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  1. UnitedMel

    UnitedMel's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop. Here you'll find new clothing for CJ. Requests are open but Im too lazy to do anything, so keep that in mind.
  2. Tutorial V13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrNVanXlEos&feature=youtu.be New version version 13.5 comes with new features to learn more read the readme I come here to apologize there was an error in this version, some files were not present, I am updating this version and I ask you to download it again or download fix. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ls0gufj2pvzljlt/fix_new_big_gangster_V13%2C5.rar/file updated version 13.5 for those who already downloaded here is the link for the update without you having to download the mod all over again http://www.mediafire.com/file/ebkudjealtlzc7p/update_new_big_gangster_V13%2C5.rar/file This topic focuses on the big gangster, gtaga3i1 edition, and related to it will be possible to see all versions of this mod created so far everyone can bring new contributions to this mod and its extension we are currently working on two scripts that should be later cast, the families attack and the attack others I had forgotten to mention in this topic the reason and the difference between the versions with and without .5, the versions without .5 use the info.zon standard of gta sa and use the standard zones to work. the .5 versions use an info.zon made by me to make checking areas more efficient, the problem is that to do that this version needs to create the new zones and this only happens with a new game so whenever I publish a version .5 it comes with a save game of mine for those who do not want to do the whole game from the beginning. it comes in a package so you can come back at any point in the game's history. *The mods listed here are progressing from the oldest to the most current, jeferson conquest and Market Wars are pre-Global Wars versions, their installation is optional as well as Family attack and Attack Other Jeferson conquest http://www.mediafire.com/file/1w3kso2illwm6nk/Jefferson_conquest.rar/file Market wars V: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/8h0bdwiifw9ddfn/marketwar1.rar/file V: 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/99kpssthxg7pl72/marketwar2.rar/file Drive By V beta: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/rdk0yskjk0evarv/drive_by_Beta.rar/file V beta: 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/poqrsmq9rl1f0wo/drive_by_Beta_2.rar/file V beta: 3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/qbr6cvj3tx8z4rx/drive_by_Beta_3.rar/file V: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/8icskyxwfcd5fdt/drive_by_V1.rar/file V: 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/6cj46g1fzqz3nmr/drive_by_V2.rar/file Heli Cover V: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/ntooixh48bdbt48/heli_cover.rar/file V: 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/car69x51kbyp69a/heli_cover_2.rar/file V: 3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/4955suwy553oxxm/heli_cover_3.rar/file V: 4 http://www.mediafire.com/file/f39l8joq76rr51d/heli_cover_4.rar/file V: 5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/vq2fs0aw4vhl3cb/heli_cover_5.rar/file Air Cover 00 V: 1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/iw1kqusg4hctpze/Air_Cover.rar/file Members suport V: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/bum5xf1h5lsfqbv/members_suport.rar/file Families attack V: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/tqa0g629uhfs3g7/families_atak.rar/file V: 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/wnoym70qn1r59wf/families_atak2.rar/file V beta: 3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/b7zd5ued8dodvvv/families_atak_3_beta.rar/file Attack Other V: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/kqczbxcs4p1cuvm/atakk_other.rar/file V: 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/6yobwyq7qg8x9u8/atakk_other_2.rar/file Global wars V: 3 Beta http://www.mediafire.com/file/0n1twsq8cmjf7lu/GLOBALWARS_BIG_GANGSTER_BETA_3.rar/file V: 3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/tj3dffc8mujtpx4/GLOBALWARS_BIG_GANGSTER_Version3.rar/file V: 4 http://www.mediafire.com/file/5okj5ex289dga79/GLOBALWARS_BIG_GANGSTER_Version_4.rar/file V: 5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/g91u5eomny0733o/GLOBALWARS_BIG_GANGSTER_Version_5.rar/file V: 6 http://www.mediafire.com/file/ha9ehdz30t5cnps/GLOBALWARS_BIG_GANGSTER_Version_6.rar/file V: 7 http://www.mediafire.com/file/kk2fhtxv8zo07u5/GLOBALWARS_BIG_GANGSTER_Version_7.rar/file V: 8 http://www.mediafire.com/file/ljp6xswu3zdmuy7/GLOBALWARS_BIG_GANGSTER_Version_8.rar/file V: 9 http://www.mediafire.com/file/4kuf9sysh8d1c5h/GLOBALWARS_BIG_GANGSTER_Version_9.rar/file V: 10 http://www.mediafire.com/file/4iix9pspml34ls8/GLOBALWARS_BIG_GANGSTER_Version_10.rar/file V: 11 (GTAGA3IE1 Edition) http://www.mediafire.com/file/oddgzeu1r1de0wb/GLOBALWARS_GTAGA3IE1_EDITION.rar/file BG Version Menu: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/mr8wswnvujn0gl7/GLOBALWARS_Big_Gangster_Menu.rar/file * Type it: WARGLOBAL BG Version Menu: 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/iqcqexn7bwyilxt/GLOBALWARS_Big_Gangster_Menu_2.rar/file * Type it: WAR1GLO BG Version Menu: 3 (GTAGA3IE1 Edition) http://www.mediafire.com/file/jqi2u8xzc7jlw13/GLOBALWARS_GTAGA3IE1_EDITION_Menu.rar/file * Type it: WAR2GLO Simple versions of Global Wars are versions that can be used without the Big Gangster gtaga3ie1 Edition Simple Version: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/gipg27u3pb7t35p/GLOBALWARS_SIMPLE_1.rar/file