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  1. A friend of mine and I have been attempting to play through the heists, but we have a horrible time trying to actually find players with mics and play without the intention of solely griefing us and trolling online. We have mics, play regularly, and are looking just for 2 other players to complete and play with. My gamertag is the same as my Username, so feel free to shoot me an invite in game or a message. We play overnight mostly.
  2. Hello everyone! I recently purchased an Xbox 1, turned in the Playstation 4. I am level 281 and looking for players for heists. I currently am waiting for a mic to arrive at my house, but I do own the Karuma and heist armor along with a bullet proof helmet. I've done all the heists so I pretty much know what I'm doing. Please message me if you are interested in possibly doing the Criminal Mastermind with me. Message me and I'll send you my gamertag. Thanks a lot! I also do missions and survivals. Jenna
  3. ToxicDeathbat

    (XB1) Los Demonios Motorcycle Club

    Los Demonios MC is still in active recruiting, we're looking for active 18+ English speaking members to Join our prospects ranks for more info go to our website at: LosDemoniosMC.enjin.com or visit our SocialClub at: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/los_demonios_mc_lc Be sure to contact me at some point on XBOX Live my GT is Toxic Deathbat
  4. anyone want to play through lowrider playlist or mission?
  5. vannosgaming246

    car meet Xbox one

    8:00pm EAST tonight Serious car meet in private session No bumping cars No passive mode Drive smoothly without crashing or driving ahead Write down your gamer tag below and I will invite you at 4 any cars besides liberator, tank etc.
  6. A Kings Fate

    Fate Roleplays Recruiting

    fateroleplays.weebly.com Social Club Crew ​ This Is An XBOX ONE CREW ONLY Features of Fate: Advance economy system; do your job, get paid. You can buy anything from guns or cars to bailing your friends outta jail.Large Police database, including everything about someones character, including age, weight, height, registered vehicles and weapons, criminal record, and more. Everything can be bought. We have entrepreneurs that own cab companies and gas stations, but so much more is available than that. Strong, experienced community. Realistic and knowledgeable police team. We know what being a cop is all about. Extensive roleplay experience. We're the best roleplayers on GTA, and we would know; we've checked out pretty much every "roleplay" crew. Motivated leaders. We always want to improve, and we're open to new ideas or changes.[/size] Smartest roleplays you'll see on Grand Theft Auto 5. Fate Roleplays is a tight-knit roleplaying community spanning over multiple games, including Battlefield 4, Minecraft, Unturned, and Grand Theft Auto V. Fate was started (blah blah blah)... Look, i can tell you our backstory, throw in some numbers, tell you how great we are etcetera etcetera. I can also embed a recruitment video that's just a stunt montage with some energetic background music. Then maybe a bunch of graphics, and at the end of the post I show off my photoshop skills with a bunch of tiny "Fate" Banners and icons,. I could do all of that, but that wouldn't catch your eye, would it? Why would I waste your time doing what everyone else does? This is why we're the best roleplayers on xbox: We've been doing this for four years. Four. Years. Members have come and gone, but the ones that truly want to roleplay stick around. Why? Because no matter how bored GTA makes you, you'll keep on coming back for Fate. For escaping this sh*tty world and joining one that you control. That's what roleplaying is. But don't think we just dick around. ​ After four years we figured out how to seperate ourselves from the rest of those "roleplayers"; we don't dick around. You can't be the 23 year old half-robot/half-alien ex space-marine that has no fears and perseveres through the impossible. There is no main character. It might seem like you're the most important, but just like in real life you're just some guy. You're no Dragonborn. You can't run for miles. You can't take endless bullets. You can't know everything. Once you figure out there's other people in the roleplay that may or may not be better than you, the game suddenly gets tougher. You didn't think this'd be a breeze, did you? It's still a blast if you make it so. This is a life roleplay; make a life and live it. Wanna run the Pier? Go for it. Wanna be a Russian convenience store owner? Good luck, comrade. Drug dealer. Heli pilot. First responder. Paramedic. Military reserve. We've tried almost any job you can think of. If you have an idea for something, we'll help you out. We do bank heists, gas station explosions, pier fires, marathons, plane jackings, boat parties, and much much more. Roleplaying means you make a story. We make stories. ​ How to get in on the action: You Must: be 14 years of age (We can make exceptions). Have a working mic. Send a friend request to A Kings Fate Read and understand the rules here at fateroleplays.weebly.com (if you can't find the rules, well, maybe you'll be smarter in your next life). Actually talk to us. We can't tell you apart from randoms unless you tell us you're here to party. In Order To Join Message A Kings Fate And Fill out The How To Join Forum on The Website www.fateroleplays.weebly.com If You Have Any Questions About The Clan Feel Free To Reply To This Topic or Message Me On XBOX (A Kings Fate)
  7. I currently have a semi-new account that is under level 100 that I am trying to push up to getting his minigun but alot of the time my friends and crew members aren't online long enough for me to level it, I'm looking for some players to either put together a lobby or to join a group that already gets together for the same reason. My GT is PhoenixRiddles, I'm 23 and I'm available most of the time when I'm on, I have a mic as well for group chat. Leave me a message if I'm not online and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  8. xTheCoalx

