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Found 112 results

  1. shapematters

    Honda Accord Tourer '05

    Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago I started this project. It is my car actually. Because I will probably sell it in the near future, I thought it could be nice to make it in 3D as a tribute. It is my first scratch made car model and one of the first 3d models ever, so please take this into account. It is not priority to release it as a GTA car but because I love the GTA universe and I am a modder since the days of GTA3, I really want to ride my Accord in the world of GTA5. It just still have to take some time. Feedback welcomed...
  2. [#About] ToolsV is a launcher, mod manager and a utility pack for GTA V. It contains many built-in tools as shown below. ToolsV can auto-update without any manual instalation. [#Main features] * GTA V launch options: Normal launch, Singleplayer with mods, Singleplayer without mods, Multiplayer (without mods). * GTA Mod manager - enable/disable particular mods. * Basic commandline read-write (free input coming soon, four options right now): Reads and prints current commandline parameters, checkboxes for: file verification, safe mode, singleplayer offline and multiplayer freemode. * Game info display: Patch version, installation path, game type and language. * GTA V file migration (works only with non-steam version). * Shortcut creation tool with argument support. * ScriptHookV version checker. [#How to use] There is no instalation needed for this tool. Simply launch it from wherever you want (GTA installation directory is found automatically). [#Screenshots] [Link] [#Download] GTA5-Mods download [#Upcoming/planned features] [=]Game intro bypass [#Changelog] [*] -> An important update for ToolsV v2.2.1 [+]Updated update tool [+]Fixed self-update [+]Fixed updater not downloading [+]Fixed label text when GTA not found [+]Fixed links (sorry, using GDrive instead of FTP server right now) v2.2.0 - [*] [+]Added mod manager [+]Added self-updating [+]Added unexpected crash handling [+]Updated settings window [+]Improved program speed [+]Bug fixes v2.1.0 [+]ScriptHookV checker on startup can now be toggled [+]Added exit after game launch option (AKA stealth mode) [+]Added update button in settings menu [+]Updated shortcut icon [+]Updated "about" message [+]Fixed "normal" game launch shortcut [+]Fixed patch version retrieve for steam edition of GTA [+]Fixed shortcuts not running the game v2.0.2 - [*] [+]Added full support for steam edition of GTA! [+]Game version is now shown [+]Added shortcut creation tool [+]Updated migration tool [+]Fixed ScriptHookV checker [+]Fixed GTA Online launch [+]Fixed crash when commandline.txt didn't exist v1.0.0.1 [+]Initial release
  3. almico

