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Found 113 results

  1. Eddlm

    Fury Road V

    Straight to the point; I want to convert the world of GTA V to a MadMax setting. This thread is meant to allow discussion of the while i'm developing it. General world description: The entire island will be almost empty, with a blackout on the city. Animals will roam around, in every area. The only people you will encounter are gang members. Vehicles are scarce, and all of them have owner. Supercars are almost nonexistent, with more durable vehicles being the most used. Factions do actively try to steal eachother's best vehicles, as finding them is hard and an armored vehicle can give a faction terrible advantage over others. The same will happen with weapons, of course. You will start joining a faction and doing everything you can to help them, be it defend their territory from other factions attacks, finding vehicles for them, etc. Your main goal will be destroying every other faction. Planned Main Features: - No Peds and No Vehicles spawning naturally. I've seen Native Trainer do this ingame, so preventing the game from peds and vehicles naturally shouldn't be a problem. - Multiple factions. Each faction will control different areas of the map, and they will be hostile to your faction, of course. I would like to set up a "Faction Relationships" system too, so you can piss off a faction o become their ally. - GTA San Andreas style gang wars, you will be able to assault an enemy controlled area and conquer it for your faction. I you achieve so, members of your faction will spawn there. Enemies will be able to do the same. Important Events There would be no missions, but events. Stuff would happen, and you would decide if you want to take advantage of that situation or not. For example, each faction needs to send a Fuel Truck to refill their Fuel reserves, including yours. Each time this happens, the player will be notified. You can let your enemies get the fuel they need or try to intercept the truck. You could even get that fuel to your base! If it's your Faction the one that is sending the Fuel Truck, you should escort them to make sure everything goes as planned. Noone is safe in these roads anymore, you know. Each faction will have to actively defend their territory, and they all will try to extend it if they can, so watch out. Bases can be assaulted without any warning. Not So Important Events A lot of stuff will happen under the radar. Factions will attack other factions, people will get to find rare stuff and try to get it to their base. The world will be alive and changing every day, as each faction is able acquire new vehicles, weapons, bases... or lose them!. Nothing is premanent in this world, I assure you that. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Every idea is open to discussion, including the fact that I don't know if what I want is even possible. Maybe so much code will make the game so slow it's unplayable, right? I don't know. I want to talk about this concept, anyway. Are you people interested? What would you want to see? Do you have any ideas? Features? Missions?
  2. Hi everyone, most of you know me, and those who dont, will most likely know my past works from gta 4.. I been taking a break for a while as i thought i was done with modding. but turns out, i just got bored of porting other peoples work between games.. So decided, now V is with us, we have a good enough revision of the RAGE engine to play with. the dynamic ability of the new game engine has got me hooked once again. but im sorry to say, even Forza models are not quenching my thirst. This got me looking back at older works and realizing, for all the custom edits i have made to my previous converts, i could of made lots of cars from scratch. Cars not found in computer games or 3d assets websites. So yesterday ((after serious drama with my actual PC)) i switched on a crappy Pentium 4 dual core, and install my modelling suite AC3D by Inivis, the goal is simple. i want a car I LIKE, in MY game.. IT must BE EQUAL TO FORZA QUALITY since i will be using forza textures as donor for lighting, this way i can guarantee what i build, gives the result i aim for... ((im GEEKY - deal with it)) heres some screens of the car i intend to build (yes i know its in Forza Apex and Forza 6) but i dont have access to the actual files, so im building it myself.. the model, as you can see, is in 3 forms, stock, XR2 (factory tuner edition), and then a wide body (my favourite) as i said at the beginning of this long-ass post... my aim is to build to forza lod0 level.. hopefully, this is happening here is my sill, and door seal work >> i hope you like what i done so far, and hopefully in the next few days, il have another update.. this is my first actual post on the forum, lets try keep it to just this one for now otherwise, i get sidetracked and nothing gets finished coz iiiiiiiiiiiiim wicked and immm laaaaaaazzzzzyyyyyy
  3. shapematters

    Honda Accord Tourer '05

    Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago I started this project. It is my car actually. Because I will probably sell it in the near future, I thought it could be nice to make it in 3D as a tribute. It is my first scratch made car model and one of the first 3d models ever, so please take this into account. It is not priority to release it as a GTA car but because I love the GTA universe and I am a modder since the days of GTA3, I really want to ride my Accord in the world of GTA5. It just still have to take some time. Feedback welcomed...
  4. indirivacua

