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  1. www.S1gmagaming.com Hope to see you in the ranks! -Gladmadacus
  2. LevyPoppin

    San Andreas Department of Public Safety

    The San Andreas Department of Public Safety Keeping those we love protected, each and every day! * * * * * About Us The S.A.D.P.S. is dedicated to serving the public with all different types of government operations such as the Local PD, Sheriffs Department, SA Highway Patrol, Local FD and so much more. We have fellow officers with us, as well as past experienced role-players. Enrollment is currently active, with a simple form you could get into one of our discord servers to speak with an admin about registration and approval. Departments - Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) - Los Santos Fire/EMS Department (LSFD) - Los Santos Sheriffs Department (LSSD) - San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP) - Other: Civilian Use the website below to receive an invitation (must have a microphone and be at least 16-18+ years of age): na Social Club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/official_sadps Join Us On TeamSpeak IP: Nickname: San Andreas Department of Public Safety​
  3. Im starting a no mod role playing crew. It would be an gta v online deathmatch session just for us. Its going to be in Sandy Shores. Its a deathmatch but can be played as roleplay. Im not sure how to do some stuff so if you're interested and you have some experience with RP let me know. There will be no mod as to not risk getting banned. This is the link to the crew page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lspdrp2 Message me on Xbox one for the invite monguz_555
  4. Cguzman

    No Mod RolePlay Crew

    Im starting a no mod role playing crew. It would be an gta v online session just for us. Im not sure how to do some stuff so if you're interested and you have some experience with RP let me know. There will be no mod as to not risk getting banned. Message me on Xbox one monguz_555
  5. Hello, I am recruiting for a completely legit GTA V Cop Vs Civ roleplay group on xbox one -almost 200 members -up to 7 RPs A Week (4 On Weekends) -Different roleplay events -Party chats with music playing -Realistic cops who also take cop training -Realistic fire and EMS -Easy to use Chat system -And Lots More Discord Download: https://discordapp.com/ Sign Up On Our Website!: http://xboxcopsvscivroleplay.weebly.com/ Hope To See You There!!!!
  6. Classified Intelligence Team is now recruiting loyal and active members. Classified Intelligence Team is a new Milsim crew that is now recruiting. We are looking for members that are 14 years to 19 years old. You must be rank 80+ and be a serious player (if you are under rank 80 & wish to be recruited a member of the crew will help you rank up.) You must also have Kik Messenger. Classified Intelligence Team is a serious Milsim crew and will only accept serious players. Members don't need to be serious while off Duty but while on duty you will need to be serious. Off Duty our members play playlists together and help each other to earn Cash and RP but you don't have to take part in these activities. Members need to be active a lot to take part in meetings, wars, training and other crew events. Recruitment. To be recruited you will have to answer some questions we ask you then do our basic training after basic training you will then need to get your outfits that a member of the team will get you and after that you will be stabbed so the leader of the crew can keep it on file in case any serious matters happen. To know more about the crew and to be Recruited message JTF x VIRUS on Xbox one or message gta_khloe on Instagram or message classified.intelligence.team on Instagram. We hope you hear from you very soon. - The Classified Intelligence Team on Xbox One.
  7. xxxsoulxxx996

    AETHER PMC : Xbox One

    AETHER PRIVATE MILITARY CONTRACTING AETHER PRIVATE MILITARY CONTRACTING (APMC) is a universal provider of advanced security and logistics for our clients. We strive to bring the very best products tailored to the business needs of our clients. Our professional services brought forwards by our highly-skilled agents is the heart of what we stand for. Currently we are open for recruitment to those who wish to provide a more secure world for our clients. Those who are skilled in tactical combat, have useful service vehicles, and have knowledge of military terms and tactics. Anyone who wishes to apply to join APMC must pass the following minimum requirements. -Xbox One -Working Microphone -Access to Discord -Access to Social Club -Minimum Level of 30 in GTA Online These are the minimum requirements for application. More requirements will follow for promotions to higher ranks. Upon your application you will receive a message if you qualify for the recruitment process. In order to apply please visit our website at www.aetherpmc.com. From there navigate to the Contact Us tab and fill out the form. If you wish to talk to a live APMC Agent please use the chat tab on the bottom right of your screen. From there you will be connected to a live APMC Agent who will be able to assist you one on one. Our agents have specific tactical gear and designated uniforms depending on their department. The standard tactical gear consists of blacked out gear. Uniforms and gear may vary depending on specifications of the contract and higher ranking officials. Interested in joining or want to find out more please visit our website below and chat with a APMC Agent. Social Club Crew Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/aether_pmc Website: www.aetherpmc.com -APMC
  8. SpiritfulRunner

