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Found 131 results

  1. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28826 gta vice city dyom v8.1 recreated storyline have fun ! http://www.moddb.com/mods/san-vice/downloads/san-vice-beta2requires mod yes or yes Do not download beta 3 because they do not appear pedestrians will not like it that's why I gave them the beta 2 to download installation gta sa userfiles paste that folder to my documents and gta san vice folder in the folder of san vice before playing put the patch That appears in the folder of sanvice beta2 and recommend backups it is necessary to install the cleo memory that I put the cleo 4 fijense with this link and download the cleo 3 in case it fails I do not remember which one was well link Http://cleo.li/download.html To play to start a new game and choose their language there are English and Spanish Portuguese and there is play but I put it in auto executable pongan And history menu try history line only if I ever get to spend fun
  2. Martin_Strada

    [MP] Operation ''Blackfox''

    Cancelled Project
  3. NOTE: This is a Work In Progress. Whats up people, after a long break from DYOM I've decided to return. With many mission packs left in the dust, I figured out the problem - I improvise my stories a lot. This time, I've written up a whole script fitted with fleshed out characters and a consistent story, and hope the planning pays off. So far, I've made two missions and will continue to work on completing the missions throughout my holiday break. I hope you all enjoy it. Peace out people. THEME SONG STORY Leon Edison is part of a criminal crew, pulling off a series of audacious heists across Las Venturas. The crew was once an unknown name, robbing gas stations and banks but soon developed and went on to perform heists across the various casinos of Las Venturas, giving them a name for themselves across the Venturas criminal underworld. With this status they've earned, the crew have soon come to learn that one minor screw-up can lead to having many enemies. Now Leon must cope with keeping friends and family out of danger, while putting his enemies in danger. It's the survival of one thief truced with a small amount of allies, against an army of killers set outo to eliminate Leon Edison. CHARACTERS Leon Edison The protagonist and playable character of the mission series. Leon is a sensible character who has made a name for himself by his ability get the job done quickly and with ease. A man who knows right from wrong, Leon is the co-founder of the crew he is in that performs heists. Affiliation: Marcus' crew. Marcus Frost The founder of the crew, Marcus is the most trusted, sympathetic and friendly of the crew. Although he doesn't take part in performing the heists, he is the brains behinds the heist and sets up plans to get in, grab the score and getaway. Affiliation: Marcus' crew. Simon Frye Simon is a ruthless killer that finds humor in grim situations and seems to lack sympathy for even the most unfortunate people, due to his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Affiliation: Marcus' crew, Phillip Teller Phillip is disliked by others due to his selfishness and egotistical nature. He knows how to use a gun well but is often paranoid and dim witted. He is the reason why Lester Drake found out about their crew. Affiliation: Marcus' crew Lester Drake Refereed to as Drake, he controls Marcus' crew as he holds power over them with his goons, demanding them to give him half the cut from their heists. He is an annoyance and in control but weak when under watch by people who can hold power over him. He also owns a car dealership, where his goons help him out. Affiliation: Drake's gang. Jack Martinez Referred to as Martinez, he is the leader of the 8 Wolfs gang, the most powerful gang in Las Venturas. He is smart, knows how to run a gang and can easily manipulate people. Not afraid to hurt anyone. Affiliation: 8 Wolfs Arthur Black Arthur Black is the richest man in Las Venturas and owns many properties, namely Caligulas Casino. He is very attached to this casino and is willing to pay the price in order to prevent anyone from attacking it. Affiliation: None Viktor Yefremov Drakes most trusted man and associate. He is a Russian man who doesn't speak English very well but is extremely smart and wants to protect his family. He commonly refers to people as "my friend" Affiliation: Drakes gang John Zedd The leader of a currently unnamed gang which is comprised of the best assassins from across the United States. He holds very great power due to the fact that he can command a gang of assassins to take out a large number of people. He is on the FBI's most wanted list. Affiliation: Currently unnamed gang Ben Miller A technician that is a part of Marcus' crew. He uses his technological skills to help out in heists, such as clearing police records and hacking into databases. Affiliation: Marcus' crew MISSION LIST I will release the first two missions for you guys. I'll continue to make and release missions as often as I can. Chapter 1 - Enemy of my enemy... 1. Introduction - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39945 2 Against the odds - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39946 3. Bomb squad - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39957 4. Predators - http://www.mediafire.com/download/164ifa254ffnh4b/DYOM0.dat 5. The meeting - http://www.mediafire.com/download/nn8dnq43omsnlhm/DYOM0%282%29.dat 6. Underdeveloped takeout - https://www.mediafire.com/?pm9ls5hjub41c3y 7. Three man army - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47854 8. Fall of an empire - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47855 All chapter 1 missions in zip file - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47857 Chapter 2 9. Just like old times - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/49462 10. Rise of the fallen - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/49463
  4. Springfield

