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Found 131 results



    KUZMITCHS proudly presents his first Mission Pack: At the end of an era, two countries begin experiencing economic crises and from them, in the black market, two international criminal syndicates begin thriving. During this time, Takeshi, a modern-day Samurai, promises himself to avenge his brother’s death by hunting his assassins, a renegade cell within his clan, knowing full-well that he could be seen as a traitor in the eyes of the Yakuza. At the same time, Hellhound, a Soviet mercenary, becomes hell-bent on saving his grand-daughter, whom has been kidnapped by the Russian Brotherhood, a collective of organized criminal elements – many of whose leaders being some of the men he once considered his comrades. Their paths will cross in Los Santos, United States and they might have to work together in order to gain their goals. First Arc - In the Beginning... Mission 1: Before the Storm (http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44407) Mission 2: The Raid (http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44408) Second Arc - TBA Mission 3: TBA Mission 4: TBA Third Arc - TBA Mission 5: TBA Mission 6: TBA Fourth Arc - TBA Mission 7: TBA Mission 8: TBA
  2. ZekoX

    The Haunted World

    ---DESCRIPTION--- Hello!! This mission pack is a horror-jumpscare or nightmares. Today i released a DEMO Mission. But the full pack has completed on December. Enjoy! ---MISSION--- Third Mission: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43883 Full Pack: Coming Soon... ---RELEASE DATE--- DEMO Mission: 05 August 2016 Full Pack: December 20 2016 ---STORY--- Story: Lee Jackson is a prognist guy, he is seraching for drugs all that. All that day a month ago. He have a nightmare passed in a never world has been. But his friend Jimmy sell the property at his house. But Lee is need to be careful With monsters. ---LOGO--- Soon... Hope you will enjoy DEMO!! ---CHARCHATERS--- Lee Jackson He is a drug guy, getting drugs at all. But not over with nightmares at his world. Jerry Walson A farmer guy, He"s Lee"s Friend. Smith Luu A italian guy, who wants to help people. Mike Jimmy Smith"s friend, he helps him everything. Jullie Heisen A police girl, helps everything as she can. Larry Baker Lee"s partner. He helps him for everything.
  3. Heisenberg_GR

    WASTELAND: The Long Road [MP]

    Heisenberg_GR PRESENTS ...San Andreas 1992... A war between Americans and Chinese is nearly to end. The Chinese Army attacked United States in Los Santos couple years ago. The American Army is too strong and the Chinese losing more men day by day. The American Secretary of Defense is optimistic about this war and he believes the Chinese will leave United States soon and the war will be end but the Chinese has not play their last card, a nuke attack! The American Government has prepared for this and they have built 221 Vaults all over the San Andreas state for people's safety. The propaganda is too strong for keeping calm the people, until the nuke attack! Max Hendricks is Sergeant of the Marines and serves his country in Las Venturas. During the nuke attack Max lost his wife and he's living with qualms. 185 years later The water is no longer drinking cause of radiation and the people get crazy and aggressive. Wasteland has not rules and the Bandits killing innocents for a piece of bread. Max entered into cryogenic tube and kept frozen alive. Now he lives in the Vault 161 and he's trying with scientists to create a machine which can purify the water from radiation. After their success Max mission is obvious, he must deliver this machine to Sherman Dam. It's a long road and full of danger but the humankind lean on him. MAX HENDRICKS (Protagonist) - He serves his country for more 15 years. Sergeant Hendricks lives in Las Venturas with his wife Lucy and they're waiting for their baby soon enough. LUCY HENDRICKS - Beautiful woman as an angel. Lucy worries about Max because of war. GEORGE MCDAVID - America's Secretary of Defense. He lost his son in the war and his wife. SAMUEL BISHOP - Leader of Enlighters and one of the most powerful man in Wasteland. He's very smart and his soldiers are loyal to him. CLARK WOODMAN - Leader of The Last Battalion and powerful man in Wasteland too. He is nephew of the last President of America. Now he want to rule this country. ENLIGHTERS - They call themselves "The Good Guys" in Wasteland. Enlighters founded in 2153, they started as "Modern Police" to keep order in Wasteland. Now they are one of the biggest armies. Samuel Bishop is the Leader of Enlighters and he wants to destroy The Last Battalion because he believes they are just paranoids who wants to rule the Wasteland. THE LAST BATTALION - They call themselves "Heirs" in Wasteland. The Last Battalion founded in 2151, they started as "Modern Army" of the Wasteland. They think they must rule this country because the Leader of The Last Battalion, Clark Woodman, is nephew of the last President of America. Their biggest enemy is Enlighters and to rule the country they have to destroy them. WASTELAND BANDITS - They are the nightmare of Wasteland's people. They killing for food, clothes and anything which is useful. In Wasteland you will meet these guys and you will remember them forever! CANNIBALS - They are all over the State and they hunting for meat, human meat. If they catch you they will eat you, it's simple. Try to avoid them as you can. TEASER TRAILER DEMO Mission: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41451 SD File: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9u8wvyoxynpb3px/WTLR-SD.zip [NOTE] The Mission-Pack is in progress. More info soon!