Simple Version: 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/4cd0wo7blxkizj3/GLOBALWARS_SIMPLE_2.rar/file Simple Version: 3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/hrfob4e6zbvc0pk/GLOBALWARS_SIMPLE_3.rar/file Simple Version: 4 http://www.mediafire.com/file/u2vziqpbwo5k50f/GLOBALWARS_SIMPLE_4.rar/file Simple Version: 5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/i6p1y9qtiquqwps/GLOBALWARS_SIMPLE_5.rar/file Simple Version: 6 http://www.mediafire.com/file/oalnt7ysu92g9g9/GLOBALWARS_SIMPLE_6.rar/file Simple Version: 7 http://www.mediafire.com/file/o94b3afucv5s7kw/GLOBALWARS_SIMPLE_7.rar/file Simple Version Menu: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/cd35i9mh3t4v1uq/GLOBALWARS_SIMPLE_Menu.rar/file * Type it: WARGLOBAL Simple Version Menu: 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/g0b9mw1l3kok871/GLOBALWARS_SIMPLE_Menu_2.rar/file * Type it: WAR1GLO Global Wars CR Editon CR edition Version 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/e1rbgdgb51f0vjg/GLOBALWARS_CREdition.rar/file CR edition Version 1 menu: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9sijb4wfoxmzrnz/GLOBALWARS_CREdition_Menu.rar/file * Type it: WAR2GLO Global Wars MultiEditon MultiEdition: https://www.mediafire.com/file/yst5zo56wdsfwmm/GLOBALWARS_MultiEdition.rar/file MultiEdition menu: https://www.mediafire.com/file/87b8v5o783f2ai0/GLOBALWARS_MultiEdition_Menu.rar/file Mini big gangster V1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rmcgpndvenygf7f/mini_big_gangster.rar/file All previous updated mods are included in the latest version of the Big Gangster Big Gangster V: 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/dgz4e8beoazsqyn/new_big_Gangster.rar/file V: 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/wgst1mjbx5hhvgp/new_big_Gangster_Light_V2.rar/file V: 3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/kg8pmb8rvpmnwws/new_big_Gangster_Light_V3.rar/file V: 4 http://www.mediafire.com/file/erl58vo022w0186/new_big_Gangster_Light_V4.rar/file V: 5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/9erkb1i5if224z2/new_big_Gangster_Light_V5.rar/file V: 6 http://www.mediafire.com/file/d7r1hpf661vwb8d/new_big_Gangster_Light_V6.rar/file V: 6,5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/hah1dyyzc8b234a/new_big_Gangster_Light_V6%2C5.rar/file V: 7 http://www.mediafire.com/file/4j1dettuviji41u/new_big_Gangster_Light_V7.rar/file V: 7,5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/bubimyb28ti0hod/new_big_Gangster_Light_V7%2C5.rar/file V: 8 http://www.mediafire.com/file/uvrgoutwco4akq5/new_big_Gangster_Light_V8.rar/file V: 8,5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/kf91k4vdaqjqb4r/new_big_Gangster_Light_V8%2C5.rar/file V: 9 http://www.mediafire.com/file/sh3ho7in72lca7c/new_big_Gangster_Light_V9.rar/file V: 9,5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/9h19au7z78tqhqu/new_big_Gangster_Light_V9%2C5.rar/file V: 10 http://www.mediafire.com/file/r86dl9q34y3p1l5/new_big_Gangster_Light_V10.rar/file V: 10,5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/816o0j0h7dill4a/new_big_Gangster_Light_V10%2C5.rar/file V: 11 http://www.mediafire.com/file/wuc2x043adkcsv0/new_big_Gangster_Light_V11.rar/file V: 11,5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/krw0n7fak54ip08/new_big_Gangster_Light_V11%2C5.rar/file V: 12,5 preview http://www.mediafire.com/file/t2jlzaug2wbudb3/new_big_Gangster_Light_V12%2C5_preview.rar/file V: 12 http://www.mediafire.com/file/ojy4q8wwjperklz/new_big_Gangster_Light_V12.rar/file V: 12,5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/wmjagguvrfjr5qw/new_big_Gangster_Light_V12%2C5.rar/file V: 13, 5 http://www.mediafire.com/file/e2710b4sdbkzb4u/new_big_Gangster_Light_V13%252C5.rar/file V: 13, 5 More Compressed Version http://www.mediafire.com/file/y93f19y8yunuo9y/new_big_Gangster_Light_V13%2C5_Light.rar/file V: 13, 5 update http://www.mediafire.com/file/ebkudjealtlzc7p/update_new_big_gangster_V13%2C5.rar/file Save Big gangster V12,5: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xnty382nvlgjhge/save_big_gangster_12%2C5.rar/file save V. 13,5: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ujzm95ob84r0h3j/save_big_gangster_13%2C5.rar/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/lye3tmz4vcnfae1/new_save_big_gangster_13%2C5.rar/file new, more stable versions, update now (version 12) Script cars Big Gangster V12 Version 2 : http://www.mediafire.com/file/f1hu73fr80idomx/Big_Gangster_12_Cars_Version_2.rar/file Script cars Big Gangster V12,5 Version 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jpfuml1foyyg9bv/Big_Gangster_12%2C5_Cars_version_2.rar/file update the big gangster version 12 and 12.5 cars scripts, delete the previous scripts and install these The previous version has problems opening garages
  3. Stories Sprinting by @H-G About: Features: Screenshots: Credits: Download:
  4. This modification aims to fix some script related issues/glitches/bugs left out by Rockstar Games in the PC version of San Andreas! Download link: GET IT HERE! -New bug reports of original SA script are welcome! Fixes list: To-do: NOTE: This mod fixes script issues without breaking original savegames compatibility and is based on 1.0 version of the script! Installation: Drop "main.scm" as well as "script.img" to the "script" folder in the data folder of your game and remember, don't forget to create backup of original files in case something goes wrong! Big Thanks to: Matt1010 - GTA Forums Topic design! OrionRS - Huge help with finding and fixing some of the issues! NOTE: This main post as well as Github page are still a big mess in turns of esthetics looking but i won't bother for now.
  5. GrGTaGamer

