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  1. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto Vice City Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto 3 Widescreen Fix This and many other fixes now available at thirteenag.github.io/widescreen_fixes_pack
  2. СКАЧАТЬ/DOWNLOAD (2.1.1) ImVehFt brings new features for vehicles in San Andreas: -reversinglights, foglights, turnlights, breaklights; -breakpads; -animated spoilers; -steering; -added taillight shadow; -possibility to use an unique texture for vehicle lights; -fixed lights darkening after switching; -fixed vehicle dirt feature; -and more... Notice these features (expect vehicle dirt, taillight shadow) could work only with adapted vehicles. You can find information about vehicle adapting and video tutorial in "Developer" folder. You can find 3 adapted vehicles in this release. 1. Blista Compact by Jur1zz with turnlights 2. Blade by Jur1zz with breaklights and foglights 3. Benson by Jur1zz with turnlights In this topic You can share your ideas and ask questions on car adapting Have fun. Screens Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Co-Authors Function-X- - author of some ImVehFt textures. Thanks So many people helped me... Den_spb - thanks to him for the idea of realising turnlighs. izerli - thanks to him for the idea of realising steering wheel. }0RIC)-( - much helping with HLSL and shaders programming; PetkaGTA - helping with shaders; Deji, fastman92, LINK2012 - helping with programming; listener - author of SA .exe database. Jur1zz, DERK7, Mad_Driver, THREE6MAFIA, YourCreatedHell - car makers/modellers.
  3. WHAT IS THIS: Tram Driver mod gives the ability to stop any random tram that passes by player in San Fierro and drive it on your own. MAIN FEATURES: No need to learn any new hotkeys or other things - just find a Tram and press the usual vehicle entering key. The Tram continues its cruise if you go away from it. Anytime you can overtake that Tram and stop it again, or find another one, etc. HOW TO INSTALL: Copy the "trm_drv.cs" file from zip archive to your "CLEO" directory in the game folder. DEPENDENCIES: To use this mod you have to install CLEO 4.3. OPTIONAL: I recommend to use my Changeable Train Camera with this mod. KNOWN ISSUES: None SCREENSHOTS: VIDEO REVIEW: FIRST TESTING VIDEO: DOWNLOAD: v2.0 @ 12.04.2020: HERE SOME INTERESTING FACTS:
  4. Vulcade92

    Wanted Shadows

    Description: As seen in numerous strategy guide scans and screens, the wanted star shadows aren't hidden anymore when the player has no wanted level (like in previous GTA games). Supported Version(s): US 1.0 Downloads: WantedShadows.7z Requires: Simple DLL loader *If you're willing to use an ASI loader instead, just rename WantedShadows.dll to WantedShadows.asi and it will work just fine.
  5. Silent

    Extended Gang Wars

    Extended Gang Wars San Andreas introduced gang wars to the series. According to beta game screenshots and the game code, Rockstar at some point planned to allow the player to have wars with all gangs in game. However, in retail game the player would only be able to take over Ballas' and Vagos' turfs. This modification unlocks gang wars with all gangs (even the unused ones, if any modification makes use of them) so the player can quite literally take over an entire state. As SA doesn't load ASI files by default, you need an ASI loader. In case you don't have one (if you use any ASI plugin such as CLEO, you can skip this step), you can download a decent loader here: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=21709 Rest of the installation is easy as pie. Just extract archive content to your SA directory and that's all. Make sure you check the INI! Alternatively, San Andreas Mod Loader can be used to install this plugin: http://gtaforums.com/topic/669520-sarel-san-andreas-mod-loader/ Showcase video http://youtu.be/oNEKXvUuSfQ Download https://github.com/CookiePLMonster/ExGangWars/releases Supported game versions GTA SA 1.0 (all versions) GTA SA 1.01 (all versions) GTA SA 3.0 (Steam)
  6. Grinch_

    [SA|VC] Cheat Menu

    Press Left Ctrl + M to open/ close the menu. Doesn't work in multiplayer. Cheat menu for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which allows a large set of modifications/cheats to be applied enabling a much more easier & amusing gameplay. Comes with an ImGui based easy to use interface & mouse support. Downloads: Stable versions here. Beta versions (daily/weekly) are at the discord server. Installation: 1. Install DirectX9 & Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 x86. 2. If your game version isn't v1.0 then you'll need to downgrade. 3. Install asi loader & Silent Patch (required) 4. Download CheatMenu.7z and extract everything in game directory. If you like the mod be sure to star the GitHub repo & join the discord server. Screenshots:
  7. direct

