbox live My GT: DAZ4518 https://account.xbox.com/en-GB/Profile?GamerTag=daz4518 The Don: channelgarth https://account.xbox.com/en-GB/Profile?GamerTag=channelgarth
  6. FearTheReaper

    Sons Of Anarchy MC Recruitment

    Sons Of Anarchy - RECRUITING I'm the President of an Active crew called The Sons Of Anarchy. -Requirements: Have to know how a biker crew works. Level 15+ Chopper bike of your choice. Black SUV's/Armored Cars with Crew Emblem if chosen. Biker cuts, with crew emblem. Loyalty, Trust, Work. Summary. Sons Of Anarchy welcome new and experienced players. We will all help each other gain the money and success we need as a crew. We're not just a Social Club crew, we also have an In-game Clubhouse with a couple of rackets. Organization with Vehicle Cargo and Warehouse. Expect -Meet ups at the Sons Of Anarchy Office and Clubhouse. -Cruising with other members, look out for each other. -Building a rep for ourselves, take no sh*t. -We will always be using the Clubhouse/Office/Rackets for Missions and Money. -All blacked outfit needed sometimes. (Have a few custom outfits of your own biker cut choices.) -There will always be competition. Clubhouse (and/or Party Chat): We will talk about: Promotions Demotions Enemies/Rivals Friends/Allies Votes Issues that members have General Discussions about ANY topic. If you are interested in becoming apart of the MC, hit me up at InF x Mcandrew on Xbox Live or Social Club at https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/mcandreww More details when you're an approved member.
  7. I want the savage: I want to help someone with the Humand Labs setup that gets you the savage helicopter. I am a skilled player, and will do the heist ONLy in FreeAim Platform: Xbox One Please help me. I DO NOT HAVE THE SETUP YET - I WILL HELP SOMEONE WITH IT OR I REQUEST SOMEONE REDOS IT WITH ME
  8. atLaPras

    Looking To Prospect in a 1%er MC

    Looking for any 1%er MC who is active with church times on the weekend. I'm on XB1. If any openings are available message me ok Kik: Kawiracing91
  9. Hello, and welcome to the San Andreas Emergency Services. The following post is mainly items that are already on our website, but copied to here for the sake of being nice. If you do not want to read this, and go straight to our website, it is here : www.sasesxboxone.weebly.com WHO WE ARE - The San Andreas State Emergency Services (SASES) is a clan that was founded in December 2016. We currently have 8 divisions, they are Los Santos Police Department (LSPD), Los Santos Sheriff's Department (LSSD), Blaine County Sheriff's Department (BCSD) , San Andreas State Police (SASP), Los Santos County Fire Deparment (LSCFD), Los Santos County Medical Response (LSCMR), San Andreas Flight Program (SAFP) and San Andreas State Auxiliary Program (SASAP). We are dedicated to being realistic, but having a fun experience at the same time. We are also apart of the International Association of Public Service Clans (IAoPSC)
  10. kkangpae

