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Found 111 results

  1. VikingEVM


    After some work on the overall plot and the first 2 missions (which still need to be fleshed out a little bit more before being published) i'm happy to finally publicly announce my first story-driven Mission Pack! The MP introduces a universe, referred to as "Isolation Universe", which is set in an alternate reality San Andreas. After a Second American Civil War, the United States were split in two. San Andreas was abandoned to its fate, and with time several factions rose and established their dominance over some territories. The different ideologies, the competition, the ambition of some leaders, and other factors make for a dynamic arena. Other states are unwilling to change the status quo, as some companies, especially weapons manufacturers, conduct profitable business in the area, and sending undesired people in exile to San Andreas is a common habit of totalitarian regimes. And hell yeah i will finish this sh*t no matter what and then probabily go back to that whole "Bring Down Leatherface" thing to completely rebuild it from the ground up. I bet i could make some real paranormal weird sh*t with DYOM# object don't you think? Something like DUSK maybe, play it if you haven't, that game is AWESOME.
  2. Alan Eastwood


    Status: Work in progress Hello there. After 3 long ass years I finally decide to retake the reins and redesign missions in DYOM again. This little project is something that I was planning for a long time, it is quite different from the previous missions pack that I have done, I used to do missions without doing scripts or anything like that, but now my handling is completely new and redesigned. For Shane Wright, the gangster life was everything to him, until that same lifestyle took away the lifes of his loved ones years ago, leaving him full of scars that refuse to disappear. Now, he tries to leave his horrendous past behind by accepting a new job in Las Venturas in hopes to get his life back on track. Theme: Trailers: More details will be added later on...
  3. (Logo created since 04/09/2019) The Survivors - Mercenaries is a fun deathmatch mini-game where you have to survive through different stages around the areas of San Andreas. Revisit some of the moments of The Survivors franchise and play as any character you want. Each level can be played by any character you choose, each character has it's own weapon. You have to survive through waves of enemies to progress. Levels are cleverly closed by objects and have hidden weapons and other pickups in them. Each level will have it's final boss that you must defeat in order to complete the mission. Get games at a great price and support charity! Or subscribe to a monthly Humble and get games every month! PLAYABLE CHARACTERS Each level has it's own playable characters, here is the list of all the characters. It's all of the classic The Survivors characters mixed with some of the The Survivors 2 and The Survivors 3 characters. UNLOCKABLE CHARACTERS After completing a level with a certain character, you will gain a password at the end of the level. Use this password to unlock the winrar package and you will gain access to these exclusive characters with special weapons. LEVELS / MISSIONS Do not cheat or use any kind of mods. DO NOT spoil the passwords to anybody. Recommended to use the PROFESSIONALKILLER cheat code. Choose who to play as by clicking on the images. Remember to check the character stats above! MARKET Download the SD Files for more action music! UNIVERSITY (coming soon) SAN FIERRO STATION (coming soon) UPDATE & CHANGES BLOG If you want to get like 4-5 games for the price of $1 and support charity and maybe even me, click the image above! Support my work by checking these links out
  4. From the creator of Ghost Ship: REMASTERED, Dillimore Curse and The Survivors series leoncj Presents (Logo created since 23/07/2019) Continues the story of Ghost Ship. When I finished and improved a bit the story of Ghost Ship with releasing the remastered version 8 years later, I've decided to continue the story about the book - A Tale of the Ghosts, so this kinda does feel like a Ghost Ship 2, but it's a whole new mission-pack. A Tale of the Ghosts is an episodic mission-pack. You take control of two main protagonists who end up being haunted by the ghost book. James Collin, a guy who was at the wrong place in the wrong time and Tara White, the daughter of Chris and Alessa Whites. Different characters provide different survival tactics and skills. At certain points, you will have to choose who you want to play as. Bringing back some of the aspects and gameplay from my very old mission-pack series, like The Survivors, where you always have a companion ally who has their own skills and how each character the player plays as also has their own specialty, like different weapons and health. Get games at a great price and support charity! Or subscribe to a monthly Humble and get games every month! (click the image to download the missions) STORY 24 years later after the tragic incident of Ghost Ship in San Fierro. After the mysterious death of Chris White, Alessa White, the mother of Tara White was sent to an asylum by the authorities due to her "crazy" story of how her husband was torn to pieces by the ghosts from the ghost world. Their daughter, Tara White, who recently got practice work in the Ocean Docks, Los Santos continues with her life, but soon finds out that her parents past has come to haunt her. Struggling with nightmares about ghosts, evil spirits and one particular female ghost, she tries to ignore it all and live on. Meanwhile, an interesting shipment arrived to the docks where James Collin works his late night shift in the warehouse. A Tale of the Ghosts - a mysterious non-English book bought by a huge VIP of Los Santos that causes weird appearances of odd things. Soon Tara and James will have to fight together with the demons from the other world and put a stop to the book for once and for all. CHARACTERS EPISODES New players can enjoy this story without playing Ghost Ship: Remastered, but it is recommended. Very highly recommended to play with added sounds, be sure to download the SD files. Recommended not to use any kind of mods or health cheats. Recommend only to use the PROFESSIONALKILLER cheatcode. Recommended to play with headphones on. Recommended to play with the DYOM# addon by @SIZZZ EPISODE ONE - THE SHIPMENT Tara White begins her day with another nightmare, the very same nightmare she used to have during her childhood. She's been having this nightmare for weeks now. Meanwhile, James Collin begins his day working his shift at the Ocean Docks Warehouse where they receive a very mysterious shipment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Episode 1 Official Trailer EPISODE TWO - NOWHERE IS SAFE After surviving the unexpected nightmare, Tara White and James Collin plan what to do next. Is it too late to save your loved ones and is it a good idea to be out there alone? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (promotional image) + (audio files) (Coming Soon) (Coming Soon) EPISODE THREE - THE HEIST (coming soon) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (promotional image) + (audio files) (Coming Soon) (Coming Soon) EASTER EGGS Throughout your journey in the episode mission-pack A Tale of the Ghosts, you will notice odd things! These are Easter-Eggs! Try and find them all! The good ol' green goo's are back and there will be many more other easter eggs. Green Goo's EPISODE ONE 3 - in the mission Ordinary Day 2 - in the mission Something's Not Right Here EPISODE TWO ? - in the mission ? ? - in the mission ? UPDATE & CHANGES BLOG If you want to get like 4-5 games for the price of $1 and support charity and maybe even me, click the image above! Support my work by checking these links out
  5. Jack Muller

