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Found 189 results

  1. Mysterdogg

    Madness Arsenal

    Hey everyone, Mysterdogg here! this time, inspired by my recent weapon releases, but also modders like Millenia (aka GTANemesis), Crowz616 & Ezekiel (aka Joshua Harlow), have decided to make my own weapon "pack" with a fancy name and design. I've already made some small weapon packs (of no more than 6 weapons) but nothing like this before (more than 40 weapons) so I'm really excited about the result and possible impact in modding! About the weapons, most of the models are from P3DM.ru & GameBanana.com so the credits will be for the respective rippers & modelers, there are also some models made or ripped by me (in case you wonder their provenance) and finally, a few made by others. Coming really soon! General Electric M-134 "Minigun" Benelli M4 "M1014"
  2. hello how to make a mod menu for gta san andreas you can admire the mod menu and trainers for gta 4 or gta v you would like to do such a mod menu and you do not know how I made an example base for you maybe not such a example because it has a configuration file You will be checking out exactly and you will understand I will tell you about the benefits very stable, unfortunately, it's true Modern It has ini file where you can set start key colors of panels the size of the panels positions on the screen increasing options and reducing 2 selectable dial options spacing of panels and text better to let the viewer know what the script is Now I will tell you what you have to do because this is a mod menu for self-assembly you must write what options you will have 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item1" text "...... here ........" / / items and create some commands, but that's your idea the command is up from line 0321 to line 0401 in the editor I advise you for not experimenting because the script will eat you but this is just info for novices maybe you want to correct me or advise me I'm waiting for your comment awesome designs must have licenses that the author and his projects should be respected ban, publishing without my signature ban, use in samp and mta Prohibition, conversion to android and publishing unless only with my signature a ban on selling a script a ban, bragging on youtube unless only with my signature If you accept licenses, enjoy if not, so you do not accept my rules it means that you do not respect me and my work goodbye //source //recomended use on cleo {$CLEO .cs} //-------------MAIN--------------- thread "mod_menu" 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "ite1" text "dv hax v1.2" //logo 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "ite2" text "~1~/~1~" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item1" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item2" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item3" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item4" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item5" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item6" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item7" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item8" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item9" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "itema" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "itemb" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "itemc" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "itemd" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "iteme" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "itemf" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item10" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item11" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item12" text "add gxt" //items info 0ADF: add_dynamic_GXT_entry "item13" text "add gxt" //items info const count = [email protected] max_items = [email protected] rect_size_y = [email protected] spacing = [email protected] grsy = [email protected] pos_x = [email protected] gmi = [email protected] gpsx = [email protected] g_rs = [email protected] gpsxa = [email protected] pos_y = [email protected] rect_size_x = [email protected] sel_type = [email protected] items = [email protected] cath = [email protected] gpos_y = [email protected] vin_r = [email protected] vin_g = [email protected] vin_b = [email protected] vin_a = [email protected] sel_r = [email protected] sel_g = [email protected] sel_b = [email protected] start_key = [email protected] counter3 = [email