    Karoshi Chuna

    KAROSHI CHUNA Karoshi Chuna is a racing crew with a developed racing team based for drifting. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/karoshi_chuna NOTE BEFORE READING: This crew is in it's developing stage. Please post reply's of criticism to help improve this crew. Add me on XBOX one for further details: Jeoseung ABOUT Karoshi Chuna is a group that specializes in drifting, and street racing. This crew was made on 7:10 PM 3/3/17. This crew offers no military protection, mods, glitched vehicles, killing, griefing, illegal actions, etc. This crew hosts car meets, and prizes for street races. Whether you are professional, casual, amateur, or new, anyone is allowed. Guidelines for Karoshi Chuna Under no circumstances shall any user in this crew break the federal law, Terms of Service of Grand theft auto V online, XBOX Code of conduct, And Custom crew rules R1: No player should be exploiting the game in an unfair manner. (Mass killing, griefing, overall experience.) R2: No player should be breaking the XBOX code of conduct, (Racial slurs, trash talking, etc.) R3: No player should be killed in a crew session unless provoked. R4: No player should be kicked unless the rules above are confirmed. R5: No player should be invited without reason You are required to bring your own car to this crew, if you have no personal vehicle, you will not gain access to the crew until you have collected/received a car. Neons are NOT permitted, You may only use Neons if you are creating a replica. OUTFITS The only time you will be told to wear a uniform/outfit is during a street race/togue battle. You should be wearing a green or black race outfit. RESTRICTED/PERMITTED VEHICLES The good stuff. PERMITTED SULTAN RS (CUSTOM) BANSHEE (CUSTOM) ITALI GTB (CUSTOM) ELEGY (RETRO CUSTOM) COMET (RETRO CUSTOM) FUTO DINKA BLISTA (COMPACT) WARRENER KURUMA (NON-ARMORED) SULTAN SENTINEL SENTINEL XS PIGALLE INTRUDER DRIFT TAMPA PENUMBRA RAPID GT ETR1 SWARTSCHER SCHAFTER VERLIER CARS THAT ARE NOT THE VEHICLES ABOVE ARE RESTRICTED. APPLICATION (OPTIONAL) "*" - You must answer GT: Social Club ID: Time zone (e.g: Time zone: EST) Money (Bank) Microphone: Have you had any experience in a racing crew: I HAVE READ THE GUIDELINES, REVOLVING AROUND THIS CREW:* Etc?: Activeness on GTAVO: Please read through the rules and details once more to have a full understanding of this crew. If you have found any errors, reply privately. Thank you, -Jeo
  11. New GTA5 Machinima Series on Youtube: "Risen from Ashes" is the new GTA series created by one of the oldest Motorcycle club crews in GTA Online, "Devils of Death MC" (Est. 2013) . The New series has begun on youtube and is being Directed by WilkieLoneWolf and TrickishBard4. The first episode gave a backstory and explained how the crew disbanded. From here on, the series will show how the MC rebuilds itself back to its full glory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQzLovrbj7Q We are looking for people who would like to help us including voice actors! Contact us on Rockstar Social Club for more information: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/devils_of_death_mc
  12. Recruiting for Active, Well Established, XB1 Sports Bike Street Gang [ XS:01] Name: XS GANG Crew Tag: [XS:01] Members: 325+ Active Since: GTA IV Crew Theme: Sports Bike Street Gang Crew Type: Roleplay Crew Crew Colour: Red Divisions: XS SWAT UNIT [XSSU] / XS Racing Division [XSRD] / The XS Deamons MC [XSMC] GTA Drifting Squad [GTDW] ___________________________________ Criteria: 16+ / Mic / Loyal & Active Members Website: http://xsgang01.wix.com/xsgang XS:01 has been around since GTA IV. We host Daily Roleplay and Scenario-based events such as Police Patrols, President Assassinations, SWAT Raids, Car Meets, Car Cruises, UFC Tournaments and lots, LOTS more. All of these maps have been created using the Rockstar Content Creator, and the setting have been modified to provide the most realistic GTA experience possible. (i.e Maps OFF, 1 Life Only, Realistic Scenarios, etc..) A lot of our maps have been featured by Rockstar on their official NewsWire, and although most of these maps are only available to our members, we welcome anyone who fits criteria and is worthy enough to join. Within XS:01, we also have various Divisions which people can Join, and eventually, Lead. [i.e XS Racing Division [XSRD] - Led by c12oose OR XS SWAT Unit [XSSU] - Led by Djshift110, etc...] If you are interested in joining any of these divisions, or if you would like to Create your OWN division, get in contact! To JOIN XS GANG, or for more info, Please visit our Website > CLICK HERE <
  13. Hi! I'm new to this site because normally I play GTA Online Solo but after I played with a small group and we had such a blast that now I'm remembering how awesome it is to have buddies. I'm looking for other casual players to race, do missions, generally just have some good clean fun with in freemode. I'm a no drama girl that just wants to play the game! I play frequently, I'm currently lvl 52, my timezone is EST so we can figure out times. I sometimes RP with my character. I'm not in a crew but I probably should find one eventually. Please be a mature 18+ player. I've come across too many 10 yr olds online. I don't have a Mic and I haven't done a Heist yet. I'm mainly racing or Freemode shenanigans. I also use Skype or Kik to chat because I don't have a mic. But yeah, any cool people that fit this and just want to chill about would be awesome. Just let me know so I can add you and get a game going! Edit: I'd REALLY prefer it if your time zone is closer to mine. Sorry. Trying to play when you have to go around 2 work/life schedules and you're like 14 hours ahead or behind just makes it crazy hard for us to ever play together. And please don't add me if you never plan to play with me! I know some people do that just to fluff their friends list.
  14. blrpc999

