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Found 82 results

  1. Monkeypolice188

    Monky's Workshop

    MONKY'S WORKSHOP Hey guys, welcome to my workshop! I'm Monkeypolice188, better known as Monky, a lore-friendly modder of GTA V for just over a year now. My interests focus around emergency vehicles (particularly fire departments), classic utilitarian vehicles and trucks. My specialties include sound and meta data, basic vehicle re-modelling, adaptions & edits, materials and liveries. Feel free to contact me if you ever need assistance and I'll try to get back to you. I release all my mods at GTA5-Mods.com. Feel free to take a look! Get a closer look at my current projects and WIPs, advice, tips and more from my Discord server. Monky's Hideout. For more information regarding my modifications, I also have database containing default spawning colors my vehicles use, an active log of changes I'm making to current and existing projects, a list of my releases, and much more, you can find that here. Finally, check out my Flickr, where I post photographs of my own work, my favorite mods and much more! CURRENT PROJECTS WIP PROJECTS In no particular order, these are the projects I am currently working on. There is no estimated release date for these projects as they are in steady progress. LIBERTY CITY VEHICLES & PEDS PACK 1.2 VERSION 1.1 AVAILABLE My current focus is the third release of my most ambitious project; Liberty City Vehicles & Peds Pack. This pack aims to bring the services of LC back to GTA V, including LCPD, FDLC and Liberty City Cabs. You can see (and hear!) a small preview of some of the latest changes and improvements to the pack here. LATEST RELEASES BENEFACTOR STRETCH E AVAILABLE NOW ALBANY EMPEROR & EMPEROR BEATER AVAILABLE NOW ALBANY MANANA AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE BOXVILLE RETRO AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE STOCKADE AVAILABLE NOW HVY FORKLIFT AVAILABLE NOW VULCAR NEBULA AVAILABLE NOW NAGASAKI PIGEON PATROL AVAILABLE NOW BRAVADO BISON S AMBULANCE AVAILABLE NOW FAVORITE PROJECTS JOBUILT MAMMATUS SKIMMER AVAILABLE NOW JOBUILT HAULER 270 AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE REFUSER AVAILABLE NOW BRUTE MIXER CLASSIC AVAILABLE NOW BRAVADO MASTODON AVAILABLE NOW MTL CERBERUS 200 & 300 AVAILABLE NOW THANK YOU Thank you to all my supporters and lore buddies; without your ideas, resources and help, much of my work would simply not be possible!
  2. This is a Major conversion of GTAV Map with a new desert and western folk. Missions are developing still and are still made with LUA for Open Source and to show the abilities of LUA. A shot of the Map area of Drift Wood. *All videos are of actual game play tests. Testing anims and hand swap for Flintlock weapon. Testing RDR2 radar for Drift Wood Mod. A bit glitchy but a good start. Here's testing the saddle. Testing new Bow and Arrow. Here's a test, THIS IS THE FIRST TEST, of pulling the Stagecoach made by babaOrum. It's not possible in game to pull/push trailers or vehicles. But I found a way to do it. You need more horsepower! Meet the Hawk. These tests include meeting hunter. I spawn to location then spawn to location of testing peds. Here are tests of a double waist holster and three ways of shooting from them. Here are cowboy character choices, plus cowboy hat choices. Here is a test showing cowboys and Indians shooting it out. This shows the Horse and Rider animations like walk, trot, gallop and the slowing from gallop to trot and trot to walk. Here's the Cast of characters and some weapons testing. If you like the mod videos give a thumbs up or comment, others may be more inclined to pop in. Main Dev Team: N8Gamez - Mod conceiver, main scripter, main mapper, minor model editing, model rigging, dlc packs creator. MN8R01 - Mapper, minor scripter. DynsPr - Main weapons modeler. Duuble AA (DaFryinMaya) - Main Ped/Character's modeller and weapons modeller. flying_bulletzzz - Southpaw and double holster models maker. Britishdevelopment - animated vehicles: stagecoach, farm wagon. RelecentM8 - making Steam locomotive, vehicle and weapons modeller. 😁. ___________________ Contributor Mods: Jupiter Kasparov - Clean GTAV map ( GTAV map remover.) Contributors I am asking permission to use their mods but have hard time getting in touch with: StillDre original Red Desert Map for GTAIV and Aurthor Loupes - Red Dead Desert convert for GTA V( Who I connected with but informed me Credit goes to StillDre) Queches13 - The horse model. ___________________ Non active Team Members: Here are Team Mates that helped for single projects: Barak101 - Made Michael an Indian. AWP3RAPTOR - provider of RDR2 audio files. babaOrum - provided a Stagecoach and gave a shot at rescaling the horse. Here are people that helped us but life gets busy. Big thanks to each for their support with Mod development! Canadian mods - Put in effort to make vehicle Stagecoach. Good try, it's a big challenge. You each deserve credit for your efforts, you inspired me and supported this Mod in many ways. We will miss each of you.✌
  3. lunchxbles

