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  1. Learn To Fly Carl

    Weapon Skill Changer 2.0

    All right so i present to you, The Weapon Skill Changer! so what is this? weapons skill changer it's a very useful mod, for you to change the skill of every single weapon of the game, that handles the skill system, so this mod allows you to choose between, 1 = No skill, 2 = Gangster Skill, 3 = Hitman skill, just aim with your gun and use some simple keys to change the skill of the chosen weapon, and better yet, you can set in the ini the keys you want to use, to change the skill of your weapon, and you can set in the ini, the desire amount of skill required for gangster
  2. Staunton Assassin

    Stories Sprinting

    Stories Sprinting by @Staunton Assassin About: Features: Screenshots: Credits: Download:
  3. Grinch_


    CLEOImGui I believe the title explains it all. This is a plugin (.cleo) for CLEO4 which adds some opcodes to use ImGui windows in CLEO. Making it possible to create beatiful windows in CLEO instead of those crappy & tedious ones. The script for the above window here Download from here Thanks to HzanRsxa2959 (original idea), Junior-Djjr & CLEO devs. Currently it uses ImGui 1.8 with below widgets available,
  4. Eldrenix

    Eldrenix's Workshop

    Hello everyone. Welcome to my workshop. I'm newbie at mods so don't judge me strict. Flags of various countries on the wall fam3 HQ skin Bloods And Crips Boat Artwork Sonny
  5. HzanRsxa2959

    [MoonLoader] AutoID

    Hey all. Been a while since I posted something here. Well, good for you, because I've been working on something! Have you ever seen a great mod that adds stuff, only to discover that its model IDs conflict with another great mod that adds stuff? Have you ever been plagued by the error 0x00534134 or 0x005B6B2F? Well, what if I said that I could prevent that from happening? What if I had found a way to automatically assign IDs to models on runtime? Well, you're in luck- because I have done exactly that. See for yourself: All the adapted mods below will
  6. daniltk2

    daniltk2 Workshop

    All My Files HERE VCS Beta Bike SA Style SA Admiral FIX Greenwood VC / Beta SA Style Cougar / Virgo from VC Sabre Turbo VC Beta/Release Mix Idaho SA Style Sentinel / Sentinel XS from VC Phoenix VC Beta VC Cabbie Esperanto VC Angel + Paintjobs
  7. Clara

    San Andreas VR

    Hold your horses!. This isn't anything revolutionary so don't expect body tracking or any fancy VR thing. I only decided to share my VR preset for the game. First I configured the VR shader to fit the game screen. Then I edited the UI to ease the distortion at corner of the screens. Then I edited the first person mod to increase the FOV so it don't causes motion sickness on me. The final result is really great in my oculus and I was even able to get ride of the black bars adjusting my lens. In my opinion, my UI preset is better than this atrocious thing that people usually uses.
  8. The russian community makes a lot of good mods for GTA:SA but unfortunately most of those mods are available only in russian so I decided to translate them into english. Keep in mind that those translations aren't perfect and were made the fastast way possibile, the only objective is help you to understand at least 50% of the mod. There's typos, missing lines and other bugs and problems but at least it's better than see a lot of gibberish in cyrillic. If you see any serious problem, tell me so I'll fix it. For now I'm translating mods that I like. I have mounted a list of 16 mods to tra
  9. Clara

    Harry Potter Wand + Effects

    Another throwaway mod that I made yesterday. The initial idea was to create harry potter spells through script. I give total permission to anyone to continue the idea. Bug: The effect isn't aligned with the target. Important: This mod needs ''effects loader'' and ''modloader''. Dev Video Final Video Download
  10. This mod converts K-JAH in a radio dedicated to Nego Bam, a brazilian singer that made successful songs such as: gozin / everygozo / gozo / Gozemian Rhapsody / luz do gozar / gozocup It brings a total of 162 new songs. Enjoy! Download
  11. Matt1010

    Matt1010's Workshop

    Hello and welcome to my workshop! Here you will some of my mods that I have created over the past few years or so. Hope you like... at least... one of them. Of course, there's more to come. Eventually... someday... I don't know myself. (PSSST, CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR LINKS)
  12. djdarko

