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Found 114 results

  1. A lot of people have been wanting faster jets and I was feeling the same way. I understand all the reasons why they're so slow in the game, but GTA V's vanilla fighter jets are just boring IMO. I just started working on this script and I'm feeling pretty good about the results so far. I've made them much faster, but I'm really trying to get them to behave more like a modern day fighter jet in terms of maneuverability/aerobatics. I've been looking into thrust vectoring like you can see in this demo of the F-22 Raptor... This is my first attempt. I'm still modifying certain aspects and learning how to use it in-game, so I'll post some more videos soon showing off more... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwHpbCwfcf4 I need faster enemy fighter jets with more range to dog fight. It's hard to spot them and I'm impatient, so I end up only attacking cilvilians. How the mod is being used in the video: I've disabled the cinematic camera, because I personally don't use it much and it's a good button on the controller to use for this mod. I'm currently calling it the "thrust modifier". When used with the accelerator, it makes the top speed much higher and you accelerate faster, and it also adds more maneuverability. When you're not accelerating, it's used for "thrust vectoring" and it enables you to do some pretty crazy aerobatics at lower speeds and it helps a lot when you're trying to find and lock onto enemies. Of all the reasons people talk about when it comes to why the jets are so slow in GTA V, the only ones I personally dealt with are the map size and slower AI aircraft. The world renders fine and the frame rate is solid. It's just more fun when they're faster IMO. The smaller map would probably make dog fights more challenging anyways. The biggest issue is making sure you don't fly too far out to sea, because R* thinks it's fun to be stuck out in the middle of the ocean with broken plane parts all around you. I will update very soon...
  2. Sorry if re-posting into the right section annoys you , my bad for placing this at Textures section I would like to present you my current progress into making a TOTAL overhaul of franklin's wardrobe with Modern and famous Clothing brands. This Modification includes model replacements, i took some meshes from other characters of the GTA 5 World, this with the only goal of making textures look even better. I provide with full texture replacements for these model changes so you have a fitting texture for every "version" slot, this way you wont be getting bad mappings because the lack of these, along with the textures that didnt require model replacement (these ones only come with the versions i modified). ITS REQUIRED FOR YOU TO INSTALL THIS MOD INTO A FRESH x64v.rpf file. Then you can add the other mods you could have installed in the past. Im not responsible for textures not appearing correctly if you didnt install it with a clear x64v.rpf file. Will be updating with new versions as i follow up to create more quality Clothing for you guys. Please if you can donate to me as you enjoy this mod, i will be thankful for it. Any questions, write it down as a comment. BUGS?: None big enough to make your eyes bleed. Just let me advice you, the shoes that use model replacement do have some "overlaping" with slim fit jeans, but they fit perfectly with shorts and baggy jeans. RECOMMENDED: Use trainer to explore the clothes as it will be easier than trying to find them around the stores. Link for Screenshots and Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/vans123-s-modern-wardrobe-for-franklin
  3. czone

    Bus Missions Mod [.NET]

    Hello, I have released a beta version @ gta5-mods.com of Busses missions. The mod have 10 missions currently, you need to pick up some people from a specific location to a destination. Now I will start working on making routes to busses, randomly passenger will enter/exit the bus at every stop. However there is a little problem that I can't figure it out. For some people the mod auto-cancel, so if any modder can help me find the problem I'd be glad. The sources are included with the archive: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/bus-missions-mod-beta-net and at github: https://github.com/charbelharb/GTAV_BUS_MOD
  4. masterschwag

    Digital Camo Idea

    Hello guys/gals I made a livery for one of my personal favorite mod cars (2015 Mustang GT) and was wandering if anyone would be interested in me uploading it to gta5mods? I like camo stuff so here it is...
  5. Shakez

    4th playable character

    I have an idea Some of us can't play ONLINE anymore (because of mods) and the online character in character's wheel is unvailable. So what if you guys put your minds and make a script or something to remove the online char in the wheel and instead of him to have another playable character.Example:A npc like...Niko (just an example).And when u choose him ,he will spawn in different places of the map. It is possible to make this? It will be great and I think it will be the most downloaded mod for V too Thx u and NOT sorry for my english A nice day !
  6. Eddlm

