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  1. jsizzy63


    Just started a new social crew specifically for adult players age 21+ only! Chaos Command! This new network of players is custom made to bring together adult gamers that wanna make millions and raise hell! Once a member you'll make new friends, always have your crew watching your back, and never have to deal with annoying randoms again! If you want this luxury do not hesitate to join us! We do heists, battle rival crews, huge deathmatches & races, and freemode takeovers as well! Requirements: age 21+, have one outfit slot for crew uniform (for events), have a mic All interested leave your gamertag/age/rank below and click the link below to join. Thank you! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/chaos_command GT: Sinister JSIN
  2. If anyone can lend me a franken stange so I can glitch it into sp I'd be realky grateful because I'll probably be forced to get the hotfix tomorrow. Thanks to whoever is willing to help.
  3. add me on XB1 GT"Endless Magic message me for a Invite this is a chill lobby for mature People that will listen and talk to each other with respect. NO KILLING if you kill you get KICKED RIGHT AWAY.
  4. SNiPEOO7

    Custom Crew Emblems

    I have created a few crews for people to join based on their interests on custom crew emblems. The following are the crews. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gtamonsterenergygta http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tour_champz_return http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_batman_official http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lv_louis_vuitton
  5. LISTEN! We are a new mc and already have about 25 members. We love to have fun, but you got to be at least 15 and be mature to join at all and must agree to 16 rules before you prospect. Join the FUN! We get a lot for money. We are pretty new and organized and we really only accept people who can have fun and listen bro. Only XBOX 1 bro Message the leader: Tanted walrus Message me here: Ate Soap Jr make sure its all correct on the gamer tag Free Aim only though and don't worry we can train you Have fun! Every sunday we have a meeting 2:00 eastern The prospect social club http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/aod_prospects_ The patch members social club http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xangels_0f_death_mc
  6. Im currently back on gta after a time away and want to go through all heists for cash. Im up to the humane labs heist and sick of getting low levels who keep dying and failing the heist. im level 163 so i know my way around the games mechanics. Reply if interested
  7. BabyBernice99

    GTA 5: Pacific Standard Crew

    Looking for a heist crew to farm Pacific Standard job. All proceeds go to the host and crew is willing to help each other out. Looking for players of high rank and know what they are doing. Send a message to my GT: BabyBernice99
  8. nredman6

    GTA 5 roleplay crew! Xbox One!

