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  1. Pauloso

    Pauloso's Workshop

    Welcome to Pimp Daddy Pauloso's Workshop : Here's in this topic is allowed: - Guns - Brazilian Carnival - Beer - Holy Bible - Beer Glacial - Opalão - Cachaça (sugar cane licor in english) - Get Drunk - Nasty Girls
  2. spaceeinstein

    Aquatic Life

    Introduction This mod allows you to modify the maximum number of aquatic life that can spawn. By default, that number is 8. To modify that number, go into debug mode by typing “AQUATIC”. While in this mode, two numbers display the number of currently spawned aquatic life and the maximum number of aquatic life that can spawn. Press the next weapon key while on foot or the look right key while driving to increase the maximum number up to 127. Press the previous weapon key while on foot or the look left key while driving to decrease it down to 0. If there are aquatic life already spawned, you ca
  3. Old_Tree

    GTA Vasya Gorod 0.3

    This is a mod about the character: Danil Shovel. Who lost his bun This 0.3 Date Added many retexture, the sound arrangement.Fixes were flickering textures at the Hotel and in Vice Point,more missions. (as always). Replaced by:Replaced all the radio stations.Breech toilet - FM replaced by Kuphard-FM (toilet left)Lenamobil replaced by Shovelmobil. Listed:New Sounds SFX New people to voice conversations. Many retexture in Vice Point.Feramir.New missions.Removed CLEO (departures should not be) Video before the gameIn fashion there was a group vk.com/vasya_gorod Author: vk.com/id_ping
  4. Kalvin

    BETA Toni

    Just a small project I did, as something different to do for once. Note: This doesn't include a cutscene version, nor the original BETA Toni (Leone outfit), as I didn't want to put too much time into it as it was very distracting. This is just a simple cut outfit remake to mess around with in-game. Download: (Click the image) The rig is a bit dodgy, but I tried to make it as bug-free as I could. P.S. If anybody wants to make a cutscene version, feel free to do so and post a link in this topic.
  5. Hi everybody! This is my first TC for Vice City. Total Conversion about Street Racing. At the moment you can see only Central Part of this city. Building models made by Me, landscapes made by Dmitry Rastorguev, cars converted by Mr.Cop. You can see buildings & landscapes with prelight & mip-mapping. But anyway - you should download vicemips.asi by dk22pac. You can find some cars by armin360, but it will be replaced by more quality models. Some pix. Installation: - replace files in game folder by files from archive. You can download it here. S
  6. UpdatedSCM is an SCM mod for GTA: Vice City to enhance the gameplay a bit, while also fixing little bugs. It has things like MC Tommy, some beta cell phone conversations, more ped variety in certain missions, mission corrections, improved 'Supply & Demand' mission, skippable intro help messages, skippable phone calls... Download the latest version here. (Yes, this includes everything now.) ...And check out its changelog to get more idea about what it does. Besides the main variation's SCM, there are also two other SCMs, depending on your need: Save-Friendly SCM: this has mos
  7. spaceeinstein

    Vice City Marker Colors

    Introduction This mod allows you to edit the colors of four different types of markers in the GTA: Vice City. See the Settings section below for more information. Debug mode can be toggled by typing "MARKERS". When enabled, three world markers and one player marker are created to allow you to test the colors. This mod utilizes CLEO Library for Vice City. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. Download CLEO for Vice City at http://cleo.li/. From the CLEO download, copy VC.CLEO.asi into Vice City's folder. If CLEO.asi already exists in the folder, you must delete that file. From this
  8. Liberty City Stories has been released for mobile. So, why not bring its map to PC? This modification transforms Vice City to Classic Liberty City from 1998, along with many map and model fixes for a true Liberty City experience! What's New!: Portland Island is now 100% complete COMMER is now 100% ported More Staunton and Portland LOD fixes More Missing Texture Fixes Dynamic objects, interiors, pickups, mission stuff and more! More model fixes More Transparency bug fixes
  9. spaceeinstein

    Vice City Detonator

    Introduction Normally when throwing a remote grenade or using a remote car bomb from 8-Ball's, the detonator that is given to you prevents you from switching to another weapon until you use it. This mod allows you to switch to other weapons and throw more than one remote grenade without being stuck with the detonator. Using the detonator detonates all remote grenades and remote car bombs that are present in the world. The weapons cheat PROFESSIONALTOOLS is also modified to give you 100 remote grenades to play with. This mod utilizes CLEO Library for Vice City. Installation Download the
  10. The Hero

    Into TheTimecycle!