    Fury Road V

    Straight to the point; I want to convert the world of GTA V to a MadMax setting. This thread is meant to allow discussion of the while i'm developing it. General world description: The entire island will be almost empty, with a blackout on the city. Animals will roam around, in every area. The only people you will encounter are gang members. Vehicles are scarce, and all of them have owner. Supercars are almost nonexistent, with more durable vehicles being the most used. Factions do actively try to steal eachother's best vehicles, as finding them is hard and an armored vehicle can give a faction terrible advantage over others. The same will happen with weapons, of course. You will start joining a faction and doing everything you can to help them, be it defend their territory from other factions attacks, finding vehicles for them, etc. Your main goal will be destroying every other faction. Planned Main Features: - No Peds and No Vehicles spawning naturally. I've seen Native Trainer do this ingame, so preventing the game from peds and vehicles naturally shouldn't be a problem. - Multiple factions. Each faction will control different areas of the map, and they will be hostile to your faction, of course. I would like to set up a "Faction Relationships" system too, so you can piss off a faction o become their ally. - GTA San Andreas style gang wars, you will be able to assault an enemy controlled area and conquer it for your faction. I you achieve so, members of your faction will spawn there. Enemies will be able to do the same. Important Events There would be no missions, but events. Stuff would happen, and you would decide if you want to take advantage of that situation or not. For example, each faction needs to send a Fuel Truck to refill their Fuel reserves, including yours. Each time this happens, the player will be notified. You can let your enemies get the fuel they need or try to intercept the truck. You could even get that fuel to your base! If it's your Faction the one that is sending the Fuel Truck, you should escort them to make sure everything goes as planned. Noone is safe in these roads anymore, you know. Each faction will have to actively defend their territory, and they all will try to extend it if they can, so watch out. Bases can be assaulted without any warning. Not So Important Events A lot of stuff will happen under the radar. Factions will attack other factions, people will get to find rare stuff and try to get it to their base. The world will be alive and changing every day, as each faction is able acquire new vehicles, weapons, bases... or lose them!. Nothing is premanent in this world, I assure you that. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Every idea is open to discussion, including the fact that I don't know if what I want is even possible. Maybe so much code will make the game so slow it's unplayable, right? I don't know. I want to talk about this concept, anyway. Are you people interested? What would you want to see? Do you have any ideas? Features? Missions?
  7. Madgaz182

    Back to the Future Mod

    Ok Guys for the past few months ive been working on a BTTF Mod similar to the GTA 4 version, this will include the following: Lights emmiting from the car when reaching 88mph Fire trails when travelling through time A System in place just like gta 4 so you can jump through time in an instant, only with this mod i aim to be able to add teleporting aswell so (place a marker on mark select time and boom instant travel) A Full Delorean sound back and Bttf Sound files to go with the movement and operations of the car So far this is in EARLY Beta mode take a look at my Teaser Trailer Down Below to see that this, is not just one of those Bumper car model replacements that was released a few weeks ago, this is a fully working gull winged door Delorean A quick showcase of the Delorean Vehicle Model **EDIT**This mod is now officially in BETA MODE 0.1 download links can be found here New showcase video https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/back-to-the-future-delorean-time-machine
  8. amitpaul911

    New Ideas for NEW SCRIPT Mods

    Hey there guys! I have some good and nice new ideas for script mods. Can I find a few ears to listen to my ideas, please? 1. A Celebrity/President mod in which when activated, many paparazzis will come quite like zombies but instead of eating you up, they will take photos of the player.. Other passerby peds around 50% of them will stop and take photos of you in their cell ( I hope I don't need to tell the animation list). Some random passerbys will cheer and clap maybe. Whereever you go, 2 bodyguards in black suit will follow you. and maybe 1-2 vehicles as well but just to protect you. You can be the President too. you'll have army to protect you. 2. Meteor Shower mod - A Modder has already started working for this mod in which large meteors and rocks will fall from sky on the press of a button or randomly with fire and smoke maybe. An ini file to change different settings. people will run scared for their lives.. chaos everywhere. explosion on impact. 3. Car/Ped modder - A trainer which can attach various objects and maybe weapons or anything to the bone of peds and allow collisions. same thing with vehicles. Objects can be attached with vehicles and all these can be saved in a simple file maybe an xml or something which can be again opened by other players when downloaded. (sounds good?) Will tell more ideas, when I think of some. Goodluck.
  9. bdking00

