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Found 189 results

  1. All 3 cities in one map! Hey guys here is a project I have been working on the past couple of months. I shared a video about it in fastmans limit adjuster topic a while back and now I'm finally ready for a public release. In a couple of weeks I wont really have much time to work on it anymore, so I figured I might as well release it before it goes to waste. I do not like writing long posts so I'll get straight to the point. Latest Download: For the latest download of the mod please visit our GitHub Page. Download Links Stable Build: https://github.com/goodidea82/SAxVCxLC/tree/master Experimental Build: https://github.com/goodidea82/SAxVCxLC/tree/Experimental To-do list: https://github.com/goodidea82/SAxVCxLC/issues/18 Bug list: https://github.com/goodidea82/SAxVCxLC/issues/17 About: SAxVCxLC basically adds Vice City and Liberty City into the San Andreas map with the use of fastman92's limit adjuster. In addition to adding VC and LC, I have also created a new seafloor to cover the much larger map and there is now a temporary land addition north of Liberty City. Maybe eventually I will make something up there but for now its just there so that the LC cliffs do not just abruptly end. The mod works with an original main.scm, although I have only tested the first couple of missions. Since it doesn't change any of the original game files, I don't see why it would not work throughout the whole story line. Important Note: I do not intend to have this mod be competition for SOL/Underground. We have two different goals. SOL/Underground intends to create a much more immersive mod, while the intention of my release is to provide modders with a base to build their own mods. This mod is intended to be free for anyone to use. If you wish to use these files to create your own mod, feel free to do so, all I ask is that you give credit. Media(Screenshots/Videos): I'm sure most of you have already seen all of the cities in this mod, but here are a few screenshots of how VC and LC look in this mod. San Andreas has been left untouched, so no point of showing it. Album available here: http://imgur.com/a/D2Io8/all Map Interior Testing(Cleo script) Old test(Build 0.4) I'll add more videos eventually. Main Author: PlatinumSerb Credits/Special Thanks: fastman92 - Limit Adjuster, IMG Console, Debugging goodidea82 - Infrastructure, Installation HeicoDE - Development 8.5+ inan.ahammad - added garages in VC, testing/bug reporting artginPL - ENEX/Interior Markers, Patches, Conversion of music for radio Swoorup - PathMover, COLRenamer(old program ), Conversion of LC and VC paths GTA: Liberty City Team - Use of GTA:LC map OpenVice(NTAuthority) - Use of Vice City map Silent - ASI Loader and Extended Gangs ASI F - use of GTA VC cars Converted to SA CJ2000 - use of GTA VC and III vehicles Kam - Kam's Max Scripts Deniska - 3dmax script pack x-men - 3dmax scripts/IMG Manager CLEO Team ThirteenAG - Project2dfx Beckerbrasil - testing/bug reporting Junior_Djjr - Overhaul of CLEO scripts ZAZ - some of his CLEO mods were crucial for debugging/getting around the map. X-Seti - original concept of combining GTA III era cities so he deserves a shout out Squad - testing/bug reporting, map fixes Crspy - modloader installation fix Beckerbrasil - testing/bug reporting This mod wouldn't be possible without these great people/mods. Thank you. Thank you Rock* Games Latest Download: For the latest download of the mod please visit our GitHub Page. Download Links Stable Build: https://github.com/goodidea82/SAxVCxLC/tree/master Experimental Build: https://github.com/goodidea82/SAxVCxLC/tree/Experimental
  2. nWo51289

    OpenBull - Bullworth Town in SA

    OpenBull is a map conversion that converts the map of Bullworth Town from Bully: Scholarship Edition (PC Version) to GTA San Andreas Modloader is HIGHLY recommended! Drag & Drop "OpenBull" folder into the Modloader folder, enable in settings and play! You can install the 'old fashion way' but I will not give any assistance! fastman92's Limit Adjuster is required!. Can I use the map in my mod? Yes you can! Its called 'OpenBull' for a reason What has been converted? The terrain & props. Interiors are coming shortly. This is converted straight from Bully to SA without any bug fixing. Will you convert the map to VC, III? No, but you are more than welcome to do that! Will you convert characters? No just the map Are there traffic? No. I will look into doing traffic in the future Are there bugs? There are col issues which will be addressed and missing windows (They are not missing, they are in the ocean somewhere!) Why are there missing terrain? That's because the player in the Bully game was never intended to go to those areas or see as well has some objects not having collision Coming very soon! Rockstar Games Rich Whitehouse - Noesis @cj2000 - col converter, R* texture converter @fastman92 - fprocessor, IMG Limit Adjuster @DK22Pac - MagicTXD @LINK/2012 - Modloader @ZAZ - Clean main.scm
  3. SlingShot753

