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Found 130 results

  1. RithRake24

    [MP] What Pain Means

    RITHRAKE24 PRESENTS A BRAND NEW MISSION PACK WHAT PAIN MEANS Christopher Anderson is an experienced investigation officer belonging to the Las Venturas Police Department, who is famous around the State of San Andreas for having solved 32 cases of merciless, bloodthirsty criminals. When the Governor of San Andreas calls him over to Los Santos to look into an unsolved case involving a series of 21 brutal murders at Market Station, Christopher is thrown into a mystery of a bigger scale. A case that appears easy at first, having a lot of starting points for investigation, soon evolves into a more mind-boggling affair. Follow Christopher's investigation as he is finally handed a case that really tests his intelligence and mettle, a criminal who cannot be proven guilty by customary investigation methods. Follow Christopher as he risks the loss of the things most dear to him, his reputation, family, etc. CHAPTER 1: THE GHOST OF MARKET STATION Mission 1: The Santos Job Mission 2: TBA Mission 3: TBA Mission 4: TBA Mission 5: TBA Mission 6: TBA Mission 7: TBA Mission 8: TBA CHAPTER 2: CAT AND MOUSE Mission 1: TBA Mission 2: TBA Mission 3: TBA Mission 4: TBA Mission 5: TBA Mission 6: TBA Mission 7: TBA Mission 8: TBA Note: Chapter 1 will majorly be cutscene-dominated, featuring minimal gameplay. However, this lack of gameplay will be made up for in Chapter 2, where the MP will evolve into more of an suspense thriller.
  2. (Logo created since 14/01/2019) Welcome to Ghost Ship REMASTERED. Yep, you got that right. Remastered, not a remake. I've decided to remaster and improve one of my favorite mission-packs I made 8 years ago. 8 YEARS AGO!!! Holy moly. I'm giving this mission-pack a beautiful polishing touch. Improving a lot of things, making it look better than it was 8 years ago. (if you want to see the old topic: go here) Get games at a great price and support charity! Or subscribe to a monthly Humble and get games every month! (click the image to download the missions) ------------------------------------------------------------- What's New? Fixed grammar, more dialogue added. Added background music, ambient sounds and other sound effects Re-edited enemies, more variety and more stronger. New Easter-Eggs! (5 Dancing Lukas locations) Removed the PDA. Removed Trophies, instead there are now Challenges. Challenging events! Added new NIGHTMARE difficulty. (Coming Soon) Improved cutscenes, improved atmosphere. Story a bit changed, more improved. Added brand new DLC chapter of Tom and Selva. (Coming Soon) And many more! You'll see for yourself! NIGHTMARE MODE Big game changer. Limited ammo, stronger and more enemies, out of place enemies that will catch you off guard. Invisible checkpoints, no more helpful information - you're all alone. (coming soon) STORY 1990, San Fierro, San Andreas. A ship, full of people, deliveries and weapon cargo, had to arrive to San Fierro, suddenly stops nearby. A heavy rain starts pouring and the San Fierro Police Department are worried that something might have happen. The Pier 69 tried to contact with them, but... no one answered. The SFPD believes that their long-time enemies have captured the ship and stole the weapons. Chris White, is sent alone to investigate and evacuate any survivors. But he has yet to discover... the true horror within the Ghost Ship. CHARACTERS MISSIONS Recommended to play with headphones on. Recommended to use PROFESSIONALKILLERS cheat code. Strongly recommended to use the sound files. Recommended not to use any kind of mods. Chapter 1: Investigation Begins (Download) (Sound Files) Chapter 2: A Nightmare (Coming Soon) Chapter 3: A Tale of the Ghosts (Coming Soon) Chapter 4: The Truth (Coming Soon) Final Chapter: For The Better World (Coming Soon) Extra Chapter: A Storm is Approaching (DLC) (Coming Soon) Trailers CHALLENGING EVENTS Challenging events requiring players to complete missions within the time limit. Find certain easter-eggs within the time limit and compete with other players! Your name will be shown on the Top 3 player chart! (coming soon) EASTER EGGS Throughout your journey in the Ghost Ship, you will notice odd things! These are Easter-Eggs! Try and find them all! Green Goo's 3 - in the mission So It Begins 5 - in the mission Within The Ship 4 - in the mission Her World Dancing Lukas *new* There's always a one dancing Lukas in each chapter. Try and find them! (more to be added) UPDATE & CHANGES BLOG If you want to get like 4-5 games for the price of $1 and support charity and maybe even me, click the image above!
  3. The Half-Blood Prince

