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Found 131 results

  1. GTA San Andreas Missio

    Catalina Stories

    ¨WORK IN PROGRESS¨ Introduction The Story is a Sequel to Grand Theft Auto: Lost in San Andreas which is a cancelled project by GSAM (me). Catalina leaves San Andreas and goes to Liberty City to meet her sick mom. Where she meets "Claude". He gains trust of Catalina and get her in his hands. He tortures Catalina and treat her bad, snatching up his wealth leaving her with a small amount. Catalina's Mother dies and after this she flies back to Los Santos to meet his only Brother, Cesar and her friend Carl. She along with Cesar, CJ and Sweet gets strong and increases her weapon skills to fight against Claude and take revenge. About As mentioned, the player will be "Catalina". The player will also get spawned pickups like in real game e.g - Pistol behind Sweet's House. Sadly, the players cannot customize Catalina. If they try to change her clothes with the help of mods such as the "Clothes Menu", Catalina and every single player except CJ will become a monster. There are many side -activities except Main Story Missions such as Vigilante and Taxi - Driver Side Missions, Street Races, etc. Map NOTE:- Few items are not available from Start. They are :- Sweet, Cesar, Gun Seller, Street Race and Vigilante Mission Many More items will be available for the player after certain missions. Do not worry! We'll update this map if we decide to add some more changes.
  2. UPDATE:Download all the info about Chapter 1 here:http://www.mediafire.com/folder/rqj5x6vx2zwzc/Chapter_1_(Info)
  3. spyderblack66

    episodes from san andreas expansion

    all DLCs http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=29156 DLC #1 4 missions completed 100% DLC #2 4 missions completed 100% STORY DLC #1 Emmet sells weapons illegally in an alley in Willowfield, Los Santos. Possibly it has the oldest weapons of San Andreas, so no one shows a special interest in their merchandise, since it is "cheap". Take care that the ballas do not come to steal it, besides that their weapons are illegal TRAILER MISSIONS MISSION 1:INTRODUCTION MISSION 2:THIEF WEAPONS MISSION 3:NINES AND AK"S MISSION 4:AK-47 FOR RYDER LINK http://www.mediafire.com/file/da2g6tcmb4946nq/gta_emmet_weapons.rar ​ STORY DLC #2 COLONEL FUHRBERGER WAS A SOLDIER OF VIETNAM CALLED VIETCONG WHEN CARL ENTERS AND ENDS IT KILLING BEING ANCIENT TRAILER MISSIONS MISSION 1:INTRODUCTION MISSION 2:WAR PLANES MISSION 3:LAST ATTACK MISSION 4:HOME INVASION LINK http://www.mediafire.com/file/32rp9wpqstdtc1g/gta+cf+soldier+colonel+fuhrberger.rar
  4. Hello Everyone, 02 This is Yasir RFL with new MP 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 0202 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 0202'The real heroes are the Army Man' Story--- 02 An attack has happened suddenly in Los Santos ,No one is safe02 Everyone is running or getting killed by the Terrorist. 02 Anyone don't know who is behind this.Cheif Andrej tells Commisioner Patrick that the attack on Los Santos .Patrick advice Andrej that to get ready the Team DYOM. 02 Characters) 02 1.Commander Patrick 02 One of the most powerful assain in 1994,He get promoted after the 1st commander retire. 02 2.Chief andrej He joined army to wipe out terrorism,he get promoted due to his true duty toward his aim. 02 3.Huzaifa A special soldier that is expert in air battle. 02 4.Aftab He also known as the Eagle Eye of Team Dyom. 02 5.Yasir The Best gunman and expert in bomb difuser. 02 6.Dhiman 02He has the power to give the fear of milatry veihcles. 7.GYA 02Anyone said one shot KO.Meet GYA. (Some characters are on hold) 02 02Great Reviews 0202 02 Intro Version= 02 Army Men get ready: Los Santos in danger 02 Version= 02 Mission Pack http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50707 02 Stay Tuned for more 02 (Realesed) Next Chapter will be progressing! 02 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. DYOMER99