    Liberty City III

    Installation 1º - Download Five-M 2º - Put 'lc3' folder in "usermaps" on root of Five-M(if it dosn't exist, create it) 3º - Before you "log-in" in Five-M, press the right key of 'L' on your keyboard, then put in console 'Invoke-LevelLoader lc3' 4º - Done Thanks to: NTAuthority - Five-M/Tutorial OpenIV Team - OpenFormats Tool GTA III Rage Classic Team - The conversion of the map for GTA IV LINK/2012 - Water tutorial Jestic - Help Progress: Download(Portland only for now): GTA5Base < (surveys free) GTA5Base See you in Liberty City
  5. CamxxCore

    [.NET] iFruitContacts

    iFruitContacts 1.0 .NET library for performing actions through the in-game mobile phone contacts UI iFruitContacts makes it easy to add and assign actions to contacts in the in- game mobile phone. You can add multiple contacts, and assign personalized actions to each one. Don't get cluttered with hard to remember key-binds when you can just use the in- game interface to interact with your script! You can download the latest release here The source code is hosted here on github and anyone is welcome to contribute!
  6. San Andreas TrashMaster is a RAGEPluginHook based plugin, that finally will allow you to do what you always wanted to do... clean the trash of San Andreas!!! Features Two types of job: driver and trash picker. XML based customizable route system. In-game route creator. Money system(to upgrade your truck, buy new branch building...). XML based save system. San Andreas TrashMaster is in an early stage, any new feature you want to suggest is greatly appreciated. Latest version: 0.3 Screenshots
  7. Eddlm

    Drag Meets

    Download Drag Meets aims to bring to the game the famous races from & and these wonderful Meets from . Features:· Actual, working Meets, where AI drivers will race each other taking turns (100% done) · Cheering crowds, Vans with loud music and other parked cars to give the feel of a real street car meet (90% done) · Over 40 pre-designed drivers and their vehicles, more being added in later updates! (100% done) · Over 5 different locations, more being added in later updates! (90% done) · AI drivers don't always drive the same way, their reaction times and their ability to change gear at the best moment can change between races, allowing for more unpredictable outcomes (100% done) · You can bet on your favorite driver! (100% done) · You'll be able to participate yourself! (100% done) Here's a little album, to show you how the Meets look as of now. And here's the latest video. You can contribute Drivers/Vehicles: You can contribute vehicle designs! Just send me some pictures of the car and I'll add it. You'll be credited. If you want me to be precise about the vehicle design, save the car with Simple Trainer and send me the vehicle configuration you will find in the trainer.ini inside your main GTAV folder. I can provide all the designs for the script myself, but I would prefer to mix in some designs from other people. You know, for variety's sake. Here are some of my designs. Locations: Tell me cool places to organice Drag Meets and I'll add them! Suggestions: I'm open to them, too.
  8. "Everything is connected. I have to thank ctOS one day, one simple breach of their network, and I have access to half the state." - AP "After the major ctOS network failure that plunged Chicago into darkness last month, CEO Robert Nitman announced that ctOS has been upgraded to ctOS 2.0 to ensure the security of the system. Today, Nitman has announced that ctOS 2.0 is coming to the state of San Andreas. Mayor Leonardo met with Nitman today to discuss reducing crime rates in LS after the Union Depository robbery, where robbers made off with $201,600,000 million dollars. Mayor Leonardo said that with the installation of ctOS, this will cut the crime rate in half. Construction has started on ctOS towers and installation, but a ETA has not been posted yet. We will stay with this story." - Weazel News. This brings some hacking features (hopefully all soon) from Watch Dogs (not completely accurate) onto your in-game phone. Pull up your phone and scroll to the bottom and you should see a new contact's as well as new hacks. Call one and make your possibilities come true, together we can take down ctOS in Los Santos! Originally, this mod was released as "HackMod" due to the rest of the script being unusable. In v.02a, the name has changed to ctOS V, as all the script's are now working again. More features will be added, so stay tuned. Any bugs or issues you are facing please tell me in the comments. This is my very first scripting mod I have done Hopefully in v.05a, this will give all players the ability to unlock ctOS towers throughout San Andreas, along with 12 missions and a big finale. Also, by the time v.05a is done, players should have access to nearly 50% of the hacks on their phone, the rest of the hacks you need to unlock the ctOS Towers as well as skill points. Put everything inside your scripts folder. Credits: LetsPlayOrDy for Major Help. Mora Hannover for eating all my snacks and fixing up the script. The original creator of the iFruit Addon Pack. Credit to ZyDevs for fixing up one of the main scripts, and helping me out with a very huge script. *NOTE: Only a FEW ctOS features are available as LS is undergoing ctOS installation through out San Andreas. *When you choose the blackout option, you will be unavailable to use any of the other hacks until the blackout is over (40 seconds) *Remember, YOU MUST CALL either ADIEN PEARCE, BadBoy117, or LESTER TO GET THE MOD ACTIVATED! Changelog: 0.1a: Added Blackout function + a few other features which weren't visible to players as of yet. 0.2a: Added 3 new contacts + 2 new hack features (Hack Civilian, Traffic Lights) + modified the blackout hack to act just like in Watch Dogs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upcoming Versions: (Subject to change) 0.3a: Will add 3 new hack features + new Aiden Pearce clothes for Michael, Trevor and Franklin + modify Hack Civilian to randomize. 0.4a: Will add in train hacks + a new hack to explode certain things. 0.5a: Debut of the ctOS network, with Lester's mission (Better Then Pearce) being unlocked. This will allow you to access the profiler as well as new hacks being unlocked. This also includes 2 missions after it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod will bring over the entire ctOS network from Watch Dogs to GTA 5, with new missions (and a special appearance by a certain character), new ctOS Towers to hack, and lots more goodies. Yes, I know that JulioNIB is making Watch Dogs V, this mod is different then his. His will include the hacks, while mine will include the ctOS System and stuff like that. Both mods will be compatible with each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Put everything in your scripts folder and launch the game. Call either Lester (Yes I know there are two Lesters, choose the one at the bottom) BadBoy117, or Aiden Pearce to unlock the hacks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This thread will mainly include updates as well as opinions, feedback and suggestions. Download the mod here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/hack-mod-v-01a -FlushingLocal
  9. Pandassaurus

