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Found 346 results

  1. 𝓦𝓸𝓡𝓯

    [SA|BETA] Int Pizza Place

    Sup, I will release my mod from the beta int pizza place good just download and enjoy. Download
  2. WarButler

    Combat FX Upgrade

    Building on the great work of Function-X- and Ezekiel, I've made a collection of effects that aims to breathe new life into San Andreas' combat! Thanks to DK22Pac's awesome Effects Loader, you can use these effects with any effects.fxp + effects.txd, without replacing any files. Each effect has its own folder, so you can swap between different versions easily and even delete any effect you don't like. The game will use the equivalent effect from effects.fxp. The effects are adapted to IMFX and work at any Visual FX Quality setting. The mod is also adapted to Junior_Djjr's EnhanceFX, for better vehicle smoke and fire effects! I've taken inspiration from newer games to try and make the effects look as modern and cinematic as possible, while hopefully still fitting in with the game's slightly stylised aesthetic. I hope you like them! Here's an overview of the mod's main features: Muzzle Flashes I've changed the m4 muzzle flash since the above video Explosions Fire Blood and Sparks If the blood looks too bright, set ENABLE_BLOODSPOTS in imfx.dat to NO. If you want high visual effects quality but don't want to use high graphics settings, use MixSets with "FxEmissionRateMult = 1.0" and "FxEmissionRateShare = 1" in the ini. CREDITS Function-X: Original muzzle flash Ezekiel: Original explosions, fire [SAK*]KING_OF_SA: Version 1 blood droplets Junior_Djjr: EnhanceFX DK22Pac: Effects Loader & IMFX LennyH: Headshot gore textures cgman at spritefx.blogspot: Explosion and smoke textures MSGDI at Unity Store: V2 muzzle flash textures ActionVFX: V1 muzzle flash textures Unity Labs Paris: Smoke textures WarButler: fxp editing, texture editing, v2 explosions, muzzle flashes, blood, sparks COMBAT FX DOWNLOAD Old versions:
  3. Leonazix

    Leonazix Import and Exports

    Hello and welcome to Leonazix Import and Exports! Here you will find lore friendly mods for Grand Theft Auto Vice City and San Andreas I decided to open this workshop to shared mostly my mods to the entire community of GTA, and sorry for late of many months of who were wating for my workshop. So I hope you like my mods!
  4. thalilmythos

    SA - Hit Squad

    Hit Squad We all know, Carl Johnson, or whoever the hell you play with, is a dangerous individual, it bugs me, how you could mess with so much people, and never have no type of retaliation, so i had this idea. With inspiration from Mafia III i present to you, hit squad. This will make any enemy gang (from storymode) send hit squads to you once in a while randomly during your playtime, don't worry, you won't be getting hits all the time, but be on the lookout for them, you can leave them behind, hide in an interior, or kill them, your choice. Have fun. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/z2o6l88butxiv4y/RE_HS_update_2019_2.0.7z/file
  5. Marsi4eg

    [CLEO] Tram Driver

    WHAT IS THIS: Tram Driver mod gives the ability to stop any random tram that passes by player in San Fierro and drive it on your own. MAIN FEATURES: No need to learn any new hotkeys or other things - just find a Tram and press the usual vehicle entering key. The Tram continues its cruise if you go away from it. Anytime you can overtake that Tram and stop it again, or find another one, etc. HOW TO INSTALL: Copy the "trm_drv.cs" file from zip archive to your "CLEO" directory in the game folder. DEPENDENCIES: To use this mod you have to install CLEO 4.3. OPTIONAL: I recommend to use my Changeable Train Camera with this mod. KNOWN ISSUES: None SCREENSHOTS: VIDEO REVIEW: FIRST TESTING VIDEO: DOWNLOAD: v2.0 @ 12.04.2020: HERE SOME INTERESTING FACTS:
  6. Noah_Antilles

    Antilles' Hangar

    Welcome to my workshop! My name is Noah and I create San Andreas style mods. Fokwith Baron F4G Piratier Brigadier Cazador Parrot Renegade
  7. GroveStGTAV

    Big Bear is Back on the Grove!

