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  1. Fixed Idle Animations For Vice City Some of you may be aware that Grand Theft Auto Vice City on PC has two busted animation files inside of it's ped.ifp. These animations were IDLE_ARMED and IDLE_CSAW. On PC, they are single frame animations and make the player model stand completely still. PS2 on the other hand actually had proper idle animations. Tommy would sway back and forth when holding a rifle or a heavy weapon. The PS2 animations just look better than still frames so I decided to get those anims working for PC. How to install Extract the ped.ifp from the supplied .RAR Go to the anim folder in your Vice City install directly Replace the default ped.ifp with the supplied one Launch the game! I wasn't able to record the animations as my GeForce experience installation is corrupted. If someone can get video of the fixed animations please let me know! Click here to download the mod
  2. DeathSquad

    Interstate 420-C

    Interstate 420-C VERSION 2.0 By. Deathsquad Industries I420 V2.0 Manual Download (Rar Archieve: 6.43mb) I420 V2.0 VCMM Download (Rar Archieve: 7.99mb) Knife's Interstate 420 Mission Script V2.2 [0.5mb] Spaceeinstein's I420 Paths [0.2mb] Happy Fun Time Island [2.0mb] This is the final version of the Interstate 420 project, my brain has exploded and its time to move on. Soon San-An will be here, and I will be busy playing it, as I have yet to really play it. I have a few plans for mods for the game, I will design a bunch of trailers for the tractors, and whatever else I can find. So enjoy this mod. Version 2.0 could possibly kill your computer if you have a slow machine. If I must I can put instruction for uninstalling a few of the map pieces, so you'd have more of the interstate. First what is new..... 1. New Ramps & Interchanges: All the on/off ramps have been changed with a redesign piece that has more curves, along with the interchanges. More or less everything has been smoothed out mroe. Many of the ramps have been redone, explanded and redesigned so they are not as steep in some areas, mainly along Washington Beach. 2. The Crosstown Express: This is a piece of highway that crosses roughly in the middle of Vice, allows you to jump between the three main stretches quickly. Connecting with the center piece of the interstate is a cloverleaf interchange. 3. This is just for show but there is now a very tall and large Pastor Richards Salvation Statue, something I thought Vice City needed. 4. Reaper Island is a small map mod I created, features the Deathsquad/Vice City Gas Works, Morningwood Cementary, a half pipe, some sharp hills, a few ramps, a power substation and powerlines that run along the middle of the map. 5. EDS' French Fregate Vehicle Mod is placed within this game AS A MAP PIECE, and not a vehicle. Allows those who cannot get that mod to work to at least see the great work EDS did with the mod. A little texture and collision work is needed. 6. New Bridge Design near the arena, a large suspension bridge. Along with this are the regular 15 exits, traffic, and peds in the rest area. More information can be found in the DSREADME file. Hopefully sometime in the near future we will have a MAIN replacement that will place the VC Races on the Interstate, along with some other features like NOS, missing coding being done by Knife. [ Features ] - Scratch Build Models by DS * On/Off Ramps * Interchanges * Highway Roadbeds * Highway Supports * Billboards & Exit Signs * Highway Markers * Rest Area Main Structure * Reaper Island (Minus Statue) - I420C Mission Script by Knife features * Checkpoint Mission * Direct Start @ Washington Rest Area * Parked Vehicles, Health, Weapons Pickups @ Restareas * Nitro * Auto Car Flip * Buy a Hotring Racer * All Islands Open * Bodyguard Feature - Spaceeinstein's I420 Paths "Designed as seen in San-An" (Note: Rest Area