    Stumble [Knock Out]

    About: You know when someone is in a fight, and they get smacked hard to the head and they don't quite get knocked out, but stumble around a bit? Well, this mod reenacts that! Download: *Coming Soon* Video:
  10. Hello everyone! You've probably seen the Just Cause 2 grappling hook mod, and if you haven't, you should probably check it out. I had a lot of fun playing with it, but I thought it would great to have some other elements of JC2, such as ejecting out of a vehicle and watching explode fantastically. While I have experience programming, this is my first script, so it can be a little buggy. Let me know what you think, and if encounter any bugs, or if things need to be tweaked. Features: · Ejecting out of a vehicle using a parachute (default X key) · Rolling out the side door of a vehicle by tapping the exit vehicle key (holding just uses the default exit) · Vehicle explodes on impact after ejecting out · Vehicle can also be exploded with or simply when stopped (configurable) · Parachute thrusters (hold the sprint key) · Infinite parachutes (configurable) · Jumping onto the roof of your car (default C key) · Jumping onto the roof of another car or motorbike (also C) · Settings are all configurable Controls: - Eject: X (keyboard), or RB + A - Jump onto roof of own vehicle: C, or RB + B - Jump to roof of other vehicle: Jump key (Space or X on gamepad) - Hold sprint (shift or A on gamepad) to jump to roof while on motorbike - Parachute thrusters: sprint key (shift or A on gamepad) - Roll out of vehicle: tap exit vehicle key (F or Y on gamepad) Requires: · Scripthook V · Scripthook V .NET · JulioNIB's Just Cause 2 Mod (needed to steal cars after jumping on their roof) Installation: · Simply put JustCauseEject.dll and JustCauseEject.ini in the scripts folder Screenshots: Using just screenshots doesn't really show the full potential of the mod, but it's a little boring without them, so here: Changelog: 1.1: - Controller support DOWNLOAD 1.1
  11. MakeAmericaGreatAgain

    North Yankton Airport

    ARRIVE IN STYLE AT NORTH YANKTON AIRPORT! This map mods adds an airport into North Yankton, making travel between Los Santos and the snowy location easier! TERMINALS The airport features 2 terminals with security, a resting area and ticket booking machines. RUNWAY North Yankton Airport features 2 runways that are safe and reliable. SAFETY, SECURITY AND EXTRA FEATURES North Yankton Airport features those little extra features that will make your life a little bit easier. DOWNLOAD https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/north-yankton-airport CHANGELOG 0.1 (ALPHA): Added terminal 1 Added runway Added taxis outside airport Added peds and props in terminal 1 0.2: Runway is now just ground Runway is longer Added more planes to tarmac Added terminal 2 Added 2nd runway Added helicopter pad Added more pedestrians Added parking area opposite airport Added emergency services area Added air traffic control Added luggage trolley park outside Terminal 1 0.3: Coming soon I hope you enjoy this mod!
  12. TheCoryGuy

    GTAEnhanzer Mod (BETA)