    [MP] Bullets of Vengeance

    BULLETS OF VENGEANCE Story: You are Eric Taylor, a professional sniper working for the San Andreas Defense Force. One day you get a job of eliminating a big drug dealing organization called the VFGV - 9 Corp. with it's founder and president, Mr. Colin Walker. You thought it will also a usual official work. But........................ After accomplishing the mission when you return home you get a sudden surprise! Now things get very different after that. This usual official work suddenly turns to a personal revenge. Characters: COLOR CODES : Blue - protagonist Green - friend Red - enemy Yellow - neutral 1) Eric Taylor - The professional Sniper and protagonist of this MP First Appearance in the MP: In the house of Eric in LS, mission 1 - The Call ​2) Colin Walker - The president and the prime enemy of Eric Taylor First Appearance in the MP: (not yet) 3) Lee Wu - The friend-in-need of Eric Taylor and a undercover agent First Appearance in the MP: In the Police Department of LS, mission 1 - The Call 4) Fred Johnson - The chief of LS Police and a close friend of Eric Taylor First Appearance in the MP: In the Police Department of LS, mission 1 - The Call (More coming soon)... Trailers & Walkthroughs: Game-play Walkthrough of mission 1, The Call, by DeAdLy PyThOn - Missions: Mission 1 - The Call link : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50579 Mission 2 - Out there ​link : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50741 Mission 3 - An Appalling Shock link : Mission 4 : Great Victory link: Mission 5 : Get the Rat out - 1 link: Mission 6 : Get the Rat out - 2 link: Credits: PatwrickW and Dutchy3010 for creating this mod - Design Your Own Mission (without which making this MP would be impossible) Amethyst for creating GFX logo for my MP DeAdLy PyThOn for making game-play walkthroughs for my missions AfricaDesignerDz for sharing my missions Notice: ​Since am a bit new to GTAForums and this is my first MP and does not know much about GFX designing, this MP page will be a simple. So please don't write anything rude in the replies regarding the setup and looks. News & Updates: + Walkthrough of 1st mission added. Thanks to DeAdLy PyThOn. + Second mission uploaded + First mission uploaded Stay tuned for more news.
  6. Martin_Strada

    The Proving Chronicles (Storyline)

    '' The Proving Chronicles '' Hello everyone, welcome to my new Storyline. This storyline is about crime wars, racing, drugs, money, vandalism, and it's taking in all San Andreas. Be sure to comment and rate. The year is 2019, November 19, Las Venturas A young guy called Aaron Matthews was living a bad life if Las Venturas, robbing people, killing people. Today in this day, Aaron and his partners planned to rob a bank: The High Roller. His escape plan is failed, other's were killed, were arrested. Aaron Matthews is arrested for 11 years, 11 years later, Aaron Matthews is free and doing a great life. He leaves Las Venturas and flight to Los Santos to see his old friend. His old friend a racer, always going to race. Aaron Matthews had everything he wanted, but one day, an event happened and changed all his life. He didn't have a choice apart to become a good man, working with everybody for one reason. ..saving the world and rescue his old friends and taking down the cause of his misery. PROTAGONIST: Aaron Matthews: A young man who born in a rich family and had everything he wanted. Also, he was a pro in racing and almost wins in all the races that he participates in. His life changed when he got into troubles with the robbing made him become a most wanted man. He will do anything and work for anybody to kill some bad guys and save his buddies and his partners. FRIENDS: Samuel Wright: Samuel is a racer in Los Santos., Also he is the right hand of their boss, Max. He saved Aaron from the mafians, gangs, then he found out that Aaron is a most wanted man. He will do anything to make him become a member of their mafia and he is a great helper. Gregory Morales: Gregory is the leader of the T.R.O.H. (The Red of Hornes) crime family. His mafia is having a mafia/gang war with the angry ones. Gregory know about Aaron's problem with Ismael and his killing skills so he'll help him to take him down in exchange for helping him first. Jaeden McNeil: A professional robber, also a close friend of Samuel. He needs Aaron's help to do some big heists in exchange for giving him a slice of the money and also helping him to kill Ismael. Also, he's known on the streets and he's a drug dealer too. ANTAGONISTS: Ismael Rodriquez: Ismael is the leader of the Buenos Colombo crime family He is a serious guy that nobody f*cks with. It's him who started the HUNT onto Aaron and his friends, partners He will do anything to take him and his family down. Chapter 1: Just an intro mission - Completed Prologue - Completed Johnny Boy - Work in Progress T.R.O.H, (The Red of Hornes): One of the most dangerous mafias in Los Santos, they own the Madd Dogs mansion and they are being led by Gregory Morales. They peaceful mafia and they are having a mafia war with the Buenos Colomos. Status: Friends Danger Status: Dangerous Status of Leader: Alive Buenos Colombians: One of the most dangerous mafias in Los Santos, having a mafia war with the T.R.O.H. (The Red of Hornes) crime family. They are hunting down Aaron and his friends, partners too. Status: Enemy Danger Status: Dangerous Status of leader: Alive None, you can make a trailer if you want, while I complete my MP. Coming Soon! Reviews: N/A PatrickW and Dutchy3010 for making DYOM. Martin_Strada for making a storyline/topic. The missions players for playing the missions.
  7. Martin_Strada