    direct's Workshop

    direct's Workshop I make SA-style and IV-style vehicles - edited vanilla cars, from scratch or from other games. Decided to open a workshop to release them here. @Crack Yo' Neck and @savidgehelp me with the mods because blender 2.8 doesnt work on my PC. Released vehicles GTA San Andreas GTA IV
  8. Rainbomizer: SA Randomizers for GTA San Andreas Rainbomizer is a mod for GTA San Andreas that randomizes many aspects of the game. It allows for a replay of the game in a new, fun way. The mod randomizes everything from traffic, car colours, handling, mission vehicles, weapons, cutscenes, colours and even the missions! The mod was designed to be played on the original game, and hence might conflict with any other mods installed. . List of Randomizers: Colour Randomizer Randomizes the colours of various in-game elements, including cars, the HUD, and fades. Timecycle Randomizer Randomizes the appearance and colours of the game world, such as the sky, water, lighting, and other time-based elements. Traffic Randomizer Randomizes cars that spawn in traffic including law enforcement vehicles. Script Vehicle Randomizer Randomizes the vehicles you are given in missions making sure they're usable for the mission. Parked Car Randomizer Randomizes cars which are found parked around the map including boats and airplanes at airports. Mission Randomizer Randomizes which mission is started by each mission marker. Weapon Randomizer Randomizes the weapons that are wielded by the player and other NPCs. Cutscene Randomizer Randomizes models used in motion-captured cutscenes. Pickup Randomizer Randomizes all pickups to other random weapons and pickups, including spawn locations, mission pickups, and drops. Ped Randomizer Randomizes the appearance of every single ped, including those on the street, cops, gang members, and mission characters. Cutscene Randomizer Randomizes the models used in motion-captured cutscenes, and the location in which they take place. Sounds Randomizer Randomizes mission dialogue, generic voice lines and various other sound effects. Language Randomizer Randomize the language of in-game text between other game languages. Riot Randomizer Activates a small chance for the game's riot mode to randomly activate upon entering new zones. Police Helicopter Randomizer Randomizes the helicopters that the police spawn in. Blip Randomizer Randomizes every radar blip on the map with a different icon. Wanted Level Randomizer Randomizes how you get wanted levels during and outside of missions. DYOM Randomizer Adds an option to download and play a random mission from the DYOM website. Cheat Randomizer Randomizes which cheat activates when you enter a cheat (disabled by default). Screenshots Playthrough by Hugo_One Playthrough by 123robot Installation Prerequisites GTA: San Andreas v1.0 US (Other versions are not supported) an ASI Loader (like Ultimate ASI Loader) Installation Download the Rainbomizer archive (see Downloads section) Extract the contents of the archive to the root folder of your GTA San Andreas installation directory After the installation, the directory should look something like: The config file will be auto-generated after launching the game with Rainbomizer the first time Configuration rainbomizer/config.toml contains the configuration options for Rainbomizer. The config file uses the TOML format and can be opened in any text editor (like Notepad) To enable/disable a certain randomizer, locate its section in the config file, and change the "Enabled" key to true or false Further configuration options are documented in the config file. Credits Lead Developers Parik Creation and implementation of the ASI. 123robot Development of new v3.0 features and assistance with creation of external files and testing. GTA_Madman Assistance with development of new features, fixes, feedback and testing. Additional Contributors iguana Assisted with looking through code and helped inspire the mission randomizer. SpeedyFolf Creating the tutorial video, beta testing, and feedback during development. SRewo Creating the Weapon Stats Randomizer. Thanks to Fryterp23, Hugo_One, Lordmau5, Riekelt, SpeedyFolf and Waris for beta-testing! Links Below are useful links related to the project GitHub links GitHub Repository GitHub Releases GitHub Issues Support this project Discord Patreon Release 3.0
  9. Garage Save eXtender (or GSX for short) is an ASI mod for GTA San Andreas that allows other mods to store more info/data for cars saved in garages. Showing the Vehicle License Plate Save mod: The data stored is identified by name and exclusive for the vehicle it belongs You can use the GSX in mods CLEO, C/C++, Lua or CLEO and C/C++ (Portuguese) GSX save files located in Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/gsx Code examples included in download. Thread in Mixmods forum (Portuguese) Download GSX (+API and examples) Mods currently using GSX: Download License Plate Save Mod ASI (requires the gsx.asi) VehFuncs - new vehicle functions [Lua] Vehicle Paint using RGB colors (Portuguese) [Lua] Other vehicles painted with RGB colors (Portuguese) [Lua] Gas stations (Portuguese) Reserved data names: _hash Contains a unsigned 64bits integer hash for the vehicle TODO: Documentation of all functions More tests in GSX.asi License Plate Save (with logging for debug) source code:
  10. Irsis

