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Found 82 results

  1. Eddlm

    Fury Road V

    Straight to the point; I want to convert the world of GTA V to a MadMax setting. This thread is meant to allow discussion of the while i'm developing it. General world description: The entire island will be almost empty, with a blackout on the city. Animals will roam around, in every area. The only people you will encounter are gang members. Vehicles are scarce, and all of them have owner. Supercars are almost nonexistent, with more durable vehicles being the most used. Factions do actively try to steal eachother's best vehicles, as finding them is hard and an armored vehicle can give a faction terrible advantage over others. The same will happen with weapons, of course. You will start joining a faction and doing everything you can to help them, be it defend their territory from other factions attacks, finding vehicles for them, etc. Your main goal will be destroying every other faction. Planned Main Features: - No Peds and No Vehicles spawning naturally. I've seen Native Trainer do this ingame, so preventing the game from peds and vehicles naturally shouldn't be a problem. - Multiple factions. Each faction will control different areas of the map, and they will be hostile to your faction, of course. I would like to set up a "Faction Relationships" system too, so you can piss off a faction o become their ally. - GTA San Andreas style gang wars, you will be able to assault an enemy controlled area and conquer it for your faction. I you achieve so, members of your faction will spawn there. Enemies will be able to do the same. Important Events There would be no missions, but events. Stuff would happen, and you would decide if you want to take advantage of that situation or not. For example, each faction needs to send a Fuel Truck to refill their Fuel reserves, including yours. Each time this happens, the player will be notified. You can let your enemies get the fuel they need or try to intercept the truck. You could even get that fuel to your base! If it's your Faction the one that is sending the Fuel Truck, you should escort them to make sure everything goes as planned. Noone is safe in these roads anymore, you know. Each faction will have to actively defend their territory, and they all will try to extend it if they can, so watch out. Bases can be assaulted without any warning. Not So Important Events A lot of stuff will happen under the radar. Factions will attack other factions, people will get to find rare stuff and try to get it to their base. The world will be alive and changing every day, as each faction is able acquire new vehicles, weapons, bases... or lose them!. Nothing is premanent in this world, I assure you that. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Every idea is open to discussion, including the fact that I don't know if what I want is even possible. Maybe so much code will make the game so slow it's unplayable, right? I don't know. I want to talk about this concept, anyway. Are you people interested? What would you want to see? Do you have any ideas? Features? Missions?
  2. Mafia Rage (Mafia 1 port to GTA IV and V) Mafia I to GTA IV and V (Or Lost Heaven in GTA IV and V) is an total conversion mod that ports the content from Mafia I to Grand Theft Auto IV (and V). It will contain the entire map (Lost Heaven, Countryside and the racetrack), vehicle, props*, interiors, objects*, peds and weapons. Also will feature (maybe as add-on) the game stlyle from Mafia 1 like the car handling* and GUI (HUD, Menu and Map style). In addition the mod will split in 2 playable options (will be featured into seperated option). The mod idea orginally came from the last LH to IV conversion by Alber2gt which was discontinued early by its slow progress. Many have wished and requested for an comback so I decided to take Lost Heaven as my first fully map mod conversion. *not planned mainly (note: The V port doesnt have a static plan, which means that we arent sure if the entire content is going to be ported on GTA V) More informations are coming soon. The mod is still in early development and searching for converters and scripters! Topic on Mafiascene Forum Join our Discord server for announcements, direct news and more details about the mod! Lead jaqub Headshots_Ops Map converting jaqub Headshots_Ops Car converting - Ped converting - Helper/Supporters (*testers) spartaque12 ZaKlaus Cukier Firefox3860 thg We appriciate it to help this conversion by joining our team, if you can convert cars and peds or write codes or scripts like on importing for 3ds max and .sco scripts on IV. Mods and Utilities used to make this mod Signature Banner
  3. EncryptedReality

    [WIP] GTA V: San Andreas

    Hi all, San Andreas has finally been seen in GTA V and i wanted to share it with you! This topic has been made to be a main topic for future conversion of San Andreas when the tools finally come out. Currently i have a video, screenshots and a download link for you so here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_6OFrTYUMo DOWNLOAD Fixes: Countryside collision fix
  4. Polkien