    Custom Ammunation

    Now you can add your own weapons to Ammunation. All weapon data is stored in data\ammun.dat. Weapon names stored in CLEO\cleo_text\amutext.fxt. To add your weapon add your added weapon id (from gtasa_weapon_config.dat) to ammun.dat and all the other properties and add a name to amutext.fxt. Requires fastman92 limit adjuster. First release, probably will have bugs. Later I will add three new weapon categories (Heavy, Special, Melee). OLD VERSIONS: V3 UPDATE: Removed amuload.cs. Now the mod is one file only. Fixed armor cost unaffected by 'ammun.dat'. Increased weapon limit to 24 per category. Added option to buy all ammo for a weapon (disabled by default). Added option to disable the seller's animations. Added INI file for configuration. WARNING: If you have an older version delete it before installing this. DOWNLOAD Thanks to B1ack_Wh1te for his script. BONUS: Below are some scripts that delete all gun pickups in the game so you can add your own with this mod. Delete all gun pickups Delete all gun + melee pickups
  6. Colbertson

    Colbys Workshop

    Hello, welcome to my workshop! Feel free to edit/re-release my mods on other sites, as long as you tell me what you are doing and credit me. Scratch Made Weapons: Remington 870 - Image/Download Automag 44 - Image / Download Trench Knife - Image / Download PP-19 Bizon - Image / Download Colt Python - Image / Download Armsel/Cobray Striker - Image / Download Walther PPK - Image / Download Remington XP-100 - Image / Download NES Zapper - Image / Download SVT-40 - Image / Download S&W 5496 - Image / Download H&K SR-9 - Image / Download Scratch made cars BF Levantine - Image / Download Imponte Cardinal - Image / Download Admiral Wagon - Image / Download Obey Vulpe - Image / Download Older stuff Mostly edits and conversions Dont bother, its not good
  7. Brooklynzsmac

    Brook's Workshop

    *LOGO IS NOT TEMPORARY!* Hello everybody! If you're looking for some custom pedestrians or some other random sh*t (in the future) for San Andreas, then my workshop is the right place for ya! Pedestrians Misc Some of my work can also be found here: Beta Leftovers Fix - SA Beta Leftovers Fix - VC San Andreas: BETA Edition GTA San Andreas Rewind San Andreas: Blast From The Past (cancelled) I may take some ped requests if anybody's interested.
  8. Grinch_


