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Found 171 results

  1. deltaCJ

    [SA] HD Weapon Icons

    This would work very well with the remastered Radar Icons ______________________________________________________________________ My First texture mod! In school I have been taking a Graphic Arts Class, so I wanted to try it out in SA I have made amazing progress so far, as I have gotten through half of the weapons. I made half of the weapons a few sizes too big (Almost 1024 x 1024, sorry i'm an idiot D:) (I might even throw in a few remastered screens, and might even make a III themed wallpaper!) Here are the weapons I have so far: I know it's been done before ,but I thought eh, what the hell. Wallpaper (I made it like VCS) Will be released when all icons are done. (they will all be in TXD)
  2. San Andreas BFTP(Blast From The Past) is a mod focusing on cut or changed content in GTA San Andreas. Everything that has proof of existence in the Beta(or Alpha) of the game is being restored. The main point is all of those great things that made the cut to be restored - map, characters, missions and other features. Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for updates! Blackalien - Leader Savidge - Textures Designer Junior_Djjr - Scripting Help Brooklynzsmac - Miscellaneous @Kalvin - Knowledge @LINK/2012 - Open Limit Adjuster @Silent - Extended Gang Wars @_F_ - Rigged Cutscene Characters WIP TBA UNTOUCHED Props Map Vehicles Clothes Weapons Peds and Characters Script Miscellaneous @ZAZ @BMWSauberF1.08 @Reyks @Jeansowaty @Ss4gogeta0 @fabio3
  3. ms1991


    GTA SA: MANHATTAN STYLE​ hi I'm starting to make new map for gta sa manhattan island from NYC soon I will make Brooklyn & Bronx ,new jersey I will make it looks like real life not like GTA IV :LC map manhattan time will be at th70s I will add the old WTC XD the map: what I have done:
  4. This mod changes the radar blips of missions into mission giver's head i.e., the character's head who gave the mission. This mod is inspired by a post in Grand Theft Auto 3D topic, I got inspired by that and decided to make one for San Andreas. I want to thank GTA 3D team for their effort. Image shown in GTA 3D, Mod in San Andreas, I made two version, one just gives the image of the mission blips and another gives the default hud.txd in which the mission blips textures are changed. Download Links To-do List Name of the fonts which I used in the pictures: Orange Juice is used in "A Mod inspired......" California is used in the logo (I thank SA's Most Wanted for giving me the link for it) Pricedown is used in the GTA 3D image Diploma is used in the San Andreas image Peace!
  5. Well, I guess the title says by itself This is my first foray into the topic of image editing, so I will take time to take it regularly. Description I know there are a lot of pages where some artworks of these remastered games, but not everyone respects the original (the game), and there are some who even made them. That's what I want to do in this case. Detailed description 1) All (or most) of the artworks games, remastered. 2) The artworks, resized to widescreen. 3) I will include the console versions as well. (Especially the main screens). Attention! As the first attempt of editing the images, most alone will be resized only. Now, I leave you an example of how they'll look. Downloads Warning To function properly, they must have the add-on called "Widescreen Fixes Pack" installed Here is the link: http://gtaforums.com/topic/547841-gtanfsmpother-widescreen-fixes-pack/ The credit is for @ThirteenAG.
  6. **I have permission to create a new topic so I dont clutter the official SAxVCxLC topic.** Im happy to present a version of MTA that allows you to play a map with all 3 Renderware era cities(SA, VC, and LC) online! There is still an signed limit with MTA that prevents us from fully utilizing the id limit hacks provided by FLA, so I've had to make some changes to the original SAxVCxLC. The map included in this build is the same map from build 0.06a, but some of the LC ids have changed to now use original unused SA ids. There have also been some changes to the .img files. This game should still be playable in single player but its intent is mostly multiplayer. I will still focus on the single player map in the other topic. There is one official server currently up. The install includes the server files so feel free to host your own servers! Map(Click to Enlarge): Media: Download: Mirror 1 - Mega.nz(Includes the SAxVCxLC(MTA compatible build) and MTA Installer) (Updated 1/24/2016 - files in original download were missing) Install Instructions(found in the readme): Step 1. Simply Drag All the files form "put_in_sa_root" into a directory with a new/clean install of GTA:San Andreas. Allow replacement of any required files. Step 2. Once the files have been placed into a GTA: San Andreas directory run the "INSTALL - SAxVCxLC.bat" file. **Let the archives rebuild - the window will close by itself once its done.** Step 3: Run the MTA installer(mtasa-1.6.0-SAxVCxLC-01.exe). Make sure to set you SAxVCxLC(MTA compatible build) as your default SA game directory. Once you start up the game go Settings->Multiplayer and check "Use customized GTA:SA files." (Set your Username in Settings as well) ***If step 2 DOES NOT WORK then you must do this:*** - Open up gta3.img delete "fences.txd" and all of the radar*.txd files(radar01.txd-radar63.txd) - Rebuild "gta3.img" - Add all the files inside "models\addToImg\" to "gta_int.img" - Rebuild "gta_int.img" If the above does not work either just download this gta_int.img and replace your existing one inside "\models." Official Server(will also appear ingame under the Internet tab on the Server Browser): SAxVCxLC Official Server - mtasa:// Special Thanks: Everyone credited in the SAxVCxLC topic. Fastman92 - helping with initial debugging of MTA. MTA Team - for making MTA and making it open source. Russell_Stone - for hosting the official server! LINK 2012 - help with debugging the last issue. IgorX - helping test. Enjoy!
  7. Tost

