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  1. Eldrenix

    Eldrenix's Workshop

    Hello everyone. Welcome to my workshop. I'm newbie at mods so don't judge me strict. I do texture mods. Flags of various countries on the wall fam3 HQ skin Bloods And Crips Hotline Miami SFX Pack Boat Artwork Sonny
  2. Divided HESOYAM by @H-G About: Features: Download:
  3. Download Beta Hi I made personal vehicle mod, As you know you have a personal vehicle PUBG, GTA 5 and other games. I use SA style method for storyline. For now the Beta Version. Other vehicles will be added in the future. Artwork Made by me And RichardRooster. Lowrider Radar icon by RichardRooster. My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/GTACleoModlarTurkiye RichardRooster's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr1KlcqjSCc5fqqXfDejWcQ Features: After passed Cesar Vialpando mission, Savanna is your personal vehicle. Savanna is shown on the map by the Lowrider car icon.(fastman92 limit adjuster needed read fastman92 limit adjuster needed.txt but if you don't use, change RADAR_ICON= 55 in Personal Vehicle.ini File. When you get in Savanna, the icon disappears. It is shown again when you get off. Colors, paintjob and tunings save. If you have just installed the mod and have passed the Cesar Vialpando mission, Savanna will be yours with the default settings. You can change the settings in Personal Vehicle.ini File. If you have not saved the game near your home(yours) you will be there wherever you left Savanna. (If you just installed it, it will be near main houses.) If you have passed the Green Sabre mission, you will lose Savanna. But after your Home Coming mission, it will be yours again. (I added you don't lose Savanna version.) Savanna's plate is CJ101. (In Saint's Marks Bistro mission, CJ introduced himself as CJ101.) TOWE: If Savanna is not defined, it will be impounded. If you die or are arrested and you are close to Savanna, it will be impounded. Savanna will be in the nearest Impounded garage. (Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas) You have to pay $ 500 to get the car back. But if Barbara is your girlfriend, it's free. If you have wanted level,the Take process deactivated. It becomes active you don't have wanted level. If you don't have enough money, you can't get Savanna back. If you steal Savanna from the Impound garage, the cops will chase you. REPAIR: If Savanna is destroyed, you have to have it repaired in the nearest lowrider garage. (Loco Low Co and Doherty Garage) You have to pay a sum of money to get the car repaired. But if you have passed the Wear Flowers in Your Hair mission, it's free. If you have passed the Wear Flowers in Your Hair mission, You will be able to get Savanna repaired in the Doherty garage. In the Loco Low Co garage, you will have Savanna repaired by Wmymech, and in the Doherty garage you will have Savanna repaired by Jethro. If you don't have enough money, you can't get Savanna repaired. If the mechanic dies, fears and is damaged by the player, the Repair process becomes deactivated. It becomes active after going away from there. SCREENS You can tell me your ideas for improve this mod
  4. Hangout with Story Characters You are now able to recruit special characters after certain missions as a reward. But just like in Vice City. You have to pick them up from their locations. If they die or you try to kill them, they will get injury and notification says "(example)big bear is injured" and they will spawn back to their locations. If you left your friend behind, notification says "(example)you lost big bear" every friend of CJ has unique recruit quote with their own voice when you recruit them. Dont forget this, every character is an optional. You dont need to use all of them. If you dont want to add different models, it supports pedfuncs and has a script for alternate apperances. How to use: Recruit: enter red circle to recruit your friend. Dismiss: Hold H or just leave them behind Big Bear Accourding the Game Files, Big Bear were able to recruit as a special character. So in this mod, after "Beat down on B-Dup" mission Big Bear is avalible to recruit near b-dup's apartment in ganton. He will be useful in gang wars to unlock final mission. He'll say "Alright im down with that" with his own voice to you when you recruited him. Also you can use fat big bear instead thin one as optional or you can use csbigbear2 hoodie version without replacing original one. His recruit quote is; "A'ight, Im down with that" Cesar Accourding this trailer shot, Maybe Cesar was avalible to recruit as a speacial character too. After "Los Desperados" Mission, Cesar is avalible to recruit with micro-smg. Just like other aztecas using micro-smg. Cesar dont attack aztecas unlike other friends of CJ. Unless, if they try to kill CJ, Cesar will save CJ. Cesar supports pedfuncs and alternate appearances script. His recruit quote is; "Alright CJ lets roll" csblue2 (He is LB in this mod) Accourding to this screenshot, csblue2 was avalible to recruit as a special character. I made him avalible to recruit after "Home invasion" mission. (First time ryder mentions LB in this mission). So LB is avalible to recruit near of his truck in ganton. Just like in this screenshot, he holds pistol. When you recruit him, he will say "He'll you my dog man" Woozie Woozie is avalible to recruit after "Home in the hills" mission. He will be in front of his safehouse in san fierro chinatown. He has his own "Blindman" walking style. He is holding Micro-smg just like in "Mountain Cloud Boys" mission. His recuit quote is; "Sure thing" Sweet Sweet is avalible after final mission of the game. He is holding AK47 just like in his final missions. He has his own walkstyle. You can pick him up from front of his house. Sweet supports pedfuncs and alternate apperaces script His recruit quote is; "Time to put in some work CJ" Emmet He is avalible after "Homecoming" mission. He is holding Desert eagle just like in Nines AK's mission and he has gang1 walkstyle just like in this mission. You can pick him up from his store. His recruit quote is; "Ah, baverly will so proud of you boah" Dope He is avalible after "Beat Down on B-Dup" mission. I added small but nice detail for him. CJ shakes hands all of his friends except dope. If you recruit dope, CJ does "InviteYes" animation and Dope says generic dealer line "Yo partner im working man, whatchu need whatchu need dawg" while doing "gangchat" animation. He is holding pistol. You