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  1. Snowman1308


    Hi not new to the game but am at a low level, (23), but i assure you i am great at heists i only wish i had a crew i could work with either to do all my heists since everyone always quits cause someone keeps dying so it is taking me forever to do my heists or if someone has all of them completed and would just do them with me i promise i am great at the game. my gamer tag is SnowmanYR005. Those are zeroes by the way. or just send me your tag. thanks
  2. WrongSkrillex

    Xbox One Car Meet

    Car Meet for XB1 Any car allowed No Killing, You will be kicked No crashing or destroying cars Message GT: WrongSkrillex
  3. EndoLaVie

    Heist Team

    Hey guys basically I need some people on Xbox One to help me with all the heists because everyone seems to quit or have no idea what to do .. GT same as username thanks guys for any feedback !
  4. Tojanboieazy


    Looking for chill ass group to play with DAILY. THIS ISNT A ONE NIGHT STAND. Tired of random matchmaking with lames. TDM, RACES, HEISTS, FREEMODE, ADVERSARY, ETC....(Basically f*ck sh*t up) Must be adult 18 + 4/20 Friendly Hip Hop/ Rap Friendly Drug Friendly Xbox One Gamertag: Trojanboieazy Level 40
  5. Anybody on Xbox One want to trade wins or a few at a time on an LTS and Capture maps (very fast games, spawns right next to each other) I have made to quickly get some of the awards and shirt unlocks? If so message me here or PM me. Thanks!
  6. EndoLaVie


    Can somebody start the Pacific Standard Heist and let me complete with them for some quick cash I just wanna have some cash before the dlc releases it would be greatly appreciated . GT is EndoLaVie just msg me anytime I'm on mostly every day .
  7. looking for any of the above on xbox1 even partys just want to do something beside missions and heists GT Hunted lil One
  8. Message Weetohs for an invite No destroying vehicles No cops No killing There are no specific vehicle(s) for this meet
  9. Exactly what the title says! I am hoping to meet up with someone that can spawn me a modded Gold or Chrome Dubsta 2! Platform: Xbox One Gamertag: earthdragger Time Zone: US Eastern Please, please, please! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  10. xXLOCUSxX101


    Hello there my name is felix and i am the leader of Taskforce522 we are a military/mercnary crew we do Assination contracts wars ETC.We have been unstoppable we havent lost a single war. We are on xb1 of corse lol. We are looking for recruits n alliances . RECRUITMENT ; if u to wish join u will have to do a deathmatch with one of the Genrerals for any more info please ADD the leader Deathstroke5222 or Darkspartan1173
  11. Lily Roccelli

    Roccelli Crime Family (Xbox One)

    No longer active.
  12. RoyalEquation65

    Xb1 drag races

    Drag Racing and possibly a long haul no killing or crashing all cars allowed msg RoyalEquation65 or Endermen9000
  13. XBOX ONE CAR MEET ANY CAR Message: xMasterGrantx for invite Starts when lobby is full Party chat not required
  14. CBRsDJ2flyforu

    GTA 5 car meet xbox ne only

    Any car No killing!!! crusing and drag racing GT:CBRsDJ2flyforu
  15. Please help i have no idea where to find car meets online but i would love to join in on them!!!
  16. The Outsiders Motorcycle Club Xbox one Only! Must be 15+ Have a Headset Must listen and follow basic MC rules Please message or kik me Gamertag Rivvrs Kik BigNasty_1
  17. EndoLaVie

    X1 Car Meet

    Gonna host a car meet tonight around 7 P.M PST Time ALL cars are welcome ! - No Killing - No Trolls Mic is recommended but not needed . Message Gamertag : FlauntParadise or just simply leave a comment with yours and I'll get back to you . Thanks guys
  18. Follow my Instagram to be notified when the events start, @SnakeGTA Come to my 2 car meets tomorrow, one will be around 9-12AM and the other will be around 6-8PM (UK time). Gamertag: NiNjA G4M1NG Message me on Xbox if you want to join or dm me, as I'll be hosting in an invite only session. RULES: -No killing (or kick) -No super cars -Bring your own modified cars, not one found on the streets. -Cars only! -No trolling/bad language If you fail to obey these rules, you will be kicked from the session.
  19. we will be doing a car meet at the garage beside the beach feel free to bring any car except super and the z type theyre will be drifting competitions drag racing best car loudest engine and lowest car msg atomixx monkey for invite
  20. #W07F (WE ONLY LIVE FOREVER) Looking for a drama free, chill, funny and kill crew? Join Us. The Most Hated Chillers now looking for team players that don't mind getting into some wars. Age 17+ rank 70+. Follow Us on IG @Shinobiwarz Crew Name: SHADOW NINJA WOLVES >Most Hated Chillers< Social Club link: socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/exoticwo7f Leader Username: Airiane & on Rockstar Exoticw07f Contact links FOR recruitment: FACEBOOK : Aori Mescudi, Tweet @HokageOkami, Instagram @shinobiwarz Crew Website: socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shadow_ninja_wolves Crew Goals: To have the biggest loyal, Most Hated Chill crew. To train low ranks INTO toughest little monsters OF Los Santos.
  21. Hi GTAForums Community! I will be hosting car meets throughout the Easter Long Weekend for all of you guys to come along and show off your favourite car! Lobbies will be open throughout the day! Lobby Open Times (Australian Time Zone): Friday: 12:30PM, 5:00PM, 7:30PM Saturday: 12:30PM, 5:00PM, 7:30PM Sunday: 12:30PM, 5:00PM, 7:30PM There may be a few lobbies on Monday but I am not sure at this point of time. Rules: 1.No purposely bumping/scratching other players vehicles. 2.No swearing as there may be some people recording for social media 3.No shooting/blowing objects/pedestrians. To join our lobbies, Please message KixGamingYT for an invite to the private session. If you any friends that would like to join, please tell them the rules or send them to this topic. Thanks!
  22. Must be a crew member @ http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/kingpin_park_ent Looking for crew members to assist with the meets. MUST be over 100RP The selected members will have the following jobs.. -Security at all the official meets and events. You'll be responsible for killing and kicking any players who break the rules. -Escorting the meet when we cruise and relocate. -Help inviting members to the games and chat parties. You also have to obey the rules this doesn't give you a free pass to not get banned. If you're interested... Make sure you're a crew member Add GT BiggerTax732668 as friend Leave your GT and a comment bellow
  23. Breezo2x

    Gods Demons MC

    The Gods Demons are a rising MC and is looking for loyal members that can help expand the club and ride frequently and acquire gang territory. We love the road and accept all members so if this sounds like you and love to ride bikes and make money contact me anytime.
  24. Lilrob512tx

    (XB1) car meet

    No super No cops No killing Cruise and drag racing Send lilrob512tx a message for invite
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