    [GTA V] HD Real Brand Shoes

    Hello everyone. Thanks for viewing my topic. I'd like to present you my work in GTA V MODDING. The main goal is to create the most realistic shoes and keep it game friendly. ===================================================================================================== NIKE AIR JORDAN I for Franklin Features: -16 variations, -custom hq model optimized for GTA V 6 040 vertex, -4096x2048 textures, -good skinning, -normals and spec maps, -works with cutscenes etc. Link: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/player/nike-air-jordan-i-franklin-custom-model Screenshots: NIKE AIR FORCE I HIGH for Franklin Features: -12 variations, -custom hq model optimized for GTA V 4 634 vertex, -4096x2048 textures, -good skinning, -normals and spec maps, -works with cutscenes etc. Link: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/player/nike-air-force-i-high-for-franklin-custom-model Screenshots: Enjoy!
  5. almico

    WIP HD Claude Speed for GTA V

    The mute. Hair planes are temp. He will be sporting a bomber jacket, not leather. Update coming soon
  6. This is a WIP mod translating all voice actings of GTA V to German. We're actively looking for native Germans with good microphones. Let us know if you're interested. The above video shows the current progress.
  7. If you want to bypass both logos and legal messages in GTA V use this ASI plugin: https://github.com/grasmanek94/SkipIntro Video of it working: Direct Download
  8. logicspawn

    [.NET] GTA:RPG

    GTA RPG First post here to announce an RPG mod I've been working on for GTAV. I hope this project can become something big and plan to add many features to over the lifespan of GTA V. Enjoy. About A .NET GTA V mod which adds typical RPG features such as leveling, questing, non-linear dialogue, skills, looting and more. Currently a Work In Progress with many features planned such as dynamic cutscenes, skill trees for weapons & cars and custom models/animations. Dialog at the moment is a 'first' try and will be improved later on. Full source code is available on github. More information available at logicspawn.co.uk Features Installation Controls Changelog More Pictures Alpha / Beta / Work In Progress. Bugs will be squashed. Available Now!
  9. Guad

    Mission Creator

    Mission Creator Download About Do you love Designing Your Own Missions? Well now you can (again)! Create your mission from a variety of objectives and options, and share it with the world! The mod is in development, and I'll be adding more features. Known Issues - Waypoints system not implemented yet. - Cutscenes not implemented yet. - Some things dont work while using the on foot camera. Requirements & Installation 1. Download RAGE Plugin Hook and install it. 3. Drag everything from the zip into your GTA5 directory. 4. Start the game using RAGEPluginHook.exe 5. Once ingame, press F8! Troubleshooting If you're having issues with the mod, follow the next steps: 1. Run the game as admin 2. Download the latest RAGEPluginHook. If that didn't work, post a link to your RagePluginHook.log file and I'll try to help you. Media
  10. Hello everyone! You've probably seen the Just Cause 2 grappling hook mod, and if you haven't, you should probably check it out. I had a lot of fun playing with it, but I thought it would great to have some other elements of JC2, such as ejecting out of a vehicle and watching explode fantastically. While I have experience programming, this is my first script, so it can be a little buggy. Let me know what you think, and if encounter any bugs, or if things need to be tweaked. Features: · Ejecting out of a vehicle using a parachute (default X key) · Rolling out the side door of a vehicle by tapping the exit vehicle key (holding just uses the default exit) · Vehicle explodes on impact after ejecting out · Vehicle can also be exploded with or simply when stopped (configurable) · Parachute thrusters (hold the sprint key) · Infinite parachutes (configurable) · Jumping onto the roof of your car (default C key) · Jumping onto the roof of another car or motorbike (also C) · Settings are all configurable Controls: - Eject: X (keyboard), or RB + A - Jump onto roof of own vehicle: C, or RB + B - Jump to roof of other vehicle: Jump key (Space or X on gamepad) - Hold sprint (shift or A on gamepad) to jump to roof while on motorbike - Parachute thrusters: sprint key (shift or A on gamepad) - Roll out of vehicle: tap exit vehicle key (F or Y on gamepad) Requires: · Scripthook V · Scripthook V .NET · JulioNIB's Just Cause 2 Mod (needed to steal cars after jumping on their roof) Installation: · Simply put JustCauseEject.dll and JustCauseEject.ini in the scripts folder Screenshots: Using just screenshots doesn't really show the full potential of the mod, but it's a little boring without them, so here: Changelog: 1.1: - Controller support DOWNLOAD 1.1
  11. Pandassaurus