    WIP HD Claude Speed for GTA V

    The mute. Hair planes are temp. He will be sporting a bomber jacket, not leather. Update coming soon
  4. firefighters Mod V1.8R (Mode Sapeurs-Pompiers) Hi everyone ! i'm [stAfF]MaN a french modder ! I present to you my script/mod, firefighter ! In this mod you must respond to go in intervention. Inform the dispath when you are on route, on site, unavailable, be back, at the fire station and available !! You can have team mates, equipements and helmet, posed cone, and more coming soon WARNING : Graphics setting to the maximum required to fully use the mode !! (Some items do not appear if the graphics setting are not high enough) DOWNLOAD HERE vidéos : (Fr) vidéos : (En) vidéos : (Other) | I) Requirements | | Allowing the use mode, you must have ScriptHookV, ScriptHookV .NET and NativeUI. | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | II) Installation | | Place the "FirefighterMod.dll" and "configuration.ini"files in the / scripts / main directory of GTA V. | | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | III) Start / Stop mode | | 1) Press F7 during play to start the mode status: "NOT ACTIVE". | | 2) To activate the missions press numpad 1. | | 3) To deactivate, Press F7. | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | IV) fashion Related Info | | Current version: V.1.8R | | Explanation of the different keys of shares: | | F7: -Activation mode: This will have the effect of changing your character firefighter and start version mode "NON ACTIVE". | -Désactivation Mode. | Numpad 1: You will be in status "Available", the mode is active and interventions are triggered. | Numpad 2: Change the status to "On Route." | Numpad 3: Change the status "On site". | Numpad 4: Change the status to "Unavailable". | Numpad 5: Change the status "Return." | Numpad 6: Change once the status "At the fireStation" and again in "Available". | I: Hide / Show informations about the intervention. | M: put cones on the road. | O: Delete the last cone placed. | L: Remove all cones. | *: Equip Accessories and helmet; | J: Have teammates; | | When the mod is activated in status "Available" for more fun you are invincible, the cops never seek you and the gang will not hit you. | Now that you have teammates, they will defend you if you made attack! It's pretty fun;) | | | When a basis for intervention, an information appears on the display indicating you: | | the starting pattern, eg "FIRE ..."; | comments on the intervention, for example "** type of dwelling single storey **"; | localization zone name, for example "Rancho". | localization street; | Distance between you and intervention; | | | A marker on the minimap is flashing red, indicating you the location of the intervention. | Once there and the white marker intervention and more blinking, you can switch status "on the scene". | | | Updating your status is also visible directly on the screen when the mode is started. | So you always know the latest status you spent. | | Also note that you can not pass certain statuses if you do not find you near some places. | (If you are too far from the intervention the marker will be flashing red, it must be fixed white to pass the statute, as well as the return to the barrack.); | | | The current version propose to you 37 different interventions and 5 different Fire Stations : | | - Intervention in a construction site; | - Intervention for a home; | - Intervention for an accident on public roads; | - Intervention in a refinery; | - Intervention in a city (x4); | - Intervention to transport hazardous material; | - Intervention in a power plant; | - Intervention in the parking lot of a store abandoned; | - Intervention in a gas station; | - Intervention in a piece of land; | - Intervention in a warehouse storage; |- ... | | To help you in fulfilling your missions, you are equipped with a crowbar, a hatchet and a fire extinguisher. | Not to mention the launch of the truck is used in case of fire spread. | | | Once the off mode you will find the main person of game you were. (Franklin, Michael and Trevor); | However you will be in the same place during the deactivation mode. | | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | V) Rights and Permissions | | All rights reserved to the creator of fashion. -> [staff] MaN | | Permission to use the method for personal purposes as well as videos. | If the mode is used in videos it must be mentioned in the credits. | The mode name of the creator does not need to be mentioned. | | ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | VI) Contact and suggestions | | You have ideas to improve the way? | You are encoder and want to participate in the development of fashion? | Have a suggestion or want to go for information? | | Contact me by email with the subject line "ModeSapeursPompiers". | | [email protected] | | | | VII) ChangeLog| V1.8R Mise a jour : 21:59 10/05/2016 | | - News interventions; | - News Fire Stations; | - Added an audio system for callouts; | - Optimization of the source code; | | | V1.6R Update : 26/04/2016 11:01 pm | | - News interventions (x5); | - Added an .ini file to configure the buttons as you want; | - New fire system; | - Optimization of the source code; | | | V1.5R Update: 14/04/2016 6:44 p.m. | | - New interface, smaller, integrates better following the resolution of the game; | - Added teammates for interventions! To have them press the J key during the game when you are in the barracks; | ----------- (If you're not in the barracks you can not make them appear) ------------- | - Added many teammates alive as status display; | - Optimization of the source code; | | Good game ! | | [staff] MaN
  5. Currently mod/script version: 4.4 Important! This was tested on the latest GTA V Steam version and it works 100% fine, please read carefully how this mod works before complaining about that doesn't work. If you find something wrong or you have any suggestions, please leave in the comment section The script creator AltSierra117 ------------------------------------------------------------------ This LUA Script enables all Ballistic / Juggernaut animations, player clothing used in the mission "The Paleto Score". It also gives armour to the player. How does the mod work? It's simple. The mod is scripted for Michael, Franklin, Trevor and Gunman, but Franklin's juggernaut clothes weren't finished so you will need to install those. If you select other character, the script will not work, this is because the script now has model checks. To install the Franklin's clothes follow the next steps : → copy x64v.rpf to your Mods folder, or if you do not have mods folder, you can edit the original RPF file but remember to make a backup! → execute OpenIV; → Add/replace 'p_head_018.ydd' and 'p_head_diff_018_a.ytd' to mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpedprops.rpf\player_one_p → Add/replace 'lowr_012_u.ydd' 'lowr_diff_012_a_uni.ytd' 'uppr_020_u.ydd' and 'uppr_diff_020_a_uni.ytd' to mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one Keyboard and Controller buttons conflict together because the game "actions" are used for these inputs, so I had to make separated scripts for Keyboard usage only, Controller usage only or both Keyboard and Controller. If you play with Keyboard only, use the script that's inside the folder "Keyboard", if you play with Controller use the one inside the folder "Controller" or if you prefer to use Keyboard and Controller use the script inside "Keyboard + Controller". While playing with Michael, Franklin, Trevor and Gunman: → press Numpad 1 or X360 RB + A + Left D-pad to enable his juggernaut; → press Numpad 3 or X360 RB + A +Right D-pad disable his juggernaut; There are three ballistic weapon animations that can be used for any character: → press Page Up to enable main ballistic weapon animation; → press Page Down to enable secondary ballistic weapon animation; → press Numpad / to enable ballistic weapon animation for non-juggernaut suits; → press Numpad * to use default weapon animation. You can also choose between two masks which the default selected is the unused main mask, the other one was used in the Beta stages: → press End to change to Beta mask; → press Numpad 1 to use the default mask. You will need → LUA Plugin ← → Download Link ← Hope you enjoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Known bugs: → While of foot, if player uses Keyboard key X with A or D it enables and disables the script. This is unavoidable because the values don't necessarily equal a controller button. Instead they equal certain "actions" like jumping or sprinting. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Version 1.0: → First release; Version 1.2 Changes: → Added animations request to work properly; Version 1.4 Changes: → Added a secondary weapon animation; Version 1.6 Changes: → Individual set of given clothing + weapons for Michael and Trevor; → Individual reset player clothing and animations; → Added armour to player when Ballistic / Juggernaut suit is enable; Version 1.7 Changes: → Fixed some small coding errors; Version 1.8 Changes: → Changed shortkeys due to other mods using the same Numpad digits; Version 2.0 Changes: → Added a Ballistic / Juggernaut mask used in the GTA V Beta version; • Link can be found here → Cleans player hit damage and blood from his model; Version 2.2 Changes: → Changed shortkeys; → Disabled infinite ammo for given weapons; → Player can choose between Ballistic / Juggernaut masks; → Scripting codes re-builded to check if Michael, Franklin or Trevor exists, if true it applies the right clothing to the player's model; Version 2.4 Changes: → Added compatibility for Franklin; → Replaced Franklin's upper, lower and hat clothing with Juggernaut; Version 2.6 Changes: → Added compatibility for X360 controller; → Gives a Assault Shotgun to player; Version 2.8 Changes: → Player cannot activate the mod while driving; Version 2.8.2 Changes: → Coding script revised. Version 3.0 Changes: → Removed given weapons to player due to GTA5-mods user request; Version 3.2 Changes: → Changed X360 keys to enable/disable Ballistic / Juggernaut mod; Version 3.4 Changes: → Player gets less weapon damage hit from from A.I. when script is enabled; Version 3.6 Changes: → Changed X360 keys to enable/disable Ballistic / Juggernaut mod; Version 3.8 Changes: → Fixed input keyboard / controller index, game's engine uses the same buttons but with different index; → Added compatibility for Heist Gunman named as Gus, Norm, Packie, Daryl, Chef, Hugh and Karl, they're model used is "hc_gunman"; Version 4.0 Changes: → Small fixes for new model compatibility; → All coding revised; Version 4.1 Changes: → Hotfix for wrong Keyboard index used in order to disable the script; Version 4.2 Changes: → Fixed wrong Keyboard index used in order to disable the script; → Individual scripts for Keyboard only, Controller only or both; Version 4.4 Changes: → Enables animation dictionary functions first as soon as the player becomes available;
  6. OldsmobileLOVER

