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  1. MrFinger

    [SA] MW Traffic Cars

    This mod brings NFS:MW/Carbon traffic cars to SA. They have been restyled and they fit to SA perfecly and they have tuning parts. For now 10 vehicles are avainable and those are: Coupe, Hatchback, Pizza Car, Pickup, Sedan A SUV, Semi Truck, Van, Newsvan and Sedan B (in game names: Kavaler, Twatter, Twatter Pizza, Bondock, Torori, Schmutzer, Paulton, Mullido, Mullido News and Ansbach). More vehicles coming soon. Screenshots: Extras: Downloads: Coupe, Hatchback and Pizza car Pickup Sedan A SUV Semi Truck Mullido and Mullido News Sedan B Thanks to: @Matt1010 - for cover and testing. @Zeneric - for testing and help with Sedan.
  2. Aim: To remake the weapon icons in this picture in better quality. Progress: All Icons are done. Note: The detail on the weapon icons made is by zooming as hard as I could and stressing my eyes as hard as I could.Each icon takes upto half an hour to draw and retouch.While It won't be useful for everyone,just something I made for my passion .and the request by a member of this forums three years ago.While he is banned from forums now,that doesn't mean I won't make this thing. Download: SABetaIcons.zip
  3. Nominated as one of the best Scripts of 2018 & 2019! Hey everyone, Mysterdogg here! Once my biggest script project, now an outdated mod that will only feature a part of what was expected to be the definitive version. Enjoy it! Will be adding a new video soon! Notes: Features! -Compatibility with added weapons (snipers). - Fully customizable settings. -Fully customizable textures. Download! Legacy Version v1.0.0 [v1.6.5]
  4. Description: SAAS is my attempt to improve ambience over the whole state of San Andreas. A lot of sound effects was tweaked / twisted / smashed / baked using Audacity, in order to make them compatible to San Andreas atmosphere. A clever script coordinates everything, loading only the sounds triggered by specific places (defined by INI file). Its main features are : - Highly customizable by INI file - Sounds for dozens of places like : seas, rivers, roads, cities, country, desert, woods, farms, airports, ships, crowds, etc. - Day / Night variants - Smooth transition between different sounds/places (no hiccups or glitches) - Only uses 2D streams (avoiding those bugged 3D sounds) Warning : This mod does NOT change any in-game sound. It's NOT a replacement for any object's sound (like cars, peds, etc). It only adds "ambience" (AKA background sound). Installing: Just copy the content of the Zip file to Cleo folder. You will also need this ---> http://gtaforums.com/topic/518780-cleo4newopcodes-by-dk22pac/ Usage: If you feel those sounds too much loud, reduce "globalVolume" in INI file (for example to 0.8) Instead...if they are too low, just reduce game volume to 30% (or less)...and then increase Windows volume. Make sure you have the latest Cleo Plugin installed and that your system can play MP3 files. This mod was only tested in 1.0 US EXE version. Disclaimer: This mod was built using Free / Non-Copyrighted / Free for Non-Commercial Use...Sound Effects. Those sounds are (mostly) from www.freesound.org - very few are from youtube (and similar sites). If you are an author and feel disrespected about any of those sounds, please contact me and I will promptly remove it. This mod cannot be used for commercial purpose. Bugs: You say (Bug Hunters / Beta Testers are wanted). Improvements: Opinions / Suggestions / Corrections from Experts will be very appreciated. Distribution: Go ahead...spread it everywhere...You can even change it for your Taste. Credits to "Pep Legal - GTA Forums" would be kind. Download: full release (jul-16) STANDARD VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!pd5ixSzC!Te7Hq6NuAT3Io__OX1MeJsdxNVyX-uKEG7o1anAIR9s LITE VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!dEg1BT5Y!_qcM9eZX_NsvozUmzC-H1B0Q27d6ylYeUt-WTFk7YEY small UPDATE (ago-16) [ this one updates both : the release "jul-16" and also the old "nov-15" ] STANDARD VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!UZhB1QZQ!1VHLVleeQPFzvpHPvTwBmueQNPiQgPF8qqW8bt_NoDY LITE VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!JIhBlDDD!v6dgLHqlHYLVgy4cCJRLKdbxIe-TB2gWkJ0MAzJOArY (obs.: the only difference between versions is the compression level of the sound files ) Credits: GTA Forums -> Junior Djjr for great tips about Memory Address...and indirectly all those gta ingenious who keep their projects Open Sourced ( I learned a lot from them ) and a huge Thanks to Deji for that Opcode Database ( http://gtag.gtagaming.com/opcode-database/ ) (honorable mention to DK and his New Opcodes, which made my work easier) Freesound.org -> klankbeeld (mostly), inchadney, conleec, corsica-s, robinhood76, reinsamba, brandonnyte, audiactiva, jymdavis...and many more. Videos: (by BlackAlienHD)
  5. Cleoude

    Hairstyles & Beards

    Choice of beards separately from hair. Colored Hairstyles added. While sitting in the barber's chair, hat and glasses are taken off. Comes back after getting up from the barber's chair. You cannot walk out of the barber to the door. According to your hair style, respect and sexy points are added as in the original. Fastman92 Limit Adjuster needed. Cesar Bald Afro Mohawk Cornrow Elvis Hair Flattop Groove Cut High Afro High Fade Jheri Curl Slope Detail Cut Wedge Credits: @Cleoude - Script, Orijinal Hairstyles & Beards Textures, Colored Hairstyles & Beards Texture Editing @SlingShot753 - Colored Hairstyles & Beards Textures Download
  6. Restored Bus Fare Bonus by @H-G About: Features: Screenshots: Credits: Download:
  7. Basic map / San Andreas Map is complete removed DOWNLOAD at MOD|DB The map cleaning is done by Steve-M's mapcleaner https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=1070 http://www.steve-m.com/downloads/tools/mapcleaner/ San Andreas Map is complete removed data files are empty, models of andscape, buildings, interiors are removed from IMG archives Objects (not landscape, buildings) remain and can still be used by their originally id objects of following ide files remain: barriers.ide dynamic.ide dynamic2.ide multiobj.ide procobj.ide vegepart.ide counxref.ide LAxref.ide SFxref.ide vegaxref.ide levelxre.ide seabed.ide veh_mods.ide propext.ide props.ide props2.ide SPECIAL NOTE: The game still loads all the ide and ipl files of originally GTA SA but these ide/ipl files are empty The game engine expects to load a specified amount of ipl and ide data It seems to me that it even expects the original files. The result: NO SOUND BUG, NO FLICKERING OF THE LOADING SCREEN (gta.dat still contains the loading list of originally GTA SA and additional the basicmap.img, basicmap.ide and basicmap.ipl. These ide files and ipl files of this list are still available, but empty because i removed the content of these data files.) Add loading entries for your map below of IDE DATA\MAPS\basic\basicmap.IDE as well as below of IPL DATA\MAPS\basic\basicmap.IPL MAIN.SCM: Player starts at basicmap, just a tiny landscape, done by Steve-M Working features: Parachute Pool Billard Vending Machine Food Vendor (ice cart, noodle cart, chillidog cart) Save Disk // INSTALL // 1.) rename 2 folders inside GTA SA install directory - rename data folder to data-old - rename models folder to models-old 2.) copy or unpack the folders with the files, of the mod, to GTA SA install directory - data folder of the mod inclusiv containing files to GTA SA install directory - models folder of the mod inclusiv containing files to GTA SA install directory (data-old and models-old are unused and remain just as backup) Feel free to use it for further modding and publishing Map mods Just give credit to me and please show my website address: www.zazmahall.de/index.htm
  8. Marty McFly