    Grove Street Story (GTA SA Prequel)

    About: Welcome, DYOM'ers, people. Welcome to my 3rd project, this series helped to create the 1st chapter but they retired, his nicknames is Mandis and Cigarijus. That series is uploaded 2 years ago, November 21, 2015. And then, I was planning to do a sequel what happens next. Plot: Los Santos, 1987 after the wave of illegal immigrants the criminality increased. A small neighborhood name's Grove Street hits red alarm for the neighbors. The Johnson family trying to ''clean the hood'' and take over it. your brothers after a while, create the Grove Street Families. This crew has a lot of enemies and they must take them out. Learn about the journey for the original GTA SAN ANDREAS story. This story is fictional and based on GTA SAN ANDREAS original story! Characters: CJ Carl Johnson: He's a Sweet's brother, also known as a playable character on GTA SAN ANDREAS original game. Sean Sweet Johnson: Well, everybody knows him too. He's a CJ's brother, a leader of GSF (Grove Street Families), he hates Balla gang pushers, Mexican Gang Vagos and even Aztecans. Melvin Harris, Big Smoke: He's a fat dude, who everyone knows him, he always orders the Number 9's, 6's with extra dip..... Ryder Wilson: He's motherf*cking genius, didn't finish a high school and he's a really likes smoking. Emmet: He's an old man, who has a lot of guns, for sure. His home is in Willowfield. Big Bear: He's a GSF member, also we know him he lives and doing some jobs with B Dup. Download: Chapter 1: Old Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39621 New Link (Uploaded by Me): http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/51031 Credits: 3Cousins: For helping me to create this series Dutchy3010 & PatrickW: For creating a mod DYOM Martin_Strada: For ideas. ​​
  8. M.B. Kovas

    [MP] Hour of Fury

    October 3rd, 2017 New sneak peek screenshots from Hour of Fury's in-dev version have been released. On the same note, I want to thank you all for the support you have been giving me ever since the topic has been launched. The initial release date of the mission pack is not yet confirmed, but there will be a trailer released soon for it. Stay tuned and have a good day. Life is very colorfull. Some people live their whole lives without doing anything they or other people can be proud of, and eventually after death comes knocking on the door, the only thing left of them is an ordinary tombstone with their name written on it, aswell as some memories that their siblings, friends, loved ones hold from fading away, until they eventually do. Other people are what most of us ordinary people would call "heroes". They sacrifice almost everything they have to secure a future for humanity and are remembered by many generations. Their name is written in gold letters and their sacrifice is never considered in vain. Though all would be well and simple, but life is not always like that. A lot of people have done big things and made great sacrifices for the greater good of everyone, but their name never appeared in a history book. This story tells us about a young man in his early 20's, by the name of Martin Silverband, who lived an ordinary life in the city of San Fierro, but after the Third World War broke out, he had to make serious decisions of life and death for the sake of himself and other people, including his siblings, friends and loved ones. REVEAL GAMEPLAY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW0w83SbB2g SCREENSHOTS Chapter 1 Calm Before The Storm (7 missions)
  9. spyderblack66

    original story big smoke

    http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=29006 say about this mission
  10. Sovko


