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    GTA Tony's Stories Remake

    Hello everyone and welcome to a new storyline by me. This storyline is a remake of a old missionpack I made in 2014 called GTA United Tony's Stories. This SL will contain three chapters and a special edition version will be released once the SL is complete. You'll need San Vice BETA 3 for this SL to work. The map mod can be found under the Downloads header. 2015... You play as Tony, a criminal working for BJ Jones, a corrupt car dealer who pays Tony to repo cars for him. Tony started to hate this job because of the low pay BJ Jones gives him and always used to wondering how the big rich criminals lived their lives. One day that all changed when a random caller called Tony and told him to assassinate BJ Jones and in exchange, he could have a job that could give him more than BJ Jones could. This is where Tony's rise of power begins... Tony - The Protagonist BJ Jones - Corrupt Car Salesman Johnny Scaletti - Underboss Of The Scaletti Crime Family Dre Smith - Tony's Gun Dealer Friend Forge - Second In Command X - The Money Huslter 3T - The Angry Gunner Brian Davis - Corrupt C.I.A Agent Vlad Faustin - Leader Of The Russian Mafia Marco Scaletti - Leader Of The Scaletti Crime Family Vice City Gangstas Russian Mafia Vipers MC Scaletti Crime Family Vice City Traids Vice City Kingz San Vice BETA 3: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=2330 DYOM Storyline CHAPTER 1 (DYOM site link because error has been somewhat fixed): http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41038 DYOM Storyline CHAPTER 2: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41288 DBZOVERLORD700 - Creating the DYOM Rockstar Games - For giving us GTA San Andreas PatrickW & Dutchy3010 - For creating DYOM Goldkiller - For creating San Vice BETA 3 GangstaZilla203 - For the "Deliver The 'Mail'" mission plus he let me use one of his protagonists WARNING: YOU MUST INSTALL SAN VICE BETA 3 FOR THIS STORYLINE TO WORK
  2. NOTE: This is a Work In Progress. Whats up people, after a long break from DYOM I've decided to return. With many mission packs left in the dust, I figured out the problem - I improvise my stories a lot. This time, I've written up a whole script fitted with fleshed out characters and a consistent story, and hope the planning pays off. So far, I've made two missions and will continue to work on completing the missions throughout my holiday break. I hope you all enjoy it. Peace out people. THEME SONG STORY Leon Edison is part of a criminal crew, pulling off a series of audacious heists across Las Venturas. The crew was once an unknown name, robbing gas stations and banks but soon developed and went on to perform heists across the various casinos of Las Venturas, giving them a name for themselves across the Venturas criminal underworld. With this status they've earned, the crew have soon come to learn that one minor screw-up can lead to having many enemies. Now Leon must cope with keeping friends and family out of danger, while putting his enemies in danger. It's the survival of one thief truced with a small amount of allies, against an army of killers set outo to eliminate Leon Edison. CHARACTERS Leon Edison The protagonist and playable character of the mission series. Leon is a sensible character who has made a name for himself by his ability get the job done quickly and with ease. A man who knows right from wrong, Leon is the co-founder of the crew he is in that performs heists. Affiliation: Marcus' crew. Marcus Frost The founder of the crew, Marcus is the most trusted, sympathetic and friendly of the crew. Although he doesn't take part in performing the heists, he is the brains behinds the heist and sets up plans to get in, grab the score and getaway. Affiliation: Marcus' crew. Simon Frye Simon is a ruthless killer that finds humor in grim situations and seems to lack sympathy for even the most unfortunate people, due to his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Affiliation: Marcus' crew, Phillip Teller Phillip is disliked by others due to his selfishness and egotistical nature. He knows how to use a gun well but is often paranoid and dim witted. He is the reason why Lester Drake found out about their crew. Affiliation: Marcus' crew Lester Drake Refereed to as Drake, he controls Marcus' crew as he holds power over them with his goons, demanding them to give him half the cut from their heists. He is an annoyance and in control but weak when under watch by people who can hold power over him. He also owns a car dealership, where his goons help him out. Affiliation: Drake's gang. Jack Martinez Referred to as Martinez, he is the leader of the 8 Wolfs gang, the most powerful gang in Las Venturas. He is smart, knows how to run a gang and can easily manipulate people. Not afraid to hurt anyone. Affiliation: 8 Wolfs Arthur Black Arthur Black is the richest man in Las Venturas and owns many properties, namely Caligulas Casino. He is very attached to this casino and is willing to pay the price in order to prevent anyone from attacking it. Affiliation: None Viktor Yefremov Drakes most trusted man and associate. He is a Russian man who doesn't speak English very well but is extremely smart and wants to protect his family. He commonly refers to people as "my friend" Affiliation: Drakes gang John Zedd The leader of a currently unnamed gang which is comprised of the best assassins from across the United States. He holds very great power due to the fact that he can command a gang of assassins to take out a large number of people. He is on the FBI's most wanted list. Affiliation: Currently unnamed gang Ben Miller A technician that is a part of Marcus' crew. He uses his technological skills to help out in heists, such as clearing police records and hacking into databases. Affiliation: Marcus' crew MISSION LIST I will release the first two missions for you guys. I'll continue to make and release missions as often as I can. Chapter 1 - Enemy of my enemy... 1. Introduction - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39945 2 Against the odds - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39946 3. Bomb squad - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39957 4. Predators - http://www.mediafire.com/download/164ifa254ffnh4b/DYOM0.dat 5. The meeting - http://www.mediafire.com/download/nn8dnq43omsnlhm/DYOM0%282%29.dat 6. Underdeveloped takeout - https://www.mediafire.com/?pm9ls5hjub41c3y 7. Three man army - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47854 8. Fall of an empire - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47855 All chapter 1 missions in zip file - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47857 Chapter 2 9. Just like old times - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/49462 10. Rise of the fallen - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/49463
  3. vengeancehawk

