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Found 346 results

  1. Irsis

    (SA) Weather sickness

    WEATHER SICKNESS by Irsis One of my old mods. You will start to lose some health on specific weather, place or time unless you are in interior/using umbrella mod by pep legal(if rain)/inside closed vehicle. Heres the detail: - You will starts to cough and lose some health when sandstorm coming(desert area) - Your teeth chattering and start to sneeze when in rain or when you are on 22pm-6am (rural county/in water) and 23pm-5am(los santos & san fierro) You can create fire pit then go near it to avoid getting cold, by pressing TAB + =, and create fire with the same key. the fire will off after 60-120 sec(random) DOWNLOAD
  2. gold_fish

    [REL] GTA Water IO

    GTA Water IO 1.0b MAX Script for export and import of water for gta sa (improved analogue of waterIO) has an interface for setting water parameters features: - support of triangular water exports - water import along with all its parameters - auxiliary utilities for working and setting up water in the archive there is an image with a detailed description of the script interface upd: 20.03.2019 Compatible: 3ds max 2009 and up (maybe versions and less) Autor: Goldfish Official script support: https://vk.com/topic-99725313_35674835 Permalink to download / update the script: https://yadi.sk/d/NsuFPYkGNsuixA
  3. SlingShot753

    Bogdan's Comrades

    Here is my first 3 ped skins for GTA San Andreas. They're based on Bogdan's Army from The Doomsday Heists. Images: Download: MediaFire If you find any bugs, let me know. And Merry Christmas!
  4. notabuster

    GTA: Dunsfold

    Hello! Welcome to GTA:SA mod Dunsfold Aerodrome! This is the SA version of Dunsfold Aerodrome from X-Seti's VC version. This mod replaces SA with Dunsfold map. I talked to X-Seti 1 week or 2 weeks ago about converting Dunsfold in SA. FEATURES: Screens: DOWNLOAD: Google Drive Link
  5. ZaikerHind

    Kaichell-Tower [V2]

    Hello, this is the first time that I publish in the map section, I wanted to share my developed Department, in the East Beach area, I hope you like it, I receive criticism and opinions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hola, esta es la primera vez que publico en la seccion de mapas, queria compartir mi Departamento desarrollado, en el area de East Beach, espero les gustes, recibo criticas y opiniones. ​ Download
  6. Eny 437


    Hi guys, this modification adds the GTA V Online Yacht for GTA San Andreas. The yacht includes the interior, props and other details. This mod was started in early 2017 and officially finished in December 2019 Autor: - Eny_437. Special Thanks : - Rockstar Games. - OpenIV. - Dk22pac (v2saconv). - Sanny Builder. - LINK/2012, ThirteenAG, Blackbird88 (OLA). -GTARey_400 (CLEO Scripter). -Leatherhoff (Tester). Tools Used : - Autodesk 3ds max. - Magic TXD builder. - DK22pac v2saconv. - Adobe Photoshop. - OpenIV. THIS MOD IS NOT ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH SAMP & OTHER MAP MODS. Tools needed: Asi loader, Cleo_4, Modloader, Open Limit adjuster. DOWNLOAD -------------------------------- ☢️
  7. How about changing the weather with just one button? With this mod you can! use the numeric keypad numbers from 0 to 9 and you can choose your favorite weather! Download
  8. What's New? I added normalmap and envmap to weapons and added hd huds and a new hud for the shield, and downscaled some unecessary textures, Thanks HybridTheory for the shield hud icon: DOWNLOAD
  9. Wolf_

    Beta Weapons

    hello, today bringing beta weapons with icon so this is it in their development the weapons were different and icon too remember that this work can take a long time comments with intention of flame will be reported and deleted. Olá, hoje trazendo armas beta com ícone, então é em seu desenvolvimento que as armas eram diferentes e o ícone também lembra que esse trabalho pode demorar a muito tempo, com intenção de Flame, será denunciado e excluído. Screenshots Download http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=29193
  10. Directional Music to Trunk v5 (Musica Direcional ao Porta-Malas - MDPMv5), which is being far beyond this name... This should be the first time in history that a 3D game features automotive sound with speakers vibrating with the current bass of the music. Watch it in 720p60 for 60 FPS, or it will be unrealistic. Enable English subtitles. Yes, this cleo mod for GTA San Andreas created by me (@Junior_Djjr) and @fabio3 uses an algorithm that measures the frequencies of the music and transforms into the movement of the speaker, thus simulating a loudspeaker vibrating according to the music, including differentiating subwoofer from woofer. Includes remote control and a nice on-screen music player, which can be fully customizable or download new skins. You can also move it, change size and hide it whenever you want. After the success of the MDPMv4 which was for several years the second and third most downloaded mod in MixMods, the idea of what MDPMv5 would be started in 2012, where all the videos together yielded almost 1 million views even with my channel not being famous. Automotive sound is something loved in Latin America. Several people said to return to play GTA SA just to test this mod. Attention: With the arrival of the Tuning Mod v3 you simply install speaker that will automatically work! — works only on pre-adapted speakers, such as the Pack BMS Sound v3.1. It can be either an automotive sound mod or a simple custom music player. You can change or turn off bass boost in addition to 2 different 3D effect modes. Compatible with: .mp3 | .wav | .ogg | .aiff | .mp4 | .flac | .m4a | .aac | .3gp | .wma Multimedia keyboard support. Version: v5.1 RC5 - 11/06/19 (DD/MM/YY) ‎Author: Junior_Djjr .asi and support: Fabio Special thanks: Shmoopy (for helping to resurrect the idea), K.b.sa (anims); HybridTheory (Spanish translation of .ini); ArtututuVidor$ (tests) Download English & Português & Español Powered by Un4seen.
  11. For: San Andreas Hi, So, this modification will allow you to play the game without cheat codes. Cheats codes is actually a bad habit but many peoples requested this from me and now i'm proudly presenting you guys my first modification. Usage: It enable automatically. Just type the cheat and a message will appear down below. DOWNLOAD Guys its my first modification so, please give some good feedbacks. src:
  12. I present you my Fidget Spinner MOD It looks really great. It replaces Grenade. So you can kill enemies with this cool thing You can download it here: Fidget Spinner