    Tost Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop, i will exclusively post Lua script in order to gain programming skills. To make Lua scripts work you just have to download moonloader and put LUA files in the moonloader folder. If you don't have Moonloader here's a link. https://libertycity.ru/files/gta-san-andreas/103452-moonloader-0.2.1.html My scripts Change car name This is a mod i created in order to change car names as easily as ever you don't need to download GXT Editor anymore for cars. A tutorial is provided in the script. Pics here: Rain noise fix This is a Lua version of the cleo rain noise fix mod. Pics here: Bike in front of CJ's house This is a little script that spawns a bike in front of cj's house. The bike on the screenshot is a custom bike... Pic here: More aggressive gang This script makes other gang more aggressive when you're in a car they will kick it and push it etc... Credits : Silent Link here: Access every houses With this script you can access every houses and there is a special feature if your wanted level is great than 2 stars you can't hide in your safehouses and if it is greater than 3 stars you can't access any interior... Link here: Fire on the oven at nice personlin' Bell The title speak for itself... Credits: bipolarbear for making the original cleo script I just converted it in Lua link to his mod http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/106039-beta-mod-ovens-catch-on-fire Pic here: Fire like gta 4 Now your car will get on fire like in gta 4 (Script inspired by the cleo one..) Helmet when riding a bike Now CJ will wear an helmet like in gta 4 (Script inspired by the cleo one..) More parked cars around every cities This script will add at least 80+ vehicles around the map.. Big Project (Alpha) Project Info : This is a script that will recreate random stuff (like in gta V) when loading a game instead of CJ spawning in a savepoint I still don't know how long it will take but one day it will come out..
  8. GTA San Andreas - HD Radio icons These icons are transparent in 512x and looks good with GTA 5 HUD Bugs: None Author: ClassicBG (Bonus) HD Radio icons for GTA IV radio HUD CHECK OUT! http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28759
  9. Ezekiel

    GTA SA Remastered Characters

    DOWNLOAD LEGACY DOWNLOAD ped_spec.asi By DK22Pac for glitch Fix GTA SA Forever
  10. Ezekiel