    Portal Gun [.NET] v2.0

    To Mod Page with Download This mod is a work in progress! I will continue adding and fixing features as time goes on. Please leave all the feedback you can, and feel free to ask me any questions! This mod brings in the famous Portal Guns from the Portal series to GTAV! Use the heavy pistol to shoot the orange portal, and hold T while shooting to shoot the blue portal. Depending on the sound you hear, you will know if the portal has been created or not. Also, you can see if your shot is going to hit if the crosshair is white, or miss if the crosshair is grey. You can easily go in between the portals by just walking into them, driving into them, or even pressing "K" and "L" to go directly to the blue and orange portals, respectively. You can grab entities with E to move them around, and also shoot the moon between 21:00 and 5:59. Have fun! Requirements Script Hook V Script Hook V .NET OpenIV Installation Create a scripts folder in your GTAV game location if you have not done so already, and place PortalGun.cs, PortalGunSetings.txt, and the PortalResources folder in it. Using OpenIV, navigate to "update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/weapons.rpf" and place the modded files in there. Make sure you have downloaded the above, and place ScriptHookV.dll, dinput8.dll, OpenIV.asi, and ScriptHookVDotNet.asi in the main directory. How to use Customize the settings file to your liking. Shoot using a heavy pistol for an orange portal. Hold while shooting or press T for a blue portal. For added fun, shoot the moon between 21:00 and 5:59. Walk through it, or make someone else walk through it. Grab entities with E to move them around. Now you're thinking with portals! Controls "T" - Hold while shooting heavy pistol/press for blue portal. "E" - Grab entities while aiming at them. "O" - Toggle the long fall boots. "I" - Toggle being sucked in by moon. "K" - Teleport directly to the blue portal. "L" - Teleport directly to the orange portal. "B" - Spawn an random ped two feet in front of you. Thanks BIG thanks to Proudnoob4 for the awesome portal gun model and the moral support SYNTHES1SE for moral support Enumerator for raycast code bdking00 for sound code Pablo Puchol and Carlos Puchol. Donators rappo Changelog v2.0: You can now shoot the moon between 21:00 and 5:59. You can grab entities. Crosshairs have been added. You can now shoot while falling (when ragdoll). Infinite portal gun ammo. Bug Fixes. Portals will never pop. v1.0.1: Added listing in config file for press to shoot blue portal or hold while shooting for blue portalv1.0: Bug Fixes Better controls for blue/orange portal Drastically increased range Portal Gun Model Sound effects Hitting a car/ped directly will teleport it to other portal Portals will pop less often v0.1.1: Config file for rebidable keys.v0.1: This was a triumph I'm making a note here, huge success
  10. bdking00