can find him in the Blue Ganton apartments OG Loc He may be betrayed Johnson Brothers. But he still alive and got Grove tattos for his gang. So he is avalible after "Cut throat business" mission. He is holding tec-9 just like in OG Loc mission. You can pick him up from front of his house. OG Loc supports pedfuncs and alternate appearances script. His recruit quote is; "Sure thing lets roll" Ryder He is avalible after final mission of the game. I know he dies. But Grove looks empty without him after the story. So i added him anyway as optional. He is holding tec-9 just like in missions. Ryder supports pedfuncs and alternate appearances script. His recruit quote is "For sure homie" Big Smoke He is avalible after final mission of the game. I know he dies. But Grove looks empty without him after the story. So i added him anyway as optional. He is holding tec-9 just like in missions. He has "Fatman" walkstyle". Big Smoke supports pedfuncs and alternate appearances script. His recruit quote is "We all down with that baby V2 Characters: Zero's Destruction As optional, Zero is avalible to recruit with his RC Raider. This video shows old version. In the release version, Zero will shout as "Course you berkley/Leave me alone berkley" RC Raider has got minigun and granades. Zero Avalible after New Model Army mission. He is unarmed and his recruit quote is "Grade A tip top genius thats me" You can find him around Zero's RC Shopsss Kent Paul He is avalible after the Riot mission. He is unarmed and his recruit quote is "You f.cking telling me is" You can find him in the balcony of the Madd Dogg's Mansion Maccer He is avalible after the Riot mission. He is unarmed and his recruit quote is "America? Wait 'til I tell me ma about this!" You can find him in the balcony of the Madd Dogg's Mansion Ken Rosenberg He is avalible after the Riot mission. He is unarmed and his recruit quote is "Nobody can stop us, nobody in the world!" You can find him in the balcony of the Madd Dogg's Mansion Madd Dogg He is avalible after the Riot mission. He is unarmed and his recruit quote is "CJ, my man, you're a natural manager!" You can find him in the balcony of the Madd Dogg's Mansion Truth He is avalible after the Riot mission. He is unarmed and his recruit quote is "Carl, dude, man!" You can find him in his ranch. Dwaine He is avalible after the Puncture Wounds mission. He is unarmed and his recruit quote is "Ah yeah, cool man." You can find him in the Doherty Garage Jethro He is avalible after the Puncture Wounds mission. He is unarmed and his recruit quote is "Yeah, that was, like, so far gone, man." You can find him in the Doherty Garage Mike Toreno He is avalible after the Homecoming mission. He is holding micro-smg just like in the Mike Toreno mission. His Rcruit quote is "Carl Johnson huh?" You can find him in his mansion in the desert. Guppy He is avalible after the A Home in the Hills mission. He is standing close to Wu Zi Mu. He is holding MP5 just like in the Casino Robbery mission. His recruit quote is "Im with you, CJ!" Jose He is avalible after the Los Desperados Mission. He is standing close to Cesar. He is holding a pistol. His recruit quote is "Cesar says you cool, so we cool, holmes." Janitor from Casino He is avalible after the Breaking the bank at caligula's mission. He is holding a pistol and his recruit quote is "Ok Boss" You can find him around the Four Dragons Casino V2 Progress: -12 New character added! -Added Zero's Destruction script. You can attack people with his RC Raider. Minigun or grenade. -Red circle only appears when you close to character. -When red circle appears, character looks at CJ -Added Smoke and cigar for smoking characters -Some characters has his own weapon accuracy from the main missions -Before you recruit the characher, he will never leave position, or attack different people such as ballas or police and nobody injured him other than player -Character attacks police when you have a wanted level -Befor you recruit the character, if you attack him, he will escape and red circle will disappear and notification will say "You abused big bear" -Some charachers such as Cesar, Woozie, Guppy is respects their own gangs -OG Loc, Sweet, Cesar, Ryder, Big Smoke supports PedFuncs -OG Loc, Sweet, Cesar, Ryder, Big Smoke, Big Bear has alternate appearances script -Fixed possible Crashes Credits: CleoModlar - Script improvement, addinational features, bug fixing pedfuncs support for v2 ayumi-chizuru189 - Script improvement, addinational features, bug fixing for V1 GroveStGTAV - Idea, addinational characters, script improvement WestCrewForever/Rasta-Braza - Founder of the first script SlingShot753 (Artwork OG Loc skin) DOWNLOAD
  5. DOWNLOAD GoogleDrive MediaFire Update: weapons.dat ( fixed muzzle offset ) GoogleDrive Author: Ezekiel About: -- Installation: -- TRIVIA -- -- Permissions: -- Credits: - Hero for DFF importer and exporter for 3ds max - Kam for Kam's Max Scripts - gold_fish for Updated Kam's Max Scripts - steve-m for RW Analyze - The_GTA for Magic RenderWare TXD editor - Ash_735 for Mobile Weapons Icons - Alci for Alci's SAAT GUI FrontEnd - JernejL for TXD Workshop - LINK/2012 for Modloader - Zeneric for testing / support
  6. OpenManhunt is a map conversion that converts all the levels from both Manhunt games (PC Versions) to GTA San Andreas Modloader is HIGHLY recommended! Drag & Drop "OpenManhunt" folder into the Modloader folder, enable in settings and play! You can install the 'old fashion way' but I will not give any assistance! Can I use the levels in my mod? Yes you can! Its called 'OpenManhunt' for a reason What has been converted? Everything. The levels have been converted straight from Manhunt 1 & 2 to SA as is. Will you convert the levels to VC, III? No, but you are more than welcome to do that! Will you convert characters? No just the levels Are there bugs? Flickering in some MH2 levels due to having multiple models placed at the same coords for the story mode (for example in neighbourhood, there are models where one has the garage door open and the other with it closed). To fix it disable one or more of the multiple models in the .ipls OpenManhunt 1.0.0 initial release (libertycity.ru link) Rockstar Games @cj2000 - RWIO 3ds Max Scripts, WRLD Importer Script, R* Col Converter, R* Texture Converter @fastman92 - IMG Limit Adjuster @ThirteenAG - iii.vc.sa.LimitAdjuster, Project2DFX @DK22Pac - MagicTXD @LINK/2012 - Modloader, iii.vc.sa.LimitAdjuster @ZAZ - Clean main.scm
  7. Yhdf