    Lets Play Survival

    Hey. I'm looking for people to play survival with. I just started playing and I really like it, and it's easy money. 20,000-30,000 if you reach wave 10 is not too shabby. If your interested I play on XBox One and my GamerTag is xTheCoalx. I would also like to find people to do heists with and just general gameplay of you want to do that.
  9. Rack Jainey

    XB1 Car Meet Right now

    No killing no greifing pretty general rules message Rack Jainey on XB1 to be invited
  10. jimmyjoe


    Hosting a car meet on Xbox 360 at 6:00 pm pacific time, but I want a full lobby so enter your gamertag down below or send me a message on Xbox saying you want an invite and I will invite you when it's time My GT: Corona v8 Rules No crashing No killing No screaming No super cars Mic not required
  11. livejoker

    X1 Need 1 For Heists

    Doing heists and looking for one player on the Xbox One. Mic required. Send message at DignifiedTick. Thanks! Done, sorry!
  12. FearOfCapes

    Quik 36 TDM Crew Now Recruiting {XBOX1}

    Quik 36 TDM crew is now looking for loyal members who enjoy doing Deathmatches, Team-Deathmatches and just generally shooting people in the face on GTA Online. We are a mature crew so no squeakers will be allowed. We play Free Aim and we play Assault Rifles only. Our website (unfinished) http://capessites.wix.com/quik36 If you think this is the crew for you then answer these questions and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able Age: Timezone: Gamertag: KiK ID: Social Club ID: How active are you:
  13. ExiledPsychosis1252

    Sanguine Sundry (Xbox One ONLY)

    The Sanguine Sundry XSSX is a military based crew on GTA V for the Xbox One. I'm just starting up and need recruits. This won't be some strict military where you have to run the entire map as punishment. We're just a normal crew that follows the rules and role play of other militaries. Requirements 1. You must be at least 16 years old. 2. You must have a headset. 3. You must be capable of acting mature when necessary (doesn't mean we won't have fun but there are times when you will need be serious and mature) If you're interested in joining, message me on xbox. My gamertag is ExiledPsychosis. Your message should contain your age and Social Club name. I may not get back to you right away but I will as soon as I can. You wil recieve any information that was left out of this post when I get back to you. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_sanguine_sundry
  14. Add the following people on Xbox Live and msg them for an invite to the game: xelitexgamester xI DIGANGI Ix zTran Bring your low riders to the car meetup and prove that you are the best homie in the streets. We will be hosting a competition to see who can do the best combos with their hydraulics. We will also choose who has the flashest ride in the meetup. Miss this event and you will regret it. I willl also be live streaming this event so bump the stream by tuning in! http://www.twitch.tv/gamerinstincts Want more players in the lobby? Bump the Twitch Stream by keeping the stream running on your computer while playing the game. More viewers = more players! RULES No killing No cops Respect each-other Do not hit other player's cars Microphone Not Required but Appreciated Follow along the convoy of players to each destination Do not branch off and make your own meetup in the game (stick with the group) If your going to use the lowrider radio feature, keep the radio on West Coast Classics Please DO NOT post your GT telling us to invite you because we will only reply to messages that are sent to our accounts on Xbox Live. See everyone there! LIVE AS OF: 4:15PM EST 10/21/15
  15. MARCSTER16

    Xbox One Car meet

    Send me a message on xbox one for a invite. We are going to have a car meets and chill.
  16. Car meet tonight on xbox one, comment Gt's below for invite. 10:00pm UK time.
  17. NaTo Bunny

    Pacific Standard Job

    Very experienced player, good with communication level 261 GT NaTo Bunny
  18. ZJoestar

    [CLOA] Criminal Legion wants you!