    SlingShot753's Workshop

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my Workshop. After getting courage, I decided to create this topic to post some of my work that I have been doing just for my own I'd like to share with you guys. I mainly focus on skin of peds, but sometimes I do other stuff too, but not vehicles (because my skills are really bad, but maybe someday, who knows?). Okay, enough talk! Check out below:
  4. YOEL_44

    Map textures fix

    OMG the PC release of San Andreas is full of texture bugs and incosistencies, and that's the point of this mod, fixing those texture and unifying the style of them. No more rare PS2 textures on PC No more unfitting textures or colors Re-added some textures that were better on PS2 (ex: SF smoking guy) Completelly redone texture and txd files that were copy-pasted from PS2 LOL As all my texture mods completelly mip-mapped and compressed The files that overlap with SA Vegetation Original Quality have got the vegetation textures merged into the new *.txd-s NEW Some vehicle textures have been fixed and/or improved Some examples: EXCLUSIVE San Fierro smoking guy: PC quality + PS2 colors EXCLUSIVE Never seen but hidden in game files weights PC textures + mobile static bike VINEWOOD lod now fits with the normal one EXCLUSIVE The Truth's no trespass signs finally fixed (in v3.0 with more resolution and better mapping than this \/) EXCLUSIVE Los Santos hotel window lights (thanks to Tomasak) EXCLUSIVE Canopies now with texture EXCLUSIVE Chinatown people will enjoy a brand new texture alpha Correctly blending textures in all three cities Just replace the TXDs in the right IMG Version 3.0 for final user (06-03-2015)(67mb 7-zip) Version 3.0 for developers (06-03-2015)(142mb 7-zip)(doesn't include vehicles, they're editable in TXD Workshop) Blackbird88's fix (fixed two textures)
  5. In San Andreas Rewind we strive to deliver the most authentic beta experience at the highest quality possible. Our team has been working hard for about a year analyzing every change then restoring the tiniest and most challenging details. In the mod we will restore most of the changes that are possible including missions, map, vehicles, pedestrians, clothes and weapons. (Click to Enlarge) Promotional videos are currently unavailable. Map Design and Scripting Rented Character Design Brooklynzsmac Yhdf Coding Xinerki Vehicle Design JohhnyK Texture Artist Savidge Special Thanks To Everyone that has contributed to this topic with their time and research. Silent for SilentPatch & ExGangWars TheHero for SkyGFX Alexander Blade for SCM and EXE Editing Tools fastman92 for VAL Welcome to the database where you can follow our progress. Please keep in mind that these images may not represent the final product. Also keep in mind that we use the database to see what to do next so if you think we are missing out something feel free to share. **Note** Designed to keep track of development, vehicle list is outdated!!! Key: WIP | Untouched Missions Vehicles Props Map ★ Characters and Peds Scripting and Coding Weapons Fronted Clothes
  6. "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PC Edition" is a Total Conversion Modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, attempting to bring you a port that Rockstar never gave you. In this modification we will be converting the map, characters, vehicles and weapons from the ORIGINAL game files and remastering content where applicable as well as porting the games weather system and atmosphere. In this modification will also be a set amount of storyline missions and side missions which will increase with each mainline BETA release, other things will also be available such as a redesigned menu, new neon lights, HUD, radio stations, etc as well as an attempt to look through the history of the game and bring back some BETA designs as a special bonus for you. The last mainline public release is BETA3, code-named "Blue Hesper" and the latest WIP build is E3 2018, so be sure to give that a download and check it out! We hope you enjoy the mod and we will do our best to keep working on it. Just a reminder though, there's only a few of us actually working on this project so we do NOT know when or if we'll ever be finished but we will keep you all updated. In the meantime, enjoy our current work and spread your support! -VCS Team Latest WIP Build: E3 2018 Rockstar Vision Google Drive MEGA Green = Converted from Original Game Files Pink = Remastered
  7. Mysterdogg

    Madness Arsenal

    Hey everyone, Mysterdogg here! this time, inspired by my recent weapon releases, but also modders like Millenia (aka GTANemesis), Crowz616 & Ezekiel (aka Joshua Harlow), have decided to make my own weapon "pack" with a fancy name and design. I've already made some small weapon packs (of no more than 6 weapons) but nothing like this before (more than 40 weapons) so I'm really excited about the result and possible impact in modding! About the weapons, most of the models are from P3DM.ru & GameBanana.com so the credits will be for the respective rippers & modelers, there are also some models made or ripped by me (in case you wonder their provenance) and finally, a few made by others. Coming really soon! General Electric M-134 "Minigun" Benelli M4 "M1014"
  8. Inadequate