    Xbox One British Roleplay Clan

    Do you want to join a professional British Roleplaying clan? If so message me on xbox: XChaosMaster43X BLRPC:- BLRPC stands for British Life Role Play Clan and we are obviouslty a british clan. We roleplay in my home town of Hereford, England. In Hereford we have West Mercia Police, West Midlands Ambulance Service and Hereford and Worcestor Fire and Rescue as our emergency services. We also have CIV's short for Cilvillians. CIV's generate calls for emergency services eg fights ect. If CIV's would like to be more realistic and own a business that is fine. The possibilties are endless in BLRPC from being a police officer taking down a murder to being a paramedic saving somebodys life to being a builder or an international drugs dealer. For more information go to our website at: www.blrpc999.com Thanks Ben Clan Leader at BLRPC Gamertag: XChaosMaster43X
  15. NightFallGTA


    Shadow Incorporated Clan Information We are Shadow Incorporated. We are a Xbox One Military Organization that aims to protect and align with our clients. We specialize in High Risk Operations, Client Security, and V.I.P Assassinations. Requirements Be 14 years of age or older Own a Xbox One and GTA 5 Have a microphone and headset (NO Kinects) Have Shadow Incorporated as your Default Crew Be able to follow orders Recruitment Application https://goo.gl/forms/duNMfaKhIvpri5Lt2 Contract Form https://goo.gl/forms/PdmH16V04N5nEVzH3 Alliance Form https://goo.gl/forms/8hQ00HHGyrkEv8gB3 CONTACT US Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shadowincorporated/ Xbox - Scar NightFall ​Rockstar Social Club Link- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shadow_military_org
  16. LiquidGamer007

    BWCS Military Crew Recruiting XB1

    BWCS Black Wolf Commandos is an Xbox One free aim military style crew consisting of two divisions infantry and mechanized, both are recruiting new members. BWCS uses a set rank structure and custom military uniforms for each division. Mechanized also has openings in there airborne and tank squadrens. Both infantry and mechanized holds individual weekly training. Infantry focuses on tdm and other style shooting modes to sharpen members free aim shooting skills and mechanize trains with tanks, jets, insurgents and other vehicles to improve skills and give members the knowledge to outmanouver opponents in combat situations. BWCS also holds events on Mondays called Free Money Mondays, on Fridays called Open Lobby Fridays and Sundays is recruitment night. We are a very active, mature, fun and organized crew that is recruiting anyone interested in military tactics. Ranking up within the crews rank structure is open and is what you put into the crew, effort and dedication gets promotions. If your tired of your current crew or new to gta 5 then message one of us on Xbox One and we will get you setup immediately; ACG Impact, TheBurrezz, LiquidGamer007
  17. V2Kief