    list may extend in future
  11. spyderblack66

    merry chiristmas + missions

  12. PyThOn #TakeItEasy

    [MP] Metal Heads

    "Brave Hearts never die" September 16, 2007. A happy day at Las Venturas. There was a great match at the Blackfield Stadium, a match between 2 top bikers. Suddenly there was something unfamiliar with a guy, he turned and pressed a button. Boom! A suicide bomber from a group of terrorist did this. Now it's the job of Military to do the rest. In this mission pack, you will play as Martin. Play this MP to know further.... Martin Hall, the playable character of this MP. Role - Player David Williamson, C.O. of LV battalion. ​Role - Positive Connie Hall, wife of Martin Hall, comes handy few times! Role - Positive Jimmy Jones, the leader of terrorist group. Role - Negative [table] MissionProgressLink of missionIntro100%Mission LinkThe Plan100%Mission LinkSurprise0%Coming SoonRise of Flames0%Coming SoonFear of Fire0%Coming SoonNow or Never - 10%Coming SoonNow or Never - 20%Coming SoonHistory Now0%Coming Soon[/table] Coming soon... Mission 1 - Intro Mission 2 - The Plan Review by .GreenGoo Review by Martin_Strada Dutchy3010 & PatrickW for this awesome modification - DYOM Blessed Viper for headers & logos DeAdLy PyThOn for making this MP And all who supports me As I am a human from earth, I have study and some other works. So if I don't release a mission until few day, don't panic. I will release it!
  13. Aila

    FTA : It Can't Be Seen

    F*ck Theft Auto : It Can't Be Seen Alright, this is the first sh*t I made this is my newest MP, and it's Comedy - Action themed mission. I will try to to make the mission exciting so you will get satisfied after playing this. One thing, sorry for my bad English, because you know? Learning English is not that easy. I'll try my best in this mission, don't worry. John Lemon, a f*cking stupid blind man who got blind because of his own fault. He forgot to turn off the TV because he was so busy of fapping. But, some sh*t has occurred. The TV exploded and f*cked up John and Clarence's House. Luckily, he survived from that crazy incident but his eyes are BLIND! Yeah! f*cking BLIND! His nigga best friend, Clarence McKanzie, felt sad after hearing about the incident. However, John Lemon must get an eye surgery because he wants to see the world again. But his f*ckin' house has been ruined and now he became a homeless boy. You're going to play as Clarence. You need to find money to cure John. But it's not that easy. Clarence will face many troubles and illegal operations throughout San Andreas [table] CHARACTER'S NAMECHARACTER'S BACKGROUNDAGENATIONALITYSTATUSClarence McKanzieA main protagonist of this series. He's a former boxer in Las Venturas. He quit that job because someone cheated at him so he lost at that moment. He doesn't like to make any trouble but in order to cure his friend, John, he must face the troubles that he never expected of it.25Afro - AmericanAliveJohn LemonThe story says everything much to him. He's a stupid guy, fool, crazy, but.. he have a kindness that makes Clarence proud to him even he hates John because of John's foolishness.22Afro - AmericanAliveMac McKanzieTo be updated..34Afro - AmericanAliveRick WayneTo be updated..36Afro - AmericanAliveYuri PetrenkoTo be updated..29RussianAliveY UpJust a f*ckin' thugs who likes to mess around with his friends. Not much known about him.27Afro - AmericanDeceasedBig TA former leader of The South Side Thugz until Rick and Clarence killed him and took over his gang.33Afro - AmericanDeceased[/table] More characters will be updated soon. Chapter 0# - The Beginning (This chapter is more focused on story and will have a less gameplay) A Beautiful Day.. My brother... Unseen A Mysterious Person The South Side Thugz Beat Down on The Thugs Persona non Grata Your New Job Chapter 1# - Thug's Life Cocaine, drugs and bullsh*t Everything in this MP is purely fictional, I don't mean to offense anyone Sorry for English mistakes, cause I'm still learning of it This missions pack almost 50% is cutscenes. If you don't like / bored for watching a cutscenes, then you are welcomed to not play this MP Most of characters here are Afro - American. No racist, I just like their style as a gangsta! Hasta la vista
  14. Xaad

    The Hitman (Remake)