    GTA VC Styled Icons

    These are some VC styled icons that i made for GTA SA and GTA VC weapons, i hope you enjoy. It contains icons of all weapons from these two games in gta vc style, including the VC beta weapon icons. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3LbLyN1bSM2TkpvQUNTWV9LMjg/view?usp=sharing
  8. ATTENTION: Those textures are now officially available in the RoSA mod. Download the latest version of the mod to get them. Comparassions:
  9. BlipFix Script for Broken Saves Mirror on DropBox (Google drive is being flaky on Edge) by OrionSR, July 26, 2020 SA: Includes a BlipFix script for Cleo4 on PC, and BlipFixA for CleoA on Android These scripts are intended as a fix for a clogged radar pool usually caused by bad cleo scripts that add new radar blips every time a save is loaded and re-saved. Eventually the radar pool becomes so full that no new blips can be placed. The usual symptoms include; new mission locations are not created after a mission, mission destinations and targets are not marked, and when it's completely full - cannot place a target marker on the map. Note: GTASnP.com includes a modification tool for removing stray blips, destination markers that can be glitched into a save by mission duping, or accidentally by an incoming call at the same time a mission is started. If you don't have cleo, this tool should be enough to fix any standard issues with stray blips. BlipFix cannot detect the non-standard "good" blips you might want to keep; anything unknown is removed. BlipFix cannot place missing mission markers, but they aren't needed if CJ stands in the correct spot. New mission markers should eventually be properly placed after fixing the blips. BlipFix cannot place other blips that could not be placed because the radar pool was full when they were supposed to be created. Removes all non-standard radar blips PC: Activate by typing "BLIPFIX" Android: Activate with the CleoA menu Standard script variables are expected but loosely enforced Safe to use with a target or airstrip marker active Removed Blips Stray Blips - yellow/green square/triangle blips usually glitched by mission duplication & Friendly Strays - the rare red versions of stray blips Hidden Blip - expect 1 lost checkpoint after Explosive Situation Unknown - All remaining active blips not associated with standard marker variables Will not remove blips if variable space size is not normal player is on a mission yay courier is active dating or meeting a girlfriend BlipFix.txt - PC version text script BlipFix.cs - Custom script for PC BlipFixA.txt - Android version text script BlipFixA.csi - Cleo for Android custom script BlipFix.fxt - Custom text for Android, not needed for PC BlipFix_Readme.txt - same as header comments in script
  10. MaiconJuggalo

