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Found 331 results

  1. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto Vice City Widescreen Fix Grand Theft Auto 3 Widescreen Fix This and many other fixes now available at thirteenag.github.io/widescreen_fixes_pack
  2. 𝓦𝓸𝓡𝓯

    [SA|BETA] Int Pizza Place

    Sup, I will release my mod from the beta int pizza place good just download and enjoy. Download
  3. GTA 5 Life Guard Hut Download : GTAInside Download : Updated Version Video Screenshots GTA 5 Life Guard Hut [Updated] 3d model source : GTA V , some of them created by me converted to : GTA SA Credit : Rockstar North , Rokstar Game Author : 6Four9 Features : - Custom LOD - Visible Windows Glass (special thank's to SergeDV) - Full Vertex Prelight - Custom Collision - High Poly - HD Textures (Resized from 256x256 to 1024x1024) - Animated Flag - Lightobject 2dfx Effect (special thank's to ZAZ and Zeneric) - Transparent Object (Glass Cup) How To Install : 2 Methods : 1.Manual Installation : Drag and drop gta3.img folder to gta3.img in Models's folder Drag and drop Data folder in to GTA SA Directory 2.Automatic Installation : use Modloader Drag and drop Data and gta3.img folder in to Modloader I put Screenshot in Screenshot's folder PS : Please do not reupload this mod in any other website , it's not allowed ! Enjoy !
  4. MrFinger

    Improved Vagos House

    This mod removes that fake red interior from Vagos house and adds there normal one. Burning Desire mission can be played with this mod. It has working collision and to get inside, you must ram the door with car. Screenshots: Download
  5. Hi, I'm gonna bringing my 2nd zombie horde survival to San Andreas. Story: You will go to the farm for a new years party, but being encountered by SWATs, after the infection spread in San Andreas. The 2 remaining farmer will drive you to San Fierro airport where are shelters. SWATs swarm to your location and... exploded their car and that's what your survival will start. Gameplay Wise: You will start the introduction first unless you wanna skip it, cheats can be found in description or readme. Killing more zombies per each waves will award you with cash but zombie will increase health and stats. Few Stores from were you start, including Luigi's taco and weapon store. 1 area upgrade (Located in Ruins in San Fierro) Can still save your progress when reloading your game. (Go to the nearest unlock safehouses or use cheat menu) 2-player is fully supported (only 2-player drop-in, drop-out mod you can go into his combined mod ) Screenshots: Downloads The Walking Hordes of Zombies Survival v1.0 The Walking Hordes of Zombies Survival v2.0 The Walking Hordes of Zombies Survival V2.0.1 Spawn Fix (Mediafire) Previous Version Zombie Apocalypse of The Walking Dead v2.0.1 OLD VERSION (if people would like to play the 2018 version, it really need way more required map of side mission) I use MTA2SCM to only convert placed objects and cars into cleo mission. (if anyone can get MTA2SCM.exe offine version I'll be happy converted more objects easily) V2 Changes: Luigi's nightmare - If you kill 400 zombies, you walk into Luigi's Taco (no service/zombie luigi) you'll encounter the mist that takes you to Luigi's nightmare Military base - after nightmare, you walk to Mitiary base to get the virus (where it started before) Few fixes You nolonger stand on the truck - but they'll leave you. (there's cars from the beginning and checkpoint) Removed "bringing Luigi to the car" (due to game crashes after failing the mission from checkpoint) Fix menus in Los Santos changed some music you'll start with big health - due do difficulty with armies/swats including zombies in higher level v2.0.1 small changes: Zombie spawn fix (spawn faster rate) Zombies will wonder around instead of going to player instantly. (How zombies wonder in "the walking of dead" TV series) add 8 more music cheats (some unused too!) Cheat lists (well not enough room to add menus of the cuz script maxed to 69kbs, so cheats will be squeezed in - fastman's doesn't increase the cleo mission. Test it before.) V1 play - play mission exit/giveup - exit mission skip - skip first part bored - skip second part boring - skip third part kill - increase 30+ kills wave - increase wave to +1 V2 stop music V2.0.1 music1 music2 music3 music4 music5 music6 music7 music8 music9 Videos:
  6. -ATP-