    [MP] Remember

    "Remember" is a story based on protagonist life events. John Morgan, a protagonist who lives in San Andreas city, San Fierro with his family, a peaceful life which was ruined in minutes by a famous organization of mobsters. Now, John Morgan for equity trying to exposed their organization with the help of his friend name Keith who works in Police but the path leads John in a big incident where he lost all memory. Find out more information in the story. Features in Mission Pack: There are going to be multi-protagonist in this Mission Pack. Hidden Easter Eggs will be add in missions. There will be 5 Easter Eggs in every mission SD with high quality will be add in every mission You will receive the bullets of the available weapon according to the mission. There will be not many bullets so, use them wisely. Marker and sphere will not be added. Use your brain and find the way. Riddle will be added in the Mission Pack. We are doing our best to prevent from every kind of mistakes such as Grammar and Spells. No character information is going to be add because it ruins the mission topic in my opinion. Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHIej8-P-K4 Demo of Missions Pack: Click Here Click Here #2 Alternate link: Click Here #2 Highly Recommended Sounds: Click Here Click Here #2 Please give your feedbacks on my mission Pack. I need your support to continue.
  5. Pablo Javier

    [MP] - Mafia World.

    ''Mafia World'' Story: A Japanes oldman called Kouhai Fujida, created his criminal organization, ''Akabashi Mafia'', that name in honor for his Died Grandpa ''Sr Akabashi'', now they want to be the mafia the were, fighting against other Gangs / Mafias... So Shiro, a New Member enter in the ''Mafia World'' for be part in the Criminal Organization History! Characters: Shiro Lee - Protagonist = He was born in Japan, Tokio. He is the new member and he enter in the ''Mafia World'' (Age 29). Crazy Bald (Unknown Name) - Coprotagonist = He was born in Japan, Yokohama, He is a crazy guy! (Age 27) The Important Members - Secondaries = Shou Ichiawa (34), Kenzo Kamira (25 - Died), Ryo Honaki (28). / They are the important members of the mafia, like subleaders. Kouhai Fujida - Secondary = He was born in Japan, Osaka. He's a serious person, the mafia boss. (Age 64), Pepe - Secondary = A mexican guy, he was a Rifa's member, but he left when he knows they sell drugs. (Age ?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Woozie - Antagonist = He's the leader of Triads, his organization have a big rivalry against Akabashi Mafia. (Age ?) Cachorro - Antagonist = He's the leader of Rifas, since T-Bone Mendéz died, he know he was the successor. (Age 28) Double G - Secondary Antagonist = He was the right hand of Cachorro. - (Age 27 - Died) Owaki - Secondary Antagonist = He's the right hand of Woozie, since Su Xi Mu dies, Woozie know he was the perfect successor. Gangs / Mafias: Akabashi Mafia = Leader; Kouhai Fujida - Important Members; Ryo Honaki and Shou Ichiawa - Remarkable; Shiro Lee and Crazy Bald. Triads = Leader; Woozie - Important Members; Owaki... Rifas = Leader; Cachorro - Important Members; N/A... ============================================== Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/428b1c - (Chapter 1) Chapter 1 Missions: Introduction The New Member Speed Change Gunshoot Ruining the Meeting Good Information The Last In Die 1/2 The Last In Die 2/2 I'm working on the next chapter, be careful! By - My Name Is Pablo aka Pablo Javier...
  6. Martin_Strada

    U.S. Army Stories

    About: This is story about Military, you need to shoot some terrorists in Desert Countryside, you can attack terrorists with Hunter, Hydra, Rhino, its will be 7 missions in this mission pack. Story: You are a Private James, who just wanted to join U.S. Army and be a hero, he woke up in his home, and his late to work, by driving to U.S. Army Base, hes trained with weapons and vehicles. When he ends the training, hes going to fight in the storm, his squad is Delta. Are they will kill all those terrorists ? Characters: James Scott A guy, who wanted to be a hero of U.S. Army and Destroy those terrorists Sergeant Randall A guy, who trained you to the training like a real soldier. Captain Smoker A guy, who is a your captain in Delta Squad. Supporter Jackson A guy, who sees everything, and telling what to do.. Commander Luis: A guy, who is a commander of U.S. Navy. Commander Moddy: A guy, who is a commander of U.S. Navy. Corporal Jason A guy, who is a corporal of U.S. Navy. Download: Training Part 1 Training Part 2 A Storms Battle Factory Breakout War Day A Bloods Storm Angel Pine Takeout Epilogue Dont forget to feedback and join to the battle!
  7. Martin_Strada