    Everyone should know, Big Bear played bigger role in beta. Also he was planned to help CJ during gang wars. We can find his appearance with Families colors in game files named (csbigbear2) But he just another clone of the csblue2. So i decided to make big bear half fat and with this appearance. It contains optional appearances with his original shoes/shirt and pants for big bear. Also CleoModlar added csbigbear2 hoodie to skinny big bear. Contents: bigbear (skinny big bear with csblue2 hoodie by CleoModlar) Original csblue2 model with fat big bear face (with blue1,blue3, green textures) DOWNLOAD: http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/skins/118799-big-bear-is-back-on-the-grove/
  8. The mod adds the following fighting features to the game: Fight Club Octagon Challenge Knockout Brassknuckles ::V2 CHANGELOG:: ::ADDITIONAL CREDITS:: @indraCG : Boxing Gloves ::DOWNLOAD:: >> GDrive << >> Blog Post << ::KNOWN ISSUES AND POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS:: ! Don't hesitate to read the readme file !
  9. 𝓦𝓸𝓡𝓯

    [SA|BETA] Doherty Garage

    Hi, Recreated the new doherty garage of the beta version it was a lot of work but it was worth creating them. Have fun. Download
  10. OpenManhunt is a map conversion that converts all the levels from both Manhunt games (PC Versions) to GTA San Andreas Modloader is HIGHLY recommended! Drag & Drop "OpenManhunt" folder into the Modloader folder, enable in settings and play! You can install the 'old fashion way' but I will not give any assistance! Can I use the levels in my mod? Yes you can! Its called 'OpenManhunt' for a reason What has been converted? Everything. The levels have been converted straight from Manhunt 1 & 2 to SA as is. Will you convert the levels to VC, III? No, but you are more than welcome to do that! Will you convert characters? No just the levels Are there bugs? Flickering in some MH2 levels due to having multiple models placed at the same coords for the story mode (for example in neighbourhood, there are models where one has the garage door open and the other with it closed). To fix it disable one or more of the multiple models in the .ipls OpenManhunt 1.0.0 initial release (libertycity.ru link) Rockstar Games @cj2000 - RWIO 3ds Max Scripts, WRLD Importer Script, R* Col Converter, R* Texture Converter @fastman92 - IMG Limit Adjuster @ThirteenAG - iii.vc.sa.LimitAdjuster, Project2DFX @DK22Pac - MagicTXD @LINK/2012 - Modloader, iii.vc.sa.LimitAdjuster @ZAZ - Clean main.scm
  11. Finally, after 2 days workshop editing & compiling. I able to finish this mod. I really tried my best to make the GFX looks cool as I can. - Make sure to create backup of your files for any unnecessary ERROR! - Put files in their respected folder. ****************** BACKGROUND PACKAGE INCLUDE ******************* - LOADSCS (Cover + Loading Screens) - Fronten2 (Menu Side Images + Intro & Outro) ****************** INSTALLATION ******************* - Put "Fronten2" in GTA san Andreas / Models folder - Put "LOADSCS" in GTA San Andreas / Models / Txd Folder OR Download From GTA Inside - Checkout my DevianArt Profile: I know it's not a big deal, and every normal graphic designer do this quite easily and effectively. But as the member of this Community I just want to share my work with you guys. Your suggestions and opinions will be appreciated. Play 'N Enjoy Have a nice day!
  12. Silent