    GTA United 1.2

    Version 1.2 A project in cooperation with - GTAinside.com & gta-worldmods.de - It's time, after more than six years of development we are pleased, to be able to publish the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas modification "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2" at the present day. Since the last version - called Beta 1.1, which was officially downloaded over 400,000 times until now - we always had the goal to raise the modification to a whole new level. Many bugs have been corrected, which have been reported to us from the previous versions, there were implemented suggestions and ideas that we and fans of our modification had. We have invested a lot of work, time and effort to improve the new version of our modification in all aspects, in order to make it thus for many to one: an experience. May it be stability, interactivity or design, we put our heart and soul into these issues and hope to fulfill your expectations. On behalf of the entire team, which stands behind GTA United, all people who have helped us in this project and supported us - we wish you all a lot of fun with our new modification. \\ What is "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2"? Grand Theft Auto United is a modification based on 'GTA San Andreas' for PC. The purpose of this modification is to unite in only one game the gaming areas, the so-called 'maps', of the two GTA games 'GTA III' and 'GTA Vice City', based on the graphics and physics engine of 'GTA San Andreas'. The map of 'GTA San Andreas' gets therefore replaced. A detailed report, what GTA United is actually about and what happened in the past of this modification, you can find here. \\ Team 1.2 Developers ATP 1.2 | Leading Developer Scripting, Mapping, Modelling, Converting, Video Editing LiveLife 1.2 | Leading Developer Advising, Testing, Video Editing cj2000 1.2 | Car Converting ManDog 1.2 | Ped Converting \\ GTA United 1.2 Release Trailer Of course we can not publish version 1.2 of our modification without to publish any kind of special visualization. After ATP could introduce in March of last year with this video some of our new content, he now has made with the finished version a fantastic new and official Release Trailer for GTA United 1.2! We wish you lots of fun and we hope that this video can help to show, first, that we ourselves have a lot of fun with our modification and, second, that the trailer makes you want more! | Vimeo \\ Changelog Bug Fixes Thousands of bugs in the maps Car-Crash Bug Non-functional shovel Saving and loading savegames New Features All interiors of the two predecessor made accessible Added all the gangs of the two predecessor Installed dozens of shops, restaurants and other shops in the style of San Andreas The radio stations from GTAIII and GTA Vice City can now be imported and used There are a few side missions Ghosttown was added Many new secrets A comprehensive and detailed list with images and videos you find here. \\ Download To install GTA United 1.2 please use a 100% clean, unmodded version of GTA San Andreas. The map of GTA San Andreas will be replaced with this modification, is thus no longer accessible after installing GTA United 1.2. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to make a copy of GTA San Andreas beforehand! You will be prompted for that by the installation routine aswell. For any problem, we ask that you always look under the following link first to see if your problem is described here. Should this not lead to the solution of the problem, you can ask us in our respective forums. \\ Note of Thanks There are actually so many people to enumerate, which we want to thank for their help, that this probably would blow over the given frame. We therefore want to thank highlighted only our two hosters GTAinside.com and gta-worldmods.de, through which we can ensure a fast download of this big modification, as well as Rockstar Games and Take Two for their terrific games! And for the concrete developer and former developer and supporter of the modification, we have created for all those an adequate framework within the modification, where we bring our thanks duly expressed. You're lonely peak! At this point a quote from LiveLife (aka ColdDeath): Hereby I would like to announce, that I have finished with GTA United 1.2 now my last GTA project. I will therefore be no longer able to serve as an contact person for GTA United, so in future if you should have any questions, please ask ATP. I am glad that I was able to participate on GTA United for such a long time, even if I had not held a position where it comes to the actual modding at any time. The ultimate modding and thus the most important thing, has been furnished in my eyes in special dimensions of two people, who have made tremendous efforts and contributions, contributions without the entire modification would not have been possible to realize, and these two people are Aschratt and ATP. While each developer has made his contribution, these two have done outstanding work that made me not only a few times speechless. Both of you are the madness! It was my pleasure! \\ Closing Remarks Fun. This word can describe many things, if we as a team look back on our work, our little world, which is both so familiar and yet it never existed in such a form before. From an initially fresh idea, to bring the individual maps of Vice City and Liberty City to San Andreas, to the present day, where we can present what is more than just the sum of the previous items - it was a long road we had to go, there were to overcome many obstacles and all sorts of problems had to be solved. And yet we here and today agree that this way has been worth it, to be followed, always with the goal in mind to create something that meets the intent of each game and each modification: to spread fun and joy. A game which pursues this goal, must combine many aspects in itself, it must offer besides technical aspects such as stability and efficiency also freedom to interact with the content of a game, or in other words, diversity is one of the most important aspects of a game. And this was always our intention, what we wanted to achieve with version 1.2. So now finally it is like this, the day of the release has come! We - the entire team of GTA United and all those who have supported us - wish you all a lot of fun with our new modification "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2". Grand Theft Auto United 1.2 Β© Copyright 2012 | GTA United Development Team
  7. _𝓐𝓖

    ClassicHud Mod

    This plugin change the standard Hud with an similar from III/VC/LCS/VCS and Advance . Update(v2.2 - 27/06/2017) Added GTA Advance as selectable hud style. Added exact amount for health/armour strings. Fixed statsbox showing filled bar for weapon skills. Minor fixes... Attention: *Radar and the rest of the interface could look larger then expected if you don't use a widescreen plugin. Screens (1280x720): Download
  8. Jeansowaty