    After hours upon hours of tweaking and adjusting, I present my progress on my realistic graphics enhancer for GTA. Since Martin Bergman, aka the guy who made widely popular "Toddyhancer", pretty much abandoned the project stating "I really haven't done anything with it lately" over a month ago, I decided to give it a shot. With high resolution models taken from The Pinnacle of V, and inspiration from @Quentin Tarantino, I have put this together. Changes include: - Timecycle mods to add blur and depth of field (I couldn't get RESHADE DOF to work) - Cinematic feel with letterbox and vignette - Added sharpness and realism - Increased reflections - Color overlays (the bulk of the project) FULL GALLERY HERE http://imgur.com/gallery/x9hBu Keep track of this mod if you wish! I'll have to have someone help me put it together properly! Let me know what you think! ALL screens are from in-game!
  13. What is H.A.R.M.L.E.S.S. ? It is a weapon mod for GTA V, that has many styles. Styles descriptions: THE REAL_GABE STYLE Now it’s not part of H.A.R.M.L.E.S.S because it’s a more complex standalone mod! New name: Real | RAGE More infos and download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-rage DEFAULT DAMAGE AND IMPACT FORCE BUT WITHOUT VEHICLE DAMAGE You cant explode the vehicles, cant puncture the tires (just for a second), no petrol leaking. Windows are breaking, bullet holes, bullet impact effects are appearing and you can kill the peds in the vehicle. Guns can shoot through vehicles. Minigun has increased firerate, tracer bullets, bullet spread and range. Weapons affected: All handguns those shooting bullets and snowball NO DAMAGE, DEFAULT IMPACT FORCE You cant hurt and kill the peds. They ragdolling, but not bleeding and not dying. You cant explode the vehicles, cant puncture the tires (just for a second), no petrol leaking. Windows are breaking, bullet holes, bullet impact effects are appearing. Stun gun has increased range and shock duration and decreased reload time. Weapons affected: All handguns those shooting bullets, snowball, stun gun, melee and fist fight (not complete, stealth attacks and finishing moves are still deadly) HIGH IMPACT FORCE WITH INSTANT KILL Increased bullet impact force with instant kill, moderate vehicle damage. Every gun has unique force. The increased impact force is higher then default, but not super unrealistic, peds not gonna fly to the Moon with 1 pistol shot. Guns can shoot through vehicles and more objects/materials than before. Weapons affected: All handguns those shooting bullets and snowball STUN GUN FUN You cant hurt and kill the peds with stun gun. They ragdolling, but not bleeding and not dying. Increased range and shock duration and decreased reload time + added some more force. No vehicle damage. Weapons affected: only stun gun OVERCHARGED STUN GUNS Railgun now works like stun gun, its shocking peds to death. It has longer range, faster recharge, longer shock duration, and small radius areal damage so you can shock more than one peds at the same time; added force, one shot to a vehicles engine cause fire, and direct hit to the ped cause catch him/her on fire. Railgun can cause spectacular explosion in water. Stun gun is deadly, has long shock duration, immediate recharge, longer range, added force. One shot to a vehicles engine cause fire. Shooting tracer. Weapons affected: railgun and stun gun Backup files, more informations and instructions in the archive! If you found a bug, or you have suggestions, write me a comment! Magyar nyelvű leírás az olvassel.pdf-ben! DOWNLOAD __________________________________________________________________________________ If you make a video with/about this mod, please link the mod's page at least in the video's description! Do not claim you made this mod! © 2015 Gábor Sikó (Real_Gabe) __________________________________________________________________________________ Release notes v1.3.3 (09/26/15) - updated the backupfiles, now they are from game version 1.0.463.1 - removed „The Real_Gabe Style” because it’s a more complex standalone mod now called Real | RAGE you can download it from here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-rage - no other changes were made! v1.3.2 (09/14/15) - updated „The Real_Gabe” style to v0.1.9 v1.3.1 (09/13/15) - updated „The Real_Gabe” style to v0.1.5 v1.3.0 (06/09/15) - added „The Real_Gabe” style v0.1.0 - added hungarian description v1.2.3 (23/08/15) - updated no damage, default impact force style: Completed the melee and fist fight. You cannot kill peds with melee weapons, with your bare hands, with knock down with guns in your hands. Stealth kills not lethal anymore. (updated file: weapons.meta, damages.meta) - updated default damage and impact force but without vehicle damage style: Added jet tracer bullets and more range to the minigun (updated file: weapons.meta) - updated overcharged stun guns style: Made railgun muzzle flash (electric discharge) more spectacular, added more projectile speed. Added railguns muzzle flash (electric discharge) and jet tracer bullet to the stun gun for more spectacular shooting, added more projectile speed. (updated file: weapons.meta, weaponrailgun.meta) v1.2.0 (21/08/15) - added overcharged stun guns style: v1.1.5 (11/08/15) - updated stun gun fun style: added tracer for more spectacular shooting; - updated default damage and impact force but without vehicle damage style: now you can shoot through vehicles, so you can kill peds not only through windows (added materials.dat); added more tracer for the minigun, increased the firerate, the range and the bullet spread; - updated high impact force with instant kill style: now you can shoot through vehicles and more objects/materials (added materials.dat); v1.1.0 (07/08/15) - added high impact force with instant kill style - added stun gun fun style - updated no damage, default impact force style: now melee and unarmed weapons are affected too; stun gun: decreased reload time, increased range and shock duration time, v1.0.0 (04/08/15) - first release
  14. MrEverest