    Extended Gang Wars

    Extended Gang Wars San Andreas introduced gang wars to the series. According to beta game screenshots and the game code, Rockstar at some point planned to allow the player to have wars with all gangs in game. However, in retail game the player would only be able to take over Ballas' and Vagos' turfs. This modification unlocks gang wars with all gangs (even the unused ones, if any modification makes use of them) so the player can quite literally take over an entire state. As SA doesn't load ASI files by default, you need an ASI loader. In case you don't have one (if you use any ASI plugin such as CLEO, you can skip this step), you can download a decent loader here: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=21709 Rest of the installation is easy as pie. Just extract archive content to your SA directory and that's all. Make sure you check the INI! Alternatively, San Andreas Mod Loader can be used to install this plugin: http://gtaforums.com/topic/669520-sarel-san-andreas-mod-loader/ Showcase video http://youtu.be/oNEKXvUuSfQ Download https://github.com/CookiePLMonster/ExGangWars/releases Supported game versions GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) GTA SA 1.01 (all versions) GTA SA 3.0 (Steam)
  13. Nominated as one of the best Scripts of 2018 & 2019! Hey everyone, Mysterdogg here! I've made this topic for showing you my biggest CLEO project, which has been actually in the forums for a few months, but I kept it in my workshop almost like a secret because it was a regular script, not so relevant and full of bugs but my constant work with almost daily improvements and new versions led me to this, let's check it out! (Video made with v1.6.4, more videos of WiP versions & features in my YT channel) Notes: Features! - Compatibility with the in-game controls. - Unique crosshairs for the main weapons. - Fully customizable settings. - Different available presets. - Compatibility with added weapons & vehicles*. - Compatibility with the default aiming settings. -Support for custom presets. -Support for custom textures. - Kill marker feature. - *new* Blood on-screen feature. - *new* Aiming extra zoom feature. Needed: - Magic TXD by @DK22Pac - Mixsets by @Junior_Djjr - Silentpatch by @Silent Download: v1.6.5 coming this year! v1.6.4 Optional Presets for v1.6.4
  14. WHAT IS THIS: This is a pack of native PS2 two-player 'missions' that were cut from PC version. Those scripts are re-implemented like they were in vanilla game, but as standalone CLEO scripts. Also there are some scripts that were written to extend native PS2 cooperative experience on PC. MAIN FEATURES: Second player now has an armor, if the main player has it at mode start. Second player now has first player's fight style, instead of default.* Second player now has a white marker and it shows on radar.** Distance between players is set to it's maximal value. Adjustable via .ini file. Ability to toggle 'Deathmatch mode' ingame to make players able to target each other. Ability to toggle vehicle entering modes - players can sit to the same car or to different cars. New amazing comfortable camera view when driving separate vehicles! Now it's fully playable.*** A player on the passenger seat doesn't perform a drive-by by default. Now it's a hotkey to toggle drive-by! Adjusted text box when starting pool game, added a line that asks to press Start on second controller to play 2 player pool. Proper co-op train camera mode. All included 2-player missions are fully untouched, except the fact that they are now CLEO scripts. * May work only in v1.0 game, other weren't tested. ** There's a known bug ingame, even in PS2 version - second player doesn't have a marker. Actually it appears, but it's tied to first player. There's no ability to create a directional marker by using default opcodes without memory hacking. Unfortunatly I'm not so skilled in this, so I'll be grateful if someone helps me with this. Default square marker is a temporary solution for now. *** This camera mode is the same as onfoot - topdown with ability to focus on eash player's car by pressing <select> button. Now you finally can do some racing, flying two helicopters, and even planes! Almost every feature is a different module (script) so if you don't want any of them - just remove it from CLEO folder: 2pl_dm - Toggle 'Deathmatch mode'. Press Dpad Left + Right Stick while player is on-foot. Both gamepads supported, or ] on the keyboard, when at least one player is on-foot. 2pl_drivers - Toggle vehicle entering modes. Press Dpad Right + Right Stick while player is on-foot. Both gamepads supported, or [ on the keyboard, when at least one player is on-foot. 2pl_drvb_ctrl - Enhanced drive-by features. Press Right Stick while on passenger seat to toggle drive-by. Both gamepads supported, or Sub-mission key on the keyboard. 2pl_enh - Distance, marker and armor control. 2pl_help - Help text box. Shows ingame notifications about useful functions. Basically, the same that was described a few lines earlier. 2pl_veh_cam - Improved separate vehicles camera. Enabled by default and no way to disable it ingame. 2pl_tcam_fix - Improved train camera. 2pl_vehsoundfix - Fix for separate vehicle engine sound. The 2pl_enh module has external configuration support via the .ini file. There you can set custom distance limit. Using this .ini file is optional. Without it the module will use the default distance limit of 80.0. If you set a value of 85.0 or lower in the .ini file - native distance limiting system will be used - 2 player game will end if players are too far away. If you set a value higher than 85.0 in the .ini file - global distance hack by @skatefilter5 will be used - 2 player game won't end if players are too far away. If you set 0.0 in the .ini file - the distance limit will be completely disabled! ATTENTION: second player will fall through the ground when further than collision loading distance - 299 units by default! Keep in mind that distance is being calculated to the central point of objects but not the nearest edge. That's why large surfaces could become unsolid even with limits less than 299.0. I've tested that the most suitable value is 185.0. So it's set in the .ini file by default. Also there's a map (2pl_map.jpg) included in this archive showing all 2 player pickups locations in the game. HOW TO INSTALL: 1. Extract all contents of the "CLEO" folder from this archive to your "CLEO" folder in the game's directory. 2. Extract the "2pl_vehsoundfix.asi" file from this archive to your game's root directory or to "scripts" folder. 3. Extract the language file "tplayer.fxt" from the needed locale included in the "locale" folder to your "CLEO\CLEO_TEXT" folder in the game's directory. Supported languages: English Russian for SanLtd localization Russian "Wasted" // Pirated translation that became a meme in CIS countries ATTENTION! You should extract only ONE language file to the game! Don't extract all three files, otherwise texts will appear incorrectly! DEPENDENCIES: To use this mod you have to install CLEO 4.3. To make the game work with second player controls you have to use @Silent's GInput plugin. I recommend you to use Widescreen Fix by @ThirteenAG and @Wesser even if you don't use widescreen monitor. Despite the mod is compatible with keyboard shortcuts and GInput gives an ability to use keyboard+pad, I highly recommend you to use two Xinput-compatible gamepads (Xbox 360 Controllers). Actually you can use these enhancement scripts with every other custom coop modes, but be careful, they were tested only with default coop missions. KNOWN ISSUES: When driving two separate vehicles - you will hear the engine sound only from the last obtained one. Nothing to do with this - game engine bug. // FIXED! Thanks to @Junior_Djjr. When entering a vehicle as a passenger - you will see the drive-by crosshair for a moment. Script overwrites the basic player's behavior so it takes a millisecond to change player's "task". SCREENSHOTS: NEWEST VIDEO REVIEW: OLDER ADDITIONAL VIDEOS: 2-PLAYER MISSIONS MAP: DOWNLOAD: v2.0 @ 10.04.2020: HERE
  15. III&Vice City Vehicles To San Andreas Hello Folks, Passed Two Years and i almost forgot about this This Package Converts All III and Vice City Car, Bikes, Vans And Trucks To The Good Old Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas The Goal of this package is to Help The Community with converted III and Vice City Cars To Sa, After all you can edit then and put in your mod or in your total conversion i donΒ΄t put dff block because its Original Rockstar Games Models. if do this put my name in the credits. The Pack Contains PC/PS2 ans Xbox Vehicles Converted To San Andreas Engine: Videos: Vice City PC/PS2 Vice City Xbox: III PS2/PC: III Xbox: All in one Download Link: gta inside: https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/cars/130656-gta-iii-amp-vice-city-cars-to-san-andreas/ libertycity.net:https://libertycity.net/files/gta-san-andreas/125073-iiivice-city-vehicles-to-san-andreas.html
  16. andre500