    Big Gangster Mod - CR Edition

    Hello y'all! I'm here to announce you the Big Gangster Mod - CR Edition. What does CR stand for? Complete Revamp. That's right, this is not the same thing as the old buggy one. Instead of having a fartillion of model per one gang, you have more than 40 new gangs that spawn in their respective territories, carry unique guns and ride their cars. The developement of this thing started ages ago in 2014-2015. What's new? -The two unused gangs now become the Russian Mafia and the Bikers. -GSF, Aztecas, Triads and Bikers are friendly to each other. -Added 68 (no pun intended) new gangs and sets of various gangs, using a rezone method mastered by @ric-013 and @OrionSR, each with 3-4 peds per gang. -Added 39 new weapons (special thanks to @Wakka387 for teaching me how to add new weapons, I used his Additional Weapon Spawn V2 to add them in). -Three Families sets, the Seville Boulevard, Temple Drive and Santa Maria Families are friendly, but unrecruitable prior to the events of Reuniting The Families. Upon completion (or forceful takeover via glitches/savegame editors etc.) their territories will change from Azteca Blue to GSF Green and these sets will become recruitable. Thanks to @Rocky24pl for helping with this script. -The Admiral is now used by the Front Yard Ballas as their third gang car. Credits: All are in the Readme.txt of the mod. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f3pt2p8084j954f/Big_Gangster_Mod_-_CR_Edition.zip/file Pics (special thanks to @gtaga3ie1 and @Ryder_NiBBa for them!): (the op is still unfinished) ENJOY!!!
  9. 𝓦𝓸𝓡𝓯

    [REL|BETA] Uzi Restored

    Hi, am bringing the uzi which was removed in development from gta san andreas remember it took hard work to modify until my eye got forced on the white screen and hurt have fun. Edit: Oops Uzi weapon without replacing. Discord https://bit.ly/382Tf84 Dowwnload
  10. 𝓦𝓸𝓡𝓯

    [REL|BETA] Side Missions Vice Squad

    Sup, A small mod that restores the side missions of vigilante with cheetah that were cut in the final version of the game. Have fun.
  11. JD_225

    JD_225's Junkyard

    Welcome to JD_225's Junkyard The place where I dump my mods Ok, here is the list of them:
  12. Rocky24pl

    LS Property Pack

    LS Property Pack is yet another modification of mine, which adds new properties to be bought in Los Santos. Of course, the house in Vinewood hills with a beautiful view on Los Santos won't be missing. In Downtown we also have a fully-stocked tenement house, it has a helicopter on it's roof. All safehouses have a garage and a wardrobe. LS Property Pack includes: -5 new propreties to buy. -A new room and bathroom in CJ's house. -A garage in the Verona Beach Safehouse. -New weapon and car spawn points. -Upgraded Madd Dogg's Crib: *Three new garages free to use. *A new transition which will make navigating the place a bit easier. *CJ's room & a wardrobe Screenshots: Videos Authors: LS Property Pack - Rocky24pl GRGX Script - Link2012 ENEX Script - Silent Package for Modloader LS Property Pack Only Vinewood Hills Savehouse Only Vinewood Hills Savehouse & Richman Mansion
  13. RST Reloading Speed Tweaker Custom header coming soon! Hey everyone, Mysterdogg here! My main inspiration for this mod came from the PS2/Xbox game "Black" where no matter how many enemies you were facing, the character always reloaded in a so relaxed way that it turned into a joke. This behavior was and is still present in most games so I decided to fix it in GTA SA: CJ will now reload faster on wanted level & gang wars! (Video made with v1.0.0) Notes: Features! - Customizable settings via INI file. - Full compatibility with added weapons. -Enabled by condition: At wanted level. -*NEW* Enabled by condition: At gang wars. Download: Current version: v1.1.0 Previous Version: v1.0.0
  14. The Hero