    [MP] The Dark Instinct

    Short dystopias close or not to reality that shows how harmful human potential to self-destruction can be, and how it can lead everyone to chaos in a matter of time if everyone's distrait. Composed by genders such as science-fiction, action and adventure, the stories blends themes like post-apocalyptic scenarios and alternative realities, where all of them have one thing in common: the darkest context possible. EPISODES: 1 - TIME ZERO A young time traveler stuck in a future where the world is destroyed by a radioactive war tries to find a way to get back to the past and correct the events that caused such tragic destiny to the humankind. Missions: Part 1: T Part 2: I Part 3: M Part 4: E Part 5: Z Part 6: E Part 7: R Part 8: O #darkinstinct
  4. xXPinguXx

    The Adventures Of Claude Speed

    STORYLINE After three long years in the war, Claude Speed has to come back to Los Santos to meet his mob boss, Mr.Cabone. But once he comes back, everything in the city has gone bad. The city is filled with gang wars, drug dealers, and Mr.Cabone has lost his territory. Now, it's Claude's job to survive the raging streets and bring the mafia back to normal. DOWNLOAD Chapter 1 is now available. Download it here: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/56805
  5. Jack Muller

    [MP] No Fake

    During the year 2012, Los Santos - San Fierro - Las Venturas these three cities had a bad destiny of assassination cause of the huge crime variety that's happening in there, people called them "The Deathsides". When you start a conflict with someone, then you began a bloody enmity and one of you two is going to leave alive. You don't have any choice but to eliminate him, so when you collect some informations about your target, you send a murderer to take him out. This circulation continued for years, until a red day came. A mafia band of LV rose out of no where and started collecting the most professional gunmen of San Andreas cities. The boss made an organization by the name "Red-Dead" simply known as "RDs" and that organization had the most brutal murderers of America, their dirty job was finishing off pure lives by a request. The band became popular in the streets of San Andreas, all people acquainted the RDs. And whoever had a conflict with someone he directly make a call with the boss of the RDs and tell him to send a murderer to take out his target with a given amount of dough. The method was called "Bribe" anyways. After years of killing people with ease a request was sent to the boss, someone requested to eliminate 8 brothers of a family called Brigands with a big amount of money. The RDs had 6 skilled killers and every two killers were sent to Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas to take out the 8 brothers before the closure of the given period, and no fails were acceptable to Robert Jamaica the boss of the RDs. They thought it's a pushover as always, but they were wrong. Who's going to succeed and who's going to fail in this dirty game? Play as Bryan Jorges the professional shooter of the Red-Deads band 'til the end arrives. Advice from me, you can't survive without a peek of fake. Just few of these 6 men are going to make it out alive, who's going to be? If you're not ready don't enter the risk, mercy won't be given there! Soundtracks Chapter 1 Primary Lies An Introduction Requested Gather Behind The Walls P1/P2 One Step To Another Along The Decoy P1/P2 N/A N/A N/A Chapter 2 The Joker N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Chapter 3 Eyesore N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Chapter 4 Sealed Fate N/A N/A N/A
  6. Danz.

