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Found 316 results

  1. Monument in honour of International Civil Aviation Day International Civil Aviation Day celebrated on December 7. This kind of aviation is used for civil needs: air transport, farming, health care and more other. Completely new monument with high quality models and textures, dedicated to the holiday, will be in Los Santos after installation. P.S. As bonus, in mod added some textures from HRT 1.4 [work 2012 build, now that textures were changed - 2015] because technically mod should include textures of the street, where stands a monument, so I decided to integrate those textures from HRT 1.4. Screenshots and video are captured in game with installed Autumn Sunshine. Originally released on Russian site in December 12, 2012 and include two versions (translated and readme, and signs on the monument!) - Russian and English. Author: Flame Release date: 12 December 2012 Download (27 Mb) See also: HRT 1.4 The Seasons series: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation Modifications by Flame: main thread
  2. In45do

    The Lost Cruise

    ~~~~ The Lost Cruise ~~~~ Introduction Hello guys! Here I want to make something new (for me), it's underwater map. It will be awesome because I will add ship wreck. I don't know what GTA V does when you're in the water, but I think you'll find treasure things like. Features What will you find in this mod? Look down here : - Submarine (made by Switch Designs, retex by me) - Underwater myth - 9 ships wreck around San Andreas - 9 blue package needs to be found - Improved LOD object of the ship (far distance) - Improved COL object (collision) - Improved Submarine handling - Darker underwater - Different rewards, depends on it's location - Submarine's light (thanks for @ZAZ help) - GTA V underwater (thanks to ) - Coral object around the ship's wreck (thanks to @ZAZ and @Meheraj7 ) - Underwater animation (thanks to ) - Brighter blue underwater (thanks to Ryosuke's colormod) - BONUS : GTA V ambience music, it will be heared if player driving a vehicle high on the sky Currently this version is BETA 4. Release Date 04/14/2014 BETA 4, download them here Screenshots You might want to see them here, because the pictures are too big. Video Comment and suggestion are welcome!
  3. Flame

    Flame's Workshop

    Flame's Workshop HRT 1.4: official site || YouTube: Modding | Gaming || Mod DB profile My list of all my mods mods (page is closed now, I've planned to update the list, but work currently is frozen) GTA: San Andreas HRT 1.4 (my main work; remastered graphics modification; in the development) Official site | Mod DB | GTAForums HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition (latest old-generation mod in series; 2010-2011) Mod DB | GTAForums The Seasons series (were developed in 2011, were released in updated editions in 2013-2014) Winter Vacation (Mod DB | GTAForums) Spring Season (Mod DB | GTAForums) Endless Summer (Mod DB | GTAForums) Autumn Sunshine (Mod DB | GTAForums) Other modifications GTA: Vice City Winter Mod 3.0 (Updated) (the best winter modification for GTA: Vice City; released in 2013, re-released in 2014) Mod DB | GTAForums | Official site GTA III Improved and open stadium Sites These sites are my little hobby; I would be glad if you visit one of my sites, and, of course, HRT 1.4 mod's official site. FGames: freeware games Bogoboi: free wallpapers
  4. Flame

    Sounds of Nature 3.0

    Sounds of Nature 3.0 The third standalone edition of the sounds of nature from The Seasons mods. Mod adds to the game such important detail as nature sounds: birds singing, the sound of wind and other atmospheric noises. The modification includes the sounds of spring nature (previously you could hear them in Spring Season 2.0), summer sounds from Endless Summer, autumn sounds from Autumn Sunshine, and winter sounds from Winter Vacation 2.0. Each option is very different from each other. All sounds are in excellent quality. Sounds of Nature 3.0 is fully compatibility with SA-MP. Auto installation. English ReadMe included; CLEO 4 required (see in archive). Authors: Flame and 444andrei444 Release dates:2011 — 1.0 by Flame and izerli — the first version separate mod that contains, at the request of users, sounds of nature from our Spring Season 2.0 mod; 2011 — 2.0 — contains sounds of nature from Spring Season and Endless Summer mods; 2012 — 3.0 by Flame and 444andrei444 — contains sounds of nature from Spring Season, Endless Summer, Autumn Sunshine and Winter Vacation 2.0, another CLEO script; 2014 — 3.0 — mod was repacked. See this video from Endless Summer for demonstration (you can see videos from The Seasons mods with demonstration different versions of script on my channel): Download (86 Mb) Yandex.Disk (repacked in 2014). Old link: Deposit Files -------- See also: HRT 1.4 The Seasons series: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation Modifications by Flame: main thread
  5. Flame

