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  1. spaceeinstein

    Vice City Car Alarm

    Introduction In GTA III, car alarms have a distinct alarm sound but in GTA: Vice City car alarms are simply repeated horns of the car. This mod recreates GTA III's car alarms in Vice City. See the Settings section below if you want to customize the pitch of the alarm of any cars. In addition, when thunder is occurring, there is a chance that it will set off all car alarms for three seconds. The louder the thunder, the higher the chance. Debug mode can be toggled by typing "THUNDER". When enabled, the screen displays text with four values that are used to determine the trigger to set off car alarms during a thunderstorm. The values are the game time when thunder occurs, the lightning type, random number generator, and random number limit for the lightning type. This mod utilizes CLEO Library for Vice City. Thanks to Victor_Knight for suggesting thunder-triggered alarms and Mr. Jago for suggesting using GTA 2's car alarm sound. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. Download LithJoe's Audio Editor at http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-vice-city/tools/573. In your Audio folder, make sure to remove the read-only option on sfx.SDT and sfx.RAW. Run the editor and open sfx.SDT. Find sfx00052 and replace it with the audio supplied in the download. Download CLEO for Vice City at http://cleo.li/. From the CLEO download, copy VC.CLEO.asi into Vice City's folder. If CLEO.asi already exists in the folder, you must delete that file. From this mod download, place the CLEO folder containing SEAlarm.cs and SEAlarm.dat into Vice City's folder. This mod has been tested only on VC v.1.00 US. Please post any troubles you have with installation. This is my first mod release that involves editing the audio file. Settings The SEAlarm.dat file is a plain text file allowing you to change the pitch of the alarm for any vehicles. The file already contains the default pitch values from GTA III. Each line contains the vehicle's model index, which can be referenced from default.ide, and the pitch of the alarm. Vehicles that do not appear in the file will use the default pitch from the game. Vehicles that have a siren do not have an alarm so the pitch value changes the pitch of the siren instead. The default lines are: Locations These are some of the locations of alarmed cars in the original game. Admiral at Diaz's Mansion/Vercetti Estate Banshee behind the Washington Beach Pay n Spray Infernus in North Point Mall Several random cars, four along Ocean Drive Videos Source
  2. SYㅤGaming

    [VC] Sprayable Turbo

    This mod gives you the ability to respray the Sabre Turbo in GTA Vice City. 𝗦𝗰𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘁𝘀 Mod Video GTAGarage is not allowing me to log in, so I'm providing a mediafire download mirror. 𝗗𝗼𝘄𝗻𝗹𝗼𝗮𝗱: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4lgtwiikcdj7im4/Sprayable_Turbo_by_SY_Gaming.zip/file
  3. 𝓦𝓸𝓵𝓯

    [LOD] Ghost Tower Fix

    Hi, bringing a mod that corrects that ghost tower of the beta that rockstar games had forgotten to remove in the final version that is close to the army. Download
  4. Finally, after 3 hours editing & compiling. I able to finish this nice background mod. I really tried my best to make this GFX looks cool as I can. Background Package Include: - Intro - Loading Screen - Outro - Pointer Make sure to create backup of your files for any unnecessary ERROR! Put files in their respected folder. OR Download From GTA Inside - Checkout my DevianArt Profile: Here Hope you like my efforts (Always remember me in your prayers) Play 'N Enjoy Have a nice day!
  5. Inadequate