    Real Life Vehicles Model/Texture Pack

    Credits: mrfive - Cavalcade Textures and Model R1600Turbo - Trailer Textures David501 - Burrito Textures COMING IN V0.6b: P1ch3 - Tanker Trailer Textures xbox901 - Realistic Log Trailer Textures Installation: ***IMPORTANT! ALWAYS CREATE A BACK UP OF YOUR ORIGINAL FILES*** ***IM NOT RESPONSABLE FOR LOST OR BROKEN GAME FILES!*** ***MOD AT YOUR OWN RISK!*** PLEASE SEE THE INCLUDED README.TXT FILE FOR INSTALLATION INSTUCTIONS!!! ***IF YOU DON'T HAVE OPENIV INSTALLED PLEASE INSTALL IT BEFORE YOU TRY TO INSTALL ANYTHING!!!*** ***YOU CAN DOWNLOAD OPENIV FROM HERE: http://www.openiv.com/*** Download: V0.6a: https://www.mediafire.com/?272sr6or55crrug DEV BUILD 0.6b Build #1: https://www.mediafire.com/?bb5x51hxb5jck1s
  7. Just a sneak peak for what I hope to be many more buildings and billboard conversions for every part of the game, with some exceptions. Not a total conversion rather an enhancement with realism in mind. You can check my already released billboard conversion on gta5-mods.com here & here. Complete with 100% lod support, I went to great effort to reproduce as many real billboards and locations in LA I possibly could. I went as far a cruising the streets of Los Angeles with google maps street view, attempting to incorporate as many real businesses or Iconic locations as possible. Some building of course will require future re-modeling; ie Up n Atom Burger, Hollywood sign etc.. But for what buildings I could convert I did. Hollywood Wax Museum on Hollywood Blvd. In n Out Burger on Sunset Blvd Guinness world records on Hollywood Blvd. Having trouble with the emissive textures. Still working on this.. Various other areas inspired by real LA locations.. Previously released mods... This sign actualy exxists located near Sunset Blvd and Marmont, rite beside the Chateau Marmont.
  8. SrgtAlexandra

    Real Life Mule Textures

    With The Real Life Mule Textures mod you do not have to worry about those idiotic unrealistic textures! Download the Real Life Mule Textures Mod by Srgt Alexandra Today for the real life truck driving experience! How to Install: [1] Load up OpenIV [2] Locate x64e.rpf >> levels >> gta5 >> vehicles.rpf [3] Click "Edit Mode" [4] Drag and drop the files from this archive into vehicles.rpf [5] You're done, Enjoy my mod! Credits: Templates By: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/texture-editing-template-pack(By: Mercurial) Main Mod By: Srgt Alexandra Download: v0.2 http://adf.ly/1MUBNS
  9. CamxxCore