    REL | SA Arena War

    People always wish to see a show being put on, and are ready to spend lots of money to see it. What would you say about modern gladiator fights? Michelle Cannes invites you to take part in the most savage competition to ever be performed in state of San Andreas. Get behind the wheel of a vehicle that was created in your crazed girlfriend’s garage from scrap, and show your foes what you’re made of. SA Arena War is not just a copy of consequent GTA Online update as it may seem from the first glance. It is an attempt to revise technical possibilities of the game in regards of creation of dynamic and spectacular competitions, which are, undoubtedly, present in the game, but are not pushed to the limit by the developers. Features: * New high-scale competition at Corvin Stadium; * Participation in the even at the arena affects Carl’s relationship with Michelle; * 12 completely new non-replacement vehicles; * New workshop where you can buy, store and modify your vehicles; * While on the arena, a commentator is to be heard describing the competition. Cars: Perennial Dominator Trashmaster Modified Bobcat Modified Voodoo Modified Picador Modified Coming Soon Bloodring Banger Modified Coming Soon Sandking Modified Coming Soon Utility Van Modified Coming Soon Pony Modified Coming Soon Cement Truck Modified Coming Soon Monster Modified Coming Soon Bus Modified The modification will be getting updates in form of new gamemodes and vehicles after its release. Gameplay Trailers Gameplay screenshots Changelog v1.0.1 Download Link: VER. 1.1 Credits: andre500 - scripting Spartan_112 - modelling 7Works - voice
  17. Voron295