    PyLoader PyLoader (totally !not a ripoff of some other plugin with similar name xD) is a Python script loader for GTA SanAndreas. That means now you can write scripts for SA using Python!!. If you've used MoonLoader before the concept is exactly the same but for Python. Just a heads up, this is mostly work in progress so crashes might occur or stuff might stop working at any time forward. Let me know if you find any bugs or have suggestions Here's a sample script, import common, hud print("Working directory: {}".format(common.get_working_dir())) print("Game directory: {}".format(common.get_game_dir())) while True: if (common.key_pressed(0x09)): hud.set_help_message("Hello World", False, False, False) common.wait(0) More examples are here Installation: 1. Install vs redist 2019 x86 and asi loader 2. Download PyLoader.7z and extract everything in game directory. Python Version: 3.8x Minimum windows: 7 Supported version: SA 1.0 GitHub: here Wiki: here
  9. REAL PEDS OVERHAUL by Irsis One of my old edit. Originally created by dim1988, then edited by Junior_Djjr(but removed, because of bugfest) and then hopefully the last person, me. This mod makes random ped around CJ become less boring. they will perform random animation like smoking, calling or get drunk and many more. ***UPDATE 22/11/20*** - Lots of things added. While walking, now peds can be seen eating, drinking, reading newspaper, using umbrella(at noon), elder using cane, business man bringing suitcase, ped bringing grocery bag, women bringing shopping bag, ped stopping taxi for a ride and sometimes ped playing bass guitar. - Latest version of Open Limit Adjuster is required for the overhaul version - If you hit your limit for IFP files, Latest version of Fastman92 limit adjuster is required in order to extend the limit. ***OLD VERSION*** Credits: - dim1988 (Original author) - Junior_Djjr (Remake version and ped struct script) - Pep legal (umbrella model) - lot of author from libertycity.net(im using lots of model from this website) **New version** DOWNLOAD **Old version** DOWNLOAD
  10. Version 1.2.0 Advanced Track Player, or ATP features customizable music player which can also acts as radio replacement. Additional features also included for more customization and allows to recreate radio system itself. Features Register up to 64 custom radio channels, with up to 999 tracks each. Listen to custom radio anytime, anywhere. No vehicle needed. Additional and customizable interface, such as Channel Logo and Track Title. Supports mp3, ogg, wav, aac, m4a, wma, m4r format. Supports optional tracks to recreate radio system: Tracks, ID, DJ Commentary, Advertisement, etc. Allows channel locked to certain area, so they can't be played out of said area. Easy installation. Adding tracks is simply drag and drop files to a folder - then scan them in-game. Video & Screenshots Download v1.2.0 - Download - GTAInside - source v1.0.1 - Download - source v1.2.1 (unofficial) - MixMods.com.br *Fixed crash if logos are disabled in display.ini Other Downloads Adapted channels All Original Radio Stations 320kbps - Firefly *includes several bonus stations as well GTA:SA Advertisements - MKKJ K-Rose - MKKJ Radio Los Santos (v1.0.1) - Wakka387 Miscellaneous Batch file to rename all extension to .atp Other Projects GTA Brasil Radio Stations - GTA Brasil Team Grand Theft Auto: Vital Improvements Pack (v1.0.1) - Dealux GTA Vice City stations (v1.0.1) - Carlos Alberto *contains actual config files, be careful when you try to copy everything Guide/Tutorial Compatibility ATP can disable and replace radio interface from HUD mods. (DK22Pac's GTAV HUD's, _AG's GTAIV HUD) Using another music player script (ex. GTA Underground, Walkman Visual, etc) might result in several tracks from each mod plays at same time. Make sure to turn off one of them. (Pocket Player mode is recommended) Several bugs will occur if playing with GTA Underground - Channel logos can be bugged and ATP might fail to partially disable UG's custom radios. (These issues can be mitigated if ATP is set to completely disable/replace old radio) Not fully compatible with modloader - Any track files in modloader folder will fail to be found and scanned. You had to install ATP files in root folder. Downsides, Bugs & Issues Shortcut files are not supported Incompatible with modloader installation Symbol characters in filenames could cause problem. Performance/FPS issues with large amount of registered audios In other rare case, player stuck performing radio tuning animation. Simply exit vehicle to solve this problem. Latest Widescreen Fix update results in bugged ATP interface. You can install older version of Widescreen Fix + wshps.asi instead. Alt+Tabbing or similiar methods may left music playing in background. Changelog / Version History
  11. BlackStallionDX

    [WIP/SA] GTA Miami Vibe

    Story The game tells the story of Lance Urwell, a former bank robber. His ol' friend Vinnie betray him and leaves him for dead during a bank robbery, leading to his desire for revenge. Screens Progress South Beach - 100% Mid Beach - 100% DownTown- 0% MidTown - 0% OverTown - 0% Little Havana - 0% Little Haiti - 0% Design Distict - 0% Upper East Side - 0% Dodge Island - 0% Credits Black Stallion - Lead, map, scripts, characters, missions, vehicles Nicksud - Artwork Beloyvan - Radio artist Burlachenko - modelling helper Voice acting A.Beloyvan E.Moiseev A.Burlachenko Metal Stories Wild Gamer Like Bax Nobilius Special thanks to.... Junior_Djjr Fastman The Hero Madleg Function-X Ezekiel [SAK*]KING_OF_SA BadassBaboon WarButler ActionVFX cgman DK22Pac _AG ENB Developer Demo https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FDd0UvvJH13FSoHjcGUrnq3o3SLAkwV9/view?usp=sharing
  12. GroveStGTAV