    [.NET] iFruitContacts

    iFruitContacts 1.0 .NET library for performing actions through the in-game mobile phone contacts UI iFruitContacts makes it easy to add and assign actions to contacts in the in- game mobile phone. You can add multiple contacts, and assign personalized actions to each one. Don't get cluttered with hard to remember key-binds when you can just use the in- game interface to interact with your script! You can download the latest release here The source code is hosted here on github and anyone is welcome to contribute!
  10. julionib

    Ironman Mark III armor

    Work in progress, armor similar to Mark III version *Edit: Released: http://gtaxscripting.blogspot.com/2015/08/gta-v-ironman-mark-iii-armor.html
  11. Sonsalt

    GTAV withSIX project (Public beta)

    For the past weeks we have been working on a web based content platform for GTA5 mods. The goal, to create an easy way to find, download and play community content. Here it is, the first public beta release of GTAV withSIX To give a taste of how the system works, we have already prepared a couple of mods for download. https://youtu.be/FM-cFXPPLwc The key features in a nutshell: Download and Launch mods directly from the website A small but powerful download client that keeps all data in Sync Fully automatic installation of RPF based mods!!! Combine mods into Playlists and launch them together Save and access playlists via a web based library Dependency Support (Automatic download of required mods) Requirements: In order to use GTAV withSIX, ScripthookV and OpenIV are required. As these plugins are currently available exclusively on the authors homepage, you need to manually download and install them. Download links: Script Hook V OpenIV Your mod on withSIX? We will provide an automated mod processing system within the next days. This will include full support for RPF based mods too, of course. You can Upload your mods your self directly on our strea or filter page under "ADD MOD" If you like to report someone elses mod, for us to process, click here:* Want to give us feedback or report issues? This project is currently in an early stage of development, all aspects are subject to change and improvement. Any issues you encounter with our client or the website, please report them here: For Feedback and suggestions, please use this board: Are you a skilled C#, C++ or JavaScript developer or Html designer and you want to help with the project? Any support is most welcome, contact us. J What's next? Here is a little preview on features and improvements, currently in development: Version control and branch support (alpha, beta...) Share your playlists and collections Conflict resolver (Checks and resolves conflicts between mods) Community project support (work with your friends on the same project) Full Knowledge base on GTA files and content functions DLC based mod support (create your mod as a DLC) WithSIX technology is open for everyone If you have your own launcher or you are interested to customize ours, feel free to use our API or check our code, as this project is open source. Code and documentation will be available upon final release. We hope you enjoy this preview stay tuned for more *In order to upload mods that are not your own, we will check license restrictions for every case and ensure that proper credits and links to the original source are in place. pwsc-{Zy82bWhERjNmUEpBTUQ2blErQ3BUZjdvMFNPT2laNGg0N0UrM3dqT2NDeUc1bDNzRFhsTnJvalJSTWlxczRpeTJXZExUMnVsNWY1THlMQnowMEdTSUZINmRzQldSajk3eDFIaEJ5dmt6NUFQY2pVbnNYV0J6QndHK3o0bVl1WVI=}
  12. Luiisjoseda

    Atlas Mod Menu

    If anyone remembers when I released a singleplayer version of my menu a couple months ago, it was pretty wack, not many features and most were bugged. I had school going on and thought I had the free time needed to work on a menu but I didn't and I sort of abandoned it. But now I've been adding and fixing things these past 2 days and so I'm bringing the menu back to life... I don't have any pictures/video mainly because I'm not even using my own PC to be working on it, I'm at a vacation home with a borrowed PC and I shouldn't be installing too many things on here so please, please, take videos and pictures and post them here so I can add them to the thread for people to see! Anyway that's enough talking. NOTE: The menu will NOT have full function online. The menu will always be a WIP unless I someday decide to quit the project altogether. Download To Open: R1 + Dpad Right Navigation is up and down dpads, X is select, Square is to go back, left and right dpads for scrolling through numbers.
  13. mailrocket

    GTA SA Loading Screens for GTA V

    Didn't think it would be possible but it did. "What better it is to play, then having a bit of nostalgia to start your day" - ? This tweak replaces your original GTA V loading screens to some of GTA SA artworks. Images were photoshopped for 4K/HD resolution compability Background: Fully converted to high quality, added more details, extended image, removed some properties Character: Fully converted to high quality, slightly extended body parts Instructions are in the Readme.txt file (But hell, I'll post it here too ) Place "loadingscreen_startup.ytd" to "update\update.rpf\x64\data\cdimages\scalefront_frontend.rpf\ Place "loadingscreen0-16.ytd" to "update\update.rpf\x64\data\cdimages\scalefront_platform_pc.rpf\ Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ptcm3a1oxa0dng0/GTA_SA_Loading_Screens_to_GTA_V.zip (INCLUDES BACKUP) Note: This is Version 1 of possible versions to come, so be updated. Note 2: As you may notice some characters are small, this is because of size limitations of the image. But this was handled perfectly. Help: I need some solutions to "change" the limit of the size of the characters. Feel free to let me know Images:
  14. MrEverest