    Enhanced Vehicle Extras

    Enhanced Vehicle Extras This modification is too simple and just aims to add extras to some vehicles from GTA3 and GTA Vice City. _______ Extras present on GTA Vice City has been backported and adapted to some vehicles from GTA3, since just a few has extras in that game. I did some custom extras, and some others comes from GTA Liberty City Stories. Screenshots: *Some extras are missing in the screenshots because I didn't spawn all of them, so discover them while playing the game. Download Well since the extras for GTA3 that I did above are from GTA Vice City, I'm planning to make slighty edits or create new ones taking base on current ones, also port some San Andreas extras that would fit strictly the atmosphere of the game. For now just the Deluxo and Walton is available for download. More coming... well, probably. Deluxo: Download Walton: Download _______ Credits: Mugetsuga - Extras has been based and attached using his fixed vehicles pack for GTA3. Son Of Big Boss - Support and help. B_Smiles - Texture permission.
  6. Winter Mod 3.0 (Updated) Imagine that Vice City is covered with snow. Imagine that а lot of snow fell a layer of fresh snow covered not only the roads and lawns, but also the roofs of houses, shops... The passers have to dress warmer, cars are sliding on slippery surfaces, the strong wind is blowing, and that's all perfectly suited to upcoming winter holidays in the city. Winter Mod 3.0 is a global winter modification which transfigures summer Vice City into a real winter town, like in Christmas stories. After the installation all city is covered with snow! All roads, grass, roofs are covered with snow, no detail was missed. Used high resolution and high quality textures; LOD-textures also have been replaced. All pedestrians are clothed in warm clothes. Four new skins for Tommy (in cut-scenes he also can be dressed in warm clothes). Ability to walk, not only run. Was added a new Freeride Mode (with this option you can play the game without missions and storyline, only free discovering the city). Winter weather: long evenings and nights, gloomy sky, snow is falling; you can hear the howling of wind. New radio station with songs (duration: about one hour) that dedicated for Christmas and New Year (and yet another radio station you can install from Bonus folder). Graphic also heavy improved: added new visual effects bloom, motion blur, color correction, realtime reflections, anisotropic filtration, vignette and aliasing. With powerful menu you can configure each option of the mod and change different settings. And all these not all changes that were made for this mod. This is the first in history cross-platfrom mod for GTA, because it is released not only for PC (main version) but also (as experimental version) for Android, first global modification for mobile GTA: Vice City and first winter mod for this game. Author: Flame Release dates: 5 May 2013 (original version); 31 December 2014 (updated edition) Official site of the mod (in Russian) | Mod DB page Download mod Winter Mod 3.0 (Updated) (Windows) (443 Mb) This is main version of the mod. By the way, mod with fully automatic installation. Winter Mod 3.0 for Android (Updated) (338 Mb) This is experimental mod's port for Android. This version does not show all the features and quality from main version. UPD.: The mod is outdated, it was made in 2013 and does not supported anymore. ,
  7. Dynamic Stars by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download: Thanks to @Wesser for the "WANTED_STARS_ARE_FLASHING" (0x057B) fix coding snippet.
  8. Huzaifa khan

    State Of The Art - Vercetti Mansion

    ** Download Now ** - Don't Forget To TURN ON Limit Adjuster - Hi there, my first ever texture mod with complete Alteration of Vercetti Mansion with some HD textures of Bricks and Woodwork. - And some parts of Starfish Island as well. Especially Roads, Star bridge, Platforms & Walls. - Use "TXD WORKSHOP, IMG TOOL" OR "MOD LOADER" to replace the models in "gta3img" - Make sure to create backup of your files to avoid any unnecessary problem. - Hope you like my efforts. - Your every single feedback will be appreciated! - Regards: XMaxPayneX AKA @Huzaifa khan.
  9. spaceeinstein