    http://sasrp.enjin.com/home.please contact me on xbox live, my gamertag is cityboy1194 We offer, Police, ems/fire, and civilian departments! The San Andreas State Role Play (SASRP) community is comprised of only the most dedicated and enthusiastic players and as such we host RP's at least 1-3 times a week with a variety of training, team building, and alternative events (Gumball Rallies, Car Shows, Cruises, etc) sporadically scheduled in between! Unlike your average role playing community, the SASRP incorporates both player civilians and AI civilians, often simultaneously. While the preference and focus is obviously human players; the AI citizens of San Andreas provide plenty of activity that requires the attention of our many response departments. No player is ever idle regardless of role or responsibility.
  9. 10th Planet Heist Co Is a start up crew looking for new members we will guarantee equal cuts and group activities we want money this is an open group looking for ppl to get heists done quickly and split evenly. You can join on The social club site and I can be reached in game jiujitsuphil
  10. Car meet up send message to Sabuh for an invite to the snow car meet. You can bring whatever car you like.
  11. Welcome everyone! Annual Festive Online Event --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event Details: Snowball Deathmatches (FFA & Team Based) Festive-themed Car Meet at Legion Square Lowrider Cruises Festive-themed House Party (Santa will bring the ho ho ho's if you bring the milk & cookies) Beast vs Slasher Adversary Mode ​ Extra Information: This event will be live streamed on Twitch.tv (via twitch.tv/gamerinstincts) Event will be starting at 11AM EST How to Join: Please message and add the following players for an invite to the game: xELITExGAMESTER xI DIGANGI Ix .
  12. Hey everyone! I'm looking for some gta players that are at least age 21+! I'm tired of all the little kids and assholes in EVERY LOBBY! I just wanna meet some cool people, play the game, and make some money! If you're 21+ and just wanna play and have fun message and add me on XBL! GT: Sinister JSIN See you on GTA Online!!! Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I want to put together a team of bounty hunters/ guys to kill other players with. MSG on XB1 gamertag is CrazyPandaPilot
  14. San Andreas State Police San Andreas State Police is now recruiting. We are a police roleplay clan with 100+ members that operate on all consoles including PC. We work professionally with real police codes and a wide ranking system. We also have multiple divisions within us. We even have a citizenship program for people who would like to become a citizen for patrols and scenarios. We are one of the biggest police clan on console to date. We have our State Police division which is our heart and soul. We also have many other divisions including, Federal Investigation Bureau, Special Weapons and Tactics,Fire Division, and Air Division. State Police The State Troopers are San Andreas finest and is the single largest law enforcement entity throughout the State. State Troopers enforce not only traffic regulations on the interstate connecting Los Santos and Blaine County, but can also assist local municipal units throughout the State dedicated to protecting the great State of San Andreas with jurisdiction in both Los Santos and Blaine County. Although most of their operations are performed in the city of Los Santos, occassionally join forces with the Sheriff Division located in Paleto Bay, BC. Troopers are trained to deal with a wide range of both major and minor situations, since having jurisdiction over every square inch of the State be prepared to be called into the wilderness. State Troopers also have several smaller operational units, the Street Crime Unit which it's main focus is dealing with protecting the areas where crime has a higher rate. Then the Beach and Bike Patrol Unit which focus on the warm sandy beaches of Los Santos protecting the borders and keeping everything under control. Liaise well with Lifeguards and the local Fire Department. Federal Investigations Bureau The FIB is the national investigations unit and is composed of detectives from a wide range of specializations: commercial crimes, narcotics, robbery/homicide, technology crimes, vice, and many more. Typical duties include collecting evidence among other related investigation tasks. These hard working individuals not only patrol undercover but investigate the majority of crimes and unsolved cold cases. These are the guys brought in to bring justice to those who think they got away with the crime they committed, but make no mistake these are the best at what they do and will hunt any suspect down with all that they have. The FIB work alongside with the State Troopers, although they have a higher jurisdiction than other divisions and can take over if a crime scene is present. Troopers must obey the commands if you respond to a scene of a crime and must perform your duty to protect them. Special Weapons and Tactics S.W.A.T. is our mean green fighting machine, the re-enforcement unit dedicated to supply heavy firepower in those hostile areas. These tactical machinimas are the best of the best and only take on those who have the skills to protect at all costs. State Troopers have the dedicated S.W.A.T. team in the event of hostility, they also train periodically to improve their tactics ready to strike when needed. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTED! When not on duty as a Tactical Operative, units will switch to the Rapid Response Unit and will remain in standard gear and pose as a unmarked unit performing Trooper duties until requested by command they will add the tactical gear ready to rumble. Fire Division The Fire Division is San Andreas number one emergency medical response unit, a full time squad dedicated to responding to dangerous scenarios standard duty officers are not trained to deal with ready to tackle any environmental situation. The division is split into five segments: Engine is the priority to tackle all kinds of fires and also deal with less hazardous issues like a smoking building. Ladder Company is a side attachment to the Fire Engine where units are provided the tools needed for high level building fires, high level evacuations as well as smaller situations like a kitty stuck in a tree. Fire Rescue is the number one response to all medical calls. EMRS staff are professionally trained to deal with any abnormalities and help provide life saving support, advice and rapid transportation. Air Rescue is authorised for open areas and need for rapid transportation to the nearest medical facility if ground units cannot respond effectively or are unable to reach the location. Then finally Hazmat who are not only specialized in dealing with explosives but are trained to deal with NBC (Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical) agents. All units train constantly and have state-of-the-art facilities, and equipment which facilitate such training. Air Division Air Division is available to certain members in each division. To assist squad cars and officers on the ground. The Air Unit asset is a tremendous force multiplier that provides a valuable resource in high-speed pursuits, low-light operations, and other special operation tasks. The Air Unit is also used as an alternate insertion method by the that covers the following divisions: State Police, S.I.D and Fire. Requirements: -PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC -Working mic -Atleast 15 years of age -Legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 -Get on the website atleast 3 days a week. -Speak and write fluent english Benefits of joining: Meet some new people to play with and possibly play other games with. A great welcoming community of people who all want to roleplay just like you do. Friendly staff to help guide you through what you need. To join just click the link below and fill out our application and join our community. Once application is accepted a trainer will be referred to you and you will get trained as soon as possible. RSSC Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sasp_-_state_police To become an Officer: http://sanandreasstatepolice.enjin.com/sasprecruitment To become a civilian: http://sanandreasstatepolice.enjin.com/citizenapp We hope you have fun and enjoy every bit of the San Andreas State Police clan. Lt Col.Sedia3 Traffic Unit PS3
  15. MyQrewKicks

