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  1. High resolution menu and loading screens textures for GTA: Vice City. PS2 Loadscreens by Silent is required. Download Here Things that have been remaked/remastered: fronten1.txd intro1-4.txd loadsc0-13.txd outro.txd What left to do: fonts.txd fronten2.txd hud.txd splash1-3.txd (don't sure if it's need to be remastered because Project2DFX disables splash screens) Preview: Version 1.0: Is here
  2. A little mod me and @Inadequate put together, changes the Deluxo so it either spawns with the vanilla design, a design similar to the real-life DeLorean, or a combination of the two. Intended to be used with Mod Loader. DOWNLOAD
  3. This plugin simply allows peds to use all weapons whenever the armed peds cheat is activated, meaning you can have some proper fighting in Vice City just like in III. Supported executables: gta-vc.exe, 1.0 Tested only with UAL. Download
  4. pimann


    This mod adds Marie Rose from Dead or Alive 5/6 to GTA III, VC and SA. Included a script to change her outfit. Also included an extra that makes this mod similar to my mods 'CJ's New Girlfriends' and 'MyriadMarie'. Meaning, if the extra is installed, every skin from this mod is classified as a separate character. Outfit |Who is this if the extra is installed |Exists in the III version |Exists in the VC version |Exists in the SA version | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-----------
  5. .M.S

    A.I Upscaled Weapon Textures

    As part of VRTP 1.5, I'm going to release this as a separate mod from VRTP because I think it's too small for you to see only in the next VRTP release. So, All weapon textures is now 4 times larger than the originals. Screenshots Download
  6. No.

    [MVL] Brigham Taxi for VC

    This is my first car mod ever for a 3D GTA 😛 I converted the LVPD car from San Andreas into Vice City as a taxi, since I wanted something a bit more fun to drive and get the 100 fares for the bonus, and because I think the game needed a taxi based on the Caprice too. The car has interior textures from GTA IV and some textures and model parts from the XBOX cars mod (huge thanks to yoječ for letting me use them!!!). I tried to keep it in the style of the XBOX cars since they are my favorite for playing the game while keeping it "lore friendly". Some parts like the front grill were e
  7. SYㅤGaming

    [VC] Sprayable Turbo

    This mod gives you the ability to respray the Sabre Turbo in GTA Vice City. 𝗦𝗰𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘁𝘀 Mod Video GTAGarage is not allowing me to log in, so I'm providing a mediafire download mirror. 𝗗𝗼𝘄𝗻𝗹𝗼𝗮𝗱: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4lgtwiikcdj7im4/Sprayable_Turbo_by_SY_Gaming.zip/file
  8. 𝓦𝓸𝓵𝓯

    [LOD] Ghost Tower Fix

    Hi, bringing a mod that corrects that ghost tower of the beta that rockstar games had forgotten to remove in the final version that is close to the army. Download
  9. Finally, after 3 hours editing & compiling. I able to finish this nice background mod. I really tried my best to make this GFX looks cool as I can. Background Package Include: - Intro - Loading Screen - Outro - Pointer Make sure to create backup of your files for any unnecessary ERROR! Put files in their respected folder. OR Download From GTA Inside - Checkout my DevianArt Profile: Here Hope you like my efforts (Always remember me in your prayers) Pl
  10. Jeansowaty

    2001 Washington

    When browsing files from the GTA III Mobile Version, I found an unused model, called mysteriously "continen". Upon importing the model into 3dsMax, I came to the conclusion that it's an early Alpha model of the Vice City Washington!!! Jokes aside, after some heavy thinking one night I came to the conclusion that the Kuruma was replaced by the Washington in Vice City. Why? Both share the same engine noise, the same ID, both have an FBI variant and the Washington had the same rear lights texture as the Kuruma in the Beta of GTA VC. Later on, I had this idea to make a custom car based
  11. xSapphirePlayz

    Sapphire's Vice & Liberty

    Hi. Here I'll upload some of my casual mods, just to prevent them from getting lost on my drive 😛
  12. Inadequate

    Enhanced Vehicle Extras

    Enhanced Vehicle Extras This modification is too simple and just aims to add extras to some vehicles from GTA3 and GTA Vice City. _______ Extras present on GTA Vice City has been backported and adapted to some vehicles from GTA3, since just a few has extras in that game. I did some custom extras, and some others comes from GTA Liberty City Stories. Screenshots: *Some extras are missing in the screenshots because I didn't spawn all of them, so discover them while playing the game. Download Well since t
  13. More detailed rims for 1986 Vice City. SkyGFX required. Set carPipe = 3 to skygfx.ini, otherwise the wheels will be slightly darkened. v1.0
  14. So, I decided to make an HQ version of the hud.txd file. I wanted to remake the textures but I also wanted to make them almost identical to the original textures, however, I also added my own improvements to them. I recommend you use this mod with some other HQ mods (fonts, radar map, weapons icons, etc). DOWNLOAD
  15. Huzaifa khan