    Simple screenshot plugin

    While working on gta3d I was annoyed by the lack of a screenshot functionality in III and I couldn't be assed to use fraps or some other tool. Press print screen in game and you'll get a screenshot in the snapshots directory. Works with III, VC and SA, 1.0; http://gta.rockstarvision.com/files/screenshot.asi Source code here: https://github.com/GTAmodding/miscmods/blob/master/screenshot.cpp
  15. this mod adds and improves several data and many things in the game, including the Russian gang and the biker gang like the gang 9 and the gang 10 (Peds.ide, Pedgrp.dat, cargrp.dat) the bridges are open and the vehicles of the pedestrians pass over the bridges, You can still get the 4 stars if you leave the city (I did this so that the story mode makes more sense) -At the start of the game, we will start at 8:31 -the Russian Mafia will be present in Ocean Docks and paradise in San fierro. -The Biker gang will control Hashburry, Queens, Palisades in San Fierro, Blackfield in Las Venturas and Angel Pine, Dillimore, Palomino Creek, Fort Carson and Las Payasadas. now the gangs will be able to control the Countryside and the Desert (Popcycle.dat) Ballas: - The Northside Glen Park is now dominated by the Ballas - The Ballas no longer control East Los Santos, said neighborhood is now controlled by the Vagos (After the mission The Green Sabre, they will share the neighborhood with the Vagos) - The Ballas and The Vagos will no longer be hostile to each other - The Ballas and Rifas will no longer be hostile to each other - The Eastside Willowfield is now dominated by the Ballas - The Southside Ganton will be slightly controlled by Ballas and Families (after the mission Nine and Ak's, the ballas will lose ganton) - The Ballas will have more influence in Idlewood (after the mission The Green Sabre too) - The Ballas will have more influence in Willowfield - The Ballas will have more influence in Verona Beach - After the mission Gray Imports, The ballas and the Russians wi no longer be hostile to each other Families: - The Families will have more influence in Playa del Seville - The Families will have more influence in Santa Maria Beach - The Northside Temple is now dominated by the Temple Drive Families (After The Green Sabre, they will lose them) - The Families will have more influence in Temple - The Families will have more influence in Vinewood Cemetery - The Jefferson Hospital is now slightly dominated by the families (the influence in that territory will increase as you progress with Sweet's missions) - Absolutely all territories, including the new ones, will be lost after the mission The Green Sabre - The Families will have the Tec-9 at the beginning of the game, after the mission Robbing Uncle Sam the Families will have: 9mm, Tec-9 and Uzi (If you have all the graffiti, no weapon will be replaced) - If you complete all the graffiti, the knife is replaced by the Tec-9, the other weapons will be the same (Desert Eagle and the SMG) - After the mission Reuniting The Families, the Families and the Aztecas will no longer be hostile to each other - After the mission Ran Fa Li, the Families and the Triads will no longer be hostile to each other - After The mission End of the Line, Doherty will be dominated by the Families Vagos: - The Vagos will have more influence in East Beach - The Vagos will have more influence in East Los Santos - The Vagos will have the Baseball bat and the 9mm at the beginning of the game - Marina neighborhood is now dominated by the Vagos - Bayside and Bayside Marina is now dominated by the Vagos - The Vagos Will Hate you after the mission Wrong Side of the Tracks - After the mission Wrong Side of the Tracks, The Vagos and Rifas will no longer be hostile to each other Rifas: - The Rifas no longer control King's - The Rifas will have more influence in Doherty - The Rifas will have more influence in Battery point - Southside Doherty is now dominated by the Rifas - After the mission Outrider, the Rifas will like you - After the mission Ice Cold Killa, the Rifas will dislike you - After the mission Pier 69, the Rifas will hate you. - After the mission Pier 69, the Rifas will lose Battery point territory (the Aztecas will take this territory) - The Rifas will now carry baseball bats and a 9mm. The Da Nang Boys: - The northside King's is now dominated by this gang and the Mountain Cloud Boys too, both gangs will lose this territory after the mission The Da Nang Thang - Esplanade North will no longer dominate by the Da nang boys - The Da nang boys will have more influence in Easter Basin - The gang will dislike you after the mission Ran Fa Li - The Gang will hate you after the mission Lure Sindacco Family, Forelli Family, Leone Family (Italian Mafia): - The Italian Mafia will have new Weapons - Whitewood States is now dominated by the Italian Mafia - Redsands West is now dominated by the Italian Mafia - Motel Last Dime is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Rockshore West is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Redsands East is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Casino Starfish is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Old Venturas Strip is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Pilgrim is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - Casino Royale is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - And of Course, Casino Caligula is now dominated by The Italian Mafia - after the mission The Meat Business, The Italian Mafia will lose Whitewood States - After the mission Breaking the bank at caligula's, all mafia territory will lose them, except the caligula casino, who will lose great influence in it - After the mission Breaking the bank at caligula's, the italian mafia will hate you. Mountain Cloud Boys - The Triads will have more influence in Calton Heights - The Triads will have more influence in Chinatown - After the mission Learning to Fly, The four dragon casino and The Pink Swan is now dominated by the Triads Aztecas: - The Aztecas will have more influence in Little Mexico - The aztecas will no longer attack you from the beginning of the game - After the mission First Date, the Vagos will initiate a gang war in Aztecas territory, after the mission Body Harvest, the Aztecas will lose everything Russian: - The Weapons of this gang will be a 9mm and a uzi - After the mission Just Business, the gang will dislike you (If you had already passed the Gray Imports mission, they will hate you) - After the mission Gray Imports, the gang will dislike you (If you had already passed the Just Business mission, they will hate you). - the cars will be a washington, admiral, esperant Bikers: - obviously, the vehicles will be the freeway - sometimes they will be seen driving in other territories. extra: after the mission The Green Sabre, You can go through San Fierro and Las Venturas without any stars this mods only work in GTA San Andreas v1.0, if you want this mod in the version v1.1 of gta sa, it will be simple for the mod work in the game, you need to start a new game, unfortunately v1.1.2: - At the start of the game, you'll start with the Blue Hoody - the ballas on the southside Ganton will disappear after the Drive Thru mission v1.1.5: - East Los Santos is ballas and vagos territory from Beginning in the game - the families will get their Tec-9 after the mission "Cleaning The Hood" - The San Fierro Russian territory was change to Juniper Hill - Queens