    [MP] Infection

    Infection is an apocalyptic survival Mission Pack which takes you into an immense riddle savagery world that requires you a unique ability for solving puzzle sequences and passing through deadly surviving contingencies among the evil survivors. Year 2012, San Andreas. Jason Henderson is an engineer that works in KC planning department in Los Santos, but lives in Bayside with his wife Sarah and his young sister Winnie. Few days later, in Los Santos, news receive to the city that tells an atomic poison gas missile will hit San Andreas in several minutes! Which will cause a negative nuclear effect. People starting leaving the city via planes as soon as they could to avoid the infection, then rapidly the poison gas spread in the city! Those people that got infected turned into nightmarish creatures called zombies and half of people stayed inside their houses and flats to avoid the infection, while the other zombies infected other people, and after it almost all people turned into zombies and then after when the city changed into a dead zone, other survivors were trying to live hardly in the disaster. Jason Didn't have any other choice but to escape the city and get to his family before they get infected, means he have to take a long dangerous and deadly journey through the dead infected city to get to Bayside, to his loved ones. Not a hero but a savior. Can he make it? You have no idea about how bad it is. Follow Jason with his journey through the infection disaster that almost infected %80 of the people of San Andreas. Survival – Survival Mission Packs are a subgenre of action Mission Packs set in a hostile where the players generally begin with minimal equipment and are required to collect resources, craft tools, weapons, shelter and survive as long as possible while playing the game. Puzzle Occasions – Emphasize puzzle solving, logic, pattern recognition, sequence solving and etc. Ambient Music – Strong engage of soundtracks, give you more thrill when playing the missions. Easter Eggs – Mission Packs that put you in a free roaming places or areas means contains secrets hidden in every mission. Mod Contents - You must download and install these contents on your GTA SA game, otherwise don't play the Mission Pack or if you do, it's garbage. So, this MP is unplayable without the mod contents. Bonus Contents – These are packs of missions aren't necessary to be played but tells you events happened in the story but the game didn't show it to you while playing the Campaign, it's more like DLC. Each chapter have a DLC, you'll have to find and discover the Easter Eggs of each chapter to unlock the DLC known as Bonus Content of the chapter Alpha Demonstrational Walkthrough Gameplay
  6. Mikul