    PS2 Features To PC

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2 Features To PC _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, for some reason Rockstar Games has ported the PS2 version to PC with a potato. So, since that happened the game has lost a lot of features and things such as control settings, vehicle reflections, sun effects and more, things that has been seen for the first time on the PS2. With those modifications listed below you will bring back a 99.9% percent of the PS2 feeling with a few clicks! _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Required modifications download: Features download:
  9. Grinch_

    Project Props

    Project Details Project Props is a mod project which seeks to provide the 3D era GTA San Andreas a little touch of realism by increasing map details by adding objects.It's sad that R* couldn't give a high details to these maps because of the technical limitations of consoles of that time, PS/PS2 and ended up leaving empty map in some parts. The purpose of this mod is to simply add objects to give more life to the game , making it realistic & immersed. Screen Shots For more screenshots visit here Download Links SA Build VC Build SAxVCxLC VC Build Due to the forum issues you might not be able to go to the link just by clicking.Copy the address and paste it in your address bar. Note:All other download links are outdated and mostly won't be updated.Download from here to get the latest releases.
  10. Dobrov


    It's modification adds a map of GTA 5 and GTA 4 in GTA SA. * Done 70% * IV map - 100% * V map - 50% The mod is being developed by two people: Onyx45654pArik and Andrey Dobrov. Soon the first beta release, i think you must know about this mod. Full realease in summer. Please, subscribe for our group in VK: http://vk.com/v2saxiv2sa #### Screenshots made by XMakarusX with SA_DirectX:
  11. nWo51289


    SA LODless is a modification that removes all of the LODs from SA and also increase draw distances for all of the HQ models in game. This is achieved by transferring HQ models from Binary IPLs for every sector of the map and transfer the IPL lines to its IPL counterpart and then deleting the LOD lines. Binary IPLs used by main.scm & interiors are left intact. This modification is compatible with the default main.scm, SAMP and numerous different cleo scripts, map mods etc. - Extract the files in put_to_root_of_gta_sa to your game directory - Double click on SA_LODless.bat and let it do its job! It will only transfer LODS to SAMPCOL.img for compatibility with SAMP if the SAMP folder exists - Done! - NOTE: You need to install this on a clean copy of GTA SA! - Download the latest versions of Fastman92 Limit Adjuster & SALodLights.asi from Project2DFX - Open fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini and SALodLights.ini and make the following amendments: fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini SALodLights.ini Can I install this using Modloader? Yes! - Create a folder in Modloader and copy gta3.img from your models folder to the newly created folder for this mod - Follow the steps above - While loading the game, when the loading bar reaches the end there will be a few seconds of waiting before entering in game. This will take longer if you have texture mods installed. This is because the game is preloading the map before you spawn. - When entering a interior and the game plays the animation of entering through the door, you won't see any buildings as LODs are by default loaded. Hopefully sorting this problem will be as simple as _DK's binthesky.cs script along with the problem above. What is the difference between SA_LODless & .LOD Mod by @BLlTZ? .LOD Mod replaces LODs with their HQ counterparts while LODless simply just removes them Why do we need this when we already have SALodLights by @ThirteenAG? SALodLights hides the LODs from view which makes them useless and taking up useless space & IDs What is 'LoadMap.cs'? LoadMap is a cleo script which includes the binthesky fix by @DK22Pac, increases ped/vehicle LOD distances & preloads the map before you spawn. If you want more control over these, download LoadWholeMap & MixSets by @Junior_Djjr SA_LODless 1.1.7 changelog Other Downloads SA_LODless 1.1.7b changelog (SA_LODless 1.1.7 combined with Things To Do In SA Version 1.5.1) @ThirteenAG & @LINK/2012 - Project2DFX @DK22Pac - binthesky @fastman92 - fastman92 IMG Console, fastman92 Limit Adjuster & fastman92 processor Igor Pavlov - 7zip You may modify, re-release, pretty much do whatever you want with this mod without my permission. All I ask is for you to mention me in your credits. If not, oh well not a big deal
  12. Junior_Djjr