    [W.I.P.] DeLorean DMC-12

    Hello all! I decided to share something to work now. If possible, I will write here about the progress. Screens on spoiler
  15. Saunders420

    Tshirts Pack for Franklin

    so my first of plenty hopefully if time permits....should I create a log for when these were uploaded? Download https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/3-tshirts-for-franklin-hieroglyphics-dr-gonzo-and-skull-skates
  16. CamxxCore

    [.NET] iFruitContacts

    iFruitContacts 1.0 .NET library for performing actions through the in-game mobile phone contacts UI iFruitContacts makes it easy to add and assign actions to contacts in the in- game mobile phone. You can add multiple contacts, and assign personalized actions to each one. Don't get cluttered with hard to remember key-binds when you can just use the in- game interface to interact with your script! You can download the latest release here The source code is hosted here on github and anyone is welcome to contribute!
  17. fabian_gunman

    Story Mode Heists [.NET]

    Because Rockstar isn't planning on adding new heists to GTA 5 Online anytime soon, I took matters into my own hands and created the Story Mode Heists DLC mod. Description: This mod brings brand new GTA 5 Online-like heists to singleplayer. Every heists will, - just like in online -, have multiple setup missions and 1 finale mission where you and your crew will be paid. You will play as Michael, who will work together with Franklin, Trevor and Lester to complete each heist and earn some big bucks. Lester will be spawned in his house at El Burro Heights, marked with a green 'H' on the map. In his house you will plan each heist, before eventually doing the missions. First time launching: When you launch your game for the first time after installing the mod, Lester will contact you (Michael), telling you that he has some jobs available which you might be interested in. After receiving the text message, his home (green 'H') will spawn on the map at El Burro Heights. Now after spawning the green 'H', you can go and start playing. Drive to the 'H' and prepare for the 'cutscene'. Current included heists: Daddy's Little Girl (5 setups, 1 finale): The daughter of a multi-milionair has been kidnapped by some local gang, demanding millions of dollars in return for her release. Important notes: My native language is not English, so there might be some errors in the conversations, mission objectives or even in text messages. Because it's impossible for me to get the real voices of the voice actors, I decided to not add any conversation sounds in the mod at all. All conversations between characters will just be 'subtitles' and will be marked with their name in front of the sentence so you know who says what. To handle respawn better, I've created some 'nasty' code which will terminate certain game tasks, for example: You won't respawn at the hospital and you won't actually die if you get 'killed'. Cause creating the real Wasted, Mission Failed and Mission Passed screen is 'impossible', I've recreated them myself with text, shapes and screen effects just to make it feel real again. Sometimes the custom 'wasted' screen might bug, if it spawns you at the hospital, please report this to me and restart the mission. Controls: Press F5 to enable or disable the mod, you can change this key in the .ini file. Press SHIFT + NumPad0 to cancel a mission, this can not yet be changed in the .ini file. Requirements: ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade ScriptHookV .NET by Crosire (Version 1.0) You need to have unlocked Michael's character (after mission 4) Installation: Install ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV .NET Extract the downloaded archive. Copy all extracted files into the \scripts\ folder. Known bugs: The route to a marker on the map might sometimes disappear. This is a common bug, not related to my mod. The marker will still be visible even after the route is gone. The custom Wasted screen might sometimes respawn you at the hospital. Your 'bodyguards' will keep shooting after you lost your wanted level. This however does not affect your own wanted level. Other: Please do not use any of my code without my permission. If you like my mod, please give it a like . If you decide to make a video about this mod on YouTube, please add a link to this page in the video description. The changelog can be found here. If you find a bug, please report it here. Please note that this mod is still in ALPHA stage! Download the mod at the mod page.
  18. T3mas1