    [MP] 32 Days of sorrow

    [Use DYOM 8.2 made by Springfield to play this mission pack!] Chapter 1: Viva las Venturas Mission 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rtdjt6ywerml4m2/Mission+1.rar Mission 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l9s9vfjvclxoxk4/DYOM2.dat/file Mission 3: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wavu57xsytgtf7r/DYOM3.dat/file Mission 4: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1y4ihg726erb63b/DYOM4.dat/file Mission 5: http://www.mediafire.com/file/096qd03l6ki0zkn/DYOM5.dat/file Mission 6: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bwx239bw2u59t4k/DYOM6.dat/file Mission 7: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w7h6w2zwucwteng/DYOM7.dat/file More coming soon! [This topic will be updated in irregular time peroids] Screenshots Please give me some feedback and review the series when it'll be completed!
  7. ok1wwa

    [MP] The Escape

    Story San Fierro. The governments of the former mayor's were overthrown in a coup. A new government was established that reings in a terror. Many people decided to leave the city until it wasn't too late, but still many hesitated. San Fierro has turned into a partial "ghost town". Cars abandoned on the street, various structures built around the city have become the everyday view. The military has control over the city, but that doesn't terrify people in large part. The groups were formed, which turned out to be the biggest threat to those defenceless. Two buddies decide to leave the city at all costs. They will have to face up to difficulties during their journey through the city. Solving puzzles, fighting to survive and finding their way out of more complex situations. Warning! It is required to have two of the following things in order to play the mission pack: https://gtaforums.com/topic/927357-dyom-addon-for-dyom-81/ https://gtaforums.com/topic/927620-higher-limits-addon-dyom-81/ Missions Chapter 1: Prologue (http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/60784) Hideout (http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/60786) Screenshots This topic will be keep updated. Also I will continue on working on this missionpack after my issue about the DYOM is fixed.
  8. A long time ago, in forgotten lands of the Pacific Ocean, lived people long before their own time, with a monarchical political system and social classes, divided in Six Great Nations who lives for a long time in harmony. In the Capital, the city starts to plan the great meeting of the six leaders, who seeks to keep the peace between the nations through diplomatic conversations. In the Colony forests, the Young Prince seeks to form a new crew of counselors while surrounded by snakes who wants him dead. In the South, the right arm of the Queen of the Bay tries to conciliate the interests of her Queen and her own sister, leader of another nation and her main opponent. In the Tiger’s Lair, the Queen takes care of her King, weak due to an attack, while he tries to find trustworthy substitutes for the great meeting. And in the North Mountains, the King of Tall Town starts to plot an investigation against other leaders he mistrust. But will he be able to keep his cover in order to maintain peace, even if it means to participate of this whole toast for vipers? PLAYABLE CHARACTERS In Chronicles of the Hexagon, there’s not only one playable character. Instead, there is many of them, who take turns in each mission in a way the point of view of each contributes to the story’s flow. Cinthia: servant of the Royal Family of the Colony. Ashley: Low born of the city of the Colony Prince Paul: Prince of the Colony, first in the sucession line for the throne, guardian of the West ?? ?? ?? ?? THE MAP Welcome to the Forsaken Lands MEDIA Screens SOUNDTRACK Composed by Ramin Djawadi, same composer of the movie Iron Man, and the series of Game of Thrones and Westworld. This section will be updated soon. MISSIONS Prologue Ashley I Paul I APPENDIX Check here more info about characters and the nations of the Forsaken Lands.
  9. sh*t! Here we go again Welcome guys. I wasn't active long time.. Promised some people that I will record some more DYOM missions onto my channel - but i dissapeared a little - and now i'm back. Sadly, i'm not going to create anymore mission packs except this one, and another one [- the funny one, but i'll not share it here] It will be called: The Gangs of San Andreas - It will show stories from all certain GTA SA gangs [even the San Fierro gangs] - On the first mission, we're playing as Grove The missions aren't related to the GTA:SA storyline [from Singleplayer] - it's just my imagination - but one thing is clear: I love to create some "similar" dialogs, cutscenes like Rockstar does [or mission types]. Sadly - anytime i can dissapear again - the main reason is: 1. School 2. Wanna do other things [such as make music, or make an music label] 3. DYOM simply somekind bores me a little [i know 8.2 is out but i wanna stick to the 8.1] I share the first mission here [DYOM1.dat] BUT - if you can co-operate with me - help me, do your own remake, or just your own version - you can post it here also. I'll share the second DYOM file [it's saved after the first dialogs so you can do everything from stratch/or do the mission other way] Mission 1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d0m2bdbtxd2uz7m/DYOM1.dat/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/0vyd21yyydq2mcy/DYOM2.dat/file DYOM Site Download: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/60384 KNOWN BUGS: - Before reaching checkpoint at Idlewood, turn the framelimiter on BECAUSE mission can eventually crash. Don't know why this happening w/o frame limiter [BETA] MISSION 2 https://www.mediafire.com/file/ortwk6old1vkako/DYOM1mission2.dat/file http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/60412 Known bugs: - Jester can spawn twice, and it might cause an explosion - Drive-by and car following sequence is not ideal - Might be some DIALOGS mistakes, because edited in DYOMtemp and imported - hope it don't miss any text tho More coming up! Mission 3 https://www.mediafire.com/file/6x8fn8ekvewra87/Mission3Concept.dat/file [CONCEPT - NOT DONE, CAN BE CHANGED] Known bugs: - The teammates driving behind you is very bad - [PROBLEM] - can't deal with the plane at the end of the mission - done it destroyable but it isn't - it have god mode. If someone can fix it, thank you Also i'm saying again - you can download the missions, check them out and give me your "concept" by sending the file here [of how the final mission should look] - i might consider placing it to my series, and you'll have proper credit.