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl

    Story: After the initial Chernobyl Disaster, attempts were made to repopulate the area, primarily with scientists and military personnel. However, in 2006, almost 20 years after the first incident, a second disaster occurred, caused by the C-consciousness (rus. "О-Сознание" which corresponds with "осознание" - "realisation, awareness", ukr. "О-свідомлення") program, killing or mutating most of the inhabitants. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. begins years later, after people have begun coming to the zone in search of money, valuable artifacts, and scientific information. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. takes place in an area called "The Zone", which is based on the real-life Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and partly on the settings of the source novel and film. It encompasses roughly 30 square kilometers and features a slice of Chernobyl extending south from Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant; geographical changes for artistic license include moving the city of Pripyat into this area (it is actually to the north-west of the power station), although the city itself is directly modeled on its real-life counterpart, albeit smaller in size Characters: Marked One: He's will be protagonist of this mission pack, he's lost his mind. Sidrovich: He's a trader of this zone, he lives in the bunker. Wolf: A loner member, guarding the vilage. Tolik: An injured loner member. Petrucha: He's a loner member, shooting bandits with his squad. Nimble: He's a neutral Loner member, bandits have kidnapped him. Barman: He's a trader in the 100 Rads Bar in Duty's base. Proffesor Sakharov: He's a Professor of the Lake Yantar's Place. General Vornin: He's a Duty's general, they angry with some Freedom group members.. Lukash: He's a Freedom's General, they angry with some Duty group members. Professor Krunglov: He's a Ecologist Professor in Lake Yantar Factions: Loners They are neutral Members, they angry with Bandit Members.. Bandits They are Bandits, a group, where's declares war: Loners and Duty Duty They are the black members, a strong group, have heavy weapons and they fighting with Freedom Members. Freedom They are like a bandits, but not dangerous.. They fighting with Duty. Mercenaries They are dangerous bandits, they fighting with all group except bandits. Ecoligist They are Professors, finding artifacts and hunt some zombies. Military They are Military, fighting with Loners and Bandits. Monolith They are most dangerous group ever! They fighting with all members Theme Song: Download: Intro: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/44949 Saving Nimble: https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=DYOM2.dat Special Thanks to: GSC Game World: For making S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series Dutchy 3010 and PatrickW: For making mod: DYOM
  8. Striker_160

    [MP] Gonzalez Brothers

    STORY: In 1985, a Mexican Family lost their house in a burning. This Family want to back Mexico, they don't have enough money for a new house, but the sons want to stay in San Andreas. Osmar Gonzalez (Father) back to mexico with his wife Sandra Lopez (Mother), Maria Gonzalez (Daughter) started a new life with her boyfriend (Paul Carlson) in Las Venturas. The 2 Brothers (Oscar Gonzalez & Franco Gonzalez) went to Los Santos, to their Uncle's House (Ramon). Their Cousin (Francisco Gonzalez) invited to his gang (Los Santos Vagos), with his best friend (Raul Savedra). Actually they live in Los Santos, living the life... CHARACTERS: Oscar Gonzalez - Protagonist. He was Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, he's 24 years old. He's strange, and so lazy. He's Franco & María Brother. Franco Gonzalez - Protagonist. He was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. He's 26 years old. He's clever and generous. He's Franco & María Brother. Francisco ''Cisco'' Gonzalez - Secondary Character. He was born in Los Santos. He's 29 years old. He's a quiet person and generous. He is a important member in Los Santos Vagos. Raul Savedra - Secondary Character. He was born in Los Santos. He's 27 years old. He's a member of Los Santos Vagos, and Cisco best friend. Vanessa McCloude - Secondary Character. Oscar help her in a mission, for now they're friends. She was born in Los Santos. She's 23 years old. Vanessa is generous and friendly. Joel Velasquez - Minor Character. Vagos member, he was born in Los Santos. He has a friendship with Oscar. Ramon Gonzalez - Minor Character. Cisco's dad. He appears in a few missions, Ramon is quiet and strange. He was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, He's 46 years old. Missions: M1 - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/48930 At the moment i have 6 missions done, i'm working in screenshots, so please wait... Sorry for the bad edition, is my first MP and topic in GTAForums. And too sorry for my english (i don't use the google translate, i'm learning it).
  9. G.O.T.H