    (SA) Bank mod

    BANK MOD by Irsis Hi everyone. I got bored playing SA and wondering why the bank interior only used on a mission? Then i created this. There are 5 location of the bank, use Atm mod by Msv(inside my folder) to know the location. Peds, employee and securities roam inside it. You are not allowed to hold weapons inside it, if you do the the alarm will start and you got 2 stars. You can rob the bank by throwing satchel on Atm, but be careful, securities are equipped with desert eagle. After you get the cash, the atms will take some time to appear again to avoid easy money. I also include my edit of bussines mod by fastman92, use it if you want some bank transaction inside the building(press TAB to open business menu when youre near teller) And my edit of Atm mod by MSV if you want to have bank icon and Atms scattered in map(Go near atm to open the menu). You can also rob the ATM by blowing it using satchel. Bank interaction: ATM interaction: Bank locations: Credits: Fastman92 Msv DOWNLOAD
  11. WHAT IS THIS: This is a pack of native PS2 two-player 'missions' that were cut from PC version. Those scripts are re-implemented like they were in vanilla game, but as standalone CLEO scripts. Also there are some scripts that were written to extend native PS2 cooperative experience on PC. MAIN FEATURES: Second player now has an armor, if the main player has it at mode start. Second player now has first player's fight style, instead of default.* Second player now has a white marker and it shows on radar.** Distance between players is set to it's maximal value. Adjustable via .ini file. Ability to toggle 'Deathmatch mode' ingame to make players able to target each other. Ability to toggle vehicle entering modes - players can sit to the same car or to different cars. New amazing comfortable camera view when driving separate vehicles! Now it's fully playable.*** A player on the passenger seat doesn't perform a drive-by by default. Now it's a hotkey to toggle drive-by! Adjusted text box when starting pool game, added a line that asks to press Start on second controller to play 2 player pool. Proper co-op train camera mode. All included 2-player missions are fully untouched, except the fact that they are now CLEO scripts. * May work only in v1.0 game, other weren't tested. ** There's a known bug ingame, even in PS2 version - second player doesn't have a marker. Actually it appears, but it's tied to first player. There's no ability to create a directional marker by using default opcodes without memory hacking. Unfortunatly I'm not so skilled in this, so I'll be grateful if someone helps me with this. Default square marker is a temporary solution for now. *** This camera mode is the same as onfoot - topdown with ability to focus on eash player's car by pressing <select> button. Now you finally can do some racing, flying two helicopters, and even planes! Almost every feature is a different module (script) so if you don't want any of them - just remove it from CLEO folder: 2pl_dm - Toggle 'Deathmatch mode'. Press Dpad Left + Right Stick while player is on-foot. Both gamepads supported, or ] on the keyboard, when at least one player is on-foot. 2pl_drivers - Toggle vehicle entering modes. Press Dpad Right + Right Stick while player is on-foot. Both gamepads supported, or [ on the keyboard, when at least one player is on-foot. 2pl_drvb_ctrl - Enhanced drive-by features. Press Right Stick while on passenger seat to toggle drive-by. Both gamepads supported, or Sub-mission key on the keyboard. 2pl_enh - Distance, marker and armor control. 2pl_help - Help text box. Shows ingame notifications about useful functions. Basically, the same that was described a few lines earlier. 2pl_veh_cam - Improved separate vehicles camera. Enabled by default and no way to disable it ingame. 2pl_tcam_fix - Improved train camera. 2pl_vehsoundfix - Fix for separate vehicle engine sound. The 2pl_enh module has external configuration support via the .ini file. There you can set custom distance limit. Using this .ini file is optional. Without it the module will use the default distance limit of 80.0. If you set a value of 85.0 or lower in the .ini file - native distance limiting system will be used - 2 player game will end if players are too far away. If you set a value higher than 85.0 in the .ini file - global distance hack by @skatefilter5 will be used - 2 player game won't end if players are too far away. If you set 0.0 in the .ini file - the distance limit will be completely disabled! ATTENTION: second player will fall through the ground when further than collision loading distance - 299 units by default! Keep in mind that distance is being calculated to the central point of objects but not the nearest edge. That's why large surfaces could become unsolid even with limits less than 299.0. I've tested that the most suitable value is 185.0. So it's set in the .ini file by default. Also there's a map (2pl_map.jpg) included in this archive showing all 2 player pickups locations in the game. HOW TO INSTALL: 1. Extract all contents of the "CLEO" folder from this archive to your "CLEO" folder in the game's directory. 2. Extract the "2pl_vehsoundfix.asi" file from this archive to your game's root directory or to "scripts" folder. 3. Extract the language file "tplayer.fxt" from the needed locale included in the "locale" folder to your "CLEO\CLEO_TEXT" folder in the game's directory. Supported languages: English Russian for SanLtd localization Russian "Wasted" // Pirated translation that became a meme in CIS countries ATTENTION! You should extract only ONE language file to the game! Don't extract all three files, otherwise texts will appear incorrectly! DEPENDENCIES: To use this mod you have to install CLEO 4.3. To make the game work with second player controls you have to use @Silent's GInput plugin. I recommend you to use Widescreen Fix by @ThirteenAG and @Wesser even if you don't use widescreen monitor. Despite the mod is compatible with keyboard shortcuts and GInput gives an ability to use keyboard+pad, I highly recommend you to use two Xinput-compatible gamepads (Xbox 360 Controllers). Actually you can use these enhancement scripts with every other custom coop modes, but be careful, they were tested only with default coop missions. KNOWN ISSUES: When driving two separate vehicles - you will hear the engine sound only from the last obtained one. Nothing to do with this - game engine bug. // FIXED! Thanks to @Junior_Djjr. When entering a vehicle as a passenger - you will see the drive-by crosshair for a moment. Script overwrites the basic player's behavior so it takes a millisecond to change player's "task". SCREENSHOTS: NEWEST VIDEO REVIEW: OLDER ADDITIONAL VIDEOS: 2-PLAYER MISSIONS MAP: DOWNLOAD: v2.0 @ 10.04.2020: HERE