    Autumn Sunshine

    The Seasons: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation || Other mods by Flame: HRT 1.4 | Main mods thread Autumn Sunshine Updated edition Autumn Sunshine is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas, dedicated to disturbing and enchanting autumn season. In mod you can see dynamic falling leaves, and already fallen leaves on the pavement and grass: in squares, forest, on the roads... You can see autumn trees yellow, orange, red and, sometimes, still green, as always in warm autumn. Fog in the morning and in the evening. Special atmosphere sounds: cawing of crows in the morning and, sometimes, subtle rustling of the wind... Also in mod is using ENBSeries graphic library that is specially configured for mod (using of palette makes the image more pleasing); with special menu users can easily configure graphic for their computer. Mod, as it was said, have a lot of gameplay features: wild animals in nature (this feature came to mod from mods-precursors Spring Season and Endless Summer but have been improved and expanded; for example, in autumn mod was added a new animal the coyote, you can find it in the desert; also you can meet two species of wolves, two species of bears, foxes; you can see your friends hunters with their dog and near the farms you can see chickens and roosters); hunting; ability to buy Hunter's House... In the Angel Pine village you can visit the exhibition of biggest vegetables in the state. Autumn for many people also associated with Halloween. Residents of the state are preparing for this holiday and arrange pumpkins and other festive decorations near their homes. You can dress in Halloween costume and when it considers that it is time to start the holiday, you can set the costumes for residents. And these not all features of the mod. Autumn Sunshine offers a wealth of innovations related to the autumn season, and you can spend a lot of wonderful moments with this beautiful mod. Authors: Flame, izerli, Black Stallion Release dates: 12 December 2011 — Autumn Sunshine (original version); 20 August 2012 — Autumn Sunshine: SA-MP Edition; 30 April 2014 — Autumn Sunshine: updated edition (main mod and SA-MP Edition were updated) ----------------------- Download mod Autumn Sunshine (automatic installation) (1 Gb) Mirror: Google Drive 2011 version: Deposit Files Main version of mod with automatic installation (recommended for all users); installation is very easy: just few clicks and you in the game! Other versions: ----------------------- Screenshots and video Updated version release video: Screenshots were captured in original build of mod, in updated version mod looks better, see posts below. Also see galleries: all screenshots from original version, all screenshots from updated edition. ----------------------- Userbars
  6. Flame

    Endless Summer

    The Seasons: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation || Other mods by Flame: HRT 1.4 | Main mods thread Endless Summer Updated edition Endless Summer is an original global modification for GTA: San Andreas, the purpose of which with the head immerse you into the atmosphere of summer freedom and carelessness. The mod is successor of the traditions Spring Season and have dozens of new features and visual enhancements designed to show all the charm of summertime. Modification not violate the orders of the original game, but at the same time brings its own, special mood. You can: to get sunstroke, to overheated in the sun; to see a very attractive girls in bikinis and floating in a sea of people; to get drunk as a lord at the beach bar; dance to the hits of classical rock at night beach party; climb to the top on the Ferris wheel; go to the nature to hunt on wild animals (two species of wolves, two species of bears, foxes); also you can see chickens and rooster in the county and dog with your old friends hunters; set the tent and sleep in it; buy a hunting cabin in the woods and enjoy the chirping of crickets in the late evening and even... investigate the scary mystery of the pirate ship, which resting at the bottom of the bay. This is a real adventure. Visual improvements include, in addition to the sounds of nature, new textures for some parts of location, trees (included enhanced Project Oblivion 2010HQ), new effects and ENBSeries settings made special for mod and more other. This mod allows you make travel in the summer, endless summer. Authors: Flame, izerli, Black Stallion Release dates: 3 September 2011 — original version (base mod); 18 September 2011 — Update 1: Summer Continues; 4 October 2011 — Update 2: The Real Hunting; 29 November 2011 — Update 3: Treasures of Sea Wolf; 1 December 2011 — Endless Summer: Full Edition (mod with updates); 14 July 2012 — Endless Summer: SA-MP Edition; July — October 2013 — Endless Summer: updated versions of base mod, all updates, Full Edition and SA-MP Edition; 26 November 2013 — Endless Summer. The Ship (screensaver) ----------------------- Download mod In 2013 all versions of Endless Summer were updated. Now you can download updated version of base Endless Summer; wait for the updates, Full Edition and SA-MP Edition. Base mod and updates (separately): Full version with content from all updates: Endless Summer: Full Edition Details. Old 2011 version: Deposit Files Special version for SA-MP: Endless Summer: SA-MP Edition Details. You can download the fix («Fix for The Seasons mods in variants for SA-MP») and install it over the mod (fix was released 29 March 2014: fixed bug (in single-player), connected with crash of the game near lighthouse on Santa Maria beach and some other little things). If you are satisfied with the modification work you can not install fix. Endless Summer. The Ship Users that carefully playing in Endless Summer are know about important role of the ship on the bottom of the bay near the Palomino Creek. Exactly this ship is a main hero of the screensaver. After installation, on the screen, in moments, when you do not use computer, will be displaying charming and mystery picture: old sunken pirate ship rests on the bottom of bay; around the ship are circulating flocks of fishes, swimming the turtles, above the water sometimes are flying birds and day is changing to the night... Official page of screensaver. ----------------------- Screenshots and video Userbars for fans
  7. Junior_Djjr