    GTA SA CJ 👵 Remastered

    DOWNLOAD LEGACY REMASTERED by Ezekiel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFphp4t7KZc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM6nh-LE5XY TATTOS
  11. brand new effects with quick and simple particles realistic and natural - playable remaster ➡ effects.txd particle.txd effects.fxp Low Quality Textures 32-256 px Ezekiel = Effects.txd - Effects.fxp Junior_Djjr = Cleo Coder / making this mod 100x better Special Thanks @FunctionX fxp Legend / Learned so much from his fxp - how,what to edit and what not @Reyks for testing and supporting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC4_N83s_YI&feature=youtu.be DOWNLOAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a81BkEbjNv8
  12. Feast King

    Grand Theft Auto SV(Super Five)

    Grand Theft auto gta SV.I named sv as super five as i want to convert gta sa to gta V.I have made gta SV version 2 and V3 is WIP. V2 is released in Lucknow,India.If any one is from city montessori school he can write in forum with his address.I will contact soon.GTA SV V3 is releasing on 2nd july 2017.
  13. ™BOSS™

    GTA San Andreas Dutch Language pack

    By this one i will release my first and Actually the first one ever in GTA *GTA San Andreas Dutch Language *V0.0.5 *Compatible with: GTA San Andreas [topic=http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28571]GTASan Andreas Dutch Language Pack[/topic] Status: Incomplete Version: V0.0.5
  14. YourCreatedHell

    Project Oblivion Revivals

    -------------------------------- DOWNLOAD ----------------- Project Oblivion Revivals (C-POR-1) - 09.09.2016 Скачать/Download -------------- Author of the modification Project Oblivion Revivals and idea: YourCreatedHell Author of the original Project Oblivion 2010 HQ: kromvel и Black Hole. Project Oblivion Revivals - remaster popular modification of vegetation Project Oblivion 2010 HQ, created on the basis of technical solutions created on the basis of technical solutions Behind Space Of Realities project. In concept, it was necessary to correct all the errors of the previous modification, complete and change. Project Oblivion Revivals - is an analogue of the project Behind Space Of Realities. It has the same technical features as Behind Space Of Realities and can use parts of vegetation from Behind Space Of Realities. Influenced and inspired modifications Project Oblivion, YourCreatedHell made its modification Behind Space Of Realities. Over time, Behind Space Of Realities changed and acquired many of its features, Project Oblivion has stopped its development in 2010. Modification repeats view of obsolete Project Oblivion 2010 HQ. Remaster has undergone major changes. Almost all models are made from scratch and nothing remains of the original Project Oblivion.
  15. Jack