  10. (Logo taken in Apostle) Welcome to the Mother Of Mine. Mother Of Mine it's a ispiration from Apostle movie, if you don't see the movie, then go to watching. Yep, it's a remake by RyanAB (me) because i love this movie and i'd like to designing this remake for this fabolous community. My favourite movie and yep, you got that right, i have Netflix to watch all movies. Mother Of Mine it's a MP (Mission Pack) we're inspired from Apostle movie. I put my effort to create this project and i hope you like it. (if you want to see my DYOM profile, click here.) Don't install any mods/cheat or something else before to play this. Remeber this note. PARADISE MODE - A lot parts are going to change if something went wrong - Limited ammo or weapons aren't strong for kill the enemies - Still going to learn how to create Target13 style (don't neccessary lul) - You can't see the checkpoints? Well, i'm going to fix it STORY A guy who was a detective, the big detective in the world. The first mistery was been at Area 69. The second mistery was a creature, it's a yeti but it is a dead mistery because he did a mistake when the sister said it ''Don't kill him, it's my friend, it's a part of my life.'' 8 Years later... The detective Richard had discovered a country but a old country where a church we're satanic, he didn't understand this situation. So, what will he do? Decided to take a train where he can reach this country was called ''The Satan Paradise''. Why the country is it called paradise? Richard had take a ticket that he found a emblem that is written ''Don't go at The Satan Paradise without the Emblem''. He finally reach the country with all people takes the train to buy all new houses and start a new life to be better than the city. Richard has reached a little country where all people can see the new people who arrived. After a long time, Richard finally found her lady was a doctor, the lady is the daughter of the owner. Owner is a person who had a lot mistakes from her uncle, the uncle it's a person who kill all without motive, but he kill only people where can die with a purification. Richard had heard a voice where explain a little boy, he open the door and then he we're found the boy, a boy with a lot toys. Strange, Richard never see a weird boy. One day later, Richard head the church because there's a commissioning, all people going to the church to stay and head the commissioning. A commissioning lasts an hour where explain the holy bible, Richard had seen a ghost. He didn't understand that was happened. He had decided to start the mistery in this little country what had happen. He is ready for to solving the mistery. CHARACTERS - Thomas Richardson - Prophet Malcom - Katy Richardson - Quinn - Frank - Lin Yuan Guo - John The Suspicious - Sinead (some characters are different than the Apostle movie) (and i'm suck to create the character picture) MISSIONS W.I.P. (before to play all missions, make sure to start the game with headphones) (don't use any cheats or something else if you are noob, i hope no) (you are reccomended to use all sounds) SONG THEME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMPWjF1Uz74 (if you don't know the song theme, then go to heard) I hope you like my Mission Pack because i learn anything and how to design a nice mission! Topic opened at 12.03.2019 - RyanAB
  11. RITHRAKE24 PRESENTS A BRAND NEW MISSION PACK WHAT PAIN MEANS Christopher Anderson is an experienced investigation officer belonging to the Las Venturas Police Department, who is famous around the State of San Andreas for having solved 32 cases of merciless, bloodthirsty criminals. When the Governor of San Andreas calls him over to Los Santos to look into an unsolved case involving a series of 21 brutal murders at Market Station, Christopher is thrown into a mystery of a bigger scale. A case that appears easy at first, having a lot of starting points for investigation, soon evolves into a more mind-boggling affair. Follow Christopher's investigation as he is finally handed a case that really tests his intelligence and mettle, a criminal who cannot be proven guilty by customary investigation methods. Follow Christopher as he risks the loss of the things most dear to him, his reputation, family, etc. TRIVIA (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) CHAPTER 1: THE GHOST OF MARKET STATION Mission 1: The Santos Job Mission 2: Join the Dots Mission 3: Finger on the Trigger Mission 4: Target No. 22 Mission 5: The Ghetto Life Mission 6: Street Thug Mission 7: My Enemy’s a Ghost Mission 8: Back on Track CHAPTER 1 (COMPLETE) is ready for download: What Pain Means Chapter 1: The Ghost of Market Station/SD CHANGES THAT CAN BE FOUND: A LIST OF ALL THE FIXES MADE: CHAPTER 2: CAT AND MOUSE Mission 1: TBA Mission 2: TBA Mission 3: TBA Mission 4: TBA Mission 5: TBA Mission 6: TBA Mission 7: TBA Mission 8: TBA Note: Chapter 1 will majorly be cutscene-dominated, featuring minimal gameplay. However, this lack of gameplay will be made up for in Chapter 2, where the MP will evolve into more of an suspense thriller.
  12. The Half-Blood Prince