    Construct Stat Line

    Introduction Construct Stat Line is a plugin for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It fixes a number of bugs in the statistics menu that were introduced by the developers of the game. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. If you are unable to open construct-stat-line.rar, rename the file to construct-stat-line.zip. Copy construct-stat-line.asi into Vice City's folder. Bug fixes Percentage completedFixes an edge case where it is possible to set up a division by zero for this statistic. Previously this division by zero could occur if the total progress was set to 1 and the current progress was set to 0 through the script, and the game language was set to French or German. This caused the game to display the value of the statistic as -2147483648% (0x80000000). Hidden Packages foundReplaces the hardcoded total number of packages of 100 with the value set by the script. It also removes the calculations done to display the correct ratio. Previously the game ignored the total number set through the script but it did display the correct ratio if the total was not 100, e.g. if the actual total was 3 and the player collected the first package, the game displayed the statistic as 33 out of 100. Dist. traveled in milesUses a more accurate conversion from meters to miles by multiplying the measurement in meters by 0.0006213712. Previously the game converted the measurements, which are stored in meters, to miles by multiplying them by 0.0005988024. Total distance traveledIncludes the distance traveled by plane to the total distance traveled in miles, and distances traveled by bike and plane to the total distance traveled in meters. Previously the game omitted those distances from the total. Max. INSANE JumpDisplays INSANE jump distance and height measurements in feet when in non-metric units. Previously the game displayed the two measurements only in meters. Pilot RankingFixes numerous issues with the way the game displayed pilot ranking. This was discussed in a topic here. Most Favorite Radio StationFixes the possibility of showing the MP3 player station as the most favorite radio station if it is not available. Previously if your most listened station was the MP3 player station, which allowed the game show it as your favorite radio station, and then completely removed all your MP3s to cause the station to not show up as selectable, the MP3 player station remained shown as your favorite radio station. Least Favorite Radio StationFixes the possibility of showing the Wave 103 station as the least favorite radio station if the MP3 player station is not available. Previously if the MP3 player station was not selectable, the game defaulted to Wave 103 as the least favorite radio station. Favorite Radio StationFixes the possibility of showing a radio station be both the most and least favorite radio station. This is a rare edge case but previously if the listening time for all radio stations were the same, the game chose to show Wildstyle as both the most and least favorite. This mod has been tested only on VC v1.00 US.
  10. Marsi4eg

    Optimized Traffic Paths

    Optimized Traffic Paths for Vice city WHAT IS THIS: Have you ever noticed that there are many wide roads in the game but for some unknown reason all cars in traffic drive in one lane in the middle of the road, instead of driving the whole road? This mod fixes paths and all traffic will now drive in two lanes where it's possible. Also this mod fixes some bugs in default paths: - Cars driving out of road near the traffic lights in Washington Beach; - Increased width between lanes on some roads to make cars drive in the center of each lane. HOW TO INSTALL: Just place "paths.ipl" file from this zip archive to your "...\data\maps\" directory. SCREENSHOTS: VIDEO: DOWNLOAD: > HERE <
  11. BD Money Now In Gta VC Download txd Here:http://www.mediafire.com/file/bvbu9j19zcus8ni/generic.txd
  12. bogdankuz

    Biker skin for Tommy.

    Just a Biker skin for Tommy Download - https://yadi.sk/d/DyYQvgwV3MNAFV Screens -https://yadi.sk/i/YStU9HKZ3MNAWJ https://yadi.sk/i/4g9nMbnU3MNAYm https://yadi.sk/i/zmILD50W3MNAWN https://yadi.sk/i/L8iZIQvX3MNAWW https://yadi.sk/i/vS0csGiY3MNAYs
  13. spaceeinstein

    Pilot Ranking Patch

    Introduction As discussed in the Pilot Ranking topic, Vice City's "Pilot Ranking" statistic is buggy and does not display the correct ranking based on your flight hours. This patch fully fixes the bug. This mod utilizes CLEO Library for Vice City. Important note! This mod has been superseded by my Construct Stat Line mod. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. Download CLEO for Vice City at http://cleo.li/. From the CLEO download, copy VC.CLEO.asi into Vice City's folder. If CLEO.asi already exists in the folder, you must delete that file. From this mod download, place the CLEO folder containing SEPilotRanking.cs into Vice City's folder. This mod has been tested only on VC v.1.00 US. Rankings The table below shows all pilot rankings available in this patch. The flight hour is displayed in hours and minutes, and represents the starting time for the associated pilot ranking. [table] Flight hour Pilot ranking 0:00 - 0:05 Flyboy 0:10 Aircraftman 0:20 Pilot Officer 0:30 Corporal 1:00 Lieutenant 1:30 Sergeant 2:00 Captain 2:30 Biggs 3:00 Wedge 3:30 Red Baron 4:00 Goose 5:00 Viper 10:00 Jester 20:00 Chappy 25:00 Iceman 30:00 Maverick 49:02 Noops 50:00 Air Chief Marshal 100:00 Ace [/table] Source The code is written for Sanny Builder with CLEO v2.0.0.4 for Vice City.
  14. Keeping Busy I hope?