    LF Players (Xbox One)

    Recently just got back into GTA Online and would really like to get caught up with all the DLCs. I have a large warehouse, medium warehouse, coke business, and a vehicle warehouse. If anyone would like to grind with me or if anyone has a crew I could join that could possibly help me that would be so so so greatly appreciated. Leave your GT and if you have a crew please leave its name. Thank you!
  9. SSPR (Sandy Shores PD Roleplay) Is a New Group with discord to communicate, We need member's who are serious about role-playing As Civilians and law enforcement, Whichever you choose. All you need to do is join here, https://discord.gg/FutzD4jOnce you've joined the discord, You will be able to apply for Civilian or Law Enforcement, You Will get a Direct Message Or Public Message saying you have either Been Accepted or Denied. What this Role-Play server is about is to not only have fun and enjoy GTA5 But to Enjoy the meaning of it and what can be created in many different RP Scenes. There are also Law Enforcement Ranks Such as Cadet and so on. Hope to see you there!
  10. Hello i run San Andreas Roleplay Community for Xbox one we are a new community and are in need of new members, we have a Sheriff department,US Marshals,SWAT,and highway patrol and fire. While we have all these departments we also need civilians as they make the Roleplay what it is,civilians make realistic calls such as car meets,shootings,and pursuits. We are a fun community and all we need are members. I encourage you reading this to fill out the application at http://sarproleplay.weebly.com/. I thank you for reading this and hope to see you soon. Now we are doing car meet events where Saturdays you bring a car and we have a GTA cars and coffee!!
  11. GT45rp

    GTA V rp Xbox One

    GTA V roleplay for Xbox one! Its a real life roleplay with legit rules. We are a brand new community and we need civs and emergency services! https://discord.gg/85xsQvwJoin this discord to join the community and make sure to read the rules. The community is improving and we are hoping to become big. We are brand new and it is hopefully going to be the most legit ever! Money, jobs and properties, we have it! Join us, you wont regret it. Dont join and leave straight away. We are just getting started. If you have any questions just message me on discord, click the link above and ask the owner suitable times for the U.K Join our discord at https://discord.gg/kB5syM3
  12. MA55IMP4CT

    Xbox car meet

    xbox one car meet on 4th of November and 5 of November xbox tag is MA55IMP4CT
  13. CoolBoiMarti

    gat 5 car meet (PS4)

    this meet will last a long time so make sure to have a few cars to show off! send me a msg saying CAR MEET INV my PSN is Volume_Paws rules 1. dont destroy other players cars 2.make sure to have a modified vehicle 3. and have fun we will also be racing cars having a drift contest and a drag strip
  14. ZReich4