    [ENB] MMGE

    What is it? Marty McFly's Graphics Enhancement (short MMGE) is to date the most advanced ENB for GTASA out there. I rewrote the complete postprocessing of the ENB system, with focus on quality, performance and efficiency. Features: gaussian bloom with self-generating offsets and weights, faster and better than default enb bloom beautiful enb lens fx with custom offsets extremely simple and fast, yet beautiful DOF shader from scratch simple logarithmic tonemapping low amount of code to improve fps elaborated and thoroughly developed timecyc for best colors no weird color tints minimal amount of code for better fps Changelog: 1.0 | 07.09.14: initial release 1.1 | 29.12.14: smaller sunsize which now scales with screen size so no oversized suns on small screens anymore. Lowered lensflare intensity to prevent clipping. Smaller waterclear256 texture for better performance with water onscreen (old 0.076 and prior enb DLL's had no performance issues with large textures but updated algorithm in 0.248 has) 1.2 | 30.12.14: fixed bug coming with 1.1 which resulted in weird coloring when using no DOF configs Download: GTAInside Video: Screenshots: Known issues: (all these issues are not MMGE's fault but are caused by newest ENB DLL) Partial incompatibility with Windows 8/8.1. Possible fix which works for 50% of users is using modloader: install ENB as usual and move d3d9.dll, enbseries.ini and enblocal.ini to GTASA\modloader\enb\ folder, the rest stays where it is. This doesn't work for everyone though Needs DirectX redistributable. If your game doesn't start, reinstall DX setup from GTASA disk or use this one. If "procedure entry not found" error appears, update your GeForce Experience to at least 2.1.2 or newer. Blackscreen ingame (although minimap and HUD visible). Stealer protection kicked in. You need to copy the "Copyright_by_MartyMcFly.png" file to your GTA folder, too. If that doesn't work: possible fix is deleting the gta_sa.set file (sets all graphical and control options to default) in GTA San Andreas User files (located in My Documents). User "ByteCode2014" suggests that it could be Threaded Optimization in Nvidia CP, disable it. Or better, set everything in Nvidia CP to "Use Application Settings" Not compatible to old cards which ran older ENB's fine. Stealer list:Shahzel Ahmed Khan (proof: , facebook page)No support for SA-MP, MTA and incompatible hardware such as Intel VGA, AMD 3000 and prior, these are not meant for graphical modding and modding in general.
  9. Clara

    San Andreas VR

    Hold your horses!. This isn't anything revolutionary so don't expect body tracking or any fancy VR thing. I only decided to share my VR preset for the game. First I configured the VR shader to fit the game screen. Then I edited the UI to ease the distortion at corner of the screens. Then I edited the first person mod to increase the FOV so it don't causes motion sickness on me. The final result is really great in my oculus and I was even able to get ride of the black bars adjusting my lens. In my opinion, my UI preset is better than this atrocious thing that people usually uses. I only moved the main parts of the UI, and I my opinion, got a way pleasant result. To stream the game to your cell phone use a streaming app like Parsec, Remotr, Steam Link, Moonlight, AMD Link etc. And use a gamepad to control the game. ATTENTION: This mod requires: ''Mobile HUD 2.01.1'' and ''First Person Mod v3.0 Fixed''. Credits: crosire, Fu-Bama, Clara Download
  10. License Plate Colors Fix by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download:
  11. This list will make your San Andreas experience feel more alive! Well first of all, non of these mods are mine. All the rights goes to their respective creators! I'm just mad that all of these mods goes to "cleo mods/scripts" category all the time. When you try to find them, it's like mining thru a mountain full of rocks and trying to find the diamond among them.. Please just tag those kind of mods under a new section (mixmods please do it!) like #revival #pedsrealism or something whatever you want to call. My main purpose here is making a list of mods that "bring life to san andreas" not just revival mods. 1-Realistic Beach v2.6 Adds what a beach needs to Los Santos' beach. 2-Ambient Taxi Makes a random npc enter a taxi. DON'T USE WITH "TRAFFIC AND TRAVEL" 3-Bus With Passengers v2 Adds npcs to the busses. DON'T USE WITH "TRAFFIC AND TRAVEL" 4-Prostitutes get into cars randomly Makes a random prostitute enter a car. 5-Peds Buy Food Makes a npc buy food from a machine or hotdog seller. 6-HardRain v1.2 Oh my precious... I'm in love with this mod! When rain starts, it makes some npc's use umbrellas, some other npcs without umbrellas starts to look at sky, and damn themselfs cuz they didn't get their umbrellas with them. If there is a rain-safe place like under a bridge, they will go there and wait till the rain ends. DON'T USE IT WITH "TTDISA" because sadly these 2 mods make a sound glitch together due some animgrp uncompatibility. 7-Homeless and Trash Bags Makes some homeless npcs look into trash bags around them. Sadly this mod is unstabile (as some comments say) and will propably crash your game 8-Home Brains Makes homeless npcs sit, pee, vomit and getting drunk. Don't use with "TTDiSA" cuz ttdisa already has this feature. 9-Ped Lean v2.1 Amazing mod!! A MUST HAVE INDEED!!!!!!!!!! Makes npcs randomly lean tru the walls. Just use it man. 10-More Hostile Gangs Makes hostile gang members shake your car. Don't use with "TTDiSA" cuz ttdisa already has this feature. 11-Pedestrians using map objects Like you can see them fishing in Santa Maria and use telescops in observatory. 12-People's attention When you walk-by npc, he/she will look at you for some time. 13-Car Crash Look When you crash your car, peds will look at your failure. 14-Real Peds Remake A classic mod around for years. Makes npcs randomly use telephone, smoke ciggarets or get drunk etc. This very specific mod comes with a sub mod (which is probaly this one ---> Peds Read Newspaper And Use Handbags) that will make randomly nps walk with bags in their hands and some read newspaper sitting in the banks. Don't use the newspaper and bags mod because it's -sadly- very buggy. 15-Urbanize Project Djjr and his community's amazing job! The real Revival mod i would say.. It supposed to add a bilet line in front of cinema, a homeless begging for money, A bazaar in Santa Maria etc. It's quite buggy tho. And they stopped working on it due to the new codding tool gta3sc. Use at your own risk. 16-Original Peds Vary Same ped has uniqe variations. Amazing and a must have!! You need this boi to use it tho ---> PedFuncs V0.3.1 17-PedTweaks Adds some missing peds to the game. I don't know if it's compatible with TTDiSA. I had no problem tho -yet-. 18-Aimdrivers Not a revival but it's just amazing. You aim your gun at the drivers and they get out of the car or doesn't give a f*ck and just leaves the area (maybe i didn't aimed right and that's why it didnt work lol). 19-Hide from Cops This mod is just beyond amazing. Look at it tru the link. (It's not djjr's 'hide of cops' mod. It's better) 20-No Abondoned Area C'mon, you know this mod. Everyone does! Go and download it immediatly! 21-Traffic and Travel This mod is gorgeous! But very buggy. Use at your own risk. Does a LOT of stuff to the game. Just look tru the link. 22-Things to Do in San Andreas/TTDiSA Here king, you dropped this *one of the best San Andreas mod* ... I cant explain with my broken english here... This is what it writes in the old ttdisa's gtagarage description: Well that's it from my point of view. I hope it helps someone out there to find some gems around the modding community. Don't forget to use Modloader. I thank to everyone who made those awesome mods and kept the modding community growing and i specially thank Djjr for making mixmods! Your webside is so good. I'll add some more mods in time. Or if people wants i can add some pictures too.
  12. Pauloso