    Vice Cry: Remastered

    Vice Cry: Remastered is a full port of Vice Cry to Grand Theft Auto V, Running as a DLC, with many new details added for a true VC experience. Features: Full port of Vice Cry 1.8 for V MLO interiors Bump mapped roads and various buildings Spec mapped windows for proper reflections Brand new models and textures created for this project 3D Neon Models Material Accuracy Full Path and Navmesh Support Working Traffic Lights Instanced Grass SLOD's with proper Water Reflection Custom Scenarios Car Generators Custom Population Groups and Zones and much more.. More Screenshots Available at https://imgur.com/a/s0BNa7R https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/vicecity-in-v Below is the link to the discord for this mod.. Feel free to post any bug reports or requests there! https://discord.gg/994t6SR
  4. VideoTech_

    Vice City Overhaul

    Vice City Overhaul is an ambitious project for a full port of the Vice City map with a modern-day setting with complete remodelled areas, brand new terrain, refined brands, MLO interiors, high-quality vegetation, lots of new props and much more for Grand Theft Auto V bundled as a DLC pack. The Vice Squad Team has expanded to over 15 people during 2019. The team has been hard at work to deliver the best Vice City experience for Grand Theft Auto V yet with the most advanced features to be announced in the future. So... the features. Complete remodelled areas for Ocean Drive, Downtown, Vice Point and such. MLO interiors Full instanced grass support New buildings scatted across the city HUD & pause map support The most advanced high quality vegetation from MrGTAmodsgerman Traffic support Refined brands Brand new props (Bus stops, street lamps, bins and such SLOD and LOD support And... that about wraps up the features. We've a few major advanced things currently in development but we're not ready to share yet. Vice City Overhaul Gameplay (taltigolt) Our team - They will stick around if you have any questions! • @ryanm2711 - Project Leader, 3D Artist and Map Conversion Developer • Ambient - GFX Designer & Radio Composer • @Ash_735 - Mapper • @GTA BELGIUM - 3D Artist, Mapper and Exterior Developer • Cranlet - GFX Designer • @Heni1 - CodeWalker Developer • @Headshots_Ops - Tools Developer • @HeySlickThatsMe - 3D Artist, Mapper and Scripter • @MrDisclaimer - 3D Artist & Mapper • @Krox - 3D Artist & Mapper • Introvert - Vehicle Developer • @mould122- Vegeration Artist, 3D Artist, CodeWalker Developer and Tools Developer • @MrGTAmodsgerman - Vegeration Artist, 3D Artist, CodeWalker Developer • @rollschuh2282 - Interior Minimap • @Smallo92 - Tools Developer • @UHDFreddyEST - Vice City Overhaul Minimap • @VideoTech UK - CodeWalker Developer & Community Manager  Special Thanks • Vice City RAGE Developer Team • DexyFex (CodeWalker) • Autodesk (3DS Max) • FiveM (Conversion Tools) • Biggdog & reN - GTA-5mods.com moderation staff (Thank you for your tremendous support) • GTA Forums Staff - Spider-Vice - (Thank you for your support and assistance setting up this post up in July)
  5. arewenotmen