    STAR 7

    THIS MOD IS DEPRECATED. USE Wanted Level Editor instead. Outdated version: This is the main site for the STAR7 mod. Here you can view latest updates or maybe post your questions or new STAR 7 ideas. If you have any problems with this mod please do not hasitate to ask for help. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ GTA SA UPDATE 03.04.2016 [sTAR7 FOR SA VERSION 1.9]: Download Link - gtagarage - STAR 7 was mixing with other stars in wanted level - corrected, - if you're driving a ground vehicle - 5 hydras will attack you (it was 2 in the last version), - if you're flying an aircraft - the number of hydras will slowly increase to max 40, - cop from boat will appear on the boat when the star is below 7 with the pistol. Since the version 1.8 have errors I strongly recomend to download the latest version - 1.9 and overwrite the old one. You can visit my youtube channel (which will lead you to mod showrooms) to be to be updated about all of my wanted level modifications: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFOnEYrlUq-caoB8-Wb4f2w ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ STAR 7 [sA] version 1.8 UPDATE 28.03.16 New stuff: - There're 7 enforcement vehicles on the ground, - New vehicles are able to start vigiilante mission even in some aircrafts, - Machine guns added to the new enforcement aircrafts, - Fighter jets will now attack not just the player's aircraft but also all other types of player's vehicles, - motorbike cop will have a partner, - Las Venturas cop car will have 4 officers instead of 2. The code works only at 7th star. If your WL status drops below 7th star everything else should be returned as it was before the code started. Some screens: *********************************************************************** GTA SA UPDATE 21.03.2016 [sTAR7 FOR SA VERSION 1.7]: - color change for the stars, - new vehicles will attack on the ground, - new roadblocks, - new vehicles will be capable to start a Vigilante mission, - new (old) enemy - Army + NSA agents, - added shooters on some vehicles - turret, - Hydra and other plane recreation timer addresses corrected, - Hydra still attacks in a large scale while flying - max 30 aircraft will attack you after a while... GTA SA UPDATE 04.02.2016: All vehicles from this mod are created by the game only (not by a script). I've always wanted to make a decent wantedLevel mod involving Hydra attack and this is the best I can do. This extra star mod was originaly meant to be only for GTAIII & VC. Later I decided to make it for SA... So why would you try this mod again when I already made it for GTA SA? Well, the original SA STAR7 mod have many problems such as: - all wanted level ground vehicles from STAR 7 were made by me and not by the game, - the mod has too many codes instead of just one [or two], - police boat patrols [predator - game created] are disabled, - wanted level 7 in the air is still the same - 2 hydras and police helicopter... So here's the improved version: - all game created vehicles are now enabled at 7th star (including WL boats), - there are no vehicles created by the script - everything is game related, - increased the maxWantedLevelChaos limit, - increased the limit of max HYDRA planes created by wanted level system, - if you're driving a car on the open road or somewhere else outside the cities (like rural areas, highways...) only one HYDRA will attack your car [also game created], - only tanks will be present (army trucks will show up only on roadblocks), - instead of the NSA agents I bring back the soldiers again and not just in cars but also on foot, - if you go to the restricted areas like military zones or if you leave the town at the start of the game - you will get 7 stars, - max wanted level will always be 7, - standard cheats for wanted level are still active, however six star cheats like 'BRINGITON' will activate 7 stars, - besides them I added 4 new cheats: - STAR7 - STAR6 - STAR5 - CLEAR It's obvious what they do right? Install: Just extract all files from my archive into the modloader/CLEO directory: [if you're using the old version of STAR 7 mod for GTA SA then you should remove it]. Supported game version: GTA SA 1.0 HOODLUM Credits: To modify cheats I used this cheat table created by fastman92 There're many ways to modify this code so it might be possible that STAR 8 will be released as a new WL mod in the future.
  16. Presenting their work.Was done about two years ago for GTA San Andreas.The model is almost completed,and there to fix bugs
  17. Do you have any scripts? I only know a cheat but with weapons. I'll appreciate it. I'm creating a better zombie mod than Biohzard Alert. The feel will be like playing Left 4 Dead but you know what happens when a whole city is infected and using the GTA engine.
  18. Dr.Deathwish


    Weapons Sounds Mod Pack Download in video description To install use modloader or Alcis SAAT GUI FrontEnd Weapons Sounds Pack Converted by DrDeathwish ENJOY
  19. The_Human

    [SA] L33T SPE4K

    This is a mod which I'm working for about an hour and made some significant process, it's still in WIP stage. This changes default SA language to L33T SPE4K which hackers' use, Google even offers this language as your display. After researching a while in this language, I thought "Why not make this as SA's default language?" and started working on it. Process: Font in the background is V Font. I need to change the font's color to white and one more has to be done. Made using GIMP 2.8. I'll try to work as fast as possible. Hope you guys like my idea.
  20. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas In the Mexico Border In the Mexico border, is a Mod for the GTA San Andreas, this mod adds, some towns south of Los Santos, the city of San Dario (parody of San Diego), and Ciudad de la Patria (parody of Tijuana) Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/vCOed (That's my First map mod, i are using only the tool "MED") *edited in 19/08/2016
  21. LudovicoDev