    GTA-UZDA is a global modification of the game GTA San Andreas, which transfers the player to the UZDAN area of Belarus, where the game's events unfold. Moved like a real city of Uzda and its environs, there are several tasks that will not let the player get bored, in addition, a single fairly large location is available. From previous versions, the location has increased significantly, the game map has been completely redesigned. There were many fields, villages and settlements. Game has not a completely plot,but there are only a few tasks that have no connection with each other. Cars are quite diverse on roads that can be met, as well as foreign cars that were taken from GTA 4 and the domestic auto industry, which was created from scratch. All the radio stations in the game were completely reworked, more attention was paid to radio stations: radio wave, radius fm, radio electronics and humor fm. Also in addition to radio stations, car sounds, voice of characters, etc. have been replaced. I would also like to note that GTA UZDA is one of the only mods in one of the regions of Belarus. In general: a good mod that is worth playing! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-WJlx0ga2znUVQwN1UtV0RncmM/view SCREENSHOTS:
  14. SA Tiny Racing - the script adabting all defult GTA SA race to the view from the top, like Rockstar made them in GTA:O. Car handling becomes arcade-like, but camera will be dynamic and sensitive to any turns, collisions and other obstacles. it will add complexity at passing of racing missions. Races is available in LS, 8-track, SF and partly in LV. In addition, the missions can be passed with configured wanted level. It can be configured in "TinyRacing.cfg" file. Gameplay Trailer: Strictly prohibited the fashion spread to other sites until the end of its support!!! Camera activation: automatic. Credits: andre500, NaightMar. Download link: click
  15. This mod changes the radar blips of missions into mission giver's head i.e., the character's head who gave the mission. This mod is inspired by a post in Grand Theft Auto 3D topic, I got inspired by that and decided to make one for San Andreas. I want to thank GTA 3D team for their effort. Image shown in GTA 3D, Mod in San Andreas, I made two version, one just gives the image of the mission blips and another gives the default hud.txd in which the mission blips textures are changed. Download Links To-do List Name of the fonts which I used in the pictures: Orange Juice is used in "A Mod inspired......" California is used in the logo (I thank SA's Most Wanted for giving me the link for it) Pricedown is used in the GTA 3D image Diploma is used in the San Andreas image Peace!
  16. thalilmythos

    SA - Gang reinforcements.

    Gang reinforcements Yeah, it's me, again. Lately i have been trigger happy, i was feeling like gangs weren't enough challenge, so i figured they would have to improve a little. Now everytime you enter enemy hoods with bad intentions, gang cars full of people will respond to the way your gun talks so be aware, eyes on your shoulder, this is specially interesting on gang wars, where not only the waves will come but cars full of people too. Oh and if you try to run away in car, they will chase you and shoot you.. http://www.mediafire.com/file/cpd69n76f19b685/RE+GR+update+2019+2.2.7z Enjoy
  17. thalilmythos

    Reimagined leather jackets

    I'm a lover of leather jackets, couldn't help but notice how sh*tty every single leather jacket on sa is, maybe with the exception of claude's jacket, anyway i made my own, and started experimenting, this is what came out of it. Get em heearrr https://www.mediafire.com/file/jcnz0xak0qki1z7/reimagined%20leather%20jackets.rar they replace the combat jacket found on binco, the chore coat found on victim and the leisure top found in prolaps.
  18. _Israel_

    In-Game Commands Changer

    With this mod, you can change commands (cheats, virtual keys, game keys) of scripts (cs, cm, scm) without exit the game. The activation command is CHANGE. Use CRLD to reload the mod. (You can change this commands in "changer.lua" file.) Script selection: Keys or cheats ? The mod is self-explanatory. Required: MoonLoader DOWNLOAD For more details, see : My topic on BMS forum [PT-BR] MixMods Post [PT-BR] Thanks @Junior_Djjr, @fabio3 and The Gamercrafter for tests.
  19. MMK_033