Interior, Buildings & Trailers, along with the Pastor Richard Statue and Deathsquad Statue taken from in-game models, ยฉ R*) - 15 On/Off Ramps allowing access to areas even when zones are blocked in the regular game. - Vehicle Traffic on the interstate and Peds in the Rest Areas. - French Fregate Model created by EDS (With Permission Of Course) - Rockstar Heights Manor by Solo (With Permission of Course) Interstate 420-C Happy Fun-Time Island (INCOMPLETE) Happy Fun Time Island [2.0mb] Happy Fun-Time Island was a mountainous region that was going to be located on the eastern side of Vice City, and basically took up the entire east side. It was two tall mountains, with a sharp landscape, with a circular track around the island, and two cross-over sections that pass through the middle. This is the last of the I420 Map Work as of this time, the island only has general textures and the road has no texture at all (yes, I'm that lazy atm). On the top of one of the mountains features the beautiful house by Solo from Rockstar Heights for GTA3. Along side of the house is the trailer from Phil's Junkyard. The island itself is named after the only island the crew of Sealab ever visited during their show (R.I.P.). Adding this piece of I420 will remove several ramps, and relocate pastor richard to one end of the mountain island. As said, its unfinished work, I would have removed other ramps, but once again too lazy to fix it. But it adds a nice background to Vice City. Enjoy. [ INFO ] This mod has been tested with various versions of Vice City, one version containing roughly 35 mod vehicles ranging from low to high polygon counts, and Spaceeinstein's All In One Mod. The mod has also been installed into a clean version of vice city. All were tested and ran fine. The VCM Version has been installed, tested, and uninstalled, the script works perfectly fine. As far as I know this mod will run on your system, but as anything in the modding world you can never been sure or suprised when things explode. I'll try to help if I can. Despite some sites confusing how this project has been going on for roughly a year and a half, this mod has taken me roughly three months to complete, and has been 99.9% done by me, alone. I give thanks to Spaceeinstein who created the paths for the original I420 which helped me get the paths on, Duder for the texture to the statue, and everyone's support. While checking out maps of San An, I do see a possible interstate to add to their already good system. Plus San An has some features like the interstate pile-ups and really fast moving traffic, so hopefully we'll have fun. [ NEEDED ] You -MUST- use Steve-M's VC Limit Adjuster which can be downloaded from www.Steve-M.com, see installation instructions on how to use this. [ RECOMMENDED ] - SpaceeinStein's All In One Mod (V2.0) - Knife's Interstate 420-C Mission Script * Checkpoint Mission * Direct Start @ Washington Rest Area * Parked Vehicles, Health, Weapons Pickups @ Restareas * Nitro * Auto Car Flip * Buy a Hotring Racer * All Islands Open * Bodyguard Feature [ CREDITS ] - Knife and his I420 Mission Script - Spaceeinstein and his I420 San-An Style Paths - EDS and his French Fregate Model - Solo and his Rockstar Height Manor - And all the wounderful people of the GTA Community ==== The Deathsquad ===
  3. Have you ever noticed random GTA physics? You can make car to jump on certain ramp in a certain coords in script, but it will fall every time a little randomly. To prevent that problem in SA, Rockstar* made ".rrr" files(in carrec.img), which contains recorded "paths" of vehicles movements. It allowed to create scenes like this. Now it's possible in Vice City, but not car records only... "CarRec": "ObjRec": .CR file structure: .OR file structure: Some Stuff: DOWNLOAD (mirror download)
  4. This mod provides a civilian version of LCS Noodleboy for you to use. DOWNLOAD
  5. Ryadica926

