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Found 316 results

  1. Irsis

    (SA) Bank mod

    BANK MOD by Irsis Hi everyone. I got bored playing SA and wondering why the bank interior only used on a mission? Then i created this. There are 5 location of the bank, use Atm mod by Msv(inside my folder) to know the location. Peds, employee and securities roam inside it. You are not allowed to hold weapons inside it, if you do the the alarm will start and you got 2 stars. You can rob the bank by throwing satchel on Atm, but be careful, securities are equipped with desert eagle. After you get the cash, the atms will take some time to appear again to avoid easy money. I also include my edit of bussines mod by fastman92, use it if you want some bank transaction inside the building(press TAB to open business menu when youre near teller) And my edit of Atm mod by MSV if you want to have bank icon and Atms scattered in map(Go near atm to open the menu). You can also rob the ATM by blowing it using satchel. Bank interaction: ATM interaction: Bank locations: Credits: Fastman92 Msv DOWNLOAD
  2. NO MORE ABANDONED AREA This mod is as straight forward as it gets, there will be people in places where there wasn't people, understand me? let me explain Do you like shooting gangbangers but allready finished the territories? Do you like shooting gangbangers for money? Do you like to infiltrate in military facilities just to kill everyone? Do you like to infiltrate in huge ships just to shoot the sh*t out of some Korean gangsters? Well you can do all that with this mod, and you won't have to feel lonely in alleyways, no, not anymore FEATURES -Responsive gangs in different places according to their city -Daytime congruence: Gangs appear in different places in different hours. -Interiors: such as the vagos house, the ballas crack den, and last but not least, the sindacco abatoir. -Restricted areas: You got the weekend soldiers willing to bite your skin off, the KACC freight depot is full of Soldiers too. -Ships: Only the ships of san fierro filled with Da nang boys are a good excuse to try this sh*t, is awesome just parachuting in one of them and shooting everyone in, or going there with the jetpack and shoot everyone in, or going there with a seasparrow and shoot everyone in with the machine gun of the helicopter, and so on. -Money: you don't do this just for fun, everytime you kill the gangs ubicated in the scripts i created you get from 2000 to 15000 depending on how much they are THE GANGS THE BALLAS Good luck visiting the crack den VAGOS VARRIO LOS AZTECAS Dis niggas ain't got no love for the paparazzi THE RUSSIANS They don't exactly like carl neither THE COBRAS BIKER GANG (This is not enterable in my mod, that marker is from enterable hidden interiors) THE MAFIA this is indeed enterable in my mod, there are mobsters inside, that's why the guards. THE SAN FIERRO RIFA THE TRIADS THE DA NANG BOYS The only way to reach this ship is by flight. I don't recomend swimming around this ship RESTRICTED AREAS KACC FREIGHT DEPOT You can only enter this area by using a patriot THE WEEKEND SOLDIERS Did you missed the weekend soldiers? Well they missed you too They just get closer to give you a group hug Is all understood? further instructions in the readme included in the download below http://www.mediafire.com/file/fi9i7bcbjjp8j9f/CLEO%20-%20NAA.rar Now all the gangs are only in one script, aside from that, i made improvements to the interiors. that are still individual scripts. Credits: gtaloconbest98 for creating the original mod in the first place, from which i have created the new scripts. MKKJ for the help testing and improving the scripts
  3. Irsis

    (SA) Fair cop

    FAIR COP by Irsis Have you wonder why cop didnt react to anyone who hit player? This script fixed it. - Cop will attack anyone who hit you as long as you dont have wanted level - Cop's weapon will depend on the target's weapon, if they using melee, cop will use nitestick. if using handgun/submachine gun, cop will use pistol. If using shotgun/heavy machinegun cop will use shotgun. Optional: Inside the folder i also include cop fix if you want to make desert sherrif and county deputy to appear on desert and county area of san fierro. DOWNLOAD
  4. Irsis

    (SA) Buy drug remake

    BUY DRUGS REMAKE by Irsis Do you like to get high? I recreated buy drug mod by BipolarBear and made it much better(at least for me xD) - Unlike the original version, now you can smoke while driving and added the ability to change your weapon while being high. - Inhale and exhale sfx added - When you smoke, the visual will start greenish, the screen will start shaking, cj will start shouting things, object become curved and the time is slowed down. - The high effect lasts depend on how long the script figuring its way out(i make some sort of maze for the script so you will get different result of time last) - Player limited only to five drag per weed. Control: Press NUM 1-9 near the dealer to buy weed Press 'TAB + 3' to light the ciggarette Press 'TAB + 4' to check the remaining weed Press 'R' to have a light drag Press 'T' to have a heavy drag Credit: BipolarBear (original creator) DOWNLOAD
  5. Irsis