    Pizza Boy [Mission-Pack]

    VENGEANCEHAWK presents SEASON TWO HAS BEEN RELEASED In Pizza Boy, you are not a super-soldier. You don't jump out of planes to kill Russians on a cargo ship and the world isn't ending anytime soon. You have one simple job: Deliver pizzas. Now despite what I just said, your job is never really that simple. Along the way, you will find the oddest bunch in all of San Andreas, get in fights with men dressed as chickens, race scooters, and fall in love. CHARACTERS This mission series won't particularly be known for it's super diverse characters as there is only one pizza worker in the entire state. Jim (Ted) While all his friends were busy fighting Russians, or on the run from the US military, Jim was delivering pizzas. It wasn't the most glamorous life, but it was his life. Jim was born and raised in Los Santos and joined the Well Stacked branch in 2009. Since then, he has proved himself as the most valuable member across the state. Early 20s. Witpro gave him his new name of Ted in Season 2. Neil Jim's co-worker. While not the sharpest tool in the shed, his work ethic is nearly unmatched. 19 years old Annika Jim's love interest in Season 2. Annika's Dad Father of Annika who doesn't care for Jim/Ted in the slightest. MISSIONS SEASON ONE First Delivery (Redux)--Remastered edition of the series' first mission Employee Poaching--Neil has been persuaded to leave Well Stacked and join Cluckin Bell. Teach the manager a lesson and get Neil back! In Three Minutes or Less--Race Neil around town and deliver your pizzas in East LS faster than him. Workplace Violence--VITAL MISSION SPOILERS DON'T CLICK IF YOU DON'T TO BE SPOILED!!! A Change of Pace--SPOILERS RELATED TO PREVIOUS MISSION!!! Lazy Sunday--Enjoy your day off! Hangover from Hell--A night of drinking has left you hallucinating... SEASON TWO Love in the Workplace Part 1-- Jim meets a lovely woman while working the register. Love in the Workplace Part 2--After catching Jim and Annika in the act, Annika's dad (who happens to be the manager) attacks Jim at work and fires him afterwards. Paper Chaser--Jim/Ted fills out his application and before he can turn it in, a biker bumps into him sending the application flying. Ted must quickly chase them down across Las Venturas. The Waiting Game-- While waiting for a callback, a figure from Ted's past makes an appearance. He is forced to make a haunting decision. DOWNLOADS DYOM--http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/41496