    Triad Stories 2016

    Story: San Andreas 2016 Grove Street is fully taken by ballas.They are now strong but G.S.F wants to take it,So they work hard for it but they couldnt take it because Los Santos is taken by Ballas,G.S.F thought their old friend gang SAN FIERRO TRIADS .Triads wants their power back to Da Nang Boys.G.S.F told them to help,Triads said if they help taking San fierro back,They will help them.After the help,San Fierro Triads betrayed them and take out ballas too.After taking San Fierro and Los santos,They moved for Las Venturas,A city of mafias and casinos,This time they tried mostly to take this city but cant,So they defeated again and again.After its seven attempts,they defeated mafias and take back San Andreas main protagonist: Name:Yoshi maru Detais: A boy 23 years old,A high rank member,He was before in the Yakuza in Liberty City,San Fierro Triads pay him 200000 milliom dollar,So he left Yakuza,In thr last,San Fierro Triads made him leader of the gang Status:Alive Name:Big boy Details:He is Yoshi s old friend,big boy helped him to get Grove Street,He just helps him to take Grove Street Status:Alive Name:Daniel Abraham Details:He eats too much and soon take the leadership of Grove Street,He is 39 years old.Yoshi maru killed him,After the betrayal of Triads. Status:K.I.A Name:John Einstein Details:He is a very high ranked C.I.A officer,He worked under triad control,He is intelligent and detective,He is killed by Mafia in Las Venturas. Status:K.I.A Name:Yousuki Maru Details:He is 18 years old and young brother of Yoshi maru,He is expert in electronics,He is Yoshi Maru s trust,He is appear only in coming with Yoshi Maru in San Andreas Status:Alive Name:James Davidson Details:Leader of Mafia of Las Venturas,Yoshi kills him too.He is 49 years old. Status:K.I.A Name:Gary Davidson Details:He is 24 years old,His mother died when he is 3 years old,He became too angry when Yoshi killed James.He wants to take revenge by surrounding triads by in Four Dragons Casino,In that attack,Yoshi kill Gary too. Status:K.I.A. Name:Amy Robinson Details:An old G.F of Yoshi,She moved to San Andreas from Liberty City.She likes to visit countries,Yoshi visited her and surprised her,But Amy didnt recognise him first Status:Alive Introduction: Coming soon The first misson: Coming soon The second misson: Coming soon
  5. Martin_Strada

    WarFighter III

    STRADABOY PRESENTS WarFighter III STORY; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1963 A Cold War,America are going to end Soviets,but they can*t,cause General is still alive It Will be long battle,who will win again ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHARACTERS Riley McGreen; Riley is protoganist he*s a brave soldier..He*s is US Army Private Lion Scott; He*s Riley*s best friend, Riley and Lion are Brother*s in Arms,He is Second Private Rick Elder; He*s a Assaulter, He*s a Third Private Rock Moddy; He*s a Coporal, a master shooter guy,he*s such a armored guy Sergeant Randall; He*s a Sergeant , he gave us to complete the missions American General; He*s a friendly General, he helps you to defeat Soviets,he real name is Brock Russian General; He*s want to defeat America and he*s captured like 50 bases of America.He*s have a big Soviet Union army.He*s a big General of Russia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION; DOWLOAD The Snow Mod; http://www.gtaall.co...8-snow-mod.html Alci IMG Editor; http://www.gtagarage...ow.php?id=17269 Snow FX; http://www.gtainside...1-snowfx-v1-01/ REMEMBER: Backup Two GTA San Andreas games ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Hello guys, This is my first and the newest MP of mine, Nothing to say much but just to say that play the MP enjoy it and comment. And if you are confused with the summary I will tell you: This is a journey of Patrick Pondsucker who faced many challenges throughout his life while finding his wife's murderer. 2015 Los Santos, The city of saints, The city of celluloids, Always crime on street, A man named Patrick Pondsucker lived with his wife named Lithinia Proser. At the Day of thier anniversary, She is found dead on the second floor of the house...... He is the Protagonist of the MP, His wife is murdered and he is searching for the murderer. She is the wife of Patrick, She is murdered by an unknown person. He is the younger cousin brother of Patrick, He formed a criminal family. Z.C Family -An Italian Family -A weak Family -The head of the famliy is unknown The Penlioperor Family -A Russian family -A estabilished family -The Head of the family is unknown (Maybe a man surnamed Penlioperor) The Orin -An American family -A powerful family -The head of the family is Ell Nickert (Patrick's younger cousin brother) The Kiloos -People who betrayed thier respective family joined this gang -An unorganized gang The head of the family is unknown I have not started making missions but I am gonna start from now and the demo is gonna release soon. BTW my exams are coming and I have to study that's why it's gonna work slow and after a month when my exams are over ii's gonna work fast Dutchy3010&PatrickW for making DYOM Seeman&Alien for making CLEO And all of those who will support me
  7. Sleepy Sloth