    (SA) Exhaustion mod

    EXHAUSTION MOD by Irsis I always love the sleepy feature on Bully and decided to make this. Based on some of Thalilmythos's hunger script, i created exhaustion(or sleepy, i dont know, my english sucks) mod to prove that gangster is merely human!! Therefore need to sleep too!! - Your vision starts to blur after 23 hour. Your head will go down, start to yawn, the screen gets dark, Cj moves slow and you cant sprint. - After 25 hour, you will pass out and there are random chance that you lose all of your money(this prove my bank mod is useful!!) Or lose your clothes(leaves you wake up only using underwear). - inside my folder, you can chose to install my anim mod so you can sleep anywhere by pressing TAB + W and have a smaller chances to lose your stuff when youre outside, unless you have reqruited gangs around you. Required: - Use blur on camera shake by LINK2012 to have the blur effect when sleepy: https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=23960 - Use sleeping mod by [_KRASH_] to sleep inside your house without worrying your stuff stolen: https://libertycity.net/files/gta-san-andreas/51304-son-sleep-time-ver2.3.html Credit: Thalilmythos DOWNLOAD
  6. Irsis

    (SA) Weather sickness

    WEATHER SICKNESS by Irsis One of my old mods. You will start to lose some health on specific weather, place or time unless you are in interior/using umbrella mod by pep legal(if rain)/inside closed vehicle. Heres the detail: - You will starts to cough and lose some health when sandstorm coming(desert area) - Your teeth chattering and start to sneeze when in rain or when you are on 22pm-6am (rural county/in water) and 23pm-5am(los santos & san fierro) You can create fire pit then go near it to avoid getting cold, by pressing TAB + =, and create fire with the same key. the fire will off after 60-120 sec(random) DOWNLOAD
  7. San Andreas 2-Player Mode Enhancements WHAT IS THIS: This is a pack of native PS2 two-player 'missions' that were cut from PC version. Those scripts are re-implemented like they were in vanilla game, but as standalone CLEO scripts. Also there are some scripts that were written to extend native PS2 cooperative experience on PC. MAIN FEATURES: - Second player now has an armor, if the main player has it at mode start. - Second player now has SF fight school melle attacks, instead of default. - Second player now has a white marker and it shows on radar*. - Distance between players is set to it's maximal value. - Ability to toggle 'Deathmatch mode' ingame to make players able to target each other. - Ability to toggle vehicle entering modes - players can sit to the same car or to different cars. - New amazing comfortable camera view when driving separate vehicles! Now it's fully playable**. - A player on the passenger seat doesn't perform a drive-by by default. Now it's a hotkey to toggle drive-by! - Adjusted text box when starting pool game, added a line that asks to press Start on second controller to play 2 player pool. All included modes are fully untouched, except the fact that they are now CLEO scripts. * - There's a known bug ingame, even in PS2 version - second player doesn't have a marker. Actually it appears, but it's tied to first player. There's no ability to create a directional marker by using default opcodes without memory hacking. Unfortunatly I'm not so skilled in this, so I'll be grateful if someone helps me with this. Default square marker is a temporary solution for now. ** - This camera mode is the same as onfoot - topdown with ability to focus on eash player's car by pressing <select> button. Now you finally can do some racing, flying two helicopters, and even planes! HOW TO INSTALL: Copy all contents of this archive to your CLEO directory in GTA San Andreas folder. ATTENTION: there are two additional language files included - English (tplaye.fxt) and 'Wasted'Russian (tplayr.fxt). You should take only one of these fxt files to your CLEO\CLEO_TEXT\ folder. Almost every feature is a different module (script) so if you don't want any of them - just remove it from CLEO folder: 2pl_dm - Toggle 'Deathmatch mode'. Press Dpad Left + Right Stick while player is on-foot. Both gamepads supported, or ] on the keyboard, when at least one player is on-foot. 2pl_drivers - Toggle vehicle entering modes. Press Dpad Right + Right Stick while player is on-foot. Both gamepads supported, or [ on the keyboard, when at least one player is on-foot. 2pl_drvb_ctrl - Enhanced drive-by features. Press Right Stick while on passenger seat to toggle drive-by. Both gamepads supported, or Sub-mission key on the keyboard. 