    [TLB] TBoPG

    Typing mistake, *Ballad. Heheh. What is this thing? in some simple words, this is a storyline in which all you are going to do is to kill kill kill , steal the wheel and donate Da Money. That's it. This is my maybe second storyline, the mislead part of my 'Lost' The Lost Blood series. just like any random mission pack you find here, it also contains corrupt government and the protagonist, with hatred feelings towards the government officials and blah blah, but with a benevolent sight for poor people, no noh! you're not a superhero or nothing like that. just simple and overused theme. If you are really sensitive to jokes,puns over racism, then, leave this topic right here, because this storyline contains some offending materials to people of different races. alright? don't poke me about this complaint. f*ck that sh*t, welcome to this topic anyway, if you have any damn hatred feelings for me, come on say that, i won't mind that, until i already gave you warning. goodluck and thanks for playing my missions. This is the story of Polo Garmer, a 29'ish, average standing, african guy who used to work on his step dad's field, being a normal, sobar and introvert human, he always had kind feelings for people, until he came to know about the f*cking reality of this cruel world, hey you! you are also part of this world. He didn't find his family bit comfortable with him, he used to stay isolated, but still loved his 'additional' parents because of care they gave him. World is a game of time, the biggest weapon who destroys everything coming in its way, no sorry, i am not a poet and i can't be neither. as time passed, barley mafia started up scrutinizing the green woods, they explored every field as a record for their census, lying that they work for the government, but unfortunately, they ended up being fake after they forcefully sold Galic's farm and earned tons of dollars, leaving a residue, a residue of Polo's parents, their blood and dead body which was going to get decomposed in some few days due to presence of some carbon, methane blah ______ (I fail at chemistry,mind it.) Polo is now working in a cruise import/export business in San Fierro with his teammates who just got their house on regular payment which they make it through their job Sorry for the English! Sorry for the unsuitable music. Polo Garmer I'd told you about him earlier, so lets skip. Hector Dormington One of the Polo's close friends, he is a cool, hygienic and brutal heart human, who once killed his own family during his teenage . He doesn't bother feelings of the poor or anything, all he know is to take care of Polo, do his job and make robberies. Status : Alive Hopper (Hop) Sometimes called Hopper or Hop, he is the gunsmen of Polo, if you ever need some heavy steel, call this guy and he'll surely get your requirement. but, you gotta pay him. Status : Alive James Game The leader of Game Brother Textiles association, he is also the head of cruise business and your boss, you gotta obey him before he kicks you out and makes you unemployed Status : Alive Agarlias Game The Owner of Game Adult film industries, he's brother of James and both brother hate each other, jealous and fire. you'll have to work for him sometimes, maybe. Status : Alive Father Elvis He's the man, original name is Robert, but he made Elvis, his inspiration and follows him, but there is one thing which differentiates him from that real Elvis, that is crime status, this Robert is a 50 cent gangsta and cockblocker of the SFPD. Status : Alive Alfred Tony Best buddy of Polo, he shows his fraternity to him the most and keeps on spending his spare time with him , he's not a gay, but both Polo and him have close brotherhood feelings for each others. Status : Alive Father Fatti Tron Despite being a sandwich, he can run more that usain bolt can if he ever founds out that a snake is tickling his ass while pooping, he is seriously a man not to trifle with, the brave, outrageous spherical guy who always support his hood and gets ready for his death. Status : Alive Version 1.0 - Download! Version 1.1 (Work in Progress, 5% done.) Some Screenshots! Reviews! Sorry for the informal way of using language. Storyline contains offending stuff. English is neither my first nor second language, so don't expect an A1 english from me, neither i can. Sorry for disappointment, i'll update this topic soon as i'll get more active. Topic Under Construction
  5. "Play your cards right..." SYNOPSIS Chapter 1: The Humble Beginnings It is 1993. Fresh from Liberty City, junior CIA agent Isaac Pierce is sent to San Andreas by his superiors to help work on the CIA's case on Carl Johnson, a street thug turned multi-millionaire. When he arrives, little does Pierce know what's in store for him, as he is given multiple tasks that will test his abilities as a CIA agent. Chapter 2: The Unlikely Ally ​Coming soon Chapter 3: The Wild Card Coming soon CHARACTERS [table] CHARACTERINFO Isaac PierceThe funny but not so witty protagonist of Cards Against Humanity. He has been working for the CIA for five years however he has not yet received a promotion since he got the job, some think it's because of his pacifistic nature. He will, however, do things with no regret if he deems it right.Mike TorenoPierce's superior during his stay in San Andreas. Known for his jobs, problems, gigs, whatever you call them, Toreno does fulfill his promises to the many men he has employed. He later gets promoted to senior CIA agent and brags about it 24/7 to his colleagues.Agent YPierce's second superior and good friend during his stay in San Andreas. Not much is known about him, mostly because he refuses to share his real name. He, however, has proven he is loyal to Pierce and will stand by his side most of the time.Oscar GarnettA childhood rival of Pierce, who has been bugging his life since the two of them joined the CIA. Often insulted for his weight, Garnett is, however, an experienced CIA agent and unlike Pierce, was only sent to San Andreas when it was deemed necessary.Carl JohnsonPierce's reason for coming to San Andreas. He is a gangster from the Grove Street Families and turned into a multi-millionaire in a span of 15 months. He has connections with several key people in the entire state, and is definitely not a man to be messed with.[/table] MISSIONS [table] CHAPTER 1: The Humble Beginnings MISSIONDIFFICULTY The Not So Pleasant WelcomeINTRO Copperband ButterfliesTBD A Certain Trust IssueTBD Murderer In The MakingTBD Snow In The SaharaTBD CrossroadsTBD Walking On BoomshineTBD Dumbasses In DespairOUTRO[/table] Chapter 1: The Humble Beginnings (DECEMBER 2016) SCREENSHOTS Will be released soon. NOTES Mission timer is 2 missions per 7 days. Project is currently being restarted.
  6. Nathan T.