was reduced the influence of the bikers - King's don't have gang war of Triads and Da Nang Boys anymore - After the mission "The Green Sabre" King's will be slightly controlled by the bikers - The Beta Families are back - Ocean Docks was reduced the influence of the Russians (after the green sabre mission, the Russians will increase their influence) - Chash by the Gang War Extended is fixed - Cutscene Ryder Shirt can be seen while playing - the game is stuck in the mission Amphibious Assaults is fixed - the game is stuck in the mission Ice Cold Killa is fixed - the Aztecas will dominate Verdant Bluff after End of the Line - this update can be played in v1.01 of GTA San Andreas v1.2.0 - Italian mafia will have dislike and hate other gangs like the others - grove street families will dislike you after badlands (this because big smoke has ruler the families) - the russian now have 3 skins (mafboss) - the roadblocks come back again (in the radio they mencioned it so the story will continue like a normal way) - new roadblockers had beed created, like las Venturas bridge (Las Venturas Side), the little bridge of LS to Countryside (Countryside side) - the roadblockers of the bridge in "The Panoplicon" has been removed from the beginning (that's why big smoke still buying crack to loco syndicate when the bridges has been blocked) - the roadblockers of the White bridge of san fierro will be removed after the green sabre - the roadblockers of all train rail bridges will be disappears after the green sabre mission - the third skin of ryder used in Ryder mission now looks like the cutscene ryder skin only without his hat - some territories has been reduced his density but after the green sabre, all ballas and vagos territories (except bayside) will increases his influences - big smoke's car color mistake code has been fixed (it's suppose that big smoke car will be a gray color, not blue by a mistake in the codes made by rockstar) - in Drive Thru mission, the ballas will no more attack the kilo tray's car - ryder will have more acuraccy in robbing uncle sam but still can be killed - Ryder wiill not disappear after you complete Home Invasion and you can kill him (but you would not do that to a homie, right ?) - Ryder weapon and grove and vagos weapons in Catalyst has been replaced by a Tec-9 - i rescued the missing dialogue of big smoke in Just Business - in Wrong Side of the Tracks, the roadblock of the train bridge to las venturas had disappears but after you complete or fail the mission, the roadblock will appears again - Now Mafboos will be in Just Business and End of the Line - your Micro-SMG in Just Business had be replaced by a tec-9 - Big smoke will have more acuraccy in Wrong side of the tracks and just business - the acuraccy of your friends in the missions has been increased - after badlands mission, the families and ballas will share grove street - Now the street are now more realistic, the traffic and pedestrian has been increased, and in the night, the traffic and the pedestrian has been reduced too much - now Kane had a new skin (the Balla 3 introduction skin) in "Los Sepulcros - now the gangs have main territories, in those territories will have more density than the others, - the Families (Ganton) - the Ballas (Jefferson and East Los Santos after the green sabre) - the Vagos (Los Flores and East Los Santos after the green sabre) - the aztecas (El Corona) - the Russian (Juniper Hill) - The Rifas (Garcia) - The Da Nang Boys (Easter Basin) - The Bikers (Hashburry and the Las Venturas territory, i forgot the name :D) - The Triads (Chinatown) - The Italian Mafia (Caligulas) - After Reuniting the Families, the 9mm in emmet place has be replaced by a Ak-47 (i know this is a bit useless but whatever :D) - after the green sabre, the vagos will have a tec-9 - in Against the odds star wanted level has be reduced to 3 stars - in Small Town Bank Wanted Level has be increase to 4 stars (now the mission will be more Difficult, because the cops will respawn you in anywhere) - now in T-Bone Mendez mission, the enemies skin has been replaced by bikers skin - after T-Bone Mendez, the Bikers will dislike you - Finally, the stuck time in Ice Cold Killa is fixed - the bodies of Jizzy, T-bone and ryder will not disappears after you kill them - in Interdiction, when you have to destroy the helicopters, the stars are desactivated but after you destroy the helicopters, you can get stars again - now you will have less time to enter in the secret laboratory in Black Project - you can enter to all clothes shops after nines and ak's but the icons still invisible in the map - you can enter to all food shops in the beginning - in Grove 4 Life, the eastside and southside idlewood can be take over - after riot and the beginning of Los Desperados, if you had take over the corona and little mexico territories, you will lose them (yes, because the vagos will take over again for the story) - now you only need the 30% of the territories to unlock the final mission and that's it. v1.2.5: - The game now is complete compatible with 1.0 - The bridges now will be open again - the news in WCTR has been modifiqued, now it will never talk about the bridges opening, instead will only talk about the events in The Green Sabre and Yay Ka Boom-Boom - added new dialogues in Missions: Big Smoke, Ryder, Drive-by and Sweet's Girl in Ryder mission, it will hear a funny reaction of ryder if CJ had a Afro in Sweet's Girl, it's added the funniest Sweet and his girlfriend dialogues and those will replace the random dialogues after pick up sweet - In Drive-Thru i changed the position on the passenger seat of sweet and big smoke, now they will be placed in the same place as the cutscene - After Catalyst, it will appears a Tec-9 in Emmet's place, but this time, it won't replace the old pistol - In Running Dog, the extra pistol pick-up in emmet's place is replaced by a Tec-9 - the sweet's girlfriend skin is replaced by the beta one - In-Game Kendl's Skin is replaced by his Cutscene Skin - I removed some Bikers Turf in the game, however i added two turf of bikers in Las Venturas (those two beloved to Italian Mafia before) - i also lowered many influences of the gangs (especially the ballas) - the east side of Willowfield is controlled by the seville boulevard families - i replaced the vagos in marina by the aztecas (they deserve more than the vagos) - East Lost Santos now seems like a rainbow, in some parts of east los santos it will have the ballas more influences, even some place of east los santos don't have any vagos at all and the vagos will have more influence in some parts (of course, after The Green Sabre it will have the same power the two gangs) - in Madd Dogg's Rhymes every guards will have silenced pistol instead of Uzi one. - now the Bikers and the Russian Mafia will have their name in gang stats (of course if those manage to appear in the top 3 most powerful gang, well i'm sure that the bikers will manage to get in that top after Breaking the bank at caligula) - In Burning Desire, the vagos cars will be replaced by his gang car - In Grays Import, it's added Russians skin to the enemies - After Reuniting The Families, a AK-47 pick-up will appear in Emmet's Place and it won't replace any of the others pick-up - In The Green Sabre, the cops will have MP5 (that will make sense of why CJ surrender) - After The Green Sabre, it will desappear the Sweet's Greenwood (Because he's in the prision) of course, after "Home Coming" it will spawn again - after Body Harvest, the aztecas will lose Marina - in Farewell, My Love woozie it's replaced by Claude - Lung Capacity is increased at the start of the Game by 20% of 100% now you can do "Amphibious Assault" without worrying about it, but i recommend you to increase even more your Lung Capacity - i Changed Pier 69 completely, now ryder will die first and then T-Bone will escape to the boat, i also increased the accuracy of the enemies, the strongest one is T-bone, i warning you, don't confront t-bone while he's out of the boat, Ryder also is strong but not enough (of course i had to change some text in GXT files) NOTE: BEFORE SOMEONE ASK, NO, IT'S NOT THE SAME AS TTDISA, I COMPLETE DID IT WITHOUT ANY REFERENCES, SO, THERE'S SOME DIFFERENCES, ONE OF THEM IS WHAT T-BONE DON'T SAY ANY EXTRA DIALOGUE IN THE CHASE LIKE TTDISA AND OTHER IS THAT RYDER'S BODY WILL DESAPPEAR AFTER KILLING HIM, THAT BECAUSE IN THE SCENE OF CJ AND CESAR OVERKILLING RYDER, IT WILL DUPLICATE THEIR BODY LIKE TTDISA, HOWEVER YOU CAN STILL SEE RYDER'S BODY IN THE WATER - After Pier 69, Ryder's picador won't spawn anymore, because he's DEAD - i added a extra car for italian mafia, they will be seen driving a "Solar" because that car is similar to Sindacco Argento in LCS - also added a new territory for Italan Mafia in the industry part of las venturas - the enemies in some mission will have extra accuracy like Black Project - in Breaking The Bank at Caligulas, The swat team will have a ridiculous accuracy, soooo, i recommend you to have careful before grabbing that helicopter - The Reward of "Breaking The Bank at Caligula's" will be 420.000 (yes, even will be show up in mission passed text) - i let some of other territory to the Italian Mafia after the Casino heist - after The Meat Business, The bikers will take over Whitewood States but it will be a weak territory - the glitch in Grove 4 Life is Fixed - in End of the Line Phase 1, the enemies will had 20% more accuracy, especially the first floor, so, i recommend you have careful, very careful - also give more Russian Skin in Floor 3 - The AK of Smoke is replaced by the Spas Shotgun in the cutscene, of course, i had decrease his accuracy to not make it too difficult - The Shotgun of Tenpenny is replace also by the Spas of the Cutscene - Verdant Bluff will no longer be controlled by the aztecas, however i give them a new territory in San Fierro "King's" - Marina after End of the Line will be take over by the Aztecas, even if you had taken over that territory before Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/je0blg6khxhweqi/SA_Storyline_Improvement_v1.2.5.rar/file
  16. Hi! Since I like to modify wanted level system in III era because it's a significant part of the game I decided to make another mod. As you can see this mod is a 6th WL star related (the second military mod made by me) and it makes the tanks attack you with cannons. With this mod GTA will slightly remind you to some war game: 04.06.17 Tank Fire 1.4 - fixed game crash from the previous version, - removed tank aiming when the soldier exits the tank. 20.02.17 Tank Fire 1.3 - fixed player's tank "frozen aiming", - removed aiming ability for destroyed NPC tanks, - SWAT Tank water cannon replaced with cannoballs - mod changes available through Tank Fire.ini: ENABLE_ONMISSION = 0 ; [boolean] seting this value to 1 will disable tank fire while the player is on the mission - PLAYER_TANK_FIRE_RATE = 250 ; [4 bytes] time in milisecinds: 250 ms = 1/4 seconds (0 means the fastest fire rate) - NPC_TANK_FIRE_RATE = 1000 ; [4 bytes] time in milisecinds: 1000 ms = 1 second (0 means the fastest fire rate) - CANNONBALL_SPEED = 220.0 ; [float] - CANNONBALL_SMOKE_R = 1.0 ; [float] Cannonball some colour Red [values from 0.0 to 1.0] - CANNONBALL_SMOKE_G = 1.0 ; [float] Cannonball some colour Green [values from 0.0 to 1.0] - CANNONBALL_SMOKE_B = 1.0 ; [float] Cannonball some colour Blue [values from 0.0 to 1.0] *********************** TANK FIRE VERSION 1.21 *********************** - there's no need to use $INCLUDE directive any more so remove everything from the previous version and just use this single $CLEO code, - drasticly increased the distance shot of the tank fire (200.0) so now you can hit every vehicle (even Hydra), - decreased interval between shots, - tank pushing power has been removed, - tank "doom" aiming is completely controlable by mouse movement - there's no delay in moving, - it's possible to destroy other tanks so it looks like a tank battle game, - the players tank has a rapid fire and it can be activated by "press and hold" the right mouse button, - at STAR7 the players tank can be destroyed by other tanks (not tested), - the code shoud work for multiple game versions (not tested). Mod features: - other tanks are now vulnurable to explosions of any type so you can easily destroy them in combat (handling.cfg file was not modified), - tanks are pretty precise when they hit a standing or slow motion targets, - vertical direction of a cannon projectile trajectory is also defined so the tanks are able to hit you while you're flying a helicopter at low heights for exmpl, - if you drive really fast the cannon projectiles will most likely miss you, - appart from m4 assault riffles soldiers from tanks will carry thermal googles and bombs (they'll not actually use those extra gear but they'll drop it after death). - if you're on foot you can surrender yourself by clicking LCTRL and S at the same time. Source code v1.1 Tank Fire 1.42 (07.10.2019) DOWNLOAD v1.0&v1.1 EDIT: ******************************** TANK FIRE VERSION 1.1 ******************************** Code update: - inputed safety conditional checks in order to prevent the rare game crash, - removed the player's tank vulnerability to explosions [NPC tanks can still be destroyed by any type of explosion], - added the ability to faster rotate the player's tank gun [like in V], - decreased the push power of the players tank while fireing a cannon projectile, - drasticly increased cannon projectile speed for NPC tanks (I'm still not sure which speed I should set- future code versions will be diferent), - tested for 1.0 game version.
  17. This mod aims to bring the definitive update to the good and old San Andreas's weapons, it consists basically on fixes and improvements, such as improved 3d parts, upscaled and minor edits on textures and icons, position fixes, uvmapping, scale and overall design. (Yeah, i'm too lazy to show the reflections on video). Also, don't worry about being too HQ, they're still atmospheric to the game and not far from the original size of the vanilla weapons. Hope you enjoy them. 😎 (They come with the original 3d muzzleflash model attached to them, you can opt to force the effect from effectsPC with this mod:) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lhkjdjdqqxt0xeTgsanBCgZpDB_o5Od6/view?usp=sharing Features: Upscaled Textures and minor edits and uvmap fixes Icons in better resolution (128x128) New muzzleflash texture 3d muzzleflash on models Reflections and extra effects Improved 3d model Mip Mapping Position and scale fixes New uvmaps (Check paracx.txd, might be useful if you want to change the parachute) 3D triggers 3D lens on scope and cameras Cutscene models converted as a bonus Have some screenshots Download Credits to SprunkieMonkey for the Colt45 Icon Special Thanks to Len (BadassBaboon) and M.S. for helping me figure the upscaling out.
  18. 𝓦𝓸𝓡𝓯