2pl_enh - Distance, marker and armor control. 2pl_help - Help text box. Shows ingame notifications about useful functions. Basically, the same that was described a few lines earlier. 2pl_veh_cam - Improved separate vehicles camera. Enabled by default and no way to disable it ingame. Special version of "2pl_enh" script included with 2-player distance hack by skatefilter5. It disables distance limit between two players. ATTENTION: second player will fall through the ground when further than generic objects draw distance - 300 units by default! If you want to use this optional script with maximal distance hack - place 2pl_enh.cs file from the Distance Hack directory to CLEO folder. DEPENDENCIES: To use this mod you have to install CLEO 4.3 (http://cleo.li) To make the game work with second player controls you have to use Silent's GInput plugin (http://gtaforums.com/topic/562765-ginput) I recommend you to use Widescreen fix by ThirteenAG and Wesser (http://gtaforums.com/topic/547841-gtanfsmpother-widescreen-fixes-pack/) even if you don't use widescreen monitor. Also despite the mod is compatible with keyboard shortcuts and GInput gives an ability to use keyboard+pad, I highly recommend you to use two Xinput-compatible gamepads (Xbox 360 Controllers) Actually you can use these enhancement scripts with every other custom coop modes, but be careful, they were tested only with default coop missions. KNOWN ISSUES: - When driving two separate vehicles - you will hear the engine sound only from the last obtained one. Nothing to do with this - game engine bug. - When entering a vehicle as a passenger - you will see the drive-by animation for a moment. Script overwrites the basic behavior so it takes a millisecond to change player's "task". SCREENSHOTS: VIDEOS: DOWNLOAD: > HERE <
  8. Criminal side activities One day i reached 100% in San Andreas, and used to say: "Man i just wish i could shoot someone aside from this cops" "I wish i could make some missions aside from saving people life on ambulances, putting off fires, driving a taxi or driving prostitutes around, i mean, am a criminal right? feels like i'm doing social service over here, one life, one fire, one cab fare, one prostitute at a time" Many moons have passed since those days, and i slowly learned 5% of scripting, but at this point, i said: "Now is the time, i'm making my missions mod." And so, here i am, without further boring storys about my modding background, let's get to it. This is cleo script that will allow you to earn some money by doing missions with criminal content (not like the regular sidemissions on every gta) like shooting a group of specific targets, on foot, or driving, destroying an specific vehicle, or beating down some fools, is all mostly randomized, so they can be anywhere, anytime at the press of a button. "Gang Convoy" This one is heavily inspired by the gang wars on TLAD, drive towards a gang and kill them all, but be carefull, they will allways react badly, if you want my advice, don't let the drivers see you, is not like CJ the OG is a friendly face after all. "Seek and destroy" This is the hardest one, you have to destroy a protected cargo driving around town, sometimes is a sport car, sometimes is a heavy load, sometimes is a bulletproof security truck, the point is, stuff is not meant to arrive to it's destination, you are just the guy delivering that message. "Driver: Pickups" Drive around the city collecting money from the worst kind of people that you can collect money from, undercovers, traitors, and all kinds of bad guys. "Driver: Getaway" In this, someone made some poor life decisions and that lead them to being wanted to the police, so now you have to provide 3 random persons a getaway car, and evidently help them escape. "Hit contract" In this you have to kill a target, usually armed or protected by bodyguards. "Beat em up" In this you have to beat some objectives without killing them, just to scare them away, and putting them gym moves to the test once in a while. Hold tab + u for some seconds to use it. That's all for today. https://www.mediafire.com/file/uebfknhitz5lus8/Smissions_15_-_07_-_2019.rar/file
  9. Silent