protected] counter2 = [email protected] grsx = [email protected] end var max_items:int count:int end if 0AAB: file_exists "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" then 0AF0: start_key = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "start key" 0AF2: pos_x = read_float_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "posx start" 0AF2: pos_y = read_float_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "PosY start" 0AF2: rect_size_x = read_float_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "menu size" 0AF0: max_items = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "max items" 0AF2: spacing = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "spacing" 0AF0: sel_type = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "selector type" 0AF0: vin_r = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "vincr" 0AF0: vin_g = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "vincg" 0AF0: vin_b = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "vincb" 0AF0: vin_a = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "vinca" 0AF0: sel_r = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "selr" 0AF0: sel_g = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "selg" 0AF0: sel_b = get_int_from_ini_file "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" section "config" key "selb" goto @heck_config else 0acd: "cant load menu config file" 10000 while 8AAB: file_exists "cleo\MENU_CONFIG.ini" wait 0 end end :start repeat wait 0 until if 0ab0: start_key player.CanMove(0) = false items = 1 //first items [email protected] = 1 //flash state while true wait 0 0087: [email protected] = pos_y for count = 0 to max_items step 1 if count == 0 then 03F0: enable_text_draw 0 //void (calculation rect pos_y end size_y) 0093: gmi = integer max_items to_float 0087: rect_size_y = gmi 006b: rect_size_y *= spacing rect_size_y += 40.0 0087: grsy = rect_size_y grsy /= 2.0 0087: gpos_y = pos_y 005b: gpos_y += grsy //void (calculation rect pos_x and size_x) 0087: grsx = rect_size_x // (float) grsx /= 10.0 grsx *= 10.0 0087: gpsx = grsx // (float) gpsx /= 2.0 005b: gpsx += pos_x //---------------------------------------- 0087: gpsxa = gpsx // size --> h gpsxa /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 gpsxa *= 0.9 gpsxa -= 2.0 0087: [email protected] = gpsxa [email protected] /= 90.0 // h / 2.0 0087: [email protected] = [email protected] [email protected] += 10.0 033F: set_text_draw_letter_size [email protected] 1.0 060D: draw_text_shadow 1 0 0 0 200 0349: set_text_draw_font 3 0343: set_text_draw_linewidth 500.0 033E: set_draw_text_position gpsxa [email protected] "ite1" //void (draw a window) 038E: draw_box_position gpsx gpos_y rect_size_x rect_size_y vin_r vin_g vin_b vin_a //---------------------------------------------------- //void (draw the right frame bar) + items info 0087: g_rs = rect_size_x // size --> h g_rs /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 0087: gpsxa = gpsx 005b: gpsxa += g_rs // t + h 038E: draw_box_position gpsxa gpos_y size 1.5 rect_size_y RGBA sel_r sel_g sel_b vin_a 0087: gmi = gpsxa // size --> h gmi -= 40.0 0087: g_rs = rect_size_y g_rs /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 0087: [email protected] = gpos_y 005b: [email protected] += g_rs // t + h [email protected] -= 10.0 033F: set_text_draw_letter_size 0.4 0.5 060D: draw_text_shadow 1 0 0 0 200 //0349: set_text_draw_font 3 0343: set_text_draw_linewidth 500.0 045b: draw_text_1number gmi [email protected] GXT 'ite2' number items max_items //void (draw the left frame bar) 0087: g_rs = rect_size_x // posx --> t g_rs /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 0087: gpsxa = gpsx 0063: gpsxa -= g_rs // t - h 038E: draw_box_position gpsxa gpos_y size 1.5 rect_size_y RGBA sel_r sel_g sel_b vin_a //void (draw the up frame bar) 0087: g_rs = rect_size_y g_rs /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 0087: gpsxa = gpos_y 0063: gpsxa -= g_rs // t + h 038E: draw_box_position gpsx gpsxa size rect_size_x 1.5 RGBA sel_r sel_g sel_b vin_a //void (draw the down frame bar) 0087: g_rs = rect_size_y g_rs /= 2.0 // h / 2.0 0087: gpsxa = gpos_y 005b: gpsxa += g_rs // t + h 038E: draw_box_position gpsx gpsxa size rect_size_x 1.5 RGBA sel_r sel_g sel_b vin_a end if count > 0 then //void (selector func) 0340: set_text_draw_RGBA 255 255 255 180 if sel_type == 1 //(selector type 1) then if 003b: count == items then 0340: set_text_draw_RGBA sel_r sel_g sel_b [email protected] end else if sel_type == 2 //(selector type 2) then 