    While working on gta3d I found the lack of a nice timecycle editor a nuisance, so I wrote me one today, have fun. As of june 2018 there's also a VC version. http://gta.rockstarvision.com/files/intothetimecycle_III.dll http://gta.rockstarvision.com/files/intothetimecycle_VC.dll source code here: https://github.com/GTAmodding/intothetimecycle This is how it looks: Please report any bugs. Also back up your timecyc.dat if you intend to save the file.
  11. The Hero

    Simple screenshot plugin

    While working on gta3d I was annoyed by the lack of a screenshot functionality in III and I couldn't be assed to use fraps or some other tool. Press print screen in game and you'll get a screenshot in the snapshots directory. Works with III, VC and SA, 1.0; http://gta.rockstarvision.com/files/screenshot.asi Source code here: https://github.com/GTAmodding/miscmods/blob/master/screenshot.cpp
  12. This is my 2016 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Packages for GTA Vice City. DOWNLOAD - GTAinside
  13. Sergeeeek

    Burning isn't fun

    This mod stops vehicles from catching fire when they're flipped. Tested on 1.0 and steam versions, should work on 1.1 too though. Might even work on SA and III but I don't have them installed to check now. If you tested it please report. Download Turns out I'm an idiot and somebody already made the same mod 4 years ago, whoops. I don't know about you, but in my opinion cars catching fire whenever they touch the ground with their roof is by far the most annoying feature in pre-HD era GTA games. That mod fixes it, as simple as that.
  14. Wojski

    Wojski's Workshop

    I decided to make a Workshop for my poor quality mods Vehicles made from scratch:
  15. MrFinger

    Fixed Polish Translation

    This mod is fixing some gaps in polish translation by cenega. Changelog: - Changed "W pokoju z szafkami znajdziesz przedatne rzeczy" to "W pokoju z szafkami znajdziesz przydatne rzeczy", - RC vehicles 'll now have proper names, - Added gta 3 polish car names. Pics Download If you found another gap in the translation, please leave a reply.
  16. Marsi4eg

    Optimized Traffic Paths

    Optimized Traffic Paths for Vice city WHAT IS THIS: Have you ever noticed that there are many wide roads in the game but for some unknown reason all cars in traffic drive in one lane in the middle of the road, instead of driving the whole road? This mod fixes paths and all traffic will now drive in two lanes where it's possible. Also this mod fixes some bugs in default paths: - Cars driving out of road near the traffic lights in Washington Beach; - Increased width between lanes on some roads to make cars drive in the center of each lane. HOW TO INSTALL: Just place "paths.
  17. bogdankuz

    Biker skin for Tommy.

    Just a Biker skin for Tommy Download - https://yadi.sk/d/DyYQvgwV3MNAFV Screens -https://yadi.sk/i/YStU9HKZ3MNAWJ https://yadi.sk/i/4g9nMbnU3MNAYm https://yadi.sk/i/zmILD50W3MNAWN https://yadi.sk/i/L8iZIQvX3MNAWW https://yadi.sk/i/vS0csGiY3MNAYs
  18. I've suffered from depression for a good long while, but I never got the right treatment for it. I only went to therapy a few times after my father died and then I got put on pills. But that didn't fix anything, but rather suppress it for a day or so. Years passed and I got off the pills and I'm still dealing with depression. I can't talk with anyone about it, so what should I do with depression? Express it via a creative outlet. But how? I can't draw, I'm can't make a song out of it, so what's the answer? Make a mod for Vice City making fun of it because that's a good way to cope, right?
  19. spaceeinstein

    Construct Stat Line

    Introduction Construct Stat Line is a plugin for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It fixes a number of bugs in the statistics menu that were introduced by the developers of the game. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. If you are unable to open construct-stat-line.rar, rename the file to construct-stat-line.zip. Copy construct-stat-line.asi into Vice City's folder. Bug fixes Percentage completedFixes an edge case where it is possible to set up a division by zero for this statistic. Previously this division by zero could occur if the total progress was set to 1 and the current prog
  20. Ryadica926

    VCS Vehicle Sounds

    This mod changes vehicle sounds in the game to match their VCS counterparts. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2nnumlit0i396qi/VC.VCSVehicleSounds.zip this plugin is powered by plugin-sdk
  21. This mod provides a civilian version of LCS Noodleboy for you to use. DOWNLOAD
  22. This mod replaces the game crosshair to the one similar if not the same as LCS/VCS or SA, depending on ColorStyle set in VC.StoriesTargeting.ini (0 for LCS/VCS, 1 for SA). this mod also includes Auto-aim with assault rifles. you can disable it by change the values in .ini DOWNLOAD Credits to spaceeinstein for colored targets. this plugin is powered by plugin-sdk
  23. Ryadica926

    LCS Styled Comet

    This mod provides LCS Styled Comet based on VC PC Model with added license plate. DOWNLOAD
  24. Shogun Pacino

    [REL][VC] PS2 LCS Radio Stations

    Warning! In order to make the radio stations work, you must have VBDec installed! Or else they won't work. Sadly, LCFR couldn't be converted There weren't enough VC radio stations for it... Mod replaces this radio stations currently: Head Radio - Wildstyle Double Cleff FM - Flash FM K-Jah - K-Chat Fever 105 - Rise FM V-Rock - Lips 106 VCPR - Radio Del Mundo Radio Espantoso - MSX 98 Wave 103 - The Liberty Jam Download
  25. Keeping Busy I hope?

    Is there any better graphics than this?

    Like the title says is there any better graphics than that?(EDIT)For GTA SA BTW! Thanks! DISCLAIMER! I don't care what pc do you need to run the graphics okay! Just gimme the best graphics mod -Gru
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