    I started work on my new project called FAVORIT. It is not already done (!)
  19. Real_Gabe

    COPS TV Show apparels GTA V

    I made some textures based on the COPS TV Show's real apparels. If you found a bug, or you have suggestions, write a comment! Franklin: - black baseball cap with COPS logo on the front - black baseball cap with COPS logo on the front and CREW text at the back - white baseball cap with COPS logo on the front - white baseball cap with COPS logo on the front and CREW text at the back - black t-shirt with COPS logo on the front - black t-shirt with COPS logo on the front and CREW text at the back - white t-shirt with COPS logo on the front - white t-shirt with COPS logo on the front and CREW text at the back Trevor: - black dirty t-shirt with COPS logo on the front - white dirty t-shirt with COPS logo on the front Michael: none DOWNLOAD ___________________________________________________________________________ - If you make a video with/about this mod, please link this page at least in the video's description; - Do not claim you made this mod; © 2015 Gábor Sikó (Real_Gabe) ___________________________________________________________________________ Release notes v1.1 (28/05/15) - fixed missing "LANGLEY PRODUCTION" text on the t-shirts and baseball caps for Franklin - adjusted the size and the position of the COPS logo on the baseball caps for Franklin - Added an alternate crew version of the t-shirts and baseball caps for Franklin - Added dirty white and black t-shirts with COPS logo on the front for Trevor - updated readme file v1.0 (27/05/15) - first release
  20. Pandassaurus

    Portal Gun [.NET] v2.0

    To Mod Page with Download This mod is a work in progress! I will continue adding and fixing features as time goes on. Please leave all the feedback you can, and feel free to ask me any questions! This mod brings in the famous Portal Guns from the Portal series to GTAV! Use the heavy pistol to shoot the orange portal, and hold T while shooting to shoot the blue portal. Depending on the sound you hear, you will know if the portal has been created or not. Also, you can see if your shot is going to hit if the crosshair is white, or miss if the crosshair is grey. You can easily go in between the portals by just walking into them, driving into them, or even pressing "K" and "L" to go directly to the blue and orange portals, respectively. You can grab entities with E to move them around, and also shoot the moon between 21:00 and 5:59. Have fun! Requirements Script Hook V Script Hook V .NET OpenIV Installation Create a scripts folder in your GTAV game location if you have not done so already, and place PortalGun.cs, PortalGunSetings.txt, and the PortalResources folder in it. Using OpenIV, navigate to "update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/weapons.rpf" and place the modded files in there. Make sure you have downloaded the above, and place ScriptHookV.dll, dinput8.dll, OpenIV.asi, and ScriptHookVDotNet.asi in the main directory. How to use Customize the settings file to your liking. Shoot using a heavy pistol for an orange portal. Hold while shooting or press T for a blue portal. For added fun, shoot the moon between 21:00 and 5:59. Walk through it, or make someone else walk through it. Grab entities with E to move them around. Now you're thinking with portals! Controls "T" - Hold while shooting heavy pistol/press for blue portal. "E" - Grab entities while aiming at them. "O" - Toggle the long fall boots. "I" - Toggle being sucked in by moon. "K" - Teleport directly to the blue portal. "L" - Teleport directly to the orange portal. "B" - Spawn an random ped two feet in front of you. Thanks BIG thanks to Proudnoob4 for the awesome portal gun model and the moral support SYNTHES1SE for moral support Enumerator for raycast code bdking00 for sound code Pablo Puchol and Carlos Puchol. Donators rappo Changelog v2.0: You can now shoot the moon between 21:00 and 5:59. You can grab entities. Crosshairs have been added. You can now shoot while falling (when ragdoll). Infinite portal gun ammo. Bug Fixes. Portals will never pop. v1.0.1: Added listing in config file for press to shoot blue portal or hold while shooting for blue portalv1.0: Bug Fixes Better controls for blue/orange portal Drastically increased range Portal Gun Model Sound effects Hitting a car/ped directly will teleport it to other portal Portals will pop less often v0.1.1: Config file for rebidable keys.v0.1: This was a triumph I'm making a note here, huge success
  21. GTA V Decompiled Scripts Finder is a program that let you find natives in the GTA V Decompiled Scripts and preview the function easy installation Extract the downloaded archive. and enjoy change log - v1.0 initial release link https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gta-v-decompiled-scripts-finder
  22. Sonsalt