0087: [email protected] = [email protected] 005b: [email protected] += spacing [email protected] += 24.0 if 003b: count == items then 038E: draw_box_position gpsx [email protected] size rect_size_x spacing RGBA sel_r sel_g sel_b [email protected] end end end //void (draw items func) 005b: [email protected] += spacing 0087: [email protected] = [email protected] [email protected] += 20.0 0087: gpsxa = pos_x gpsxa += 4.0 0AD3: [email protected] = format "item%X" count //string = format (hex items) count items 033F: set_text_draw_letter_size 0.3 0.9 060D: draw_text_shadow 1 0 0 0 200 0349: set_text_draw_font 3 0343: set_text_draw_linewidth 500.0 033E: set_draw_text_position gpsxa [email protected] [email protected] end 005b: gpos_y += spacing end 03F0: enable_text_draw 0 //void scrolling dpad down if and 0ab0: 40 cath == false then cath = true if 001d: items > max_items then items = 1 else items++ end else //void scrolling dpad up if and 0ab0: 38 cath == false then cath = true if 1 > items then 0085: items = max_items else items-- end end end //void scrolling fast dpad down if 0ab0: 40 then if 001d: items > max_items then items = 1 ELSE if counter2 >= 8 then counter3 += 1 if counter3 >= 3 then counter3 = 1 items++ 018C: play_sound 1135 at 0.0 0.0 0.0 end end END else //void scrolling fast dpad up if 0ab0: 38 then if 1 > items then 0085: items = max_items else if counter2 >= 8 then counter3 += 1 if counter3 >= 3 then counter3 = 1 items-- 018C: play_sound 1135 at 0.0 0.0 0.0 end end end end end //void key counters if OR 0ab0: 40 0ab0: 38 then if 8 >= counter2 then counter2 += 1 end else if or 8ab0: 40 8ab0: 38 then if counter2 > 1 then counter2 -= 1 end end end //void scroll pulse func if [email protected] == 1 then [email protected] -= 2 if [email protected] < 10 then [email protected] = 2 end else if [email protected] == 2 then [email protected] += 1 if [email protected] >= 80 then [email protected] = 1 end end end //void key catch stats unlock block if and 80E1: player 0 pressed_key 16 8ab0: 38 8ab0: 40 then cath = false end //void exit menu if 00E1: player 0 pressed_key 15 then Player.CanMove(0) = true 03F0: enable_text_draw 0 goto @start end //void func case if and 00E1: player 0 pressed_key 16 //accept key cath == false then cath = true 0AC6: count = label @AC_items offset count += 0 //0x0 active items write 0A8C: write_memory count size 4 value items virtual_protect 0 0AB1: call_scm_func @ITEMS 0 end end :items 0AC6: count = label @AC_items offset count += 0 //0x0 active items read 0A8d: items count 4 0 if items == 1 then 0ACD: "TEST" 1000 [email protected] = 0.0 end if items == 2 then end if items == 3 then end if items == 4 then end if items == 5 then end if items == 6 then end if items == 7 then end if items == 8 then end if items == 9 then end if items == 10 then end if items == 11 then end if items == 12 then end if items == 13 then end if items == 14 then end if items == 15 then end if items == 16 then end if items == 17 then end if items == 18 then end if items == 19 then end if items == 20 then end 0AB2: ret 0 end_thread :AC_items HEX 00 00 00 00 //0x0 active items END :heck_config if and start_key >= 0 127 >= start_key jf @next if pos_x > 0.0 jf @next if pos_y > 0.0 jf @next if rect_size_x > 0.0 jf @next if and max_items >= 1 20 >= max_items jf @next if spacing > 0.0 jf @next if or sel_type == 1 sel_type == 2 jf @next if and vin_r >= 0 255 >= vin_r jf @next if and vin_g >= 0 255 >= vin_g jf @next if and vin_b >= 0 255 >= vin_b jf @next if and vin_a >= 0 255 >= vin_a jf @next if and sel_r >= 0 255 >= sel_r jf @next if and sel_g >= 0 255 >= sel_g jf @next if and sel_b >= 0 255 >= sel_b jf @next goto @start //start mod menu :next //show error for [email protected] = 0 to 20 step 1 wait 500 0acd: "in the file there is a bug fix error to run the menu" 100 end end_thread create an ini file and paste it #--------------------------------- # menu config file by dv hack # #--------------------------------- # menu setings [config] start key = 77 #[integer] posx start = 14.0 #[float] PosY start = 80.0 #[float] menu size = 140.0 #[float] max items = 20 #[integer] spacing = 10.0 #[float] selector type = 2 #[integer 1 illuminated text 2 traditional selector] # menu customize color panel rgba all value [int] 0 to 255 vincr = 0 #[integer] r -->window vincg = 0 #[integer] g -->window vincb = 0 #[integer] b -->window vinca = 150 #[integer] a -->window selr = 200 #[integer] r -->scroller selg = 100 #[integer] g -->scroller selb = 0 #[integer] b -->scroller photo real
  3. 4Arty