    VC Mobile Crosshair

    This mod replaces the game crosshair to the one used in VC Mobile. this mod also includes Auto-aim with assault rifles. you can disable it by change the values in .ini DOWNLOAD this plugin is powered by plugin-sdk
  6. Not much to say about this one. It's a pack of higher quality wheels for Vice City. The really poor quality wheels always bothered me so I made my own versions of them. All are of higher quality and some are pretty faithful to the originals. Others not so much, as I wanted to go for something that fits the era and cars better. I have the intention to do some of the cars as well, to better match the wheels. No idea when though. Download: GTAGarage.com (Files uploaded, awaiting approval) Mediafire.com Enjoy the mod and let me know if there's something wrong with it. I know the LOD's are pretty crappy. Greetings Bumper
  7. Have you ever wished that your favorite weapon produces extreme gore like the m4 or ruger? Or maybe the opposite (like turning of the gore level for some weapons)? This mod will let you do it. Here the list of things you can do with this mod: - The ability to replace NPC and/or Player Animations caused by specific weapon fire, - There's a possibility to make the player vulnurable to certain weapons like an NPC (multiplayer style) with the "Critical Health" option, - The option to enable/disable sniper crosshair (with zoom option) on ruger, m4, m60, - The option to enable/disable M16 1st person on both sniper riffles, - ON/OFF minigun blood effect for all firearms. The list of animation which can be manipulated with this mod: KO_shot_armL KO_shot_armR KO_shot_face KO_shot_front KO_shot_legL KO_shot_legR KO_shot_stom KO_shot_back KO_shot_front KO_shot_spinL KO_shot_spinR Default ini file: Modified ini file (it comes with the mod): - Sniper Crosshair enabled on M4 and M60, - gore level enabled on tec9, uzi, ingramSL, mp5, m4, ruger, laser, sniper, m60 and minigun(bellow): Install - extract both files (asi and ini) from the mod archive in the GTA VC directory (usually it's a "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City"). Stuff used for code creation: - IDA & GTA DB, - VisualStudio with the SDK plugin, - github c++ examples, - c++ tutorials... Credits: - Stanislav "listener" Golovin and the rest of the GTA DB contributors, - DK22Pac and the other SDK PLUGIN developers. Note: The original mod release was for gta3 game without the ini file: Download Link
  8. I've suffered from depression for a good long while, but I never got the right treatment for it. I only went to therapy a few times after my father died and then I got put on pills. But that didn't fix anything, but rather suppress it for a day or so. Years passed and I got off the pills and I'm still dealing with depression. I can't talk with anyone about it, so what should I do with depression? Express it via a creative outlet. But how? I can't draw, I'm can't make a song out of it, so what's the answer? Make a mod for Vice City making fun of it because that's a good way to cope, right? - A new story (the first two missions have new audio & dialog because I didn't expect anyone to play past the first mission) - Almost every texture changed (ALMOST because I couldn't find where some .txd files were located) - New text, videos, splash screens, and 9 new radio stations featuring 8 new songs! - Some new pedestrian textures have been changed. Which ones? Find out! 1) Make sure you have a clean install of Vice City 2) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CLEAN INSTALL OF VICE CITY 3) Download the mod in the link below and get your .zip file 4) Take all the contents from the .zip file and put them in your Vice City directory file like "programfiles > rockstar games > vice city" or wherever it is. It also works for the steam version, which is a given because I used the steam version Click here to get it via dropbox which is where it'll stay until GTAgarage gets their sh*t together and lets me log in on my browser like sh*t son?!?!!?!? - My friends Peter & Chris who helped me realize that silly sh*t like this is a good outlet for expressing depression and that making jokes out of it makes it less serious. - My friends Peter & Chris again for helping me pick out sh*t for the intro movies, as well as making up names for cars, etc. - JackProductions for taking a picture for the "pictures" section. BTW the plane isn't included. sh*t!?!?!?!?! - All my buds here on the forums & discord for encouraging me to make a tc that actually gets finished Thanks for playing and hope you like it! Even if you don't like it, isn't it challenging trying to play the game without a minimap and everything looking the same?
  9. Jimmy