    [MP] Empire of the Soul

    (WIP) Daniel Beeson: The worker from a travelling firm. His life sees major changes when he thought he was at the top, either regarding his love life or his job. He's calm and has a big heart, but whenever things get too serious or when people disappoint him, he assumes a cold and psycopathetic personality that could really make him a treat to his own friends. Matthew Dempsey: Daniel's best friend, since when they were classmates in Highschool. He's been unemployed since his youth and little is know about the origin of the money he earns. But once Dan's problems start to affect his life, it also sees 180 degrees turn, since he couldn't simply return to his old habits and is eventually seen saving Dan's ass. Graziela Moreira: An illegal Brazilian immigrant who was found floating in the sea by Dan and Matt while escaping from the cops. She's considered "the urban Tomb Raider" as many hard tasks are done by her without much effort and is always in an adventure way of living. Aparently, she has a crush on Dan. Uncle Travis: A former co-worker of ALSOUL's group. He is a middle aged dirty spunker who once left such group because he felt like he was getting abused and forced to continue the "project". He was later on found working in a log factory in Angel Pine. However, Agent 69 feels like he has a very essential place in the group, thus making his return obligatory. Chapter 1: The building up First Mission - Starting from the middle... Second Mission- Nevermind, screw you Third Mission- Changing Time Fourth Mission- A gorgeous immigrant Fifth Mission- Unwanted Help Sixth Mission- Meeting Mr. Travis Seventh Mission - High value target Eight Mission - Settled Apart Chapter 2: Getting it togheter First Mission - A queer's secret Second Mission - Through hell and beyond Third Mission - The Squad Fourth Mission - The Bush Monster Fifth Mission - Strike at Whetstone Sixth Mission - Zeta Path - Part 01 Seventh Mission - Zeta Path - Part 02 Eight Mission - Zeta Path - Part 03 Chapter 3: The throwback First Mission - A restart in the past Second Mission - Do I know you? Third Mission - Stepping on quicksand Fourth Mission - Harsh Reunion Fifth Mission - Coming Hard Sixth Mission - The Literal Soulmate Seventh Mission - Guardian Angel Eitght Mission - Departure Time Chapter 4: Discovery Time First Mission - "You spin me 'round" Second Mission - Unfortunate Son Third Mission - Zeta's Puzzle Fourth Mission - Le Parkour Queen Fifth Mission - Top Gunner Sixth Mission - A mess (Soon) To Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for creating this awesome mod, hope they deliver to us the 9.0 version, and to you guys for any support given, so I can continue with this story. Also, thanks to Mr. Mac for making these headers, thus making this topic nicer overall.
  7. The Half-Blood Prince

    [MP] The Game

    In the year of 2025, San Andres lives with a war of multiple factions who fight each other, seeking for power and territories. The police is extremely corrupt and the Army no longer get involved with criminal matters. In the midst of this, a program is created by the City Hall of Los Santos to reward the winner with a role in the state Government. The Program consists in 20 participants divided in 6 groups, each one representing the animal symbolism based on their personalities. However, many participants are members of these factions, which makes what was supposed to be a clean competition turns into a cruel game involving murdering, sabotage, conspiration and the emergence of a huge war involving thousands of members, where the main goal, besides get the role, is to survive. FEATURES: - Format like a TV Serie (seasons and episodes); - Different Points of View (POVs) in every single mission; - 20 different protagonists; - Extremely focused in the writting and the character development; - Complex plot; - Special Soundtrack for each group, faction, battles and even specific characters. The Soundtrack of The Game, composed in great part by Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones), and having tracks from other games (Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Grand Theft Auto V) and movies (Logan): (08 episodes) http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50255 (09 episodes) http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50607 (10 episodes) http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/51467 (10 episodes) http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53066 (10 episodes) http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/57240 #TheGame
  8. Seth

    [MP] Days of Rank

    Sean Ambrose(GuerreroX) Present...... a War and Adventures mission pack..... in the start of 2008, whole of criminals start to workout with the most wanted criminal, Redline, or simple called..Rank. as the Force 04 start to search for him, they didn't find him. Science of Area Biopharm, aka Dr.Geonard, discovered cells that can create things exist, they start to create Project GHOST to stop Rank and his friend Hayson, after Hayson died. Rank no longer want to become a criminal, so he decided to stop crimes and join The Delta Squad(Area Biopharm Agents) but the doctors find a problem to stop Project GHOST, then it's goes wrong and bad things start to happen, when some of Area Biopharm Security said there someone one of the "The Rivals Agency" came and edited the project, something is unleashed and it's begin..... Redline Alexis(Rank): Biggest criminal on San Andreas. did over 180 crimes and 20 bank thefts and most of banks was The Maze Bank, because of him, The "San Andreas Honor" Goverment falls, and the world is all over him to kill him, but The Delta Sqaud(Area Biopharm Force 04 Leaders) tried to recruit him. Hayson Nelson: Redline best friend, he is leader of Grove St. Familes. The leading of drugs with Redline over cities to Mafias and Gangs, like Cazonis Mafia and Sindacco Mafia. he died helping Redline to escape the Alpha Team. Captain Teen: The guy who helped Redline to avoid the living hell of prison, by trying to recruit him to Force 04, he showed him Bone Country and the cities, Teen is captain of Force 04(Delta Squad) and leading of Alpha Team(Force 001) he was promoted by General Clayson. Leader Thomas: Leader of Delta Squad, he does the orders for Alpha Team and Delta Team expect The Shield Team and New Alliance Force(N.A.F), he is a close friend to Captain Teen and they work toghther, Thomas have trust on Teen because of the backstory of them, Thomas meet Redline in Fort Carson and it's shown that they are neighbors. Episode 1: Part 1:The Prologue Part 2:The Negative Ones Part 3:Saving Leader Thomas Part 4:W.I.P Part 5:W.I.P Sean Ambrose(Nuddle King) - The Creator of the MP HardcoreRG - The Official Logo of the MP GHOZT - Credit for him for WIP logo. DeeGuhTah - Some nice logos and help. by The Magican Algerian