    Is there any better graphics than this?

    Like the title says is there any better graphics than that?(EDIT)For GTA SA BTW! Thanks! DISCLAIMER! I don't care what pc do you need to run the graphics okay! Just gimme the best graphics mod -Gru
  15. The Hero

    Simple screenshot plugin

    While working on gta3d I was annoyed by the lack of a screenshot functionality in III and I couldn't be assed to use fraps or some other tool. Press print screen in game and you'll get a screenshot in the snapshots directory. Works with III, VC and SA, 1.0; http://gta.rockstarvision.com/files/screenshot.asi Source code here: https://github.com/GTAmodding/miscmods/blob/master/screenshot.cpp
  16. This is my 2016 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Packages for GTA Vice City. DOWNLOAD - GTAinside
  17. Shogun Pacino

    [REL][VC] PS2 LCS Radio Stations

    Warning! In order to make the radio stations work, you must have VBDec installed! Or else they won't work. Sadly, LCFR couldn't be converted There weren't enough VC radio stations for it... Mod replaces this radio stations currently: Head Radio - Wildstyle Double Cleff FM - Flash FM K-Jah - K-Chat Fever 105 - Rise FM V-Rock - Lips 106 VCPR - Radio Del Mundo Radio Espantoso - MSX 98 Wave 103 - The Liberty Jam Download
  18. This mod replaces the game crosshair to the one similar if not the same as LCS/VCS or SA, depending on ColorStyle set in VC.StoriesTargeting.ini (0 for LCS/VCS, 1 for SA). this mod also includes Auto-aim with assault rifles. you can disable it by change the values in .ini DOWNLOAD Credits to spaceeinstein for colored targets. this plugin is powered by plugin-sdk
  19. MrFinger

    [VC] Beta Waterfall

    Recreation of beta waterfall at one of mansions in Starfish Island. Mod replaces 1 DFF and the waterfall itself is static (doesn't move) since VC engine doesn't support UV animations unlike SA. DOWNLOAD
  20. MrFinger

    Fixed Polish Translation

    This mod is fixing some gaps in polish translation by cenega. Changelog: - Changed "W pokoju z szafkami znajdziesz przedatne rzeczy" to "W pokoju z szafkami znajdziesz przydatne rzeczy", - RC vehicles 'll now have proper names, - Added gta 3 polish car names. Pics Download If you found another gap in the translation, please leave a reply.
  21. Sanmodder

    Sanmodder Workshop

    Mój workshop jest na razie pusty ale będzie zapełniony moimi modami do gta vice city do gta san andreas co w nim znajdziesz skrypty cleo skórki aktorów różne ustawienia gry @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ my workshop is empty yet but will be full of my mods to gta vice city to gta san andreas what you will find in it cleo scripts actors' skins different game settings @@@@@@@@@@@ CoolMods and MrFinger thanks Friends you're both the best @@@@@@@@@@@
  22. Flame