    4Arty's Stuff

    Second sound mod SACSFX about 1000 sounds replaced with max possible quality https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/117136-san-andreas-cinematic-sound-effects/ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another one SAHQS - my first attempt to make SA sounds a bit better outdated but u can combine sounds with sacsfx if you want https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/97715-s-a-hq-s-san-andreas-high-quality-sounds/
  4. nWo51289

    OpenBull - Bullworth Town in SA

    OpenBull is a map conversion that converts the map of Bullworth Town from Bully: Scholarship Edition (PC Version) to GTA San Andreas Modloader is HIGHLY recommended! Drag & Drop "OpenBull" folder into the Modloader folder, enable in settings and play! You can install the 'old fashion way' but I will not give any assistance! fastman92's Limit Adjuster is required!. Can I use the map in my mod? Yes you can! Its called 'OpenBull' for a reason What has been converted? The terrain & props. Interiors are coming shortly. This is converted straight from Bully to SA without any bug fixing. Will you convert the map to VC, III? No, but you are more than welcome to do that! Will you convert characters? No just the map Are there traffic? No. I will look into doing traffic in the future Are there bugs? There are col issues which will be addressed and missing windows (They are not missing, they are in the ocean somewhere!) Why are there missing terrain? That's because the player in the Bully game was never intended to go to those areas or see as well has some objects not having collision Coming very soon! Rockstar Games Rich Whitehouse - Noesis @cj2000 - col converter, R* texture converter @fastman92 - fprocessor, IMG Limit Adjuster @DK22Pac - MagicTXD @LINK/2012 - Modloader @ZAZ - Clean main.scm
  5. Hey there everyone! Mysterdogg here, I've made this topic for showing you which could be the biggest CLEO project I've ever made, it's been actually here in the forums for a few months, but I kept it in my workshop almost like a secret because it was a regular script, not so relevant and full of bugs but my constant work with almost daily improvements and new versions led me to this, let's check it out! (Video made with v1.6.4, more videos of WiP versions & features in my YT channel) The main idea for making this mod was to give those users that wanted a dedicated mod for the GTA V crosshair system an alternative to DK's GTA V hud. My goal at the same time was not to entirely recreate the system of GTA V but instead make a mod that was inspired on it, letting me add the functions & features that most modern games have that I wanted to see in my game. Expect new versions since there are still a lot of things to improve, add and change. - Compatibility with the in-game controls. - Unique crosshairs for the main weapons. -Unique crosshairs for selected vehicles. - Fully customizable settings. - Different available presets. - Compatibility with added weapons & vehicles*. - Compatibility with the default aiming settings. -Support for custom presets. -Support for custom textures. - Kill marker feature. - *new* Blood on-screen feature. - *new* Aiming extra zoom feature. -Static textures. *- Limited compatibility with added models. - Partially compatible with the story mode. - Mixsets. - Silentpatch. - IMFX. - Magic TXD. v1.6.5 coming soon! v1.6.4 Optional Presets for v1.6.4 In the ReadMe file & INI file, you will find a detailed changelog but also useful information for learning how to manage the mod. If you have any problem or issue don't forget to first check those files before posting it here. Feel free to post your ideas, suggestions, feedback, requests & even contributions, just don't forget to follow the Forums Rules. Sniper Scopes: Optional Presets:
  6. GTA San Andreas Advance is my project that make GTA San Andreas is better and harder than original. What I modified from this game. - Modified some missions to make this game harder. - Add more Peds and Weapons. - Add more Gang Members and Cops. - Add some stats. - Add some models to unique characters (Freddy, Weasel, Kane, etc). - etc... Some tools and another mods that I used. - Cleo 4 - https://cleo.li/ - Sanny Builder 3 - https://www.sannybuilder.com/ - 3DS Max - Fastman92 Limit Adjuster - Fastman92 - Modloader - Link2012 - Some Peds from... - https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=11520 - https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25088 - https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25755 - https://gtaforums.com/topic/553100-gta-san-andreas-big-gangster-mod/ (BETA gangster ped models only) - Some weapons from Manhunt, GTA VC, GTA LCS, and GTA VCS. Trailer: Download link Some features from BETA I version: - Some missions are harder than original. - Gangsters, Cops, Criminals, Prostitute, and Dealers are stronger than before. - Add some peds and weapons. - Elite Police Squads (like Vice Squad) are chasing and killing you if you get 3 Wanted Stars. - You just play missions until Reuniting The Families mission. - Add some hidden weapons. Some plans to future updates... - Add some unique enemies. - Add more peds and weapons. - More modified missions until Yay Ka Boom Boom mission. - etc... Moddb page.
  7. StarGTS