    Ped Database Project v2.2

    Over 150 Beta/Artwork Peds has been recreated. This mod contains all peds seen in cutscenes/beta screens/trailers/introduction/unused files. Some models are taken from the mods like Kalvin's BETA 3.0 mod, Arthur's beta ped packs with their permission and all of them is improved/retextured by our team to make their appearance look like their original looking. Some peds have their alternate versions as optional. and every folder have info.txt file to describe who modelled and retextured this ped and more info about optional things. Credits: GroveStGTAV CleoModlar Jeansowaty Kalvin _F_ Artur$MD G The Generous SlingShot753 V2 PROGRESS: Red: Not started Yellow: Work in Progress Green: Completed (v2.2): Version 2.2 Characters: cesar copgrl3 crogrl3 dwayne emmet gangrl3 jethro kendl mecgrl2 ogloc pulaski rosenberg ryder (v2.2) smoke (v2.2) sweet (v2.2) tenpen (v2.2) truth (v2.2) wuzimu (v2.2) CS & Introduction: artwork scarf face b dup bettina bogman burger 1 burger og loc csplas1 dancea & danceb dope jimmy silverman jose little bill mafia goon 1 mafia goon 2 mafia goon 3 maria latore ralph pendelbury ran fa li (v2.2) rochell'le salvatore leone slut stew wmytx1 & wmytx2 Group/Gangs Note:All groups supposed to be 5 different peds instead of 3 before games release. Ballas: ballas1/2/3 introduction ballas1 ballas2 (v2.2) ballas3 (v2.2) ballas4 ballas5 (v2.2) Families: fam1 fam2&csblue2 (v2.2) fam3&csgrove (v2.2) fam4 fam5 Aztecas: vla1 (v2.2) vla2 (v2.2) vla3 (v2.2) Vagos: lsv3 (v2.2) lsv4/hmydrug lsv5/hmycr San Fierro Rifa: sfr4/hmyst sfr5/vhmycr (v2.2) Triads: cstriada2(guppy) cstriada3 triada&cstriada triadb triboss Da Nang Boys: dnb2 dnb3 Mafia: vmaff3 vmaff4 Police: lapd1 lapdm&lapdm(blue) sfpd1 swat Peds: andre bfybu bfypro bfyri bfyst bmobar bmori bmyboun bmybu (v2.2) bmycr bmydj bmydrug bmypol1 bmypol2 bmyri bmyst bmytatt cwfyhb (v2.2) hfypro hfyri hmori hmybe hmycr (v2.2) hmyri hmyst omokung omost sbmost sfypro shmycr sofybu sofyri somybu swfopro swmost swmyhp2 swmyri vbfypro vbmybox vhfypro vwfywai vwmybox wbdyg1 wbdyg2 wfyburg wfyclot wfyri (v2.2) wfysex wmori wmost wmybell (v2.2) wmybp wmycr wmydrug wmyjg wmymech wmymoun wmyri wmysgrd DOWNLOAD v2.2 (FINAL UPDATE) https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/skins/142673-ped-database-project-v2/
  13. Seemann

    [REL] Sanny Builder

    Sanny Builder is a fast and powerful tool designed for the GTA 3D game series (GTA3, VC, SA, LCS, VCS). It is aimed to make the process of editing game scripts and missions as easy as it's possible. It includes a disassembler, permitting the end-user to quickly disassemble the MAIN.SCM file which contains game scripts, and a compiler which produces a binary script file readable by the game. The editor itself offers a large number of useful functions such as; syntax highlighting, error checking, advanced search tools, player coordinates reading, fast movement through code and much more. Sanny offers an advanced code syntax which is similar to existing programming languages. This syntax includes changeable classes, keywords and high-level statements. We recommend you continue reading and fully explore the help section to learn more about SB and its capabilities. We provide a wealth of information that will help you get started in mission coding. Now that you have discovered some of the possibilities. Official website: sannybuilder.com Current version: 3.8.0 Released: 2021-08-04 Further reading at GTAMods.com: Sanny Builder Mission_Scripting (Overview) CLEO Follow me @SannyBuilderDev | Dev Page on GitHub
  14. Son Of Big Boss

    SOBB's San Andreas Beta Vehicles Compound

    You might also like: Vice City Beta Vehicles Arsenal
  15. Digging aropund the GENRL file, I found numerous engine sounds (and other sounds) that remain unused in SA. Good thing R* didn't delete them! I changed the engine sounds of many vehicles to the unused ones, so that ALL of the unused sounds are now used. I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND USING MODLOADER FOR THIS MOD; (just paste the folder into your modloader folder and done!) To be specific, I'll name the engine sounds changed by this mod; -Perennial/Greenwood -Merit/ZR-350 -Tractor/Dozer -Rhino/Roadtrain -Banshee/SuperGT* -PCJ-600/NRG-500* -Freeway* -Sanchez/Quad* -Duneride/Enforcer -Baggage/Sweeper -Kart/Mower -Boxville/Camper -Clover/Sabre* -maybe a few more, I just can't remember. (Those marked in asterisks are special, read the bottom of this post.) Also, this mod restores some other unused sounds, too; -Train Horn (replaces the truck horn, since trains in SA can't have horns) -Loud Air Horn (Replaces the secondary siren on police cars) -New unused weapon sounds; -M4/AK-47 -Silenced Pistol -Minigun (sounds like an aircraft cannon!) -Micro Uzi/Tec-9 And it's completely bug-free! And remember that I added NO new content to the game; I just used only sounds which are already in the game files; just unused. The download is now a RAR file, instead of downloading each bank individually. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By7tVBbwR5B8X2pBbWR6ZzlqTGc ASTERISKS: The engine sound for the banshee/SuperGt hasn't been changed much; I just added a realistic gear shift sound, (Since these cars are sport/super cars, they likely have a lightweight flywheel, so CJ must apply a bit of gas while shifting de-clutched to keep the RPM high; hence the sound of the engine) Also, since the muscle cars had used the BF Injection sound in the beta, I decided to use it, too; however, I only partially replaced the muscle car sound; to keep the "old, beater engine" feel that the normal SA sound had. Also, I used a much lower-pitch version of the BF Injection's sound, with extra bass (thanks, Audacity sound editor!). Also, the bike sounds have also been amplified by 5 decibels, since motorbilkes are naturally louder than cars (no engine insulation).
  16. Late BETA Blue Jeans by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download:
  17. Rocky24pl