    [MP] Grand Walking Dead

    The project will be discontinued for 3 months. Sorry However, I'm currently working on my back-up one... Story It's been 87 days since Patient Zero accidentally inhaled the toxic gas of [DATA REDACTED] - a highly toxic gas that can turn humans into violent, flesh eating creatures we know as walkers. The disease has now infected billions of people. You, as a survivor, will have to find the others, unite with them to fight off the creatures and to find a hope for the cure. Characters West Bruno - a police officer, as well as the only survivor in the ruins of Los Santos. (protagonist) Melanie Hughes - a survivor (More coming soon) Screenshots (More coming soon - a few days later) Trailers (Currently working on) Creator's Note Well, this is the first mission pack I have ever created. As you can see I'm a big fan of The Walking Dead and SCP Foundation, that's also the inspiration for me to create this. However, I'm quite busy, so the mission pack might progress slowly... (Hope you don't mind ) By the way, here's the link to my mission pack demo (trailer): http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43847
  8. Rocket man FI

    [MP]Grand Theft Auto SA Warfare

    Story: 2016..San Andreas,become very rich and popular area,but there also some bandits they dont love San Andreas,they wants to take San Andreas to their own,So,They started their operation calledOperation Searchlight.In this operation,They killed many innocent people and raped man women in their house,They also wanted to plant Nuclear bomb to blow San Andreas.Army coundnt stopped them,They failed.So,You will played as Abraham james,Former resident of Carcer City and retired Army officer,We will see how he saves the state,good luck Characters: Abraham james:Protagonist More will come soon Well,More will add soon,Due my half yearly exams going on,Stay tuned,guys
  9. Mission Designer:Hariq37 Story:Hariq37 the LS President get a suprised call from the SF president.where it turned out to be a trap.After the president disapearred.The SF Army make an Sudden invasion on Los Santos.Los santos now in the middle of a war Sgt.Burns: Summary:the main playable protagonist.Not much is known about him.He is a field commander of alpha team.Cpt.Rick trustest man.(status:Alive) Agent James: summary:a playable protagonist in the mission How It Started.one of the president bodyguard along with Agent Josh.Killed while trying to escape with the president.(status:K.I.A) Cpt.Rick: summary:a supporting character.Leader of The Alpha Team.serious on his job.(status:alive) Sgt.Frost: summary:A member of alpha Team.a very skillful soldier(status:alive) Cpl.Carl: Summary:formerly known as CJ.The co-leader of Grove Street Family.Joining the army because he had nothing to do.(status:alive) LS President: summary:a president that really loves Los Santos.captured by SF President man.(Status:Missing) SF President: summary:Formerly,a good friend of The LS President.until his friend want many amount of money.trap him to his trap.(status:alive) Agent Josh: summary:one of president bodyguard.killed when trying to escape with the president.(status:K.I.A) Missions(WIP): Chapter 1:60% Part 1(How It Started):http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/42046 Part 2(The sudden invasion):http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/42047 Part 3(Other side):http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/42108 skins:credits to toast:http://www.mediafire.com/download/vi52du4gwjuzj2k/S.R.D+ACU+camo.rar First Person Mod V3 By BOPOH:http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/73304-first-person-v3/
  10. Huzaifa khan

    Biker's Crew Xtreme

    I proudly presents you my first ever racing Mission pack. Specially design for Dyom Contest #8. Download Bike models: Click here! January-2004, A middle class family of liberty city called "Lucas Family" arrive Las venturas. There are only 2 family members "Martin Lucas" and his mother "Adrian Lucas" and after the death of Martin's father they've nothing. Then martin decided that he find a job in San Andreas biggest city called las venturas. But when they arrive in las venturas, suddenly after 2 weeks his mother death because of illness. Now martin is alone and he has to face many challanges in this city of venturas. Martin has the only honor of bike riding, In liberty city, he won many bike races, and also won many gold medals. But because of his family facing hard days in past, he sold his bike and everything for money. And now Martin Lucas have nothing left, because of that he's alone, so now his survival in this city, is a big challange. More story coming soon in the missions. So stay tune... "The Road Blasters" The crew of Martin Lucas. The protagonist of the story. "The FCR Hunters" The enemy rivals of Martin Lucas crew. And the best racing crew of San Andreas. "The Northwood Bikers" The Desert boys from Las Payasadas. And the most high ranked crew of Venturas. And all time champions. More Crews Added Soon... Life Changing Moments... The College Rivals + SD File The Night pursuit Be A Professional Begining Of New ERA... Later... Later... All credit goes to Dyom Admins Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for this awesome Mod. Graven for logo. ProDX34 who's racing missions, really inspired me alot. My friends who support me everytime. Specially Grand_Dyom and HardluckStyle. who support me everytime. And everyone who play my missions.
  11. FlufferzTheCat