    The Experience's Life in Los Santos

    The Experience's Life in Los Santos The Most Realistic Roleplay Community​ What we offer Tracked Inventories Player ran economy Member ran Police Member ran Factions (Mafias, Street Gangs, MCs, etc.) Member ran Businesses High level of player interactions Each new member starts with $30,000 and a hotel room. You can get jobs, create businesses, or live a life of crime to build that wealth and become one of the most powerful members in the community. With daily sessions you have plenty of chances to progress your character. We also offer Out Of Game text roleplay if there are no sessions. So you can progress your character 24/7 if you want! Feedback: "This is honestly a great time for any serious role players. There's businesses, gangs, motorcycle clubs. Lots of fun role play going on and it's the most advanced and structured you'll find on console. Give it a try. We're all having a ton of fun." "Its like playing a whole new game" "Theres nothing else like it" Our members are all friendly and staff are always updating and can be reached to handle any issue anytime of the day. Our sessions range from 5 players to 20+ players. Established factions are more than welcome to join. They get extra bonuses to keep their faction up to their standards. Staff can always negotiate if certain things are needed. We organize and RP through Discord. So Discord is a must. Our Rules to better understand: https://docs.google.com/document/d/...pCQugLl9q0TtXke2_zSTHfaaMDbJU6aC_d0J9bVnD/pub Our Discord code: BPzbeQZ Our Discord link: https://discord.gg/3YaejyH Website coming soon!
  15. Miss Tryhxrd

    Add Miss Tryhxrd

    Add my Xbox gamertag Miss Tryhxrd to play gta with me
  16. Today, 10:19 PM Today, 10:11 PM Hello everyone! Please join our discord recruitment chat to be interviewed and if you get accepted your in our role playing community! We are civilian and police role playing community. They are 3 divisions as of now! San Andreas Highway Patrol, Blaine County Sheriffs Office, and Sandy Shores Police Department! We are recruiting for all divisions and civs. Thanks and we hope to meet you in our recruitment chat! Check us out at https://discord.gg/KrWUupR
  17. Hello everyone! Please join our discord recruitment chat to be interviewed and if you get accepted your in our role playing community! We are civilian and police role playing community. They are 3 divisions as of now! San Andreas Highway Patrol, Blaine County Sheriffs Office, and Sandy Shores Police Department! We are recruiting for all divisions and civs. Thanks and we hope to meet you in our recruitment chat! Check us out at https://discord.gg/KrWUupR
  18. scaaxninga

    XB1 Need Grinding Buds

    Lost everything from 360 looking for some people to grind out missions and all the hiest with and i need people who will stick with it and not give up. Gamertag : SCAAxNinga add me lets do this thang
  19. hi there people, if u r reading this then u are trying to find a role play lobby, lucky fir u i am hosting one and looking for people! you must: be 14 or over have experience/knowledge of role playing DO NOT FAIL RP and have fun!! message milosz2204 xb1
  20. Devils of Death MC

    Devils of Death MC Recruitment

    INTRODUCTION A brief summary Our club consists of die hard members loyal not only to the club but to each other,we pride ourselves in being one of the oldest MCs on GTA and keeping the same ideals that we had 4 years ago. History Devils of Death was created in 2013 a week after the release of GTA online. Initially there was two members TrickishBard4 and SeanieWanKenobi. But As the weeks went on more people started to join and eventually we had a good 15 people. As the crew developed people who randomly met online became good friends (to the point where some are active with us to this day). In late 2015 unfortunately our club went inactive and for a few months a spin off crew called "Iron Devils" was made. However events led to us reforming into the one original club again in mid 2016 and now we have become a stronger club that has developed ideals and values resulting in new members having the same love for the club as 2013 founders. ​So if you want to be part of a crew that doesn't take sh*t from anyone else! A true MC that refuses to get involved in the MC drama and is all about the ride,then.... Welcome to "Devils of Death MC" Established in 2013 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ddmc_2013_prospects. We have a set of rules you must follow, look at the website below https://thedevilsofdeathmc.weebly.com/ If you are interested in prospecting please contact any the people below: Xbox Gamertag: IvDeadReapervI (Sgt. at Arms)
  21. FilthyAnimalsMc

    Filthy Animals is now Recruiting!