    LS Property Pack

    LS Property Pack is yet another modification of mine, which adds new properties to be bought in Los Santos. Of course, the house in Vinewood hills with a beautiful view on Los Santos won't be missing. In Downtown we also have a fully-stocked tenement house, it has a helicopter on it's roof. All safehouses have a garage and a wardrobe. LS Property Pack includes: -5 new propreties to buy. -A new room and bathroom in CJ's house. -A garage in the Verona Beach Safehouse. -New weapon and car spawn points. -Upgraded Madd Dogg's Crib: *Three new garages free to use. *A new transition which will make navigating the place a bit easier. *CJ's room & a wardrobe Screenshots: Videos Authors: LS Property Pack - Rocky24pl GRGX Script - Link2012 ENEX Script - Silent Package for Modloader LS Property Pack Only Vinewood Hills Savehouse Only Vinewood Hills Savehouse & Richman Mansion
  18. Vulcade92

    Rusty Brown's

    Rusty Brown's Changes The shop is now unlocked after a specific mission (.ini). The vendor model and voice model can be changed (.ini). The shop icon is now adjustable so a custom 'MC Strap' icon can be used (.ini). Replaced the scripted markers with ENEX markers to fit the shops entrances system. Some peds can be seen inside the shop (was in the game but disabled by ATP). The buttons response is now faster than before especially for LEFT/RIGHT keys. The apparent vendor model mouth now moves when the voice model speaks. Buying meals now increases fat like any other shop meals. The player now pukes if he eats more than 11 meals. The vendor acts properly when you aim at him. A configuration file to adjust features that are marked with (.ini). Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/3ik5otx93qp647z/Rusty_Brown%27s.zip/file Requirements CLEO Library Credits ATP (Original Author)
  19. Version 1.2 A project in cooperation with - GTAinside.com & gta-worldmods.de - It's time, after more than six years of development we are pleased, to be able to publish the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas modification "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2" at the present day. Since the last version - called Beta 1.1, which was officially downloaded over 400,000 times until now - we always had the goal to raise the modification to a whole new level. Many bugs have been corrected, which have been reported to us from the previous versions, there were implemented suggestions and ideas that we and fans of our modification had. We have invested a lot of work, time and effort to improve the new version of our modification in all aspects, in order to make it thus for many to one: an experience. May it be stability, interactivity or design, we put our heart and soul into these issues and hope to fulfill your expectations. On behalf of the entire team, which stands behind GTA United, all people who have helped us in this project and supported us - we wish you all a lot of fun with our new modification. \\ What is "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2"? Grand Theft Auto United is a modification based on 'GTA San Andreas' for PC. The purpose of this modification is to unite in only one game the gaming areas, the so-called 'maps', of the two GTA games 'GTA III' and 'GTA Vice City', based on the graphics and physics engine of 'GTA San Andreas'. The map of 'GTA San Andreas' gets therefore replaced. A detailed report, what GTA United is actually about and what happened in the past of this modification, you can find here. \\ Team 1.2 Developers ATP 1.2 | Leading Developer Scripting, Mapping, Modelling, Converting, Video Editing LiveLife 1.2 | Leading Developer Advising, Testing, Video Editing cj2000 1.2 | Car Converting ManDog 1.2 | Ped Converting \\ GTA United 1.2 Release Trailer Of course we can not publish version 1.2 of our modification without to publish any kind of special visualization. After ATP could introduce in March of last year with this video some of our new content, he now has made with the finished version a fantastic new and official Release Trailer for GTA United 1.2! We wish you lots of fun and we hope that this video can help to show, first, that we ourselves have a lot of fun with our modification and, second, that the trailer makes you want more! | Vimeo \\ Changelog Bug Fixes Thousands of bugs in the maps Car-Crash Bug Non-functional shovel Saving and loading savegames New Features All interiors of the two predecessor made accessible Added all the gangs of the two predecessor Installed dozens of shops, restaurants and other shops in the style of San Andreas The radio stations from GTAIII and GTA Vice City can now be imported and used There are a few side missions Ghosttown was added Many new secrets A comprehensive and detailed list with images and videos you find here. \\ Download To install GTA United 1.2 please use a 100% clean, unmodded version of GTA San Andreas. The map of GTA San Andreas will be replaced with this modification, is thus no longer accessible after installing GTA United 1.2. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to make a copy of GTA San Andreas beforehand! You will be prompted for that by the installation routine aswell. For any problem, we ask that you always look under the following link first to see if your problem is described here. Should this not lead to the solution of the problem, you can ask us in our respective forums. \\ Note of Thanks There are actually so many people to enumerate, which we want to thank for their help, that this probably would blow over the given frame. We therefore want to thank highlighted only our two hosters GTAinside.com and gta-worldmods.de, through which we can ensure a fast download of this big modification, as well as Rockstar Games and Take Two for their terrific games! And for the concrete developer and former developer and supporter of the modification, we have created for all those an adequate framework within the modification, where we bring our thanks duly expressed. You're lonely peak! At this point a quote from LiveLife (aka ColdDeath): Hereby I would like to announce, that I have finished with GTA United 1.2 now my last GTA project. I will therefore be no longer able to serve as an contact person for GTA United, so in future if you should have any questions, please ask ATP. I am glad that I was able to participate on GTA United for such a long time, even if I had not held a position where it comes to the actual modding at any time. The ultimate modding and thus the most important thing, has been furnished in my eyes in special dimensions of two people, who have made tremendous efforts and contributions, contributions without the entire modification would not have been possible to realize, and these two people are Aschratt and ATP. While each developer has made his contribution, these two have done outstanding work that made me not only a few times speechless. Both of you are the madness! It was my pleasure! \\ Closing Remarks Fun. This word can describe many things, if we as a team look back on our work, our little world, which is both so familiar and yet it never existed in such a form before. From an initially fresh idea, to bring the individual maps of Vice City and Liberty City to San Andreas, to the present day, where we can present what is more than just the sum of the previous items - it was a long road we had to go, there were to overcome many obstacles and all sorts of problems had to be solved. And yet we here and today agree that this way has been worth it, to be followed, always with the goal in mind to create something that meets the intent of each game and each modification: to spread fun and joy. A game which pursues this goal, must combine many aspects in itself, it must offer besides technical aspects such as stability and efficiency also freedom to interact with the content of a game, or in other words, diversity is one of the most important aspects of a game. And this was always our intention, what we wanted to achieve with version 1.2. So now finally it is like this, the day of the release has come! We - the entire team of GTA United and all those who have supported us - wish you all a lot of fun with our new modification "Grand Theft Auto United 1.2". Grand Theft Auto United 1.2 © Copyright 2012 | GTA United Development Team
  20. BS_BlackScout