    Flame's Workshop

    Flame's Workshop HRT 1.4: official site || YouTube: Modding | Gaming || Mod DB profile My list of all my mods mods (page is closed now, I've planned to update the list, but work currently is frozen) GTA: San Andreas HRT 1.4 (my main work; remastered graphics modification; in the development) Official site | Mod DB | GTAForums HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition (latest old-generation mod in series; 2010-2011) Mod DB | GTAForums The Seasons series (were developed in 2011, were released in updated editions in 2013-2014) Winter Vacation (Mod DB | GTAForums) Spring Season (Mod DB | GTAForums) Endless Summer (Mod DB | GTAForums) Autumn Sunshine (Mod DB | GTAForums) Other modifications GTA: Vice City Winter Mod 3.0 (Updated) (the best winter modification for GTA: Vice City; released in 2013, re-released in 2014) Mod DB | GTAForums | Official site GTA III Improved and open stadium Sites These sites are my little hobby; I would be glad if you visit one of my sites, and, of course, HRT 1.4 mod's official site. FGames: freeware games Bogoboi: free wallpapers
  23. spaceeinstein

    Vice City Radar Zoom

    Introduction Vice City Radar Zoom is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City utilizing the CLEO Library. It simulates a feature from GTA IV that allows you to fully zoom out the radar and to force the display of the area and vehicle names with the press of a key. Hold the "T" key to enable this behavior and release the key to revert back to the original behavior. You can modify what key to press by editing SEZoom.dat, a plain text file, and changing the hexadecimal number to any virtual-key code. Installation Download the mod at GTAGarage. If you are unable to open VCRadarZoom.rar, rename the file to VCRadarZoom.zip. Download CLEO for Vice City at http://cleo.li/. From the CLEO download, copy VC.CLEO.asi into Vice City's folder. If CLEO.asi already exists in the folder, you must delete that file. From this mod download, place the CLEO folder containing SEZoom.cs and SEZoom.dat into Vice City's folder. This mod has been tested only on VC v.1.00 US. Video San Andreas Check out Silent's version for San Andreas here.
  24. This plugin simply allows peds to use all weapons whenever the armed peds cheat is activated, meaning you can have some proper fighting in Vice City just like in III. Supported executables: gta-vc.exe, 1.0 Tested only with UAL. Download
  25. pimann


    This mod adds Marie Rose from Dead or Alive 5/6 to GTA III, VC and SA. Included a script to change her outfit. Also included an extra that makes this mod similar to my mods 'CJ's New Girlfriends' and 'MyriadMarie'. Meaning, if the extra is installed, every skin from this mod is classified as a separate character. Outfit |Who is this if the extra is installed |Exists in the III version |Exists in the VC version |Exists in the SA version | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| School Uniform |Marie |Yas |Yes |No | (DOA 5/6), red | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| School Uniform |Marie |No |No |Yes | (DOA 6, blue) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Punk/gray T-shirt |Julie |Yes |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Casual V10 |Valerie |No |No |Yes | (alexissinn) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Winter |Valerie |No |Yes |No | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Overalls |Elizabeth |No |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Casual V9 |Kate |No |No |Yes | (alexissinn) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Purple Dress |Adeline |No |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| White Dress |Ann |No |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| School Uniform |Xenia |No |No |Yes | (alexissinn) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Casual V1 |Valentine |No |Yes |Yes | (alexissinn) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Newcomer School |Irene |No |Yes |No | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Casual |Irene |No |No |Yes | (fatalitysonic2) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Casual V4 |Daria |No |Yes |Yes | (alexissinn) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Black Sweater |Margaret |No |No |Yes | (DOA 6) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Training Gear |Diana |Yes |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Newcomer Sports |Victoria |Yes |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Aroma |Helen |No |No |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Wendy Marvell |Christine |No |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Usage: 1. Without Extra [Num +] Switch Outfit [Num -] Switch back to the default character (SA only) 2. With Extra [Num +] Switch from Marie to her friends [Num -] Switch back to the default character (SA only) [Num *] Call Marie's friends as bodyguards III: Left Arrow = Previous, Right Arrow = Next, Enter = Select, Backspace = Close menu VC: 1 = Previous, 3 = Next, 2 = Select SA: Arrows = Select from Menu, Num* = Switch between pages 1 and 2, Num/ = Clear player group, Enter = Close menu, Space = Select LINKS REMOVED
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