    The Carter Chronicles

    The Carter Chronicles Description Shane Carter was a powerful man in Los Santos. He was a great shooter, and leader. He worked his way up the ladder to sucess in the criminal underground of Los Santos. Unfortanatly, after being arrested on tax evasion, and 4 counts of murder, he was sentenced to life behind bars. After another neutural gang leader who is trying to get his earned respects in the city of saints, arrives to help break him free their lives take a twist on the long road of owning the streets. Will they prevail? Or become and old wives tail? Official Score (Soundtrack) All soundtracks used in missions should all be 100% copyright free, meaning if you were to upload any mission from this pack to a social website (Youtube etc.) You should not get any claims for copyright. If you do however, please contact me imideintly, so i can try to resolve the issue and help your channel as well. You can contact me on either of my Youtube channels, FlufferzTheCat, or TheMobJob via private message. Mods Being the sucky person I am, i am not able to produce mods. The ones in this pack are made by other people. If you see your mod used, please let me know so i can credit you. If you wish for your mod to be removed, I can and will do so. Installing the mods in my pack, use modloader. A tool that allows you to mod your game, without long term change of files. No need to backup any files, just drag and drop to your directory and when you do not want/need them anymore. Simply delete the folder, or disable them in the options > Mod Configuration in the games menus. Mission Listing/Completion Green - Complete Yellow - WIP Red - Not started/Planned Chapter One In The Naked Night The Halo of a Demon Faster Than A Cheetah Rodeo Ruckus Easy as can Be The Battle of the Los Santos River The Rules of the Sands Chapter Two A Change of Plans Burning Down the (Ware) House Death Squad Deliberance The Deal Zhou's Offer Attack on Turf ???? ???? Video Previews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFRpwJ6GQtY Make sure to give a rating of this pack on the DYOM website, and subscribe to my Youtube channels, TheMobJob (GTA5, Funny Moments), and FlufferzTheCat (GTASA DYOM)!
  12. BlackRazor15

    [MP] Hitman 1: Assasin Killer

    January 20,2009 - The First Mission 47 need to kill "Malcolm Sturrok" and the 2nd need to kill "Vinnie Sinistra" And you need to save "Victoria" in 4th Mission Stay Tuned... Agent 47: Diana Burnwoord: Victoria: Carlton Smith: ENEMIES: Agent 48: Vinnie Sinistra: Alexander Leland Cayne: Sergei Zavorotko: Blake Dexter: Malcolm Sturrok: [MP] Hitman 1: Assasin Killer More Characters Added soon in Chapter 2.... Thanks. to Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for this awesome mod DYOM. And Jhan Dave My Friend. Thanks.
  13. DoggoIsGay

    Out of Stuck

    Stuck or Stock and I choose it the Stuck. So, what's been doing that? Out of Stuck! I don't steal the cjarvis's mission pack's name. I made it! Wick or Imscared, don't worry, I choose both. They made it been serious! DESCRIPTION After, i am finishing the short mission pack, Elements of Scott. I'm f*cking tired to make it and everybody love or hate me. So, I returned the two old mission pack, Shine Nervous and White Jack. Sounds like sh*t? You mean it's cancelled? It's going to be renewed that old mission pack. There are more mission pack to me and fully coming soon. What, you think this life is bored? DEVELOPMENT You know what else? I am making the horror mission pack and we need some superb scary sound. But, I'm going to use the background song, theme song and scary sounds. But, this mission pack is based on the Wick and Imscared. I watch the Wick and Imscared's gameplay, if I watched I add and make the mission. Before, i watched the gameplay. Act I, Act II, Act III and more act that is going to make it, sorry I cannot rename to the chapter. Sorry for the sh*tty english, m8! I brave, I BRAVE! I am making the mission only in the creepy forest. STORY Terrance Good is 21 years old and he was turned into the good boy and he speaks bad words. Jerry was forced Terrance to trip the creepy forest with his friends. He was travelling to the creepy forest that are haunted by Wick, White Face and Her (a character from Imscared) with the friends. So, that is no longer in the forest you can't escape and never leave this forest because the three ghosts are going to kill the Terrance and his friends. CHARACTERS Terrance Good: A protagonist of this mission pack, he is a good and ordinary man. He can't do the nothing, as well as helping peoples. Jerry Antera: He is the one who forces Terrance to trip the haunted forest. Mary Wilson: She is an honest girl that she could not tell the lie. Jonathan Hancock: He is kind and he helped Jerry. Earl Hancock: He is Jonathan's brother and he knows what this forest is haunted. Boss Varro: He is the one who helps Terrance in the forest which The Victim Boy tried to eat Terrance Napparo Gafar: A friend of Boss Varro nothing much but they both is friend. But they are gay! They love each other. Larry Topic: He was homeless man and he helped Terrance in White Face's house. The Victim Boy: His name was unknown said to haunt this forest. Based on Wick. White Face: A ghost with whitely face. He looks scared and he is scared to the others and scolding to commit suicide to the others. Based on Imscared. Her: A girl with same face as White Face, a girl's hair and white dress. She was scared to the others. Based on Imscared. More character soon, Terrace's friends will put this when we complete the mission. DOWNLOADS Act I: The Victim Boy ​ Introduction: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/42800 Other Side: Soon Haunted Boy: Soon Behind You: Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon THEME SONG EXTRAS This was based on Wick, a horror game where the boy was dead and he was alive and turned the corpse and Imscared, a 8-bit horror game. That wasn't likely the Wick and Imscared, there will be different and unique (ignore). Adding the house, trees, effects and more objects. You wait between 4 days before I completed the mission. This mission pack does can add the mission on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This mission does have a six acts and six missions, but the total is: Soon. Because, the logo writing 'Out of Stock' is not Out of Stock, a different.
  14. Slickypie