  12. This where I start making this map since the pandemic using MTA's editor, MAP2PAWN, & PAWN2IPL to convert to GTA SA. This is my biggest map I ever created few mouths ahead. It's filling parkours, spots to fight, office building, the underground mall, airports, sniping spots, and some noticeable areas. This include 2 resizable areas from COD, one is Shipment at the beach and second is Rust in downtown. This map is a open world map and it's Bigger than GTAIII's Staunton Island! This one comes with 2GB/4GB RAM for .exe just in case if your using modded game. Cuz definitely it will load alot of OBJECTS in fewer areas! Currently there's no traffic or peds however they still spawn on benches and by some buildings. There is also a basketball mini game nearby the apartments I couldn't able to create traffic/peds in 3dsmax trying to load this custom map out of the border of San Andreas, APE can't even do anything off the border, I don't know how to use that APE, however so it's pretty new standards with fastman's limiter adjuster. I was they should add this for cleo newupcodes in order to create traffic/peds to store coordinates with sanny builder. beside AS pack limir to 8 each times Use carspawner mod to spawns cars in this map cuz no parked cars yet. I'll be adding cars soon depend if some areas haven't have it's detail will be edited. This map is work in progress, I'm still gonna add alot of things that haven't planned yet. More props in most of the areas like trees and stuff in case AIs interact mostly pillars or trees. Some stunts jump I'm prebaby gonna soon. Download links Gtainside v2 https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps/154122-cakey-city-2-0-full-map-as-battle-royale-bigger-than-staunton-island/ v3 https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps/154653-openworld-cakey-city-3-0-with-linked-sewers-tunnels/ v7 (Lastest) - BUT STILL NO TRAFFIC SADLY, THERE'S NO TOOL BESIDE 3DXMAX CAUSE OF TOO MANY OBJECTS IN ONE SINGLE .IPL https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps/166530-cake-city-v7-and-pitty-island/ or MediaFire v2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/oq23jfjpdl2mdr9/CAKE+CITY+ISLAND+V2.rar/file v3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/wqykhpybknuofme/CAKE+CITY+ISLAND+V3.0.rar/file Location SCREENSHOTS SAMP2IPL doesn't load low poly objects if far away, they spawn just like MTA SA and SAMP, sightly not bad for driving but on air invisible. I don't even how to make objects Low poly tho. Oh keep in mind I use SAUR textures, 4GB ram modded gtasa.exe, project2dtx, fastman's adjusted limiter. Here's MTA SA version but the draw distance for the "object elements" isn't good and worst of too many objects in one area and that's where I converted from. This is also available for MTASA version as source (no scripts like that are used, few cars at the beach area by the road) This can be used for survival, zombies, roleplaying, battle royale, freeroaming, racing, parkours, missions and sandbox
  13. Hi! Since I like to modify wanted level system in III era because it's a significant part of the game I decided to make another mod. As you can see this mod is a 6th WL star related (the second military mod made by me) and it makes the tanks attack you with cannons. With this mod GTA will slightly remind you to some war game: 04.06.17 Tank Fire 1.4 - fixed game crash from the previous version, - removed tank aiming when the soldier exits the tank. 20.02.17 Tank Fire 1.3 - fixed player's tank "frozen aiming", - removed aiming ability for destroyed NPC tanks, - SWAT Tank water cannon replaced with cannoballs - mod changes available through Tank Fire.ini: ENABLE_ONMISSION = 0 ; [boolean] seting this value to 1 will disable tank fire while the player is on the mission - PLAYER_TANK_FIRE_RATE = 250 ; [4 bytes] time in milisecinds: 250 ms = 1/4 seconds (0 means the fastest fire rate) - NPC_TANK_FIRE_RATE = 1000 ; [4 bytes] time in milisecinds: 1000 ms = 1 second (0 means the fastest fire rate) - CANNONBALL_SPEED = 220.0 ; [float] - CANNONBALL_SMOKE_R = 1.0 ; [float] Cannonball some colour Red [values from 0.0 to 1.0] - CANNONBALL_SMOKE_G = 1.0 ; [float] Cannonball some colour Green [values from 0.0 to 1.0] - CANNONBALL_SMOKE_B = 1.0 ; [float] Cannonball some colour Blue [values from 0.0 to 1.0] *********************** TANK FIRE VERSION 1.21 *********************** - there's no need to use $INCLUDE directive any more so remove everything from the previous version and just use this single $CLEO code, - drasticly increased the distance shot of the tank fire (200.0) so now you can hit every vehicle (even Hydra), - decreased interval between shots, - tank pushing power has been removed, - tank "doom" aiming is completely controlable by mouse movement - there's no delay in moving, - it's possible to destroy other tanks so it looks like a tank battle game, - the players tank has a rapid fire and it can be activated by "press and hold" the right mouse button, - at STAR7 the players tank can be destroyed by other tanks (not tested), - the code shoud work for multiple game versions (not tested). Mod features: - other tanks are now vulnurable to explosions of any type so you can easily destroy them in combat (handling.cfg file was not modified), - tanks are pretty precise when they hit a standing or slow motion targets, - vertical direction of a cannon projectile trajectory is also defined so the tanks are able to hit you while you're flying a helicopter at low heights for exmpl, - if you drive really fast the cannon projectiles will most likely miss you, - appart from m4 assault riffles soldiers from tanks will carry thermal googles and bombs (they'll not actually use those extra gear but they'll drop it after death). - if you're on foot you can surrender yourself by clicking LCTRL and S at the same time. Source code v1.1 Tank Fire 1.42 (07.10.2019) DOWNLOAD v1.0&v1.1 EDIT: ******************************** TANK FIRE VERSION 1.1 ******************************** Code update: - inputed safety conditional checks in order to prevent the rare game crash, - removed the player's tank vulnerability to explosions [NPC tanks can still be destroyed by any type of explosion], - added the ability to faster rotate the player's tank gun [like in V], - decreased the push power of the players tank while fireing a cannon projectile, - drasticly increased cannon projectile speed for NPC tanks (I'm still not sure which speed I should set- future code versions will be diferent), - tested for 1.0 game version.
  14. Hi, i'm Crazy Al Are you bored of driving the Same boring vehicles all over the state of San Andreas? Are you looking to Spend all that hard earned cash on a Reliable Used Vehicle? Are you looking to get some firepower for less than what you usually pay at Ammu-Nation? Are you looking to invest in some property across the whole state of San Andreas? Are you in the Whetstone Area? If you said YES to Any of these questions, then do we have the selection for you over at.... Current Vehicle Stock Current Weapon Stock Current Real Estate Stock Upcoming Stock If y'all are intrested in a Visit Or looking to buy a Used vehicle, a reliable weapon Or a place to call home, Call Crazy Al at 273-555-1814
  15. artginPL