    [GTA SA] The Warriors Gangs Brawl

    WARRIORS COME OUT PLAY!!! This is a tribute to that game that marked my life and more many! I make my old dream since 2013 is real! I worked hard three months rigging and texturing a mod for the GTA SA masterpiece! I extracted gangs models and weapons from another Rockstar masterpiece called The Warriors. My idea was replace the GTA SA gangs for WARRIORS GAME GANGS. I enabled the gang9 and gang10 in a hard work the dream is now on life. With the colaboration of gtaga3ie1 with your global war simple 5 he modified the fire weapons for melee weapons and i used the Silent extended gang wars and now the mod is beautiful and have a loot of blood, and more: I make scripts for spawn all gangs members including cops any time in game, with specific weapons. Content: ALL GANGS HAVE A LOGO IN HIGH RESOLUTION, I RETEXTURED ONE BY ONE ! BALLAS = ROGUES (6 members) GROVE = WARRIORS (9 members) SANTOS VAGOS = FURIES (6 members) SAN FIERRO RIFAS = HURRICANES (5 members) DA NANG BOYS = TURNBULL AC'S (7 members) ITALIAN MAFIA = PUNKS (7 members) TRIADS = SAVAGE HUNS ( 6 members) VARRIO LOS AZTECAS = ORPHANS ( 6 members) GANG9 = HI-HATS (5 members) GANG10 = BOPPERS (5 members) 4 MEMBERS OF SATANS MOTHER'S IS NEW CRIMINALS 6 NEW COPS PEDS 2 DEALERS IN ALL TERRITORIES ONE BLACK GUY AND OTHER WITHE GUY "I EDITED THE SCRIPT AND ADDED ALL GANG DENSITY IS 90 FOR ALL TERRITORIES AND DEALERS DENSITY IS 10!" (REMOVED CJ ICON, BUT MISSIONS WORK. THE INTUIT OF MOD IS BRAWLS!!! )" New Melee Weapons extracted from The Warriors Game: New Brassknuckle New Bat (with custom icon made by me) New Spray New Molotov Coctail New Knife New Nitestick (with custom icon made by me) Poolcue replaced for a Wood Plank (with custom icon made by me) Shovel replaced for a Iron Pipe (with custom icon made by me) Golf Club replaced for a Crowbar (with custom icon made by me) Katana replaced for a Machete (with custom icon made by me) Gunvibe1 replaced for a Spanner (with custom icon made by me) Other Stuff: -Custom SprayTags with Gangs Logos -Cop car from ViceCity (credits to Ex_Daniel_97) i retextured and added the siren from original Warriors cop car game -Rogues Car i retextured Hermes with original textures from Rogues cars from Warriors game -Turnbull Ac's Bus (credits to bonniethebunnyroblox KOHDYKTOP) for the bus model, i retextured the bus with original Ac's texture and added a crowbar on top from Warriors game. -GTA IV enterable train for travel with gangs in all the citys (credits to Cristian91CJ). -I added new loading screens -Replaced the Bounce FM and Radio X from Movie Sountrack Radio and Game Soundtrack Radio with musics from movie and game -Added new fonts colors to red -New police logos NYPD -Removed all fire weapons in weapon.dat only have melee -Changed pedstats. Now gangs have the same power of CJ. -Loading music now is Wonder Wheel theme -Modified Ped.IFP now the gangs run with the CJ speed. Nowhere to run ! Optional Cleo Mods For complement the game and the brawl: -The Warriors Gangs Brawl Gangs Spawn (made by me, thanks for the idea Lynx ) -Globar Wars Simple 5 Warriors Mod ( credits to gtaga3ie1 thanks a lot dear for partnership) -Combat Improvement (credits thalilmythos) -Group Adjustment (credits MKKJ) -Ped Skills (credits Junior_Djjr) -Fighting Style Easy Switch (credits xXxbBb) -Simple Regeneration (credits Junior_Djjr) -Large Trains (credits ATP) -Train Lights (credits Den_Spb) -Train Wheels spinning (credits Den_spb) -Railway Sounds (credits LINK/2012 and Junior_Djjr) -Radiomod (credits proboy600) i share the mod with three folders. One have the movie soundtrack musics, other have the game soundtracks and another have the game missions soundtracks. Download links: WARRIORS GANGS BRAWL MOD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gamp5k677n3368i/Warriors_Gangs_Brawl.rar/file OPTIONAL COMPLEMENT CLEO FILES: https://www.mediafire.com/file/49lwm7mewgrb6mh/Cleo_Mods.zip/file Over time, i go launch more weapons and some Gangs that don't included in the mod.
  11. Hrod Wolf