    [SL] GTA: Life Is Tough

    Storyline Mission Status: IN PROGRESS Description: Hello, guys. This my second project I will make, which is now storyline type. I apologize for the long delay posting the topic, is because I was thinking the detail for this topic and the story plots because I still have real life things you know.. But I will try my best to make you obliged when I'm done making this. Story: After the dealing with Russian mob family with Justin Booker (Randy's father), it thought would be fine. Due to that, they are not to be trusted with, they betrayed Justin and started ambushing them. Justin died from the shootout and his son Randy escaped. After few weeks, Randy visited his father's grave with his wife, brother and his friend Wilma. But then, they were ambushed by Russian mobsters, Randy and his friends escaped and exiled from Los Angeles. After then, they been spotted and ambushed again by mobsters, resulting of separation of Randy's friends. He then realizes how he been through over it, he might seek revenge but he couldn't, he needs to motivate his money by finding the new life first in new city to raise him and his wife. Characters: Name: Randy Booker Photo: Description: Protagonist, he tend to have a good life for his life and his wife. But not that easy to achieve for himself with there is problem. He is easy-going and decent person, but can be dangerous. Name: Julie Carson Photo: Description: She's the wife of Randy, she tends to have good life. But in her past, she realizes that reality is much more limited than for herself she can expected so herself and her husband are the same personality. Name: Louis Booker Photo: Description: He is the brother of Randy, he used to be nice and decent. After seeing his father died, he went through some changes: hatred and temper that changes his behavior. He might not easily to control for himself. Name: Wilma Aston Photo: Description: He is a friend of Randy, or much more of his mentor. He can control himself easily and he's also smart, cautious and skeptical person. Name: Matt Casco Photo: Description: He is a Caucasian-American, he owns a gas station which can call himself a owner. He tends eagerness for hardened money. He can give jobs to anyone who works with him. Name: Paul Casco Photo: Description: He is a younger brother of Matt, he a co-owner of Matt's gas station. His tendency is same as his brother. Name: Zack Photo: Description: He is the owner of his toy shop, he usually sell toys for the customers. He can give jobs who works with him but limited, he's bit of an idiot, dull and arrogant but he can calm down. Name: Walther Betrugen Tod Wehrtofen Photo: Description: He is a German senior, formerly served as a Wehrmacht veteran, one of the surviving veteran after the war being at 100 years old. He can give jobs who work with him. Name: Frederick Wehrtofen Photo: Description: He is Walther's first son. He is a former both physician and scientist. Enemy Characters: Name: Kropilecovek Mob Photo: Description: They are Russian mobsters who are greedy, hatred and powerful mobsters they are. They seeking revenge on Randy and his friends after the deal failure. There leader of this mob family is Nikolai Kropilecovek. Name: Nikolai Kropilecovek Photo: Description: He is the head of Kropilecovek mobsters. He is powerful, greedy and hatred person, he doesn't want who overthrow him and get on his way. His target to kill is Randy and his friends. Screenshots: Download: Demo mission: Click Here SD File: Coming Soon Notes: *This might take a while due to the real life importance, such as school and errand activities. More so I'm a human, not a robot to make that faster. *Same with previous MP, this doesn't take place in GTA world despite being after I named it. *More updates will be expected soon.
  10. VippersBoys(VB)

    Operation Black

    Cavan Aaron a gangster with mysterious past,Kills others for many.He meets Lisan Domingo,while she's doing fitness training and instantly falls in love with her.Even though their first meeting leads Lisan Domingo to think negatively about Cavan Aaron,she later begins to reciprocate his feelings.However Emmet Alan a selfish and perverted Inspector, lusts after Lisan Domingo and tells her to marry him with the threat that he would rape Arsenio Dana. If she decides to go against his decision. Emmett Alan is tipped off about Cavan Aaron's existence by Lisan Domingo's landlord. Emmett Alan tries to threaten Cavan Aaron but ends up getting frightened of Cavan Aaron after getting outsmarted by Cavan Aaron . Glenn Clive, An international don, arrives in India for an assassination and hires Cavan Aaron. Two gangs, Palmer Celso and Glenn Clive's, fight for the biggest part of Mumbai. Due to this, Commissioner Oscar Grover decides to make Santos free of crime. He arrests Glenn Clive, who makes various attempts to contact Cavan Aaron, however, in vain. Oscar Grover is blackmailed to release Glenn Clive, after his men release an explicit video of his daughter online after kidnapping her. Under the influence of drugs, his daughter reveals a mission that involves an IPS officer, Cavan Aaron(Hidden police officer).Since Cavan Aaron(Hidden police officer)identity is difficult to decipher, Glenn Clive holds his father, Tyson Aaron captive. Tyson Aaron proudly tells him about his son, without revealing his true identity. Glenn Clive mistakes Leandro Tyron, Cavan Aaron's adopted brother, for Cavan Aaron and kills him. Glenn Clive realises his mistake and pressures Tyson Aaron to reveal Cavan Aaron's identity. Tyson Aaron is murdered by Glenn Clive after he refuses to tell him. His son, Cavan Aaron(Hidden police officer), who is revealed to be Cavan Aaron, arrives at the place of his father's death. Cavan Aaron is infuriated and decides to avenge the deaths of his father and brother. Through threatening Emmet Alan, he locates Glenn Clive. After an intense combat, Cavan Aaron finally manages to kill Glenn Clive and his co-conspirator Emmett Alan. 1. Cavan Aaron 2. Lisan Domingo 3. Glenn Clive 4. Emmett Alan 5. Tyson Aaron 6. Oscar Grover 7. Trey Garret 8. Joseph Cary 9. Davin Clyde 10. Palmer Celso 11. Arsenio Dana Operation:Black | A Gangster Mission 1 Completed Operation:Black | Be In Love Mission 2 Completed Operation:Black | Dirty Police Operation:Black | Police Rape Operation:Black | A international don Operation:Black | Two Gangs war Operation:Black | Police Bravery Operation:Black | Arrest international don Operation:Black | Blackmail Police Operation:Black | IPS Officer Operation:Black | Death of Father and brother Operation:Black | Against Gangster's Operation:Black | Revenge [Final Part] Missions are releasing daily. Writer: VippersBoys:(VB) Designer: VippersBoys:(VB) Thanks to : Dutchy and Patrick support me in dyom world and gta fourms. I am not good i logo making i while edited the header soon. Thanks to all
  11. M.B. Kovas