    Animation Fix

    Good day for everyone. I'd like to introduce you to my pretty much insignificant work, as it may be not so relevant after 13 years since the game was released, but I think that some people still may find it interesting. Probably, I am not the only one who noticed that some animations in GTA SA are pretty much bugged, like driving and in-vehicle animations, when they are getting performed by some NPCs, like some facial animations, like some stance animations and like the others. In other words, some animations are performed incorrectly with some models: the breast might be twisted, the lower jaw either disappears or doesn't move properly, the eyebrows rise almost to the back of the head - these are the most common things that you can face. Especially these bugs are evident to DYOM players or those people, who play SAMP or MTA, or any other multiplayer client. The aim of my work is to find and to fix any bugs and incompatibility problems in animations. This mod doesn't change the look of animations, but it makes some corrections that make the animation work properly with all models. What kind of bugs it fixes: In most cases, this mod fixes regular twisted breast bug, which can be seen on female models within some combat movements, sneaking, movement with heavy weapons, jetpack stance and driving. Fixes possible incorrect show-up or disappearance of lower jaw and eyebrows for facial animations. Fixes excessive upward rotation of the lower jaw while conversating (originally, the jaw was unnecessarily turned by about 9 degrees upper than it supposed to be), so characters now should open mouth properly while speaking The list of fixed animations (last update - 08/12/2017 20:00 UTC+3): RELEASE 1.5 - DOWNLOAD LINK (MEDIAFIRE) RELEASE 1.0 - DOWNLOAD LINK (MEDIAFIRE) Raw updates are some sort of unstable additions to last confirmed release (1.5) distributed as intermediate WIP-type (alpha) content before the next confirmed release. The content may be modified even within single raw update. In this case, only minor hotfixes are applied, without any new content included. RAW UPDATE #2 (08/12/2017) - DOWNLOAD LINK RAW UPDATE #1 (16/11/2017) - DOWNLOAD LINK Previous raw updates are NOT REQUIRED for installation, so you can just download the last one and install it over the last confirmed release (1.5). Optional part of Raw Update #2 requires CLEO (any version).
  20. Keeping Busy I hope?

    Is there any better graphics than this?

    Like the title says is there any better graphics than that?(EDIT)For GTA SA BTW! Thanks! DISCLAIMER! I don't care what pc do you need to run the graphics okay! Just gimme the best graphics mod -Gru
  21. Self explanatory. I added BumpMap and EnvironmentMap to most of the weapons in GTASA. No plugins needed to use this. Credits: DK22PAC for MatFXTool, help, and some textures he posted in this forum. Ezekiel: All the credits to his reflection texture (i think it's a color correction of a texture posted by Dk) i use. Me: The .txt parameters, bump maps and importing into Dff. Do whatever you want with these DFF and bumpmaps (RGB Noise desaturated). DOWNLOAD
  22. Aim: To remake the weapon icons in this picture in better quality. Progress: All Icons are done. Note: The detail on the weapon icons made is by zooming as hard as I could and stressing my eyes as hard as I could.Each icon takes upto half an hour to draw and retouch.While It won't be useful for everyone,just something I made for my passion .and the request by a member of this forums three years ago.While he is banned from forums now,that doesn't mean I won't make this thing. Download: SABetaIcons.zip
  23. ConsulSA

    Gta San Andreas - Big Beta

    Gta Sa:BGBT (Big Beta) a mix beta mod.Includes (Beta Weapons,Beta Gangs +Wars,And More.) DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/lz1l6g9k1h7b907/B%C4%B0GBETA0.82.rar TEAM Koanvelt - Leader Samo3426T-Mixer Craziycooas-Tester SPECİAL THANKS Silent-For his Gang Wars mod. Deezire-TTDISA Crpsy-TTDISA fix fastman92-Limit Adjuster SCREENSHOTS Q-OH MAN THİS MOD SUCKs... A-I am noob at modding but ı am release good version.
  24. hlennarz

    [REL] ->UPDATED<- Unity-Station

    A simple mod that brings a lot more life and realism to the previously abandoned looking Unity-Station. - added a lot of park benches usable by pedestrians - added drink & snack machines - added payphones - added trashcans - added a hot dog stand - added some mailboxes - added AC units to the buildings. screens: For an even better experience I reccomend the "New Algorithm Of Railway Traffic" mod by Den_spb (has to be installed on a clean copy of the game first): http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=6750 Have Fun. I hope you like it :-) DOWNLOAD: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=29038 https://www.mediafire.com/file/w6uftxtbnlmfx85/updated_unity_station_by_hlennarz.rar
  25. thalilmythos

    SA - Realistic bike handling

    I got really tired of looking for a Good Bike handling on google, so i stopped and did it myself, here, try it. Increased Bikes overall speed but decreased maniobrabilty Decreased the Bycicles speed, because they were Insanely fast, unrealistic from where i see it, they are on par with V's bicycle speed. http://www.mediafire.com/file/q885a9zp2jcvasp/Realistic+bikes+handling.rar
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