    Jimmy's III Era Workshop

    Welcome to my III Era Modding Workshop. Listed here are the Mods I've made for III Era Games. While I do most of the work, provide appropriate credits to people whose work has been used. Most of my Mods are GTA III based and are Cars, Small Texture Mods or Script Mods. I hope you guys will like them. Also, the mods are linked to their GTAGarage Pages. Feel free to leave feedback on the same. + Cartel Crusher (WIP) Thanks for the feedback everyone. Was working on the Cartel Cruiser earlier and started messing with a few data. Now, I present the Cartel Crusher. It's a sort of Monster Truck version of the Cruiser. Can easily maneuver over other vehicles and less prone to over turning. Improved the wheelbase and suspension to make it more like a Monster Truck. You can easily slide a vehicle under it without any issues. + Improved GTA III Script This Script modification is a collection of script improvements that I did for easier gameplay and allowing some perks early in game which can come in handy.Max Player Health is 250 now. Sentinel in Give Me Liberty El Burro Missions Available at start Porter Tunnel open after Luigi's Girls Callahan Bridge open after Luigi's Girls Subway open after Luigi's Girls King Courtney's Missions available after Luigi's Girls The Leone Mafia no longer will attack you after Sayonara Salvatore The Uptown Yardies no longer will attack you after Kingdom Come BF Injection is now parked at Hepburn Heights Landstalker is now available around Portland like the Stories Changed some executive and richfamily car spawns Changed Parked Car Locations around Portland + Screenshots + Download: GTAGarage + Toni's LCS Safe House in Portland Converted Toni's LCS Portland Safehouse. The construction crane had to be hidden in the blue hell. Download at GTAGarage. + Other Modifications for GTA III Rainy & Dark Weather: This mod modifies the GTAIII timecycle to be a darker and Rainy one. The sky remains more dark till morning. GTA LCS Thunderrodd: This is a simple conversion of the LCS Vehicle Thunderrodd to GTA III. GTA LCS Kuruma: This is a simple conversion of the LCS Vehicle Kuruma to GTA III. GTA III Unlocked Script: This mod that allows a user to complete all missions in any order, just after Luigi's Girls. You can basically access all the islands as well. Beta Cops Model: A simple Cop model from the Beta Edition of GTA III. This is a small texture replacement that adds mustached cop models in game. Beta Gang Cars: This mod sets the Gang Members to drive the cars meant to be used while GTA III was still in Beta Phase. Attached below is a list of what vehicles each gang drives. SA Misc Sounds: This mod changes the misc sounds to SA sounds. Like pickup, click sounds. Just replace the files in audio folder. IV Mission Complete Sound: This changes the mission complete sound to the one of IV. Just copy the file to the audio folder. Fed Ex Rumpo: This is a simple conversion of the Fed Ex Van to GTA III. GTA IV Loadscreen: This is changes the boring blue loadscreen to a colorful and new IV style loadscreen. DHL Van: This is a simple conversion of the DHL Van to GTA III. Better Weapon Sounds: With this mod you can change the boring low quality sounds to high quality ones. VC Admiral: The mods brings the Admiral car from Vice City to III. It replaces the Kuruma. VC Sabre: This mods brings the Sabre car from Vice City to III. It replaces the Manana. VC Topfun Van: This is a simple conversion of the VC Topfun to GTA III. VC Voodoo: This is a simple conversion of the VC Voodoo to GTA III. This mod will replace Yardie Lobo. VC Washington: This is a simple conversion of the VC Washington to GTA III. Replaces Blista. VC Comet: The mods brings the Comet car from Vice City to III. It replaces the Bobcat. San Andreas Car Colors: This mod changes the car colors of the GTA III Cars to be similar to their San Andreas Counterparts. Thanks to for the Logo, @Jinx. & @Blue for the encouragement.
  10. spaceeinstein

    Vice City Marker Colors

    Introduction This mod allows you to edit the colors of four different types of markers in the GTA: Vice City. See the Settings section below for more information. Debug mode can be toggled by typing "MARKERS". When enabled, three world markers and one player marker are created to allow you to test the colors. This mod utilizes CLEO Library for Vice City. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. Download CLEO for Vice City at http://cleo.li/. From the CLEO download, copy VC.CLEO.asi into Vice City's folder. If CLEO.asi already exists in the folder, you must delete that file. From this mod download, place the CLEO folder containing SEMarkerColors.cs and SEMarkerColors.dat into Vice City's folder. This mod has been tested only on VC v.1.00 US. Settings The SEMarkerColors.dat file is in plain text with each line representing the color and transparency of a marker type. All lines are in RGBA format using integer numbers between 0 and 255. Line 1: Script spheres. This changes the color of cylindrical markers created using opcode 03BC. Line 2: Contact point markers. This changes the color of cylindrical markers created using opcodes 0189, 02A7, and 0570. Line 3: Highlight point markers. This changes the color of cylindrical markers created using location check opcodes that have their marker visibility set to true. Line 4: Entity markers. This changes the color of arrow markers created using opcodes 0161, 0162, 0186, 0187, 0188, and 03DC. Line 5: Entity markers glow. This changes the color of the glow around entity markers. The default lines are: 252 138 242 228252 138 242 228252 138 242 228252 138 242 255252 138 242 192To get the same visual look as GTA III, the lines are: 0 128 255 1280 128 255 1280 128 255 1280 128 255 2550 0 0 0 Screenshot Source The code is written for Sanny Builder with CLEO v2.0.0.4 for Vice City.
  11. Hi everybody! This is my first TC for Vice City. Total Conversion about Street Racing. At the moment you can see only Central Part of this city. Building models made by Me, landscapes made by Dmitry Rastorguev, cars converted by Mr.Cop. You can see buildings & landscapes with prelight & mip-mapping. But anyway - you should download vicemips.asi by dk22pac. You can find some cars by armin360, but it will be replaced by more quality models. Some pix. Installation: - replace files in game folder by files from archive. You can download it here. Sorry for Russian share system & for my bad English. And yeah - Racing Towards The Sun.
  12. Liberty City Stories has been released for mobile. So, why not bring its map to PC? This modification transforms Vice City to Classic Liberty City from 1998, along with many map and model fixes for a true Liberty City experience! What's New!: Portland Island is now 100% complete COMMER is now 100% ported More Staunton and Portland LOD fixes More Missing Texture Fixes Dynamic objects, interiors, pickups, mission stuff and more! More model fixes More Transparency bug fixes
  13. rjStyles