    [MP] Blackout Section

    The year is 2017. The people of the Russian Federation and China are massively rioting in the streets because of the crisis caused by the sanctions from the US and the EU for supporting the Syrian government and North Korea. The Russian president has come to Los Santos for a meeting with the G20 and the US President to discuss the problem, but it isn't enough for the people back in the motherland. A new Russian terrorist organization, who call themselves "The Blackout Section", has suddenly rose out of nowhere. It consists of various professional and deadly trained military personel, including those of the Spetsnaz, who abondoned their duty to the Kremlin because they didn't agree with the Russian President's idea to make peace with the west. The Blackout Section have planned to ignite a global conflict between all the superpowers, and they don't stop at nothing until they complete their mission. Take part in the action as Sergeant Alvin Leonard from Seal Team 6 and participate in various missions & operations. Freedom is not free. [PROTAGONIST] Nationality: American DOB: January 2nd, 1990 Alvin has been serving in the US Military since he was 19 years old. Due to his accomplishments, which include saving numerous civilians and soldiers in the Middle East and being a highly effective gun in the group, he has been assigned to the Seal Team 6. Leonard proved himself as a reliable and deadly soldier over the years, thus he has been promoted to a Sergeant. He is usually sent to operations alongside his partner and best friend, Cpl. Tyson Sandking. Alvin is a close friend to CIA Agent Frank Mosley. Nationality: American DOB: August 27th, 1991 As soon as Tyson finished graduation, he started working as a professional boxing coach, as he always wanted to. Though, over the years, Tyson got tired of his job and wanted to upgrade his life a bit, so he joined the United States Navy. After years of serving, he proved himself enough to become a ST6 member. He was eventually assigned to Leonard's squad. Now, Sandking is a Corporal and the best friend of his superior squad leader. Nationality: American DOB: May 15th, 1972 General John Alamo, most frequently known by his callsign "Viking", is the current commander of Seal Team 6. He is very well trained in almost everything, starting from shooting, being a professional strategic and a communications expert. He is very smart and has dedicated his whole life to the military. Leonard's squad always answers to his direct orders. Nationality: Korean-American DOB: Classified Mosley is a CIA Agent and has been for years. He is affiliated with Alvin Leonard by doing some joint operations in the past, as well as saving Leonard's life once. With President Pingvile now missing, Mosley is in charge of fully investigating the incident and identifying the people responsible. Nationality: African-American DOB: October 9th, 1983 Bob is currently ST6 Commander Viking's undercover informant. He is smart, sneaky and strategic. He has been dedicated to always being behind enemy lines, therefore he knows how to get the job done quickly and quietly. Nationality: Russian DOB: November 11th, 1974 Alex Bladovich is most commonly known by his nickname "Blade", which is short for Bladovich. He was a Captain in the Russian Spetsnaz forces, but abandoned them and formed a new terrorist organization, called "The Blackout Section", because he didn't agree with his President's intentions. He and his right-hand man Sergei are currently the leaders of the organization. Blade is deadly trained and most notably - he is unpredictable. He killed a lot of people while on operations back when he was a Spetsnaz. With the help of a lot of men from the motherland, he staged a coup in Russia, which is now on fire. He strongly hates the west. Nationality: Serbian DOB: February 1st, 1979 Sergei is the right-hand man of Alex "Blade" Bladovich. Back in 1998, he took part in the Kosovo War on the Yugoslavian Republic side. During combat, he was shot by a sniper from the Albanian forces, which were supported by NATO. Sergei was critically wounded, but he survived the attack. From then, he hated the west and was strongly against any cooperations between it and the Serbians and Russians. As a result, he joined The Blackout Section and, overtime, became Blade's second-in-command. Nationality: Russian DOB: Unknown This man's real name and surname has never been revealed. People only know him as Doc. Doc is an experienced engineer and weapons manufacturer. Overtime, he became obsessed about war and started massively inventing new weapons, explosives and chemical bombs. Thus being crazy and dedicated, he joined The Blackout Section and became very usefull for Blade and his operations. In the course of his stay in the Blackout, he earned Blade's trust and respect. Nationality: American DOB: April 30th, 1969 Current President of the United States of America. Has very limited screentime. Nationality: American DOB: October 25th, 1973 SecDef of the United States. Just like the President, McKnight has very limited screentime, therefore seen only several times. Alvin Leonard's Skin Tyson Sandking's Skin US Army Skin RU Army Skin DOWNLOAD MODS HERE Chapter 1: World On Fire 1. Introduction 2. Call for Duty 3. Up The Chain 4. N/A 5. N/A 6. N/A 7. N/A 8. N/A Chapter 2: Crippled and Hopeless 1. N/A 2. N/A 3. N/A 4. N/A 5. N/A 6. N/A 7. N/A 8. N/A The development of this mission pack will surely take a while. A new mission for the first chapter will come out every few days, sometimes even less than that. The other chapters will be developed and released as a whole. At this moment, there are only plans for 2 chapters. That might change depending on the feedback & other personal circumstances.
  12. Heisenberg_GR

    Gangland: RETRIBUTION [MP]