    Debt Trouble

    STORY: You play as Ethan Clark, who had a wish of having a successful resturant. He started his business, it started out well, but one day, everything went wrong... Ethan had to take a loan from a loanshark named Nick. Ethan didn't give back Nick's money in time, and now Nick is aiming to kill Ethan for that. Now Ethan has to decide to either die fleeing, or survive killing. Find out his actions in the first chapter of Debt Trouble... CHARACTERS: Good Guys: Ethan Clark: Is 21 years old, worked in a resturant as a cook before, has got a little experience with guns, drives good, owns a ZR-350. Johnny Parker: 20 years old, best friend of Ethan. Always helps him and supports him. Has no job, always works with Ethan. Has a tiny experience with guns, drives alright, has no car. Harold Smith: 23 years old, good friend of Ethan. Was a driving instructor, but left for a "better life" as he says. Has a good experience with guns, drives perfectly, owns a Buffalo. Michael Woods: 21 years old, friend of Johnny. Works at Ammunation, always looks for dangerous adventures. Has a excellent experience with guns, drives okay, owns a Admiral. Jason Brown: 19 years old, alright friend of Johnny. Mostly sits at home, likes videogames and is learning to hack. Earns money by doing work from other people. Has a bad experience with guns, drives not bad, owns a Quad. Gerald Patterson: 24 years old, good old friend of Harold. Just like Jason, is into technology, is the manager of the Last Dime Hotel, earns money from it. Has a very good experience with guns, drives bad, has no car. Bad guys: Nick Tucker: 26 years old, is a loanshark and also works with the San Fierro mafia. Jack "Big Boss" Turner: 29 years old, is the boss of the San Fierro mafia. Never gives up if someone f**ks with his drug and weapon business. Paul Stevens: 34 years old, is the older brother of Brandon Stevens, and the boss of the Las Venturas mafia. Always holds his brother close, cause his and Brandon's parents died. DOWNLOADS: Chapter 1:DONE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t22eea9g73609g3/Debt_Trouble.rar Chapter 2:DONE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2tyz0wkqw9ubczi/Debt_Trouble_C2.rar Chapter 3:DONE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/h3871u7aq695g7l/Debt_Trouble_C3.rar Chapter 4:NOT STARTED Chapter 5:NOT STARTED FEEDBACK: The entire series are WIP, but I finished the first chapter of my Debt Trouble series, and thought that I could share it. Its my first attempt at making a storyline or a "mission pack", so don't be too harsh please ;3; I plan this to have 4-5 chapters, by the time this is up i've made half of chapter 2. Hope you enjoy
  15. Mission Status: In Progress ....>Read this before: After learning everything about Dyom (Design Your Own Mission). I also started to thinking about to design some mission series. I proudly present you my first mission series ''Alone in the Dark'' Well this story is based on apocalypse horror and epic adventure story. In this Story there are two protagonist Angus Mathew and Coleman Barrett. The story related with only one special things is to survive in hell. The San Andreas are in chaos disaster everywhere and peoples finding a place where they can hide. There are about 54 Mission which will take sorta time and daily i will upload 1-2 missions. So far i know that the mission series will be completed in about 26-27 days. So i highly recommended you to play all missions of both sides. Summary: The story based on two protagonist which are working on different society. Angus Mathew works in Las Venturas Police department and Coleman Barrett works as a agent of government. Before the apocalypse was started Angus Mathew got a mission from chief to operate the casino because the chief got a report that some kind of strange drugs are selling there called ''Red Drug'' The drug was so powerful that they change the human and blood into strange creep things. Who ever used that drugs was become unconscious first and after wake up and started to bite everyone. About time that the drug was also selling in public and about time the apocalypse spread in half of the Las Venturas. Before the Anugs Mathew arrive the humans who become creep things was already left the casino and and make their way to outside, and after the time the whole san andreas was infected by the virus. That creep things first bite other peoples and turn them into like them. Information about Character: Character name: Angus Mathew Short description about character: Angus Mathew is a officer in LV Police department and good skills in weapons. Character name: Coleman Barrett Short description about character: Coleman Barrett is work as a agent of San Andreas Government. Best skills and hands by hand. Character Name: Albert Ryan Short description about character: The Chief of LV Police department. Character Name: Frederick Jones Short description about character: He lives in Los Santos. Character Name: Gale Philip Short description about character: He lives in Red county in a small cabin with his grandpa. Character Name: Peter Atwood Short description about character: He is a Drug dealer lives in Las Venturas. Character Name: Lauren Kurt Short description about character: She is a officer in San Fierro. Character name: Lester Lee Short description about character: He is a Lord Drug dealer in San Andreas. Character name: Alfie Freed Short description about character: He is a leader of all Rifa gangs in San fierro. Character Name: Callie Connor Short description about character: He is young lady live in San fierro study in San fierro School. Character Name: Thomas Todd Short description about character: He is a owner of Ammu - Nation in Las Venturas Character Name: Bryan Walter Short description about character: He is a best goon of Lester lee live with lester Character Name: Roger Ralph Short description about character: He is a Senior officer in LV department Character Name: Paul Garret Short description about character: He is solider of San Andreas Army Missions: Angus Mathew Coleman Barrett Mission #1 - Introduction Mission #2 - It's starting Mission #3 - What is going on? Mission #4 - To the Base Mission #5 - Guest's SPECIAL THANKS: Jimmy_Leppard --- Some ideas about topic style and in game i got from him Dutchy3010 --- Making the Best 2012 - 2016 Modification PatricW --- Making the Best 2012 - 2016 Modification
  16. Topaz17