    Ejection Seat [.NET] v0.1

    This mod is a work in progress! I will continue adding and fixing features as time goes on. Please leave all the feedback you can, and feel free to ask me any questions! This mod allows you to press "Enter" in topless vehicles such as motorcycles, quadbikes, topless cars, convertibles, and even some planes to eject from them. You will be launched very high into the air, where you can press "E" to blow up your car beneath you. With this mod, you can get out of any sticky situation in style! TODO Controller Support Customizable Keys Toggable Options (such as realism, countdown, fire trail) Sound Effects Requirements Script Hook V Script Hook V .NET Installation 1. Create a scripts folder in your GTAV game location if you have not done so already, and placeEjectionSeat.cs in it. 2. Make sure you downloaded the above, and placeScriptHookV.dll, dinput8.dll, andScriptHookVDotNet.asi in the main directory. How to use 1. Get into one of these vehicles: Convertible (You will have to be still while the roof opens, if it hasn't already) Topless Car, like a topless Coil Motorbike Quadbike Bicycle Planes with an open top, like the Stunt Plane Planes with a windshield over the cockpit, like a Lazer 2. Press "Enter" 3. While flying up, press "E" to blow up the vehicle you ejected out of. 4. Enjoy! Thanks libertylocked for some code, check code for more info. Ameybanaye for some help with code Changelog v0.1: It begins... Download and more Screenshots https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/ejection-seat-net
  12. EnforcerZhukov