    Stumble [Knock Out]

    About: You know when someone is in a fight, and they get smacked hard to the head and they don't quite get knocked out, but stumble around a bit? Well, this mod reenacts that! Download: *Coming Soon* Video:
  11. Pandassaurus

    Ejection Seat [.NET] v0.1

    This mod is a work in progress! I will continue adding and fixing features as time goes on. Please leave all the feedback you can, and feel free to ask me any questions! This mod allows you to press "Enter" in topless vehicles such as motorcycles, quadbikes, topless cars, convertibles, and even some planes to eject from them. You will be launched very high into the air, where you can press "E" to blow up your car beneath you. With this mod, you can get out of any sticky situation in style! TODO Controller Support Customizable Keys Toggable Options (such as realism, countdown, fire trail) Sound Effects Requirements Script Hook V Script Hook V .NET Installation 1. Create a scripts folder in your GTAV game location if you have not done so already, and placeEjectionSeat.cs in it. 2. Make sure you downloaded the above, and placeScriptHookV.dll, dinput8.dll, andScriptHookVDotNet.asi in the main directory. How to use 1. Get into one of these vehicles: Convertible (You will have to be still while the roof opens, if it hasn't already) Topless Car, like a topless Coil Motorbike Quadbike Bicycle Planes with an open top, like the Stunt Plane Planes with a windshield over the cockpit, like a Lazer 2. Press "Enter" 3. While flying up, press "E" to blow up the vehicle you ejected out of. 4. Enjoy! Thanks libertylocked for some code, check code for more info. Ameybanaye for some help with code Changelog v0.1: It begins... Download and more Screenshots https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/ejection-seat-net
  12. Hello Everyone ::Index:: Current Version: 1.3 . 1a) WTF is "Manual Transmission (Continued)" a.k.a. Why, where, what? 1b) Manual Transmission (Continued) Main Features / Details 1c) Future Features / To Do List 2a) Requirements 2b) Installation 2c) Files Included 3a) Changelog 4a) Credits / Copyright ::::: Content ::::: . 1a) WTF is "Manual Transmission (Continued)" So... I was drifting in GTA V and though "If I could just lock on 2-3rd gear it would make it a lot easier and a lot more realistic." Then I've searched for a Manual Transmission mod and found this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/manual-transmission Sadly, the Mod was discontinued (as said in the description), last update on 5th May 2015, and it was Gear Based instead of Sequential (I'm playing on a Keyboard/Mouse or GamePad. No 5-6 Gears Wheel Controller) . Therefore I wanted to make a mod to suit my needs (First Mod I ever made, ever, even though I know my programming shiz). Since I've already enjoyed (and I'm currently enjoying) great mods from the community, I thought it would be only fair enough for me to share it as well. ##### 1b) Manual Transmission (Continued) Main Features / Details . - Sequential Drive OR Manual Drive (Both With and Without Clutch) 4 Versions to choose from: Manual No Clutch, Manual With Clutch, Sequential No Clutch, Sequential With Clutch - 6 Gears (Currently on all cars, mind you, if you're in a truck, maximum gear will be 6, if you are in a car with a Top Speed Mod, it will be 6 as well) - Gears Adjusted for Vanilla Game (Even though I play with a TopSpeed Mod, I don't want my car to get to 200 in the 3rd Gear) - 1-5 Gear Locked, 6th Gear -> Full Speed What these means is, either you are playing Vanilla or with a Top Speed Mod, your care will lock the maximum speed between the 1st and the 5th gear. 6th Gear will let you drive to the maximum speed of the car, so if you have a Top Speed Mod, your care will reach 400km/h + as well. - Current Gear Engaged Indicator - Activated Automatic Mode Press the Hotkey (Default: Z) and go Automatic Mode (a.k.a. disable Mod). Press again to activate ##### 1c) Future Features / To Do List - Add different number of Gears for Trucks, Cars and Bikes Ex.: Trucks with 12 Gears, Sports Cars with 6, Super with 7, etc, etc. - Important timing for shifting Ex.: If you shift up to early it will slow the car acceleration - Dynamic Gear Range for every vehicle Ex.: If a car would reach 70km on First Gear (Red Line) then it will be the Max Speed for the first gear, etc. Once this is done, animations / sound will match when you Shift Up or Down - Ability to hold Clutch to Rev the engine Mainly for Drifts, Slides, etc.Plus More realistic - Gamepad / Xbox Controller Support - Reverse Gear - Your Suggestion? - Bugs Known -- Changing cars will keep the gear of the previous car in the new car -- Animations / Sound not matching the gear change (Read Above) ##### 2a) Requirements Script Hook V http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ LUA Plugin for GTA V http://gtaforums.com/topic/789139-vrelhook-lua-plugin-for-script-hook-v/ ##### 2b) Installation Just copy your desired Setup to your GTA V/scripts/addins (Use "READ ME" for info on each version) ##### 2c) Files Included - ManualTransmission.lua - READ ME.txt ##### 3a) Changelog 1.3) - Realistic Slow Down when Shifting Down if the gear engaged doesn't support the current velocity - Engine will stall if you are stopped and try to go with another gear other then 1st (Small Detail, car will tilt a bit forward just like reality) - Bug Fixes . 1.2) - Added Two New Versions (Manual With Clutch, Manual Without Clutch) - Current Gear Indicator on Top Left of the Screen - Hotkey to Activate the Mod or go full Automatic (like Vanilla) - Control support (Currently only Sequential, NO Clutch - Read Features) 1.1) - Added a Clutch version. On these one, you have to press Clutch (Default X) while pressing the Shift change - Downshifting should now decrease the Maximum speed of the vehicle to correspond to the current gear maximum 1.0) Release - Edited the Mod (as it was discontinued and source code is available) from https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/manual-transmission to: - Sequential Gear Instead of 5 Keys, one for each gear - Removed "Reverse" gear - 6 Gear Instead of 4 - Changed default Keys from original Mod - Rewrote the code for better performance ##### 4a) Credits / Copyright . Credits - Original Code from https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/manual-transmission by https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/nazhul . Copyright You may use and edit the mod at your free will. If you, however, want to edit and re-release it, include it on one of your Mods / ModPack or in any other way re-upload it I just ask to give me a shout out and link it back to me / this mod. Thank You for reading and using this mod, Your suggestions, feedback and bug report is greatly appreciated. I will considerate any suggestions to the mod and I will do my best to keep it updated and meet your needs. Sincerely, Nihu Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/manual-transmission-continued
  13. Shakez