    [MP] The Dark Instinct

    Short dystopias close or not to reality that shows how harmful human potential to self-destruction can be, and how it can lead everyone to chaos in a matter of time if everyone's distrait. Composed by genders such as science-fiction, action and adventure, the stories blends themes like post-apocalyptic scenarios and alternative realities, where all of them have one thing in common: the darkest context possible. EPISODES: 1 - TIME ZERO A young time traveler stuck in a future where the world is destroyed by a radioactive war tries to find a way to get back to the past and correct the events that caused such tragic destiny to the humankind. Missions: Part 1: T Part 2: I Part 3: M Part 4: E Part 5: Z Part 6: E Part 7: R Part 8: O Epilogue 2 - 23 THOUSAND VIP COINS In a simulated virtual reality of an online game, used as punition for heinous crimes and as a substitute for life imprisonment, two imprisoned finds themselves between the border of sanity and madness when trying to find something to live for in the middle of so many meaningless things. Missions: Part 1: 2 Part 2: 3 Part 3: . Part 4: 0 Part 5: 0 Part 6: 0 Part 7: V Part 8: I Part 9: P Part 10: C Part 11: O Part 12: I Part 13: N Part 14: S #darkinstinct
  13. The year is 1993, a very big group called "BnatGroup" (original name, do not steal) is trying hard to take over Los Santos, BnatMan, the BnatGroup leader is hiding in the Jefferson Motel. The BnatMan and his men are kidnapping random people, brainwashing them and turning them into BnatPeople, so they can work for the BnatMan. Meanwhile, you are just another nameless SWAT member who was sent with a random team to the Jefferson Motel, to find and kill the BnatMan. However, things do not go as planned.... BnatMan - BnatGroup leader, you need to hunt him down. BnatPicture: You - some random nameless SWAT member, sent to kill BnatMan. Picture: BnatGroup (BG) members - you need to kill 'em all. SWAT members - some random swat guys, they like to kill BG members. Picture: Mission 1-3 download http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53023 Mission 4 download http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53164 Mission 5 download http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53196 Mission 6 download http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53238 Mission 7 will release on 25th May Mission 8 will release soon... Yes, only 6 missions are done, more coming soon! Enjoy the mission pack!
  14. GoldenFreddy

    [MP] The killer of Friend

    This is a Romanian MP, I'll do it in English after I finish it. Characters Main Mark Bigman - Is the protagonist of the MP, a random civillian with a criminal brother. Lara Cooperck - Is Mark's best friend and actually she has a crush on Mark, she is a Spy for Police Department. Mike Noble - Is a old friend of Lara and her Enemy in the same time. He payd Tylor to kill Lara and Mark. Tylor Mendez - He is a criminal that haves piles at Army. He is killing Everyone for money, money is his life. Episodes (appears in one episode) David Bigman - His brother is Mark and he is a Serial Killer. He wants to protect his family and friends. Jesse Mendez - She is Tylor's sister, she help Tylor, but she's a traitor too. Story Mark was doing his rutine, helping people at Pizza Stacked, when Tylor almost killed him, but Lara saved him. Mark and Lara were catched by Taylor, when he was about to shoot, David ran into Mark's face to save him. For no reason in one day, Mike was trying to kill Tylor and to be Army Commander, but when "trying to kill him" a sniper shot him in heart. WIP This is my first MP btw, so don't think is the best. Chapter 1 Ascunzatoarea?:http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52941 Sacrificiul : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52942
  15. spyderblack66