    [W.I.P.] DeLorean DMC-12

    Hello all! I decided to share something to work now. If possible, I will write here about the progress. Screens on spoiler
  15. Saunders420

    Tshirts Pack for Franklin

    so my first of plenty hopefully if time permits....should I create a log for when these were uploaded? Download https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/3-tshirts-for-franklin-hieroglyphics-dr-gonzo-and-skull-skates
  16. Eddlm

    Fury Road V

    Straight to the point; I want to convert the world of GTA V to a MadMax setting. This thread is meant to allow discussion of the while i'm developing it. General world description: The entire island will be almost empty, with a blackout on the city. Animals will roam around, in every area. The only people you will encounter are gang members. Vehicles are scarce, and all of them have owner. Supercars are almost nonexistent, with more durable vehicles being the most used. Factions do actively try to steal eachother's best vehicles, as finding them is hard and an armored vehicle can give a faction terrible advantage over others. The same will happen with weapons, of course. You will start joining a faction and doing everything you can to help them, be it defend their territory from other factions attacks, finding vehicles for them, etc. Your main goal will be destroying every other faction. Planned Main Features: - No Peds and No Vehicles spawning naturally. I've seen Native Trainer do this ingame, so preventing the game from peds and vehicles naturally shouldn't be a problem. - Multiple factions. Each faction will control different areas of the map, and they will be hostile to your faction, of course. I would like to set up a "Faction Relationships" system too, so you can piss off a faction o become their ally. - GTA San Andreas style gang wars, you will be able to assault an enemy controlled area and conquer it for your faction. I you achieve so, members of your faction will spawn there. Enemies will be able to do the same. Important Events There would be no missions, but events. Stuff would happen, and you would decide if you want to take advantage of that situation or not. For example, each faction needs to send a Fuel Truck to refill their Fuel reserves, including yours. Each time this happens, the player will be notified. You can let your enemies get the fuel they need or try to intercept the truck. You could even get that fuel to your base! If it's your Faction the one that is sending the Fuel Truck, you should escort them to make sure everything goes as planned. Noone is safe in these roads anymore, you know. Each faction will have to actively defend their territory, and they all will try to extend it if they can, so watch out. Bases can be assaulted without any warning. Not So Important Events A lot of stuff will happen under the radar. Factions will attack other factions, people will get to find rare stuff and try to get it to their base. The world will be alive and changing every day, as each faction is able acquire new vehicles, weapons, bases... or lose them!. Nothing is premanent in this world, I assure you that. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Every idea is open to discussion, including the fact that I don't know if what I want is even possible. Maybe so much code will make the game so slow it's unplayable, right? I don't know. I want to talk about this concept, anyway. Are you people interested? What would you want to see? Do you have any ideas? Features? Missions?
  17. T3mas1


    I started work on my new project called FAVORIT. It is not already done (!)
  18. Real_Gabe