    [MP] Love and Vengeance

    PAUSED I have paused the designing of this MP due to the loss of the first two missions. Will continue ASAP. Inspired by Nas's song Undying Love. Shortly after the Johnson brothers led the Grove Street families to power and glory in Los Santos, drug business arose again and reached prominence never seen before, starting its new prime. In this, Ballas saw the opportunity to make great riches and take control of the streets once again. However, internal gang problems and everyday life issues will cause some members to break apart from gang activities and focus on their own life. This mission pack follows the story of one of these members. Omar Abdul Omar is the protagonist of this mission pack: a non-prominent, lower-class member of the Ballas gang, he sees gang life as only a minor interest of his. Despite that, he is still a very active criminal, frequently engaging in such activities for his own use and interest. His loyal friends are always by his side. Andy Mason Andy is the deuteragonist of this mission pack: Omar's highschool friend with no crime history and indifferency towards it. Keith Young Keith is the tritagonist of this mission pack: a former gangbanger and bank robber with a lot of experience and connections, looking to settle down and live a quiet life. Tyrone Finley Tyrone is a major character in this mission pack: bearing the similar status as Omar in the ranks of the Ballas, he is one of Omar's best friends. Jerome Dell Jerome is a major character in this mission pack: him, Tyrone and Omar, being so similar to one another and having the same interests, make the big three that ignites the story. Jenine Richardson Jenine is a minor character in this mission pack: a short-time girlfriend of Omar, she appears to him to be his soulmate. Beta mission: will be published in a couple of hours Act 1: 100% complete (can be published by request, otherwise will be published when the mission pack is complete) Act 2: 45% complete (will be published when the mission pack is complete) Act 3: 0% complete (will be published when the mission pack is complete) Mission pack: 50% complete Undying Love, the song by which this mission pack was inspired Along with this topic, follow my DYOM profile for news and updates on this mission pack adidas78

    GTA Tony's Stories Remake

    Hello everyone and welcome to a new storyline by me. This storyline is a remake of a old missionpack I made in 2014 called GTA United Tony's Stories. This SL will contain three chapters and a special edition version will be released once the SL is complete. You'll need San Vice BETA 3 for this SL to work. The map mod can be found under the Downloads header. 2015... You play as Tony, a criminal working for BJ Jones, a corrupt car dealer who pays Tony to repo cars for him. Tony started to hate this job because of the low pay BJ Jones gives him and always used to wondering how the big rich criminals lived their lives. One day that all changed when a random caller called Tony and told him to assassinate BJ Jones and in exchange, he could have a job that could give him more than BJ Jones could. This is where Tony's rise of power begins... Tony - The Protagonist BJ Jones - Corrupt Car Salesman Johnny Scaletti - Underboss Of The Scaletti Crime Family Dre Smith - Tony's Gun Dealer Friend Forge - Second In Command X - The Money Huslter 3T - The Angry Gunner Brian Davis - Corrupt C.I.A Agent Vlad Faustin - Leader Of The Russian Mafia Marco Scaletti - Leader Of The Scaletti Crime Family Vice City Gangstas Russian Mafia Vipers MC Scaletti Crime Family Vice City Traids Vice City Kingz San Vice BETA 3: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=2330 DYOM Storyline CHAPTER 1 (DYOM site link because error has been somewhat fixed): http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41038 DYOM Storyline CHAPTER 2: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41288 DBZOVERLORD700 - Creating the DYOM Rockstar Games - For giving us GTA San Andreas PatrickW & Dutchy3010 - For creating DYOM Goldkiller - For creating San Vice BETA 3 GangstaZilla203 - For the "Deliver The 'Mail'" mission plus he let me use one of his protagonists WARNING: YOU MUST INSTALL SAN VICE BETA 3 FOR THIS STORYLINE TO WORK
  18. Alright Guys.. HaX here.. I've been working for a few weeks and came up with a plan to make mission Kingsman: The Secret Service Mission Story: The story starts with a Secret Service Organization namely Kingsman. The Characters include: 1.) Harry( Not the ones in the movie): A new recruit 2.) Bruce: An Old Spy, now only capable for office work. 3.) Oleg: An experienced Spy, currently undercover and working as a famous organization (SACF) San Andreas Crime Family. As soon as i make missions, I upload it on gtagames.nl Following are the links for my Intro Missions.. http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41041 http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41101 Act 1 is uploaded: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41285 Please Rate and comment.. **Currently Working on trailers** **Need Someone for Gameplay Video** Characters: Harry: Oleg: Bruce: Smithers: Trailer: Currently Work In progress **Please Rate and comment**
  19. Nathan T.