    Beta Grey Radar

    Hi, I'm bringing beta gray radar is complete you can install on modloader and alci's img editor 1.5 have fun. Discord https://bit.ly/382Tf84 Download
  19. OpenManhunt is a map conversion that converts all the levels from both Manhunt games (PC Versions) to GTA San Andreas Modloader is HIGHLY recommended! Drag & Drop "OpenManhunt" folder into the Modloader folder, enable in settings and play! You can install the 'old fashion way' but I will not give any assistance! Can I use the levels in my mod? Yes you can! Its called 'OpenManhunt' for a reason What has been converted? Everything. The levels have been converted straight from Manhunt 1 & 2 to SA as is. Will you convert the levels to VC, III? No, but you are more than welcome to do that! Will you convert characters? No just the levels Are there bugs? Flickering in some MH2 levels due to having multiple models placed at the same coords for the story mode (for example in neighbourhood, there are models where one has the garage door open and the other with it closed). To fix it disable one or more of the multiple models in the .ipls OpenManhunt 1.0.0 initial release Rockstar Games @cj2000 - RWIO 3ds Max Scripts, WRLD Importer Script, R* Col Converter, R* Texture Converter @fastman92 - IMG Limit Adjuster @ThirteenAG - iii.vc.sa.LimitAdjuster, Project2DFX @DK22Pac - MagicTXD @LINK/2012 - Modloader, iii.vc.sa.LimitAdjuster @ZAZ - Clean main.scm
  20. Timjab

    Timjab's Workshop

    CARS Note: Thanks for visit my workshop.
  21. ======================= Myths Mod 3 - The Return Of The Monsters ======================= Plot Description DOWNLOAD : https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/140738-myths-mod-3-the-return-of-the-monsters/ OFFICIAL FORUM MYTHS MOD
  22. Seemann