    Pauloso's Workshop

    Welcome to Pimp Daddy Pauloso's Workshop : Here's in this topic is allowed: - Guns - Brazilian Carnival - Beer - Holy Bible - Beer Glacial - Opalão - Cachaça (sugar cane licor in english) - Get Drunk - Nasty Girls - Cowboy Hat - Ford Del Rey - Play Ilegal Games - Torresmo - Strip Club - Derby (The Cigarrete, not the car active) - Go to Church - Corote (sugar cane licor in english) - Perennial - Barbecue - Get the Dog to have procation - Pray the Rosary - Hunt Wild Animals - muscle cars V8 - Banheira do GUGU ( GUGU Bathtub in english ) Do Everything above with reponsability Hello, Feel Free to Download The mod that i did And converted i if wanna to talk with me, use PM (I Accept cachaça) or my youtube channel (Just Jocking). if have extra high QI you will notice that workshop is made to you communicate with me (Just Jocking). If you your homework, is a good kid and ain't a milk drinker you're welcome (Just Jocking). Conversions and Big Packs: GTA III& Vice City and Xbox Vehicles Converted to San Andreas: all in one: https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/cars/130656-gta-iii-amp-vice-city-cars-to-san-andreas/ separated: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z0ll5ci1k3lirjh/III+Xbox+Final.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/ce0r8ujpk72n20p/GTA+III+Cars+on+San+Andreas.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/o3ae497i6t6rxuc/Vice+City+cars+to+San+Andreas.7z http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediafire.com%2Ffile%2F3zwq3pbc5wwykjo%2FVice%2BXbox%2BCars%2BFinal.7z Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Idaho's for GTA San Andreas: GTA Garage:http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27778 GTA Inside:https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/cars/130692-lcs-amp-vcs-idaho-to-san-andreas/ Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Beta Cars: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27501 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Revised Cras: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27963 San Andreas Procedural Update: GTA Inside:https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps/130740-san-andreas-procedural-update/ GTA Gargage:https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28140 LibertyCity.net:https://libertycity.net/files/gta-san-andreas/125210-san-andreas-procedural-update.html#videos Reestyles and Peculiar Works, Brand New Cars: 1980 Declasse Truck Serie's: https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27985 1977 Declasse Premier Brougham: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27961 1987 Albany Primo: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27967 1983 Declasse Tahoma: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27966 1964 Declasse Savanna: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27973 1965 Vapid Perennial: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27974 1962 Declasse Cabbie: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27989 1989 Vapid Bobcat: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27779 Miscellaneous: (OLD) Grand Theft Auto Vice City Car Colors (carcols) to GTA San Andreas: gta garage:http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28093 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas FBI Rancher With LCS FBI Car Sirens: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xckaasw1aw71unx/Fbi+Ranch+With+Lights.7z Grand Theft Auto San Andreas TUG to Grand Theft Auto Vice City (for you to have a thug life): gta inside: III & Vice City Carcols To San Andreas: gta inside:https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/130884-iii-vice-city-carcols-to-san-andreas/ Grand Theft Auto Liberty Stories Perennial converted to GTA San Andreas: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27775 Vídeos: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Xbox Cars converted to GTA San Andreas: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cars to PC / PS2 converted to GTA San Andreas: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cars to PC / PS2 converted to GTA San Andreas: (Old Video): Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Beta Cars:
  13. Cleoude

    [SA] Green Sabre Cutscenes Fix

    There is an extraordinary logic error in this mission. Ryder is also in the scene where CJ and Cesar meet. Throughout the mission, CJ didn't mention Ryder. We can assume this is due to the beta version. But Ryder is still a betrayer. And when CJ sees Ryder in the Photo oppurtunity mission, he's pretty angry and pretends to have just learned Ryder's is a betrayer. So I created alternatives for the scene. Alternatives List: And I set up a system that allows you to replace the gang members with the skin (ped) you want, with the honey that appears in the alternative scene. My favorite is the Introduction Ballas Skins. I did not prefer it much as the skin similar to Csgrove1 is assumed to be Kane. Skins are referred to as Csballas1 and csballas2. so you can replace them like in the video. Now let me list what has been fixed. Green Sabre (CJ meets with Cesar): Without Ryder Version; Other Alternatives; Police Pistol holding fix when arrest CJ (optional) Green Sabre ('You got a bag over your head, boy'): Green Sabre ('Smoke does exactly what he's told'): Credits Cleoude - Cutscene fixes & Alternatives GroveStGTAV - Camera for Without Ryder Version Artur$MD - Introduction Ballas Skins SAMP Team - CSHandcuff1 Download (Last Update) The location in Badlands Crash Cutscenes is wrong (Pulaski does not show mountain) and will be updated again. If you cannot install the mod, I have specified how to install it in the video description section. please read.
  14. B_Smiles