    [.NET] SelectiveFire

    With SelectiveFire, you can shoot GTA V automatic weapons (like assault rifles and SMGs) on three shooting modes: full-auto, semi-auto and burst mode. How does it work each fire mode? -When the gun is on Semi-Auto fire mode, you can't shoot more than one bullet per trigger push. This means you have to release and press again the shoot button on your mouse to shoot the next bullet. If you keep pressed the shoot button, the gun won't shoot more than one time. -When you're using Burst fire mode, each time you press the shoot button, the gun will shoot three bullets, and then nothing else, until you release the button. If you press and release quickly the button, before the gun shot the three shots, it will automatically shoot the remaining shots. If you keep pressed the fire button, the gun won't shoot more than three times, so you have to release and press again the fire button to shoot another 3-shots burst. -Obviously, you can still use the Full-Auto fire mode, default gun shooting mode, where the gun will keep shooting as long as your finger is keeping pressed the fire button. Stealth Module I included a "Stealth Module"; when you aim your gun, SelectiveFire can automatically activate Stealth mode, so you always will aim with that "tactical aiming" i like - you also can configure SF to auto-disable stealth mode when you stop aiming. I wanted to include an alternative key to turn on/off stealth mode, so if you're using Crouch mode instead of stealth mode, being able to use both modes... but didn't realise it's not possible so on the next mod version i'll remove that hotkey. ReallisticMags Module Another extra feature on SelectiveFire is the ReallisticMags. Here, i wanted to make reloads more reallistic. Why when you manually reload a mag-fed weapon (like most of the pistols and all the assault rifles and SMGs) which still's got ammo on the magazine, your character just throws the mag with bullets inside to the floor, and on the total weapon ammo count those bullets are still in your inventory? What the "WasteAmmo" module does is waste that ammo, so for example: you have the AK assault rifle (30 bullets per mag with the default mag), on the game you can see 270/30, and you fire the gun... now the ammo is 270/15, you reload. By default, the game will show when you end the reload 255/30, but with WasteAmmo, this will be 240/30, because the 15 bullets they still were on the mag will be lost, since they're now on the mag your character just throw on the floor! I want to add another module here, to keep the current mag ammo when you holster your weapon, climb a ladder... Installation, dependencies, configuration... -You'll need ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV .NET to run this script, as well as all the dependencies. -Put all the files provided on Grand Theft Auto V/scripts folder. -The mod is customizable on the INI file provided, but you can use this web config tool to generate a INI file graphically. -You can customize the images showing the actual fire mode, they're located on Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/SelectiveFire folder. -IMPORTANT! Once you have your game running SF, you have to change the Mouse Input Mode to "Windows" (check this) - Actually SF hasn't got Controller support! (for the SelectiveFire part, but you still can use the "auto-stealth" and "wasteammo" modules with controller). You can find SelectiveFire on GTA5-Mods.com Videos
  13. firefighters Mod V1.8R (Mode Sapeurs-Pompiers) Hi everyone ! i'm [stAfF]MaN a french modder ! I present to you my script/mod, firefighter ! In this mod you must respond to go in intervention. Inform the dispath when you are on route, on site, unavailable, be back, at the fire station and available !! You can have team mates, equipements and helmet, posed cone, and more coming soon WARNING : Graphics setting to the maximum required to fully use the mode !! (Some items do not appear if the graphics setting are not high enough) DOWNLOAD HERE vidéos : (Fr) vidéos : (En) vidéos : (Other) | I) Requirements | | Allowing the use mode, you must have ScriptHookV, ScriptHookV .NET and NativeUI. | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | II) Installation | | Place the "FirefighterMod.dll" and "configuration.ini"files in the / scripts / main directory of GTA V. | | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | III) Start / Stop mode | | 1) Press F7 during play to start the mode status: "NOT ACTIVE". | | 2) To activate the missions press numpad 1. | | 3) To deactivate, Press F7. | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | IV) fashion Related Info | | Current version: V.1.8R | | Explanation of the different keys of shares: | | F7: -Activation mode: This will have the effect of changing your character firefighter and start version mode "NON ACTIVE". | -Désactivation Mode. | Numpad 1: You will be in status "Available", the mode is active and interventions are triggered. | Numpad 2: Change the status to "On Route." | Numpad 3: Change the status "On site". | Numpad 4: Change the status to "Unavailable". | Numpad 5: Change the status "Return." | Numpad 6: Change once the status "At the fireStation" and again in "Available". | I: Hide / Show informations about the intervention. | M: put cones on the road. | O: Delete the last cone placed. | L: Remove all cones. | *: Equip Accessories and helmet; | J: Have teammates; | | When the mod is activated in status "Available" for more fun you are invincible, the cops never seek you and the gang will not hit you. | Now that you have teammates, they will defend you if you made attack! It's pretty fun;) | | | When a basis for intervention, an information appears on the display indicating you: | | the starting pattern, eg "FIRE ..."; | comments on the intervention, for example "** type of dwelling single storey **"; | localization zone name, for example "Rancho". | localization street; | Distance between you and intervention; | | | A marker on the minimap is flashing red, indicating you the location of the intervention. | Once there and the white marker intervention and more blinking, you can switch status "on the scene". | | | Updating your status is also visible directly on the screen when the mode is started. | So you always know the latest status you spent. | | Also note that you can not pass certain statuses if you do not find you near some places. | (If you are too far from the intervention the marker will be flashing red, it must be fixed white to pass the statute, as well as the return to the barrack.); | | | The current version propose to you 37 different interventions and 5 different Fire Stations : | | - Intervention in a construction site; | - Intervention for a home; | - Intervention for an accident on public roads; | - Intervention in a refinery; | - Intervention in a city (x4); | - Intervention to transport hazardous material; | - Intervention in a power plant; | - Intervention in the parking lot of a store abandoned; | - Intervention in a gas station; | - Intervention in a piece of land; | - Intervention in a warehouse storage; |- ... | | To help you in fulfilling your missions, you are equipped with a crowbar, a hatchet and a fire extinguisher. | Not to mention the launch of the truck is used in case of fire spread. | | | Once the off mode you will find the main person of game you were. (Franklin, Michael and Trevor); | However you will be in the same place during the deactivation mode. | | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | V) Rights and Permissions | | All rights reserved to the creator of fashion. -> [staff] MaN | | Permission to use the method for personal purposes as well as videos. | If the mode is used in videos it must be mentioned in the credits. | The mode name of the creator does not need to be mentioned. | | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | VI) Contact and suggestions | | You have ideas to improve the way? | You are encoder and want to participate in the development of fashion? | Have a suggestion or want to go for information? | | Contact me by email with the subject line "ModeSapeursPompiers". | | [email protected] | | | | VII) ChangeLog| V1.8R Mise a jour : 21:59 10/05/2016 | | - News interventions; | - News Fire Stations; | - Added an audio system for callouts; | - Optimization of the source code; | | | V1.6R Update : 26/04/2016 11:01 pm | | - News interventions (x5); | - Added an .ini file to configure the buttons as you want; | - New fire system; | - Optimization of the source code; | | | V1.5R Update: 14/04/2016 6:44 p.m. | | - New interface, smaller, integrates better following the resolution of the game; | - Added teammates for interventions! To have them press the J key during the game when you are in the barracks; | ----------- (If you're not in the barracks you can not make them appear) ------------- | - Added many teammates alive as status display; | - Optimization of the source code; | | Good game ! | | [staff] MaN
  14. проект Λ is modification project for GTA V based on a CitizenFX source code. It currently co-branded with a FiveReborn FiveM remake, but will improve on its own soon. A source code and the modding SDK will be available early 2017. скачать a client (installation as with the FiveM) SP loading works as with the FiveM. A formats tooling will updated in future. Forums cut off topic title, a full title is проект Λ - multijogador and mods for GTA V
  15. Cloud_Power