    VehFuncs is a asi mod for GTA SA which aims to bring new functions to vehicle mods similar to Improved Vehicle Features and Active Dashboard so replacing my old mod Enhanced Functions. See the disclosure post here. Since the mod focuses on 3D modelers, I will leave here only a summary of each function. To better understand what it is and how it works, click on the links below: Recursive Extras - featured New extra variation system that uses recursive logic to create part variations for cars, bikes etc. The new system breaks all old limits, as well as providing new controls on how the model will vary. It's possible to vary the entire model using this, including wheels. Characteristics Possibility to apply personalized characteristics inside the vehicle's .dff, for example paintjob, driver, dirt level etc. This is super powerful when used in conjunction with Recursive Extras, for example applying a paintjob if an extra is applied. Digital Speedometer You can create digital speedometers on dashboard of the car, bikes etc. This is the first speedometer for GTA SA that uses real calculation based on wheel rotation. [video] Engine/exhaust vibrating You can make a engine, exhaust or other part vibrate with the engine. The vibration uses perlin noise for a natural effect and suffers reactions with acceleration [vídeo] Part rotating with pedals Formerly known as "enh_scoop", but now supporting configurable XYZ rotation. It's a part that rotates with the gas or brake pedal, being useful for several cases. Bike footpegs Footpegs opening/closing if someone is riding or on the rump. Fix: Material Colors Stop using that textures colors "black", "white", "red" etc!!! Fix: Vehicles adapted to IVF You don't use ImVehFt but downloaded a car adapted to it and got colored lights? VehFuncs will fix this for you. Functional Hitch Hitch that works on any vehicle (not on bikes, yet? The rest wasn't tested). No bugs; No limitations (like other mods); Compatible with other mods like this; No additional files. Spinning Parts You can add parts that rotates with engine rotation, or fans. See the complete wiki: How to adapt a vehicle to VehFuncs? The mod is still in the testing phase and may have problems. Tell anything. VehFuncs uses GSX (Garage Save eXtender) by @fabio3 to save the additional information in the garage, which is also in the testing phase. f_shake + f_gas + f_gear = Uses: - download the tractor and cart here, great for learn how they were made - Have you adapted a vehicle? Share! It is necessary to have VehFuncs installed on your GTA SA in order to use cars adapted to it. Thanks to plugin-sdk contributors for making this much easier to do. Check upcoming functions. Author: @Junior_Djjr Mod GSX, helps, Hitch: @fabio3 Thanks to: _F_, Avant, xXKenBlockXx, dxivilea Version: v0.8.3 beta (08/01/19 - DD/MM/YY) (DOWNLOAD) Official thread on my forum (portuguese)
  13. Hey there everyone! Mysterdogg here, I've made this topic for showing you which could be the biggest CLEO project I've ever made, it's been actually here in the forums for a few months, but I kept it in my workshop almost like a secret because it was a regular script, not so relevant and full of bugs but my constant work with almost daily improvements and new versions led me to this, let's check it out! (Video made with v1.6.4, more videos of WiP versions & features in my YT channel) The main idea for making this mod was to give those users that wanted a dedicated mod for the GTA V crosshair system an alternative to DK's GTA V hud. My goal at the same time was not to entirely recreate the system of GTA V but instead make a mod that was inspired on it, letting me add the functions & features that most modern games have that I wanted to see in my game. Expect new versions since there are still a lot of things to improve, add and change. - Compatibility with the in-game controls. - Unique crosshairs for the main weapons. -Unique crosshairs for selected vehicles. - Fully customizable settings. - Different available presets. - Compatibility with added weapons & vehicles*. - Compatibility with the default aiming settings. -Support for custom presets. -Support for custom textures. - Kill marker feature. - *new* Blood on-screen feature. - *new* Aiming extra zoom feature. -Static textures. *- Limited compatibility with added models. - Partially compatible with the story mode. - Mixsets. - Silentpatch. - IMFX. - Magic TXD. v1.6.5 coming soon! v1.6.4 Optional Presets for v1.6.4 In the ReadMe file & INI file, you will find a detailed changelog but also useful information for learning how to manage the mod. If you have any problem or issue don't forget to first check those files before posting it here. Feel free to post your ideas, suggestions, feedback, requests & even contributions, just don't forget to follow the Forums Rules. Sniper Scopes: Optional Presets:
  14. hello how to make a mod menu for gta san andreas you can admire the mod menu and trainers for gta 4 or gta v you would like to do such a mod menu and you do not know how I made an example base for you maybe not such a example because it has a configuration file You will be checking out exactly and you will understand I will tell you about the benefits very stable, unfortunately, it's true Modern It has ini file where you can set start key colors of panels the size of the panels positions on the screen increasing options and reducing 2 selectable dial options spacing of panels and text better to let the viewer know what the script is Now I will tell you what you have to do because this is a mod menu for self-assembly you must write what options you will have 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item1" text "...... here ........" / / items and create some commands, but that's your idea the command is up from line 0321 to line 0401 in the editor I advise you for not experimenting because the script will eat you but this is just info for novices maybe you want to correct me or advise me I'm waiting for your comment awesome designs must have licenses that the author and his projects should be respected ban, publishing without my signature ban, use in samp and mta Prohibition, conversion to android and publishing unless only with my signature a ban on selling a script a ban, bragging on youtube unless only with my signature If you accept licenses, enjoy if not, so you do not accept my rules it means that you do not respect me and my work goodbye //source //recomended use on cleo {$CLEO .cs} //-------------MAIN--------------- thread "mod_menu" 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "ite1" text "dv hax v1.2" //logo 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "ite2" text "~1~/~1~" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item1" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item2" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item3" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item4" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item5" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item6" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item7" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item8" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item9" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "itema" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "itemb" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "itemc" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "itemd" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "iteme" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "itemf" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item10" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item11" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item12" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item13" text "add gxt" //items info const count = [email protected] max_items = [email protected] rect_size_y = [email protected] spacing = [email protected] grsy = [email protected] pos_x = [email protected] gmi = [email protected] gpsx = [email protected] g_rs = [email protected] gpsxa = [email protected] pos_y = [email protected] rect_size_x = [email protected] sel_type = [email protected] items = [email protected] cath = [email protected] gpos_y = [email protected] vin_r = [email protected] vin_g = [email protected] vin_b = [email protected] vin_a = [email protected] sel_r = [email protected] sel_g = [email protected] sel_b = [email protected] start_key = [email protected] counter3 = [email protected] counter2 = [email protected] grsx = [email protected] end var max_items:int count:int end if 0AAB: file_exists "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" then 0AF0: start_key = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "start key" 0AF2: pos_x = read_float_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "posx start" 0AF2: pos_y = read_float_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "PosY start" 0AF2: rect_size_x = read_float_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "menu size" 0AF0: max_items = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "max items" 0AF2: spacing = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "spacing" 0AF0: sel_type = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "selector type" 0AF0: vin_r = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "vincr" 0AF0: vin_g = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "vincg" 0AF0: vin_b = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "vincb" 0AF0: vin_a = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "vinca" 0AF0: sel_r = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "selr" 0AF0: sel_g = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "selg" 0AF0: sel_b = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "selb" goto @heck_config else 0acd: "cant load menu config file" 10000 while 8AAB: file_exists "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" wait 0 end end :start repeat wait 0 until if 0ab0: start_key player.CanMove(0) = false items = 1 //first items [email protected] = 1 //flash state while true wait 0 0087: [email protected] = pos_y for count = 0 to max_items step 1 if count == 0 then 03F0: enable_text_draw 0 //void (calculation rect pos_y end size_y) 0093: gmi = integer max_items to_float 0087: rect_size_y = gmi 006b: rect_size_y *= spacing rect_size_y += 40.0 0087: grsy = rect_size_y grsy /= 2.0 0087: gpos_y = pos_y 005b: gpos_y += grsy //void (calculation rect pos_x and size_x) 0087: grsx = rect_size_x // (float) grsx /= 10.0 grsx *= 10.0 0087: gpsx = grsx // (float) gpsx /= 2.0 005b: gpsx += pos_x //---------------------------------------- 0087: gpsxa = gpsx // size --> h gpsxa /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 gpsxa *= 0.9 gpsxa -= 2.0 0087: [email protected] = gpsxa [email protected] /= 90.0 // h / 2.0 0087: [email protected] = [email protected] [email protected] += 10.0 033F: set_text_draw_letter_size [email protected] 1.0 060D: draw_text_shadow 1 0 0 0 200 0349: set_text_draw_font 3 0343: set_text_draw_linewidth 500.0 033E: set_draw_text_position gpsxa [email protected] "ite1" //void (draw a window) 038E: draw_box_position gpsx gpos_y rect_size_x rect_size_y vin_r vin_g vin_b vin_a //---------------------------------------------------- //void (draw the right frame bar) + items info 0087: g_rs = rect_size_x // size --> h g_rs /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 0087: gpsxa = gpsx 005b: gpsxa += g_rs // t + h 038E: draw_box_position gpsxa gpos_y size 1.5 rect_size_y RGBA sel_r sel_g sel_b vin_a 0087: gmi = gpsxa // size --> h gmi -= 40.0 0087: g_rs = rect_size_y g_rs /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 0087: [email protected] = gpos_y 005b: [email protected] += g_rs // t + h [email protected] -= 10.0 033F: set_text_draw_letter_size 0.4 0.5 060D: draw_text_shadow 1 0 0 0 200 //0349: set_text_draw_font 3 0343: set_text_draw_linewidth 500.0 045b: draw_text_1number gmi [email protected] GXT 'ite2' number items max_items //void (draw the left frame bar) 0087: g_rs = rect_size_x // posx --> t g_rs /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 0087: gpsxa = gpsx 0063: gpsxa -= g_rs // t - h 038E: draw_box_position gpsxa gpos_y size 1.5 rect_size_y RGBA sel_r sel_g sel_b vin_a //void (draw the up frame bar) 0087: g_rs = rect_size_y g_rs /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 0087: gpsxa = gpos_y 0063: gpsxa -= g_rs // t + h 038E: draw_box_position gpsx gpsxa size rect_size_x 1.5 RGBA sel_r sel_g sel_b vin_a //void (draw the down frame bar) 0087: g_rs = rect_size_y g_rs /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 0087: gpsxa = gpos_y 005b: gpsxa += g_rs // t + h 038E: draw_box_position gpsx gpsxa size rect_size_x 1.5 RGBA sel_r sel_g sel_b vin_a end if count > 0 then //void (selector func) 0340: set_text_draw_RGBA 255 255 255 180 if sel_type == 1 //(selector type 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create an ini file and paste it #--------------------------------- # menu config file by dv hack # #--------------------------------- # menu setings [config] start key = 77 #[integer] posx start = 14.0 #[float] PosY start = 80.0 #[float] menu size = 140.0 #[float] max items = 20 #[integer] spacing = 10.0 #[float] selector type = 2 #[integer 1 illuminated text 2 traditional selector] # menu customize color panel rgba all value [int] 0 to 255 vincr = 0 #[integer] r -->window vincg = 0 #[integer] g -->window vincb = 0 #[integer] b -->window vinca = 150 #[integer] a -->window selr = 200 #[integer] r -->scroller selg = 100 #[integer] g -->scroller selb = 0 #[integer] b -->scroller photo real
  15. Under new management This mod is a Total Conversion for III/VC and possibly SA that aims to bring the original Grand Theft Auto to the 3D era. While working on this, I will be trying to learn more about modding GTA III and Vice city. That said, help is always appreciated GTA Renderware Edition - III Progress: GTA Renderware Edition - VC Team Original Map - Ss4gogeta0 & Redreaper666 Collisions and editing - Sharpie_Eastern Porting & Ped Paths - Sharpie_Eastern Vehicles & Peds - deadman23 Audio - Ss4gogeta0 Radio Icons - Graven, FunkyRJ Progress: GTA Renderware Edition - SA Team Porting & Collisions - patczuch Additional Mapping - Parik Art - Jeansowaty Audio & Coding - Ss4gogeta0 Radio Icons - Graven, FunkyRJ Progress: GTA London - SA Team Porting & Collisions - patczuch Additional Mapping - Wakka387 Vehicles: Click to Join Click to Join Special Thanks CRAZYGTASAINT - For his contribution of files from his previous GTA 1 mod, I will be using some things test
  16. Forever L