    Rune Showroom [WIP]

    I decided to give a car brand to the Dune. Observing GTA5, I discovered that Rune is a Russian automaker. In fact, the Dune looks aesthetically like a Kamaz. Here are some of my projects and mkd in wip I'm creating. DuneFlat DuneFlat with Trailer This is a work in progress that I'm finishing. Dune Box with Trailer These mods can be found in my workshop. As always, I accept advice regarding my mods. If you have ideas for extra items, corrections or new versions, they will be well accepted
  8. Mutfurry

    GTA SA Advance - Unique Boss Skins

    If you want to see my project, here this link. Anyway, I want to show some skins for Boss. 1. Freddy https://drive.google.com/open?id=1H1F2WSRnNSuZXs7-180Um30OLuD2jLe7 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EZDhL2lEaMTWTjatatVRYFsrZS9hzKy4 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UIcoOmcXvhXTimVEHnuuXWgOGFBxSIsP 2. Kane https://drive.google.com/open?id=1G78r7LNqrLshEUv1FJlc9p6_WLicm3li https://drive.google.com/open?id=15UWfc89O8LDeGFGpHt9dXnJ_KsPm3i3m I have modded some skins, but some of them are bugging. Here are their problem. What do you think?
  9. Neg4433

    GTA Kavala

    Welcome back to the GTA Kavala thread. This is a new clean topic because I cannot access the old one. I lost my old files but I found a backup file and started developing the mod again. For those who don't know what is it, this is a total conversion adding the city of Kavala, Greece in GTA: San Andreas (Replacing the map). Below you will find some model screenshots. (Trees, benches and misc objects will be added in game). If you have suggestions, feel free to post them. If you want to join me just send me a PM since my website is in development. This project goes back to 2009 and since many cancellations and problems, it's still going strong. Click here for screenshots New models: Clean Screenshot
  10. SlingShot753

    SlingShot753's Workshop

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my Workshop. After getting courage, I decided to create this topic to post some of my work that I have been doing just for my own I'd like to share with you guys. I mainly focus on skin of peds, but sometimes I do other stuff too, but not vehicles (because my skills are really bad, but maybe someday, who knows?). Okay, enough talk! Check out below:
  11. TheMuscle01