    [V][.NET][WIP]Death Animations

    Hello guys, I'm working on a script that will change one of the thing I think it's not very realistic in GTA 5 : death. When the player dies he will actually fall to the ground, the screens fades out and well, that's all. I've come up with that as of now, I hope you will enjoy that! Just some touches here and there and I will release it! I'm going to release this script any moment now! Stay tuned! ;D ###VIDEO### Official release video : Preview video : ###SCREENSHOOTS###
  16. A lot of people have been wanting faster jets and I was feeling the same way. I understand all the reasons why they're so slow in the game, but GTA V's vanilla fighter jets are just boring IMO. I just started working on this script and I'm feeling pretty good about the results so far. I've made them much faster, but I'm really trying to get them to behave more like a modern day fighter jet in terms of maneuverability/aerobatics. I've been looking into thrust vectoring like you can see in this demo of the F-22 Raptor... This is my first attempt. I'm still modifying certain aspects and learning how to use it in-game, so I'll post some more videos soon showing off more... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwHpbCwfcf4 I need faster enemy fighter jets with more range to dog fight. It's hard to spot them and I'm impatient, so I end up only attacking cilvilians. How the mod is being used in the video: I've disabled the cinematic camera, because I personally don't use it much and it's a good button on the controller to use for this mod. I'm currently calling it the "thrust modifier". When used with the accelerator, it makes the top speed much higher and you accelerate faster, and it also adds more maneuverability. When you're not accelerating, it's used for "thrust vectoring" and it enables you to do some pretty crazy aerobatics at lower speeds and it helps a lot when you're trying to find and lock onto enemies. Of all the reasons people talk about when it comes to why the jets are so slow in GTA V, the only ones I personally dealt with are the map size and slower AI aircraft. The world renders fine and the frame rate is solid. It's just more fun when they're faster IMO. The smaller map would probably make dog fights more challenging anyways. The biggest issue is making sure you don't fly too far out to sea, because R* thinks it's fun to be stuck out in the middle of the ocean with broken plane parts all around you. I will update very soon...
  17. Eddlm