    4th playable character

    I have an idea Some of us can't play ONLINE anymore (because of mods) and the online character in character's wheel is unvailable. So what if you guys put your minds and make a script or something to remove the online char in the wheel and instead of him to have another playable character.Example:A npc like...Niko (just an example).And when u choose him ,he will spawn in different places of the map. It is possible to make this? It will be great and I think it will be the most downloaded mod for V too Thx u and NOT sorry for my english A nice day !
  14. EncryptedReality

    [WIP] GTA V: San Andreas

    Hi all, San Andreas has finally been seen in GTA V and i wanted to share it with you! This topic has been made to be a main topic for future conversion of San Andreas when the tools finally come out. Currently i have a video, screenshots and a download link for you so here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_6OFrTYUMo DOWNLOAD Fixes: Countryside collision fix
  15. AidenPatrickPGH

    [WIP] Tesla Motors of Los Santos

    Tesla of Los Santos Informational Post DEVELOPERS: Mechartix (gta5-mods.com/users/Mechartix) - Major Modeling Aiden Patrick (gta5-mods.com/users/aidenpatrickPGH) - Minor Modeling and Texture Mapping What is it? Tesla of Los Santos is a car dealership mod that obviously is a Tesla exclusive store. As of right now, it only carries the Model S, and Roadster (although screenshots will show Model X ). A Tesla Model 3 is also expected to be coming soon. Where will it be located? (by default) Tesla of Los Santos will be located along Great Ocean Freeway, next to the townhomes in Del Perro. When will it be released? You can expect Tesla of Los Santos to be released mid-September, on gta5-mods.com How will it be installed? Tesla of Los Santos will be installed as if it were a prop, (or in later releases as multiple props) so it is optionally placed in the map by the player using a mod such as Map Editor. Release Schedule and Plans Mid September - 0.1a - Initial ALPHA Release - Single Prop - Completed Building Late September - 0.2a - Multiple Props allowing for more user customization Mid October - 0.1r - Initial Stable Release - Add-on pack featuring additional props - Floor swaps - Exterior wall and ground material swaps Early November - 0.1x [FINAL] - Final Release - *100% Building Customization* - Full texture template - Most props movable and swap-able Screenshots [uPDATED JULY 18]
  16. amitpaul911