    gta vcs storyline

  16. GKHEAT

    Story of Patrik life

  17. GKHEAT

    The Deal

    Description Hey friends,after a long time I make a mission or mission series. If you like it tell me at comment section I'll make others parts of this mission. -Play and enjoy- Story The story is on a police man. In this story a deal is happening between the Grooves and Russians,and the Ballas gang try to attack on them. The Police officer Butler and some police officers are try to stop the war between them. Characters 1.Victor 2.Steve Butler 3.The Grooves 4.Russians 5.Ballas Screens Downloads 1. The Deal more coming soon...
  18. spyderblack66

    gta lcs storyline

  19. NorthRock

    Carl on Duty

    Few Words From Me: Hello, DYOM Community! I'm designing my First Mission Pack. I'll have a lot of time from 13th March on wards.This is not a remake nor a copy of any other MP or Game. Please be careful in using your tongue. No Bad Words or Arguing here. Story: Carl "CJ" Johnson, at one night, walks out of his house and finds nobody on the street nor any cars. He wonders if that is a riot. Many bombs explode in Grove Street, He manages to rush out. He freely walks looking for some people but, another bombs blast and CJ gets injured n the Bomb Blast. He is then taken to S.A.W.T. ( San Andreas Warfare Team) Camp. He talks to two of the guys who were standing beside Carl. He wakes up and finds himself there. He communicate with those guys who tells them that Enemy Countries are attacking San Andreas. Later they both are identified as Captain Cost and Larry Townley. The Captain comes and asks CJ about his health. CJ claims to join S.A.W.T. and the action begins... Characters: Carl "CJ" Johnson: The main protagonist and a member of S.A.W.T. (Playable) Captain John Prince: Leader of S.A.W.T. Team (Non-Playable) Captain Cost: Assistant Leader of S.A.W.T. Team (Non-Playable) Larry Townley: A Member of S.A.W.T Team (Non-Playable) Unnamed Pilot: Pilot for S.A.W.T. (Non-Playable) Rabbit: A Member of S.A.W.T. Team (Non-Playable) Captain Friendlies: Co - Assistant Leader of S.A.W.T. Team (Non-Playable) Admiral: A Member of S.A.W.T. Team (Non-Playable) Captain Dragovich: Enemy - Leader of Russian Force 141. Captain Reznov: Enemy - Assistant Leader of R.F.141. Daniels: Enemy - Co - Assistant leader of R.F.141. Missions: Mission No. 1 - Welcome to The War! STATUS- 100%/100% DIFFICULTY - Easy USAGE OF GUNS - No! Mission No. 2 - S.A.W.T. Training STATUS - 100%/100% DIFFICULTY - Easy USAGE OF GUNS - Yes! Review: None. Because no Mission was uploaded. Credits: SPECIAL THANKS TO - Martin Strada for giving an Idea (By making Modern Frontlines). Amethyst for name suggestion. Nuddle Kid Gregorio150 Gregorio1
  20. spyderblack66

    gta vice city storyline

  21. spyderblack66

    Serious Sam Game

    http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=29188 Serious Sam TFE Levels 19% work in progress Secrets Levels not available Secret Level 1 Moon Mountains not available Secret Level 2 Sacred Yards not available Level 1 Hatshepsut Level 2 4 Parts Sand canyon Level 3 Tomb of Ramses Level 4 Valley of the Kings not available Level 5 Oasis not available Level 6 Dunes not available Level 7 Suburbs not available Level 8 Sewers not available Level 9 Metropolis not available Level 10 Alley of the sphinxes not available Level 11 Karnak not available Level 12 Luxor not available Level final the Great Piramid not available
  22. Martin_Strada