    Enterable Hidden Interiors

    What is EHI ? This mod allows you to enter the buildings which are visible only in cut-scenes, some of the missions in GTA San Andreas or not used at all in the game. Most of the interiors has made new collision files. GTA SA has 376 entrance exit (enex) markers, and this modification adds another 124. DOWNLOAD EHI V4.3 LIST OF THE ENTERABLE BUILDINGS: 1. LOS SANTOS: - Sweet's House (Ganton), - Ryder's House (Ganton), - OG Loc's House (Ganton), - B Dup's Apartment (Ganton), - B Dup's Crack Palace (Glen Park), - Blastin' Fools Records (Market), - Crack Den - Ballas Apartment (Idlewood), - Vagos Gang House (East Los Santos), - Two-Floors Ammunation (Downtown), - Arena from 'New Model Army' missions (entry in front of Film Studio in Vinewood), - Los Santos International Airport, - Sayonara Hotel&Restaurant (Verdant Bluffs), - The Bog Standard Hotel (Temple), - All floors of the Los Santos Office [glazed building] - (Downtown). 2. SAN FIERRO: - Woozie's Apartment (Chinatown), - San Fierro Police Department (Downtown), - Preasure Domes (Battery Point), - Supa Save (Juniper Hill), - San Fierro Easter Bay International Airport, - Doherty Garage with fixed camera view, - Adds the possibility to open and close of the hold, and the possibility of lifting and lowering of the two platforms on the Aircraft Carrier (Easter Basin). 3. LAS VENTURAS: - City Planning Department (Come-A-Lot), - New Room in Bike School (Blackfield), - Sindacco Abattoir (Whietwood Estates), - Rosenberg's Room in Caligula's Palace, - Woozie's Room in The Four Dragons Cassino, - Janitor Room in The Four Dragons Cassino, - Las Venturas Airport, - Adds entry to eight casinos (Come-A-Lot, The Emerald Isle, The High Roller, The Pink Swan, Starfish Casino, The Visage, Old Venturas Strip x2), - Las Venturas Bandits Stadium (Redsands West), - Plastic Factory (Whietwood Estates), - Basements in Caligula's Palace. 4. OTHER: - Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts (Market, Palisades and Fort Carson), - U Get Inn Motel (Angel Pine and Fort Carson), - Welcome Pump (Dillimore), - Bank (Palomino Creek), - Cesar's Hideout (Angel Pine), - Police Stations (Angel Pine and Fort Carson), - Interior of the Shamal aircraft (entry in every Airports), - Area around of the Liberty City Saint Marks (entry in Shamal aircraft), - Interior of the Liberty City Marco Bistro, - All Hauses of CJ's Girlfriends, - Brothel1 (Valle Ocultado), - Brothel2 (entry in Strip Clubs), - Nude & XXX Shop (Los Santos x2, Las Venturas x1), - Sex Shop XXX (Los Santos x1, Las Venturas x4), - Sodom Sex Toys (Los Santos x2), - Adds unused save house to Mike Toreno's Ranch (Tierra Robada), - Main entry to underground of Area 69, - Manhole with jetpack in Area 69, - Gas Station (Dillimore), - All gas stations buildings with 24/7 interiors, including three interiors unused by game (all San Andreas), - All bars and restaurants from Dating Missions (all San Andreas), - Many stores with 24/7 interiors, including three interiors unused by game (all San Andreas), - Makes that the vent in Area 69 is not blocked, - Gates in fence of Area 69 are movable.
  16. ThirteenAG