    Reintroducing to the entire GTA Forums recruitment board....... Ranchos' Finest.... The Filthy Animals!!!! http://www.filthyanimalsmc.com/ https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/filthy_animals_mc The Filthy Animals Motorcycle Club is about to celebrate their one year anniversary! And to celebrate we are aggressively trying to expand our ranks in the hopes of furthering our Brand of Filth! We boast a wide variety of unique individuals who believe in the concept of a motorcycle club we try to emulate as best as possible. We value the quality of the person over any perceived skills in the video game. Its brotherhood at all cost! And we gotta enjoy you in order for you to be greenlit into coming in! We follow the familiar format of Hang Around to Prospect, which requires a Member to sponsor to become Prospect. The period isn’t determined, and its entirely up to you how long you last in the Support stages before receiving The Boar. Still not entirely convinced? Well let me see if I can clear up any misconceptions! First, we are traditionally a “Shoot First” club. We have seemed to have gotten away from that concept but we are rapidly looking to get back to our roots. Tired of having to watch people get into a fire fight? Freight not, as long as you are smart about it we have your back! Secondly, we follow a traditional aspect of 1% Rules that seem to have been forgotten. We try to avoid any RPG, Explosives, or any in general fxckery that people within the community tend to get antsy about and like to upload to Instagram. With that, although we do try and maintain that rules of engagement, our motto is “Cause, Fxck Your Feelings” and we try to have fun first and foremost! Also, we aren’t binded to a 1% Diamond due to our feeling that the meaning has gotten missed and we try to be something entirely, forge our own rules, Outlaw style! We are a 18+ Club, but will make exceptions to anybody that appears to be mature and have their stuff in order. Our club typically has older members, with young guys sprinkled in so there is a mixture of not taking it as serious as other clubs and people who do. But at the end of the day we are grown men trying to play a video game so we try not to lose foresight. We ask that you have a Mic so we can hear that pretty little voice of yours and have a messaging app. We use a couple forms of messaging apps, initially we ask you hit us up with Kik, as that seems to have been a stable when we started this club. We also have Discord and currently conduct all our business with Band. If you have Kik we ask you reach out to the President Loki, at XB1Loki580, and he will get you squared away. We are on Xbox One with an open mind set for rapid expansion to PS4 or even PC. But as of right now, we are Xbox One only. Still interested? Please head over to http://www.filthyanimalsmc.com and fill out an application. Somebody will get a hold of you and give you a further rundown on what to expect! Hope to hear from you soon! PS We had a post that appears to have gotten deleted, we don't know why but I hope this one stays up.
  22. Don_L_Bianchi

    The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting!

    Tired of playing alone? Looking for an active, strict, organised and well maintained crew? Well The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting now!!! We are a strict GTA roleplay mafia that is established on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4!!!! We have been around since March 24th 2016 so you can count on us to stick around. Our crew is very strict and requires commitment but do you think you'll make it through? If interested message either Don_L_Bianchi_ on PlayStation or Mr L Bianchi on Xbox.
  23. Hey guys, I'm looking for one or two people to do Bunker sales and resupplies, and especially to grind out the Vehicle Cargo missions and sales. I'm on Xbox One, have a mic and I am a level 324 (as of when I'm posting this.) I would prefer if you were a higher level, but since it's in free roam I really couldn't care less. You must have a mic and a Cargobob and/or buzzard would be incredibly useful. Send a message to Tawhco91 with the words "GTA Forums" and we'll go from there. If you want to discuss anything with me, or have any questions, feel free to send a message. As of now I have two other close mates, but both of them are online at very different times, so it is a real pain to be able to play with them. Also, I'm happy to swap around and help someone else with their CEO or Biker work. Finally, before I forget, I live in Australia so people in the same or similar time zones would be better. Cheers, Tawhco91
  24. Hello we are the Elite Special Operation Command and we are a GTA v Military Simulated crew. Our main objective within Los Santos is to protect the free people of Los Santos from any opposing threats. If you are interested here are the ranks we follow by: NON COMMISSIONING OFFICERS (NCO) Recruit Lance Corporal Corporal sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant Major COMMISSIONING OFFICER (CO) Second Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Brigadier Major General Lieutenant General General If you are interested in joining please request an invitation to the crew (LINK BELOW) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/elitespecialoc PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM ITS A REQUIREMENT https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1M5Y_B-Dm0srp0r9DAQX8YzKfXAuzSAVFeA3PgAvyqCE
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