    John Cena Mod

    Hey there it's RJ here.It's my first mod here, I just used to mod as the model of Tommy Vercetti's Haiti Attire. You can use this mod on both VC and GTA-III. The main reason I made this mod is because, Lots of GTA Gamers like to play using their Favorite Sportsman.On lots of websites I saw some guys posted that they need John cena mod so I'm Presenting here Download it and Enjoy! In this Version1 I added 2014 Attire.So On v2 You can get 2 Attires of cena which is currently using on 2015 & 2016 i.e (Green & Orange) Download Link: http://bit.ly/1JzzY0u Don't Forgot to Post your Reviews!!! Thank You
  14. Kalvin

    Intro Vic Vance

    100% PURE GRADE A COLOMBIAN MY FRIEND. Vice City's intro Vic Vance replaced with Vice City Stories'. 'BOUT TIME. *Also features optional hair DOWNLOAD: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27707 LCS Toni for III: http://gtaforums.com/topic/837467-lcs-toni/
  15. AudioLibrary is a plugin for GTA Vice City/GTAIII which allows you to play custom music/sound files in a main.scm/CLEO script. Supported formats include: MP3, MP2, MP1, WAV, OGG, AIFF, XM, S3M, MOD, IT, UMX. Be warned, that this is still in early stages in the development and more features will be added over time. How To Install: Opcode Information: Old Versions: If you encounter a bug, please let me know. Source code (and recent builds) are available on GitHub: https://github.com/Allegri32/VCIIIAudioLibrary. Current release version: 1.1.1 DOWNLOAD FOR GTA III DOWNLOAD FOR GTA VICE CITY
  16. Kalvin

    BETA Toni

    Just a small project I did, as something different to do for once. Note: This doesn't include a cutscene version, nor the original BETA Toni (Leone outfit), as I didn't want to put too much time into it as it was very distracting. This is just a simple cut outfit remake to mess around with in-game. Download: (Click the image) The rig is a bit dodgy, but I tried to make it as bug-free as I could. P.S. If anybody wants to make a cutscene version, feel free to do so and post a link in this topic.
  17. UnitedMel

    Outro Image In High Quality

    Version 1.2: Now merged with "Yet Another Interface Remaster" - It's Here Or you can download it as a separate file: Here
  18. Fabrix199

    [VC] Skin Pack for Tommy

    Skin Pack for Tommy yay comic sans Welcome, this is a set of 15 skins for Tommy that can be selected in Player Skin Setup. Consist mostly of VCS and Scarface based skins, although I may a share the full 67 skins if someone wanted it, but I cannot take credit of a vast lot of those, it's mainly for personal use. The following list are some of the skins inside the folder: Army Fatigues Cuban Style 1 Cuban Style 2 Cuban Style 3 Diaz Clothes Diaz Clothes & 'stash Dishwasher Freedom King of Exile Pastel Suit Etc. Pics Download: Mega
  19. Fire_Head


    III Features VC Features Comparisons Supported game versions gta3.exe v1.0. gta3.exe v1.1. gta3.exe v1.1 Steam. gta-vc.exe v1.0. gta-vc.exe v1.1. gta-vc.exe Steam. Installation Just copy ParticleEx.asi, ParticleEx.ini and ParticleEx folder to your scripts directory UAL is required to run the mod. debugmenu is recomended. For Steam version only For modloader only 2dfx changelog Download III Download VC
  20. spaceeinstein

