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  1. Offending Username

    My services

    There are plenty of threads like that, but I'll make my own: I provide certain services which cost a certain amount of money (not too much). The services are: -Chauffeur: Driving a grey Benefactor Schafter, I'll drive you to your bookmarks. Each kilometer costs 20$. -Providing cars: For a certain amount of time, I'll provide one of the cars of my garage to drive around. This is useful if you are thinking of buying this car. Depending on which car you're driving, rates vary between 20 and 200$ for an in-game hour. -Pilot: For 200$ every flight, I'll take you to various places on the map in a Luxor. Please note that these places need a runway, otherwise I won't be able to land. From there, I can take you to the place you want to go in this area for free (Note: I'll take you up to 2.5 kilometers away from the runway, from there, you'll have to pay 20$ for each kilometer) Message me on Xbox One if you are interested. My Gamertag is: HaloGenReach. I am online from 11 am to 2:30 pm EST.
  2. As the tiltle says i am looking for people to do races with i am on almost everyday and i try and stream and record everytime we get a decent amount of people in the lobby! If you guys also have some cool playlist just let me know and we can set them up, Im just trying to have some fun and enjoy a good time ! Comment down your gamertag or you can send me a message and ill add you! GAMERTAG: CaptainFernny Mic is recommend BUT not required
  3. To join send message (car meet) to VOHVELIX, C7U Jack Bauer, sillipurnukka69. Rules 1. No killing 2. no shooting 3. Don't destroy vehicles. Car meet, cruising, drag race. If you don't follow the rules you will be kicked.

    Highway Reapers MC Needs You! GTAV

    Looking For Dedicated Members To Fill our Ranks We're Mainly an Xbox 360 MC but All Consoles Welcome! Looking to Expand to XB1, PS3, PS4 and PC We are a very Kick Back bunch of Guys who like to Take out Bikes out and Convoy Hard! but following the Rules of Traditional Motorcycle Clubs. 1. Prospect- You Must Prospect for a Length of Time under our Prospect Chapter to Prove your Loyalty, as a Prospect you will be assigned a Patched Member as your "Sponsor". He will put you through the Ringer. You will do as your Sponsor asks(Except things that effect reality of course like Send Money etc). Your sponsor is the " Light at the end of the tunnel", he is the one who will say whether you are ready to be a full member 2. Patched Member- As a Patched Member you will over see your Prospects, Add them Online, Talk to them, Game with Them, Show them The Ropes. Its your job to Train Him Up. You will be given 1 prospect. But depending on Member to Prospect Ratio some Members may get More IF needed. You will Uphold the Rules set here and Thr Highway Reapers Name 3. Active- We understand that Timezones are in place and that You Do have a Job & Life but we like to have Active members although its not a big Deal Everyweek we'll also be Gifting a $2,000,000 Shark Card to 1 member who has shown Loyalty, Activeness, and Toughness over that Week To Join Submit A Request Here-> http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/highway_reapers_los. Thank you
  5. With first the Prison Break heist being part of this double RP week and now the Humane Labs does anyone think they'll do Series A and then hopefully Pacific standard for a week because me and my friends have been taking advantage of this and making a lot of dough so it would be awesome if Rockstar went through with it what y'all think?
  6. Need 2 good players over rank 60 to do heists with
  7. TheOnlyJM

    DGC Gaming Wants You!

    The Dissension Gaming Community!!! The Dissension Gaming Community is a multigame multiplatform forum based gaming community with 400+ members spread across multiple games. DGC Gaming currently ranks #2 on Top100Clans.com! DGC Gaming is looking for active GTA online players to join DGCs GTA battalion, Anarchy! DGC Anarchy represents Dissension Gaming on the Rockstar servers with some of the most elite competitive GTA players online! DGC Anarchy offers events and contests where you have a chance to win 100% REAL prizes. Anarchy also has 3 scheduled "Game Nights" a week. "Game Nights" is an organized night of GTA gaming with the rest of Anarchy members. "Game Nights" persist of everything from LTS, Deathmatches, Captures, Races, Freemode RPGs & much more! To join DGC Anarchy you must be 15 years or older with a WORKING mic/headset(please no Kinect mics). DGC is a forum based clan operated from our official website DGCGaming.net. To join DGC you must log on and register! Once you've registered and confirmed your email address(confirmation email sometimes gets sent to your junk folder) you then must click the Join A Battalion & Join A Usergroup links located on the sites main nav bar. You want to apply to the Anarchy Battalion after clicking on each link. (Note:The DGCGaming.net full site is a lot easier to navigate through when enrolling. The mobile version of the site does become a little more difficult during the enrollment process.) Want more info before signing up? Feel free to message me on Xbox Live my gamertag is DGC JM. ​
  8. killa spi 1002