    Scarface: Montana's World

    Welcome to my new DYOM project, here I will post all the news of this serie, the progress, the characters... You will need very Skins and the mod GTA United to play the missions of this serie. Thanks.. -Vice City 1983- --Vice City 1983-- Vice City, 1983, Cuban refugee Antonio "Tony" Montana arrives in Vice City, in the refugee, he know Manny Ray. Your future friend in Crime Life. Tony and Manny escaped of Fidel's Castro revolutions in the end of 1982. Tony dreams of becoming a boss of organized crime in Vice City, Money fast, respect fast! Antonio Raimundo Montana (Tony Montana) Is the protagonist of the Storyline, he's a cuban refugee of arrive in Vice City, he born in 1940. Alejandro Sosa (Sosa) Alejandro Sosa "Alex" is a bolivian Drug Dealer and a leader of a unknown cartel in Bolivia. GTA United 1.2: http://www.gtaunited.net/downloads.p6.html Skins: Coming soon Storyline DYOM: Coming soon LiveLife, cj2000, ManDog and ATP for create GTA United 1.2. PatrickW and Dutchy3010 for create DYOM MOD. Vercetti Games (me) for creating the Storyline.
  7. Springfield

    Armored Warfare [Mission - Pack]

    Well hello! guys welcome to my project Armored Warfare. In this project i'am going to make many missions and it will take some time to finishing them. I'am doing my best, to make this Mission expensive for you guy's. I'll do my best to correct my spells. Just if you like it then do forget to give feedback. 1993, San andreas in Los Santos, a place of violence and full of gang's terrorites. The people's of Los santos, soo much hate with gang's and there violence. But after some years ago, goverment of san andreas, cover all the places of San Andreas with special forces, because the president of San Andreas Michael, informed by some of his agent that the russains goverment, they are planning to take over the San Andreas. But the agent was been suspect and catches from russains, and now before they want to take over the San andreas first they kill the President, Prime minster cadwick was lost after the incident, now after killing the president they completely successful to capture the san andreas. Find what will happen next. Leo Hesper - (Protagonist) Leo hesper, the business man in Vice city, but after goverment banned his business in the reason of drugs dealer, leo started a new life in San andreas and fining his brother. A Protagonist of the story. Paul Johnson - (Survival team leader) The Working manager of Los santos cars shop. A leader of survival team, who help there team everytime, and give them some good ideas. Dwayne Smith - (A member of survival team) Dwyane Smith a professional in outdoors activities, His father was died in a war between Russain's and usa, he has angry blood of enemie's just like his father. Annie Michael - (Member of survivial team) She is a professional trained in ammun- nation Shooting range, she always like to play with danger, a killer of shooting range. Johnny Winston - (Leader of SF army) He is a San fierro army leader, who make plans to survive from russains and finding a safe base, where they can plan to undo peace-full again in san andreas. Ellizabel Sunghai - (A member of Survival team) She is the oldest partner of wuiz team, he was special agent. But he was retired, and now he lives alone. A perfect accurate in Sniper. Marstall Hesper - (Sa Army solider) Marstall hesper a Good solider, he always got duty in HQ Military Base. He is a brother of leo hesper. John Blaze - (Special of russains) He is a special solider of russains, he from other country, but russains kidnapped his family and offer them for work as a special solider. Sa-Army (A brave force of San andreas) A brave army of Sa, they are always ready to defeat there enemies and always ready for the help. Cadwick (Prime Minster) Cadwick the prime Minister of san andreas. Michael (President) The president of San andreas, who was been died with the hands of russains. Beglumary Akon - (A agent of Russains) Beglumary akon, a special agent of russains, who plan and agent on russains. Akinastor Luin - (A General of Russains) A general of Russains army, who send the agent to attack on Sa president. [Remember]: The topic is underconstruction, only some screenshots and trailer are left to done. Chapter 1 - (It's Begining) Chapter 2 - (Operations) Special Thanks Husnain Making the this Project atricW and Duychy3010 Making thisModification (DYOM)