    Extended Gang Wars

    Extended Gang Wars San Andreas introduced gang wars to the series. According to beta game screenshots and the game code, Rockstar at some point planned to allow the player to have wars with all gangs in game. However, in retail game the player would only be able to take over Ballas' and Vagos' turfs. This modification unlocks gang wars with all gangs (even the unused ones, if any modification makes use of them) so the player can quite literally take over an entire state. As SA doesn't load ASI files by default, you need an ASI loader. In case you don't have one (if you use any ASI plugin such as CLEO, you can skip this step), you can download a decent loader here: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=21709 Rest of the installation is easy as pie. Just extract archive content to your SA directory and that's all. Make sure you check the INI! Alternatively, San Andreas Mod Loader can be used to install this plugin: http://gtaforums.com/topic/669520-sarel-san-andreas-mod-loader/ Showcase video http://youtu.be/oNEKXvUuSfQ Download https://github.com/CookiePLMonster/ExGangWars/releases Supported game versions GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) GTA SA 1.01 (all versions) GTA SA 3.0 (Steam)
  10. Rocky24pl

    LS Property Pack

    LS Property Pack is yet another modification of mine, which adds new properties to be bought in Los Santos. Of course, the house in Vinewood hills with a beautiful view on Los Santos won't be missing. In Downtown we also have a fully-stocked tenement house, it has a helicopter on it's roof. All safehouses have a garage and a wardrobe. LS Property Pack includes: -5 new propreties to buy. -A new room and bathroom in CJ's house. -A garage in the Verona Beach Safehouse. -New weapon and car spawn points. -Upgraded Madd Dogg's Crib: *Three new garages free to use. *A new transition which will make navigating the place a bit easier. *CJ's room & a wardrobe Screenshots: Videos Authors: LS Property Pack - Rocky24pl GRGX Script - Link2012 ENEX Script - Silent Package for Modloader LS Property Pack Only Vinewood Hills Savehouse Only Vinewood Hills Savehouse & Richman Mansion
  11. Hello! This is my first attempt to create a modification for san andreas. This modification provides a compass like the game "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds". This modification have two settings. either use camera or player-ped as direction and a value to scale the compass. There are two .dds files, one for the arrow and the other one for the coords. You can edit this files as you want. Here is a short demonstration: Download link: http://cireyses.de/TacticCompass.rar Virustotal link: https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/0cad48f810b7208660d5e041c8b4b9c21a8682f8b9cfc84942f64840a4b3bdaa/analysis/1501419254/ This modification was created with DK22Pac's plugin-sdk. Thanks! Greetings!
  12. Los Santos Police Skinpack ^Police Cheif, Asian Patrol, Af. American Officer III ^Hispanic Officer III, Caucasian Patrol Officer ^Caucasian Rookie, Af. American Rookie ^Patrol Females, 4 races Download Los Santos Police Skinpack Now! Tong Triads Skinpack ^Adviser, Bodyguard 1, Dai Lo, Bodyguard 2 Street Thug 1, 2, Obese Torturer Download Triad Skinpack Now! Outlaw Motorcycle Club Skinpack ^Property, Fat biker, Lieutenant, Veteran/President, Scottish Biker, Prospect Download Outlaw MC Skinpack Now! -------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been making a lot of personal skins for people who go on Roleplay servers on SAMP. some of these are old, some are new, some are mixes of both. Enjoy!
  13. Timjab

    Timjab's Workshop

    CARS Note: Thanks for visit my workshop.
  14. Brooklynzsmac

    Brook's Workshop

    *LOGO IS NOT TEMPORARY!* Hello everybody! If you're looking for some custom pedestrians or some other random sh*t (in the future) for San Andreas, then my workshop is the right place for ya! Pedestrians Some of my work can also be found here: Beta Leftovers Fix - SA Beta Leftovers Fix - VC San Andreas: BETA Edition GTA San Andreas Rewind San Andreas: Blast From The Past (cancelled) I may take some ped requests if anybody's interested.
  15. Kalvin

    BETA Mulholland Safehouse

    A mod of which is a remake of the Mulholland Safehouse in its BETA stage of San Andreas (with my own little touches). A lot is improvised (purely guess work) as most of the house has never been seen. However, a lot of it is based off of the Stahl House's interior (which the house's exterior is based off of). Screenshots: Download: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=26943 Required mods: CLEO - For added save point. Open Limit Adjuster - So the game doesn't crash upon loading. Just install the mods specified above and you'll be all good to go. Make sure to read the readme. Thanks to @CML99 for the carpet texture, and big thanks to Robson Martins for bug fixes and the like!
  16. MrFinger

    Improved Stadium Crowds

    This mod replaces those 2D people at the stadiums with the normal peds. It also fixes some untextured parts of car wrecks. Mod can be laggy, so I also made a lite version which only swaps the image with the people, without the model. Screens: Download
  17. Version 9.1.2 Introducing another side-mission to GTA San Andreas! FEATURES Simply start mission by pressing BACKSPACE when outside. Agents to inform you, either by phone or meet them directly. Targets varying from defenseless to armed, walking or driving, alone or with group. Target ranks to indicate how dangerous your target would be. Special trait for high-rank targets which makes them immune to crash and headshot. High wanted level will put you in several disadvantages. Stealth kills could prevent target's response, avoid wanted level or bypass target's immunity. Gang members recruited will recognize your target and attack on sight. Performing total 50 target kills will improve your weapon accuracy! Configuration file to adjust few features that alters mission. GLITCHES/BUGS In rare case the car could stuck in alleyways, renders target can't drive the car. There's another rare case where the target bears player's (CJ) model. Few incompatibilities with another mods has reported. Be aware as severe issue or crash could happen. VIDEOS & SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOADS MEDIAFIRE - GTA GARAGE - GTA INSIDE *Old versions link can be found under End Note tab below UNOFFICIAL UPDATE MEDIAFIRE v9.1.3 by thalilmythos - Added peds reactions - Added toggle in the ini for the peds reactions - Added toggle in the ini for actors inmune to headshots. - If peds reactions on, targets can notice the player when it's armed, when it's approaching the vehicle, and when its aiming after being spotted. - If headshots inmunity is off, you no longer have to be away to be able to headshot high rank objectives, using this with the peds reactions, makes for a realistic, and still difficult experience. END NOTES
  18. _𝓐𝓖