    New Ideas for NEW SCRIPT Mods

    Hey there guys! I have some good and nice new ideas for script mods. Can I find a few ears to listen to my ideas, please? 1. A Celebrity/President mod in which when activated, many paparazzis will come quite like zombies but instead of eating you up, they will take photos of the player.. Other passerby peds around 50% of them will stop and take photos of you in their cell ( I hope I don't need to tell the animation list). Some random passerbys will cheer and clap maybe. Whereever you go, 2 bodyguards in black suit will follow you. and maybe 1-2 vehicles as well but just to protect you. You can be the President too. you'll have army to protect you. 2. Meteor Shower mod - A Modder has already started working for this mod in which large meteors and rocks will fall from sky on the press of a button or randomly with fire and smoke maybe. An ini file to change different settings. people will run scared for their lives.. chaos everywhere. explosion on impact. 3. Car/Ped modder - A trainer which can attach various objects and maybe weapons or anything to the bone of peds and allow collisions. same thing with vehicles. Objects can be attached with vehicles and all these can be saved in a simple file maybe an xml or something which can be again opened by other players when downloaded. (sounds good?) Will tell more ideas, when I think of some. Goodluck.
  17. droidrzrlover

    New Minimap

    I am working on getting the GTA V Next Gen Minimap to look like its predecessor. Previous Generation (Xbox 360, PS3): http://www.bragitoff.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/GTAV-HD-MAP-roadmap.jpg Next Gen (Xbox One, PS4, PC): http://imgur.com/j80qY29 I am looking for a team to help me out with the minimap mod. If anyone wants to assist, contact me on skype at DroidRZRLover (same as on here).
  18. What is H.A.R.M.L.E.S.S. ? It is a weapon mod for GTA V, that has many styles. Styles descriptions: THE REAL_GABE STYLE Now it’s not part of H.A.R.M.L.E.S.S because it’s a more complex standalone mod! New name: Real | RAGE More infos and download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-rage DEFAULT DAMAGE AND IMPACT FORCE BUT WITHOUT VEHICLE DAMAGE You cant explode the vehicles, cant puncture the tires (just for a second), no petrol leaking. Windows are breaking, bullet holes, bullet impact effects are appearing and you can kill the peds in the vehicle. Guns can shoot through vehicles. Minigun has increased firerate, tracer bullets, bullet spread and range. Weapons affected: All handguns those shooting bullets and snowball NO DAMAGE, DEFAULT IMPACT FORCE You cant hurt and kill the peds. They ragdolling, but not bleeding and not dying. You cant explode the vehicles, cant puncture the tires (just for a second), no petrol leaking. Windows are breaking, bullet holes, bullet impact effects are appearing. Stun gun has increased range and shock duration and decreased reload time. Weapons affected: All handguns those shooting bullets, snowball, stun gun, melee and fist fight (not complete, stealth attacks and finishing moves are still deadly) HIGH IMPACT FORCE WITH INSTANT KILL Increased bullet impact force with instant kill, moderate vehicle damage. Every gun has unique force. The increased impact force is higher then default, but not super unrealistic, peds not gonna fly to the Moon with 1 pistol shot. Guns can shoot through vehicles and more objects/materials than before. Weapons affected: All handguns those shooting bullets and snowball STUN GUN FUN You cant hurt and kill the peds with stun gun. They ragdolling, but not bleeding and not dying. Increased range and shock duration and decreased reload time + added some more force. No vehicle damage. Weapons affected: only stun gun OVERCHARGED STUN GUNS Railgun now works like stun gun, its shocking peds to death. It has longer range, faster recharge, longer shock duration, and small radius areal damage so you can shock more than one peds at the same time; added force, one shot to a vehicles engine cause fire, and direct hit to the ped cause catch him/her on fire. Railgun can cause spectacular explosion in water. Stun gun is deadly, has long shock duration, immediate recharge, longer range, added