    B_Smile's Workshop

    Oh! Hello! I didn't see you there. Uh, welcome to my workshop! [Whoa, never imagined in a million years I'd be able to say that] Anyway, if you stick around long enough [and I hope you do] you'll find a variety of things I've been making over a period of months. (but you will see the odd conversion [or twenty] and stuff made from scratch, sh*tbashes and other things along those lines) -legal disclaimer- everything released in this workshop may / may not hold the same levels of quality as what you're used to, but what the hey I'm still learning the ropes. The following is created within a safe and sealed environment and will mainly consist of randomness, map edits, player skins, pedestrian edits, sh*tbashes and other things thrown together from hell and a handbasket which may not exactly make much sense but what the hell, I do it anyway! Do not visit this workshop while nauseous, drunk on drugs or tired. Potential side effects may include laughing inappropriately, sudden peak in interest, basketball, wtfeckery and loss of sleep. *opinion of user satisfaction may differ and not exactly a guarantee And now with that out of the way, let's start! Oh! Any feedback regarding bugs, kalvin-like breaking or missing things would be nice too, because that's how I learn :3 EXTRA NOTE: I occasionally sneak in new mods through a previous post as a way of filling empty spaces - so be aware "Spray 'N' Go" Head Radio antenna Recreated Capital Auto's sign (based on pre-release / concept art renders) *weird bug with metal 'autos' sign being blue instead of white FINALLY released! Pre-release Rothwell Station as seen in this screenshot credit and huge thanks to AdusPL for the collision Vehicles 3DS Max Test - Mr. Claudee Strictly created for the purpose of understanding how to edit DFF files before exporting back to game - before being destined to the recycling bin (either replace the original or add to game as a new vehicle) UPDATED 06/08/17 fixed a couple of things, added readme E3-like vehicles without body64 texture 1970's security van (Italy) Xbox-style vanilla Infernus Kuruma Sport Classic bus with interior Kill_Tank 2000 A historical piece of hardware previously owned by a strange little man living in a tunnel -NO IMAGE FOR YOU!!- 747-like Airtrain DOWNLOAD Off-road Bobcat open default.ide and change the bobcat's wheel size from 0.7 to 0.86 updated 07/05/2018 - replaced front to fix headlight bug Phantom [edited PC ghost] Football van [updated again] Vice City Perennial The Karuma, the fake import cheaper answer to the Kuruma III style LCS BF Injection Miscellaneous Severed arm UPDATED with matching SFX Pedestrians (mainly edits) Camhead Leones [based on manhunt concept art] Music teacher / foreign exchange student -these were taken from the NTSC version since the PC gta3.img has these dummied out (empty) UPDATED 11/05/18 stu_man: fixed sandals UV mapping, added panpipes from busker1 stu_wom: replaced head, removed backpack Improved SWAT - model based on army - visor, badge and identification marking added - remapped torso for armour and uniform recolours Triad gang logos from game manual "beta" worker2 (as seen in 10 year anniversary edition beta video) "Yo, bitch - where the money?" platforms shoes? - check big feather on hat? - see above answer sunglasses? - affirmative "Hand over the fecking money or I cut your balls off!" SA-styled Catalina "I wanna eat soon!" Ricky the dickbag (modelled on IRL person from college) Updated Tanner model (awkward, strange animations sold separately) Re-textured Ammu-Nation clerk Bomber [V2 SOON] The Professor "THAT BAG! I MUST HAVE THAT BAG! GLORIOUS! STUPENDOUS!" Kinda-pre-release Admiral (photo-realistic headlights, slightly lower roof height, rougher body texture and LC plate) Beta PS2 silcolt without extended barrel San Andreas pickup icons for VC Links to individual posts [OOOOH] Sexy-Tiem Weaponry, SWAT Boxville, Cougar Convertible, Sexy-Tiem Chainsaw, IV-Style Maverick, GoldenEye 64 Golden Gun & Cougar Magnum Two-Tone Esperanto, Hidden Package Helper, Squalo MK1, 1981 Sanchez, Moonraker Laser & "Beater" Corpse Manana "Woody" Perennial, AR-33 Assault Rifle, Sperber Electric Car & GTA3 Flatbed with VC Extras Corpse Manana - VC Edition Improved GTA3 Stallion, GoldenEye64 sniper rifle, Sandwich Board Hobo, GoldenEye64 Auto Shotgun & Original Belly-Up Van Signage "Fixed" PC GTA3 Sentinel, Improved Import/Export Icon, Moonraker Elite Guard [male] & Mod-style Faggio Prison Bus, Carl "50cent" Johnson & Improved Cutscene Banshee Saaaaawnik the Sprinthog, Meat Truck, Homemade Shotgun, Restored Cutscene VCR, Frenchez, Ricer Blista Compact, 1983 Comet, Hybrid RPG, Tony's Shirts from 'The Sopranos' & GTA3 Fixes III-Storations - restoring stuff that went unused or wasn't implemented 1982 Mesa Grande, Big Smoke (GTA3) & Restored Stadium Scoreboard Beta Cochrane Dam Pumphouse, Carl "Busta" Johnson, Bowl 'o Noodles (VC), Civilian Pizzaboy, Manhunt Styled Colour-Coded Weapon Icons, Dildo Hunter Missiles & '"Roadworthy" Bloodring Banger 80's GTAV Ruiner, VC Bobcat with bed cap, Easy Entry Sparrow/Sea Sparrow, Beta/Pre 9/11 Building Sculpture (GTA3), PS2/PC Ruger without shoulder stock & graffiti from GTA3 mobile 'Charlie Croker Tours' Coach, "Fixed" Lovefist Limo, VC-styled GTA3 Deaddodo, Restored Camera Pickups, LAPD with SFPD Voices & Psycho Guy Strategy Guide Weapon Icons, Capital Autos Showroom Bunting, VCS-style Ice Cream Factory Exterior, Coloured Pan-Lantic Construction Logo, Beta Film Studio Entrance, Pre-release styled Museum & Art Gallery, Tomas Vercettus Butcherus & Recreated Alpha/Beta Signage VC Stinger & Stallion for GTA3 LAPD BMX for homies & WTF Burger Tank RC Ernst Stavro Blofeld, LCS Mobile 8-Ball & Mickey Textures, Improved Car Wreck Models, Casa's Deli (closed down), Early XXX Cinema, Luigi's Club & Beta Blue Radar LCS 'Doll's House' Building Rebuilt/Re-purposed (GTA3) "UHD 4K" Realistic Steak, 'Fort Knox' Securica, LCS Forelli Car (v1) & GTAV Shark Card Money Pickup (GTA3) Revised Beta Buggys, "f*ck You" Hidden Package, Killer Piano, Perennial Pigèon, Beta Carson General Hospital, Bedford Point Church Garden, Phil's Depot Stair Fix & Alpha-Styled Ambulance "Beta" Tony Kip-riani, Tampa SE, Concept Art Duncan's Body & Sprayshop, Hueg Cellphone, 3D-era Marshall Ripoff & noisy Yamaha bike from Never Say Never Again Memory Lanes Bowling doors improvement [GTAIV] and functional poolcue weapon [GTAIV] Pre-2000 Triad Fish Factory, Improved WitSec Apartment, VC beachball for GTA3, FIA Signage Correction, GTA3 Skinpack, bearded Ray, another food-related weapon [VC], Vice Point Mall interior lights fix, BETA Ammu-Nation exterior, 1970's Voodoo "Roofed" Banshees "Ice Me Gelato" cart, HH Real FBI, Hector's chainsaw & Patriot with fixed canvas covers Salvatore's office, Leon McAffrey [replaces li_man2], Street Mime, restored BETA buskers & Multiplayer Map Features (ongoing) Restored Plaster guy, Darkel & Tom Novy Restored Butler, Goon & Cop2 Big-ass revolver [VC], Trashed Jeep [VC], Hi-roof VC Washington, Biker Angel without saddlebags, High-roof CS Admiral, Walton Towtruck, scoped Colt45 with laser pointer, Troquis, ZR-350s convertible/soft top, generic van (civilian Mr. Whoopee) Taco Van, Pointlessly Silenced Weapons, 1970 Groovan, Buckinghamshire (Royal Car) Super-powered Sultan [EXCLUSIVE] Face Mask Pedestrians & Coronavirus Hidden Package for GTA3 Taped-off Chinatown Market (Wuhan Market) + Dead Guy Prop & Corona-San