    [REL] Sanny Builder

    Sanny Builder is a fast and powerful tool designed for the GTA 3D game series (GTA3, VC, SA, LCS; partially VCS). It is aimed to make the process of editing game scripts and missions as easy as it's possible. It includes a disassembler, permitting the end-user to quickly disassemble the MAIN.SCM file which contains game scripts, and a compiler which produces a binary script file readable by the game. The editor itself offers a large number of useful functions such as; syntax highlighting, error checking, advanced search tools, player coordinates reading, fast movement through code and much more. Sanny offers an advanced code syntax which is similar to existing programming languages. This syntax includes changeable classes, keywords and high-level statements. We recommend you continue reading and fully explore the help section to learn more about SB and its capabilities. We provide a wealth of information that will help you get started in mission coding. Now that you have discovered some of the possibilities. Official website: sannybuilder.com Current version: 3.3.3 Last update: 2019-10-20 Further reading at GTAModding.com: Sanny Builder Mission_Scripting (Overview) CLEO Follow me @SannyBuilderDev
  23. Zeneric

    Animal Statues Remastered

    Animal Statues Remastered. Some parts of the animal statue replacements were built on default models, and other parts of the statues were ported from freeware sources. And some of the textures were upscaled 4 times with ESRGAN and downscaled 2 times. HD bull and cow statues have "coke_puff" 2dfx particle placed under their noses, to visualize the bull/cow statues puffing with smoke. Also, bull/cow statues' tails are animated - they rotate half way, clockwise, and rotate back, and so on, as if twigging. Install: Put in modloader ( https://www.mixmods.com.br/2015/01/SA-Modloader.html ) Authors: Zeneric Kkjj ASRemastered v1.0 download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WqiS2uHgLeI2Fsnge34JGF9lqYoYyL1y
  24. Description: SAAS is my attempt to improve ambience over the whole state of San Andreas. A lot of sound effects was tweaked / twisted / smashed / baked using Audacity, in order to make them compatible to San Andreas atmosphere. A clever script coordinates everything, loading only the sounds triggered by specific places (defined by INI file). Its main features are : - Highly customizable by INI file - Sounds for dozens of places like : seas, rivers, roads, cities, country, desert, woods, farms, airports, ships, crowds, etc. - Day / Night variants - Smooth transition between different sounds/places (no hiccups or glitches) - Only uses 2D streams (avoiding those bugged 3D sounds) Warning : This mod does NOT change any in-game sound. It's NOT a replacement for any object's sound (like cars, peds, etc). It only adds "ambience" (AKA background sound). Installing: Just copy the content of the Zip file to Cleo folder. You will also need this ---> http://gtaforums.com/topic/518780-cleo4newopcodes-by-dk22pac/ Usage: If you feel those sounds too much loud, reduce "globalVolume" in INI file (for example to 0.8) Instead...if they are too low, just reduce game volume to 30% (or less)...and then increase Windows volume. Make sure you have the latest Cleo Plugin installed and that your system can play MP3 files. This mod was only tested in 1.0 US EXE version. Disclaimer: This mod was built using Free / Non-Copyrighted / Free for Non-Commercial Use...Sound Effects. Those sounds are (mostly) from www.freesound.org - very few are from youtube (and similar sites). If you are an author and feel disrespected about any of those sounds, please contact me and I will promptly remove it. This mod cannot be used for commercial purpose. Bugs: You say (Bug Hunters / Beta Testers are wanted). Improvements: Opinions / Suggestions / Corrections from Experts will be very appreciated. Distribution: Go ahead...spread it everywhere...You can even change it for your Taste. Credits to "Pep Legal - GTA Forums" would be kind. Download: full release (jul-16) STANDARD VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!pd5ixSzC!Te7Hq6NuAT3Io__OX1MeJsdxNVyX-uKEG7o1anAIR9s LITE VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!dEg1BT5Y!_qcM9eZX_NsvozUmzC-H1B0Q27d6ylYeUt-WTFk7YEY small UPDATE (ago-16) [ this one updates both : the release "jul-16" and also the old "nov-15" ] STANDARD VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!UZhB1QZQ!1VHLVleeQPFzvpHPvTwBmueQNPiQgPF8qqW8bt_NoDY LITE VERSION ==> https://mega.nz/#!JIhBlDDD!v6dgLHqlHYLVgy4cCJRLKdbxIe-TB2gWkJ0MAzJOArY (obs.: the only difference between versions is the compression level of the sound files ) Credits: GTA Forums -> Junior Djjr for great tips about Memory Address...and indirectly all those gta ingenious who keep their projects Open Sourced ( I learned a lot from them ) and a huge Thanks to Deji for that Opcode Database ( http://gtag.gtagaming.com/opcode-database/ ) (honorable mention to DK and his New Opcodes, which made my work easier) Freesound.org -> klankbeeld (mostly), inchadney, conleec, corsica-s, robinhood76, reinsamba, brandonnyte, audiactiva, jymdavis...and many more. Videos: (by BlackAlienHD)
  25. gtadrive

    Atmosphere simulation Timecyc

    Hello there. I would love to introduce my GTA SA Timecyc modification which I'm trying to simulate the atmosphere and use all available default SA's capabilities in terms of weather simulation. I'm trying to apply 1/2 of the sky color to the static game objects, 1/4 to dynamic game objects, rotate the RGBA color correction to reproduce sun light color. After fixing the sky and color correction, the picture starting to look like the game has sky light and direction light (sun) applied, plus it gives some color boost for vegetation making it a little bit more greenish. DL current version 0.3: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqT8VbSeVlEfhDN8srK_j82lNEWT?e=pNoeAc Screenshots below:
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