    SA XBOX Map Features

    This modification includes only the features of the XBOX map. It does not remove some PC objects in contrast to the original XBOX map. A thorough work was done on finding map objects. Enjoy Comparisons (many images) The "Optional" folder contains my fix for TransFender garage: - Rays of light appear between 07:00 - 17:00 (like the old garage in San Fierro) - Textures are similar to PS2 Requirements: Open Limit Adjuster Mod Loader Highly recommended: SkyGFX Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mmplj235399geqp/SA_XBOX_Map_Features.zip Thanks: - The Hero / aap for great tools - DimZet / Dimzet13 for the TT-HD-III Pack - Inadequate for support
  12. Ever wanted to capture as cool screenshots as R* does? Seen a hillarious situation, but it lasted only for a second so you couldn't even move closer to save it? Or perhaps you just hate CamHack? This CLEO script gives you an opportunity to make some real Amazing screnshots. Just freeze the game, adjust the camera just like you want and capture it! This script basically gives you unlimited time to mess with the camera, so if you wish, you can go really fancy. As San Andreas has a working Camera, this script also allows you either to capture screenshots by yourself (eg. by using Fraps) or to let San Andreas do it by itself (making a bad quality screenshot, unluckily). Have fun making some Amazing screenshots and beware - it's highly addictive! Screenshots Like a boss Like a boss #2 (VCS PC) King of the Streets King of the Streets #2 (VCS PC) He's a real killer He's a real killer #2 He's a real gambler (Mysterious Silent's mod) CJ loves stunting Victor loves stunting (VCS PC) Showcase video http://youtu.be/MBxz45SDHBI Download The mod can be downloaded from GTAGarage: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=23080 Usage Press Alt + Change Camera (V by default) to activate/deactivate Amazing Screenshot mode. Then use these keys to navigate: Change Camera (V by default) - switch between normal and free camera Movement Controls - move the camera Mouse - rotate the camera Page Up/Page Down - move camera up/down Shift - speed up the movement speed Ctrl - slow down the movement speed LMB - lock mouse X Axis RMB - lock mouse Y Axis Tab - toggle widescreen on/off [ - decrease Field of View ] - increase Field of View P - reset Field of View F12 - capture a screenshot ~ - show In Game help Credits & License Thanks to Deji for allowing me to publish the code with parts of our secret CD project inside. As the following modification is open source, it's under the Silent's License. It means that the source code is for learning purposes, as all source code is. You may only use it for your own projects but NOT to recreate or build on the original work.
  13. BH Team