    Hi. now i'm create Mission Pack, before start my English is very very very bad! OK,Mission one is English. PLAYERS JAME:Original Player. He's First gang Other Player's Soon... Mission 1:First Blood Elizabeth Queen From British Attack United States and try to capture San Andreas but Jame And Fateh Group.... CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD 2019 Mission 2 Have Bugs You must wait to another mission Checking bug...W.I.P MISSION 2:- - SORRY W.I.P 2019😃 Mission 3:- - W.I.P Created By:ERFAN IREG Thank You Dutchy And Patrick For Design your own mission Other Mission SOON... Again sorry for my bad English Im from Iran OH
  10. General Scrotum

    [CLASSIFIED]: 1992

    [CLASSIFIED]: 1992 Characters Factions Files Week Six
  11. NorthRock

    [MP] Sequent SA

    Information Regarding this Mission Pack will be updated soon. For further information, Please join our Discord Server. Discord Server .
  12. VikingEVM

    [WIP] Bring Down Leatherface

    San Andreas has a new problem besides Los Santos' gangs, San Fierro's triads and Las Venturas' mafia: a chainsaw-wielding serial killer (nicknamed "Leatherface") is killing everyone he finds near his hut, located in the Back O' Beyond. After the events of the #MOTW 121 entry (The Back O' Beyond Massacre), the Paranormal Threats Response Unit, a special police unit is dispatched to bring down the killer, who is believed to have inhuman strength and resistance. Another group, however, has set its sights on the killer for entirely different motives and soon enters in conflict with the authorities. As the small towns and factories of the countryside become a battleground between the PTRU and the unknown sect, the killer hunts them both.. You play as Parker, the captain of PTRU's Sierra squad. You will face not only the killer, as he lurks in the shadows while you and your squad try to find you, but also a secret cult interested in him as much as you, only for different reasons. You will also play some missions as the killer, in which you hunt down both the police and the cult to ensure your survival. Download the full demo from the link below (contains the introduction and three missions) DOWNLOAD THE ENGLISH DEMO HERE A couple of screenshots from the demo
  13. GKHEAT

    [MP]Niggaz In The Hood

    GKHEAT Presents..... A Design Your Own Mission Series Niggaz In The Hood Official Logo Official Poster About me Hi, It's GKHEAT an Indian DYOM designer.I Like making missions in GTA SA. Thanks a lot for making this amazing mod Dutchy3010, PatrickW and other members for helping them. After finishing my previous MP "Crime Cities". I have started a new MP called "Niggaz in the hood", with my crazyness. I hope you like it. Feel free to live your feedback. I am waiting for your Feedback. Dad always told me, "If you get hurt, you don't feel anything, but if something happens to your families, your heart feel the pain." Hi there, In this MP you will play a role of Tre Jenson of his short intresting moments of life. Of his greatful moments of his life. Tre is from El Corona in Los Santos but, after death of his father he stayed in Liberty City for few years. His father was a gang member in Corona G's gang, and died in gang war. Now the protagonist is back. To his city, to his house, to his Hood. Now he feel the pain of his hood, with his childhood friends. DOWNLOAD Chapter-1 1. Home Sweet Home 2. New Day - - - - (more soon) Credits Rockstar North games for this amazing game, GTA SA Dutchy3010 [DYOM Founder] PatrickW [DYOM Founder] GKHEAT [Mission Designer] and, You [For Playing This] Cancelled
  14. Sage Sparks