    COPS TV Show apparels GTA V

    I made some textures based on the COPS TV Show's real apparels. If you found a bug, or you have suggestions, write a comment! Franklin: - black baseball cap with COPS logo on the front - black baseball cap with COPS logo on the front and CREW text at the back - white baseball cap with COPS logo on the front - white baseball cap with COPS logo on the front and CREW text at the back - black t-shirt with COPS logo on the front - black t-shirt with COPS logo on the front and CREW text at the back - white t-shirt with COPS logo on the front - white t-shirt with COPS logo on the front and CREW text at the back Trevor: - black dirty t-shirt with COPS logo on the front - white dirty t-shirt with COPS logo on the front Michael: none DOWNLOAD ___________________________________________________________________________ - If you make a video with/about this mod, please link this page at least in the video's description; - Do not claim you made this mod; © 2015 Gábor Sikó (Real_Gabe) ___________________________________________________________________________ Release notes v1.1 (28/05/15) - fixed missing "LANGLEY PRODUCTION" text on the t-shirts and baseball caps for Franklin - adjusted the size and the position of the COPS logo on the baseball caps for Franklin - Added an alternate crew version of the t-shirts and baseball caps for Franklin - Added dirty white and black t-shirts with COPS logo on the front for Trevor - updated readme file v1.0 (27/05/15) - first release
  19. What is H.A.R.M.L.E.S.S. ? It is a weapon mod for GTA V, that has many styles. Styles descriptions: THE REAL_GABE STYLE Now it’s not part of H.A.R.M.L.E.S.S because it’s a more complex standalone mod! New name: Real | RAGE More infos and download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-rage DEFAULT DAMAGE AND IMPACT FORCE BUT WITHOUT VEHICLE DAMAGE You cant explode the vehicles, cant puncture the tires (just for a second), no petrol leaking. Windows are breaking, bullet holes, bullet impact effects are appearing and you can kill the peds in the vehicle. Guns can shoot through vehicles. Minigun has increased firerate, tracer bullets, bullet spread and range. Weapons affected: All handguns those shooting bullets and snowball NO DAMAGE, DEFAULT IMPACT FORCE You cant hurt and kill the peds. They ragdolling, but not bleeding and not dying. You cant explode the vehicles, cant puncture the tires (just for a second), no petrol leaking. Windows are breaking, bullet holes, bullet impact effects are appearing. Stun gun has increased range and shock duration and decreased reload time. Weapons affected: All handguns those shooting bullets, snowball, stun gun, melee and fist fight (not complete, stealth attacks and finishing moves are still deadly) HIGH IMPACT FORCE WITH INSTANT KILL Increased bullet impact force with instant kill, moderate vehicle damage. Every gun has unique force. The increased impact force is higher then default, but not super unrealistic, peds not gonna fly to the Moon with 1 pistol shot. Guns can shoot through vehicles and more objects/materials than before. Weapons affected: All handguns those shooting bullets and snowball STUN GUN FUN You cant hurt and kill the peds with stun gun. They ragdolling, but not bleeding and not dying. Increased range and shock duration and decreased reload time + added some more force. No vehicle damage. Weapons affected: only stun gun OVERCHARGED STUN GUNS Railgun now works like stun gun, its shocking peds to death. It has longer range, faster recharge, longer shock duration, and small radius areal damage so you can shock more than one peds at the same time; added force, one shot to a vehicles engine cause fire, and direct hit to the ped cause catch him/her on fire. Railgun can cause spectacular explosion in water. Stun gun is deadly, has long shock duration, immediate recharge, longer range, added force. One shot to a vehicles engine cause fire. Shooting tracer. Weapons affected: railgun and stun gun Backup files, more informations and instructions in the archive! If you found a bug, or you have suggestions, write me a comment! Magyar nyelvű leírás az olvassel.pdf-ben! DOWNLOAD __________________________________________________________________________________ If you make a video with/about this mod, please link the mod's page at least in the video's description! Do not claim you made this mod! © 2015 Gábor Sikó (Real_Gabe) __________________________________________________________________________________ Release notes v1.3.3 (09/26/15) - updated the backupfiles, now they are from game version 1.0.463.1 - removed „The Real_Gabe Style” because it’s a more complex standalone mod now called Real | RAGE you can download it from here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-rage - no other changes were made! v1.3.2 (09/14/15) - updated „The Real_Gabe” style to v0.1.9 v1.3.1 (09/13/15) - updated „The Real_Gabe” style to v0.1.5 v1.3.0 (06/09/15) - added „The Real_Gabe” style v0.1.0 - added hungarian description v1.2.3 (23/08/15) - updated no damage, default impact force style: Completed the melee and fist fight. You cannot kill peds with melee weapons, with your bare hands, with knock down with guns in your hands. Stealth kills not lethal anymore. (updated file: weapons.meta, damages.meta) - updated default damage and impact force but without vehicle damage style: Added jet tracer bullets and more range to the minigun (updated file: weapons.meta) - updated overcharged stun guns style: Made railgun muzzle flash (electric discharge) more spectacular, added more projectile speed. Added railguns muzzle flash (electric discharge) and jet tracer bullet to the stun gun for more spectacular shooting, added more projectile speed. (updated file: weapons.meta, weaponrailgun.meta) v1.2.0 (21/08/15) - added overcharged stun guns style: v1.1.5 (11/08/15) - updated stun gun fun style: added tracer for more spectacular shooting; - updated default damage and impact force but without vehicle damage style: now you can shoot through vehicles, so you can kill peds not only through windows (added materials.dat); added more tracer for the minigun, increased the firerate, the range and the bullet spread; - updated high impact force with instant kill style: now you can shoot through vehicles and more objects/materials (added materials.dat); v1.1.0 (07/08/15) - added high impact force with instant kill style - added stun gun fun style - updated no damage, default impact force style: now melee and unarmed weapons are affected too; stun gun: decreased reload time, increased range and shock duration time, v1.0.0 (04/08/15) - first release