    v.026.5-beta WHAT IS MOONLOADER MoonLoader is a modification for GTA: San Andreas that brings new ability to use Lua scripts made by mods creators. With Lua scripts you can change some game aspects, expand gameplay and add new features. MoonLoader provides to developers extensive functionality for modding, it includes all familiar capabilities that CLEO has, and also combines many new features that were not previously available together in any GTA: SA modding framework. It is still a young modification and hasn't yet spread widely, but there are some scripts already made, and it aims to become the complete modern CLEO replacement! FEATURES Lua Programming Language — the heart of MoonLoader. Lua is one of the most popular scripting languages, it has huge community, Lua is very widely used in game development, it's very simple but also very flexible programming language. Very easy to learn — despite it is a simple language there are a lot of tutorials, guides, books, courses and answered questions Great community — lots and lots ready-made solutions, almost every programming universal objective is solved Simple and powerful No programming limits (compared to SCM) No compilation needed Safety and error handling Built-in debugging tools Good and straightforward API And much more... MoonLoader uses LuaJIT — a just-in-time compiler for Lua and the fastest scripting engine FFI — FFI is an embedded library in LuaJIT, it provides direct interface between Lua and process memory and gives ability to directly call functions in memory, access data structures, pass Lua-functions to memory and even write on Assembly with DynASM from pure Lua. And, as everyone knows, all this is an integral part of gamemodding Script Management — script management system allows to obtain information about scripts and manipulate scripts execution Compilation is not Necessary — scripts can be compiled but it's not required, and if the script is open source every user can edit it without any preparation Error Handling — MoonLoader handles as many errors as it can. If CLEO-script dies because of an error then the whole game dies, but if Lua-script dies due to an error, it just prints the error to the log and stops script execution No Dependencies — the only two things are required is installed ASI Loader and version 1.0US of GTA: San Andreas Compatible With SA-MP — MoonLoader is meant to be compatible with both sigleplayer game and SA-MP Events — track such events like starting new game, window messages, quitting game, stopping script, etc. Atom as an Official IDE — Atom is great code editor, it's modern and completely customizable. MoonLoader has its own package for Atom to provide smart autocompletion, function search and error highlighting. Notepad++ also has an official MoonLoader support. If you don't like Atom for some reason, you can choose any text editor, even the standard Notepad. There are really no requirements for any special tools Early Stage Loading — Lua scripts loads just after game starts but there are two stages of loading: the "initialization stage" right after game launch and the "active stage" when game loaded Separate Save Game System — event-based game saving system allows to control when player starts a new game, loads a game or saves it Inter-Script Communication — scripts can exchange data and interact with each other through the export-import feature (it's not the standard function 'require') Synchronous Scripting Threads — scripting threads makes synchronous multitasking a lot easier Standard Libraries — distro includes some standard libraries with the common development tools And of course a bunch of new functions NOTES AND PLANS After almost a year of open alpha-testing MoonLoader finally got a beta-testing status. The stability of its work has been verified by time and by many users, but there are some things that you need to be informed about. Originally was planned that MoonLoader will support all versions of GTA: SA but with increasing functionality it's began to become a more difficult task and in the end it was decided that only v1.0US will be supported, maybe in the future it will change, but not now and there is no promises. Anyway it's not a big problem — most of mods supports only v1.0US as well and this version is most common for modding. MoonLoader has lack of documentation in English, official wiki is ok but currently it's all in Russian (but has the embedded Google Translate). Another thing is that many of conventional scripting opcodes are not described on our wiki (but you can find descriptions over the Internet, eg on GTAGModding). DXUT and SA-MP functions requires SAMPFUNCS installed, because they are opcodes from SAMPFUNCS. If you don't use these functions, SAMPFUNCS is not required. Since MoonLoader emulates SCM opcodes to provide all familiar game scripting functions, it makes small speed overhead for these functions compared to SCM — it is the cost for the all standard scripting functionality, but in most cases Lua is faster than SCM. The most common opcodes are gradually replaced with built-in functions in newer versions. Lua has no native support of thread saving into the file and MoonLoader doesn't support this as well. But it's not that bad, there is event-based game saving system that provides full control over saving and loading game. At this moment MoonLoader already has all necessary concepts and new functionality (like more game functions) can be easily implemented via dll and lua modules. The current plans is to add good rendering API and fix some of issues listed above. If you are interested in Lua script development check the getting started guide. DEVELOPERS FYP, hnnssy, EvgeN 1137 SPECIAL THANKS DK22Pac, MISTER_GONWIK, 4el0ve4ik, EXPORT, Garrus, CLEO 4 DOWNLOAD Download Installer Installation: run setup-moonloader.exe and follow steps of the installation master Download Archive (for manual installation. Doesn't include extension for Notepad++) Installation: extract all files from downloaded archive to the GTA: San Andreas root folder (make sure you have ASI Loader installed) Download Script Examples (may be obsolete) SCRIPT INSTALLATION Follow the script installation instructions or just copy all content related to the script into the 'moonloader' folder located in the game's root directory. LINKS Development Thread Wiki (Translated via Google Translate from Russian): main page; all pages related to MoonLoader Lua Mods on BlastHack (some of them are available in archive with examples, but the threads in the forum have descriptions) Official Russian Thread Official Russian Development Thread
  14. Jeansowaty