    One-Girl Gang

    CHARACTERS Elise Powell A nineteen year-old girl, who is experienced in combat. She never was the stereotype girl who would play with dolls, like pink and dream of becoming like Barbie. Being the daughter of a gang leader, she had to adapt. But she hated what her father was getting her involved in. As naive as she was, she went to the police one day, and got her father into serious trouble. Since he cared about his "business" more than her, he ordered for her to be killed. A young man from the gang, who always liked her, offered to help her fake her death and move on the East Coast. He succeeded, and the gang and her father believed her to be dead. Elise's ped is Michelle, and also, that is her in the cover. Please don't judge it if it's bad, I know it might be. I spent some time photoshopping that, and I didn't even watch a tutorial lol. I hope you like it, don't hesitate to tell me what you think. But just don't be harsh or rude. THIS MP IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, WHICH MEANS MORE CHARACTERS ARE COMING SOON. SYNOPSIS Years after moving to the East Coast, Elise returns to San Andreas after hearing that the man who helped her when she was younger got killed by the gang when he wanted to leave them, with the intention to attend his funeral and also avenge his death. But that wasn't the only reason for her to want to take down her father's clan. She also heard that they have gained a lot of influence and that they are corrupting the cities. Undeterred by the power her father's gang has, she is determined to take them down and starts moving against them, eventually revealing to the gang and her own father that she is alive, and willing to fight them. PROLOGUE IS NOW AVAILABLE TO PLAY. You can download it here. Don't forget to tell me what you think about this idea! Theme Song (I know it's a bit cheesy, but most of the lyrics fit the character, and I like it)
  15. SkyGTA_User

    [MP] Carl's Betrayal

    Carl and Sweet misunderstood each other after his return from Liberty. He leaves the street depressed with falling power. He joins the Ballas, making it more powerful. Sweet's co-leader has been shot, leaving the hood non-influencing anymore. How far will Carl will go? MISSIONS Leaving Grove: Link Manhunt: Link Sidelines: Link The Meet: Link Paul Kensington: Link by SkyGTA_User TO BE CONSTRUCTED
  16. DennysCute99