    Scarface: Montana's World

    Welcome to my new DYOM project, here I will post all the news of this serie, the progress, the characters... You will need very Skins and the mod GTA United to play the missions of this serie. Thanks.. -Vice City 1983- --Vice City 1983-- Vice City, 1983, Cuban refugee Antonio "Tony" Montana arrives in Vice City, in the refugee, he know Manny Ray. Your future friend in Crime Life. Tony and Manny escaped of Fidel's Castro revolutions in the end of 1982. Tony dreams of becoming a boss of organized crime in Vice City, Money fast, respect fast! Antonio Raimundo Montana (Tony Montana) Is the protagonist of the Storyline, he's a cuban refugee of arrive in Vice City, he born in 1940. Alejandro Sosa (Sosa) Alejandro Sosa "Alex" is a bolivian Drug Dealer and a leader of a unknown cartel in Bolivia. GTA United 1.2: http://www.gtaunited.net/downloads.p6.html Skins: Coming soon Storyline DYOM: Coming soon LiveLife, cj2000, ManDog and ATP for create GTA United 1.2. PatrickW and Dutchy3010 for create DYOM MOD. Vercetti Games (me) for creating the Storyline.
  20. DoggoIsGay

    Banned Citizens

    LOGO SOON! DESCRIPTION Before the missions are not finished as possible that gives me the suicide bored. I made this zombie mission pack because the zombies are the most important that you gives the cool idea in Design Your Own Missions. Anyways, thanks to administrator and moderators for the name that called 'Banned or Ban'. This mission pack was all lot of story, lot of missions and lot of characters. More objective appear soonly! More zombies appear! I can't add the cars with black smoke because i got bored. Reasoning, i got headace, fever and flu. Sorry, people! I'm gonna uploading in Dumpinggrounds Mission because i can't make the new account! STORY Before, Louis sleep in the night reason of drunk. The zombie growns sound was appear and haunt in the Louis's place. After, Louis wake up and the aplocalypse start then the first objective is the zombies attack the Louis's girlfriend, Skyler. It means you help the Skyler. Oops, i didn't know! Louis is start talking funny thing! In 3:00 pm, the robberys has robbing in the Zomboteh. In last thing he is gonna drink the chocolate potion which it's turn into the zombie. He drinked and he became zombie to infected all peoples. The president are alive and stayed in safehouse. This is not the sequel of all the zombies mission pack. Gonna definitely 6 Days Later! CHARACTERS PROTAGONIST GIRLFRIEND FRIEND FAMILY DEAD UNDEAD IDK Louis Rex Louis Rex are the playable/protagonist in this misson pack. Why he is survivor? Because, he is drunk in the night of yesterday with the unknown friend! Before, he got sleep in his house. Then and now, in morning the zombie aplocalypse begins. Louis got the scared! Photo: Skyler Brooklyn Skyler Brooklyn is the girlfriend of Louis Rex. She was help by Louis after the zombies try to infect the Skyler. Because, she is hating the interest is dandruff which it's a common skin condition that causes dry white or grey flakes of dead skin to appear in the scalp or hair. The flakes are often noticeable if they fall from your scalp on to your shoulders. Your scalp may also feel dry and itchy. Also she says the 'f*ck dandruff' in the first mission. Photo: Gabriel Rex Gabriel Rex is the Louis's brother. He is very fun with Louis! Before, the childhood. His mother dead because the childbirth when Louis borns. His father is alive because he is in the another country called 'Japan'. He is technology at the unknown consumer electronic company. Gabriel stays in the born place and the zombie begins the Gabriel does have the Deagle to beat the zombies. Photo: Tyler Henry Tyler is Louis's close friend. He and the Louis are study the class in childhood. Swear, the fun is on and prank. Before the zombie aplocalypse, Tyler was scare to infect to him. In this route, Louis has dream with no zombie mode. Photo: Daniel Nemo Daniel Nemo is the unknown person that lives in San Fierro. In this day, something was worried how the citizens became the undead. He have the sister name 'Alessa Neckroute'. So, what's plan to help the Nemo? Photo: Alessa Neckroute Alessa Neckroute is the brother of Daniel Nemo. She has with the Daniel Nemo in the San Fierro after zombie aplocalypse. Everything, i call it the unknown person. Photo: REQUIRED MODS GTA SA Big Creature [replace the male01 to this skin] : http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=16953 Bllzlla Monster Mod [originally Monsters at GF] : http://www.moddb.com/games/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas/downloads/monsters-at-grove-street-bridge-v21 DOWNLOADS CHAPTER 1: The Nightmare and the Funny Things Intro/Mission #1 - Disk Thousand Dead: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/40875 Mission #2 - Finding and Helping Tyler: SOON Mission #3 - Dark of Zerolize: SOON Mission #4 - Feminism: SOON Mission #5 - Proof?: SOON Will make in April! I will make the short mission pack! Sorry for the bad english CANCELLED!
  21. 21 October, 2016. A secret spy from the San Fierro army entered the Las Venturas as terrorist. He went to the area of the Redsands East with evil plans. He blasted a bomb there causing chaos. 23 October, 2016, the Captain Wolf, Richards from Las Venturas army informs the General that the San Fierro army is trying to take over the whole State of San Andreas. And San Fierro has already taken over Los Santos. The General seals the city and prepares his army for the War. Sergeant Kevin Simpson: The soldier from the Las Venturas and the protagonist of the story. The brave soldier who becomes a scout and goes to San Fierro. Captain Wolf Richards: The Captain of the Las Venturas army. The commander of the Sergeant Kevin. He guides him on his mission in San Fierro, General Sam Rogers: The General of the Las Venturas army. Lt. Henry: Another playable character. He is very brave when it comes to war and fighting for his country and people. He becomes Kevin's best partner when he finds him. Captain John Steven: The commander of the San Fierro army. The main enemy in the story. Download Link: Coming Soon... Introduction Mission Link: Click Here 14-3-2016: Topic Updated 20-3-2016: Another character added.
  22. HunkDYOM