    JDM Qrew Recruitment / Xbox one

    Crew: ​We are the JDM Qrew About: We're based around JDM cars, We have car meets almost daily. We cruise around in the city and show off our amazing JDM cars Leader Contact: If you have any questions or wanna join Message me @ Amaze DNA Crew Link: Our crew link if you would like to join http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/jdm_qrew Platform: We're only one Xbox one right now Games: We only play GTA 5 at the moment Timezone: Our timezone is Mountain time
  16. Salpuglia

    XB1 GTA 5 crew

    Military crew for gta. Message me for more info iTz A IVIoNsTeR. Military crew
  17. Title really says it all but leave your GT, level and if you have a mic and i'll invite you to a party on XB1 to start. Also my GT is DerpMusturd680 just so you know it's me who is inviting you.
  18. Need a player for daily objective message me on xbox one WestCoastRobby
  19. MY GT - OLDD4NNY BOY LEVEL - 123 Will do any set-up including heist but do want AT LEAST a 20% cut if there's a heist ASAP Message me Thanks
  20. Lewisb36

    Car meets

    XB1 car meet at 18:00 GMT Message LyricalSnipezz Kroniic Skillz JonnyThatGamez For invite Normal rules: no supers No killing Try not to crash
  21. Anthonycole

    XB1 Car Meet

    Message White Gamma for inv we are going to cruise and drag race. Hope to see alot of people
  22. Currently Hosting a Car Meet. Anything But super cars. This will Be the Official "Day 3" Event for YouTube. Add and Message me for an Invite at DJ ROKR. Show Cars, Drifting and Drag Racing! NO BS! NO KILLING!
  23. Hosting a Car Meet lobby! Time: Now Car Meet include -Car Shows/Meets -Drag Races -Cruise And much more! [OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS] Message broadway619 for an invite! RULES: - NO SCREAMING/YELLING - NO TALKING TRASH FOR NO REASON - NO HITTING OTHERS CARS DURING CAR SHOWS - NO KILLING WITH GUNS/EXPLOSIVES/MELEES - No Super Cars - Be chill - No hitting other peoples cars - No Squeakers - You will not be aloud in with ugly cars - Listen to security - Make sure your whip looks good - Mess things up and you will be put on a ban list - Make sure there are no bullet holes - Keep a 2/3 car distant when cruising - Come up to the meet spot with no scratches or dents - Have your car pre-slammed before coming to the spot if you are having it slammed(Lowered) (OTHER RULES WILL BE MENTIONED IN THE LOBBY. DEPENDS ON WHAT WE ARE CURRENTLY DOING.)
  24. CAR MEET TONIGHT 8:30 PM UK time Bring along anything what we're doing: Meet up and looking at the cars Rev test Fly to sandy shores Drag race Pictures Drift test 20 lap endurance race on the Vinewood Hills Raceway created by XxCrOwK3RxX Message BTM R3V0LUT10N, XxCrOwK3RxX or AK Sh0tta for an in invite
  25. Car/Drag/Cruise July 25, 2015 11:30A.M- 2:30P.M EST. RULES Don't Kill Anyone Don't Blow Up Other People Cars Don't Crash No Passive Mode Don't Invite Your Friends Without Permission No Guns You Will Only Get 2 Invites How To Get A Invite Put Your Gamertag In The Reply Make Sure To add Im Mondoe
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