    GTA V RolePlay

    Hello, If anyone is interested in doing a City type roleplay, look no further! Los Angeles RP (LARP) is looking for active play to participate in Roleplay events. You have the option to work at several different locations across Los Santos, including positions in the Police Department, Fire/EMS. We have our own money system, with two bankers who keep track of your pay! We do have rules, which you will be taught once you get into the lobby. If you want to be a Cop/EMS/Fire you must go through training before the RolePlay. If you are willing to join, message v2 Kief on Xbox One today!
  18. Hi I need a person who has the space docker , My gamertag is : Colosfa , I can give you a Romero
  19. (We do not claim to be Cripz in real life its just in the game) Whats Craccin yall Ryder Bk here letting you guys know that 16th Street Cripz are recruiting and looking for capable street soldiers to join the hierarchy. We are the largest and most active Crip set on Xbox one, no exaggeration, and we only play in Free Aim. NO FREE AIM ASSISTED. Currently we have 92 members on social club and we are striving to keep on growing. What we are looking for in recruits is a love for GTA and are willing to play on a regular basis and have decent shooting skills or show good potential in the field. What our crew mainly do is fight against rival gangs in Freemode and Deathmatches. The crews we are currently fighting are 187 ganglife piru, mid town piru, Satana Blocc crips and Kilo Tray Ballas. These fights against these crews happen quite often, so if you love shooting then we can provide you with a lot of targets for you to practice with. If you would like to see us in action then check out either our crew channel or our individual channels. Crew channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ22ay2wAR-U1rpo8zzf7GQ/featured We have a few requirements that you must meet before we initiate you and they are: - Must have a mic - Must be at least 13 years old and above - Must be mature (When needed, we aren't serious all the time) This is a quick summary of what we do so if you would like to learn more about us in depth then come and join us on the streets. Message either me, Ryder Bk, or King Loc BK on Xbox one that you want to go through the joining process. Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/16th_street_cripz - Ryder out peace
  20. Car meet going down right now. NO RICE.. To join message Soy El Maleante.
  21. FerociousLady

    (XB1) Recruiting Team Players

    Recruitment has officially been reopened for FUSE! About the crew: Fusion Freaks is currently searching for mature crew members to join our ranks. We are a tight-knit group where every crew member has talked to each other. We enjoy joking around and causing mayhem, but we ask our crew to respect every member of the group. Were not one of those crews that will kick you out killing one another for fun or blowing each other up; but if you are looking for a crew solely to be mean to the other members of the group, this isn't the place for you. We do ask that if someone asks you to stop, you stop. We are a really friendly crew; we talk to each other almost daily and we assist one another if a crew member asks us to help them. We often do missions or other games to help people go up in levels or to earn money. What we love to do: We are big on making money in freemode, playing death matches, racing, doing missions and playing heists. We usually jump at the chance of double money and rp events. This crew sort of acts like a family, we always have each others backs and we are friendly towards one another. What you need to know: We aren't a really huge crew, and we never plan to be. I like to get to know every person in my crew and I wouldn't be able to do that if there were hundreds of people in the group. As the title says, I am looking for mature players to join my crew. By mature players I mean no matter your age, if you act really immature, I can guarantee you won't last long in my crew. Crew Rules: I'm a pretty relaxed person but there are a few simple rules for the crew. Be respectful toward all members of the crew. We understand having bad days but most of us won't put up with being treated like garbage.We are a crew of mostly adults and only have one teenager in our crew, we don’t want immature kids or adults playing with us. This means yelling really loudly into the headset, killing people for no reason, being rude, purposely screwing up missions and sells and just all out antagonizing our group. Racism, Sexism and Homophobia are all big no-nos in this crew. We have a variety of people in this crew with different lifestyles and backgrounds and we try to make everyone feel welcome. We will absolutely not tolerate anyone purposely throwing jobs. If we are in the middle of a mission and you decided to purposely blow up everyone's cars or ruin the mission, we won't hesitate to kick you out. Accidents happen and we are okay with that, but to do that kind of thing on purpose doesn't help anyone in the game. You must have joined the game for a reason so why sabotage your own success. Anyone who is inactive on GTA V for more than a month will be given notice and removed from the crew. You are allowed to be a part of other crews but we ask that if you plan on playing with us for an extended period of time one day, please use our crew while actually playing with us. Contact Info: If you are interested in joining the crew send me a message telling me a bit about yourself on Xbox One or the social club and bounce on over to our crew link and request an invite. My Gamer Tag: FerociousLady Crew Link: Click Other Games We Play: Minecraft, Call Of Duty, Halo 4, Diablo 3, Sims and many more.
  22. Mavericks MC is welcoming new members into our brotherhood About Us The Mavericks Motorcycle Club was founded on 28th of August 2016. We stand as a true representation of what a 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Club should be in GTA Online. ​ Mavericks is a full free-aim Xbox One Motorcycle Club for GTA Online. Based out of Vespucci Beach on the western coast of Los Santos and with a nomadic chapter stirring up dust out in the Grand Senora Desert consuming southern Blaine County, San Andreas. A well organised club with an emphasis on camaraderie and the 1%er outlaw MC culture. Frequent rides, weekly church, a brotherhood of experienced & devoted members ready to lay it all down for their brothers and sisters, that is the Mavericks MC. ​ The striking yellow skull of a speed freak is a representation of the Mavericks imposing nature on the road and in battle. Nothing is more satisfying than riding in a pack with your brothers and sisters, the rumbling of engines and sputtering of exhausts as we cruise through Los Santos and Blaine County in a tight formation. Mavericks Motorcycle Club are now prospecting, if this club sounds like something you could get behind then go ahead & apply to be a Prospect. Promo Video: Want to Know More? We have a website which outlines all of our clubs rules & bylaws from combat to church etiquette to the Prospects code of conduct. There is also a gallery showcasing various screenshots of club activities giving you an idea of what we get up to. As well as the necessary information needed to contact our members. Below you can find the links to our website as well as other useful club links. Mavericks MC Website: http://mavericksmcxb1.wixsite.com/mavericksmc Mavericks MC Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC47d3Yyvw8CDfHhi4EBAF7A Mavericks MC Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mavericks.mc/ Mavericks MC Social Club links: Vespucci (Australian): https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mavericks_mc Grand Senora (American): https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mavericks_mc_senora Prospects: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mavericks_prospects
  23. NightFallGTA