    [REL|SA|NUT] Smuff Nut

    Are you tired of having your donuts look like this? Or this? Say no more... INTRODUCING... You no longer have to worry about your favorite hole having sharp edges that hurt. Now it's looks as round as the planet Uranus. Enjoy your roundery donuts! FAQ: Q: How, why? A: Bored, Blender, Subdivisions. Plus, it's beautiful to look at. Q: How heavy is this mod? A: As heavy as a donut. Q: Bugs? A: The real bugging issue here is when my donuts have sharp edges. It hurts so much. Looking at it, that is. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cC4xwnhGtenC1nGLqEoFNbc-a2EZ74hM/view?usp=sharing Installation: Modloader or import files into GTA3.img I hope this made you laugh, even though it's a legit mod... Stay safe .
  21. Leonazix

    Leonazix Import and Exports

    Hello and welcome to Leonazix Import and Exports! Here you will find lore friendly mods for Grand Theft Auto Vice City and San Andreas I decided to open this workshop to shared mostly my mods to the entire community of GTA, and sorry for late of many months of who were waiting for my workshop. So, I hope you like my mods!
  22. Gee, I sure hope this is the right place for this thread... Hello everybody! This is technically my first mod. The first one I posted at least, as I used to edit the handling of cars to feel realistic to the degree that the San Andreas allowed me to. Now... I tried looking up different mods that could suit my needs for weapon damage, recoil, spread, rate of fire and so on for the game, and kept being let down by how many mods just go *too wild* with their stats, or made ridiculous changes at times. So, I sat to look up information on every fire gun in the game (except for explosives). Given some of these changes, some parts of the game WILL be harder. Specially if you perform gang wars, but it generally plays much the same save for the range added on most weapons. Make sure to always carry some armor! Two versions to choose from! - Single handed and dual wield (like in vanilla, but with my changes to range, fire rate, etc) The quick rundown is the following: - All weapons have had their ranges tweaked to more realistic distances. - Damage has been adjusted in a way that feels real yet is not unfair to play against. - Fire rate and accuracy is fitting for each weapon. (The MAC-10 now *truly* is a MAC-10!) - Most weapons have different performance depending on the skill level you have. Try it out and let me know what you think! Here's everything that has changed: Changelog: Installation: First, choose if you want to keep the Dual Wield for Hitman Skill Level or not, then just drop Weapons.dat and Default.ide in the Data folder or throw the folder with your desired configuration into the Mod Loader folder. Always make a backup! ------------------------ Values tested in game several times until they felt right to me. I may do different changes, depending on the reception of the mod and my own testing as I continue playing! I was supposed to put the mod in GTAGarage but it keeps throwing an error that reads So uh... I'll put up a Mediafire link instead for the time being. ------------------------ Recommended mods! (Couldn't find a GTAGarage links, but they pop up if you search! I'm also a bit worried about links in here, since this is my first thread and don't want to get in problems) - "Bullet Spread Fix" from Ryosuke839 - Vastly improves the "randomness" of bullet spread. - "MixSets" from Junior_Djjr - Let's you tune how far peds can spawn/despawn to use the new range on weapons. - "Extra Weapons Zoom" from FYP & Junior_Djjr - To help with really far away targets that you can now reach! - "PedSkills" from Junior_Djjr - Helps you tweak how hard some encounters can be and make your game varied, as now enemies can be as good or even better than you at shooting! Old Versions under Spoiler Download v.1.3 HOTFIX>> HERE! HOTFIX because I noticed that the Shotgun crashed the game due to the changes on animation. For some reason they didn't trigger a crash while I was playing with the configuration during play test, but it should be done now! Feel free to suggest future changes I could do here
  23. Grinch_