    [Storyline] The Money Chronicles

    Most Promosing Storyline 2018 Big Thanks to *Qi* for making those mind blown logos! Hello DYOM'ers, today is the day to start 2nd Storyline, since I'm canceled Fort Carson Stories, I'm thinking to design a new storyline. The storyline will be made by the company again: YasirRFL and Eddy4312. The activity of this storyline will be same as The King of Los Santos storyline, by the way, no skins to be downloaded, just play this storyline and you're good. San Andreas, somewhere around the 80's. The Crime Families rises with the help of corrupt cops and Politicians. James Daniels is just a 21 years old kid who doesn't care about his family, but how to fight with thugs and earn easy money. The 5 Group of Gangs wants to take over the city with extortions or blood. James Lance and his friend Sam Roger came back to San Andreas, they saw many changes in SA. The Sethdev's Mafia helped Daniels and Sam to stand again on feet. Daniels will saw many dead people and how much killed everyone in LV. MAIN CHARACTERS: James Daniels His past is shady, and his business is even shadier. What people know about him is that he own an apartment by Vincent in LV. Apparently, he is an investor, a very wealthy one. It is believed he had some deals with governments of other countries, even FBI. But rumors are rumors. He is interested in financing highly illegal activities. Organised him own private Heist team and put ex-street racer Samwise Adder as a leader. He says the team is all about getting more money. But he already has a fortune, he doesn't need the cash. There might be something more to all this than he is telling. Sam Roger He was born into a typical American family. His parents ensured he had a nice education and a nice life in future. He also has a younger sister with who he was very close when they were kids. When Sam was a child it was obvious that he was a wild spirit. Living recklessly and never thinking about future. He was never interested in family life and boring daily grinds. He always strived for more. He flunked school on purpose and ran away from the home. In his quest to find himself Sam met and lived with some dangerous people. He has seen lots of blood, death, drugs and all other things that plague the ''ghetto''. His passion for cars pushed him in direction of street racing. He soon proved to be very talented and started making a name for himself. After couple of years he was a grown man and most notorious street racer in the country. Recently he met James Daniels who gave him an interesting offer which will change him forever. Vincent Sethdev He's the main leader of Sethdev's mafia. A man who wants to rule the entire LV, with money and power and even respect. He didn't see his old friend Sam Roger even 5 years, and he wants him to join his mafia and work, but that work is killing people, extortion, and blood. He's was a weapon enthusiast who owned a gun shop in Liberty City with his friend who grew up together Drake Richards. Drake Richards He's Vincent's bodyguard in Sethdev's mafia. He hates people, when they didn't finish the job correctly, and after that, he wants someone's head, he's being serious, but sometimes he gots emotional problems, he knows everything about Balkan's Mafia. Tang Sung Jao He's the leader of Eastern's Dragons mafia and he owned an Eastern Dragons Casino, (looks example like Four Dragons Casino) he's doing good profits and business with Sethdev's mafia and helps them to defeat people, who hate Vincent. OTHER CHARACTERS: Tang Sung Ciao He's the Tang Sung Jao's son, his life is just same as Eastern Dragon members. Carl He's a Lance's another old friend. When Lance was still in LC, he worked with Balkans', but now he's a traitor. Sethdev's Mafia The mafia who owned was Vincent Sethdev. The mafia territory is in Visage Casino, the mafia who has a biggest casino and hotel. The car who mafia owned is Blue Pregant and Admiral. Balkan's Mafia The mafia who came from Yugoslavia in Balkan's countries, and came to Las Venturas, they are most dangerous mafia, who has a lot of reputation and money in the vault, they earned three casinos: Caligula's Casino, Royal Casino, and other one is Clown Pocket's casino. The mafia who owned was Luigi Rasgulastovich. The car who mafia owned is Black Huntley. Eastern Dragons Mafia The mafia who came from Chinese, and came to Las Venturas. They are most friendly men who help The Sethdev's Mafia. The leader of this gang is Tang Sung Jao. They have a casino which is called Eastern Dragons Casino (Four Dragons Casino). They don't care about money, all they care about is reputation and courage. The Redsands Bikers They are the bikers who don't have a leader, they have a West and East Redsands territory, the vehicle they using is Freeway and Burrito, they are also strong and good at tactics. The Hoodlum They are mostly poor gangsters in this gambling city, they have a small territory who has a poor life in it, they always smoking and being serious men. They are dogs who are messing with all mafias, the car they using is Sanchez, Savanna, Voodoo. CHAPTER 1: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/51989 [MP MODE] http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/52263 Chapter 1: The Gambling's Beginning 1. Before you would start. 2. City of lights. 3. The Tour in Golden City. 4. Cause lotta leather. 5. Fist to Fist. 6. Redsand's RPG. 7. The Flaming Bikers 8. The Balkan's Vans 9. After midnight 10. The Eagles in Desert 11. The New Conception 12. Outro Chapter 2: The Homefront CHAPTER 1: - 18-01-15: The project is started making in progress. - 18-01-17: 1st and 2nd mission is out! - 18-01-19: 3rd mission is out! - 18-01-20: 4th mission is out! - 18-01-22: 5th mission is out! - 18-02-19: The DEMO is already out! - 18-02-16: The project was paused for a while. - 18-02-19: The project is unpaused, now designers will design missions. - 18-02-19: 6th and 7th mission are out! - 18-02-20: 8th mission is out! - 18-02-21: 9th mission is out! - 18-02-24: 10th mission is out! - 18-02-25: 11th and 12th mission is out! - 18-02-25: The entire Chapter 1 is out!!! Martin: For creating this MP Eddy4312: For helping me with designing the series YasirRFL: For helping me with designing the series Dutchy3010 and PatrickW: For creating a mod: DYOM Seemann: For creating Cleo, without Cleo, dyom won't work properly. Please give a feedback and review it! THANK YOU!
  23. GTA San Andreas Missio