force. One shot to a vehicles engine cause fire. Shooting tracer. Weapons affected: railgun and stun gun Backup files, more informations and instructions in the archive! If you found a bug, or you have suggestions, write me a comment! Magyar nyelvű leírás az olvassel.pdf-ben! DOWNLOAD __________________________________________________________________________________ If you make a video with/about this mod, please link the mod's page at least in the video's description! Do not claim you made this mod! © 2015 Gábor Sikó (Real_Gabe) __________________________________________________________________________________ Release notes v1.3.3 (09/26/15) - updated the backupfiles, now they are from game version 1.0.463.1 - removed „The Real_Gabe Style” because it’s a more complex standalone mod now called Real | RAGE you can download it from here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-rage - no other changes were made! v1.3.2 (09/14/15) - updated „The Real_Gabe” style to v0.1.9 v1.3.1 (09/13/15) - updated „The Real_Gabe” style to v0.1.5 v1.3.0 (06/09/15) - added „The Real_Gabe” style v0.1.0 - added hungarian description v1.2.3 (23/08/15) - updated no damage, default impact force style: Completed the melee and fist fight. You cannot kill peds with melee weapons, with your bare hands, with knock down with guns in your hands. Stealth kills not lethal anymore. (updated file: weapons.meta, damages.meta) - updated default damage and impact force but without vehicle damage style: Added jet tracer bullets and more range to the minigun (updated file: weapons.meta) - updated overcharged stun guns style: Made railgun muzzle flash (electric discharge) more spectacular, added more projectile speed. Added railguns muzzle flash (electric discharge) and jet tracer bullet to the stun gun for more spectacular shooting, added more projectile speed. (updated file: weapons.meta, weaponrailgun.meta) v1.2.0 (21/08/15) - added overcharged stun guns style: v1.1.5 (11/08/15) - updated stun gun fun style: added tracer for more spectacular shooting; - updated default damage and impact force but without vehicle damage style: now you can shoot through vehicles, so you can kill peds not only through windows (added materials.dat); added more tracer for the minigun, increased the firerate, the range and the bullet spread; - updated high impact force with instant kill style: now you can shoot through vehicles and more objects/materials (added materials.dat); v1.1.0 (07/08/15) - added high impact force with instant kill style - added stun gun fun style - updated no damage, default impact force style: now melee and unarmed weapons are affected too; stun gun: decreased reload time, increased range and shock duration time, v1.0.0 (04/08/15) - first release
  19. Beta Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V I felt something was missing... well, it wasn't really missing. Instead they were copied and rotated 90 degrees. A thread I will keep updating. I will post my vehicle mods in here as I would just make one garbage can when creating a thread for every single vehicle I may be releasing here. A single mod will be posted in a spoiler! All the info about this vehicle can also be found within the spoiler including the download links. All the car mods are made by me, if not they are posted here with permissions of it's original author. Credits will be given to those who made screenshots for the forums or helped working on the vehicle. Yes, some help from time to time would be great . Suggestions are MORE than welcome! *Read this!* These model are unlocked though not allowed to be reuploaded... as I can't stop anyone from doing it, I now ask you kindly to not reupload this content ANYWHERE else without my permission. Released or WIP: Beta Police Cruiser (2nd gen) - Done Suggestions: ~Empty~ Beta Police Cruiser (2nd gen) - Done
  20. Crazy Frog from CF racer 2,with my retexture+turbosmooth. Unfortunately, when i trying to any way rig his arms, its looks like this everything else are rigged pretty well.but arms always are stomachache. because they lower then the bones (i rigged on a monkey). everybody who can help with zmodeller can join me,i can provide all my models textures works etc
  21. oCrapaCreeper