    Drag Meets

    Download Drag Meets aims to bring to the game the famous races from & and these wonderful Meets from . Features:· Actual, working Meets, where AI drivers will race each other taking turns (100% done) · Cheering crowds, Vans with loud music and other parked cars to give the feel of a real street car meet (90% done) · Over 40 pre-designed drivers and their vehicles, more being added in later updates! (100% done) · Over 5 different locations, more being added in later updates! (90% done) · AI drivers don't always drive the same way, their reaction times and their ability to change gear at the best moment can change between races, allowing for more unpredictable outcomes (100% done) · You can bet on your favorite driver! (100% done) · You'll be able to participate yourself! (100% done) Here's a little album, to show you how the Meets look as of now. And here's the latest video. You can contribute Drivers/Vehicles: You can contribute vehicle designs! Just send me some pictures of the car and I'll add it. You'll be credited. If you want me to be precise about the vehicle design, save the car with Simple Trainer and send me the vehicle configuration you will find in the trainer.ini inside your main GTAV folder. I can provide all the designs for the script myself, but I would prefer to mix in some designs from other people. You know, for variety's sake. Here are some of my designs. Locations: Tell me cool places to organice Drag Meets and I'll add them! Suggestions: I'm open to them, too.
  18. Currently mod/script version: 4.4 Important! This was tested on the latest GTA V Steam version and it works 100% fine, please read carefully how this mod works before complaining about that doesn't work. If you find something wrong or you have any suggestions, please leave in the comment section The script creator AltSierra117 ------------------------------------------------------------------ This LUA Script enables all Ballistic / Juggernaut animations, player clothing used in the mission "The Paleto Score". It also gives armour to the player. How does the mod work? It's simple. The mod is scripted for Michael, Franklin, Trevor and Gunman, but Franklin's juggernaut clothes weren't finished so you will need to install those. If you select other character, the script will not work, this is because the script now has model checks. To install the Franklin's clothes follow the next steps : → copy x64v.rpf to your Mods folder, or if you do not have mods folder, you can edit the original RPF file but remember to make a backup! → execute OpenIV; → Add/replace 'p_head_018.ydd' and 'p_head_diff_018_a.ytd' to mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpedprops.rpf\player_one_p → Add/replace 'lowr_012_u.ydd' 'lowr_diff_012_a_uni.ytd' 'uppr_020_u.ydd' and 'uppr_diff_020_a_uni.ytd' to mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one Keyboard and Controller buttons conflict together because the game "actions" are used for these inputs, so I had to make separated scripts for Keyboard usage only, Controller usage only or both Keyboard and Controller. If you play with Keyboard only, use the script that's inside the folder "Keyboard", if you play with Controller use the one inside the folder "Controller" or if you prefer to use Keyboard and Controller use the script inside "Keyboard + Controller". While playing with Michael, Franklin, Trevor and Gunman: → press Numpad 1 or X360 RB + A + Left D-pad to enable his juggernaut; → press Numpad 3 or X360 RB + A +Right D-pad disable his juggernaut; There are three ballistic weapon animations that can be used for any character: → press Page Up to enable main ballistic weapon animation; → press Page Down to enable secondary ballistic weapon animation; → press Numpad / to enable ballistic weapon animation for non-juggernaut suits; → press Numpad * to use default weapon animation. You can also choose between two masks which the default selected is the unused main mask, the other one was used in the Beta stages: → press End to change to Beta mask; → press Numpad 1 to use the default mask. You will need → LUA Plugin ← → Download Link ← Hope you enjoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Known bugs: → While of foot, if player uses Keyboard key X with A or D it enables and disables the script. This is unavoidable because the values don't necessarily equal a controller button. Instead they equal certain "actions" like jumping or sprinting. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Version 1.0: → First release; Version 1.2 Changes: → Added animations request to work properly; Version 1.4 Changes: → Added a secondary weapon animation; Version 1.6 Changes: → Individual set of given clothing + weapons for Michael and Trevor; → Individual reset player clothing and animations; → Added armour to player when Ballistic / Juggernaut suit is enable; Version 1.7 Changes: → Fixed some small coding errors; Version 1.8 Changes: → Changed shortkeys due to other mods using the same Numpad digits; Version 2.0 Changes: → Added a Ballistic / Juggernaut mask used in the GTA V Beta version; • Link can be found here → Cleans player hit damage and blood from his model; Version 2.2 Changes: → Changed shortkeys; → Disabled infinite ammo for given weapons; → Player can choose between Ballistic / Juggernaut masks; → Scripting codes re-builded to check if Michael, Franklin or Trevor exists, if true it applies the right clothing to the player's model; Version 2.4 Changes: → Added compatibility for Franklin; → Replaced Franklin's upper, lower and hat clothing with Juggernaut; Version 2.6 Changes: → Added compatibility for X360 controller; → Gives a Assault Shotgun to player; Version 2.8 Changes: → Player cannot activate the mod while driving; Version 2.8.2 Changes: → Coding script revised. Version 3.0 Changes: → Removed given weapons to player due to GTA5-mods user request; Version 3.2 Changes: → Changed X360 keys to enable/disable Ballistic / Juggernaut mod; Version 3.4 Changes: → Player gets less weapon damage hit from from A.I. when script is enabled; Version 3.6 Changes: → Changed X360 keys to enable/disable Ballistic / Juggernaut mod; Version 3.8 Changes: → Fixed input keyboard / controller index, game's engine uses the same buttons but with different index; → Added compatibility for Heist Gunman named as Gus, Norm, Packie, Daryl, Chef, Hugh and Karl, they're model used is "hc_gunman"; Version 4.0 Changes: → Small fixes for new model compatibility; → All coding revised; Version 4.1 Changes: → Hotfix for wrong Keyboard index used in order to disable the script; Version 4.2 Changes: → Fixed wrong Keyboard index used in order to disable the script; → Individual scripts for Keyboard only, Controller only or both; Version 4.4 Changes: → Enables animation dictionary functions first as soon as the player becomes available;
  19. Beta Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V I felt something was missing... well, it wasn't really missing. Instead they were copied and rotated 90 degrees. A thread I will keep updating. I will post my vehicle mods in here as I would just make one garbage can when creating a thread for every single vehicle I may be releasing here. A single mod will be posted in a spoiler! All the info about this vehicle can also be found within the spoiler including the download links. All the car mods are made by me, if not they are posted here with permissions of it's original author. Credits will be given to those who made screenshots for the forums or helped working on the vehicle. Yes, some help from time to time would be great . Suggestions are MORE than welcome! *Read this!* These model are unlocked though not allowed to be reuploaded... as I can't stop anyone from doing it, I now ask you kindly to not reupload this content ANYWHERE else without my permission. Released or WIP: Beta Police Cruiser (2nd gen) - Done Suggestions: ~Empty~ Beta Police Cruiser (2nd gen) - Done
  20. MrEverest