    First-Person mod

    First-Person mod by Voron295 v3.0 (Sorry for my bad English...) Description This modification will allow you to feel all abilities of GTA SA from the first person Modification support most of animation mods, like parkour, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuBrc4WD61c What's new - First-Person now is a plugin, not CLEO-script - Added compatibility with versions 1.1 and 3.0 (Steam) of GTA SA - Now first-person mode replaces camera mode from car bumper - Red mission markers are now available - Now you can rotate camera 180 degrees in car in any side - Fixed invisibility of peds, that are along you - Fixed issue with shadows - Added support of cutscenes and script cameras - Fixed some poses in car - Fixed zoom while you handle sniper rifle or photocamera - Fixed resetting camera rotation when you exit car - Added ability to look at the sides via Q and E - Added ability to look back on foot - Improved position of camera - Fixed bug with invisible particles when you are in car - Added ability to walk back and to sides - Many small fixes - Added settings menu where are next parameters: - Camera offset while on foot (saves separately for each skin) - Camera offset while in car (saves separately for each car model) - Field of view - Changing near plane - On/off player rotation with camera - On/off camera rotation at the sides while pressed Q or E Known bugs - Walk anim while swim or fly on jetpack. - Cars with id's < 400 and > 1400 causes game crash - Very big sensitivity while looking with sniper rifle - Problems with shadows - Trouble with GUI mouse when Y inversion is on - Problems with widescreen_fix - Vehicles and peds spawn too late - Lods are drawn too nearly - No gamepad support - Right-Left pressing can do an loop rotation - Some bugs with free-aim driveby mods - Weapon points straight up while aiming at north - Crashing in the mission OG Loc - CJ's face is messed while FPV - Camera rotates while selecting weapon in GTA V HUD by DK22Pac - Transparent vehicles' steering wheels. - Player walks randomly while holding phone - Screen corners bug with FOV > 100 Install Unpack archive into folder with GTA San Andreas. Modification supports 1.0, 1.1 and 3.0 (Old Steam) game versions. Controls Press button V several times to turn on first person mode. Press it again for turning off. Press Alt+B to open settings menu. Press it again to turn off. Authors Author of the modification - BoPoH (Voron295) http://vk.com/voron295 http://vk.com/fs_online http://gta-parkour.ru http://youtube.com/voron295 <script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> Thanks DK22Pac and Den_Spb for helping in development Festo for the logo Aleksey_Move for testing and making video-presentation of the modification
  18. 𝓦𝓸𝓡𝓯

    [REL|BETA] Timecyc

    Sup, Bringing a beta timecyc mod atmosphere and yes it was copied in the video of the first trailer welcome to los santos/pre-release screen taken photos to recover the original colors for example red green blue which contains its numbers used photofiltre 7 and redeemed. Download https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/107886/ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NZEgLT27PxmS3H_XLET3HrUfkzEet61-
  19. YOEL_44