    [V WIP] Aesthetic Added Trees

    Note: Name that doesn't suck currently pending GTAV's map is beautifully well made, even moreso with all the vegetation and trees it has. Unfortunately, due to limitations of the old gen consoles and design choices, a lot of these trees were removed, leaving a lot of empty and bare places on the map. In this mod, I intend to touch up these empty areas by adding new trees to them. To keep some variation, each tree is placed, rotated, re-sized (to be either fatter, skinnier, or scaled up or down multiple sizes), and tilted to match the terrain. I'm even playing around with making trees that appear fallen over. I utilize different kinds of trees depending on how much they add aesthetically. I'm not nearly done and intend to add a lot more. Unlike most map mods for GTAV currently, this mod does not use scripthookv based map editors such as Menyoo or the one literally named map editor. It adds map data to the game (as DLC) using ymap files, which is how all the other map data in the game is stored. While this makes the mod a bit tedious to install and requires OpenIV, loading them into the game naturally means no prop limits, no weird stutter before loading, and increased performance. All editing is done using Codewalker, a lovely tool made by Dexyfex. Anyone, enough blabbling, here's what I've done so far. EDIT: Progress update: Raton Canyon (added large cedar trees, fallen tree going over the creek is going to be put straight up due to collision issues) Mount Chilliad Pacific Bluffs (an area that had no trees at all aside from a few oaks. Probably not geographically accurate with L.A but oh well.) Subject to change before I upload the first version. Some things may look out of place, and not all trees are rotated yet (I'm not happy with mount Gordo right now) Known issues: The collision for trees scaled to different sizes does not adjust, it uses the collision from the original size, meaning you can stand inside the giant trees. Unless you on purposely crash into trees I don't see this as a huge issue. While I would like to correct this rather sloppy oversight, I don't think there's a to do this in Codewalker yet, or I'm simply an experienced goof who doesn't know how to change it. (likely the second one, and if that's the case feel free to tell me how) Some graphics mods that change the windspeed do not play well with the rescaled cedar trees and the leaves appear to move away from the branches and trunk. I can't fix this, vanilla and VisualV timecycles appear fine however. While the trees will switch to lower quality textures and models the farther away you are, they do not have proper lod models for very far away like the regular trees do (the 2D looking billboard lods). The current lod distance is 6000 (some smaller trees that don't matter are lower) to ensure they are seen at all times and do not turn invisible after a certain distance. There is barely if any performance impact for me, but I'm unsure about other setups. Some trees might feel like they want to defy gravity and not be properly stuck to the ground (I was sleep deprived when placing some of these) Download I'd love to read some feedback on where trees should or should not be. This is my first mod, afterall.
  22. ArthurLopes

    GTA SA: San Fierro DLC for GTA V

    This is what happen when i don't have nothing to do lol Download BETA: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/san-fierro-dlc Well, i'm going to convert San Fierro from GTA SA to GTA V as a DLC, that's pretty much it, stay with some screenshots of the beta:
  23. nkjellman

    GTA V Cut Interiors Add On

    I'm working on adding two interiors to GTA V that you may not have seen before. Since the placements are in the ytyp for interiors, all I need to do now is place the whole interiors into the world. Here is my progress. The High Life Update garage (originally found by me): The timecycmodifer being used here, I am not very crazy about. It is too foggy. I may play around with different ones that are used elsewhere in the game. Possibly the ones from the 3 story 20 car garage will do. Additionally, it seems that the radio emitters are working in here too. I turned on all of the radio emitters in the Simple Trainer, so it seems that one of those emitters is for this garage. So long story short, you can hear Self Radio playing if you set up the trainer's emitters properly in the ini. The beta FIB office. (Originally found by TaazR): The placement of this interior is subject to change. I only put it under the map because this was a test. In fact, someones swimming pool is making it so part of the server room is underwater. lol Regarding the placement of the FIB interior. It is too long to be placed in the upper floors of the FIB building. I want to place it here. The interior does not fit in the FIB building very well. The hallway to the left of the conference rooms even sticks out of the building so I had to push it back from the exterior windows. The whole interior fits in the bottom part, so I will place it on the 7th floor. Note that the whine bottle represents the interiors pivot point. Also, since it doesn't match, a script will be needed to access the interior from the lobby. I am thinking that the FIB building would be hidden, sorta like how the High End apartments work. There is just one problem. The collision mesh on the FIB building was done so it goes right through the interior. The narrower part at the top goes down through the fattest part at the bottom. Here are some pics of the collision for the FIB building exterior. Here are some images from code walker showing where the meshes and collisions sit. It is easy to see in the first two images, but the second two are a little tougher due to that side being taller. However, the issue is the same on both sides. I am no professional modeler. I am wondering, could someone make a modified collision mesh for the FIB building? Have it where it isn't effected on the outside, but the collision doesn't block off the inside at the first few floors of the tower (at the widest part of the building). The interior will be placed on the 7th floor. It needs to be done on both sides so it doesn't block off the conference rooms and the server room. Who ever does it will receive credit. Anyways, once this collision issue is resolved, I will move the FIB interior and release the DLC Pack.
  24. ArthurLopes

    French Riviera V

    The French Riviera was a map mod from GTA IV made by the legend Nine30, It is a Big and Awesome Map. I'm trying to convert it completely to Grand Theft Auto V, I'm almost done with it but there are some parts of the terrain that are missing that i need to fix, here is a album from imgur that have some screenshots of the progress i already done http://imgur.com/a/tds5Z
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