    [W.I.P.] DeLorean DMC-12

    Hello all! I decided to share something to work now. If possible, I will write here about the progress. Screens on spoiler
  21. Crazy Frog from CF racer 2,with my retexture+turbosmooth. Unfortunately, when i trying to any way rig his arms, its looks like this everything else are rigged pretty well.but arms always are stomachache. because they lower then the bones (i rigged on a monkey). everybody who can help with zmodeller can join me,i can provide all my models textures works etc
  22. Just a sneak peak for what I hope to be many more buildings and billboard conversions for every part of the game, with some exceptions. Not a total conversion rather an enhancement with realism in mind. You can check my already released billboard conversion on gta5-mods.com here & here. Complete with 100% lod support, I went to great effort to reproduce as many real billboards and locations in LA I possibly could. I went as far a cruising the streets of Los Angeles with google maps street view, attempting to incorporate as many real businesses or Iconic locations as possible. Some building of course will require future re-modeling; ie Up n Atom Burger, Hollywood sign etc.. But for what buildings I could convert I did. Hollywood Wax Museum on Hollywood Blvd. In n Out Burger on Sunset Blvd Guinness world records on Hollywood Blvd. Having trouble with the emissive textures. Still working on this.. Various other areas inspired by real LA locations.. Previously released mods... This sign actualy exxists located near Sunset Blvd and Marmont, rite beside the Chateau Marmont.
  23. Sliderv2

    Phil Cassidy Ped

    This mod adds Phil Cassidy from GTA Vice City. Download https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/phil-cassidy http://www.ulozto.net/x1yU1aZv/gta-v-phil-cassidy-skin-by-sliderv2-zip?_ga=1.116331269.2056364466.1436537790(mirror) Preview Instalation Run OpenIV, then replace all "mp_m_fibsec_01" files in "Grand Theft Auto V\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_mp.rpf". Run the game and then run "Simple Trainer", go to "Model Spawning", "Spawn MP Peds" and choose "mp_m_fibsec_01". Open IV: http://openiv.com/ Simple Trainer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav Screenshots
  24. MauriceGS