    Heisenberg_GR PRESENTS ...Los Santos 1992... This ia a story of Clay Winston, a former Los Santos City gang member of Kingz OG's turned police officer. On his first night on the job after receiving a promotion to detective in the Organized Crime Unit, Clay witnesses the death of his mentor, Steve Hudson. Helped by a FBI agent, Richard Harris, who is investigating a mole in the OCU, Clay sets about finding out who killed his friend and bringing down the most dangerous and powerful gangs of Los Santos to take down the mole. With the best Hip-Hop songs in SD File Gangland: RETRIBUTION makes the gameplay more enjoyable. Take down gangs and perps like a badass ex-gangster cop during listening rappers like 2pac, Eminem and Ice Cube for more experience! Chapter 1 (8 Missions): Download 1. Revenge 2. Organized Crime Unit 3. Cleaning The Streets 4. Steve's Agenda 5. Searching For The Truth 6. Francisca's Dare 7. Jefferson's Massacre 8. One Step Closer SD File of Chapter 1: Download
  13. The John David

    [SL] GTA: Story of Ryan Wilbert

    Since my school has approaching now. This Storyline will be work longer because I'm entering a Senior Student now. So it will take a longer to finish it. Also for my personal reasons too. While robbing a Visage Casino bank in Las Venturas, ambitious criminal Ryan Wilbert is shot and betrayed by a Triad Leader, Danny Blaire. Although he survives the wound, Ryan is been arrested and sentenced to ten years of prison. Few hours later. Da Nang Boys appeared in front of them. Killed the polices, Ryan fled, making his way to the far place where he won't be seen by cops. Now he's on his own. Criminal guy who robs the bank in Las Venturas Triad leader, betrayed Ryan Wilbert after robbing the bank Ryan's mother, lived in Los Santos Owner of 24/Eleven restaurant on Las Venturas Old partner of Danny Blaire, betrayed him years ago Farmer person, lived on Angel Pine Photographer girl, lived in San Fierro DEMO Storyline: Download Here Completed Storyline: Coming Soon Initial Release Date: ??? Coming Soon ENGLISH FILIPINO Jhan Dave; for creating a new SL Dutchy3010 and PatrickW; for Design Your Own Mission (abbreviated as DYOM)
  14. YewwoStar

    (MP)The Lines of War

    Forewarned:This Topic does not support nor encourage Communism, Fascism and Democracy. It is simply used for entertainment purposes. So, as I look into the forums, I almost never seem to find a good MP/SL about a War. Be it in the 20th century or the 21st, it doesn't matter, as the limitations of DYOM and San Andreas make it hard to do. This mission pack, as written above, is not meant to encourage or support any ideology, it is simply telling the story(or at least it will try) from the point of view of someone on the ground(the field). READ THIS, VERY IMPORTANT This mission pack follows two protagonists, two points of views therefore two separate stories which might overlap on some occasions. Both characters have their own point of views about the world and the War that they are apart of, though neither of them forcibly joined the army, both were volunteers in their own way. To that end, this mission pack will be updated continuously as I am still trying to figure out the many functions of dyom, being relatively new to it. The two protagonists days, actions, missions, however you call it, will happen at the same time, meaning as time goes on for one character, progression is indeed a thing for the other one. I will often try to upload two missions at the same time so that you - the mission player could enjoy that specific character's story, instead of the other's. Though I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you would download any necessary files/folders that the mission pack may have, so to increase immersion and not be confused too easily. And please be aware, that if you play the A protagonist's missions 2 and 3, and you only played the B protagonist's 1 mission, you will simply be ahead of the B protagonist. To put it bluntly, just try imagining a live song performance where the guitar player starts playing the song before others in the band. He will always be a few seconds ahead of the song. SUMMARY The Story follows two protagonists, Jakob Achterberg, and Ulrich Falkenrath, in an alternate timeline where "Nazi Germany gave away precious land and resources, such as the entirety of the Baltic States, Poland and the Balkans, for a more permanent alliance with the Soviet Union, in an effort to prolong their to-be betrayal" Jakob Achterberg joined as a volunteer soldier in 1934, to which like most other soldiers, was brainwashed by the propaganda that Nazis had in place, by 1940 however, he was promoted to the rank of Gefreiter(Exempted Soldier), having proven his worth in the trenches and elevated onto more advanced and harder-to-do tasks. Ulrich Falkenrath however, is a newly added edition into the Waffen-SS, which is the armed wing of the Nazi Party's SS organization. THEME SONG CHARACTER LIST (more will be added) Character Name:Jakob Achterberg Character Description:One of the playable protagonists/playable characters. Part of the German Wehrmacht as a Gefreiter: Character Name: Ulrich Falkenrath Character Description: One of the playable protagonists/playable characters, part of the Waffen-SS, armed wing of the Nazi Party's SS organization. MISSIONS TBA
  15. KingPie

    [MP] Dead Rising

    Dead Rising Story,Characters,Char Photos,FirstLook poster: [Will be released on may 11th 2017] MP release Date:[same day at 6.00 pm] Note:Dates may change... Want to join me on my next project?PM me.
  16. AdmikStudio