    Muscle Customs

    Welcome to my workshop, here I make "Improvements" on existing cars and maybe ones made from scratch in the future. For these mods I suggest using VehFuncs. Here is what Muscle Customs offers: Vehicles WIP Big thanks to Mysterdogg for every time I had a problem!
  12. Mysterdogg

    Mgg's Vehicles

    Currently under construction. Hello everyone, Mysterdogg here! and yeah! I've started this topic to talk about my ported, updated, fixed, improved & even redesigned vehicles from GTA (IV)V/O taking full advantage of mods like Vehfuncs by @Junior_Djjr & ImVehFt by @DK22Pac alongside some other complementary mods made by me if required. The main difference with vanilla modders like the Vanillaworks team or similar GTA V modders is that I will mainly focus on normal cars like utility vehicles, emergency & service units and practically every model that could bring some diversity & realism to the game(s).
  13. This project remake texture gta sa's terrian more details in high quality Features : bump + reflective All cliffs , road , dirt road will now in high polygon models Landscape or gta sa now in the near fututre will look realstic and no square [IMG=http://imgur.com/PaiMATS] Here , i've try it on desert landscape , it just a beta test
  14. PIxelation games

    GTA:Sokovia mod development

    GTA:Sokovia is mod based around Avengers Age of Ultron fictional country of Sokovia. i need mappers that can help me recreating Sokovia in gta:sa and here's the discord server where you can contact me:https://discord.gg/MFbZdrC
  15. Thunderhead

    Thunderhead Speed Shop

    Hey y'all! I've decided to make a workshop in order to regroup all my stuff in one place as well as having somewhere where I can post updates on my ongoing projects. Released: Ressources: And a taste of things to come (note, some of these are being worked on, some arent, I figure this sh*t out as I go and I've borked some stuff already): Feel free to use my ressources/mods as long as you credit me and do not upload them elsewhere. If you see them on another site, I was not the one who uploaded them.
  16. savidge

    $HODY Used Autos

    INTRODUCTION Welcome to $HODY Used Autos! Here, you can find all manner of vehicles once loved by folks across the state of San Andreas that now need a new home (i.e. your computer). Stock is currently fairly limited as the 'shop is still quite young, but please do check back periodically as there should be some new additions to the lot in the not-so-distant future. With that said, take a look at the current stock below: IN STOCK DUNDREARY VIRGO [NEW!] ONE FORMER OWNER! DECLASSE CADRONA BÜRGERFAHRZEUG T2 MICROBUS ONE FORMER OWNER! ÜBERMACHT VINCENT COUPÉ VAPID SPEEDO TO BE IMPORTED KEY: *nearing completion *frozen until further notice *yet to be started NB: I will try my best to address all bugs listed in the Known Bugs sections. I haven't just noted them down for aesthetic purposes! Please don't reupload these files anywhere without my permission. Either contact me on the forums or on Discord (savidge#5350). Thanks! There seems to be somebody who lacks the brain capacity to read/respect things properly. Please be advised that someone has already reuploaded my vehicles without my consent here, and here. CREDITS Huge thanks to @Crack Yo' Neck for helping me out with exporting, and @A.G., @direct_UA, @RacingFreak, @Razor440, @RM76, @Thunderhead, @universetwisters, and @VictorSE for the feedback and hospitality. 🤓
  17. skatefilter5

    AIs use Human Shields from SR2/SRTT Test

    Well, I pick up the idea with the human shields on the AIs to have human shields into san andreas. I have the script pretty much mission script, as the test for Trojan Whores mission, This stripper will grab any ped and fire, perhaps she couldn't shoot though the human shield, also I couldn't get the this stripper to shoot while in grabbing hostage animation if anyone figure how to get this stripper to fire while in animation. This is a sightly long from the start for human shield script. I did it for one of them. I'll make all of them do human shield later or sub thread. This one has custom animations from the knife.ifp
  18. soulsandstripegamer553