    Hide of the Cops

    >> V2 RELEASED << Now you can hide from the cops, and this new version, you can hide with more reality and functions! V1: You can hide from the police that the police don't know where you are, and after a while you lose wanted level V2: Improvements in time to hide and more time to reduce the wanted level, besides after hidden, a near cop will go to the place where you were last seen... hid and entered into a car? if this car is different from the car where you were last seen driving, the police did not know you! Besides of best performance script, and a optional mod to add a cops in helicopters, thus making the helicopters will also see You can download here //blog in portuguese
  8. Ghosts Want Revenge 2: Superscary Edition adds ghosts to the game. The only way to fight against them it is... photo camera. There is belief that a photography takes part of the soul, and the ghosts will return to hell, though not for long. Download mod from Mod DB: Mirrors: Google Drive | Yandex.Disk In mod few really scary places (like the night forest and cemetery) where you can meet the ghosts are waiting for you. Shake and tremble! There are 13 ghosts. See the slides (we call them so) with dossier below for details. Trailer: About edition and release dates Original Ghost Want Revenge 2 mod was released in 2011 and fully contains all content from first part of mod; then was released Gold Edition of second part (with auto installation), but all these are the «local releases», because mods were released only on the Russian site. This Superscary Edition is the enhanced version of Ghosts Want Revenge 2 (2011). Special for new version was made new quality English translation. Also in Superscary Edition: new instruction and description; better looks of ghosts; added MIP-maps (optimization); reduced size of mod; new installer. Release dates: Ghost Want Revenge: 7 May 2011; Ghost Want Revenge 2: 15 May 2011; Ghost Want Revenge 2. Gold Edition: 25 November 2011; Ghosts Want Revenge 2: Superscary Edition: 31 October 2013. Authors: Flame and izerli -------- See also: HRT 1.4 The Seasons series: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation Modifications by Flame: main thread
  9. DYOM missions available online Subforum - Download - Missions database Intro Many people want to make their own missions for GTA San Andreas, but most of them don't have enough SCM-knowledge to actually do it. This modification is made for these people. It allows you to create a new mission ingame, without writing a single line of SCM-script. And you are even able to distribute them to other people. Installation Installation is very simple. Just copy the MPACK folder from the archive to your "San Andreas User Files" (in My Documents). To add downloaded missions, just copy the DYOMx.dat files into "San Andreas User Files". CLEO3 is needed for this modification to work correctly (download). Concepts There are four main concepts, which will first be briefly discussed, so it you can understand the rest of the features better. Objectives: The most important things in the missions you create with DYOM are the objectives. If you have achieved all the objectives of a mission, the mission is passed. For your missions, you can set a number of objectives, which the player of the mission must achieve in sequence. For each objective you can choose one of the four available kinds: A checkpoint that must be reached, a actor that must be killed, a car that must be entered or a pickup that must be picked up. Special Objectives: this isn't something the player has to do, but this is used to change the settings of the mission or make something between the objectives. So, for example, there is a change in the weather, a change in wanted level, a change in time limit or a cutscene. Select/Hide/Spawn: Besides the objectives you can also add other items: actors (either enemy, friend or neutral), cars, pickups and objects. Items don't have to be available during the whole mission. You can design them to appear after a certain objective has been achieved and hide them after a certain objective has been achieved.In designmode one of the objectives is "selected" which is indicated by a yellow marker, instead of the normal white marker over an objective. By default, the last added objective is selected, but you can select another one from the objective menu. When you add an objective, they will be inserted behind the currently selected objective. When you add items to the game, they will appear during the mission after the currently selected objective has been achieved. Afterwards, you can use the "SPAWN" and "HIDE" menu-options to determine when the item spawns and disappears. These options change them to the time when the currently selected objective is achieved. Save and Distribute: When you are making a mission, it is wise to save it from