    Big Gangster Mod - CR Edition

    Hello y'all! I'm here to announce you the Big Gangster Mod - CR Edition. What does CR stand for? Complete Revamp. That's right, this is not the same thing as the old buggy one. Instead of having a fartillion of model per one gang, you have more than 40 new gangs that spawn in their respective territories, carry unique guns and ride their cars. The developement of this thing started ages ago in 2014-2015. What's new? -The two unused gangs now become the Russian Mafia and the Bikers. -GSF, Aztecas, Triads and Bikers are friendly to each other. -Added 68 (no pun intended) new gangs and sets of various gangs, using a rezone method mastered by @ric-013 and @OrionSR, each with 3-4 peds per gang. -Added 39 new weapons (special thanks to @Wakka387 for teaching me how to add new weapons, I used his Additional Weapon Spawn V2 to add them in). -Three Families sets, the Seville Boulevard, Temple Drive and Santa Maria Families are friendly, but unrecruitable prior to the events of Reuniting The Families. Upon completion (or forceful takeover via glitches/savegame editors etc.) their territories will change from Azteca Blue to GSF Green and these sets will become recruitable. Thanks to @Rocky24pl for helping with this script. -The Admiral is now used by the Front Yard Ballas as their third gang car. Credits: All are in the Readme.txt of the mod. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f3pt2p8084j954f/Big_Gangster_Mod_-_CR_Edition.zip/file https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/538386468767268885/752145371869741096/popcycle.dat - this is a file that was forgotten in the .zip file. Add it into the "data" folder together with the rest to ensure that gangs spawn in the countryside/desert areas! Pics (special thanks to @gtaga3ie1 and @Ryder_NiBBa for them!): (the op is still unfinished) ENJOY!!!
  15. kaisers champion

    GTA San Andreas Dutch Translation

    GTA San Andreas Dutch GTA San Andreas Mod - GTAinside.com Hi all here is a dutch/english language for gta san andreas the languages are mixed some missions dutch some englishif you want it completely dutch you can edit it here you have my permission it's too much work to translate every mission and outside the missionkaisers champion PS Use this tool GTAGarage.com » GXT Editor 1.2
  16. Vortrex

    GTA Connected

    GRAND THEFT AUTO CONNECTED Main Page • Forum • Download • Discord • Wiki What is it? GTA Connected is a universal scriptable multiplayer mod for GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, and IV Wait, another multiplayer mod? In short yes. However, GTAC is unique since it provides a unified multiplayer experience for multiple games. It supports the built-in gamemodes for GTA IV right out of the box for that vanilla IV multiplayer experience previously seen on GFWL It's also the only actively updated multiplayer mod for GTA 3! What is the scripting like? We have a script-once, run-anywhere system so your GTA Connected resources can work across all supported games. Three scripting languages available: Lua, JavaScript, and Squirrel. (Scripter's choice, and can be mixed in the same resources) Any cool features I should know about? Tons of them! The list is too long to put it all here but here's a few: Play both offline and online. Dynamically growing/melting snow. Custom objects. Peer-2-peer sync. Synced peds and traffic, and so much more!
  17. Realistic Weapons Settings Version: 1.1.1 Last update: 12/04/17 Author: Deadstroke Credits: Screenshots General Description General Description This a script mod with a lot of changes and improvments in game's weapon system. Resuming, you can: - Reload Mod: you can reload your weapon with many options any time you need; - Limited Munition: set a max ammo in each weapon limiting your munition; - Manual fire: fire manually like FPS games; - Fixes about weapons; - Set all functions like you want; - A separated mod: 'Realistic Recoil', that can make fires more realistic, with a better recoil and scattering. Complete Description Requirements and instalation
  18. Paixetamour

    Vivid Natural Series

    Vivid Natural Series is latest update for my reshade config with sweetfx preset. Includes scripts and fixes for your game without turning your game to gta v puddle simulator. Made with love to improve game's both outdoor and indoor areas lighting, atmosphere. While keeping the vanilla feel of game as possible. Installation guide and credits are included in download. Download Link: Vivid Natural Series Low performance ? Disable (FXAA) from reshade's menu with home button or + from numpad. You can use sweetfx and reshade on mta and samp. But two extensions dont run together on mta and samp. Use sweetfx or reshade only. Dont except same visuals from singleplayer since you cant use timecyc or script mods. Pics for comparison and preview https://imgur.com/gallery/NRN3Qfk https://imgur.com/gallery/YKlnRFh
  19. H-G