    Changes the UI of the SA menus. Download here Screenshots:
  24. Junior_Djjr

    Tuning Mod

    TMv3 is a sandbox tuning cleo mod where the limit is your creativity. This is my current biggest project, something I started in 2012 and became the world's biggest cleo mod. You can literally add any model in any vehicle! Any game object; any weapon; you can download or create new parts; you can even use parts of one car in another! It's possible to position the part anywhere, being able to rotate, stretch, resize, reverse, mirror and even deform! With all the convenience: undo commands, save / load position, different command modes, quick wheel changes and pre-adapted parts for functions and assistance. There are even CTRL+C / CTRL+V commands. Remember the famous Autosculpt from Need For Speed games? There is something similar (in some ways, even more advanced). The number of parts is unlimited and can be placed anywhere on the vehicle (doors, wheels, propellers etc). You can manage all parts with a hierarchical view similar to modeling programs. There you can hide, delete, rename and apply functions to your parts. You can paint the parts in RGB using a GUI interface (with mouse). And how about choosing the headlight color? You can set model features, install scissor doors (which open upwards), change handling, engine sound and even plate text! Do you want to change the driver's and exhaust smoke position? Wheel positions? Hood? Doors? You can also! Tilt suspension? Lower the car? Harden springs? Change wheel size? Install functional turbo with BOV sound? New brakes? Tires that alter physics and have realistic wear? There is even a game native tuning implementation using a re-imagined interface and mobile icons. There are even paintjobs preview and menu with all available colors. All cars now include stats with lots of information. Tuning Mod is much more than an in-game ZModeler, and allows you to make small changes or even create new cars from scratch. Join the community: We have a group with over 2,000 members on Facebook, and almost 1,000 new parts released, including engines, wheels, speakers, motorcycle exhausts, bicycle pedals and even "magic" parts. The parts can use VehFuncs features. It's a fun, freedom-focused mod that you'll spend weeks learning new things, and you'll be entertained for eternity — as far as your imagination takes you. Download parts, garages, see tutorials etc.: TuningMod.MixMods.com.br Join the group on Facebook: Facebook.com/groups/tuningmod ‎Author: Junior_Djjr Credits: - Features/Helps: Fabio, Wesser, DK22Pac, MTA Team, madleg, PepLegal, fastman92, Thayná, LINK/2012 - ClipboardCommands.cleo: Deji - Icons: War Drum Studios, Meck - Sounds: Turn 10 Studios, EA Games, Adnan Thanks to: - Supporters: Michtogino, robin_be/yugecin, Jeferson Francelino, Leonardo dos Santos Feitoza, Joao Vitor Lopes, Jeferson Francelino, Billy Haze Sidewinder, RetrKill0 (FJB), Kelvin Carvalho, Franz Littig, Ruben Angel Viera, Pedro Oliveira, Bruno Santos Neles, Tiago José Viana Baloneker, Magdiel Abreu, DYXiCZ - All modding contribuitors, mainly from IDB. - All the people in the Tuning Mod group on Facebook - Who created incredible things, thus motivating me to continue the project: fb.com/groups/tuningmod - And all visitors of the MixMods family. Alternative translations: - French: Michtogino Version: v3.0.1 -download link removed- Read the Readme.txt!!! Damn, how I hate this new post editor...
  25. HzanRsxa2959

    [ASI] WeaponRecoilRE

    WeaponRecoilRE Description: This mod adds a recoil effect when shooting, introducing a new game mechanic. Features: Complete rewrite and port of the original to ASI. Includes all the features of the original. New / Changed: No longer requires CLEO. In fact, it has no dependencies other than an ASI Loader. Fixed a zero-error causing the crosshair to be slightly off by a tiny distance while it was returning. Auto-aiming with classic controls when pressing the aim button is disabled by default with an option to leave it enabled. Auto-aiming by holding the aim button and then pressing the previous target / next target button works regardless. Support for parent weapon types from fastman92 Limit Adjuster. Use the cheat "RSWRR" to reload settings at any in-game time. Downloads: Source: GitHub Credits:
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