    Map textures fix

    These downloads are highly outdated and could cause some unstabilities, to get the latest updated version with some crucial improvements get it from MixMods: www.mixmods.com.br/2015/05/map-textures-fix-correcao-das-texturas.html Old post just for archiving:
  20. "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PC Edition" is a Total Conversion Modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, attempting to bring you a port that Rockstar never gave you. In this modification we will be converting the map, characters, vehicles and weapons from the ORIGINAL game files and remastering content where applicable as well as porting the games weather system and atmosphere. In this modification will also be a set amount of storyline missions and side missions which will increase with each mainline BETA release, other things will also be available such as a redesigned menu, new neon lights, HUD, radio stations, etc as well as an attempt to look through the history of the game and bring back some BETA designs as a special bonus for you. The last mainline public release is BETA3, code-named "Blue Hesper" and the latest WIP build is E3 2018, so be sure to give that a download and check it out! We hope you enjoy the mod and we will do our best to keep working on it. Just a reminder though, there's only a few of us actually working on this project so we do NOT know when or if we'll ever be finished but we will keep you all updated. In the meantime, enjoy our current work and spread your support! -VCS Team Latest WIP Build: E3 2018 Rockstar Vision Google Drive MEGA Green = Converted from Original Game Files Pink = Remastered
  21. I was tired of CJ & His crusty ol' face textures, so I did something about it. Enjoy. DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/#!AKYRCQoB!Y_w8Fcf8N2mHSyuW2JGwki-_tdDY6154vJXYoPQbhSM[/size] Show Spoiler to see all comparisons
  22. 𝓦𝓸𝓡𝓯

    [SA|BETA] Pine Trees

    Hi, I remade the pine trees with their vegetation around and it was a pain to translate this sh*t from english bye. Hope you enjoy. Download
  23. Hello! This is my first attempt to create a modification for san andreas. This modification provides a compass like the game "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds". This modification have two settings. either use camera or player-ped as direction and a value to scale the compass. There are two .dds files, one for the arrow and the other one for the coords. You can edit this files as you want. Here is a short demonstration: Download link: http://cireyses.de/TacticCompass.rar Virustotal link: https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/0cad48f810b7208660d5e041c8b4b9c21a8682f8b9cfc84942f64840a4b3bdaa/analysis/1501419254/ This modification was created with DK22Pac's plugin-sdk. Thanks! Greetings!
  24. -ATP-