    Windowed Mode

    Windowed Mode plugin (for GTA3, VC, SA) Originally created by maxorator as part of Maxo's Vehicle Loader for Vice City, this plugin starts the game in windowed mode. Download Installation 1. ASI Loader is required. If you don't have it, just install Widescreen Fix, ASI Loader comes with it. 2. Unpack III.VC.SA.WindowedMode.asi and (optionally) III.VC.SA.CoordsManager.exe to scripts folder, or modloader folder. 3. Start the game. Supported executables gta3.exe v1.0, gta-vc.exe v1.0, gta-sa.exe v1.0 Hotkeys * Alt-Enter: Toggle between borderless-fullscreen and windowed mode * Ctrl-Enter/Shift-Enter: Toggle border/menu * Ctrl-Alt: Toggle mouse cursor * If border is activated, you can resize the window with the mouse Known issues * If SilentPatch is installed, you won't be able to move mouse cursor while in-game. Enter main menu before activating mouse cursor. * In San Andreas, mouse cursor is not visible. Credits * maxorator Screenshots Download
  17. Clara

    Radar Satellite View

    A detailed photorealistic map in the style of Google Earth's satellite view. Download Old version: For developers:
  18. Kalvin

    BETA Mulholland Safehouse

    A mod of which is a remake of the Mulholland Safehouse in its BETA stage of San Andreas (with my own little touches). A lot is improvised (purely guess work) as most of the house has never been seen. However, a lot of it is based off of the Stahl House's interior (which the house's exterior is based off of). Screenshots: Download: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=26943 Required mods: CLEO - For added save point. Open Limit Adjuster - So the game doesn't crash upon loading. Just install the mods specified above and you'll be all good to go. Make sure to read the readme. Thanks to @CML99 for the carpet texture, and big thanks to Robson Martins for bug fixes and the like!
  19. SlingShot753

    Cipriani's Walkstyle

    This is an adapted Toni Cipriani's animations for CJ. I fixed some bugs (like the ugly/broken feet and the Root problem, with CJ's feet under the floor) merging CJ's animation with Toni's , but there's still others bugs like "Angry CJ"(fixed). Includes two .IFPs: Original San Andreas ped.ifp already replaced with the animations, and the Toni.ifp, in case you have a modified one, and just wants to replace. Replaces(for now): I highly recommend using _𝓐𝓖's Sprinting With Two Handed Weapons. Video: Download
  20. HzanRsxa2959

