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  1. This patch tries to improve and fix the San Vice Tings: -Fixed Timecyc -Fixed Glass in Airoport -New Peds -New Weapons and Icons Updated -Cars replaced to SA Style and new -Fixed Map (85%) And much more soon Screenshots: Download:
  2. ThePedro004

    ThePedro004's Workshop & Weaponry

    All mods are for GTA:SA. Also please note that some of the mods download pages might be in portuguese, Google Translate would work just fine, just search for the big download button and that's all. Best Mods HUD and Radar from Watch Dogs 2 The name says it all. Faithful Weapons Pack Original Weapons in HQ + Weapon Sound Pack Gore Overhaul & Particle TXD A complete overhaul of the game's gore including a particle TXD. SA:Roads HQ Road textures from the GTA 5 Mod L.A. Roads. Dynamic Weapon Draw Sound Weapon aim sounds. Toon FX Cartoon effects.
  3. CLEO 4.3 Visit CLEO Website CLEO is a hugely popular extensible library plugin which brings new possibilities in scripting for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by Rockstar Games, allowing the use of thousands of unique mods which change or expand the gameplay. You may find more information about CLEO in the Sanny Builder help and on the website http://cleo.sannybuilder.com I'm now developing this. Now with legacy (CLEO 3) mode! Name problematic CLEO 3 scripts with the '.cs3' extension for added compatibility with certain CLEO 3 scripts and CLEO 4 (rarely necessary). The chang
  4. Description: SAAS is my attempt to improve ambience over the whole state of San Andreas. A lot of sound effects was tweaked / twisted / smashed / baked using Audacity, in order to make them compatible to San Andreas atmosphere. A clever script coordinates everything, loading only the sounds triggered by specific places (defined by INI file). Its main features are : - Highly customizable by INI file - Sounds for dozens of places like : seas, rivers, roads, cities, country, desert, woods, farms, airports, ships, crowds, etc. - Day / Night variants - Smooth
  5. GTA San Andreas Advance is my project that make GTA San Andreas is better and harder than original. What I modified from this game. - Modified some missions to make this game harder. - Add more Peds and Weapons. - Add more Gang Members and Cops. - Add some stats. - Add some models to unique characters (Freddy, Weasel, Kane, etc). - etc... Some tools and another mods that I used. - Cleo 4 - https://cleo.li/ - Sanny Builder 3 - https://www.sannybuilder.com/ - 3DS Max - Fastman92 Limit Adjuster - Fastman92 - Modloader - Link201
  6. Hangout with Story Characters You are now able to recruit special characters after certain missions as a reward. But just like in Vice City. You have to pick them up from their locations. If they die or you try to kill them, they will get injury and notification says "(example)big bear is injured" and they will spawn back to their locations. If you left your friend behind, notification says "(example)you lost big bear" every friend of CJ has unique recruit quote with their own voice when you recruit them. Dont forget this, every character is an optional. You dont need to use all of them.
  7. Leonazix

    Leonazix Import and Exports

    Hello and welcome to Leonazix Import and Exports! Here you will find lore friendly mods for Grand Theft Auto Vice City and San Andreas I decided to open this workshop to shared mostly my mods to the entire community of GTA, and sorry for late of many months of who were wating for my workshop. So I hope you like my mods!
  8. Zeneric