    Vice City Car Alarm

    Introduction In GTA III, car alarms have a distinct alarm sound but in GTA: Vice City car alarms are simply repeated horns of the car. This mod recreates GTA III's car alarms in Vice City. See the Settings section below if you want to customize the pitch of the alarm of any cars. In addition, when thunder is occurring, there is a chance that it will set off all car alarms for three seconds. The louder the thunder, the higher the chance. Debug mode can be toggled by typing "THUNDER". When enabled, the screen displays text with four values that are used to determine the trigger to set off car alarms during a thunderstorm. The values are the game time when thunder occurs, the lightning type, random number generator, and random number limit for the lightning type. This mod utilizes CLEO Library for Vice City. Thanks to Victor_Knight for suggesting thunder-triggered alarms and Mr. Jago for suggesting using GTA 2's car alarm sound. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. Download LithJoe's Audio Editor at http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-vice-city/tools/573. In your Audio folder, make sure to remove the read-only option on sfx.SDT and sfx.RAW. Run the editor and open sfx.SDT. Find sfx00052 and replace it with the audio supplied in the download. Download CLEO for Vice City at http://cleo.li/. From the CLEO download, copy VC.CLEO.asi into Vice City's folder. If CLEO.asi already exists in the folder, you must delete that file. From this mod download, place the CLEO folder containing SEAlarm.cs and SEAlarm.dat into Vice City's folder. This mod has been tested only on VC v.1.00 US. Please post any troubles you have with installation. This is my first mod release that involves editing the audio file. Settings The SEAlarm.dat file is a plain text file allowing you to change the pitch of the alarm for any vehicles. The file already contains the default pitch values from GTA III. Each line contains the vehicle's model index, which can be referenced from default.ide, and the pitch of the alarm. Vehicles that do not appear in the file will use the default pitch from the game. Vehicles that have a siren do not have an alarm so the pitch value changes the pitch of the siren instead. The default lines are: Locations These are some of the locations of alarmed cars in the original game. Admiral at Diaz's Mansion/Vercetti Estate Banshee behind the Washington Beach Pay n Spray Infernus in North Point Mall Several random cars, four along Ocean Drive Videos Source
  21. SYใ…คGaming

    [VC] Sprayable Turbo

    This mod gives you the ability to respray the Sabre Turbo in GTA Vice City. ๐—ฆ๐—ฐ๐—ฟ๐—ฒ๐—ฒ๐—ป๐˜€๐—ต๐—ผ๐˜๐˜€ Mod Video GTAGarage is not allowing me to log in, so I'm providing a mediafire download mirror. ๐——๐—ผ๐˜„๐—ป๐—น๐—ผ๐—ฎ๐—ฑ: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4lgtwiikcdj7im4/Sprayable_Turbo_by_SY_Gaming.zip/file
  22. ๐“ฆ๐“ธ๐“ต๐“ฏ

    [LOD] Ghost Tower Fix

    Hi, bringing a mod that corrects that ghost tower of the beta that rockstar games had forgotten to remove in the final version that is close to the army. Download
  23. Finally, after 3 hours editing & compiling. I able to finish this nice background mod. I really tried my best to make this GFX looks cool as I can. Background Package Include: - Intro - Loading Screen - Outro - Pointer Make sure to create backup of your files for any unnecessary ERROR! Put files in their respected folder. OR Download From GTA Inside - Checkout my DevianArt Profile: Here Hope you like my efforts (Always remember me in your prayers) Play 'N Enjoy Have a nice day!
  24. RegistaG

    VC Upscaled Characters

    Each skin is upscaled 4 times, so it goes from 256x256 to 1024x1024. I have finished all of Tommy's Gameplay and CS Textures, including an extra Beta Tommy. Also all side characters are done, both gameplay (only the ones that actually appear outside of cutscenes) and CS versions. This is compatible with ForeverL's models. Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a9TnsFJkufL-KGbV_MrY3nPIU4qwWlMI/view?usp=sharing Youtube Video: Here are some comparison pictures, left is original, right is upscaled. Beta Tommy:
  25. Inadequate

    Enhanced Vehicle Extras

    Enhanced Vehicle Extras This modification is too simple and just aims to add extras to some vehicles from GTA3 and GTA Vice City. _______ Extras present on GTA Vice City has been backported and adapted to some vehicles from GTA3, since just a few has extras in that game. I did some custom extras, and some others comes from GTA Liberty City Stories. Screenshots: *Some extras are missing in the screenshots because I didn't spawn all of them, so discover them while playing the game. Download Well since the extras for GTA3 that I did above are from GTA Vice City, I'm planning to make slighty edits or create new ones taking base on current ones, also port some San Andreas extras that would fit strictly the atmosphere of the game. For now just the Deluxo and Walton is available for download. More coming... well, probably. Deluxo: Download Walton: Download _______ Credits: Mugetsuga - Extras has been based and attached using his fixed vehicles pack for GTA3. Son Of Big Boss - Support and help. B_Smiles - Texture permission.
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