    [SA] CS Actors: Mobile Hands

    We've all seen versions for mobile, and the remastered version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. We have seen all graphical improvements obtained in their new versions, and we want in our PC version look the same or similar. In this small Mod, I bring models with new hands, taken directly from the iOS version. All they had these models were some vertices that have been arranged by me. Moreover, there are models which even in these versions, not put them new hands. Here also I bring these models with their new hands, fully arranged and working perfectly (you will judge later). As a bonus, I've taken the liberty of putting new hands to BETA models that are available, and the different textures (or skins) that have different versions. Todos hemos visto las versiones para móvil, y la versión remasterizada del Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Hemos visto todas las mejoras gráficas que ha obtenido en sus nuevas versiones, y queremos que en nuestra versión para PC luzca igual o parecida. En este pequeño Mod, les traigo los modelos con nuevas manos, extraídas directamente de la versión para iOS. Lo único que presentaban estos modelos, eran algunos vértices que han sido arreglados por mí. Por otra parte, hay modelos a los cuales incluso en estas versiones, no les pusieron manos nuevas. Aquí también les traigo estos modelos con sus nuevas manos, totalmente arregladas y funcionando a la perfección (ustedes lo juzgarán después). Como un extra, he tomado la libertad de ponerle nuevas manos a los modelos BETA que están disponibles, así como las diferentes texturas (o pieles) que tienen en versiones diferentes. - Models extracted from the version of iOS. - New hands to models that do not. - New hands for BETA models. - Different versions of skin to certain models. - Modelos extraídos de la versión de iOS. - Nuevas manos para modelos que no las tienen. - Nuevas manos para los modelos BETA. - Diferentes versiones de piel para ciertos modelos. Bug/Fix Solution I have seen that many have commented that they have made mistakes with patterns. The hands appeared an error, making the illusion of having as "claws". thanks to Lolya user appears to have been solved with a tool. I leave the page where you can download. The file is called "Mobile Specular Map", and the author of this is DK22Pac: http://gtaforums.com/topic/661961-sa-mobile-to-pc-research-project/ References: Complete (x) In Progress (x) Uninitiated (x) Default Models / Modelos por defecto Models with new hands / Modelos con nuevas manos BETA Models & Versions / Modelos BETA & Versiones Downloads Default Models New! - https://mega.nz/#!uQ4QTCaK!JQZoGyqWCiZdrBnuJ4lcw0tqVZtbZYFxvZJ5JAYHQhU Models with NEW hands Pack 1 New! - https://mega.nz/#!vAZ2HC5L!WQRU7snPvJ6nO8tSIshfUAMN2pqn9vx60f7UrdYvlsM Beta & Versions https://mega.nz/#!6E5ygBhS!jR0r6b-gyexOnSrt35ljm6x4fVDrJtXxfzOMP6a-31Y
  17. Sanmodder