  8. Huzaifa khan

    Biker's Crew Xtreme

    I proudly presents you my first ever racing Mission pack. Specially design for Dyom Contest #8. Download Bike models: Click here! January-2004, A middle class family of liberty city called "Lucas Family" arrive Las venturas. There are only 2 family members "Martin Lucas" and his mother "Adrian Lucas" and after the death of Martin's father they've nothing. Then martin decided that he find a job in San Andreas biggest city called las venturas. But when they arrive in las venturas, suddenly after 2 weeks his mother death because of illness. Now martin is alone and he has to face many challanges in this city of venturas. Martin has the only honor of bike riding, In liberty city, he won many bike races, and also won many gold medals. But because of his family facing hard days in past, he sold his bike and everything for money. And now Martin Lucas have nothing left, because of that he's alone, so now his survival in this city, is a big challange. More story coming soon in the missions. So stay tune... "The Road Blasters" The crew of Martin Lucas. The protagonist of the story. "The FCR Hunters" The enemy rivals of Martin Lucas crew. And the best racing crew of San Andreas. "The Northwood Bikers" The Desert boys from Las Payasadas. And the most high ranked crew of Venturas. And all time champions. More Crews Added Soon... Life Changing Moments... The College Rivals + SD File The Night pursuit Be A Professional Begining Of New ERA... Later... Later... All credit goes to Dyom Admins Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for this awesome Mod. Graven for logo. ProDX34 who's racing missions, really inspired me alot. My friends who support me everytime. Specially Grand_Dyom and HardluckStyle. who support me everytime. And everyone who play my missions.
  9. DKI

    Who's the Daddy

    The title may seems silly. But don't judge the mission by it's title. (JK) "I will protect my daughter at all cost." -Jack Thompson Intro: 1981-1996 San Fierro 1981. Crisis economy of San Andreas is getting worse as the corruption and tyranical government rules the region cities and oppress the poor people. Only Las Venturas that did not suffer under the tyranical of San Andreas governor Anas Urbaningrum. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. So the only way people can survive in this state is to become as evil as their government. One of these people is Jack Thompson. A 25 years old man who has stuck in the crime life since he was teenager. He and his team have done many criminal acts for years. Until a time when they managed to steal Matsuda's belongings. Leader of Reiketsuna Kira Yakuza operating at San Fierro. The yakuza killed Jack's wife and kidnaped his 2 years old daughter. After rescued his daughter, Jack abandoned his team and fled to Las Venturas for the safety of his daughter, which is much safer than San Fierro. Then, he lives peacefully for 15 years. Until the mayor of Las Venturas that always oppose the dictatorship government, dies misteriously. Las Venturas will be the 2nd most corrupt city in San Andreas. Act 1: Back to San Fierro (1996-????) Coming soon! Intro: Prologue (Jack Thompson) http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39170 I Quit (Jack Thompson) http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/40118 Act 1: W.I.P. Dutchy3010 and PatrickW. for creating DYOM DKI (me) for creating the missions, and also the headers
  10. Hdxt_Hardluck