    This is a mission pack, i plan to make atleast 4 chapters. Story Year 2003, father of Lewis Muddson was found in his home dead, presumably beat to death. It was found out that Lewis himself killed him because he was abused, and he exploded in rage. His lawyer couldn't help him much, and Lewis was sentenced to 15 years in Area 51 Prison, at the age of 22. 6 Months later, he began to plan a breakout, along with some fellow inmates he managed to gain trust off, now it's up to you if they're gonna get out, or not. Characters Keep in mind i won't tell you much about the characters, i don't wanna say too much Lewis Muddson - 22 year old sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing his father. Christopher Muddson - Lewis Muddson's father, deceased. Nikolai Tran - Lewis's fellow inmate Michael Morris - Lewis's fellow inmate Jack Fox - Guard Aidan Gardner - Warden Download The demo is here!!! http://www.mediafire.com/file/s7r6eq7huq125x4/Demo.rar Chapters: Chapter 1: The Hot Way 1: wip 2: wip 3: wip 4: wip 5: wip 6: wip 7: wip 8: wip Full Pack: wip
  17. THE FIRST MISSION PACK IS OUT! MISSIONS: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/46639 SKINS: https://www.sendspace.com/file/6z2p75 IF SENDSPACE IS BLOCKED DOWNLOAD A VPN! SORRY FOR BAD PAGE DESIGN STORY I am aware the San Andreas environment can't fit in 2003, but I wanted things to advance because there is no where I can fit Claude and CJ both into one storyline. Another note is that only two returning characters from the GTA Series aren't protagonists, so don't judge! This will be very, very long. (January, 2003) The plot begins with Anthony, a guard for Tommy Vercetti and Giuseppe Lozano, the leader of Vercetti INC. Tommy tells his guards the plan on going all the way from Vice City to Los Santos, after caontrolling the whole city as they wiped out the Vagos from that place. The Vagos leader Jose has more in Los Santos than in Vice City, so he uses the opportunity to take down Tommy and Giuseppe. A guard approaches Tommy, and points his gun at him. Anthony kills the guard, and then kills everyone else. He sees Jose escaping from the plane window, so Anthony goes to follow him. He parachutes out of the plane in hope he can chase the Vagos leader, but while he fails to kill him, things begin from that point. The plot is very long, I plan to do 80+ missions, but for now I have finished the first ten. MAJOR CHARACTERS NOTE: PUTTING SPOILER NEXT TO A CHARACTER'S STATUS DOESN'T NECESSARILY MEAN THEY ARE DEAD OR MAY DIE IF THE PLAYER WANTS TO! WARNING: VERY POWERFUL SPOILERS WITH THE FIRST FOUR CHARACTERS WARNING TWO: IT IS VERY VERY RECOMMENDED TO NOT READ THIS LIST OR YOU WILL SUFFER Anthony Barkley Tommy Vercetti Jose Albino Giuseppe Lozano Mehmet Ozyakup ​Perry Stephenn Marko Spajic Ryder Wilson Andrea Hyndman Carl Johnson Thomas Miller Claude Speed Mark Robinson Javier Martinez The Truth ??? (1) Mikel Martinez Andre Shatov Mike McCarthy Toni Cipriani Tracey Hunter Luis Miller Antoinette Miller Michael Huang Lee Wu Qing ??? (2) Matthew Jones ??? (3) Claude Speed
  18. Proudly Presenting my first Mission Pack Survivor 41 Story: San Andreas, 2016 An organisation named Vector has released a toxic virus across the state of San Andreas leaving millions dead, and thousands infected. The evil goal of Vector is to destroy all survivors in a project what they seem to call "Survivor 41". You are Melvin and your goal is to find your friends and look for ways to survive through this disaster. Along the way, you may meet some odd friends who might seem suspicious. Get ready for an exciting and thrilling journey. Characters: (May contain Spoilers) 1.Melvin(Protagonist) 2.Brian Westbrook 3.Ted Cook 4.Mike Toreno These are the characters planned so far, stay tuned for more. Screenshots: Missions:(WIP) Episode 1: Survival Prologue:WIP A New World:WIP Mission 3:Coming Soon... Mission 4:Coming Soon... Mission 5:Coming Soon... Episode 2: The War Missions Coming Soon. Let me know below what you think about this. Will be uploading missions soon.
  19. grand theft auto III story gta united 1.2 for gta san andreas in desing your own mission v8.1 http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28319
  20. Springfield