    [MoonLoader] AutoID

    Hey all. Been a while since I posted something here. Well, good for you, because I've been working on something! Have you ever seen a great mod that adds stuff, only to discover that its model and/or weapon IDs conflict with another great mod that adds stuff? Have you ever been plagued by the error 0x00534134 or 0x005B6B2F? Well, what if I said that I could prevent that from happening? What if I had found a way to automatically assign IDs to models and other entities on runtime? Well, you're in luck- because I have done exactly that. See for yourself: All the adapted mods below will not have any model/other entity ID conflicts whatsoever, whether with each other, or with another mod! The 'SAMP Objects' mod, by itself, adds from SA-MP to Single-Player 1435 objects for use in other mods, like a resource pack. Introducing: Description: AutoID is a MoonLoader script that aims to prevent model ID conflicts in mods that add models (peds, cars, objects, buildings etc.) and other entities (weapons, combos etc.), meaning that such mods will no longer have model ID conflicts with other mods. Moreover, AutoID prides itself in its save purification: any entity added to the game using AutoID will not be saved in the game, but saved using AutoID's custom save system! This means that most mods adapted to AutoID can be freely added to and removed from the game without fear of save corruption! Requirements: MoonLoader Mod Loader support for MoonLoader CLEO+ (for 2.0 and above). Video Tutorial: How to install AutoID 2.1 and above. Downloads: Note: This mod creates a folder named 'AutoID' in your game directory. It is not recommended to modify this folder without clear instructions for as long as you are using this mod. Also, a folder named 'AutoID' is created in the user files directory of the game. This folder contains data that is needed to manage entities adapted to AutoID that are saved in the game. If you're here because a mod needs AutoID to work, then download this: Adapted Mods: Here are some mods that I have adapted to AutoID: Note: I have explicit permission from the author of each of the following mod to distribute the modified version. Also, the archive of each mod contains a 'readme.txt' file with a link to the original download location of the mod. Now, the big question: How to Adapt mods to AutoID? If you need some help adapting mods (your own, preferably; unless you get permission- then it's fine) to AutoID, then download this: Also, read this tutorial: Adapting Mods to AutoID How it Works: Curiosity, huh? Good. Well, see if you can keep up! Each model in the game is assigned an ID using IDE files that are loaded through gta.dat (yes, even Mod Loader works by merging the famous 'loader.txt' with gta.dat). Before the game is loaded, a model does not exist. That's obvious, no? The model isn't loaded because the game hasn't loaded. Well, what if the game's data files could be edited before the game loads to- I don't know- replace the duplicated model IDs? Would it work? Well, it surely does! But, since no models exist (or are loaded; there is no difference: a model only exists after it has been loaded), then how does AutoID know which model IDs are free? Well, AutoID reads the game's very own data files, and generates a list of IDs that are not defined (also works with Mod Loader). A pretty nifty system, if I do say so myself. Ok, now that we know which IDs are free, they are assigned like this: For each .auid file that AutoID finds (whether using manual installation or through Mod Loader), it assigns a free ID to it. Example: Suppose that your mod contains a file 'autoid.auid'. The first free ID (907 in the default game) gets assigned to it. This happens at every game launch, so if some time later ID 907 gets occupied by a mod not adapted to AutoID, then the next free ID (908 in the default game) will get assigned to it. Now that we know how IDs are assigned, how to use them? Well, that is is explained in the tutorial above. TL;DR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuKX7MvQYcc Afterword: I know that this is an inelegant implementation, but I have been working on it for about a month. I have fixed every bug that I could notice and as such, this mod is very stable. However, if anyone wants to improve this mod, or attempt a Mod Loader plugin version or Plugin-SDK version, then I give full permission. Furthermore, this is not a perfect solution; a better solution would be to discard the ID system altogether and use hashes like the HD GTAs, but also keep backwards compatibility in mind. If anyone is up to the task, I- and surely, many others- would do their best to give support. Credits:
  21. The Seasons: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation || HRT 1.4 Spring Season 2.0 (Updated edition) Spring Season 2.0 is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas. This mod adds to game some graphic enhancements and new gameplay features. All changes designed to show the offensive of the spring season, to dip player into the atmosphere of blossoming nature. In this mod you can see: flowering trees, spring short grass, redesigned textures of some part of countryside, sounds of nature (singing birds; and day, and night have special variant of sound), in some places you can see the people who had a picnic by the fire, on the streets you can see more pedestrians, in rainy weather people walk with umbrellas, in the countryside appeared roosters and chickens (at certain times of the day you can even hear the cock-a-doodle-doo!). Also: rains more frequently, and with thunder; some water bodies are overflowed; ENBSeries library with special settings and menu for change configuration (settings are made in several versions for computers of different power). One of the most important innovations of mod the hunting. You can hunt to a wolves (two species). Hunting can be conducted jointly with the hunters, which can sometimes be meet in the forest with dog. Hunters, like all animals, not replace standard characters. Authors: Flame, izerli, Black Stallion Release dates: April 2011 — Spring Season 1.0; May 2011 — Spring Season 2.0; March 2012 — Spring Season 2.0: SA-MP Edition; 2012 — for release on GTAForums (and later, in 2013, on Mod DB) version 2.0 and SA-MP Edition were little updated; April 2013 — Spring Season 2.0 with automatic installation Download mod Spring Season 2.0 (automatic installation) (452 Mb) Mirror: Yandex.Disk Spring Season 2.0 (manual installation) (192 Mb) Spring Season 2.0: SA-MP Edition (156 Mb)
  22. HzanRsxa2959

    [CLEO] CustomCrosshairs

    CustomCrosshairs for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Description: Note: This mod requires newOpcodes, otherwise it will crash your game! Get newOpcodes from here: https://gtaforums.com/topic/518780-cleo4newopcodes-by-dk22pac/ Screenshots: Download: Credits: HzanRsxa2959, with help from DK22Pac, https://sannybuilder.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=3987
  23. HzanRsxa2959

    [MoonLoader] AutoSpawn

    Note: Version 4.0 and above of this mod no longer requires AutoID. MoonLoader is the only requirement now. Note: This mod requires AutoID 2.1 or above. Although it is highly recommended to always have the latest version. AutoSpawn is an in-game entity spawner that uses the beautiful mimgui interface. It allows you to access any entity that exists in the game, provided that it has a model ID. Installation: If you have Mod Loader Support for MoonLoader (optional): Put the AutoSpawn folder inside the game directory\modloader folder. Otherwise: Go to AutoSpawn\moonloader. Put the AutoSpawn.lua file and AutoSpawn folder inside the MoonLoader directory folder. To use, press F4. Screenshots: Download: Version 4.0 and above of this mod uses a complex function that does not require AutoID. This mod uses an exported utility of AutoID (point 5). As such, anyone is free to use the code to learn the usage of this utility.
  24. Voron295