    State Of The Art - Vercetti Mansion

    ** Download Now ** - Don't Forget To TURN ON Limit Adjuster - Hi there, my first ever texture mod with complete Alteration of Vercetti Mansion with some HD textures of Bricks and Woodwork. - And some parts of Starfish Island as well. Especially Roads, Star bridge, Platforms & Walls. - Use "TXD WORKSHOP, IMG TOOL" OR "MOD LOADER" to replace the models in "gta3img" - Make sure to create backup of your files to avoid any unnecessary problem. - Hope you like my efforts. - Your every single feedback will be appreciated! - Regards: XMaxPayneX AKA @
  16. This mod adds "Cop Bikers" to the game which is self-explanatory ya know? the bike itself replaces the ugly, useless, good-for-nothing Deaddodo in the game. Also, GTA Vice City has a car named "FBI Washington" that isn't used anywhere except parked at Downtown district near Pizza place. this mod let the game use both "FBI Washington" and "FBI Rancher" at same time (a little more variety to your VC game! also i fixed FBI Washington siren light and match its secondary siren sound to FBI Rancher). UPDATED! now it includes Army Car Randomizer which let VC use Barracks OL, Rhino
  17. Sanmodder

    Sanmodder Workshop

    Mój workshop jest na razie pusty ale będzie zapełniony moimi modami do gta vice city do gta san andreas co w nim znajdziesz skrypty cleo skórki aktorów różne ustawienia gry @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ my workshop is empty yet but will be full of my mods to gta vice city to gta san andreas what you will find in it cleo scripts actors' skins different game settings @@@@@@@@@@@ CoolMods and MrFinger thanks Friends you're both the best @@@@@@@@@@@
  18. Forever L

    [VC] San Andreas: Characters

    Well, there's not much to explain about this. This MOD replaces to most of the protagonists of Vice City, by the protagonists of San Andreas. For now, I've focused on Carl Johnson, but I'll upload the other actors. I have decided to start with the "special outfits", in order to draw a parallel with Tommy's outfits. To make it more "original". If they have suggestions on which character they could replace, and that is consistent with the VC story, they can comment on them. For now, some screenshots, and a video:
  19. Ryadica926

    No Clothes Reset

    GTA Vice City have a "feature" that makes tommy's outfit reset to "Street Outfit" when you're Busted or Wasted. This script "fix" it by retaining the outfit, so you don't have to change to your favourite outfit again when you're Busted or Wasted. Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qqz8awk0nc1c83x/VC.NoClothesReset.zip Credits to: @spaceeinstein for finding the memory addresses. this plugin is powered by plugin-sdk
  20. GTA Vice City use Uzi sound for all SMG when you use them for "drive-by". this plugin "fix" it by changing the sound id depending on what SMG Tommy is having. Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oletmvweps0d422/VC.DriveBySoundFix.zip
  21. thalilmythos

    VC - Hit squad

    Vice City hit squad Oh yeah, you're god damn right this had to be done. When you are the kingpin of vice city, you cannot expect to live without looking over your shoulder. Gangs will send unexpected hit squads your way once in a while. http://sharemods.com/9o3dvpb8jbk9/Hit_squad_VC.rar.html
  22. UnitedMel

    Outro Image In High Quality

    Version 1.2: Now merged with "Yet Another Interface Remaster" - It's Here Or you can download it as a separate file: Here
  23. UnitedMel

    The Wave 103.1 Radiostation

    Adds new radiostation with New Wave music. (Replaces "Wave 103" obviously) It's 18 tracks with 1 hour and 13 minutes duration. In addition to new music also contains DJ voice and commercials Download
  24. Fabrix199

    [VC] Skin Pack for Tommy

    Skin Pack for Tommy yay comic sans Welcome, this is a set of 15 skins for Tommy that can be selected in Player Skin Setup. Consist mostly of VCS and Scarface based skins, although I may a share the full 67 skins if someone wanted it, but I cannot take credit of a vast lot of those, it's mainly for personal use. The following list are some of the skins inside the folder: Army Fatigues Cuban Style 1 Cuban Style 2 Cuban Style 3 Diaz Clothes Diaz Clothes & 'stash Dishwasher Freedom King of Exile Pastel Suit Etc.
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