    Resident Evil: Biohazard

    Don't forget to Give some good feedback on this MP. Enjoy
  21. TwoD Studios

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    STORY: The story follows Ethan Winters as he searches for his wife Mia, which leads him to a derelict plantation inhabited by the Baker family. Ethan makes use of weapons and tools in the fight against the Baker family and creatures known as the "Molded". This dyom mod will try to recreate the same game faithfully as possible, and with mods to make the gameplay much similar, AND with the original voices and sounds with SD packs! MODS: The MODS are recommended for Better Experience: First Person, 9mm Cop animation style, max ability with weapons, Realistic Night and RE 7 Skins. DOWNLOAD IT ALL HERE: PS: I already knew that this other guy, Leon_Scott Kennedy is making a RE7 with dyom. I'm not trying to copy him, I did see his game too when I was planning to make my RE7 Mod. I wish him good luck with his game version! ^^ MISSIONS: P.1: My Wife P.2: Someone Is Here P.3: First Blood Missions will be updated and uploaded when finished. VIDEO GAMEPLAYS:
  22. I can make a promise that this MP won't die, unlike the old 2012/2014 ones. In 1986, Tommy Vercetti, a loyal former member of the Forelli Family, is released from prison after a 15 year sentence. His former boss, Sonny Forelli, ostensibly promotes Tommy to a capo and sends him to Vice City to act as the Forelli's buyer for a series of cocaine deals. When Tommy and his bodyguards arrive in Vice City, crooked lawyer Ken Rosenberg takes them to the docks; the site of the deal. They are ambushed by several armed and masked men, who kill their bodyguards. Tommy narrowly escapes with Ken from the docks, losing the Forelli's money and the cocaine in the process. After Ken returns to his office, Tommy drives back to his hotel and informs Sonny, promising him under the threat of consequences to get back the drugs and money and kill whoever was responsible for the ambush. (i do not own the story. all right goes to wiki; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto:_Vice_City) This MP/SL is based upon GTA United. You'd require GTA United which you can download here. This requires Tommy Vercetti skin replaced on a Mafia's member, this is the only skin mod which you need. Download here. In the beginning An Old Friend The Party Back Alley Brawl Jury Fury Riot Treacherous Swine Mall Shootout Guardian Angels Four Iron Demolition Man Road Kill Waste the Wife jo boyer (Designing Mission) Few SAMP friends for minor help on mission rest credit goes to their stuff gfx creators
  23. "Play your cards right..." SYNOPSIS Chapter 1: The Humble Beginnings It is 1993. Fresh from Liberty City, junior CIA agent Isaac Pierce is sent to San Andreas by his superiors to help work on the CIA's case on Carl Johnson, a street thug turned multi-millionaire. When he arrives, little does Pierce know what's in store for him, as he is given multiple tasks that will test his abilities as a CIA agent. Chapter 2: The Unlikely Ally ​Coming soon Chapter 3: The Wild Card Coming soon CHARACTERS [table] CHARACTERINFO Isaac PierceThe funny but not so witty protagonist of Cards Against Humanity. He has been working for the CIA for five years however he has not yet received a promotion since he got the job, some think it's because of his pacifistic nature. He will, however, do things with no regret if he deems it right.Mike TorenoPierce's superior during his stay in San Andreas. Known for his jobs, problems, gigs, whatever you call them, Toreno does fulfill his promises to the many men he has employed. He later gets promoted to senior CIA agent and brags about it 24/7 to his colleagues.Agent YPierce's second superior and good friend during his stay in San Andreas. Not much is known about him, mostly because he refuses to share his real name. He, however, has proven he is loyal to Pierce and will stand by his side most of the time.Oscar GarnettA childhood rival of Pierce, who has been bugging his life since the two of them joined the CIA. Often insulted for his weight, Garnett is, however, an experienced CIA agent and unlike Pierce, was only sent to San Andreas when it was deemed necessary.Carl JohnsonPierce's reason for coming to San Andreas. He is a gangster from the Grove Street Families and turned into a multi-millionaire in a span of 15 months. He has connections with several key people in the entire state, and is definitely not a man to be messed with.[/table] MISSIONS [table] CHAPTER 1: The Humble Beginnings MISSIONDIFFICULTY The Not So Pleasant WelcomeINTRO Copperband ButterfliesTBD A Certain Trust IssueTBD Murderer In The MakingTBD Snow In The SaharaTBD CrossroadsTBD Walking On BoomshineTBD Dumbasses In DespairOUTRO[/table] Chapter 1: The Humble Beginnings (DECEMBER 2016) SCREENSHOTS Will be released soon. NOTES Mission timer is 2 missions per 7 days. Project is currently being restarted.
  24. Burns37

    (MP)Apocalypse Just Begun

    Zombotech has released a virus to destroy humanity.In an hour,all city in San andreas have been Infected by the virus.The story follows Three different Protagonist(See character section). as they try to survive from the infested San Andreas Peter: A civillian from Los santos.One of the main Protagonist in the Mp.The story follows him in Los Santos trying to survive from the infected.Finding survivors,Scavenge.and get out from San Andreas. Sam: An officer from San Fierro.Also one of the main protagonist.Not noticed that the virus have hit San Fierro.Going out of his house to do his duty.Suprised by the infected outside his house.He roam San fierro to Search for rescue and survivors who he can fight alongside. David: A soldier from area 69.One of the main protagonist.Tasked to prevent the infected from entering area 69.He is the only main protagonist to not alone as he fought alongside his team.He and his team roam around San Andreas in a search for survivors. Other Character To Be Added Zombie skins:http://www.gamemodding.net/en/gta-san-andreas/gtasa-packs/gta-sa-skins-packs/34138-bulls-zombie-textures-pack-v3.html (either use auto or manual installation,Your choice) Introduction:http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43049 (the only playable Mission before full mp) Credits: PatrickW and Dutchy3010 For making DYOM

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