    GTAV withSIX project (Public beta)

    For the past weeks we have been working on a web based content platform for GTA5 mods. The goal, to create an easy way to find, download and play community content. Here it is, the first public beta release of GTAV withSIX To give a taste of how the system works, we have already prepared a couple of mods for download. https://youtu.be/FM-cFXPPLwc The key features in a nutshell: Download and Launch mods directly from the website A small but powerful download client that keeps all data in Sync Fully automatic installation of RPF based mods!!! Combine mods into Playlists and launch them together Save and access playlists via a web based library Dependency Support (Automatic download of required mods) Requirements: In order to use GTAV withSIX, ScripthookV and OpenIV are required. As these plugins are currently available exclusively on the authors homepage, you need to manually download and install them. Download links: Script Hook V OpenIV Your mod on withSIX? We will provide an automated mod processing system within the next days. This will include full support for RPF based mods too, of course. You can Upload your mods your self directly on our strea or filter page under "ADD MOD" If you like to report someone elses mod, for us to process, click here:* Want to give us feedback or report issues? This project is currently in an early stage of development, all aspects are subject to change and improvement. Any issues you encounter with our client or the website, please report them here: For Feedback and suggestions, please use this board: Are you a skilled C#, C++ or JavaScript developer or Html designer and you want to help with the project? Any support is most welcome, contact us. J What's next? Here is a little preview on features and improvements, currently in development: Version control and branch support (alpha, beta...) Share your playlists and collections Conflict resolver (Checks and resolves conflicts between mods) Community project support (work with your friends on the same project) Full Knowledge base on GTA files and content functions DLC based mod support (create your mod as a DLC) WithSIX technology is open for everyone If you have your own launcher or you are interested to customize ours, feel free to use our API or check our code, as this project is open source. Code and documentation will be available upon final release. We hope you enjoy this preview stay tuned for more *In order to upload mods that are not your own, we will check license restrictions for every case and ensure that proper credits and links to the original source are in place. pwsc-{Zy82bWhERjNmUEpBTUQ2blErQ3BUZjdvMFNPT2laNGg0N0UrM3dqT2NDeUc1bDNzRFhsTnJvalJSTWlxczRpeTJXZExUMnVsNWY1THlMQnowMEdTSUZINmRzQldSajk3eDFIaEJ5dmt6NUFQY2pVbnNYV0J6QndHK3o0bVl1WVI=}
  23. If you want to bypass both logos and legal messages in GTA V use this ASI plugin: https://github.com/grasmanek94/SkipIntro Video of it working: Direct Download
  24. Hello Everyone ::Index:: Current Version: 1.3 . 1a) WTF is "Manual Transmission (Continued)" a.k.a. Why, where, what? 1b) Manual Transmission (Continued) Main Features / Details 1c) Future Features / To Do List 2a) Requirements 2b) Installation 2c) Files Included 3a) Changelog 4a) Credits / Copyright ::::: Content ::::: . 1a) WTF is "Manual Transmission (Continued)" So... I was drifting in GTA V and though "If I could just lock on 2-3rd gear it would make it a lot easier and a lot more realistic." Then I've searched for a Manual Transmission mod and found this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/manual-transmission Sadly, the Mod was discontinued (as said in the description), last update on 5th May 2015, and it was Gear Based instead of Sequential (I'm playing on a Keyboard/Mouse or GamePad. No 5-6 Gears Wheel Controller) . Therefore I wanted to make a mod to suit my needs (First Mod I ever made, ever, even though I know my programming shiz). Since I've already enjoyed (and I'm currently enjoying) great mods from the community, I thought it would be only fair enough for me to share it as well. ##### 1b) Manual Transmission (Continued) Main Features / Details . - Sequential Drive OR Manual Drive (Both With and Without Clutch) 4 Versions to choose from: Manual No Clutch, Manual With Clutch, Sequential No Clutch, Sequential With Clutch - 6 Gears (Currently on all cars, mind you, if you're in a truck, maximum gear will be 6, if