    Smooth Criminal Bicycles

    Smooth Criminal Bicycles v3.0 v3.0: Added more bicycle extras. Adapted with Vehfuncs' paintjob function. Secondary colors (carcols) added. Adapted with Vehfuncs' f_brake function. Replaced some SCB bicycle meshes with improved/better meshes (aka less blocky/messy). New bicycle details. Retweaked some bicycle materials. Adapted with SkyGFX and RenderHook (Sormed's PS2 Atmosphere RH preset recommended). Added default GTA SA Dirt (vehiclegrunge256) to bicycles - adapted with Vehfuncs' dirt system (ECG recommended for high quality dirt texture). Removed
  9. Gee, I sure hope this is the right place for this thread... Hello everybody! This is technically my first mod. The first one I posted at least, as I used to edit the handling of cars to feel realistic to the degree that the San Andreas allowed me to. Now... I tried looking up different mods that could suit my needs for weapon damage, recoil, spread, rate of fire and so on for the game, and kept being let down by how many mods just go *too wild* with their stats, or made ridiculous changes at times. So, I sat to look up information on every fire gun in the game (except f
  10. Version 9.1.2 Introducing another side-mission to GTA San Andreas! FEATURES Simply start mission by pressing BACKSPACE when outside. Agents to inform you, either by phone or meet them directly. Targets varying from defenseless to armed, walking or driving, alone or with group. Target ranks to indicate how dangerous your target would be. Special trait for high-rank targets which makes them immune to crash and headshot. High wanted level will put you in several disadvantages. Stealth kills could prevent target's response, avoid wanted le
  11. Directional Music to Trunk v5 (Musica Direcional ao Porta-Malas - MDPMv5), which is being far beyond this name... This should be the first time in history that a 3D game features automotive sound with speakers vibrating with the current bass of the music. Watch it in 720p60 for 60 FPS, or it will be unrealistic. Enable English subtitles. Yes, this cleo mod for GTA San Andreas created by me (@Junior_Djjr) and @fabio3 uses an algorithm that measures the frequencies of the music and transforms into the movement of the speaker, thus simulating a loudspeak
  12. Just another russian total conversation, unlike other russian mods this one feature high definition textures, high detailed models and storyline. Removed Link
  13. Hi, i'm Crazy Al Are you bored of driving the Same boring vehicles all over the state of San Andreas? Are you looking to Spend all that hard earned cash on a Reliable Used Vehicle? Are you in the Whetstone Area? If you said YES to Any of these questions, then do we have the selection for you over at.... Current Stock Upcoming Stock If y'all are intrested in a Visit Or looking to buy a Used vehicle, Call Crazy Al at 273-555-1814
  14. This list will make your San Andreas experience feel more alive! Well first of all, non of these mods are mine. All the rights goes to their respective creators! I'm just mad that all of these mods goes to "cleo mods/scripts" category all the time. When you try to find them, it's like mining thru a mountain full of rocks and trying to find the diamond among them.. Please just tag those kind of mods under a new section (mixmods please do it!) like #revival #pedsrealism or something whatever you want to call. My main purpose here is making a list of mod
  15. This is a simple preset for latest reshade with necessary files for easy install and use. First preset is for smooth and bug free gameplay. And preset 2 have adaptive fog which can be buggy it is up to you to use. You can switch between presets easily with pressing (home by default). https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/151776-vivid-natural-san-andreas/ Credits:Junior_Djjr, DK22Pac, Ezekiel, The Hero, crosire, Wesser,Black White 7 Blue, Zeneric. Rest of the credits will be updated if some one can give me info about the cleo's authors.
  16. EnhFuncs is a mod that adds new functions to models, designed for both weapons and for vehicles. It works just like other mods functions to models, but also with a .cfg. To have a weapon with some function of this mod, simply download and install. To adapt a weapon to some function, read files "How To Adapt" coming in the download. Actual list of functions: - 1F [break Action | "sawbarl"] - Possibility to model a gun that the barrel is broken when reloading (original sawnoff GTA comes with this feature!) - 2F [slide Cover | "slidecover"] - Possibility to model a
  17. Bravado Blister v2.0 released! "Is it Sexy? Damn right. Is it Comfortable? You betcha. Is it cool inside? Freezing! Is it ideal for Soccer Moms? Best in the business! Is it Worth your money? Greatest investment you'll ever make! Of course one or more of these are a load of bull, but hey, there's a reason why Bravado's logo is a Bull! The new Bravado Blister, now in stock!" Color Variations! Choose whether you'll be rocking a single color or sport a sleek Two-Tone Body with limitless Options! (Limitless color options sponsored by TransFender™)
  18. This release includes -normal map plugin -normal map tools -user guide -plugin sources D/L 1.01 https://www.mediafire.com/?oq64ha1nfivmy11 List of adapted models Trevor ped model by Reddon Dark Raid ped model by Reddon Good luck!
  19. Flame

    Autumn Sunshine

    The Seasons: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation || Other mods by Flame: HRT 1.4 | Main mods thread Autumn Sunshine Updated edition Autumn Sunshine is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas, dedicated to disturbing and enchanting autumn season. In mod you can see dynamic falling leaves, and already fallen leaves on the pavement and grass: in squares, forest, on the roads... You can see autumn trees yellow, orange, red and, sometimes, still green, as always in warm autumn. Fog in the morning and in the evening. Special atmosphere sounds: cawi
  20. Yhdf

    Revamped arsenal

    Yeah, another weapon pack... Built upon my "IDA" mod, this is a new attempt, but with a different art direction in mind. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE THEN? Improved default armoury was meant to be just like a remaster without going too far from the original style and colors This time i've took the creative freedom route to make them to my personal preferences. Some new models are made from scratch. SCREENSHOTS Download (There's a bloody chainsaw texture inside the chnsaw txd, in case you prefer it bloody) Ha
  21. Annis Vassal released! " From the manufacturers that brought you overpriced Sports Cars from the Far East, comes a new line of Pickup Trucks to brave the urban jungles and... well, actual jungles of San Andreas! Lightweight, built to last, and very versatile, this new toy will be your trusty companion to serve all your needs, as you see fit. You'll surely miss this baby even after ten years have passed, guaranteed! Annis Vassal, now in stock!" Comes with Two Canopy Types! Fit your Truck with one of two canopy ty
  22. Load Scripts from Mod Loader for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hey guys, I have been working on and off for about two weeks now, and I think I have made enough progress to release this. Description: Requirements: Features: How to Install: Place the LUA script into your MoonLoader folder (moonloader\). How to Load Scripts: Download: Credits: HzanRsxa2959, with help from https://stackoverflow.com/a/36201742
  23. ======================= Myths Mod 3 - The Return Of The Monsters ======================= Plot Description DOWNLOAD : https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/140738-myths-mod-3-the-return-of-the-monsters/ OFFICIAL FORUM MYTHS MOD
  24. Ignore everything and go here: https://forum.mixmods.com.br/f5-scripts-codigos/t4857-moon-moonloader-___searchmodloaderlog-mod-loader-s It has been said that MoonLoader had come to replace CLEO. While it may be true, the transition way blocked by many factors, one of which was: no Mod Loader support. With this script, it has become very easy to add Mod Loader support to MoonLoader mods. One example script that is provided is: Load Scripts from Mod Loader. This script allows you to load MoonLoader scripts from Mod Loader folder. And it supports profiles!
  25. _𝓐𝓖

    ClassicHud Mod

    This plugin change the standard Hud with an similar from III/VC/LCS/VCS and Advance . Update(v2.2 - 27/06/2017) Added GTA Advance as selectable hud style. Added exact amount for health/armour strings. Fixed statsbox showing filled bar for weapon skills. Minor fixes... Attention: *Radar and the rest of the interface could look larger then expected if you don't use a widescreen plugin. Screens (1280x720): Download
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