    Roman Bellic Skin [Abandoned}

    ---------Information--------- Roman's Head were created/importet with Uraniom ---------Download--------- https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/roman-bellic-in-gta-v-skin ---------Installation--------- 1. Get "OpenIV" https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/openiv 2. After you open GTA V with OpenIV (mods folder recommended) 3. Head to "mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_zero" 3. Than drag & drop my files in the "player_zero" folder in the "streamedpeds_players.rpf" file 4. Than go to "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mppatchesng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mppatches.rpf" 5. Than drag & drop my files in the "player_zero" folder in "mppatches.rpf" 6. Have fun :3 ---------Textures for Roman [recommended] (Use a Trainer)--------- Btw you can still use all clothes from Michael Uppr_01: 19 32 1 1 Uppr_02: 21 32 1 16 Uppr_03: 21 32 2 16 Lowr: 8 30 6 8 Shoes: 19 22 1 16 ---------Changelog--------- pre-Alpha V0.1 • Added Roman face texture • Added hand texture • Added a T-Shirt Alpha V1.0 • Removed T-Shirt • Removed hand texture • Fixed some textures • Added Roman clothes from GTA IV • You can still play Micheal just change face than Beta V1.0 • Removed Michael's head • Removed hair texture • Added Roman's GTA IV Head Model (Created with Uraniom) • You can use all clothes that Michael use • No facial Animations (It's still kinda impossible) ---------Videos--------- Roman Bellic in GTA V Skin pre-Alpha Trailer: Roman Bellic Trailer (BETA MOD TRAILER) Remade in Grand Theft Auto V:
  25. Voit Turyv

    Voit Turyv's Garage

    banner by The Deadite Remember this mod? http://gtaforums.com/topic/781796-wipiv-eflc-fixed-vehicle-interiorsbadges/ This was my first real attempt at fixing stock vehicles that R* left them with errors. I quickly realised my mods would not be popular without 3D remodelling. Now, over 2 years later, I have started using ZModeler for GTA V after joining the Realism Dispatch Enhanced team as a beta tester. Special thanks to them - without their support, I would not create this workshop. My work will focus on improving GTA V vehicle models and making new variants thereof. Improved Vapid Bullet Pack 2.5 Vapid has been known to supply American law enforcement with vehicles for different applications: from the original Stanier that was prone to ignition following tailgating taken too far to a supercar that derives its soul from a racing icon of 1960s and is said to be effective in taking down speeding men with their wives that are about to deliver a baby. However, the Bullet is officially a show car for the LSPD and LSSD. What is more, the undercover police units are known to impersonate impromptu racers, only to flash their lights the second you overtake them - because apparently you were driving a faster car and the law can't take their loss like a man. Five-Star Auctions DOWNLOAD AND DETAILED DESCRIPTION: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vapid-bullet-improved-unmarked-voit-turyv Improved Invetero Coquette Pack 2.0 This early 2000s American monster continues the tradition set 40 years earlier by the Blackfin: oversized engine in a tiny compartment, no-nonsense performance and surprising longevity. Praised by both cops and crooks, the Coquette is a reliable choice for both sides, against each other. Don't underestimate its dated looks - had you had lived 20 years earlier, you wouldn't have contained such amount of badassery oozing from every inch of this curvy bodywork. Legendary Motorsports Back in 2000s, police departments of cities notorious for frequent illegal street racing events were in need to take down blacklist racers and support American vehicle industry in the process. Their choice was the Invetero Coquette - a car with long history and capability to withstand exhaustive chases after riced out Dinkas and Pegassis. Retired in 2012, those special police interceptors lucky enough not to end their service life smashed under Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts donut statues have since been used by the police on car meets as a subtle means to send a message to rice burner owners in their 20s that police chases used to be much more intense. Five-Star Auctions DOWNLOAD AND DETAILED DESCRIPTION: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/improved-invetero-coquette-pack-addon San Andreas Highway Patrol Vapid Bullet 1.0 The ultimate San Andreas Highway Patrol weapon against speedsters that was totally not paid for with citizens' taxes. Then again, neither was there much demand for such a vehicle because of a local population of halfwit joyriders that usually end up smashed against barriers, trees, crossing deer or SAHP roadblocks. Therefore, regard it as a show car that sometimes gets the job done out in the wild San Andreas highways - while being surprisingly good at it. Five-Star Auctions DOWNLOAD AND DETAILED DESCRIPTION: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/highway-patrol-vapid-bullet-addon Rockport Police Department Vapid Stanier 1.0 (feat. NefariousBonne) The most common of the American police workhorses in its war paint harking back from Rockport, a city notorious for illegal street racing. Party like it's 2005 and prank rice burner owners into thinking they haven't yet escaped the most determined race-driver-reject police officers on the planet. Five-Star Auctions DOWNLOAD AND DETAILED DESCRIPTION: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rockport-police-stanier-addon-1-0-voit-turyv-nefariousbonne
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