    Soul's Showroom

    These Cars are all based on real cars that have been put into the GTA Lore Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: Vice City WIP SA Vehicles Lampadati Felon Classic - Alfa Romeo FNM 2000 JK 1960 Lampadati Astro - 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto Ubermacht Zion Classic - BMW CSL 3 Fathom Compatto - Fiat Uno S Fathom Arrondi - Fiat Ducato MK1
  19. anyone interested in making full texture wheel models for gta sa vehicles? similar to the ones in Vice City and gta 3? i would do it myself but i'm not really skilled at it i would also be really interested in a civilian version of the the fbi car/Brigham that bare gta 3/ vice city wheel models and textures. from google Brigham gta 3 wheels
  20. This project aims at bringing to the beach of Santa Monica 4K textures of very high quality including the effects of Mipmapping with PBR Unfortunately I'm not going to edit the original models, how but many moders are done lately but the truth is that I wanted to correct the bugs of the original models of the game, unfortunately I do not get along well with the 3Ds max, I've had several problems with it, I honestly do not know uses it very well, it is a pity "Mugetsuga's Fixes" is only updated every "5 years, sarcasm" if the author was available I would indicate a series of bugs that possibly be fit with the types of bugs that the project, proposes fix, I'm seeing several bugs in the course of the time I spend editing this pack of textures, unfortunately I also started to edit this pack shortly, these are the only screenshots I have in moment! "more updates soon" Auto : AlexReal Agradeciments : Michelle Works & EzekielRN
  21. imring

    ImGui Sandbox

    Author: FYP Demands: MoonLoader MoonImGui Download
  22. Uzzi47


    HD Claude PLAYER.IMG for GTA San Andreas BETA 1 SCREENSHOTS: REQUIREMENTS: CLEO and ASI Loader Modloader gta_sa.exe 1.0 US How To Install: Drag and drop "modloader" folder to your GTA San Andreas game directory. ENJOY! DOWNLOAD BETA 1 Tools used for this mod: CREDITS: *This mod is still in beta stage so there are some bugs. Will fix them in the upcoming versions. Enjoy!
  23. Johnny Klebitz PLAYER MODEL for GTA San Andreas BETA 3 RELEASED! SCREENSHOTS: REQUIREMENTS: CLEO and ASI Loader Modloader gta_sa.exe 1.0 US How To Install: Drag and drop "modloader" folder to your GTA San Andreas game directory. ENJOY! Current version features: TLAD outfit (default) GTA V outfit GTA IV outfit (a.k.a BETA outfit) Clothes from GTA IV and GTA V New haircuts Added and fixed more clothes Fixed blank names for most of the clothes TLAD anims (needs improvments tho') Increased clothes quality from 256x256 to 512x512 TLAD Hexer (Replaces Freeway) [BONUS!] Plans for upcoming versions: Cracked head from GTAV 3D haircuts Facial rigging for cutscenes Johnny's voice quates for CJ Special thanks to TALHA5U(M.T.H) for letting me use his models. (Check out his mods on GTAInside https://www.gtainside.com/user/TALHA5U(M.T.H)/ ) My modding blog: http://UzziModding.blogspot.com M.T.H's blog: http://mthgtamods.blogspot.in/ DOWNLOAD BETA 3 Tools used for this mod: CREDITS: Head model converted and rigged by: Uzzi47 Haircuts/face textures: Uzzi47 Clothes converted and rigged by: TALHA5U(M.T.H) and Uzzi47 Ryder's HD glasses: Ezekiel Johnny voice quates: Matt1010 Other support: TALHA5U(M.T.H) and Jeansowaty CONTACT INFO: Have fun!
  24. Well, this is my first topic on GTA Forums, So I wanted to use it for good. Please answer my question above!

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