    Nope - Climbing Mod

    An useless mod, that prevent CJ to climb everything "Is Climbable" just like on III/VC. Direct Download
  19. Calvin.linardi

    Gun Skin Texture for GTA SA

    CAMO M4 GOLD AK-47 WATER GUN MP5 NEON MICRO UZI CUSTOM HEAT SEEKER LOCK-ON Custom stock Sniper MISC My other work Please tell me if the link doesn't work! Thank You!
  20. Zeneric

    Vending Machines Remastered

    Vending Machines Remastered v1.0.2: Fixed incorrect uv mapping on soda machine. Fixed wrong texture on vendmachfd. v1.0: New HD textures for GTA SA vending machines (and sprunk can). Added details to GTA SA's default/base 3D models of the vending machines (and new 3d model of the can). Added sphere col to the can (so can doesn't fall thru ground when disposed of). Added omnis to the vending machines (dynamic light from front). Install: Put "Vending Machines Remastered" folder in modloader ( https://www.mixmods.com.br/2015/01/SA-Modloader.html ). Enjoy snacks and drinks. Team: Zeneric/Kkjj (Vending Machines Remastered) - https://forum.mixmods.com.br/f6-mapas-objetos/t2254-vending-machines-remastered One of soda textures was inspired by HybridTheory's Retextured Vending Machines. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ORfzN-Lon6Ku3gxfKZgL4gDjGE-UEEE6
  21. So, I've been asking this question myself. Why there's no one making a clean Daytona USA soundtrack on 8-track. with ambience noise and reverb that fits the game atmosphere? Since I've never found any, I have decided to make one myself, created using clean rip of Daytona USA Arcade soundtrack converted from a Yamaha YM2151 PCM chip .vgm log, Daytona USA on Sega Saturn soundtrack from numerous sources (Sonic Retro, vgm-rips, etc.) and then did some "nasty" things on Audacity using multiple plugins from the past. It loops perfectly. You'll need Alci SAAT GUI Frontend. Instruction on installations is availabe on the readme file on the either version. Note: If Alci SAAT shows up "Error Opening Lookup file 'x'.", download this configuration for your Alci: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rjx6pn4jkav091f/FIX+ALCIS+SAAT+(JPX64).rar Download links here: Arcade version. ZIP: Link (Mediafire) 7z: Link (Mediafire) Sega Saturn version. ZIP: Link 7z: Link Known issues: The same soundtrack would play on another, unrelated event stadium (e.g Blackfield stadium) because both shared the same stream (and I do not know how to separate them.) The audio may sounds too compressed on higher end speakers, because I had to compress the lossless file so it can fit on GTA SA stream memory. Video: (c) 1993. Daytona USA and the Daytona USA logo is a product of Sega and is copyrighted.
  22. B Dawg