    [Mission Pack] Hunk

    Topic is still in progress. Status: WIP Progress: 0% Story In 1999, San Andreas was one of the states to be quarantined due to a potential virus outbreak. San Andreas was quarantined in less than a week and left the state full of infected humans, thus declaring Code Red. Hunk, a special agent of the Umbrella Secret Service, was assigned on a mission to evacuate any remaining survivors as many as possible throughout the entire state. Hunk must make through any obstacle in his way along the mission. Characters Hunk - Main protagonist and a ruthless operative of Umbrella. Groups & Organizations Umbrella Infected Bandits Survivors Missions Act I Prologue
  23. Springfield

    Armored Warfare [Mission - Pack]

    Well hello! guys welcome to my project Armored Warfare. In this project i'am going to make many missions and it will take some time to finishing them. I'am doing my best, to make this Mission expensive for you guy's. I'll do my best to correct my spells. Just if you like it then do forget to give feedback. 1993, San andreas in Los Santos, a place of violence and full of gang's terrorites. The people's of Los santos, soo much hate with gang's and there violence. But after some years ago, goverment of san andreas, cover all the places of San Andreas with special forces, because the president of San Andreas Michael, informed by some of his agent that the russains goverment, they are planning to take over the San Andreas. But the agent was been suspect and catches from russains, and now before they want to take over the San andreas first they kill the President, Prime minster cadwick was lost after the incident, now after killing the president they completely successful to capture the san andreas. Find what will happen next. Leo Hesper - (Protagonist) Leo hesper, the business man in Vice city, but after goverment banned his business in the reason of drugs dealer, leo started a new life in San andreas and fining his brother. A Protagonist of the story. Paul Johnson - (Survival team leader) The Working manager of Los santos cars shop. A leader of survival team, who help there team everytime, and give them some good ideas. Dwayne Smith - (A member of survival team) Dwyane Smith a professional in outdoors activities, His father was died in a war between Russain's and usa, he has angry blood of enemie's just like his father. Annie Michael - (Member of survivial team) She is a professional trained in ammun- nation Shooting range, she always like to play with danger, a killer of shooting range. Johnny Winston - (Leader of SF army) He is a San fierro army leader, who make plans to survive from russains and finding a safe base, where they can plan to undo peace-full again in san andreas. Ellizabel Sunghai - (A member of Survival team) She is the oldest partner of wuiz team, he was special agent. But he was retired, and now he lives alone. A perfect accurate in Sniper. Marstall Hesper - (Sa Army solider) Marstall hesper a Good solider, he always got duty in HQ Military Base. He is a brother of leo hesper. John Blaze - (Special of russains) He is a special solider of russains, he from other country, but russains kidnapped his family and offer them for work as a special solider. Sa-Army (A brave force of San andreas) A brave army of Sa, they are always ready to defeat there enemies and always ready for the help. Cadwick (Prime Minster) Cadwick the prime Minister of san andreas. Michael (President) The president of San andreas, who was been died with the hands of russains. Beglumary Akon - (A agent of Russains) Beglumary akon, a special agent of russains, who plan and agent on russains. Akinastor Luin - (A General of Russains) A general of Russains army, who send the agent to attack on Sa president. [Remember]: The topic is underconstruction, only some screenshots and trailer are left to done. Chapter 1 - (It's Begining) Chapter 2 - (Operations) Special Thanks Husnain Making the this Project atricW and Duychy3010 Making thisModification (DYOM)

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