    Enhanced Native Trainer

    This is my extended version of Alexander's Native Trainer, which I will slowly continue to develop until I get bored. It's open source, with a GitHub project. UPDATE #28 Changes: Reminder: you need the latest Script Hook, v1.0.393.4 Prop Spawner, with 3815 (mostly) named and categorised props to choose from, all of which should work. Many options and features here – have a play around Contributions that are wholly or mostly thanks to Robert Kwapisz:Bodyguards "Chauffeur to Marker" in Locations menu Vehicle neon lights Vehicle 'extra power' feature replaced by detailed option Contributions from sub205:Option to fully upgrade cars, and spawn vehicles fully upgraded Some more teleport locations Weapon menu's 'No Reload' feature is improved and now works better with rockets etc. Thanks to Shane Allgeier. Blackout option added to World menu Scenarios named and added to Animations menu Ability to set custom skins by manually entering the name Vehicles now spawn a distance from the player proportional to their size, thereby avoiding spawning large planes etc on top of the player Prevention against trainer working online; should hopefully still allow FiveM use Support for nkjellman's "Heist Map Updates in Single Player" mod. Turn on the teleportation options in Misc > Trainer Options. Thanks to sjaak for the coordinates. Improvements to 'reset skin on death' to remove version dependency and prevent game crashes. Scrollable menu items now work by pressing Confirm first and then selecting an option. "Never Wanted" is rolled into Freeze Wanted Level Marksman Pistol was missing tint options Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements PREVIOUS UPDATES: Pre-Built Release Download Compiled ASI and XML config, Release #28 on 03/08/15: here Read the bundled notes!
  6. Hi everyone, I've been working on a 3D map for PC version of GTAV. It's at: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/codewalker-gtav-interactive-3d-map It now allows entities to be placed and moved, also new and modified ymap files can be be saved. This feature is still in experimental stages, but I would love to hear any feedback on it! Enjoy! [Edit: Updated screenshots and description]

    GTA V: Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC

    GTA V: Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC Since the lack of Single Player DLC made by Rockstar Games themselves, and the limited DLC map mods available from 3D era GTA games, I decided to make this a thing. First version released on 10 February 2019 https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/las-venturas-san-fierro-dlc Dear fellow gamers and/or modders I am proud to present you my latest project, started around 4 january 2019. This map DLC places the 3D-era cities of Las Venturas and San Fierro, alongside to the original map of GTA 5. So far I only saw converted GTA San Andreas map mods replacing the GTA 5 map (FiveM, FiveReborn, MultiFive), except from a San Fierro DLC map mod by ArthurLopes, which is great, you can check it out here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/san-fierro-dlc. As stated, ArthurLopes' version of San Fierro is awesome to me. It was the first GTA: San Andreas DLC map mod for GTA V if I am correct. Though, I thought I really missed the countrysides and of course Las Venturas. So, with all respect to ArthurLopes his mod, I did decide to make my own GTA San Andreas map mod as a DLC for GTA 5. Everything is converted from GTA IV: San Andreas BETA 3. Visit their website: http://www.gtaivsa.com/ I want to thank the GTAIVSA team for the converion from GTA San Andreas To GTA IV, and I hope they don't see my GTA V version as a problem. Those are the main members of the GTAIVSA team which I want to thank: Blaster_nl GTARandom Flitskikker Alber2gt Gamerzworld Tomix23 Everlost123 ManDog The largest problems on this mod are for now: - Some houses/buildings/props are still missing, which creates holes in the map - Sometimes, streetlights start flashing on and off - There is on some places collision, without a visible object. I think this will be fixed once all props are in place - The bridges between San Fierro and Las Venturas have a kind of 'gap', due to a small incorrection in the coordinates. The San Fierro part and the Las Venturas part are not perfectly connected yet. - Some objects have strange lines on them, I am looking for a fix, probably i need to apply an 'edit normals' modifier in 3dsMax but I am not sure yet. Other than that there are no shading problems it seems, and shadows work correctly. For people asking about traffic paths, please know this is a huge map to do all traffic paths for, on my own. It would take me months of work. I will probably release some basic paths in future updates but any help on it is welcome. You don't even have to work together with me, everyone is free to make some paths. Interiors are coming in a future update, including casino interiors. And again, don't forget to check out ArthurLopes' San Fierro DLC mod. My only purpose with this mod is to bring back the 2 other cities of San Andreas, next to Los Santos, as an expansion. Of course, in no way I want to copy ArthurLopes his mods, neither did I touch any of his files. I thought, better be clear with this Anyway, stay tuned for future updates! Thank you for all the support and keep the modding community alive! GTA Belgium https://www.gta-belgium.com/
  8. EncryptedReality