time to time. You can save when you select the option "Save Mission" in the "Mission Menu". You can save up to 8 missions at a time. These missions are saved in "San Andreas User Files", with the name dyomx.dat. The x can be a number between 1 and 8, depends on which slot you used to save the mission. This is comparable to the savegames from the normal GTA San Andreas.Once you are finished, you can distribute the mission by uploading the dyomx.dat file to the DYOM website (http://dyom.gtagames.nl). If you want to play other people's mission, you have to download the mission (also a dyomx.dat file!) and put it in "San Andreas User Files". Then start DYOM, and select Mission Menu > Load Mission. If you just use the "save mission" function, and distribute that file (so dyom1.dat until dyom8.dat), everyone can change your mission. If you want to prevent that, you can select "publish mission" in the "Mission Menu". Then you will find a dyom0.dat in San Andreas User Files. When you distribute this file, other people aren't able to change the mission. Screens For more screens, you can go to the GTAGarage page or take a look in our subforum. Videos If you want to see more videos, you can take a look at youtube. Just search for "DYOM" on youtube (like this), and you will see lots of videos from other people who used DYOM. Download and upload missions We created a site, where you can upload your missions, and download missions from others. You can find the site here. Feel free to add as many missions as you want. You can make a topic in our subforum to advertise for your mission and to get some comments. Wall of fame! 2008 GTAForum.nl Awards 2008! GTAForums.com Awards 2008! 2009 GTAForum.nl Awards 2009! GTAForums.com Awards 2009! DYOM Contests Theme Winner Mission Topic No theme tony-resta Rest In Peace Click Gunfights miclin Destruction for Beginners Click Fan signatures To show your status as Mission Designer, you can can use this userbar in your signature: CODE CODE Handy topics: Changelog DYOM Designers Manual (WIP) Bug Reports FAQ Bugs and Crashes We want DYOM to be crash free, and will always try to fix any problems. But we can only fix problems if we can reproduce the problem or if the description of the problem is good enough. This will enable us to get a clue about the location of the bug in our code and we don't have to search in all the 15.000+ lines of scm-code that we have written sofar for this mod. On the reporting of crashes: There are three mayor types of crashes: Crashes that occur as soon as you start SA/DYOM. Crashes that occur during designing a mission. Crashes that occur during playing a mission. I'll try to describe shortly what is the best way to handle them: Crashes that occur as soon as you start SA/DYOM These are almost always related to incorrect CLEO3 installation. - CLEO3 is not installled at all. - CLEO3 is improperly installed. - The .exe you have is not compatible with CLEO3 ( see here for a link to a compatible version). Crashes that occur during designing a mission. - Do you have other mods installed, that might conflict with DYOM? - Try to disable CLEO scripts that are active. - Report the problem in this thread, with as much detail about the moment the crash occurs. What was the state of your mission, and at exactly what moment did it crash? Be as detailed as possible, so instead of reporting that it crashes while adding an actor, it is even better to report that the crash occured right after you pressed <space> while selecting a RPG as the weapon for an actor. - if possible include scmlog.txt in your report, if you have the scmlog CLEO plug-in installed. (recommended) Crashes that occur during playing a mission - Report the problem in this thread, provide a link to the mission-file that you played, and try to describe as accurate as possible the circumstances of the crash. - if possible include scmlog.txt in your report, if you have the scmlog CLEO plugin installed. (recommended) Authors: Dutchy3010 (Idea and Scripting) PatrickW (Idea and Scripting) Credits: Seemann (creating CLEO and sannybuilder) More info can be found in the README file. There is also a wiki article about Design Your Own Mission. Have fun with this mod, and don't forget to show your own creations in our subforum.
  10. Download GTA 2 Missions in San Andreas Full missions list: Pizza Cake Wheeler Dealing Big Bank Job Get Gamma Rei Follow That Traitor Get Zitzaki Swat Van Swipe Pizza Cake & Wheeler Dealing Go to the Las Venturas police headquarter and head north of it to find a payphone for Pizza Cake. Go to the Jefferson Motel and head west to find the payphone for Wheeler Dealing. Instructions are in the mission. These mission took me six hours to make. (Update: It would take a fraction of the time now if I were to redo all this again. I've updated broken links and images in this topic.)
  11. Gummy 