    GTA United 1.2

    Version 1.2 A project in cooperation with - GTAinside.com & gta-worldmods.de - It's time, after more than six years of development we are pleased, to be able to publish the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas modification "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2" at the present day. Since the last version - called Beta 1.1, which was officially downloaded over 400,000 times until now - we always had the goal to raise the modification to a whole new level. Many bugs have been corrected, which have been reported to us from the previous versions, there were implemented suggestions and ideas that we and fans of our modification had. We have invested a lot of work, time and effort to improve the new version of our modification in all aspects, in order to make it thus for many to one: an experience. May it be stability, interactivity or design, we put our heart and soul into these issues and hope to fulfill your expectations. On behalf of the entire team, which stands behind GTA United, all people who have helped us in this project and supported us - we wish you all a lot of fun with our new modification. \\ What is "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2"? Grand Theft Auto United is a modification based on 'GTA San Andreas' for PC. The purpose of this modification is to unite in only one game the gaming areas, the so-called 'maps', of the two GTA games 'GTA III' and 'GTA Vice City', based on the graphics and physics engine of 'GTA San Andreas'. The map of 'GTA San Andreas' gets therefore replaced. A detailed report, what GTA United is actually about and what happened in the past of this modification, you can find here. \\ Team 1.2 Developers ATP 1.2 | Leading Developer Scripting, Mapping, Modelling, Converting, Video Editing LiveLife 1.2 | Leading Developer Advising, Testing, Video Editing cj2000 1.2 | Car Converting ManDog 1.2 | Ped Converting \\ GTA United 1.2 Release Trailer Of course we can not publish version 1.2 of our modification without to publish any kind of special visualization. After ATP could introduce in March of last year with this video some of our new content, he now has made with the finished version a fantastic new and official Release Trailer for GTA United 1.2! We wish you lots of fun and we hope that this video can help to show, first, that we ourselves have a lot of fun with our modification and, second, that the trailer makes you want more! | Vimeo \\ Changelog Bug Fixes Thousands of bugs in the maps Car-Crash Bug Non-functional shovel Saving and loading savegames New Features All interiors of the two predecessor made accessible Added all the gangs of the two predecessor Installed dozens of shops, restaurants and other shops in the style of San Andreas The radio stations from GTAIII and GTA Vice City can now be imported and used There are a few side missions Ghosttown was added Many new secrets A comprehensive and detailed list with images and videos you find here. \\ Download To install GTA United 1.2 please use a 100% clean, unmodded version of GTA San Andreas. The map of GTA San Andreas will be replaced with this modification, is thus no longer accessible after installing GTA United 1.2. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to make a copy of GTA San Andreas beforehand! You will be prompted for that by the installation routine aswell. For any problem, we ask that you always look under the following link first to see if your problem is described here. Should this not lead to the solution of the problem, you can ask us in our respective forums. \\ Note of Thanks There are actually so many people to enumerate, which we want to thank for their help, that this probably would blow over the given frame. We therefore want to thank highlighted only our two hosters GTAinside.com and gta-worldmods.de, through which we can ensure a fast download of this big modification, as well as Rockstar Games and Take Two for their terrific games! And for the concrete developer and former developer and supporter of the modification, we have created for all those an adequate framework within the modification, where we bring our thanks duly expressed. You're lonely peak! At this point a quote from LiveLife (aka ColdDeath): Hereby I would like to announce, that I have finished with GTA United 1.2 now my last GTA project. I will therefore be no longer able to serve as an contact person for GTA United, so in future if you should have any questions, please ask ATP. I am glad that I was able to participate on GTA United for such a long time, even if I had not held a position where it comes to the actual modding at any time. The ultimate modding and thus the most important thing, has been furnished in my eyes in special dimensions of two people, who have made tremendous efforts and contributions, contributions without the entire modification would not have been possible to realize, and these two people are Aschratt and ATP. While each developer has made his contribution, these two have done outstanding work that made me not only a few times speechless. Both of you are the madness! It was my pleasure! \\ Closing Remarks Fun. This word can describe many things, if we as a team look back on our work, our little world, which is both so familiar and yet it never existed in such a form before. From an initially fresh idea, to bring the individual maps of Vice City and Liberty City to San Andreas, to the present day, where we can present what is more than just the sum of the previous items - it was a long road we had to go, there were to overcome many obstacles and all sorts of problems had to be solved. And yet we here and today agree that this way has been worth it, to be followed, always with the goal in mind to create something that meets the intent of each game and each modification: to spread fun and joy. A game which pursues this goal, must combine many aspects in itself, it must offer besides technical aspects such as stability and efficiency also freedom to interact with the content of a game, or in other words, diversity is one of the most important aspects of a game. And this was always our intention, what we wanted to achieve with version 1.2. So now finally it is like this, the day of the release has come! We - the entire team of GTA United and all those who have supported us - wish you all a lot of fun with our new modification "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2". Grand Theft Auto United 1.2 Β© Copyright 2012 | GTA United Development Team
  25. The Seasons: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation || HRT 1.4 Spring Season 2.0 (Updated edition) Spring Season 2.0 is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas. This mod adds to game some graphic enhancements and new gameplay features. All changes designed to show the offensive of the spring season, to dip player into the atmosphere of blossoming nature. In this mod you can see: flowering trees, spring short grass, redesigned textures of some part of countryside, sounds of nature (singing birds; and day, and night have special variant of sound), in some places you can see the people who had a picnic by the fire, on the streets you can see more pedestrians, in rainy weather people walk with umbrellas, in the countryside appeared roosters and chickens (at certain times of the day you can even hear the cock-a-doodle-doo!). Also: rains more frequently, and with thunder; some water bodies are overflowed; ENBSeries library with special settings and menu for change configuration (settings are made in several versions for computers of different power). One of the most important innovations of mod the hunting. You can hunt to a wolves (two species). Hunting can be conducted jointly with the hunters, which can sometimes be meet in the forest with dog. Hunters, like all animals, not replace standard characters. Authors: Flame, izerli, Black Stallion Release dates: April 2011 β€” Spring Season 1.0; May 2011 β€” Spring Season 2.0; March 2012 β€” Spring Season 2.0: SA-MP Edition; 2012 β€” for release on GTAForums (and later, in 2013, on Mod DB) version 2.0 and SA-MP Edition were little updated; April 2013 β€” Spring Season 2.0 with automatic installation Download mod Spring Season 2.0 (automatic installation) (452 Mb) Mirror: Yandex.Disk Spring Season 2.0 (manual installation) (192 Mb) Spring Season 2.0: SA-MP Edition (156 Mb)
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