    Biker Freeroam Pack

    You might be a fan of The Lost And Damned expansion, maybe even the popular Hell On Wheels mod by Big Mitch Baker. This is inspired by that mod, only focused on enhancing the free roaming experience, without adding/replacing pedestrians and vehicles with modified ones, and only using San Andreas assets. While Hell On Wheels is great, it is mod unfriendly and results in frequent freezes/crashes when using CLEO or ASI mods, on top of having quality inconsistent pedestrians and vehicles. All changes/features were done by editing data files using Notepad+ and editing save games with the Save Game Editor 3.2 (the game is very customizable without having to script anything). Features: - The player is now a White Biker, using the voice lines of the WMYCR biker/carjacker criminal ped. - The player gang has been changed from Grove Street to the Bikers. They normally ride Freeways, but can be, on rare occasions, be seen riding the FCR-900 and driving the Phoenix. They are armed with Baseball Bats, 9mm Pistols, Pump Shotguns and AK-47s. - The main enemy gangs (Ballas and Vagos) have been replaced by the Triads and the Italian Mob. The Triads are armed with 9mms, Micro SMGs and AK-47s, while the Italian Mob are armed with Brass Knuckles, 9mm Pistols, Combat Shotguns and M4s. (not in Gang Wars) - Grove Street, Ballas and Vagos now take roles of minor gangs that can be seen in their respective Los Santos turfs. - All new turfs: The Bikers have turfs all over the countryside and desert, and also hang out around the V-Rock Hotel. The Italian Mob controls Los Santos and the eastern side of Las Venturas, while the Triads control San Fierro and the western side of Las Venturas. - Edited ped statistics: The three main gangs, as well as the police, have more health, punch harder, and shoot more frequently. Criminals (drug dealers, car jackers, and some random pedestrians) are the toughest. - The three main gangs all hate the police by default, and will attack them on sight. - Edited weapon statistics: All accuracy and movement speed values for Hitman skill level, have been lowered to Gangster skill level values. The Desert Eagle now does 70 damage. The AK-47 now deals 10 more damage than the M4. Dual wielding is no longer accessible. Everyone now holds the 9mm Pistol like the police do. Recommended add-ons: While the Biker Pack plays completely fine the way it is, I suggest downloading Group Adjustment (Better Gang Member Stats) mod by MKKJ. Reason being is that there is no way to modify weapon accuracy values of pedestrians without scripts, and your fellow buddies will only be able to use the Pump Shotgun effectively, while enemies in Gang Wars use all weapons effectively (at least during the 2nd and 3rd wave). If you wish not to use the mod (why would you not use it?), simply recruit only Pump Shotgun wielding bikers and do a minor change in pedstats.dat to give them more health to compensate for that (instructions included in Readme) I also recommend N-RACES by ZAZ so you can do all the races with bikes, and Vigilante-Special Cleo (to be able to do Vigilante in any vehicle) Credits: SwedishMafia for the Biker player mod. Due to the fact that the mod changes the Slope hairstyle into the WMYCR Biker Head, it is recommended that you do not change haircuts. Installation: Drop the Biker Freeroam Pack folder into the Mod Loader folder (or if that thing's giving you UNKNOWN GAME ERROR like it is for me do it manually and drop most files into data folder, player.img into models, and the .txd .dff files into gta3img with ALCI's IMG Editor). Drop the save game into My Documents > GTA San Andreas User Files. Download. Screenshots:
  23. Project Overhaul is a Complete set of replacements for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: IV and Grand Theft Auto: V particles, effects, and much more. SA: 3D sound effects, ImVehF textures, Gta V Backfire, water droplets on vehicles, custom skids, butterflies, Jet splash and so on! IV: New Decals, Realistic Blood, Realistic smoke, New rain effects, HD Grass, HD Water, HD Vehicle Interiors, HD Vehicle paint, HD Vehicle dirt, HD Vehicle Generic Details, and much more! V: OIV Installer, Clear and High Detailed Water, New Rain effects (PRO & Mafia III styles), HD Water, HD Decals, HD bottom shadows, HD Water Caustic, HD Flares and DoF Flares, and much more! High-quality textures No frame rate drop Realistic effects Suitable for gameplay and screenshots (SA) PLUGINS: Re-created vehicles.txd GTA V Turbocharger lag (backfire) Custom skid textures Two different raindrop variants with ImVehFt support (NFS & Default) GTA IV vehicle fire Custom ImVehFt textures New HD Grass Flying Butterflies 3D sound effects (Fog, Sandstrom, Storm, Snow, Rain) CREDITS LennyH Function-X- Junior_Djjr Ezekiel [sAK*]KING_OF_SA FireFly B Dawg Mysterdogg SA VERSION: DOWNLOAD FINAL VERSION (gtainside) DOWNLOAD 1.2.1 (mediafire) DOWNLOAD v1.1.3 (mediafire) DOWNLOAD v1.0.0 (gtainside) v1.0.0 GALLERY GTAGARAGE
  24. Nmax7

    Nmax7 Garage

    WELCOME TO NMAX7 GARAGE This is my automobile workshop, you can see mostly of my mods here. Email: [email protected] Have Fun !! Improved SA Cars Cars

