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  1. Seemann

    [REL] Sanny Builder

    Sanny Builder is a fast and powerful tool designed for the GTA 3D game series (GTA3, VC, SA, LCS, VCS). It is aimed to make the process of editing game scripts and missions as easy as it's possible. It includes a disassembler, permitting the end-user to quickly disassemble the MAIN.SCM file which contains game scripts, and a compiler which produces a binary script file readable by the game. The editor itself offers a large number of useful functions such as; syntax highlighting, error checking, advanced search tools, player coordinates reading, fast movement through code and mu
  2. Clara

    Foliage Improvement

    Description: Changes SA default vegetation foliage mesh with a new foliage mesh way more complex. Palms: Original: New: Original: New: Original: New: Original: New: Trees: Original: New: Original: New: Palms - Download Trees - Soon Bushes/flowers/grass = Soon
  3. Grinch_


    CLEOImGui I believe the title explains it all. This is a plugin (.cleo) for CLEO4 which adds some opcodes to use ImGui windows in CLEO. Making it possible to create beatiful windows in CLEO instead of those crappy & tedious ones. The script for the above window here Download from here Thanks to HzanRsxa2959 (original idea), Junior-Djjr & CLEO devs. Currently it uses ImGui 1.8 with below widgets available,
  4. andre500

    REL | SA Arena War

    People always wish to see a show being put on, and are ready to spend lots of money to see it. What would you say about modern gladiator fights? Michelle Cannes invites you to take part in the most savage competition to ever be performed in state of San Andreas. Get behind the wheel of a vehicle that was created in your crazed girlfriend’s garage from scrap, and show your foes what you’re made of. SA Arena War is not just a copy of consequent GTA Online update as it may seem from the first glance. It is an attempt to revise technical possibilities of the game in
  5. KDST

    Neons and Shadows

    Some textures in PS2 are better than PC because PC had bad compression and some textures like neons or shadows this quality drop affects them in some textures and that's why I started looking for all the textures that contain neon and shadows. Here a comparison VICE CITY PC PS2 Neons PC PS2 SAN ANDREAS PC PS2 Download 2.0 Neons and Shadows Credits: Mugetsuga for PS2
  6. Eldrenix

    Eldrenix's Workshop

    Hello everyone. Welcome to my workshop. I'm newbie at mods so don't judge me strict. Flags of various countries on the wall fam3 HQ skin Bloods And Crips Boat Artwork Sonny
  7. Clara

    Radar Satellite View

    A detailed photorealistic map in the style of Google Earth's satellite view. Download Old version: For developers:
  8. BlipFix Script for Broken Saves Mirror on DropBox (Google drive is being flaky on Edge) by OrionSR, July 26, 2020 SA: Includes a BlipFix script for Cleo4 on PC, and BlipFixA for CleoA on Android These scripts are intended as a fix for a clogged radar pool usually caused by bad cleo scripts that add new radar blips every time a save is loaded and re-saved. Eventually the radar pool becomes so full that no new blips can be placed. The usual symptoms include; new mission locations are not created after a mission, mission destinations and targets are not marke
  9. Attention: This mod does not contain any assets from RoSA. This is a patch with textures in .png format that you need to apply over RoSA. Mod description: RoSA Project Reborn is the current most complete texture mod for GTA:SA, however thousands of textures are left to do so I decided to upscale them using ESRGAN. This patch changes all textures that RoSA don't edit, there's 9.000+ textures for the map plus 5.000+ textures for the interiors and 300+ for the player. Using this patch all textures of your game will be in higher quality (except the UI). Using a new ESRGAN model r
  10. Cleoude

    Mission Passed

    Mission Passed Project Work in Progress. A different themes will play when each Mission Passed and Achievements. When the music is playing, the radio is muted. It opens after music. Drop Text Shadow Added. You can change the Mission Passed text as you wish.(Your language). Unused Mission Passed Respect number added. (MISSION PASSED RESPECT +20/ MISSION PASSED $5000 RESPECT +50) TBOGT and V version only works storyline missions. End Credits Themes Added. Just Added Respect And Money for Mission Completed/Passed Screen. (TBOGT/ V). I
  11. Version 1.2.0 Advanced Track Player, or ATP features customizable music player which can also acts as radio replacement. Additional features also included for more customization and allows to recreate radio system itself. Features Register up to 64 custom radio channels, with up to 999 tracks each. Listen to custom radio anytime, anywhere. No vehicle needed. Additional and customizable interface, such as Channel Logo and Track Title. Supports mp3, ogg, wav, aac, m4a, wma, m4r format. Supports optional tracks to recreate radio sy
  12. This modification aims to fix some script related issues/glitches/bugs left out by Rockstar Games in the PC version of San Andreas! Download link: GET IT HERE! -New bug reports of original SA script are welcome! Fixes list: To-do: NOTE: This mod fixes script issues without breaking original savegames compatibility and is based on 1.0 version of the script! Installation: Drop "main.scm" as well as "script.img" to the "script" folder in the data folder of your game and remember, don't forget to create backup of original files in case someth
  13. Marty McFly

    [ENB] MMGE

    What is it? Marty McFly's Graphics Enhancement (short MMGE) is to date the most advanced ENB for GTASA out there. I rewrote the complete postprocessing of the ENB system, with focus on quality, performance and efficiency. Features: gaussian bloom with self-generating offsets and weights, faster and better than default enb bloom beautiful enb lens fx with custom offsets extremely simple and fast, yet beautiful DOF shader from scratch simple logarithmic tonemapping low amount of code to improve fps elaborated and thoroughly developed timecyc for best colors no weird color tints minimal
  14. Hi! Since I like to modify wanted level system in III era because it's a significant part of the game I decided to make another mod. As you can see this mod is a 6th WL star related (the second military mod made by me) and it makes the tanks attack you with cannons. With this mod GTA will slightly remind you to some war game: 04.06.17 Tank Fire 1.4 - fixed game crash from the previous version, - removed tank aiming when the soldier exits the tank. 20.02.17 Tank Fire 1.3 - fixed player's tank "frozen aiming", - removed aiming ability for destroyed N
  15. HzanRsxa2959