    Prison Break Heist XBOX ONE

    I need three people to help me get this done. If we get it done quick, I will split the finale cut evenly and then invite the three to the Humane Labs Raid. Message me on Xbox One: killa spi 1002
  9. Hello to all the criminals in Los Santos. I am sending out an invitation to join in engaging in an immersive movie-like realistic Cartel experience. Grand Theft Auto Online has great potential but a lot of players don't make the game fun and enjoyable like it could be. Whoever decides to join the ranks of the Cartel are guaranteed an immersive impactful role-playing part in an evolving story to the likes of movies like Scarface, The Godfather, Blow, No Country for Old Men, Paid in Full, Breaking Bad and Blood in Blood out that is sure to keep cartel members entertained every session in this movie that never ends! Crew Name: Nogales Cartel The Cartel is expected to bloom from a small group of drug traffickers and Hitmen to a Multi-Million Dollar Criminal Empire. It was founded by Felipe Guadalupe Torres-Castro a 41 year old Drug trafficker and his cousin Carlos Castro who is mostly behind the scenes to avoid prosecution. Felipe began his career as a teen in the early 90's muling drugs over the border in pickup trucks. He soon appeared on the DOA's radar by 1997. He made a home in Nogales, Sonora one of Mexico's border states and began working for the Guadalajara Cartel as a hitman claiming over 100 lives of rival traffickers. He also began to traffic drugs in planes and in 2005 was placed on the DOA's most wanted list. He would elude officials until he was captured in a March 2013 Tennessee sting operation with nearly 900 lb. of Cocaine and Marijuana. He was sentenced to 22 years in Bolingbroke Prison but would escape on July 26, 2015. Once out of prison he headed to a Rockford Hills plastic surgeon and had plastic surgery on his nose to change his look and assumed a fake alias as Vicente Robles . He began to work odd jobs in the criminal underworld and decided to form his own Cartel. This is where the members come in. Felipe needs various different members to take on different primary positions that will make the Nogales Cartel a powerful force in Mexico, Los Santos and other cities around the U.S. The base territory claimed by the cartel is the Alamo Sea and surrounding areas including Sandy Shores, Stab City and Grapeseed. This means that any player that is roaming the territory without our blessing is getting shot down as an enemy. We will also engage in many missions made exclusively for the cartel like fighting rival hitmen, battling for high-priced drug shipments with rival drug traffickers, Obtaining high value drug vehicles and much more. As we gain more members, each will join a Cell within the Cartel consisting of 4 to 10 members that control areas within the city. All players can play with anyone in the Cartel at any time though, the Cells are only formed in organized operations that require the teams to use guerrilla warfare. An example of a Cell would be "The Davis Cell" a team of members that claim Davis as their territory. This means when not involved in Cartel operations around the city, the team can patrol Davis and make sure that it is safely guarded from any unwanted intruders. THE CARTEL HIERARCHY LEADER Felipe Guadalupe Torres-Castro AKA El Rey AKA Vicente COMMISSIONERS "PRINCIPE" There should be up to 10 "Principes" or Princes that have influence on the direction of the Cartel. These men are the most respected members of the Cartel that deserve hitmen teams to protect them, Chauffeurs and cuts of income earned by the Cartel. These men can promote you or recommend to have you kicked out of the Cartel so you want to impress them. MAJOR LIEUTENANTS AND LIEUTENANTS A Lieutenant is any leader of a hitman crew/Cell. These men command their small 4-10 man groups and are responsible for their lives and making sure missions are executed. A Major Lieutenant can command larger hitman crews/Cells of up to 25-30 players when sessions are very active. They also have their own cells they can form of up to 15 members and deserve hitmen teams to guard them. There should be up to 50 Lt. and 10 Maj. Lt. HITMEN AND TRAFFICKERS These are the men that make the Cartel fearsome. They carry out attacks with their close-knit hitmen cells. they report to and are under the direction of their Lieutenants. The most consistent and tactical Hitmen will earn promotion. The Biggest earners for the cartel will also be favored for promotion. Traffickers will specialize in but are not limited to ground and air trafficking missions .They are good drivers that don't crash or put missions in jeopardy. Usually Hitmen teams guard them and escort them to where the vehicles need to go. "HERMANITOS" AND "GATOS" Gatos or servants are players trying to prove their loyalty to the Cartel. They are here to serve any wish of any member in the Cartel. Once the Gato has impressed enoough members, they will meet and decide to baptize the new member into the Cartel. Once baptized the player becomes an Hermanito/ little brother. A fresh young face that is still learning the ropes and learning to be a consistent cold killer and/or a reliable driver. The Nogales Cartel is open to Mexican, Latino, Black, and White characters but anyone can join as long as they fit in to the story of the movie-like gameplay. The Latino characters will specialize in the northern cells of Los Santos like the Alamo Sea Region and will be encouraged to own trucks and off-road vehicles in their arsenals, there will also be cells in east Los Santos. Black characters will specialize in south-central Los Santos taking over the drug trade in the inner-city ghettos. White Characters can fit into any cell where he is needed. Founding members will earn higher positions XboxOne Gamertag: CarlosCastro94 Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/nogales_cartel/manage/hierarchy Platform:XBOXONE Game: Grand Theft Auto V Timezone: Eastern, USA
  10. FerociousLady