you are in a car with a Top Speed Mod, it will be 6 as well) - Gears Adjusted for Vanilla Game (Even though I play with a TopSpeed Mod, I don't want my car to get to 200 in the 3rd Gear) - 1-5 Gear Locked, 6th Gear -> Full Speed What these means is, either you are playing Vanilla or with a Top Speed Mod, your care will lock the maximum speed between the 1st and the 5th gear. 6th Gear will let you drive to the maximum speed of the car, so if you have a Top Speed Mod, your care will reach 400km/h + as well. - Current Gear Engaged Indicator - Activated Automatic Mode Press the Hotkey (Default: Z) and go Automatic Mode (a.k.a. disable Mod). Press again to activate ##### 1c) Future Features / To Do List - Add different number of Gears for Trucks, Cars and Bikes Ex.: Trucks with 12 Gears, Sports Cars with 6, Super with 7, etc, etc. - Important timing for shifting Ex.: If you shift up to early it will slow the car acceleration - Dynamic Gear Range for every vehicle Ex.: If a car would reach 70km on First Gear (Red Line) then it will be the Max Speed for the first gear, etc. Once this is done, animations / sound will match when you Shift Up or Down - Ability to hold Clutch to Rev the engine Mainly for Drifts, Slides, etc.Plus More realistic - Gamepad / Xbox Controller Support - Reverse Gear - Your Suggestion? - Bugs Known -- Changing cars will keep the gear of the previous car in the new car -- Animations / Sound not matching the gear change (Read Above) ##### 2a) Requirements Script Hook V http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ LUA Plugin for GTA V http://gtaforums.com/topic/789139-vrelhook-lua-plugin-for-script-hook-v/ ##### 2b) Installation Just copy your desired Setup to your GTA V/scripts/addins (Use "READ ME" for info on each version) ##### 2c) Files Included - ManualTransmission.lua - READ ME.txt ##### 3a) Changelog 1.3) - Realistic Slow Down when Shifting Down if the gear engaged doesn't support the current velocity - Engine will stall if you are stopped and try to go with another gear other then 1st (Small Detail, car will tilt a bit forward just like reality) - Bug Fixes . 1.2) - Added Two New Versions (Manual With Clutch, Manual Without Clutch) - Current Gear Indicator on Top Left of the Screen - Hotkey to Activate the Mod or go full Automatic (like Vanilla) - Control support (Currently only Sequential, NO Clutch - Read Features) 1.1) - Added a Clutch version. On these one, you have to press Clutch (Default X) while pressing the Shift change - Downshifting should now decrease the Maximum speed of the vehicle to correspond to the current gear maximum 1.0) Release - Edited the Mod (as it was discontinued and source code is available) from https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/manual-transmission to: - Sequential Gear Instead of 5 Keys, one for each gear - Removed "Reverse" gear - 6 Gear Instead of 4 - Changed default Keys from original Mod - Rewrote the code for better performance ##### 4a) Credits / Copyright . Credits - Original Code from https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/manual-transmission by https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/nazhul . Copyright You may use and edit the mod at your free will. If you, however, want to edit and re-release it, include it on one of your Mods / ModPack or in any other way re-upload it I just ask to give me a shout out and link it back to me / this mod. Thank You for reading and using this mod, Your suggestions, feedback and bug report is greatly appreciated. I will considerate any suggestions to the mod and I will do my best to keep it updated and meet your needs. Sincerely, Nihu Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/manual-transmission-continued
  25. SrgtAlexandra

    Real Life Mule Textures

    With The Real Life Mule Textures mod you do not have to worry about those idiotic unrealistic textures! Download the Real Life Mule Textures Mod by Srgt Alexandra Today for the real life truck driving experience! How to Install: [1] Load up OpenIV [2] Locate x64e.rpf >> levels >> gta5 >> vehicles.rpf [3] Click "Edit Mode" [4] Drag and drop the files from this archive into vehicles.rpf [5] You're done, Enjoy my mod! Credits: Templates By: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/texture-editing-template-pack(By: Mercurial) Main Mod By: Srgt Alexandra Download: v0.2 http://adf.ly/1MUBNS
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