    [CLEO] WeaponRecoilAuto

    WeaponRecoilAuto for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas See for yourself. Feature highlight: AdditiveRecoil: Instructions on how to enable in the video. Feature highlight: Taps: Instructions on how to enable in the video. Description: Features: Video: Download: Credits: HzanRsxa2959, with help from http://ugbase.eu/index.php?threads/snippet-aim-at-position.14588/
  16. СКАЧАТЬ/DOWNLOAD (2.1.1) ImVehFt brings new features for vehicles in San Andreas: -reversinglights, foglights, turnlights, breaklights; -breakpads; -animated spoilers; -steering; -added taillight shadow; -possibility to use an unique texture for vehicle lights; -fixed lights darkening after switching; -fixed vehicle dirt feature; -and more... Notice these features (expect vehicle dirt, taillight shadow) could work only with adapted vehicles. You can find information about vehicle adapting and video tutorial in "Developer" folder. You can find 3 adapted vehicles in this release. 1. Blista Com
  17. Press Left Ctrl + M to open/ close the menu. Doesn't work in multiplayer. Cheat menu for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which allows a large set of modifications/cheats to be applied enabling a much more easier & amusing gameplay. Comes with an ImGui based easy to use interface & mouse support. Downloads: Stable versions here. Beta versions (daily/weekly) are at the discord server. Installation: 1. Install DirectX9 & Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 x86. 2. If your game version isn't v1.0 then you'll need to downgrade. 3. Install
  18. NO MORE ABANDONED AREA This mod is as straight forward as it gets, there will be people in places where there wasn't people, understand me? let me explain Do you like shooting gangbangers but allready finished the territories? Do you like shooting gangbangers for money? Do you like to infiltrate in military facilities just to kill everyone? Do you like to infiltrate in huge ships just to shoot the sh*t out of some Korean gangsters? Well you can do all that with this mod, and you won't have to feel lonely in alleyways, no, not anymore FEATURES -Responsive gangs in diff
  19. WarButler

    Combat FX Upgrade

    Building on the great work of Function-X- and Ezekiel, I've made a collection of effects that aims to breathe new life into San Andreas' combat! Thanks to DK22Pac's awesome Effects Loader, you can use these effects with any effects.fxp + effects.txd, without replacing any files. Each effect has its own folder, so you can swap between different versions easily and even delete any effect you don't like. The game will use the equivalent effect from effects.fxp. The effects are adapted to IMFX and work at any Visual FX Quality setting. The mod is also adapted to Junior_Djjr'
  20. The russian community makes a lot of good mods for GTA:SA but unfortunately most of those mods are available only in russian so I decided to translate them into english. Keep in mind that those translations aren't perfect and were made the fastast way possibile, the only objective is help you to understand at least 50% of the mod. There's typos, missing lines and other bugs and problems but at least it's better than see a lot of gibberish in cyrillic. If you see any serious problem, tell me so I'll fix it. For now I'm translating mods that I like. I have mounted a list of 16 mods to tra
  21. After almost three years after the creation of this topic, it's finally time to give a proper update! This time around all load screens are unique, the main title screen is also now much more true to the original. The nvidia and eax splash screens were also remade for this, for those who refuse to give them up. You can choose between two versions, 4K (4096x2304) or 2k (2048x1152). You can most likely run either of them, but for space or possible crashing issues with the 4K version, I also included the 2K option, Hopefully I'll eventually manage to pull off something even better than this bu
  22. Yhdf

    GTA VC Styled Icons

    These are some VC styled icons that i made for GTA SA and GTA VC weapons, i hope you enjoy. It contains icons of all weapons from these two games in gta vc style, including the VC beta weapon icons. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3LbLyN1bSM2TkpvQUNTWV9LMjg/view?usp=sharing
  23. MrFinger

    [SA] Uncompressed SFX Pack

    The amount of attempts at finding the original sources of the GTA sounds were in vain, almost to nothing could've been found about them until now. Now, we have found literally what has been searched for years. This modification gives you an experience on what the sounds are like without much compression. For now only version for SA is available. III and VC versions coming soon! List of new HQ uncompressed sounds [SA] : Bonus folder contains HQ versions of: Don't forget to watch comparison videos below!: Down
  24. Clara

    San Andreas VR

    Hold your horses!. This isn't anything revolutionary so don't expect body tracking or any fancy VR thing. I only decided to share my VR preset for the game. First I configured the VR shader to fit the game screen. Then I edited the UI to ease the distortion at corner of the screens. Then I edited the first person mod to increase the FOV so it don't causes motion sickness on me. The final result is really great in my oculus and I was even able to get ride of the black bars adjusting my lens. In my opinion, my UI preset is better than this atrocious thing that people usually uses.
  25. SlingShot753

    Cipriani's Walkstyle

    This is an adapted Toni Cipriani's animations for CJ. I fixed some bugs (like the ugly/broken feet and the Root problem, with CJ's feet under the floor) merging CJ's animation with Toni's , but there's still others bugs like "Angry CJ"(fixed). Includes two .IFPs: Original San Andreas ped.ifp already replaced with the animations, and the Toni.ifp, in case you have a modified one, and just wants to replace. Replaces(for now): I highly recommend using _𝓐𝓖's Sprinting With Two Handed Weapons. Video:
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