  15. Annis Vassal released! " From the manufacturers that brought you overpriced Sports Cars from the Far East, comes a new line of Pickup Trucks to brave the urban jungles and... well, actual jungles of San Andreas! Lightweight, built to last, and very versatile, this new toy will be your trusty companion to serve all your needs, as you see fit. You'll surely miss this baby even after ten years have passed, guaranteed! Annis Vassal, now in stock!" Comes with Two Canopy Types! Fit your Truck with one of two canopy types, Type A "Classic" and Type B "King-Size". Also available with Badges! Limited Edition Annis™ badges are available as well, for those dedicated customers. ================================================================================================================================= Hey people! XG417 here once again, and this time I have with me a new vehicle mod for you all to enjoy! This project has a very special significance to me - this entire thing was inspired by the car that I grew up with, the car of my youth. My family had it even before I was born so it's pretty darn old, but then around 2008 we had to part ways with it as we can no longer afford to maintain it. Suffice to say that I was very upset by its departure as I had great plans for it when I grow up, not to mention that this was the very first car I ever rode in. I never got to actually drive it myself when I came of age. And so that is why I thought to myself "Hey, since I can mod now why not recreate it in San Andreas?" And that, I did. As always, Feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time, and do enjoy this new release! Overview: -SA-Styled PickUp Truck based on Datsun/Nissan 720 (1990) -Model completely made from scratch! -Vanilla Extras. No VehFuncs/IVF required! -One Color Tone -Custom Handling -Custom Colors -SA License Plates -Replacer and Added Versions available -Normal and Badged Versions available Requirements: -GTA San Andreas (Obviously) -Modloader (Required) -Fastman92 Limit Adjuster (For Added Version) Instructions on install is in the Readme file and the mods' respective pages. Download Here: Changelog: -1.0 - Release Special Thanks: > R* - For the gift of the gods that is GTA San Andreas > The People at the C&S Discord Server - For supporting me and giving feedback
  16. Bravado Blister v2.0 released! "Is it Sexy? Damn right. Is it Comfortable? You betcha. Is it cool inside? Freezing! Is it ideal for Soccer Moms? Best in the business! Is it Worth your money? Greatest investment you'll ever make! Of course one or more of these are a load of bull, but hey, there's a reason why Bravado's logo is a Bull! The new Bravado Blister, now in stock!" Color Variations! Choose whether you'll be rocking a single color or sport a sleek Two-Tone Body with limitless Options! (Limitless color options sponsored by TransFender™) Accessories Available! Give your ride some personality! Choose from 5 Optional accessories to jazz up your new ride and show them off to your friends and family! And as of the most recent iteration of the Blister, we've introduced two new roof accessories! Check them out below: Bravado™ Blister can be purchased with Accessories already included with the Limited Edition package. All the same, buyers can choose not to opt in for Accessories and choose the Standard Edition package. (Accessories can still be purchased separately later on) Also available with Badges! Let everybody know where this sexy beast of a minivan comes from by displaying these Limited Edition Bravado™ badges on your car. ================================================================================================================================= In Partnership with Juank Air Corporation, you will now be able to enjoy a ride around the San Andreas Airports in the comfort of our specialized line of 1992 Edition Bravado™ Blister Airport Shuttles! ================================================================================================================================= Alright, enough fluff. Hey people! XG417 here, and I'm proud to present my very first mod ever! Originally my idea of a predecessor for the 3D-Era Blista which was based off of the 3rd Generation Dodge Caravan, it began to take its own identity as my mod developed. After more than two weeks, it is finished, at last. It's been my dream to be able to make my own GTA Mod for the longest time, ever since discovering the magical world of modding when I was like, 12 years old or so. 'Twas a simpler time back then. Now a man of 25, and armed with the knowledge picked up from College, we arrive here in the present day, about to release my very first mod. My life choices till now has led me to this single moment. Hooray for me! In any case, I do hope you enjoy this mod! As this is my first release, Feedback is gravely needed. Any help is appreciated! Overview: -SA-Styled Minivan based on the Second Generation Dodge Caravan (1991-1995) -Two-tone chassis, allowing for both Monotone and Two-Tone variants -Custom Handling -Custom Colors -SA License Plates -5 types of Accessories, 3 of which are VehFuncs-powered. -Non-VehFuncs and VehFuncs version available. -Replacer and Added Versions available Requirements: -GTA San Andreas (Obviously) -Modloader (Required) -VehFuncs (Optional) -Fastman92 Limit Adjuster (For Added Version) Instructions on install is in the Readme file and the mods' respective pages. Old Versions (if you want them for some reason): Changelog: -2.0 - A new, improved and touched-up model to look less awkward - Remapped some parts - Added SA Reflections - New, more detailed interior - New engine model - 2 new extras added (new roof racks and and extended roof) - Airport Shuttle Variant added -Non-VehFuncs versions added -1.01 - Added missing Cleo_text folder (for the Car Name) that I forgot to pack in -1.0 - Release Special Thanks: > R* - For the gift of the gods that is GTA San Andreas > Junior_Djjr - For VehFuncs and that epic tutorial on adding without replacing Vehicles > Calvin.linardi - for introducing me to the C&S Discord Server and testing. >Savidge and 2ceevee - for testing. > The People at the C&S Discord Server - For helping me realize my first mod ever! Thanks guys!
  17. The russian community makes a lot of good mods for GTA:SA but unfortunately most of those mods are available only in russian so I decided to translate them into english. Keep in mind that those translations aren't perfect and were made the fastast way possibile, the only objective is help you to understand at least 50% of the mod. There's typos, missing lines and other bugs and problems but at least it's better than see a lot of gibberish in cyrillic. If you see any serious problem, tell me so I'll fix it. For now I'm translating mods that I like. I have mounted a list of 16 mods to translate and if I receive suggestions this thread will soon be filled with hundreds of translations. NOTE: Only the translations are being shared, you still need to download the mod from the author link. NOTE2: Click on the spoiler to see the translation preview. NOTE3: I'm accepting suggestions of mods to be translated. Missions and Total Conversions: Mortal Kombat Conquest for GTA SA V3.1 - ENGLISH TRANSLATION GTA: Scarlet Sails - ENGLISH TRANSLATION Delete the .fxt files of the mod before install the translation. Common Mods: Game Race Mission Editor v3.0 - ENGLISH TRANSLATION
  18. Zeneric