    San Andreas 2.0

    this mod adds and improves several data and many things in the game, including the Russian gang and the biker gang like the gang 9 and the gang 10 (Peds.ide, Pedgrp.dat, cargrp.dat) the bridges are open and the vehicles of the pedestrians pass over the bridges, You can still get the 4 stars if you leave the city (I did this so that the story mode makes more sense) -At the start of the game, we will start at 8:31 -the Russian Mafia will be present in Ocean Docks and paradise in San fierro. -The Biker gang will control Hashburry, Queens, Palisades in San Fierro, Blackfield in Las Venturas and Angel Pine, Dillimore, Palomino Creek, Fort Carson and Las Payasadas. now the gangs will be able to control the Countryside and the Desert (Popcycle.dat) Ballas: - The Northside Glen Park is now dominated by the Ballas - The Ballas no longer control East Los Santos, said neighborhood is now controlled by the Vagos (After the mission The Green Sabre, they will share the neighborhood with the Vagos) - The Ballas and The Vagos will no longer be hostile to each other - The Ballas and Rifas will no longer be hostile to each other - The Eastside Willowfield is now dominated by the Ballas - The Southside Ganton will be slightly controlled by Ballas and Families (after the mission Nine and Ak's, the ballas will lose ganton) - The Ballas will have more influence in Idlewood (after the mission The Green Sabre too) - The Ballas will have more influence in Willowfield - The Ballas will have more influence in Verona Beach - After the mission Gray Imports, The ballas and the Russians wi no longer be hostile to each other Families: - The Families will have more influence in Playa del Seville - The Families will have more influence in Santa Maria Beach - The Northside Temple is now dominated by the Temple Drive Families (After The Green Sabre, they will lose them) - The Families will have more influence in Temple - The Families will have more influence in Vinewood Cemetery - The Jefferson Hospital is now slightly dominated by the families (the influence in that territory will increase as you progress with Sweet's missions) - Absolutely all territories, including the new ones, will be lost after the mission The Green Sabre - The Families will have the Tec-9 at the beginning of the game, after the mission Robbing Uncle Sam the Families will have: 9mm, Tec-9 and Uzi (If you have all the graffiti, no weapon will be replaced) - If you complete all the graffiti, the knife is replaced by the Tec-9, the other weapons will be the same (Desert Eagle and the SMG) - After the mission Reuniting The Families, the Families and the Aztecas will no longer be hostile to each other - After the mission Ran Fa Li, the Families and the Triads will no longer be hostile to each other - After The mission End of the Line, Doherty will be dominated by the Families Vagos: - The Vagos will have more influence in East Beach - The Vagos will have more influence in East Los Santos - The Vagos will have the Baseball bat and the 9mm at the beginning of the game - Marina neighborhood is now dominated by the Vagos - Bayside and Bayside Marina is now dominated by the Vagos - The Vagos Will Hate you after the mission Wrong Side of the Tracks - After the mission Wrong Side of the Tracks, The Vagos and Rifas will no longer be hostile to each other Rifas: - The Rifas no longer control King's - The Rifas will have more influence in Doherty - The Rifas will have more influence in Battery point - Southside Doherty is now dominated by the Rifas - After the mission Outrider, the Rifas will like you - After the mission Ice Cold Killa, the Rifas will dislike you - After the mission Pier 69, the Rifas will hate you. - After the mission Pier 69, the Rifas will lose Battery point territory (the Aztecas will take this territory) - The Rifas will now carry baseball bats and a 9mm. The Da Nang Boys: - The northside King's is now dominated by this gang and the Mountain Cloud Boys too, both gangs will lose this territory after the mission The Da Nang Thang - Esplanade North will no longer dominate by the Da nang boys - The Da nang boys will have more influence in Easter Basin - The gang will dislike you after the mission Ran Fa Li - The Gang will hate you after the mission Lure Sindacco Family, Forelli Family, Leone Family (Italian Mafia): - The Italian Mafia will have new Weapons - Whitewood States is now dominated by the Italian Mafia - Redsands West is now dominated by the Italian Mafia - Motel Last Dime is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Rockshore West is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Redsands East is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Casino Starfish is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Old Venturas Strip is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Pilgrim is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Casino Royale is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - And of Course, Casino Caligula is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - after the mission The Meat Business, The Italian Mafia will lose Whitewood States - After the mission Breaking the bank at caligula's, all mafia territory will lose them, except the caligula casino, who will lose great influence in it - After the mission Breaking the bank at caligula's, the italian mafia will hate you. Mountain Cloud Boys - The Triads will have more influence in Calton Heights - The Triads will have more influence in Chinatown - After the mission Learning to Fly, The four dragon casino and The Pink Swan is now dominated by the Triads Aztecas: - The Aztecas will have more influence in Little Mexico - The aztecas will no longer attack you from the beginning of the game - After the mission First Date, the Vagos will initiate a gang war in Aztecas territory, after the mission Body Harvest, the Aztecas will lose everything Russian: - The Weapons of this gang will be a 9mm and a uzi - After the mission Just Business, the gang will dislike you (If you had already passed the Gray Imports mission, they will hate you) - After the mission