    Single Notes Fix

    Single Notes Fix by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download:
  20. Fade-Away Fades by @H-G About: Download:
  21. I'm that kind of guy who likes to use GTA SA like a driving simulator. However, I sometimes find myself lacking of places to drive to, apart from playing pool, collecting rent and jumping off the Big Pointy Building. Normally, every day in my GTA SA is pretty much normal, collecting rent, swimming, going shopping and eating pizza. But with all the eating, CJ is becoming fatter than Big Smoke. I realised that CJ pretty much never has to eat unless you strain him a lot. With this mod, CJ will lose 0.2% fat every 72 in-game minutes (1.2 hours), so that he loses 2% fat in 12 hours, the amount of fat in a medium-sized meal. This is pretty realistic (even a bit slow, since you only need to eat one meal per day). So every day can end with a nice meal of pizza and CJ can remain fit and healthy to call Big Smoke fat without any irony. Download from Google Drive. Here's the code: :MEALS_LOOPwait 72000 // Every 72 in-game minutes (1.2 hours)/real-life seconds0626: decrease_float_stat 21 by 2.0 // Decrease by 0.2% fat (Fat is 1000.0 when 100%)// Total 2% fat every 12 in-game hoursjump @MEALS_LOOP I don't care what you do with my mod or my code (seriously, it's only three lines). Thanks for reading.
  22. Project Overhaul is a Complete set of replacements for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: IV and Grand Theft Auto: V particles, effects, and much more. SA: 3D sound effects, ImVehF textures, Gta V Backfire, water droplets on vehicles, custom skids, butterflies, Jet splash and so on! IV: New Decals, Realistic Blood, Realistic smoke, New rain effects, HD Grass, HD Water, HD Vehicle Interiors, HD Vehicle paint, HD Vehicle dirt, HD Vehicle Generic Details, and much more! V: OIV Installer, Clear and High Detailed Water, New Rain effects (PRO & Mafia III styles), HD Water, HD Decals, HD bottom shadows, HD Water Caustic, HD Flares and DoF Flares, and much more! High-quality textures No frame rate drop Realistic effects Suitable for gameplay and screenshots (SA) PLUGINS: Re-created vehicles.txd GTA V Turbocharger lag (backfire) Custom skid textures Two different raindrop variants with ImVehFt support (NFS & Default) GTA IV vehicle fire Custom ImVehFt textures New HD Grass Flying Butterflies 3D sound effects (Fog, Sandstrom, Storm, Snow, Rain) CREDITS LennyH Function-X- Junior_Djjr Ezekiel [sAK*]KING_OF_SA FireFly B Dawg Mysterdogg SA VERSION: DOWNLOAD FINAL VERSION (gtainside) DOWNLOAD 1.2.1 (mediafire) DOWNLOAD v1.1.3 (mediafire) DOWNLOAD v1.0.0 (gtainside) v1.0.0 GALLERY GTAGARAGE
  23. This mod will make some reload weapons more realistic. Use and modified original animations. Lists: - Pistol, Tec9, and Micro Uzi - Pistol with Silencer - Desert Eagle - Spas12 - MP5 - AK47 and M4 Download link
  24. Official General

    Best Glock 17 skin ever for GTA San Andreas

    I know that the Glock is the most preferred and popular pistol skin for GTA San Andreas players that use mods. It is certainly mine. I spent a while perfecting the skin of creating this Glock model, and I've had it a while now. It would be nice to share with my fellow SA modders and mod users, so here it is. This is the best ever Glock skin you find for GTA San Andreas, it looks perfect in the game, the download link is below the image. Enjoy ! Download link : GTA San Andreas Glock 17 Mod - GTAinside.com
  25. I’m honestly thank to ezekiel who get inspired by very great concept of the farm, welcome to my project + The project come in new models with friendly polygon and high quality textures which include : + the trails, high quality of wheat, grass floor, high quality of cj’s girlfriend house + more props added : stone, rock, dirty wheel, moss fence, brand new vegetation and sh*t tons more, also the music and ambient sound of the old town to fit with the atmosphere of the game - i wondering if i could make another mission that have its own story, that would be like a referee to far cry 5, we gonna talk about the rise of epsilon (dyom) .sound badass, huh ? Although, i’m still struggling in UV mapping, and the project still in progress so here’s my shot: Here’s next one : sorry for the palm tree, it’s from bsor vegetation mod pack, btw im planning to create my own vegetation for the mod, idk but it gave me the Vietnamese rice field vines aka “nam” war flash back https://i.imgur.com/iYpBXwk.jpg The trail really impress me, btw seamless texture ruins it so.. gotta fix that again Okay , that’s all i got, hope you guys support my topic, share your thought below
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