    Big Smoke Dating Simulator

    TRAILER Big Smoke Dating Simulator is a dating sim (duuh) where you get to date Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris. Always wanted to date Big Smoke? Well now you can! Removing the boring, ugly, useless, Denise, Big Smoke can now be dated instead of Denise! He loves you, and you.. Well you prove your love to him! Start the mission "Burning Desire". Tenpenny asks you to torch a house to kill a gang banger. You did what he wanted. But what's that? A dumbass in distress? You can't let that fat fool die. You need to save him! For all we know. He might be an angel of love who appears once in every 69 years and has fallen into the dark world of San Andreas. SAVE HIM. He has given you his love for saving him. Do not waste this opportunity. Everybody wants to be in a relationship with Big Smoke, but he has chosen you to be his lover! Impress him! Take him to eat. Take him driving and drive by-ing. Take him to drink. Order his favorite meal! Go dancing! Big Smoke is begging to be loved! Grow and expand your relationship with him! REQUIRES MODLOADER!
  12. ThirteenAG

    Windowed Mode

    Windowed Mode plugin (for GTA3, VC, SA) Originally created by maxorator as part of Maxo's Vehicle Loader for Vice City, this plugin starts the game in windowed mode. Download Installation 1. ASI Loader is required. If you don't have it, just install Widescreen Fix, ASI Loader comes with it. 2. Unpack III.VC.SA.WindowedMode.asi and (optionally) III.VC.SA.CoordsManager.exe to scripts folder, or modloader folder. 3. Start the game. Supported executables gta3.exe v1.0, gta-vc.exe v1.0, gta-sa.exe v1.0 Hotkeys * Alt-Enter: Toggle between borderless-fullscreen and windowed mode * Ctrl-Enter/Shift-Enter: Toggle border/menu * Ctrl-Alt: Toggle mouse cursor * If border is activated, you can resize the window with the mouse Known issues * If SilentPatch is installed, you won't be able to move mouse cursor while in-game. Enter main menu before activating mouse cursor. * In San Andreas, mouse cursor is not visible. Credits * maxorator Screenshots Download
  13. Ss4gogeta0

    HD Player.IMG

    Here are all the HD textures from the Windows 8.1 Store version of GTA San Andreas. I have replaced each txd in the Player.img file myself. Here are some screenshots of the textures New Link. Download Here Mirror: https://mega.nz/#!s0IQxKSL!2kWnAf7MohwZyPqEiBdv-Zg_fhdkAtJ1gf261bnh7YU I will update the topic in more detail when I wake up tomorrow cus im tired as hell and abit wasted atm
  14. (header for 1.6 coming) What is it? MasterEffect (short ME) is a shader suite/library for the ENBSeries mod. There are many shader plugins out there, but ME is different. It combines almost every possible shader for GTA San Andreas, many of them exclusively only available in ME. Highlights Combined shaders allow the use of many different shaders together Config file so no code knowledge is needed Many exclusive shaders not available anywhere else Every value explained and documented Well-sorted shader order so no artifacts and conflicts, every shader works with every other one 100% bugfree (yet) Easy enabling/disabling of certain effects without need to change files Optimized and fast Download Grab it here. Current version is 1.6. There is 2.0 released for 0.248 but this version makes use of the new 0.248 shader system and is not useable on 0.076 or Generic. 1.6 is useable on 0.248 but it makes more sense to keep the different things ENB has to do in their respective files, for example bloom in enbbloom.fx. Support If you have problems or encounter bugs (which I can't imagine but I'm just a human) contact me here or on my facebook page. Please don't ask for installation, There is quite some ENB knowledge needed in order to make use of MasterEffect so ENB beginners, please start with something simple and not with ME in the first place. Have fun!
  15. CML99

    Fighters Gonna Fight

    The mod adds the following fighting features to the game: Fight Club Octagon Challenge Knockout Brassknuckles ::ADDITIONAL CREDITS:: @indraCG : Boxing Gloves ::DOWNLOAD:: >> GDrive << >> Blog Post << ::KNOWN ISSUES AND POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS:: ! Don't hesitate to read the readme file !
  16. MEDICAL KIT MOD v1.2.3 WEAPON DROP 'N SAVE v1.3 MANUAL RESPRAY MOD v1.1 ADRENALINE ABILITY v2.1 This is an old version of Adrenaline mod. Updated version, Special Adrenaline is posted here LOCK-ON AIM / AUTO AIM MOD MKKJ's CHEATCODES MOD FIGHTING MOVE SHIFTER TIME LENGTH MODIFIER
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