    The Fall [SL]

    SL-Status San Fierro 70's... The streets are though. Jerom Patin gets involved in a life of crime when he joins the "Vallas" mafia "Vallas" are in control of Kings, Queens and Garcia regions, but, soon enough, comes the Fall... But as a war bettwen them and the "Marashi" rivals start, nothing is certain anymore... Jerom Patin Status: Alive The most trusted members of the mafia (Vallas Mafia) Jay Elando Status: Alive One of Vallas mafia goons he's work with Jerom and Ivan both. Ivan Brown Status: Alive Also one of Vallas Mafia goons, work's toghter with Jerom and Jay Vallas Mafia Status: Alive About: Their rivals Maroshi Mafia, always wanted them the most evil... Marashi Mafia Status: Alive About: Their rivals the Vallas Mafia, they're always in confilicts bettwen each others... TBA. The Fall [DEMO] - The topic still under constructions - The SL will include 8+ missions - SD included too - Skins (Needed) = Here - Added a logo since (04/01/2016)- - DEMO uploaded. Me for the SL FunkyRJ for the Headers
  11. (Logo created since 30/12/2015) *Welcome to Survivors: Mankind's Demise - Season One. This is a whole new horror survival mission-pack that's been inspired by the video game - Dying Light. This mission pack has nothing to do with The Survivors franchise, it's not a remake, nor a reboot, nor a continuation - it's a whole new mission-pack. Season One will contain five episodes. (To show support, you may donate if you want more type of projects like this. You're not forced to do so, it all depends on you, but a little support can help. ) Click Here! STORY 1999. A virus broke out in the three main cities of San Andreas. First it was Las Venturas, then Los Santos and now San Fierro. The virus made us, humans, become aggressive and start killing other people. Soon after that, something bizarre happened - the sun never shined it's light. The sun... disappeared. It's only a cold night here in San Andreas, with roaming monsters in the streets. This.. is our story. We. Are. The. Survivors. CHARACTERS MISSIONS Episode 1: Every Second Counts (Episode unavailable) Episode 2: The Way Out (Episode unavailable) Episode 3: Lost & Found (Episode unavailable) Episode 4: A Long Journey (Episode unavailable) Episode 5: Scientific Theory (Episode unavailable)
  12. PyThOn #TakeItEasy

    GTA SA - San Fierro Stories (W.I.P)

    Welcome here guys, I'm working on my biggest project ever, SAN FIERRO STORIES!!! There is a big gang war between WILLIAM HALES, MICHAEL CORKY AND STEVEN GOTH. They are the leaders of DA NANG BOYS, TRAIDS and SAN FIERRO RIFA respectively. Play this to know about this gang wars....... GANG LEADERS: WILLIAM HALES (DA NANG BOYS) MICHAEL CORKY (TRAIDS) STEVEN GOTH (SAN FIERRO RIFA) CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3 Above you will see a voting poll, Vote for gang wars which you like in SFS, I will create CHAPTERS accordingly you like VOTING LINE WILL BE CLOSED ON 18 OCTOBER 3:00pm
  13. DoggoIsGay