    Sanmodder Workshop

    Mój workshop jest na razie pusty ale będzie zapełniony moimi modami do gta vice city do gta san andreas co w nim znajdziesz skrypty cleo skórki aktorów różne ustawienia gry @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ my workshop is empty yet but will be full of my mods to gta vice city to gta san andreas what you will find in it cleo scripts actors' skins different game settings @@@@@@@@@@@ CoolMods and MrFinger thanks Friends you're both the best @@@@@@@@@@@
  18. Information: After seeing all these poor conversions I decided I should convert some cars by myself and see how that would work out. Turns out it's not impossible. I mostly only convert vehicles that I actually like, so flooding me with your request probably doesn't bother me. Suggestions, criticism, bugs and negative comments are welcomed. Features:San Andreas reflections San Andreas license plates San Andreas lights San Andreas dirt All cars adapted to Improved Vehicles Features mod by DK22Pac - Brake, fog, reverse and turn lights - Working steering wheel - Tire dirt 100% SA-MP friendly (wheels don't sink to ground and they are all tunable which means they don't crash[if replaced by default]) Custom collision and shadow meshes High quality damage model Custom handling.dat, vehicles.ide, carcols.dat and carmods.dat Download all at once! IVF Style DOWNLOAD (30.03.2015) SA Style DOWNLOAD (30.03.2015) Clean TLaD Gang Burrito (24.11 2013) Download GTA V Sandking XL (13.03 2014) Download GTA IV Primo (13.03 2014) Download GTA IV Landstalker (28.03 2014) Download GTA V Tailgater (04.04 2014) Download GTA IV Phantom (10.04 2014) Download GTA V Picador (03.05 2014) Download GTA IV Tanker Trailers (03.05 2014) Download GTA IV Industrial Trailers (08.05 2014) Download GTA IV Cargo Trailers (10.05 2014) Download GTA IV Emperor (13.05 2014) Download GTA V Packer (08.06 2014) Download GTA V Dashound (11.06 2014) Download GTA V Hauler (26.06 2014) Download GTA V Seminole (11.07 2014) Download GTA V Benson (17.07 2014) Download GTA V Police Stanier (21.07 2014) Download GTA V Unmarked Police Cruiser] (23.07 2014) Download GTA V Bison (04.08 2014) Download GTA V Surfer (27.08 2014) Download GTA V Dominator (07.09 2014) Download GTA V Tow Truck (13.09 2014) Download GTA V Youga (17.09 2014) Download GTA V Bullet (19.09 2014) Download GTA V Phoenix (21.09 2014) Download GTA V Infernus (24.09 2014) Download GTA V Granger (28.09 2014) Download GTA V FIB Granger (28.09 2014) Download GTA V Stratum (30.09 2014) Download GTA V Vigero (11.10 2014) Download GTA V Blista (18.10 2014) Download GTA V Sultan (18.10 2014) Download GTA V Intruder (20.10 2014) Download GTA V Minivan (24.10 2014) Download GTA V Ruiner (01.11 2014) Download GTA V Stretch (15.11 2014) Download GTA V Comet (24.11 2014) Download GTA V Ingot (06.12 2014) Download GTA IV Coquette (19.12 2014) Download
  19. in0finite

    San Andreas Unity

    We are porting GTA San Andreas to Unity - https://github.com/GTA-ASM/SanAndreasUnity This won't be a complete re-implementation of the game, but we're hoping to build something similar to Multi Theft Auto with assets streamed from an existing installation of San Andreas. Using power of Unity, you can now do all the things that you like with one of the best games ever. Here are the main features implemented so far : load various game assets (img, ide, ipl, dff, txd, col, handling, etc) load the world (for both physics and rendering) load pedestrians and play animations on them control the player (move around, jump, enter vehicles, etc) car spawning and driving map and minimap In the future, it will support multiplayer and more features that original GTA:SA doesn't. We could use your help. So, if you can contribute or just want to support the project, join the discord https://discord.gg/p6jjud5. Media
  20. TheMuscle01

