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  1. goodidea82

    SCM Variable Usage Analyzer

    This is rather a quick and dirty pyhon script than a tool, but it gets the job done. SCM Variable Usage Analyzer 0.1 by GoodIdea82, 2015 This is a quick and dirty python script. It analyzes in which sections of main.scm (main, missions, external scripts) local and global variables are used. It requires that the main.scm has been decompiled with SannyBuilder. It should work with any main.scm, e.g. SA, VC, LC. Usage. Edit the script and change the dir variable so that it contains the path to your main.txt. Generate main.txt by decompiling main.scm using SannyBuilder. This script reads the
  2. Forever L

    [VC] Updated Peds

    Well, it was time to update sometime, right? Well, there isn't much to tell, it's just that: some fixed pedestrians, with some improvisations. [The issue of models with XBOX hands, will remain for later.] Meanwhile, I will leave some images, separating some things. 'Fixed' Tommy Well, I think we all know that Tommy Vercetti's face inside the game differs a lot from the cutscene version. Here I improvise an 'fix' for that, using its cutscene head as the base. 'Fixed' Tommy Here
  3. AudioLibrary is a plugin for GTA Vice City/GTAIII which allows you to play custom music/sound files in a main.scm/CLEO script. Supported formats include: MP3, MP2, MP1, WAV, OGG, AIFF, XM, S3M, MOD, IT, UMX. Be warned, that this is still in early stages in the development and more features will be added over time. How To Install: Opcode Information: Old Versions: If you encounter a bug, please let me know. Source code (and recent builds) are available on GitHub: https://github.com/Allegri32/VCIIIAudioLibrary. Current release version: 1.1.1 DOWNLO
  4. Kalvin


    Reposting this over a year later because the original release was in Almost610's topic which I essentially hi-jacked because I'm a dick.
  5. Fixed Idle Animations For Vice City Some of you may be aware that Grand Theft Auto Vice City on PC has two busted animation files inside of it's ped.ifp. These animations were IDLE_ARMED and IDLE_CSAW. On PC, they are single frame animations and make the player model stand completely still. PS2 on the other hand actually had proper idle animations. Tommy would sway back and forth when holding a rifle or a heavy weapon. The PS2 animations just look better than still frames so I decided to get those anims working for PC. How to install Extract the ped.ifp from the supplied .RAR Go to the an
  6. sharpie_eastern

    Grand Theft Auto: Stories

    Grand Theft Auto: Stories VCS: BETA II LCS: SOON! INFORMATION Grand Theft Auto: Stories is a combination of mods and teams coming together to recreate the dream. Two PS2/PSP classics that confusingly never made their way to PC. With various tweaks and adjustments to the already famous GTA:VC engine, these hits could be recreated the way the fans wanted them. These game operate using
  7. spaceeinstein

    Vice City Adrenaline

    Introduction Vice City Adrenaline is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City utilizing the CLEO Library. Normally the adrenaline pill will give you the effect of slowing down the game and boosting the power of Tommy for only 20 game minutes. This mod lets you toggle the adrenaline effect on or off for an unlimited amount of time while you are on foot after typing "DRUGME". Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. If you are unable to open VCAdrenaline.rar, rename the file to VCAdrenaline.zip. Download CLEO for Vice City at http://cleo.li/. From the CLEO download, copy VC.CLEO.
  8. Winter Mod 3.0 (Updated) Imagine that Vice City is covered with snow. Imagine that а lot of snow fell a layer of fresh snow covered not only the roads and lawns, but also the roofs of houses, shops... The passers have to dress warmer, cars are sliding on slippery surfaces, the strong wind is blowing, and that's all perfectly suited to upcoming winter holidays in the city. Winter Mod 3.0 is a global winter modification which transfigures summer Vice City into a real winter town, like in Christmas stories. After the installation all city is covered with snow! All roads, g
  9. Flame

    Flame's Workshop

    Flame's Workshop HRT 1.4: official site || YouTube: Modding | Gaming || Mod DB profile My list of all my mods mods (page is closed now, I've planned to update the list, but work currently is frozen) GTA: San Andreas HRT 1.4 (my main work; remastered graphics modification; in the development) Official site | Mod DB | GTAForums HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition (latest old-generation mod in series; 2010-2011) Mod DB | GTAForums The Seasons series (were developed in 2011, were released in updated editions in 2013-2014) Winter Vacation (Mod DB | GTAForums) Spring Season (Mod DB | GTAForums)
  10. ThirteenAG

    Custom Sniper Scope

    I made a proper texture draw function, when i was working on gasoline and zonetext mods, but i didn't found a way to use it, and decided to make a little tutorial. There's what you need to know to make a texture mod: 1) TXD. I just downloaded dalva's custom scope DSS.TXD. Then, using txd workshop, i converted it to vice city format, and left only one scope texture. 2)CLEO. Well, draw function itself: CODE :draw_texture {example: 05F5: call_scm_func @draw_texture params 9 _and it is - position 220.0 170.0 size 191.25 170.0 RGBA 255 255 255 255 texture_id 1 } 05E0: [email protected]
  11. PS2 loadscreens Yeah, another mod from me. However, it's the first ASI plugin by me, and I think it works well Some time ago I watched a YouTube video from GTA III, which was recorded from PS2. I saw different splashes while loading (SA style) and I was like "WTF? Why it's absent from PC version?". I decided to recover it, and it was pretty easy. The best part is that most of randomizing functions still exist and it's used (!), I had only to finish them. Check modification's source code on GitHub! https://github.com/CookiePLMonster/PS2Loadscreens Screenshots: GTA III GTA VC S
  12. spaceeinstein

    Get Drunk

    Introduction This mod lets you get drunk at the Pole Position and the Malibu Clubs. Drinks are free at the Pole Position Club and at the Malibu Club if you have bought it. Each drink costs $100 if you have not bought the Malibu Club. The drunk effect is exactly like "Boomshine Saigon": the screen will be washed out, the camera will wave around, your handling of cars will be impeded, and driving past a cop will earn you a wanted level. The effect will wear off over time. If you drink too much, you will pass out and wake up in up to 13 random locations around the city but it is limited to the p
  13. spaceeinstein

    Vice City Radar Zoom

    Introduction Vice City Radar Zoom is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City utilizing the CLEO Library. It simulates a feature from GTA IV that allows you to fully zoom out the radar and to force the display of the area and vehicle names with the press of a key. Hold the "T" key to enable this behavior and release the key to revert back to the original behavior. You can modify what key to press by editing SEZoom.dat, a plain text file, and changing the hexadecimal number to any virtual-key code. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. If you are unable to open VCRadarZoom.r
  14. DeathSquad

    Interstate 420-C

    Interstate 420-C VERSION 2.0 By. Deathsquad Industries I420 V2.0 Manual Download (Rar Archieve: 6.43mb) I420 V2.0 VCMM Download (Rar Archieve: 7.99mb) Knife's Interstate 420 Mission Script V2.2 [0.5mb] Spaceeinstein's I420 Paths [0.2mb] Happy Fun Time Island [2.0mb] This is the final version of the Interstate 420 project, my brain has exploded and its time to move on. Soon San-An will be here, and I will be busy playing it, as I have yet to really play it. I have a few plans for mods for the game, I will design a bunch of trailers for the tractors, and what
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