    First-Person mod

    First-Person mod by Voron295 v3.0 LINKS First-Person v3.0 First-Person v3.5 (Beta) Description This modification will allow you to feel all abilities of GTA SA from the first person Modification support most of animation mods, like parkour, etc. What's new - First-Person now is a plugin, not CLEO-script - Added compatibility with versions 1.1 and 3.0 (Steam) of GTA SA - Now first-person mode replaces camera mode from car bumper - Red mission markers are now available - Now you can rotate camera 180 degrees in car in any side - Fixed invisibility of peds, that are along you - Fixed issue with shadows (not at all) - Added support of cutscenes and script cameras - Fixed some poses in car - Fixed zoom while you handle sniper rifle or photocamera - Fixed resetting camera rotation when you exit car - Added ability to look at the sides via Q and E - Added ability to look back on foot - Improved position of camera - Fixed bug with invisible particles when you are in car - Added ability to walk back and to sides - Many small fixes - Added settings menu where are next parameters: - Camera offset while on foot (saves separately for each skin) - Camera offset while in car (saves separately for each car model) - Field of view - Changing near plane - On/off player rotation with camera - On/off camera rotation at the sides while pressed Q or E Known bugs - Walk anim while swim or fly on jetpack. - Cars with id's < 400 and > 1400 causes game crash - Very big sensitivity while looking with sniper rifle - Problems with shadows - Trouble with GUI mouse when Y inversion is on - Problems with widescreen_fix - Vehicles and peds spawn too late - Lods are drawn too nearly - No gamepad support - Right-Left pressing can do an loop rotation - Some bugs with free-aim driveby mods - Weapon points straight up while aiming at north - Crashing in the mission OG Loc - CJ's face is messed while FPV - Camera rotates while selecting weapon in GTA V HUD by DK22Pac - Transparent vehicles' steering wheels. - Player walks randomly while holding phone - Screen corners bug with FOV > 100 Install Unpack archive into folder with GTA San Andreas. Modification supports 1.0, 1.1 and 3.0 (Old Steam) game versions. Controls Press button V several times to turn on first person mode. Press it again for turning off. Press Alt+B to open settings menu. Press it again to turn off. Authors Author of the modification - BoPoH (Voron295) http://vk.com/voron295 http://youtube.com/voron295 Thanks DK22Pac and Den_Spb for helping in development Festo for the logo Aleksey_Move for testing and making video-presentation of the modification
  25. Cleoude

    Cleoude's Workshop

    Hi, guys and girls! Guys, My username was CleoModlar. But I changed my username to Cleoude. I usually make cleo mods. I can even say that most of the mods cleo scripts I released. But I always try to improve myself. Hope you enjoy my Workshop. GTA 5 Drunk Effect V1 Hairstyles and Beards Hangout with Story Characters V2 Home Radio V1 GTA 4/5 Style Helicopter Warning Alarm Security Van Heist V2 Bullet Casing Sounds V2 GTA 5 Mission Failed Phone Improvements IV Carjacking Camera Style Mission Passed IV Style Climb Camera Rosenberg Busted Audio IV Style Fall Effect Personal Vehicle (SA Style) V Style Fall Effect Unused Detonator Animation V Style Garage Camera V Style Rolling V Style Diving Flying Fix Stealth Retro Epsilon Walk Effect Fix V Kill Flash Effect Bullet Drop Sound +18 Mod! Hold Armed Hold Armed Gangsta Style V Fight Aim Silent Murder Fix Throw Grenades Tiring Sounds V Camera Fix Interact with Peds Sprint and Run Footsteps Ped Database Project Cleoude (80's Claude) New Catalina C.R.A.S.H Sweet 80's Tenpenny C.R.A.S.H Vance Brothers Cutscene Ryder3 & Ryder without a Cap Sweet without a Cap New Fam Member C.R.A.S.H Big Smoke Improved Default Armoury For Cutscenes Bren Ten Pack VCS STYLE WEAPONS Drive Thru Cutscenes Fix Epilogue Cutscene Weapons Fix Mike Toreno Cutscene Weapon Fix High Noon Cutscene Weapon Fix End of The Line Cutscene Weapons Fix Stowaway Mission Weapons Fix Realistic Pistol Anim V Style Radar Icons HD Decal for Ambulance IV Carjacking Camera Style Beta & Artwork Characters Part 1 RE:LCS Cutscene Characters into the gameplay Big Smoke Vest Vic Vance Cutscene Facial Animation Fix Beta & Artwork Characters Part2 Intro Cutscenes Fix Rifle Range Cutscene Animation Fix Improved Default Armoury For Cutscenes
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