    THE HITMAN -This series was lastly cancelled by me as the first mission was not being loaded, I loved the Story So I Wanted to Continue It. Story -A Guy Named Awesome wants to Earn Money But Cause of Bad Luck He Can't. He Loved being a Hitman (Bounty Hunter) Since Childhood.He was Thrown Out of his rented house cause he didn't had money to stay there.He Found out that his friend is running a bounty hunting group so he Accidentally Found their base and Joined them.Their Group had everything except popularity.An Unknown Group Named DoT. Is said to be the best group in the Whole State Of San Andreas. Who Will Be The Best Group? A Group Of Ordinary People? (LVS) Or A Group Full Of Pros? (DoT.) Find It Out! Groups -LAS VEGAS SYNDICATE -An Ordinary Group Of Some Pro People.Has Everything Except Popularity. Members; Toxi BIP Vince Awesome -The Directly Organized Team -A Group Full Of Pros.Has Everything Can Wipe Out Anyone messing with em Members; Blu Exo Igli Jay Characters ALLIES Awesome -Pro 7/10 -Strenth 8/10 -Intelligence 7/10 -LVS Member Toxi (Toxicvirus) -Pro 7.5/10 -Strength 8/10 -Intelligence 5/10 -LVS Leader (2) BIP (BananasInPajamas) -Pro 8.5/10 -Strength 8.5/10 -Intelligence 6/10 -LVS Leader (1) Vince (Vincent1245) -Pro 5/10 -Strength 6/10 -Intelligence 10/10 -LVS Member RIVALS Blu (99Blueman) -PRO 9/10 -Strength 8/10 -Intelligence 6/10 -DoT. Leader Exo (XN52X) -PRO 10/10 -Strength 9/10 -Intelligence 4/10 -DoT. Special Member Igli (IgLi) -PRO 8.5/10 -Strength 8/10 Intelligence 7/10 -DoT. Member Jay (Jayince) -PRO 9/10 -Strength 8/10 Intelligence 8/10 -DoT. Member MISSIONS 1. Intro - Download Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50478 2. Hit Contracts Are Life - Download Link: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50491 - RECOMMENDED: Use Cheat code "Professionalkiller" Its Nearly Impossible To Win Without This Cheat code
  15. Hi. Welcome to my first and new mission-pack name "Ghost Ship: Creation". You folks might all know a legendary mission designer "LnDPrO" aka "LeonCJ". Yep, this is one of the mission pack that he designed back about 3-4 Years ago. The series of Ghost Ship by "LeonCJ" is remarkable at every aspect. The ideas are from the movies like: "Resident Evil", especially "Ghost Ship" (which are one of my best movies so far). By collaborating the ideas from salient movies (like i mentioned on previous line), the mission-pack became one of the best mission packs, in my sight and it was quiet a genius idea. But still as the best mission-pack. He (author) did not bother himself to continue on this more. The series of this mission-pack moves in silent places which are near to the dump ground because of inactivity and lack of peoples interest in mission-packs. Now after few years, i decided to make another series of this mission-pack and name it as "Ghost Ship: Creation". For information about the mission-pack plot.. just scroll down and read it. The mission-pack contains 8 to 12 mission-pack as this is its prequel. "The Story of the mission-pack is based on protagonist life. Jennifer, a protagonist, live in Italy with his younger brother, Michael. Jennifer is a member of SASSA company who build experiments in order to assist the Army and Government with new projects. Year, 1988, Jennifer receive immediate orders from the Government and company to travel to San Fierro to test their new experiment name "ALC 322". While in migration, something terrible happens and ship containing 100 of migrants lost in the middle of nowhere including Jennifer. All signals of communications was shut down" [table] Name Type Character Description Jennifer Phillips Protagonist She was born in Italy. She works under the Government's Company "SASSA". Michael Phillips Actor He is the younger brother of Jennifer. He lives in Italy and works there as a teacher. AshleyGraham Second Protagonist/Actor She was born in Italy. She is a best friend of "Jennifer". They both work together. [/table] Link of the missions are coming soon. For now be patience. The topic will update later or soon. Please give your feedbacks so, i can get your ideas.
  16. Xaad