    Catalina Stories

    ¨WORK IN PROGRESS¨ Introduction The Story is a Sequel to Grand Theft Auto: Lost in San Andreas which is a cancelled project by GSAM (me). Catalina leaves San Andreas and goes to Liberty City to meet her sick mom. Where she meets "Claude". He gains trust of Catalina and get her in his hands. He tortures Catalina and treat her bad, snatching up his wealth leaving her with a small amount. Catalina's Mother dies and after this she flies back to Los Santos to meet his only Brother, Cesar and her friend Carl. She along with Cesar, CJ and Sweet gets strong and increases her weapon skills to fight against Claude and take revenge. About As mentioned, the player will be "Catalina". The player will also get spawned pickups like in real game e.g - Pistol behind Sweet's House. Sadly, the players cannot customize Catalina. If they try to change her clothes with the help of mods such as the "Clothes Menu", Catalina and every single player except CJ will become a monster. There are many side -activities except Main Story Missions such as Vigilante and Taxi - Driver Side Missions, Street Races, etc. Map NOTE:- Few items are not available from Start. They are :- Sweet, Cesar, Gun Seller, Street Race and Vigilante Mission Many More items will be available for the player after certain missions. Do not worry! We'll update this map if we decide to add some more changes.
  24. UPDATE:Download all the info about Chapter 1 here:http://www.mediafire.com/folder/rqj5x6vx2zwzc/Chapter_1_(Info)
  25. DarkGuy60

    Ghost Hunters: San Andreas

    Welcome! This is a Mission Series that is currently: In Progress. I am working on it as often as I can and I hope you like it. Any tips and advice are welcome! Synopsis: "I believe in the supernatural. Why? Because I feel them." Jack Miller is a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator. He does it as a hobby and has a "team" to help him. They have lead investigations in Liberty City for three years, but due to not finding anything too 'special', they moved to San Andreas. As their very first investigation there begins, lead by Jack himself, they realize that San Andreas isn't like Liberty City, and that it hides something beyond their experience. Features: -Creepy Atmospheric sounds (uses SD). -Series of missions marked as 'episodes' -Gameplay as different characters of the investigation team, each put under different circumstances. IMPORTANT: I'd really appreciate, for the player's gameplay experience, that you use the First Person mod to play these missions.It really adds to the experience of a horror game. You don't have to worry, your game won't permanently be in first person. You can turn it on and off just as a camera perspective (pressing the camera button, V by default, if I'm not wrong). You can download it here: http://www.gamemodding.net/en/gta-san-andreas/gta-sa-cleo-scripts/48754-first-person-mod-v30.html CHARACTERS Jack Miller: A 22 year-old man who strongly believes in the supernatural. He began to study para-psychology by himself when he was 15, and began his first investigations at the age of 18, in Liberty City, where he was born. He met Claire when he was 19 and was surprised that she shared the same interests, thus creating his team, with him being the leader and Claire being the very first member of it. Claire Evans: A 19 year-old girl who has a passion for ghosts and anything related. Her passion appeared when she first saw a ghost at the age of 14, a ghost which had been friendly to her. She began searching for ghosts and studying about them, making various investigations by herself in places of Liberty City which she heard or considered that are haunted. When she was 16 she met Jack and joined him. He is her love interest. Peter Callahan: A 20 year-old ghost hunting amateur. He first began investigating when he was 17, but he would always bring a friend with him since he was afraid to be on his own. When he met Jack he was relieved that now he wouldn't investigate by himself. Jessica Miller: A 21 year-old woman, cousin of Jack. At first she didn't like his idea of hunting ghosts, but when she found herself getting bored by the everyday life, she decided to join him since she also knew some things about the paranormal. She joined his team after Claire, finding herself to actually enjoy investigating. Allison Woods: The youngest member of the team, 17 years-old. She joins the team on investigations whenever she can due to her studies. She is also the newest member, actually a newbie. She often gets scared so she mostly relies on her teammates for comfort and help. Downloads: Episode 1: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/51978 Episode 2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/me0fvp49xem84m5/Episode+2.rar
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