  20. Adding Cars with DLC Pack (Working Template) As the topic title says, this is a DLC pack that allows the adding of cars to GTA V instead of replacing existing Rockstar cars. I have included within the release files a working add on DLC pack that adds 2 new car slots to the game, I have used duplicates of existing R* cars in order to release on this forum. the cars I have used are Infernus = F40 to spawn by name with simple trainer Coquette2 = Cobra Instructions on how to install are contained within the mod files and folder names the included cars have various aspects of car modding functionality in Los Santos customs in order to show how the different file entrieas affect how the mod shop works when adding full car mods in future. If you want to use the cars in the picture you know where to download them by now, simply rename the model and texture files to match the names used within this mod I have also included a full template setup of all the files used and they show you how to add cars for yourself. Adding LSC car modding information to the game (this section is ongoing W.I.P.) the carcols.meta is where all the car mod stuff is contained, if you look at the original files I included you will see the different sections for engine, suspension etc between the <statMods> </statMods> section within the file, each section like engine has 4 sections to it with a value = between 25 - 100 for each value in the mod shop and is contained within <item> </item> formatting engine example <Item> <identifier /> <modifier value="25" /> <audioApply value="1.000000" /> <weight value="20" /> <type>VMT_ENGINE</type> </Item> <Item> <identifier /> <modifier value="50" /> <audioApply value="1.000000" /> <weight value="20" /> <type>VMT_ENGINE</type> </Item> <Item> <identifier /> <modifier value="75" /> <audioApply value="1.000000" /> <weight value="20" /> <type>VMT_ENGINE</type> </Item> <Item> <identifier /> <modifier value="100" /> <audioApply value="1.000000" /> <weight value="20" /> <type>VMT_ENGINE</type> </Item> Adding on screen car information to the game (this section is ongoing W.I.P.) in order to add on screen car information like model name and manufacturer you need to create an americandlc.rpf, this information is still very much a bit of W.I.P. and will be updated and added to the template pack soon. this screenshot gives you a visual description of what is needed, there is no need to define the .rpf itself in any other file, the contents of the americandlc.rpf include the car and manufacturer information. this section will be updated with more in depth information as and when it is requested, as I'm currently working on a variety of dlc pack aspects for adding content to this game without modifying much more than a simple line entry in the dlclist.xml in the update.rpf. Download External http://www.mediafire.com/download/xf35e7vtdwf8mxz/add_cars_dlcpack_Gforce.rar GTA Garage http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27426 Credits Credit goes to sjaak327 who has been working along side with a wide variety of modding aspects over the last few months and in particular with this mod since I started researching it all this last week and suggested starting the topic. thanks go to the following: Alexander Blade for his scripthook and asi stuff GoodNTS for his OpenIV tools sjaak327 for Simple Trainer and play testing this for me Disclaimer this mod assumes you know what you're doing, and assumes you know and understand that rule number one with modding is to always backup your original files before attempting to modify your main game folder. I'm not a very good tutor so feel free to ask and answer any questions that may arise in this topic and I will participate when I get chance to reply. this is not a mod release, this is an educational tool. RTFM
  21. The Agency Mod v 0.1 by Dec04 and Jips Agency - a large corporation that provides services to eliminate certain persons who do not please the powerful people. The mod will allow, feel assassin. ENG -------------------------------- Add basic functional: - Beginner mission assassination contracts - 2 beginner mission stage - Add Snitch/Informator - Snitch is in one of 4 locations - The target could be anywhere, in one of the 8 locations, or anywhere in Los Santos - Add cancel mission penalty - Added autosave after the passage of the mission - Added visual effects to the menu, as well as sound Bugs: - Sometimes, a snitch or Target, can choose an empty entity, and automatically destroyed after some time. It happens rarely, mostly when a target or an snitch appears in the mountains or empty areas. - If you change the character, the mission does not end (I'll take in the next version of the mod) Warning !!!!! It was conflicting with IVstyle engine on/off INSTALLATION -------------------------------- Add and replace files from archive in GTA5 game directory. Require ScriptHookV - latest. LUA Plugin for GTA 5 - latest. Агенство v 0.1 by Dec04 and Jips Агенство - крупная корпорация, которая предоставляет услуги по устранению определённых лиц, которые не угодили влиятельным людям. Мод даст возможность, почувствовать себя наёмным убийцей. RUS -------------------------------- Добавлен базовый функционал: - Контракт на устранение "для начинающих" - 2 стадии миссии - Добавлен доносчик - Доносчик может находиться в одной из 4х локаций - Цель может находиться где угодно, в одной из 8 локаций, или в любом месте Лос Сантоса (Рандомные координаты) - Добавлен штраф за отмену миссии - Добавлено автосохранение после прохождения миссии - Добавлены графические эффекты в меню, а так же звуковое сопровождение Баги: - Иногда, стукач или цель могут выбрать пустую сущность и автоматически уничтожиться. Бывает редко, в основном тогда, когда цель или стукач появляются в горах или пустой местности. - При смене персонажа, миссия не завершается (уберу в следующей версии мода) УСТАНОВКА -------------------------------- Добавиться с заменой файлы в корневую папку GTA5. Необходим ScriptHookV - последней версии. LUA Plugin for GTA 5 - последней версии. Watch trailer - DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/#F!eoYAjAID!AkMf8GSY2Cuq1pepifYGsw https://ru.gta5-mods.com/scripts/the-agency Sorry if designed properly. If necessary - tell me how I redesigned.
  22. Whoisespo