    The Hitman

    >I Proudly Present A Mission Pack! A Guy Named (Alex) is Poor , He wants to earn money any way he wants.He loved bounty hunting since childhood. He goes to LV and finds out a factory.He finds that the factory is owned by his friend BIP Who leads a group named LVS for bounty Hunting.He Loved It So he joined the group. They Were Very Strong Because A Pro Alex joined them too.They Wanted to be popular but the Group Named DoT. Is not letting LVS Become popular.............. - ->(Find Out More By Waiting For The Release)<- Alex (Awesome) -Hero Of [MP] -Friend (Obviously) -LVS Member -Alex , A Poor But PRO Combatant --- BIP (BananasInPajams) -LVS Leader -Friend -LVS Leader -BIP , Very Pro and rich guy , Old Friend Of Alex.Better Combatant Than Alex --- Toxi (ToxicVirus) -LVS Leader2 (Not Co Leader) -Friend -LVS Leader2 -Toxi , Same Skills like Alex but not better than BIP --- Vince (Vincent1245) -LVS Member -Friend -LVS Member -Vince , Poor In Combat But Very Intelligent --- Blu (99Blueman) -DoT. Leader -Enemy -DoT. Leader -Blu , Extremely Pro And Trained Guy , Better Combatant Than BIP (LVS Leader) --- Exo (xN52x) -DoT. Leader2 -Enemy -DoT. Leader -Exo , Very Pro Combatant better than BIP (LVS Leader) + More Pro Than Blu (DoT. Leader) , Best Hitman In San Andreas --- Igli (IgLi17) -DoT. Member -Enemy -DoT. Member -Igli , Very Pro Combatant Same As Toxi. --- --- LVS , Las Vegas Syndicate Or Las Venturas Syndicate. Owned By BIP , A Very Pro Combatant. LVS Is A New Group Of Bounty Hunters In San Andreas , Not Very Old. Base Is In Las Venturas As Noticed From LVS. LVS Is Getting Very Popular Day By Day But A Group Is Also On The Roll. --- DoT. , Directly Organized Team , Owned By Blu Is An extremely dangerous group of bounty hunters. It Is Most Popular Bounty Hunters Group In San Andreas.It Is Popular Due To Its Member xN52x The Pro'est Combatant In Whole San Andreas.They Can Take Anyone Down If They Are United. Base = In Las Venturas --- 1- http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/47393 - The Beginning 2- X - X --- Rockstar Games - This Awesome Game Dutchy3010 And PatrickW - For This Awesome Modification Xaad - For This Mission Pack Story Etc.. (You Can See Character Names Are in Bracket , Actually xN52x , 99Blueman , BananasInPajamas All Are My Gta san andreas multiplayer crazybobs cops and robbers server friends , and dot and lvs are groups in that server.)
  17. CharlieSN95

    [MP] Of Two Minds

    -Introductory mission has been added ~ Mission #2 is in progress ~ October/31 "Sean Ford. A recently promoted FBI agent, put up to a task he knows he won't be able to go through with. It is present day, mafias are fighting over territory and power everywhere, and on top of them all sit the Capriani Family, a group of most wanted criminals even the baddest son of a gun would think twice about crossing. The Caprianis managed to get on the FBIs radar and they are not holding back. There's word about a new errand boy around Liberty City, doing the Capriani's dirty work to cut himself a piece of their power and respect. The family want to fly him out to Las Venturas to meet with the higher-ups, but the FBI have other plans. They arrest the errand boy before he can catch his flight, and send in the newly promoted agent, Sean Ford, in his place. Sean finds himself forced to blend into the mafia's operations, all the while doubting his life choices and questioning orders. Will Sean Ford's uncertainty lead him down the wrong path? Find out in Of Two Minds." Download Link: Click Here -Mission Pack thread created ~ October/31 -Introductory Mission added ~ October/31 "After a very long hiatus from creating missions for DYOM and not interacting with the DYOM community, I decided now was the time to finally make my return. I've been feeling very nostalgic about my teenage days, and DYOM was a very big part of those years, so I've been playing everyone's mission packs every now and then, which motivated me to get back in the DYOM game. This missionpack will be a very short, 8-mission story that will follow the actions of Sean Ford as an FBI agent forced to blend into a notorious crime family. I hope you enjoy playing the missions, I'm trying my hardest to add as much detail and quality to every mission. The last mission pack I released was waaaay back in 2012/2013, so I'm a little rusty on these new 8.1 features, but I'm slowly learning. Anyway, I hope you enjoy playing this mission pack, any feedback is welcome. Thank you for taking the time to view this thread!" ~BlessedViper
  18. The John David