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/criminal_legion The Criminal Legion are on the lookout for Brothers & Sisters to cause chaos on the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County. We value respect above all else and vote on every decision within the Crew. we believe in democracy and running this Crew is no exception. Whenever a major decision must be made, we put it to a vote. Members that vote: Leader, Commissioner, Lieutenants and Representatives. 'Muscle' members must first prove themselves before given this privilege. Gaining the respect of current members is huge. We expect you to follow the rules, which isn't many. Our Ultimate goal...Dominate Los Santos!!! Join the Legion Clan Emblem is often changed but will often be Red. (Input is appreciated) Crew tag, must be displayed with your name in-game at all times. It helps find you guys easier. Microphone preferred, but not mandatory, I really don't give a damn. Crew Emblem on clothing is not required but looks badass.
  19. Xbox one must have mic minimum 70 level Message me. Triggachik
  20. xXCal10189Xx

    Xbox One Car Meet/Cruise

    -XBOX ONE CAR MEET- How Can I Join? -Enter your Xbox GT here to reserve a spot -Message me on Xbox xXCal10189Xx -Message my new account MurderBearz -Message xPrescottx98 Car Class For Today: Modern/Classic Muscle When is it? -The Meet will start at 10:30AM-PST 7/16/16 12:30PM-CST 1:30PM-EST 11:30AM-MST 6:30PM-UK Time There will be a 10 Minute Grace Period For Everyone To Join Rules -No Killing -No Trolls -No Random Joining -No Screaming -No Blowing Up Vehicles ANY Of These Rules Broken Will Result In A Kick And Your Reservation Will Be Replaced By Another
  21. Carmeetwanter

    Gta v car meet

    HALLOWEEN CAR MEET Kaiju Krew and The Mad Cheshires are holding a Halloween Car Meet. We are going to be hosting car meets for the remaining days of October. These car meets will be themed after Halloween. The themes we have so far are the following: 1. Trick or Treat (Candy Theme) 2. Costume Party (Match your car with your costume) 3. Nightmare Before Christmas (Movie Themed) 4. Monster Ball (Classic Monsters) 5. Halloween Night (Anything and Everything Halloween inspired) INFO: Every night that we hold a car meet will be a different theme and that theme will be posted on this topic so you can prepare yourself. TIMES: The times will be posted on this page the days of the car meets. XBOX ONE: Will be hosted in the mornings. XBOX 360: Will be hosted during the nights. RULES: 1. Must have a mic. 2. Must be 15yrs or older. 3. No Fighting. 4. No Yelling 5. No Weapons 6. Must show respect to everyone. 7. Listen to the ones in charge of the car meet for rules and guidelines on the events. EXTRAS: During our car meets we will be hosting several "extras" or events. 1. Car Show 2. Races 3. Ride Along (Cruise) CONTACTS: The following Gamertags are how you will be able to get in contact with use for the car meets. (You may also leave your info for an invite on this post) 1. Rise Darkstar ~I Hope To See You There~
  22. :Slammed/Stanced cars :LowRiders welcomed :Be Serious :No BS GT: BronxNewYork101, message me if you want to join
  23. Mcpl. C Taylor


    The Los Santos Police Department And Blaine County Sheriffs Police Department are looking for new members who are ready to take on extreme tasks and are able to listen and are able to be disciplined if this sounds like you than you need not look any further! we are a brand new clan who have hardly any members so we have lots of spaces to fill! not only are we new but in time we will become the best police rolyplaying clan on any console with software no other clan uses it gives us the leading edge on other clans who do not have it.... that's right I'm talking about police software! if you are interested in this opportunity please contact me as I am the leader of this clan and chief of police you can get ahold of me either though email or xbox and our temporary website will be listed below please note I do not have a rockstar crew page to add to this post EMAIL: [email protected] XBOXLIVE: Mcpl C Taylor WEBSITE: http://lspd-bcspd.my-free.website/
  24. Welcome. Task Force Voodoo is a brand new PMC in the GTA 5 community, although been brand new it is ran by 2 of the most experienced military players ever seen. With a combined total of 12+ years we are certain we know what we are doing. So today we are offering you the chance to join us in a fast growing private military company. Be the best. Further details will follow upon completion of Interview and bootcamp. Message either TFV Archer or TFV Klepto (XBOX ONE ONLY) Social Club Link http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/itaskforce_voodoo
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