    WOODMAN PRESENTS......... EEIYA is my chronicles mission pack. i was in the school, some guy name Kaveeraj he is say EEIYA! It gets me annoying and like the f*cking sh*t. So, i friendly and sorry to him. So, i will do the mission pack name EEIYA. Cause, it his name I made the acts so this is gonna be the longest project ever and 8 chapters like Jimmy_Leppard and more objective. Kaveeraj is gonna happy with me! In Dillimore, Kaveeraj buyed the house, it was owned by Woodman and Kaveeraj. So, here is the act's story Act 1: The Relationship of Woodman: So, Woodman got the girlfriend, so somebody must disturb his and his girlfriend, Kaveeraj tell to Woodman, Alex comes, he tell to Alex. The jobs must be happended? Kaveeraj and Alex meet the Harry and telling to the job. The first job is kill the Hesoyam Group because he betray my girlfriend. second job must be the heist, so robbing the money cause my girlfriend want to buy the car. third job is Vagos with minigun, so Vagos shows the middle finger to Woodman, i shoot the Vagos, he have the minigun, so i ran away! So, what can you be the thinking that have the new jobs? Act 2: The Kingdom of Heart: Soon Act 3: What Does Say EEIYA?: Soon Act 4: The Return of the Gangster: Soon Act 5: Remember the Holocaust: Soon Act 6: End of the EEIYA: Soon Downloads GTAGARAGE DOWNLOAD: Here: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27667 DESIGN YOUR OWN MISSION DOWNLOAD: EEIYA: Act 1 - The Relationship of Woodman [LINK: SOON] [W.I.P] [5 Chapters] EEIYA: Act 2 - Kingdom of Heart [LINK: SOON] [COMING SOON] [6 Chapters] EEIYA: Act 3 - What Does Say EEIYA [LINK: SOON] [COMING SOON] [7 Chapters] EEIYA: Act 4 - The Return of the Gangster [LINK: SOON] [COMING SOON] [7 Chapters] EEIYA: Act 5 - Remember of Holocaust [LINK: SOON] [COMING SOON] [7 Chapters] EEIYA: Act 6 - End of the EEIYA [LINK: SOON] [COMING SOON] [10 Chapters] Character Woodman I'am coming for the booty! Puvendren, nickname is Woodman. He is the good guy but something wrong to him. peoples shoot him and ran out he buy the weapon in Ammu-Nation to shoot him. He is turn into the bad boy. So, in Act 1 his and his girlfriend got the date in every city and have some problem. But, Kaveeraj and Alex will be help and kill the everybody who disturb him! Woodman create the gang name EEIYA. Kaveeraj is happy for creating the gang. Status: Alive Friendship: Act 1: Friend Act 2: This character is playable Kaveeraj EEIYA! Kaveeraj, a delay friend of Woodman. He is the awesome swag guy. So, he say it EEIYA, So, he gets normal something happening with him? He is the one who hates the Hesoyam, Ballas and Volpi. So, Woodman created the gang name EEIYA. In Act 1, he is protagonist Status: Alive Friendship: Act 1: This character is playable Act 2: Friend Alex Custom Slave you, beast! Alex is Kaveeraj's best friend that living in Blueberry. In Act 1, he is following and protecting the Kaveeraj. Status: Alive Friendship: Friend Skyler Benie ??? Skyler is Alex's girlfriend. Status: Alive Friendship: Friend Harry Willson Wish you dead, everyone Harry is the Alex's friend. He is telling the job for helping Woodman. Status: Alive Friendship: Friend Satish You can't beat me it up! Satish is the local gangster in Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro. In Vice City he beats the 24 and he got the friendly the 24. So, in 12 years old he is the gangster. So, he is friend every gangster and beat all groups. So, he is the Woodman and Kaveeraj's best close friend. He is actually appear in Act 4. Status: Alive Friendship: Friend Yukiko Kasumi She is the Japanese girl. She was appear in the Act 3. She is very best friend of Kaveeraj not Woodman. She only appear in the every act. Status: Alive Friendship: Friend Matthew Art He is the con-artist. He is very kind person he also good shooting. He is actually the Alex's friend. He appear in the Remember The Holocaust. Status: Cooler Playing Alive Friendship: Friendly Bling Money He is the rapper and the real name is Frankie Zackery. He is the performance with Kaveeraj. Status: Alive Friendship: Friend Antonnie Jafet Antonnie is the bad guy. He is actually the leader of Hesoyam. He reveals it. He should have the shotgun to kill you! Status: Alive Friendship: Enemy David Wesley David is the co-leader of enemy group, Hesoyam. He is the Antonnie's close friends and betray the Woodman and Kaveeraj. He tries to destroy the EEIYA member. Upcoming Character: Zinnia Viola [FRIEND] Candace Kaylee [FRIEND] Povinat [FRIEND] Satish Rao [FRIEND] Felix Cole [FRIEND] Koby Dusty [FRIEND] Lloyd Dusty [FRIEND] Allegria Dusty [FRIEND] Marjorie Alissa [FRIEND] Marky Zaky [FRIEND] Ryouta Itsuki [FRIEND] Brandon Stanford [FRIEND] Eun [FAIRYFRIEND] Ru Wen [ENEMY] Nestor Aleksey [ENEMY] Sheikh Ata [ENEMY] Haroun Uthman [ENEMY] Virgiliu Murtada [ENEMY] Ashwin [ENEMY] Kenyon Randall [ENEMY] Sang Young [ENEMY] Melanija Ruta [ENEMY] More character soon......... Gangs EEIYA EEIYA is created by Woodman and the leader are the Kaveeraj. They have the 2 members. This gang is brave, strong, killer and crazy! So, he hates the Hesoyam, Ballas and Volpi. EEIYA's color are green. So, what he do in this gang? Jobs, work and serial killer then urban legends but it's failed. Leader: Kaveeraj Co-leader: Woodman Member: Alex, Harry, Zinnia, Felix and Brandon Former member: Satish Location: Blueberry and Dillimore Since: 2013 Enemy: Hesoyam, Ballas and Volpi 21 21 is the numbergang. So, actually you seen the 21 Jump Street. he say My name is jeff. So, more jokes arounded he says You Stupid. the kid say i don't know, he say What 9+10= but the kid say 21! HAHAHAHAHAHA. But, i'am talking the serious. In Vice City he is biggest hardest gangster ever in Vice City. The leader are Povinat, a very dangerous guy who beaten all numbergangs not 24. So, actually in Act 4. This gang is better than EEIYA, Hesoyam and Volpi. Leader: Povinat Co-leader: Satish Member: More Former member: ??? Location: Vice City and San Andreas Since: 2014 Enemy: All numbergang not 24 Zechariah Zechariah is the fan of EEIYA. Well known the leader are Koby Dusty. Formerly known this gang as Dusty Family. Zecharia's headquarters is the only Woodman's house and in above that's Koby living in. There are the family of Koby. Called Lloyd Dusty, which is his younger brother and Allegria Dusty, his young sister. So, he is the friendly gang of Woodman. Such like the Grove Street Famillies and Varrios Los Aztecas. Leader: Koby Dusty Co-leader: Woodman and Kaveeraj Member: Lloyd Dusty, Allegria Dusty, Alex Custom and Zinnia Viola Former member: Location: Glen Park (formerly), Dillimore and Rodeo Since: 2012 Enemy: Hesoyam and all EEIYA's enemy group Hesoyam Hesoyam, formely know as Hesoyam Group is the enemy gang that hates the EEIYA. Harry joined in the 2010 and gone cancelled it, So, Harry joined the EEIYA. Leader: Antonnie Jafet Co-leader: David Wesley Member: Ru Wen, Kenyon Randall and Sang Young Former member: Harry Location: Palominos Creek Since: 1978 Enemy: EEIYA and 21 Volpi Volpi is the very strong in San Fierro. In Act 5 He is actually lives in the Garcia, San Fierro. Leader: Co-leader: Member: Former member: Location: Garcia, San Fierro Since: 1999 Enemy: EEIYA and Hesoyam more gang i write and soon! Theme Song Trailer SOON!
  14. Status: Coming soon? The hell is started, it never ends - Riley McGreen 1968 About: Hello, guys, this is me, Martin, I made this topic again. This is old times I made this 2nd Mission Pack. I thinking that I will make remade or 2nd version of this Warfighter series. If you're interested, check for more instructions. Link to original topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/865379-warfighter-operation-throwbreaker/ Story: Don't watch this if you want to play this and find it by yourself. Characters: Don't see this if you don't want to play this by yourself Factions: Don't watch this if you want to see by yourself. Screenshots: Reviews: Showcase: Download: Demo: https://www.sendspace.com/file/qektbh Chapter 1: Brothers in Arms Team Throwbreaker Breakout
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