    [REL|V]Vice V

    This mod aims to port III era Vice City to GTA V! version: BETA 0.1
  9. WWEshnik

    They Live protagonists

    If anybody want to collab and make a script/map/make-a-mission/ anything related to they live, let me know
  10. ArthurLopes

    De_dust2 from CS:Source in GTA V

    I Finally manage to get the maps from CS Source on GTA V, the first one i'm doing is the popular Dust2, this is (maybe) going to be my last mod for fivereborn, and when i get a better pc i'll try to learn how to use GIMS EVO and use map editor to make maps in SP, but here is a sneak peek from the map: http://imgur.com/a/LWe1B
  11. masterschwag

    Digital Camo Idea

    Hello guys/gals I made a livery for one of my personal favorite mod cars (2015 Mustang GT) and was wandering if anyone would be interested in me uploading it to gta5mods? I like camo stuff so here it is...
  12. Hey Peeps, Newest Release: Complete Conversion of CGF to Blood Gang: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/families-cgf-to-blood-gang-conversion Please see below screenshots of a conversion mod for Franklin I have been working on I will try and keep this thread up to day with links to all the latest mods I've made Franklin Blood Gang Cap Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/blood-gang-cap-for-franklin Franklin Blood Gang Bandana Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/blood-gang-bandana-for-franklin Franklin Blood Gang Shirt Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/blood-gang-shirt-for-franklin Franklin Blood Gang Jeans Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/blood-gang-jeans-for-franklin Franklin Blood Gang Home Interior Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/blood-gang-house-interior-for-franklin
  13. Saunders420

    Tshirts Pack for Franklin

    so my first of plenty hopefully if time permits....should I create a log for when these were uploaded? Download https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/3-tshirts-for-franklin-hieroglyphics-dr-gonzo-and-skull-skates
  14. lazlow555

    Lazlow car workshop

    this is my latest model 2017 audi q5. unlike lincoln its commercial project. Hi! its been a while since I made any public mods, so I decided make one. This is my model of lincoln mark VIII for gta5 I've been working on about a year and about to release it, if I see any interest to it. Also you can order model of any vehicle from me, just email me [email protected]
  15. Luiisjoseda