    [XB1 & 360] Looking for Mature Players

    Recruitment has officially been reopened for FUSE! About the crew: Fusion Freaks is currently searching for mature crew members to join our ranks. We are a tight-knit group where every crew member has met each other. We enjoy joking around and causing mayhem, but we ask our crew to respect every member of the group. Were not one of those crews that will kick you out killing one another for fun or blowing each other up; but if you are looking for a crew solely to be mean to the other members of the group, this isnt the place for you. We do ask that if someone asks you to stop, you stop. We are a really friendly crew; we talk to each other almost daily and we assist one another if a crew member asks us to help them. We often do missions or other games to help people go up in levels or to earn money. What we love to do: We are big on causing wars with other crews in freemode, playing death matches, racing, doing missions and playing heists. This crew sort of acts like a family, we always have each others backs and we are friendly towards one another. What you need to know: We arent a really huge crew, and we never plan to be. I like to get to know every person in my crew and I wouldnt be able to do that if there were hundreds of people in the group. As the title says, I am looking for mature players to join my crew. By mature players I mean seventeen and up, but no matter your age, if you act really immature, I can guarantee you wont last long in my crew. Crew Rules: I'm a pretty relaxed person but there are a few simple rules for the crew. Be respectful toward all members of the crew. We understand having bad days but most of us wont put up with being treated like garbage. Racism, Sexism and Homophobia are all big no-nos in this crew. We have a variety of people in this crew with different lifestyles and backgrounds and we try to make everyone feel welcome. We will absolutely not tolerate anyone purposely throwing jobs. If we are in the middle of a mission and you decided to purposely blow up everyones cars or ruin the mission, we wont hesitate to kick you out. Accidents happen and we are okay with that, but to do that kind of thing on purpose doesnt help anyone in the game. You must have joined the game for a reason so why sabotage your own success. Anyone who is inactive on GTA V for more than a month will be given notice and removed from the crew. You are allowed to be a part of other crews but we ask that if you plan on playing with us for an extended period of time one day, please use our crew while actually playing with us. Contact Info: There will be a template you can use below to give us important info, you don't have to use it but it's there for guidance on the information we are looking for. Either send it in a message to me on this site or post it here. You can also send messages to me on the social club if you choose to; I check that more often than the forums which is checked every other day. Crew Link: ClickSocial Club Link: Click Time Zone: We have players all over the world in our crew but Pacific is what a lot of us are on. Other Games We Play: Minecraft, Call Of Duty, Halo 4, Diablo 3, Sims and many more. Template if you need it: Gamer Tag: Age: Time Zone: What type of player are you: Why you want to join our crew: What is most important to you in a good crew: What are you like as a person: How often are you on: Do you use a headset: Anything else you think we should know?:
  11. Rustyerick1616

    Seires a heist xbox one

    need players for series a heist xb1 message me for invite GT: rustyerick1616
  12. I Need Members In My Gta V Crew Known As The Black Deciples BD Our Goal Is To Simply Help Each Other Out As a Crew And Who Knows If You Put in enough work You May get promoted http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_deciples_bd
  13. fcsutton8