    Smooth Criminal Bicycles

    Smooth Criminal Bicycles v3.0 v3.0: Added more bicycle extras. Adapted with Vehfuncs' paintjob function. Secondary colors (carcols) added. Adapted with Vehfuncs' f_brake function. Replaced some SCB bicycle meshes with improved/better meshes (aka less blocky/messy). New bicycle details. Retweaked some bicycle materials. Adapted with SkyGFX and RenderHook (Sormed's PS2 Atmosphere RH preset recommended). Added default GTA SA Dirt (vehiclegrunge256) to bicycles - adapted with Vehfuncs' dirt system (ECG recommended for high quality dirt texture). Removed the need of ISDC's bmx/bike wheels, and also removed the need of Rikintosh's textures. Authors: Zeneric/Kkjj SCBv3 download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M82o-b6xHHacUiNa4yxj-9x47DkDGOT7
  19. thalilmythos

    SA - Personal vehicle.

    Personal vehicle Because someone had to do it (right) right? Ill let the images do the talking (kinda) Blasting fools in the other side of town. Back on the spot, vehicle is still there. Getting arrested. We don't need no taxis bruh, ain't nobody got time for that. Features -You can set your personal vehicle -You can Lock your personal vehicle in place so that it doesn't dissapear. -If you wander or go too far from your personal vehicle it will get locked automatically, hence the personal vehicle setting usability. -You can call for a mechanic to bring you your personal vehicle. - Your vehicle is bulletproof, bulletprooftires, explosionproof, damageproof, and so on proof, while the mechanic drives, so it doesn't get damaged, however it turns back to normal when it arrives. Problems: -If you walk around your vehicle making mayhem without going away enough for it to lock itself autmatically and not locking it yourself, there's a possibility for it to dissapear, hence the Locking your vehicle usability. -Sometimes the mechanic can get lost, but is a weird occurrence. -If you lock your car while it's inside a garage and save the game, it won't be there when you reload it, the game stores it in the script as long as you are playing so if you put your car in a garage don't Lock it. Instructions: HOLD TAB + P: Personal vehicle set. HOLD P: For locking your vehicle in place HOLD TAB + O: For calling a Mechanic. HOLD TAB + P WHEN YOUR CAR IS SET: Unsets your personal vehicle HOLD P + N INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE TO MAKE IT UNSPRAYABLE HOLD P + Y INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE TO MAKE IT SPRAYABLE Installation: just put the damn files in cleo, is 2017 for god's sake. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2c0yr77syjnahcf/RE+Personal+vehicle+14-03-2019.7z
  20. WarButler

    Combat FX Upgrade

    Building on the great work of Function-X- and Ezekiel, I've made a collection of effects that aims to breathe new life into San Andreas' combat! Thanks to DK22Pac's awesome Effects Loader, you can use these effects with any effects.fxp + effects.txd, without replacing any files. Each effect has its own folder, so you can swap between different versions easily and even delete any effect you don't like. The game will use the equivalent effect from effects.fxp. The effects are adapted to IMFX and work at any Visual FX Quality setting. The mod is also adapted to Junior_Djjr's EnhanceFX, for better vehicle smoke and fire effects! I've taken inspiration from newer games to try and make the effects look as modern and cinematic as possible, while hopefully still fitting in with the game's slightly stylised aesthetic. I hope you like them! Here's an overview of the mod's main features: Muzzle Flashes I've changed the m4 muzzle flash since the above video Explosions Fire Blood and Sparks If the blood looks too bright, set ENABLE_BLOODSPOTS in imfx.dat to NO. If you want high visual effects quality but don't want to use high graphics settings, use MixSets with "FxEmissionRateMult = 1.0" and "FxEmissionRateShare = 1" in the ini. CREDITS Function-X: Original muzzle flash Ezekiel: Original explosions, fire [SAK*]KING_OF_SA: Version 1 blood droplets Junior_Djjr: EnhanceFX DK22Pac: Effects Loader & IMFX LennyH: Headshot gore textures cgman at spritefx.blogspot: Explosion and smoke textures MSGDI at Unity Store: V2 muzzle flash textures ActionVFX: V1 muzzle flash textures Unity Labs Paris: Smoke textures WarButler: fxp editing, texture editing, v2 explosions, muzzle flashes, blood, sparks COMBAT FX DOWNLOAD Old versions:
  21. SUMMARY This mod makes evading police possible in San Andreas by avoiding getting sighted by cops and keeping a low profile. It also features advanced cop reactions and a shooting distraction system - with ideas from games like Hitman Absolution and GTA IV, keeping intact the original feel of the SA world. 1. Play Hide and Seek with Cops by hiding in backyards, underground, behind walls, pillars. They'll try to find you. Hide from Cops! 4. Shooting too much in public will draw Cops attention back to you and they will check out your area. 2. Noisy Weapons wouldn't draw attention if you are in a secluded place and no one is around. (Grove street gang members wouldn't report you) 3. Stealth killing in public is possible (before getting sighted and using a silenced pistol) 5. When you're not wanted, your shootings / killings may be reported by some civilian who heard the shots or saw the crime. Using a machine gun in public would definitely draw attention. 6. Driving too fast and rash will draw cop attention if you are already wanted and in hiding and the chance of some cop sighting you will increase and that may blow your cover. 7. Even after when you lose sight of the cops, some police helicopter may sight you and your cover will be blown - Aerial Sight 8. Evasion Possibility 8.(A) To actually lose stars, you need to sneak out of the area you were last seen in. 8.(B) Once you lose your first star after going into hiding, other area cops might not recognize you so quickly like before. They'll be Hostile if you come within 30 metres and are in sight. 10. The optional visual status list is provided at the end of the detailed description DOWNLOAD LINK RCS (REAL COP SYSTEM) DETAILED DESCRIPTION You can literally hide anywhere if you manage to shake off the cops. The modification aims at 1. Making Hiding from Cops Possible 2. Making the hiding and actual evasion (cool-down) moderately hard. HIDING Being hidden simply means you are not in sight of the cops and they're searching for you. It does not mean that you will start losing wanted level. EVASION / COOL-DOWN Given that you're hidden, and have successfully sneaked out of the area you were last seen in, you will start losing stars. If you go back into that area where you were last seen, you would again not be able to lose stars. Some ingame screens showing what happens if you stay in the same area you were last seen in after being able to avoid sight consistently for a minute or so. HIDING, COOL-DOWN RULES Committing crimes (in public) will draw attention. Cops will arrive at the location and if found, your cover will be blown and you wouldn't be hidden anymore. You can commit a crime and flee the scene in time and watch the aftermath from behind a cover and will still be able to evade them. But again, now cops will be searching for you in this new last seen area or where you were last reported to be firing in public. The detection capability of the cops will also reduce accordingly with time. If a cop was able to spot you and become hostile from 60 metres away before when they were actively searching for you, Once the wanted level starts to cool-down, he will not recognize you until you are at-least 30 metres close to him. It also features Intelligent pedestrian and cops behavior Los Santos and San Fierro: The chances are good that some cop will sight and identify you quickly if you're in public. Las Venturas: it would be really hard to shake off the cops once your level crosses 3. Country side: you are less likely to get reported or draw attention. The cops response time will also be a little more. VISUAL PACK OF WANTED STATUSES Its contained in this modification. Its an idea I derived from Hitman Absolution. And this mod is the main supplement of the the RCS (Real Cop System) Mod. Innocent Disturbance Reported Felony Reported Attention Drawn Distraction Created Hostile Searching Area In Sight Evading Search Location Compromised Aerial Sight STATUS GUIDE If you shoot in public, depending on the circumstances, either a 'Disturbance' or 'Felony' will be Reported by someone from the area and you will get a wanted level. And you will get a wanted level. If you're hidden and shoot in public, you may Draw Attention - There will be a chance that someone around you will rat you out to the cops and that a patrol car/ helicopter / tank comes scrounging the area dynamically depending on what wanted level the player has. If you're out of sight, and there are cops nearby - searching the area, in this case, you can create a Distraction, and all cops will run to the location where the shots were fired by you instinctively. Hostile mod is when Some foot cops have you in sight and are ready to shoot to kill / arrest you. This is the only possibility available in the original cop system. Searching Area will be a state when you are out of sight and cops are searching the area. They will go to the last seen location and also police helicopters will try to spot you be scanning your area with infrared, night-vision and what not. In Sight would be either if you are in a car chase or there are cops around you who can see you but are not able to shoot at you or try to kill you. Mostly, these are cops in vehicles. Evading Search means there are no cops around you which CJ is aware of while he is hiding. Location Compromised: If the player goes inside any of his own properties or a public restaurant / shop where the news is readily available on television, his location would instantly be compromised and cops will surround the property / restaurant. Aerial Sight is one of the recently developed legs of the mod and is one of my personal favorites, this is of a time when there is only the police helicopter which has you in sight, if you destroy / evade the police helicopter, you'll directly go into hiding (if anyone else doesn't spot you for sometime). I googled a bit and found that police mavericks can easily see through buildings and walls using infra, thermal visions. So the same is also been made true for this realism cleo mod. Do visit my blog. https://mohitrobinson.blogspot.com/ Also, if you liked the mod, simply like the youtube video, drop a comment and share your feedback. Thanks DOWNLOAD LINK
  22. daniltk2