    Muscle Customs

    Welcome to my workshop, here I make "Improvements" on existing cars and maybe ones made from scratch in the future. For these mods I suggest using VehFuncs. Here is what Muscle Customs offers: Vehicles WIP Big thanks to Mysterdogg for every time I had a problem!
  21. Flame

    HRT 1.4

    HRT 1.4 (abbreviation means high resolution textures) is a graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas. In the development Official site | YouTube | Mod DB | Twitter | Steam Community Features Remade textures Replacement textures of the whole game world (buildings, objects, roads, landscapes etc.) to high quality analogues; Replacement textures of all interiors to high quality analogues; Replacement textures of all vehicles to high quality analogues; Redrawn textures with logos and billboards; Textures in HRT 1.4 are made in perfect quality and high resolution (2048x2048 and 1024x1024 pixels), and are maximum similar to original ones (the first texture and graphics mod for GTA SA with this feature); Textures are exclusive, made by author and based on his photos, or taken (not stolen) from free libraries. Improved models A lot of models also are improved and enhanced: some models are more detailed and smoothed, on some models are added reflections; Corrected defects of original models (the first texture and graphics mod for GTA SA with this feature); Using more materials than in the original game: for example, if the original house model uses the same texture and for the roof, and for the wall, in HRT 1.4 and the wall, and the roof have unique textures; mod has more variety textures for ground, pavement, grass and roofs than the original game (the first texture and graphics mod for GTA SA with this feature); Improved main character model with better fingers (taken from mobile version of the game that was released in 2013). Other features LODs are replacing too, for more quality displaying objects on the far distance; Using of MIP maps (this optimization reduces the load on the graphics card and helped to get rid from blinking of textures); Using of the newest Magic.TXD tool for textures editing with support of DXT5 compression and high quality MIP mapping algorithm (see also report); High stability of the mod; Completely author's mod, fully an independent project, not collection (mod-pack) of other mods; HRT 1.4 is a spiritual successor of HRT Pack 1.3 (2010), but new mod is not based on any previous parts and does not share any their files; this is completely brand new mod that is made from scratch; Includes high quality radar, radar and weapons icons (third-party mods that used under permission). Development reports and Progress map Help the mod Other
  22. 4Arty

    4Arty's Stuff

    Second sound mod SACSFX about 1000 sounds replaced with max possible quality https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/117136-san-andreas-cinematic-sound-effects/ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another one SAHQS - my first attempt to make SA sounds a bit better outdated but u can combine sounds with sacsfx if you want https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/97715-s-a-hq-s-san-andreas-high-quality-sounds/
  23. Thunderhead

    Thunderhead Speed Shop

    Hey y'all! I've decided to make a workshop in order to regroup all my stuff in one place as well as having somewhere where I can post updates on my ongoing projects. Released: Ressources: And a taste of things to come (note, some of these are being worked on, some arent, I figure this sh*t out as I go and I've borked some stuff already): Feel free to use my ressources/mods as long as you credit me and do not upload them elsewhere. If you see them on another site, I was not the one who uploaded them.
  24. Krystofer

    krystofer's workshop

    https://www.upload.ee/image/7590401/cvpiart.jpg'>[/url] https://www.upload.ee/files/7590373/Ford_CVPI_low_poly_by_krystofer.rar.html https://www.upload.ee/files/6198367/Ford_Crown_Victoria_by_Krystofer.rar.html https://www.upload.ee/files/5847946/FPIU_2016_low_poly_by_krystofer.rar.html https://www.upload.ee/files/5783711/dodge_charger_low_poly_by_krystofer.rar.html [/url][/url]
  25. _𝓐𝓖


    Description: By comparing the Consoles and PC versions of this game, can be noticed a lot of differences, some of them are the missing and/or completely different User Interface. From the main menu to the HUD, The PS2 and Xbox versions have some little features that the PC version somehow misses. This plugin aims to bring a most accurate version of the PS2/Xbox User Interface to PC with some little improvements and Widescreen Support. Compatible with: GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) Features: PS2/Xbox Menu. PS2/Xbox Trip skip. Multi5 lang Support. Complete Widescreen Support New Added contents: Full Script Drawing fixes. New Menu Pages. Mod Loader Support. Mission Packs Support. Screens (2560x1080 - 21:9): Pause Menu: HUD: Others: l Download (Dropbox): Version 1.2 -08.06.2018 Here Old Versions: Known bugs: Broken text strings for other languages. No gang overlay on full map menu. Special thanks: RD4 - Texture Artist. Silent - GInput Support. Tomasak - Testing, suggestions.

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