    Atlas Mod Menu

    If anyone remembers when I released a singleplayer version of my menu a couple months ago, it was pretty wack, not many features and most were bugged. I had school going on and thought I had the free time needed to work on a menu but I didn't and I sort of abandoned it. But now I've been adding and fixing things these past 2 days and so I'm bringing the menu back to life... I don't have any pictures/video mainly because I'm not even using my own PC to be working on it, I'm at a vacation home with a borrowed PC and I shouldn't be installing too many things on here so please, please, take videos and pictures and post them here so I can add them to the thread for people to see! Anyway that's enough talking. NOTE: The menu will NOT have full function online. The menu will always be a WIP unless I someday decide to quit the project altogether. Download To Open: R1 + Dpad Right Navigation is up and down dpads, X is select, Square is to go back, left and right dpads for scrolling through numbers.
  16. Adding Cars with DLC Pack (Working Template) As the topic title says, this is a DLC pack that allows the adding of cars to GTA V instead of replacing existing Rockstar cars. I have included within the release files a working add on DLC pack that adds 2 new car slots to the game, I have used duplicates of existing R* cars in order to release on this forum. the cars I have used are Infernus = F40 to spawn by name with simple trainer Coquette2 = Cobra Instructions on how to install are contained within the mod files and folder names the included cars have various aspects of car modding functionality in Los Santos customs in order to show how the different file entrieas affect how the mod shop works when adding full car mods in future. If you want to use the cars in the picture you know where to download them by now, simply rename the model and texture files to match the names used within this mod I have also included a full template setup of all the files used and they show you how to add cars for yourself. Adding LSC car modding information to the game (this section is ongoing W.I.P.) the carcols.meta is where all the car mod stuff is contained, if you look at the original files I included you will see the different sections for engine, suspension etc between the <statMods> </statMods> section within the file, each section like engine has 4 sections to it with a value = between 25 - 100 for each value in the mod shop and is contained within <item> </item> formatting engine example <Item> <identifier /> <modifier value="25" /> <audioApply value="1.000000" /> <weight value="20" /> <type>VMT_ENGINE</type> </Item> <Item> <identifier /> <modifier value="50" /> <audioApply value="1.000000" /> <weight value="20" /> <type>VMT_ENGINE</type> </Item> <Item> <identifier /> <modifier value="75" /> <audioApply value="1.000000" /> <weight value="20" /> <type>VMT_ENGINE</type> </Item> <Item> <identifier /> <modifier value="100" /> <audioApply value="1.000000" /> <weight value="20" /> <type>VMT_ENGINE</type> </Item> Adding on screen car information to the game (this section is ongoing W.I.P.) in order to add on screen car information like model name and manufacturer you need to create an americandlc.rpf, this information is still very much a bit of W.I.P. and will be updated and added to the template pack soon. this screenshot gives you a visual description of what is needed, there is no need to define the .rpf itself in any other file, the contents of the americandlc.rpf include the car and manufacturer information. this section will be updated with more in depth information as and when it is requested, as I'm currently working on a variety of dlc pack aspects for adding content to this game without modifying much more than a simple line entry in the dlclist.xml in the update.rpf. Download External http://www.mediafire.com/download/xf35e7vtdwf8mxz/add_cars_dlcpack_Gforce.rar GTA Garage http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27426 Credits Credit goes to sjaak327 who has been working along side with a wide variety of modding aspects over the last few months and in particular with this mod since I started researching it all this last week and suggested starting the topic. thanks go to the following: Alexander Blade for his scripthook and asi stuff GoodNTS for his OpenIV tools sjaak327 for Simple Trainer and play testing this for me Disclaimer this mod assumes you know what you're doing, and assumes you know and understand that rule number one with modding is to always backup your original files before attempting to modify your main game folder. I'm not a very good tutor so feel free to ask and answer any questions that may arise in this topic and I will participate when I get chance to reply. this is not a mod release, this is an educational tool. RTFM
  17. Drewgamer