    DennysCute99 presents a Design Your Own Mission MP The Fall Of Michael, is a new experience of this community of the year. A very long time ago, Michael Kozlow has fought with the russians to restore peace to Los Santos, but with him there were also germans who thought he was a pole because he had the surname 'Kozlow'. Many poles and russians has the surname that began with the 'K'. The germans wanted to kill him but luckily, Michael showed his true identity to the german soldiers. I was born in Germany, I'm a german. Michael Kozlow is a german who has struck with the russians but this happened a long time ago. He now lives in America and does business with the godfather, is called 'Don Calogero'. He did a lot of business with him and that was important. The war continues but will never have an end. STORY CHARACTERS MEDIA TRAILERS: SCREENS: NEWS THE FALL OF MICHAEL: THE MULTI-LANGUAGE PROJECT https://gtaforums.com/topic/909214-the-fall-of-michael/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-1070410836 W.I.P
  17. Seems the old MP of Battle San Fierro I made, was pretty bad and incoherent story. But with this remake one. I'm now going to correct everything, based on the old story I made on the previous one. Also, the story, characters, and everything has been changed, suggested me back on Heisenberg_GR. Also, one more thing, I can't put the pictures of the characters, because something bothers me when I'm using Amazing Screenshot mod, it always sometimes freeze the game and can't exit it. So I don't intend to do that anymore. Thanks for noticing this topic and give it a like. Feel free to comment something about this, I'll give it a like and response for your questions. September 1985, a local government of San Fierro declared a new hope of the city, which provide a new rules for people, in any moments, an unknown person assassinate the local government before announcing the rules, causes to start a panic. Few hours, after assasinating the local government at San Fierro, on Saint Helen's Boat, a russian leader named Rolan Mangu, brought reinforcements and sent and scattered all his mens to start Rolan's plan to takeover San Fierro, means to annihilate and control people and everything, if Rolan Mangu success to his plans after taking San Fierro, he might control all over the world of San Andreas. Who could have done this? None of this makes more sense. On Spetsnaz Base Headquarters, one of the police men on San Fierro report a news to the leader, Sagara Mateo, about the tragedy happening to San Fierro, he received about what happened to the local government, which the cause of death is the shot on head, same this on his bodyguards before calling for backup. Sagara's best agents, Grekov Mateo and Utopia Simile sent them to infiltrate San Fierro and find everything what's on the russian's objective. it is a suicidal mission. We have no choice, but to triggered a civil war between russians and people out there. John David / Jhan Dave; for bringing and remaking the old MP action on 2015 Dutchy3010 & PatrickW; for DYOM (Designing Your Own Mission)
  18. Status: Work in Progress 3rd logo(26 december 2014, 30 december 2014) 2nd logo(16 august, 2014-26 december 2014) 1st logo(26 july, 2013-16 august 2014) Headers made by Slave Boy Year 2013. The whole world thought it was impossible for a zombie apocalypse to happen, no one was prepared for that. San Andreas is nothing but death and pain, people are now fighting for their survival, the world that people knew, is gone, part of the bloodthirsty dead and all this because of the Global Company called Hope, who secretly experimenting with biological weapons, one of their experiments went wrong and the virus managed to reach the big city Los Santos, causing more than the half of the population to die and come back to life as monsters. Many souls remain in the oblivion, and you're the only living soul who could rescue us from this slaughter. -SPOILERS BELOW- Chapter 1 - Awakening Download Chapter 1 and the sounds for more horror experience. 1) Intro: http://www.dyom.gtagames.nl/show/26837 2) Like a Desert: http://www.dyom.gtagames.nl/show/26903 3) Andy's house: http://www.dyom.gtagames.nl/show/27107 4) Overrun: http://www.dyom.gtagames.nl/show/27255 5) This is how we fall: http://www.dyom.gtagames.nl/show/33463 6) No Hope: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/33543 7) The Marauders Pt1: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/43952 *Fixed 😎 The Marauders Pt2: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/33647 9) Better Angels: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/33648 Chapter 2 - Outlast against them 1) Ever after: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/34812 2) Alone: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35158 3) Still: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/40051 4) The Taker is here: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/40093
  19. VenomDYOM

    The Battle Never Ends

    ADVICE Topic recreated because of the forums new update. [img STORY Kyle, a man full of crime. His soul represents the serial killers. But his best friend Frank has a knowledge too, Kyle in the later years has learned a lot of things from him. Now it's time to Kyle to move and push towards back to Los Santos, sent by the unknown corrupt cop to Angel Pine, now Kyle has to take himself back to Los Santos and pass two major cities, San Fierro and Las Venturas. When in San Fierro, the local elections will be hold in there. Kyle and his crew are going to kidnap the mayor of San Fierro, Tyler Franks. More the missions go, more the story is updated. CHARACTERS Kyle The most-known guy as a serial-killer, but hasn't been called that since Thomas gave him the name. A 26 year old kid. Peter A man who's selling guns and owns a gun shop in Angel Pine, he's shy and sometimes aggressive. His best friend is currently Kyle. Thomas Known as Uncle Thomas in-game. He always wears his pink shirt. Neil He dies right in the beginning of the mission-pack. But he faked his death. He is a leader of his "unknown mafia". Tyler Tyler won the local elections in San Fierro as the official mayor. Peter, Thomas and Kyle wants him dead. More the missions go, more characters appear. MISSIONS: The Battle Never Ends - Intro http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53240 The Battle Never Ends - A boxing match http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53314 The Battle Never Ends - One explosion to another http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53330 The Battle Never Ends - Political issues http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53402 The Battle Never Ends - Political issues (2) http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53469 The Battle Never Ends - Kidnapping http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/54196 The more missions will appear soon. CREDITS: purevil101: For creating the amazing logos DiGiTa_: For creating the amazing logos PatrickW: Designing DYOM modification Dutchy3010: Designing DYOM modification VenomDYOM: For designing this mission-pack
  20. xandeco17