    Shadow Incorporated Recruitment

    Shadow Incorporated We are Shadow Incorporated. We are a Xbox One military organization that specializes in High Risk Operations, Client Contracts, Cargo Delivery, and V.I.P Security. We are looking for new recruits that are highly disciplined and able to follow orders effectively. Requirements Must have a Microphone and Headset (NO KINECTS) Must be 14+ (exceptions may be made) Own an Xbox One and GTA 5 have access to a smartphone or laptop Organization’s Commissioned Vehicles Shadow Army Rhino Tank Patriot Brickade Black Insurgent Pick Up Technical Aqua Shadow Air Force Hydra Titan Buzzard CargoBob Annihilator Shadow Police Armored Karuma Granger SUV Gauntlet Bati 801 Motorcycle Buzzard Shadow S.W.A.T Insurgent Contender SUV Shadow Intelligence Agency Dominator Muscle Car Shadow Security Services Alpha Sports Car Carbon Rs Motorcycle Shadow Secret Service Turreted Stretch E Luxor Plane Volatus Helicopter Specilized Units/Regiments Army Spartan Regiment Alpha One Bravo Two Reaper Squad Phantom Squad Shadow Air Force Air Force One Law Enforcement S.W.A.T Demolition Hostage Rescue Search and Rescue Search and Destroy Ranking Hierarchy https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YQa12g65ANwj1V5_8cjD3v3KWwQz28RvP3fXca1VrFY/edit?usp=sharing Frequently Asked Questions Will I get kicked for Online Inactivity? No. Is this a MilSim? Yes. What games do you guys Play? We play GTA 5, Battlefield 1, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Rainbow Six Siege, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. How do I join? Fill in the application form and wait. What if I am under 14 years of age? We can make exceptions,we base recruitment on maturity not age number. Application Form https://goo.gl/forms/JGeByZAyhHy3g9613 Thank You For Your Time! Just Remember, DEATH AWAITS YOU IN THE SHADOWS!
  24. Like the title says, i can host. Know how to get chopper. Need 1 co host and 2 fillers. 60,20,20 Psn: iskypedyourmom
  25. State Police Role Play We are recruiting!! https://sprp.enjin.com/recruitment Positions available Full Time Emergency Communications Dispatcher State Police Fire Officers Medics Civilians Emergency Communications Dispatcher Requirements Must be able to download the Zello App Must be able to download the Discord App Must have a computer Must be at least 15 Must be able to join every Role Play (Unless Excused) Do not have to have GTA 5 Online Must be able to follow orders well Must be able to Communicate with Police, Fire, EMS. and 911 Dispatcher simultaneously All the other requirement is on our website. sprp.enjin.com/recruitment
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