    London Emergency Services Recruitment

    Hello all this is a message to all you GTA 5 xbox one and 360 fans. Recruitment Status - Open This message is to let you know that recruitment is now open to join us here at London emergency services we are always willing to take new members and have a good and fun time . Our clan has based there role-play on the the metropolitan police which is one of the largest forces within the united kingdom and we role-play them to the highest standards possible within the gta 5 world . Do you have what it takes if so please visit our website and apply today. londonses.enjin.com Once your application is received one of our dedicated human resources officer will check over it and ask you to come on for a interview . Its as simple as 123 so apply today and we hope to see you rising through the ranks soon .
  14. Looking to invite people to join me in the Prison Job heist. No neccessary skills required, if you're willing, you're in! Message me on Xbox One: Purple Matharu
  15. If you enjoy your street bike alot weaving in and out of traffic at high speeeds while maintaning, and have some real skill on the 2 wheelerto back it up than we will be looking forward to meeting up soon. TODAY! Looking to have a few more fun and chill people to smash around los santos on street bikes. I have a few friends but looking to expand. NO SQUEAKERS PLEASE. POST YOUR GAMERTAG
  16. Hi, Im looking for a couple people to play with online. Im on xbox one; I'm mostly looking for people who like to have fun in freeroam and mess around, but also do heists on occasion. Leave your gamertag, and ill add you. See you online -Maverick
  17. DrRickDynamite

    (XBOX ONE) New 1% Boston MC recruiting

    America's Army MC (AAMC), Boston Chapter is currently recruiting full patched members. We are a brand new MC consisting of all mature (23+ y/o members) members. We all love to play together but we believe in a life outside of GTA. Since we are just starting up, new members will instantly get their patch, getting a vote in all club matters. Once we have what we believe the proper amount of patch members we will begin taking in Prospects. Prospects will be members of the club, but will not have a vote. We would like to get to know you before patching you in. Club Rules: -No club killing. -American Bikes only. -Leather Jacket/Patch always. Club Goals: - Complete the mother charter Boston - Begin new charters (Blaine Co., Los Santos, San Andreas) - Continue having fun The club has become more organized as we continue to recruit. The club is important to us but we believe in a life outside of XBOX. If you are looking for an MC that loves to ride, and raise hell, but are not able to play as much as other MC's seem to require. AAMC could be for you. Message us on SC (link below) or find our president RealisticCorn Hierarchy: RealisticCorn- President MrLamano- VP BonesawX- Sgt. at Arms Wolf- Treasurer Sh4wni- Secretary SC Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/am_army_mc http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/realisticcorn
  18. Getting a full server meet going ok right now send me a message to get in.... Gamer tag is snakeeyesjedi
  19. Getting a full server meet going ok right now send me a message to get in.... Gamer tag is snakeeyesjedi
  20. Los Santos Sunday Night Air Show!! Good evening! It's me, Mr. Grimm, back again with a bag full of events happening tonight!! You can call me Santos Clause! Too Corny? Lets get down to business! The past 2 nights have been a success and I thank everyone for participating, but the fun is not over just yet. TONIGHT I will be hosting an air show at Los Santos International Airport. The show will kick off at 8pm EST or when all players have successfully joined. So far I've seen great drivers, so let's take it up a notch and test your piloting skills! Lets keep the show explosion free. Once we've burned enough jet fuel, we'll start up the after party! Some Players May Be Broadcasting Tonight's Events. So if you want to be a part of a spectacular evening, message me and i'll have you a spot. Xbox one: oMr Grimm Twitch: oMrGrimm P.S.- You may experience lag, temporarily, due to the quantity of players joining the event. If so, please stay patient. I will do everything I can to alleviate the issue. Thank You! -oMr Grimm
  21. Bring your awesome off-road vehicles to see what they can do in the mud and mountains or to just show off. Send senorgrinch1331 a message for invite
  22. MBxHawkz

    Roleplay crew

    Hey im looking for a crew on Xbox One. I want to roleplay in military, mafia or biker style. Anybody recruiting? Level 267, skilled player. Money isnt a problem, quite easy to obtain. Have cars I like and dont care if I have the fastest or best ones. Also have access to some military vehicles. Message me on Xbox One: MBxHawkz. Thank you
  23. Ikea Prodigy

    Car meet

    This is for car meets anytime anywhere just reply and say your car meet requirements. The default rules are to speak English and having a mic is preferred.
  24. The Outsiders Motorcycle Club Xbox one Only! Must be 15+ Have a Headset Must listen and follow basic MC rules Please message or kik me Gamertag Rivvrs Kik Rivvrs
  25. xVxsions

    Xbox One Bike meet

    Bike meet happening now got 7 people. -No killing (NO WEAPONS) -No crashing -Realistic driving -No cops -Must have mic Message me for inv. GT: x Vxsions
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