    San Andreas 4K Fonts

    GTA SAN ANDREAS 4K FONTS BY DJDARKO For: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish font1 | Pricedown / TW Century font2 | Beckett / Bank Gothic OVERVIEW This is a high resolution (4096px) font set for the PC version of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas". The fonts have been matched as closely as possible to their original style and adjusted to look great within the game. DETAILS • Includes a "Slight Opacity" texture variant which is accurate to the original PC files. This affects the Pricedown and TW Century (Subtitle) text. • Includes an
  13. Staunton Assassin

    Finalized Pickups

    Finalized Pickups by @Staunton Assassin About: Screenshots: Download:
  14. Staunton Assassin

    Restored Bus Fare Bonus

    Restored Bus Fare Bonus by @Staunton Assassin About: Download: Credits:
  15. Rocky24pl

    Trailer Park

    Trailer Park In this mod you can go into trailer in Angel Pine, which you will get after complete "The Green Sabre" mission. Internal view was refresh and get outside view too. Additionaly this mod give you a garage for one car. Authors: Trailer Park - Rocky24pl GRGX Script - Link2012 ENEX Script - Silent Download Package for Modloader
  16. Rocky24pl

    SA Crusher

    Crusher This mod adds crusher from GTA 3 on junkyard in whetstone. For destroing each car you will get 500$. In this modification I used sounds of crusher from GTA II. I made this mod more than 3 years ago.Last time I decided to refresh and publish some of my older projects. Download Package for Modloader
  17. UnitedMel

    UnitedMel's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop. Here you'll find new clothing for CJ. Requests are open but Im too lazy to do anything, so keep that in mind.
  18. Cleoude

    Home Radio V1

    Home Radio V1 Features:( Customazible features, Fastman92 Limit Adjuster Needed!) Game Radios are available in all safehouses. Auto Play Mode Radio Help Messages Own Animation Tune Sfx* Volume Radio Texts (Like BOUNCE FM) Radio texts are from gxt file in game. Customazible time and text style. User Track Player (Only Method) First Plays Radio Station. Random Available. In addition, Quiet Hum was added to the safehouse in Prickle Pine. There are a lot of radio players in Madd Dogg's Crib. Command Keys Showcase Download V1
  19. Clara

    Vehicle Shared HD Wheels (Script)

    In GTA III and GTA VC the game cars have shared generic wheels, unlike GTA SA where each wheel is inside the car file. This mod turns the game's tuning wheels into shared wheels, thus adding them to all cars in the game. Bad points: Replaces all tuning wheels in your game with regular wheels. Only simple vehicles (cars, vans) will appear with the wheel. Does not include trucks etc. as the game has bugs. The choice of wheels is still almost entirely random (since the mod is simple), so there are some cases that the wheels do not match so much. The mo
  20. Clara

    HD Cutscene Weapons

    The cutscenes of the game uses animated objects that has bones (a skeleton) as the games characters, so I rigged new HD models to replace the cutscene weapons. Conversion and Rig: Clara 3D Models: Ezekiel (INSANITY Weapons Items) Download
  21. Staunton Assassin

    Dynamic Stars

    Dynamic Stars by @Staunton Assassin About: Screenshots: Credits: Download:
  22. Staunton Assassin

    Escalator Physics Fix

    Escalator Physics Fix by @Staunton Assassin About: Download:
  23. This list will make your San Andreas experience feel more alive! Well first of all, non of these mods are mine. All the rights goes to their respective creators! I'm just mad that all of these mods goes to "cleo mods/scripts" category all the time. When you try to find them, it's like mining thru a mountain full of rocks and trying to find the diamond among them.. Please just tag those kind of mods under a new section (mixmods please do it!) like #revival #pedsrealism or something whatever you want to call. My main purpose here is making a list of mod
  24. Clara

    Radar Satellite View

    A detailed photorealistic map in the style of Google Earth's satellite view. Download Old version: For developers:
  25. Clara

    Foliage Improvement

    Description: Changes SA default vegetation foliage mesh with a new foliage mesh way more complex. Palms: Original: New: Original: New: Original: New: Original: New: Trees: Original: New: Original: New: Palms - Download Trees - Soon Bushes/flowers/grass = Soon
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