    daniltk2's Workshop

    All My Files HERE VCS Beta Bike SA Style SA Admiral FIX Greenwood VC / Beta SA Style Cougar / Virgo from VC Sabre Turbo VC Beta/Release Mix Idaho SA Style (Updated) Sentinel / Sentinel XS from VC Phoenix VC Beta VC Cabbie Esperanto VC Angel + Paintjobs
  23. * No Permission is granted to modify or change the content of these files for other sharing purposes together with other projects, total conversions, mod packs, only with the exception when the user will keep the changes that are done towards the mod, privately. Any other different releases of the original Mod on cloud hosting websites will be reported and removed eventually. * Don't come to me to make requests for permission, I'm not saying this twice. * Moddb Webpage - SRt3 Main Installer : http://www.moddb.com/mods/srt3-mod/downloads/srt3-mipmap-2014 * Moddb Webpage - SRt3 Update V1.01: http://www.moddb.com/mods/srt3-mod/downloads/srt3-2014-update-v101 * (former StrategyInformer) GameWatcher Webpage - SRt3 Main Installer : http://www.gamewatcher.com/mods/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-mod/srt3-mipmap-2014 * (former StrategyInformer) GameWatcher Webpage - SRt3 Update V1.01 : http://www.gamewatcher.com/mods/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-mod/srt3-mipmap-2014-1-01-patch * Original Author: ParoXum * Author of Srt3 Mipmap Edition: ParoXum & BLITZ * Necessary Requirements: Project 2dfx & CLEO4 for 512MB.cs/IMG Manager Tool * Other Requirements: Standalone * Current Version: February 2014 * File Size: 2.7GB * SRt3 it's a San Andreas Mod, that retextures the entire map. It is at least the initial name of the project which the goal is to retexture any piece/object of San Andreas by textures of much higher quality. * SRt3 Mod exist since August 2005 - original author of this mod is ParoXum. * SRt3 mod has been released on 7 August 2006, but not everything was retextured, ParoXum leaves the mod how * On 4 April 2008, the mod started to be continued by me. * Under the name of SRt2, in time the mod's name had changed into SRt3. This list represents all the goodies inside SRt3, including other mods and innovations brought to this version since the last version: * New HUD * Detailled Radar MOD by Ian Albert & BaygoN * Lod Mod/Draw Distance Mod * *OGM_2Pac*'s develop peds Packs for SRt3. * Deserted New Grass Retextured; NDGT, dynamic and static grasses of the desert : ParoXum * Normal New Grass Retextured; NNGT, dynamic grasses of the game : ParoXum * MTA: Rv' S Generics Objects; Barrels, baskets, cases, boxes, etc Textures Hi-Resolution : ParoXum * New Vegetation Trees; Pack containing my textures of vegetation, new model 3D of trees, palm trees : ParoXum * Complete Retexture Country of San Fierro - ParoXum & BLITZ * Complete Retexture Country of Los Santos - ParoXum & BLITZ * Complete Retexture Country of Las Venturas - ParoXum & BLITZ * Complete Retexture Desert of Las Venturas - ParoXum & BLITZ * Complete Retexture San Fierro - ParoXum & BLITZ * Complete Retexture Las Venturas - ParoXum & BLITZ * Changes in commercial logos like banners, billboards : Sprunk, Victim, BurgerShot, BoBo - BLITZ * For starters is required a clean V1.0 GTA San Andreas game. Other mods comes second. * Mipmaps - This new edition of SRt3 brings the possibility to play SRt3 textures with Mipmaps along with Lod Mod and now this time with Trees Lod included. Another project of mine that increases the Level of Detail for far objects of higher quality. * SRt3 Mipmap Edition textures are now having MipMaps. They are set to level 9. * SRt3 Mipmap Edition also contains my last work from where I stopped in Los Santos. Reminder that these textures where in semifinal build so reporting for finding any kind of texture who are not in their right place is futile. * SRt3 Mipmap Edition includes .Lod Mod/Draw Distance Mod. * SRt3 Mipmap Edition doesn't change the game interiors. * SRt3 Mipmap Edition includes all the previous versions and updates, meaning you don't need any other old versions. * The setup will install all the files in your PC, but you still have to install the mod by yourself. * San Fierro Finished - 100% * Las Venturas Finished - 100% * Desert & Country Finished - 100% * Los Santos : The progress has stopped due to my PC that is already old. I don't have money and even time anymore to, focus on what is left of Los Santos for now. When I'll have enough upgrades for my PC, then I will continue from where I stopped. * SRt3 works with SA-MP & MTA. * The Mod needs V1.0 because many programs & tools are asking for V1.0, otherwise no program will work for you in order to install something. * Why does SRt3 lags or why I'm having FPS drops ? At the moment I don't have any problems with lag, when using SRt3. I will remember that I have EAH3650 HD 1GB with Core 2 Duo 3,01ghz, of 4GB RAM. So far, for those who are having lower than mine, there is a change to have bit of lag. * Med Editor/Map Editor won't work anymore after gta3.img reaches 2GB/2.2GB and either with SRt3 when it will hit between 3.32GB/3.45GB with SRt3 and Archived at 2.50GB/2.80GB. * The Limit size of gta3.img is 4.095MB/4GB. IMG Manager can also show you this information. Going beyond 4GB for gta3.img, the game will crash at exit, the entire textures will be replaced with LOD blurry textures. Is not recommended to be played in such conditions. * Using IMG Tool V2 (Who the heck is using that anymore ?) or Alci's IMG with SRT3 installed, once the gta3.img is above 2GB, all the files that were installed previously will have 0KB when they will be extracted. All the files will be empty inside and not a single program like 3DMax, TXD Workshop, ZModeler can open them. Both or any other older IMG Tool aren't capable of extracting them properly anymore, even