    GTA V Vehicle Speed Project

    Introduction After playing GTA V for couple hundred hours I became really disappointed by the speeds of vehicles in game. Ok I was really disappointed with speeds after just a few hours in game. It's so very immersion breaking to be zooming down the the Los Santos city streets to top out at max speed. It's especially immersion breaking to top out at ~120 MPH in an Adder. I've used several top-speed increasing or handling mods, and while they all seem to do what they advertise, none of them are kept updated and some miss certain vehicles for various unknown reasons. The idea behind this mod is to increase all the top speeds of in-game vehicles to their real-world counterparts (or as close as possible). I'll also be trying to keep acceleration values as close to real-world as possible as well. This will all be done using unmodified cars, so if you throw max performance upgrades on your Adder, expect it to go stupid fast (and by that I mean, probably absurdly unrealistically fast). This will be primarily for top speeds and acceleration tweaks, but when/if I get that done for all cars I might consider tweaking handling values if it's highly requested. Affected Vehicles (more to come!) SUPER: Adder, Osiris, T20, Turismo R, Zentorno, Entity XF Installation To install this, you will need OpenIV, which you can get HERE. 1a) First, I REALLY recommend using OpenIV to create a mods folder and get update.rpf in there. 1b) Use OpenIV to open up update.rpf 2) Navigate to update.rpf/common/data/ 3) Drop the handling.meta from my ZIP file to overwrite the handling.meta from update.rpf 4) Enjoy! Download You can always find the latest version of this mod here at gta5-mods.com You can NOT find this mod anywhere else, if it is uploaded anywhere else it's not my official version. Permissions I started this mod from scratch and did not base it on anyone else's numbers, however if you want to use this as a base for your own tweaks, I just ask that you give me a heads up. Please do NOT upload this anywhere else without my express permission as I prefer not to have it mirrored on any other sites Changelog v0.6 - Added Overflod Entity XF v0.5 - Added the Pegassi Zentorno - Adjusted Adder drive bias (less power to the front wheels and more to the rear wheels) v0.4 - Added the Grotti Turismo R - Slightly reduced Adder launch wheelspin - Slightly lowered T20 top speed - Reduced T20 launch wheelspin and increased power (for quicker, more reliable launches) v0.3 - Added the Progen T20 - Tweaked Adder to accelerate a bit faster - Reduced Osiris wheelspin from a standstill (for slightly more reliable launches) v0.2 - Added Pegassi Osiris v0.1 - Initial Release - So far the only car tweaked is the Adder
  18. San Andreas TrashMaster is a RAGEPluginHook based plugin, that finally will allow you to do what you always wanted to do... clean the trash of San Andreas!!! Features Two types of job: driver and trash picker. XML based customizable route system. In-game route creator. Money system(to upgrade your truck, buy new branch building...). XML based save system. San Andreas TrashMaster is in an early stage, any new feature you want to suggest is greatly appreciated. Latest version: 0.3 Screenshots
  19. czone

    Bus Missions Mod [.NET]

    Hello, I have released a beta version @ gta5-mods.com of Busses missions. The mod have 10 missions currently, you need to pick up some people from a specific location to a destination. Now I will start working on making routes to busses, randomly passenger will enter/exit the bus at every stop. However there is a little problem that I can't figure it out. For some people the mod auto-cancel, so if any modder can help me find the problem I'd be glad. The sources are included with the archive: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/bus-missions-mod-beta-net and at github: https://github.com/charbelharb/GTAV_BUS_MOD
  20. fabian_gunman

    Story Mode Heists [.NET]

    Because Rockstar isn't planning on adding new heists to GTA 5 Online anytime soon, I took matters into my own hands and created the Story Mode Heists DLC mod. Description: This mod brings brand new GTA 5 Online-like heists to singleplayer. Every heists will, - just like in online -, have multiple setup missions and 1 finale mission where you and your crew will be paid. You will play as Michael, who will work together with Franklin, Trevor and Lester to complete each heist and earn some big bucks. Lester will be spawned in his house at El Burro Heights, marked with a green 'H' on the map. In his house you will plan each heist, before eventually doing the missions. First time launching: When you launch your game for the first time after installing the mod, Lester will contact you (Michael), telling you that he has some jobs available which you might be interested in. After receiving the text message, his home (green 'H') will spawn on the map at El Burro Heights. Now after spawning the green 'H', you can go and start playing. Drive to the 'H' and prepare for the 'cutscene'. Current included heists: Daddy's Little Girl (5 setups, 1 finale): The daughter of a multi-milionair has been kidnapped by some local gang, demanding millions of dollars in return for her release. Important notes: My native language is not English, so there might be some errors in the conversations, mission objectives or even in text messages. Because it's impossible for me to get the real voices of the voice actors, I decided to not add any conversation sounds in the mod at all. All conversations between characters will just be 'subtitles' and will be marked with their name in front of the sentence so you know who says what. To handle respawn better, I've created some 'nasty' code which will terminate certain game tasks, for example: You won't respawn at the hospital and you won't actually die if you get 'killed'. Cause creating the real Wasted, Mission Failed and Mission Passed screen is 'impossible', I've recreated them myself with text, shapes and screen effects just to make it feel real again. Sometimes the custom 'wasted' screen might bug, if it spawns you at the hospital, please report this to me and restart the mission. Controls: Press F5 to enable or disable the mod, you can change this key in the .ini file. Press SHIFT + NumPad0 to cancel a mission, this can not yet be changed in the .ini file. Requirements: ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade ScriptHookV .NET by Crosire (Version 1.0) You need to have unlocked Michael's character (after mission 4) Installation: Install ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV .NET Extract the downloaded archive. Copy all extracted files into the \scripts\ folder. Known bugs: The route to a marker on the map might sometimes disappear. This is a common bug, not related to my mod. The marker will still be visible even after the route is gone. The custom Wasted screen might sometimes respawn you at the hospital. Your 'bodyguards' will keep shooting after you lost your wanted level. This however does not affect your own wanted level. Other: Please do not use any of my code without my permission. If you like my mod, please give it a like . If you decide to make a video about this mod on YouTube, please add a link to this page in the video description. The changelog can be found here. If you find a bug, please report it here. Please note that this mod is still in ALPHA stage! Download the mod at the mod page.
  21. mailrocket