    [MP] Hunger for Justice

    Story The story recounts the life of Ricky Melvin, a simple man living in Palomino Creek, who works with his father at a local pizzeria. He had the same routine every day, he only worked all day and then went home, only one thing happens that would change his life forever, everything he did would become insignificant, and then he met new people , and has a completely different routine from the previous one. Characters Ricky Melvin It is the protagonist of this journey, in which you must control. David Peterman Mysterious man who appears most of the time giving orders to some thugs in the countryside. Paul Luts and Billy O'Connor Two of the bandits who suffer influence/are commanded by David Peterman. Tony Adams Man looking to help Ricky after big dilemma in his life. It's like a "big brother" to Ricky. And others... Missions 1 - In the beginning It is my first pack of missions, I ask you to evaluate calmly because I am still starting in DYOM, thank you!!!
  21. The Half-Blood Prince

    [MP] Identity

    IDENTITY WELCOME TO THE DIARY OF MONICA HOPKINGS http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/46622 http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/49669 DOWNLOAD LINKS Episode 01, Prologue: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/46622 Episode 01, Chapter 01 - Five Years Later: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50261 Episode 01, Chapter 02 - Mindfulness: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/50322 #ID
  22. DennysCute99

    [MP] A Ghost Night

    A GHOST NIGHT WELCOME ON THE NIGHT OF THE DEVIL! STORY: San Fierro 1990... During the war of San Fierro, there was these two people 'Luis and Ashley', nothing happened in the first moments but the only thing Ashley had to go to eat from one of her friends but after two hours was no one else in the streets of the city, there was no living soul around and so Luis went to get Ashley who had just finished eating at her friends house, but it was all destroyed, the streets all blocked, the dark sky, and white had happened in that city? It was no longer understood anything in time, once past those two hours, San Fierro became a ghost. FEATURES: - Careful as you play because there are too many cutscene with (Skip Fading); - Listen well to the complete situation; - Try to understand the sound effects; - Different things taken (V for Vinegar created by THBP); - Do not exceed the limit of the (Horror genre). NOTE: - Play at night at 09.00 or 00.00 AM. - It is recommended to install the Soundtrack (SD). - Listen to the sound effects well. CHARACTERS: TRAILERS/MEDIA: DOWNLOAD LINKS: Prologue: Episode 1 Prologue: Episode 2 Prologue: Episode 3 Prologue Complete Season 1: Chapter 1 (The Roads of the Devil): Episode 1: The Road (1) Episode 2: The Motel (1) - - - - - - Chapter 2 (End of the first Season) - - - - - - Season 2: N/A ??? #A GHOST NIGHT #AGN #VfV
  23. Welcome every DYOM member... to the greatest MP's of DYOM, DYOM Chronicles:The Dark Brotherhood Plot: A DYOM City, being destroyed and taken by some evil members, now it's time to take it back, but only Kovas and CO will do it?some DYOM Survivors survived, is it enough to take out The DYOM Trashers and others?But is some mysterious secret enemy will appear, Who is he? Missions: ------Chapter 1:The Operation--------- Intro:A Good Day to Start Episode 1:The Abilty of DYOM Episode 2:The Reveal Have great time and enjoy playing, more updates about this topic soon! Characters and Screens will be added!
  24. Giorgia Vinegar

    [MP] Z for Zulu

    - Giorgia Vinegar presents a Design Your Own Mission MP - Z for Zulu is a new Mission Pack inspired Codename Zulu and dedicated to the new people of DYOM and old people who are still planning their MP on DYOM but this is a real MP that I present to you after months working there. The real and professional of this Mission Pack will be new on DYOM, new experiences and many unforgettable Horror Scenes but we will see how the end of this Mission Pack will be. Z for Zulu by Giorgia Vinegar. STORY: CHARACTERS: SCREEN: NOTE: - Play at night. 1) - SD is reccomended. 2) - Don't panic about this MP. 3) - You are free to go wherever you want. 4) - Don't leave the world fall from this war. 5) FEATURES: - New dynamic adventure, moments of despair, blood everywhere and white in progress. - Different things taken V for Vinegar by THBP. - Different things taken A Ghost Night by DennysCute99. - Don't exceed the limit of the Horror and War Genre. COLLABORATING: - Beta tester: Unknown, Unknown2, Unknown3. - Text correction: DennysCute99 - Other languages: Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. - Russian: Unknown - Italian: DennysCute99 - Spanish: Unknown - Portuguese: Unknown - English: Giorgia Vinegar WELCOME TO Z FOR ZULU. W.I.P.

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