if you can still view their real size correctly inside of any IMG Tool. * It is possible that when using to often Alci's IMG Rebuild Archive command, at unknown percentage, the progress stops, cancels the hole progress, shows an error message and all the files that were supposed to be IMPORTED never got installed. * From this point the entire GTA3.IMG is broken, accordingly you have to use another clean gta3.img. I recommend IMG Manager made by xmen, the newest IMG Tool that can extract, import, rebuild. IMG MANAGER can have unlimited rebuild gta3.img - IMG Manager Official Topic http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=354093 For Win7, if IMG Manager doesn't work or run, use this: %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\ldr64.exe setwow * For Win7, if IMG Manager doesn't work or run, use this: %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\ldr64.exe setwow * There are differences between this IMG Tool and from the others well known. * IMPORT command will always import any kind of file, but it will not replace the old/original files with the newest, meaning that you will have a duplicate of the same file in the IMG and the game could possibly crash at the loading screen or you will have trouble with the mod that was installed. You have to erase the old/original file in order for the new file to work properly. * BULK REPLACE command will definitely IMPORT & REPLACE on the same time any file that was installed, however it will accept only folders with files that are prepared inside them, just as my San Andreas Lod Mod is sorted out. * BULK REPLACE will also never recognize new files that don't exist inside the gta3.img and the command start replacing something that cannot be found, therefore the use of IMPORT command is required to be used. This is a reference to my seven new objects. * For CLEO4 in order to make 512MB.asi work: http://cleo.sannybuilder.com/ (Current Version - NEW! CLEO 4 Library (v4.3.11)/Installer(.EXE) or Standalone (Archive). * Project 2dfx to get Tweaker & Limit Adjuster by following the link below: * http://gtaforums.com/topic/573478-iiivcsa-project-2dfx/ Made by [TheJAMESGM & ThirteenAG] * Find the download link: "Project 2dfx SA - Download" and download the lastest version ( the current version is Project_2dfx_sa v1.6 ) * Extract only flickr.asi into the main DIR of San Andreas game aka gta_sa.exe Bonus! ----------- * There is a Bonus folder where you can find the following content. * As result of making Lod Mod, all the previous LOD texture were erased. However for those who aren't interested plaing with Lod Mod as well, they can use Lod texture again. The files can be found in Bonus folder, LOD Textures Pack and they also include mipmaps now. * Ped Pack consist in peds retexturing. I had users with opinions where some would not like to play with them and others would want to. * Is nothing better than having a new look of Hud. * fastman92 for making memory512.cs and methodunderg for compiling the file. * Robanswe for finding a way to fix the SA-MP CUSTOM.IDE white textures bug. * And the rest of the members and users who made reports over the past months.
  24. MMK_033

    Animation Fix

    Good day for everyone. I'd like to introduce you to my pretty much insignificant work, as it may be not so relevant after 13 years since the game was released, but I think that some people still may find it interesting. Probably, I am not the only one who noticed that some animations in GTA SA are pretty much bugged, like driving and in-vehicle animations, when they are getting performed by some NPCs, like some facial animations, like some stance animations and like the others. In other words, some animations are performed incorrectly with some models: the breast might be twisted, the lower jaw either disappears or doesn't move properly, the eyebrows rise almost to the back of the head - these are the most common things that you can face. Especially these bugs are evident to DYOM players or those people, who play SAMP or MTA, or any other multiplayer client. The aim of my work is to find and to fix any bugs and incompatibility problems in animations. This mod doesn't change the look of animations, but it makes some corrections that make the animation work properly with all models. What kind of bugs it fixes: In most cases, this mod fixes regular twisted breast bug, which can be seen on female models within some combat movements, sneaking, movement with heavy weapons, jetpack stance and driving. Fixes possible incorrect show-up or disappearance of lower jaw and eyebrows for facial animations. Fixes excessive upward rotation of the lower jaw while conversating (originally, the jaw was unnecessarily turned by about 9 degrees upper than it supposed to be), so characters now should open mouth properly while speaking The list of fixed animations (last update - 08/12/2017 20:00 UTC+3): RELEASE 1.5 - DOWNLOAD LINK (MEDIAFIRE) RELEASE 1.0 - DOWNLOAD LINK (MEDIAFIRE) Raw updates are some sort of unstable additions to last confirmed release (1.5) distributed as intermediate WIP-type (alpha) content before the next confirmed release. The content may be modified even within single raw update. In this case, only minor hotfixes are applied, without any new content included. RAW UPDATE #2 (08/12/2017) - DOWNLOAD LINK RAW UPDATE #1 (16/11/2017) - DOWNLOAD LINK Previous raw updates are NOT REQUIRED for installation, so you can just download the last one and install it over the last confirmed release (1.5). Optional part of Raw Update #2 requires CLEO (any version).
  25. ForeverL

    [III|VC|SA] Icons

    There's not much to explain. They are icons for GTA games. And for some mods. LCS III VC SA Download
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