    GTA SA Loading Screens for GTA V

    Didn't think it would be possible but it did. "What better it is to play, then having a bit of nostalgia to start your day" - ? This tweak replaces your original GTA V loading screens to some of GTA SA artworks. Images were photoshopped for 4K/HD resolution compability Background: Fully converted to high quality, added more details, extended image, removed some properties Character: Fully converted to high quality, slightly extended body parts Instructions are in the Readme.txt file (But hell, I'll post it here too ) Place "loadingscreen_startup.ytd" to "update\update.rpf\x64\data\cdimages\scalefront_frontend.rpf\ Place "loadingscreen0-16.ytd" to "update\update.rpf\x64\data\cdimages\scalefront_platform_pc.rpf\ Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ptcm3a1oxa0dng0/GTA_SA_Loading_Screens_to_GTA_V.zip (INCLUDES BACKUP) Note: This is Version 1 of possible versions to come, so be updated. Note 2: As you may notice some characters are small, this is because of size limitations of the image. But this was handled perfectly. Help: I need some solutions to "change" the limit of the size of the characters. Feel free to let me know Images:
  22. aterikasedi

    GTA V Trailer Graphics Project

    ITS ALREADY ALPHA MOD !!! Hi guys.I have a idea-project.We know showing us first gta v trailer have great graphics.Better draw distance , better lighting , better post processing effects , better shadows etc.And promotional screenshots...There are big marketing strategy.Have great graphics.But out of the game we see that the graphics of downgraded.My project include not downgraded graphics.What can we do that ?First we will work together.Editing files.Everyone knows that will edit the files. Part 1: settings.xml Part 2 :common.rpf Part 3: update.rpf Part 4 : x64a Part 5 : Trailer and beta trees.We creating and adding deleted big gta v trees on map . Part 6 :Suchlike an İcenhancer or enb graphic mod.İmprove ligting , skylighting , reflections , volumetric lights and shadows etc. We making together all this .Helping eatchother.And finally we have ultimate graphics like trailer-promotional screenshots. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-v-trailer-graphics-project
  23. Madgaz182

    Back to the Future Mod

    Ok Guys for the past few months ive been working on a BTTF Mod similar to the GTA 4 version, this will include the following: Lights emmiting from the car when reaching 88mph Fire trails when travelling through time A System in place just like gta 4 so you can jump through time in an instant, only with this mod i aim to be able to add teleporting aswell so (place a marker on mark select time and boom instant travel) A Full Delorean sound back and Bttf Sound files to go with the movement and operations of the car So far this is in EARLY Beta mode take a look at my Teaser Trailer Down Below to see that this, is not just one of those Bumper car model replacements that was released a few weeks ago, this is a fully working gull winged door Delorean A quick showcase of the Delorean Vehicle Model **EDIT**This mod is now officially in BETA MODE 0.1 download links can be found here New showcase video https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/back-to-the-future-delorean-time-machine
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