    [MP] Unforgivable

    This mission pack hasn't pertain any direct goals, it's a assassination mission only taking charge of your team. Protecting your team is your priority of this mission. Lead your team to the serious and dangerous places. Eliminate them as soon as possible. Selby Sachaverell, a SWAT team member forget the old contract that wife gave to him that wants to become a cop. He was the best calligraphy when he's a kid. His parents betrayed him for seeing marrying his wife and got separated. Two years later... he join the elite unit S.W.A.T. to murder any suspects in Los Santos, Angel Pine, San Fierro, and Las Venturas His journey begins as a S.W.A.T. member. S.W.A.T. member taking charge of the team Selby's wife Unidentified person, Ambitious murderer, suspect at Las Venturas DEMO Mission Pack Los Santos: Completed Angel Pine: Completed San Fierro: Completed Las Venturas: Coming Soon... Liberty City: Coming Soon... Coming Soon... Gregorio150 A.K.A. Jhan Dave - for creation of the mission pack Hans Daniel A.K.A. Blue Lance - for ideas, actors, story, and headers Dutchy3010 & PatrickW - for Design Your Own Mission (DYOM)
  19. Next Previous

    [MP] - Distance

    In 2011, Los Santos was attacked by an unknown Attackers coming from the south of the city, They took out Los Santos International Airport and Planning to kidnap some of the population to exchange them with goodies and money, A Jonathan Cale(John) and his sister Kate were living n the north of the Airport, When the military got there, They kidnapped both of them, Find more about the story in the MP. Built-in Tutorial Limited amount of bullets (So use them wisely) Close world (You won't be able to go off story) Improved gameplay designing Improved Riddles are added (No markers, Use your mind to find the way) New features that were never used before HD Sounds are added in every mission. DEMO: Download Alternative Link: Download Full MP: Work in progress... MP Status Work in Progress ^-^
  20. Martin_Strada

    The Dark Assassin

    Description: This is a series of The Dark Assassin mission. It's not kind of story, but a list of missions you can play. You'll play as Ajax, a secret agent of Einzein Corporation, being as assassin, but ends up becoming a secret killer as he proved up the skills. Characters: AJAX BLACK The playable and main character. He's a secret agent of Einzein Corporation, codename ''The Dark Assassin'', and working with a man called: Smith, but sometimes he's working with other people. ADAMS SCOTT Adams is Ajax's partner. He's working with no-one and leaving tasks to Ajax when it comes a mission. Being a mysterious man that all peoples, even Ajax hard to find him. MR. SMITH The leader of Einzein Corporation (E.C). He is 'money grubber' as he always concerned a money and properties. Sometimes, he hired Ajax as his secret assassin. RICK Assistan of Mr. Smith and used to be an intermediary business. LOUIS FRANCIS Leader of "The Royal's of Rovers" ( T.R.O.R) that rules Los Santos. Factions: Einzein Corporation (E.C.) Lead by Mr. Smith and allied to Ajax. Richest organization in Los Santos. The Royal's of Rovers (T.R.O.R.) Lead by Louis Francis. The biggest organization and rules Los Santos. The Golden Saints (T.G.S.) Lead by Adams Raines and the second biggest group. In a bussiness with TROR. The Lion Scorpions Lead by Jose Pedro a.k.a JP. Still a small group but become wild since mission Hero In Dark. Missions: 1. Mr. Smith's Task: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50364 2. Killing in the Town: Work in Progress Screenshots: N/A While I release some missions, you can do some screenshots. Credits: Dutchy3010: For releasing the mod: DYOM PatrickW: For releasing the mod: DYOM Martin: For making missions.
  21. Martin_Strada

    [MP] Close Quarters

  22. Martin_Strada

    WarFighter IV - Operation Lionseeker

    Warfighter is Dead: This mission pack and his series were deleted and they were forgotten or does not exists.
  23. Cancelled Project changed to another mp: http://gtaforums.com/topic/889861-warfighter-iv-operation-lionseeker/
  24. Status: Cancelled The hell is started, it never ends - Riley McGreen 1968 About: Hello, guys, this is me, Martin, I made this topic again. This is old times I made this 2nd Mission Pack. I thinking that I will make remade or 2nd version of this Warfighter series. If you're interested, check for more instructions. Link to original topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/865379-warfighter-operation-throwbreaker/ Story: Don't watch this if you want to play this and find it by yourself. Characters: Don't see this if you don't want to play this by yourself Factions: Don't watch this if you want to see by yourself. Screenshots: Reviews: Showcase: Download: Demo: https://www.sendspace.com/file/qektbh Chapter 1: Brothers in Arms Team Throwbreaker Breakout
  25. spyderblack66

    GTA SA Frosted Winter DYOM

    LC Beta 7 total conversion link http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28729

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