    Custom Track Race

    Hello all, today I want show you a my new little mod, add 10 tracks model in your GTA San Andreas, with MeD 0.21 you can own your Custom map track race. Download : HERE Trailer of Mod "01:46"
  22. Edit 12/30/16: This topic will now be for concept art models you can give me a cool clothing concept and i will put it on a character of your choice or i will make one myself Dont worry Spike (my friend on steam) ill still make a HD tommy With my permission and please give the link to your mod page when uploaded Thanks. I will start with whatever model gets the most Yes! votes first
  23. Tired of listening to the same old songs over and over? Ever wanted to listen to more songs with higher quality? Radio Reborn (for short, RR) replaces every single radio station, adding new and popular genres with more than 30 soundtracks per station! including new commercials! Preview: Abduction Talk Radio Do you feel like someone is watching you 24/7? Do you want answers? You may find them here... Replaces: WCTR Genre: Talk Radio Breeze 103.8 Let the Breeze help you forget about everything. Just relax. Replaces: CSR 103.9 Genre: Electronic - Tropical house - drum and bass Dubstep cat FM Let the Dubstep cat blow your mind with some highly irregular tracks. Replaces: Bounce FM Genre: EDM - Dubstep - Electro house - Post-hardcore - Complextro - Moombahcore - Electronic rock Flash 88.4 FM Jump into the time machine and Flash back into the 80s and just bump your head up n' down. Replaces: K-Jah West Genre: Pop - Pop rock - New Wave - Synthpop Ironic 98.2 Take a trip back to black and white era and enjoy the classic music of the past. Replaces: Master Sounds 98.3 Genre: Jazz - Classic Mesmerize Rock Radio Don't glance nor listen to this one, it sucks you right in. Replaces: Radio-X Genre: Hard rock - Heavy metal MiX CoRn Shove your hands into the Mix Corn, every corn is a new taste. Replaces: SF-UR Genre: Hip-hop - House pop - Progressive House - Deep House Podcasted Just shut your mouth and let it get you all Podcasted. Replaces: Playback FM Genre: Funk - R&B - Groove - Disco - Post-disco Riot Radio Are you a rebel? Then listen to these before going on a strike. Replaces: K-Rose Genre: Country - Country Pop - Country Rock Toxicity It's all Toxic, no one understands until they are drowning in it's swamp. Replaces: K-DST Genre: Alternative metal Thug Life Radio They see me rollin', they hate it... Replaces: Radio Los Santos Genre: Gangsta Rap - West Coast hip-hop - Hip-Hop/Rap Share your thoughts opinions, genres and soundtracks which you'd like to see in Radio Reborn!
  24. Hey there! First off, I'm fairly certain this is the wrong forum I'm posting to. I tried posting in GTA San Andreas general forum, but the topic was locked and the mod told me to post in Modding section instead. So here I am. I want to present you a CS:GO-based Grove Street remake. Specifically remake of the GTA SA version, not GTA V one. Screenie: Now I'm also ready to provide you a download link for the latest version: https://mega.nz/#!ixBgXSbR!zymEXI0-uvQa_Q1zpDouO0WRkEPPeYIhbgXjCcIjE_E This particular map will be Hide and Seek, but the layout can be used for any other game mode, though it's not large enough for Bomb Defuse / Hostage Rescue. I'd like to hear your opinions on this. This street is my second home, I've had an idea of porting it to CS:S before for a long time, and nowadays (after Rockstar released GTA V with a joke of a street instead of Grove) there seems to be even more reasons to make something like this.
  25. I'm working on the bodyguards and enemies but I have have street thugs, saints (ballas), strippers from Thrjan Whores (like their from the helicopters, morningstars (rival gang) so far but you will watch the bodyguards attack the enemies if it's possible to make a multiplayer style like AIs in different teams but if the players survive that he has less health than the bodyguards. In fact that WWE models could be use for HECK1 and HECK2 using modloader because he doesn't talk so will replace him. Enemy's Experience against the Saints Do you think the warrior experience with his rifle? He can kill any saints but he's so much deadly if the players get involved before the warrior will kill the players first mostly the second player is the ultimate target. I also spawn strippers at the airport like I bring the strippers to the airport in Saints Row: The Third since I was playing Thjran Whores mission for 4 years as they're invincible an d cannot be killed. Here's a preview: Download Saints Backup and Bodyguards and Enemies: Saints Backup + Morningstar Enemies: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28223 Bodyguards and Enemies: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28222

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