Gray Imports, the gang will dislike you (If you had already passed the Just Business mission, they will hate you). - the cars will be a washington, admiral, esperant Bikers: - obviously, the vehicles will be the freeway - sometimes they will be seen driving in other territories. extra: after the mission The Green Sabre, You can go through San Fierro and Las Venturas without any stars this mods only work in GTA San Andreas v1.0, if you want this mod in the version v1.1 of gta sa, it will be simple for the mod work in the game, you need to start a new game, unfortunately v1.1.2: - At the start of the game, you'll start with the Blue Hoody - the ballas on the southside Ganton will disappear after the Drive Thru mission v1.1.5: - East Los Santos is ballas and vagos territory from Beginning in the game - the families will get their Tec-9 after the mission "Cleaning The Hood" - The San Fierro Russian territory was change to Juniper Hill - Queens was reduced the influence of the bikers - King's don't have gang war of Triads and Da Nang Boys anymore - After the mission "The Green Sabre" King's will be slightly controlled by the bikers - The Beta Families are back - Ocean Docks was reduced the influence of the Russians (after the green sabre mission, the Russians will increase their influence) - Chash by the Gang War Extended is fixed - Cutscene Ryder Shirt can be seen while playing - the game is stuck in the mission Amphibious Assaults is fixed - the game is stuck in the mission Ice Cold Killa is fixed - the Aztecas will dominate Verdant Bluff after End of the Line - this update can be played in v1.01 of GTA San Andreas v1.2.0 - Italian mafia will have dislike and hate other gangs like the others - grove street families will dislike you after badlands (this because big smoke has ruler the families) - the russian now have 3 skins (mafboss) - the roadblocks come back again (in the radio they mencioned it so the story will continue like a normal way) - new roadblockers had beed created, like las Venturas bridge (Las Venturas Side), the little bridge of LS to Countryside (Countryside side) - the roadblockers of the bridge in "The Panoplicon" has been removed from the beginning (that's why big smoke still buying crack to loco syndicate when the bridges has been blocked) - the roadblockers of the White bridge of san fierro will be removed after the green sabre - the roadblockers of all train rail bridges will be disappears after the green sabre mission - the third skin of ryder used in Ryder mission now looks like the cutscene ryder skin only without his hat - some territories has been reduced his density but after the green sabre, all ballas and vagos territories (except bayside) will increases his influences - big smoke's car color mistake code has been fixed (it's suppose that big smoke car will be a gray color, not blue by a mistake in the codes made by rockstar) - in Drive Thru mission, the ballas will no more attack the kilo tray's car - ryder will have more acuraccy in robbing uncle sam but still can be killed - Ryder wiill not disappear after you complete Home Invasion and you can kill him (but you would not do that to a homie, right ?) - Ryder weapon and grove and vagos weapons in Catalyst has been replaced by a Tec-9 - i rescued the missing dialoge of big smoke in Just Business - in Wrong Side of the Tracks, the roadblock of the train bridge to las venturas had disappears but after you complete or fail the mission, the roadblock will appears again - Now Mafboos will be in Just Business and End of the Line - your Micro-SMG in Just Business had be replaced by a tec-9 - Big smoke will have more acuraccy in Wrong side of the tracks and just business - the acuraccy of your friends in the missions has been increased - after badlands mission, the families and ballas will share grove street - Now the street are now more realistic, the traffic and pedestrian has been increased, and in the night, the traffic and the pedestrian has been reduced too much - now Kane had a new skin (the Balla 3 introduction skin) in "Los Sepulcros - now the gangs have main territories, in those territories will have more density than the others, - the Families (Ganton) - the Ballas (Jefferson and East Los Santos after the green sabre) - the Vagos (Los Flores and East Los Santos after the green sabre) - the aztecas (El Corona) - the Russian (Juniper Hill) - The Rifas (Garcia) - The Da Nang Boys (Easter Basin) - The Bikers (Hashburry and the Las Venturas territory, i forgot the name :D) - The Triads (Chinatown) - The Italian Mafia (Caligulas) - After Reuniting the Families, the 9mm in emmet place has be replaced by a Ak-47 (i know this is a bit useless but whatever :D) - after the green sabre, the vagos will have a tec-9 - in Against the odds star wanted level has be reduced to 3 stars - in Small Town Bank Wanted Level has be increase to 4 stars (now the mission will be more Difficult, because the cops will respawn you in anywhere) - now in T-Bone Mendez mission, the enemies skin has been replaced by bikers skin - after T-Bone Mendez, the Bikers will dislike you - Finally, the stuck time in Ice Cold Killa is fixed - the bodies of Jizzy, T-bone and ryder will not disappears after you kill them - in Interdiction, when you have to destroy the helicopters, the stars are desactivated but after you destroy the helicopters, you can get stars again - now you will have less time to enter in the secret laboratory in Black Project - you can enter to all clothes shops after nines and ak's but the icons still invisible in the map - you can enter to all food shops in the beginning - in Grove 4 Life, the eastside and southside idlewood can be take over - after riot and the beginning of Los Desperados, if you had take over the corona and little mexico territories, you will lose them (yes, because the vagos will take over again for the story) - now you only need the 30% of the territories to unlock the final mission and that's it. Link v1.2.0: https://www.mediafire.com/file/272r52zi5cmfko5/gta_san_andreas_2.0_mod_v1.2_(for_gta_sa.exe_1.1).rar
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