    [Script] JobsV

    Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/jobsv JobsV (Alpha 0.0.8) - JobsV extends the fun and endless possibilities in GTA V. This script gives a life-like feeling to the game. Players have the ability to apply to multiple jobs, attend college, earn a degree, and make a salary while working your way up the charts! PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS IN ALPHA Toggle HUD: Default J Key Features Apply for a regular job or college entry job. Attend college to obtain a degree. Earn a daily salary Earn Promotions at your current job. Start from nothing and work your way up! Choose from multiple jobs to play as Take Taxi Driver License Course Create your own jobs using our API! Playable Jobs. + More To Come! FAQ Q: Will there be a mini-game for the job? A: Yes, in future updates we will add the play-ability for the jobs. We have implemented some jobs that already have play-ability. Q: I have an idea for this script, where can I send ideas? A: I check most of the comments here, but if you want direct contact with me you can email me at [email protected] with all the details! Q: I have a bug, where can I report bugs? A: Please report all issues to our GitHub Repo. Q: How can I create my own Job extension? A: We have an easy to use API for developers. This allows you to create new jobs, we will advance the API as we move forward. (API Example Script: http://pastie.org/10388116) ! PLEASE READ BELOW ! Current Features (Alpha) As of now, this Script is in alpha, which means mostof the features and functions are not available at this moment. Every release will have extended features and bug fixes. College To attend college, visit the "ULSA" campus entrance near the flag pole. The total cost of the college course is $8000. (More Jobs will be added in further development) Taxi Driver License Course To take this course, visit the "ULSA" campus entrance near the flag pole. The total cost of the course is $1000. Jobs Location | Job Title | Salary | Life Invader Building | Programmer | $50 /hr | Los Santos City Fire station | Firefighter | $10 /hr | La Spada Italian Restaurant | Waiter | $9 /hr | Airport | Airport Security| $12 /hr | Music Performer | Los Santos Concert | $714 /hr | Pilot | Airport | $40 /hr ===Changelog=== Alpha 0.0.8: - Job Pilot Added (Playable) - Audio Added - Taxi Driver Instructor now uses speech to react to your driving. - Updated Driving Course. - Made Driving Course More Challenging - Driving reckless could add points to the "Offroad Warning". - Changed Max Warning Level for Driving Course to x/1000 - You now can quit working whenever and earn pay on how many hours you worked. - Minor UI Changes - Minor Bug Fixes Alpha 0.0.7 - Taxi License Course Now Available: - Drivable License Test with Instructor - Possibilties of Failing if you: Speed, Crash, Exit Vehicle, Receive Wanted Level, or go off road too long. - AI Instructor will respond to how you are driving. Example: If you go off the road he will warn you. - Instructor UI Menu - New UI Changes, Neater look, and Custom Pop-Up Info Menu (Toggable and Configurable) - Toggle UI Menu (Default J Key) Configure if you like. - Small Bug Fixes - Dying while firefighter returns back to normal. COMING SOON (Taxi Jobs & More!) Alpha 0.0.6 - NEW UI (Improved and Cleaner) - Fixed Blips recreating on startup (Thx to @Konijima) - Small Bug Fixes - Code Clean up http://pastie.org/10397081for previous changes. Installation 1) Install ScriptHookDotNet 2) Place "JobsV" into your "scripts" folder. 3) *Optional* configure JobsV Developers Developers can now create their own Job Extension! Below is an example script using JobsV API. Add JobsV.dll to your references, add import for JobsV.API. Example: http://pastie.org/10388116 Stages Alpha - Small Additions, and features Beta - Bug Fixes, and Features Release - Full Features w/ Code Clean Up Legal JobsV © All Rights Reserved All files are owned by Tyler Esposito, any modification, or distribution of this file without the written consent from Tyler Esposito is strictly prohibited.
  23. czone

    Bus Missions Mod [.NET]

    Hello, I have released a beta version @ gta5-mods.com of Busses missions. The mod have 10 missions currently, you need to pick up some people from a specific location to a destination. Now I will start working on making routes to busses, randomly passenger will enter/exit the bus at every stop. However there is a little problem that I can't figure it out. For some people the mod auto-cancel, so if any modder can help me find the problem I'd be glad. The sources are included with the archive: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/bus-missions-mod-beta-net and at github: https://github.com/charbelharb/GTAV_BUS_MOD
  24. masterschwag

    Digital Camo Idea

    Hello guys/gals I made a livery for one of my personal favorite mod cars (2015 Mustang GT) and was wandering if anyone would be interested in me uploading it to gta5mods? I like camo stuff so here it is...
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