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Found 346 results

  1. With this cleo mod, you can rename your vehicles without exit the game. The activation command is RENAME. (You can change this command in Renamer.ini file.) Renaming: ... To cancel the change, delete all with Backspace. Renamed: This is a good way of name your added vehicles. DOWNLOAD
  2. ClassicBG

    GTA San Andreas Deluxe HD

    Original website who made this link removed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlKhRItuuqo&t https://youtu.be/rxSH7gFqQCQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0uj15haHes&list=PLe4Sj79bfSHqHC18NpA4xKO8XBW3hu1oT Manual (Modloader) - copy files to clean SA link removed Full game link removed Report bugs if you found any to @GTASARemastered on twitter.
  3. Wolf_

    [CLEO] Beta Muscle

    hello people today bringing a mod of muscle that had in beta this happened when the game was in development Download
  4. GTA San Andreas - HD Radio icons These icons are transparent in 512x and looks good with GTA 5 HUD Bugs: None Author: ClassicBG (Bonus) HD Radio icons for GTA IV radio HUD CHECK OUT! http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28759
  5. AquaVentusXI

    New Colored HD Icons

    Thanks to Camil1999 for creating these colored icons in high definition. Thank you! Camil1999 Post (Click here) _________________________________________________________ The compressed file include TXD files for Ace HUD & Original HUD. Click HERE to download!
  6. AquaVentusXI

    New HD Medical Kit Model

    This model was edited for use with the MKKJ mod. If you do not have your mod Medical Kit, I recommend downloading it from your post by clicking HERE. Thanks MKKJ ______________________________________________________________ Original Post http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=20268 ______________________________________________________________ Thanks to Chimera28, she made the model in high definition and I just edited it. Thank you! Click here to download! -AquaVXI
  7. SA:MP GPS A GPS for SA:MP based on DK22Pac's plugin-sdk (GPS on example directory). Download Download the ASI file from GitHub releases page Source Code Project URL: SAMP-GPS on GitHub All credits goes to DK22Pac, thanks for awesome plugin-sdk project.
  8. Author : ThePedro004 Version : 1.0 This mod changes the grass textures to HD grass textures from the mods Verdant & Unbelievable Grass Two from The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim. All the texture credits goes to AceeQ and Preeum. I just build up the mod and used a modified plants.dat. Without Enb Screenshots : Video : Download Many Thanks to Sagaty for the Name idea.
  9. Realistic Weapons Settings Version: 1.1.1 Last update: 12/04/17 Author: Deadstroke Credits: Screenshots General Description General Description This a script mod with a lot of changes and improvments in game's weapon system. Resuming, you can: - Reload Mod: you can reload your weapon with many options any time you need; - Limited Munition: set a max ammo in each weapon limiting your munition; - Manual fire: fire manually like FPS games; - Fixes about weapons; - Set all functions like you want; - A separated mod: 'Realistic Recoil', that can make fires more realistic, with a better recoil and scattering. Complete Description Requirements and instalation
  10. Forever L

    [SA] Welcome to San Andreas!

    Good to all, I come to present this conversion for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. On this occasion I have converted the models of the cutscenes of the other installments of III Era: GTA3 (Xbox), Vice City, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories). If someone thinks that I try to take advantage of another similar mod, it is not so. This is something I wanted to do a long time ago, but I just understood how to do it right. I hope you enjoy, and wait! Description - All converted models for in-game. - Minor fixes. Progress Vice City Downloads Vice City Tommy Vercetti (All Suits) - Download
  11. Digging aropund the GENRL file, I found numerous engine sounds (and other sounds) that remain unused in SA. Good thing R* didn't delete them! I changed the engine sounds of many vehicles to the unused ones, so that ALL of the unused sounds are now used. I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND USING MODLOADER FOR THIS MOD; (just paste the folder into your modloader folder and done!) To be specific, I'll name the engine sounds changed by this mod; -Perennial/Greenwood -Merit/ZR-350 -Tractor/Dozer -Rhino/Roadtrain -Banshee/SuperGT* -PCJ-600/NRG-500* -Freeway* -Sanchez/Quad* -Duneride/Enforcer -Baggage/Sweeper -Kart/Mower -Boxville/Camper -Clover/Sabre* -maybe a few more, I just can't remember. (Those marked in asterisks are special, read the bottom of this post.) Also, this mod restores some other unused sounds, too; -Train Horn (replaces the truck horn, since trains in SA can't have horns) -Loud Air Horn (Replaces the secondary siren on police cars) -New unused weapon sounds; -M4/AK-47 -Silenced Pistol -Minigun (sounds like an aircraft cannon!) -Micro Uzi/Tec-9 And it's completely bug-free! And remember that I added NO new content to the game; I just used only sounds which are already in the game files; just unused. The download is now a RAR file, instead of downloading each bank individually. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By7tVBbwR5B8X2pBbWR6ZzlqTGc ASTERISKS: The engine sound for the banshee/SuperGt hasn't been changed much; I just added a realistic gear shift sound, (Since these cars are sport/super cars, they likely have a lightweight flywheel, so CJ must apply a bit of gas while shifting de-clutched to keep the RPM high; hence the sound of the engine) Also, since the muscle cars had used the BF Injection sound in the beta, I decided to use it, too; however, I only partially replaced the muscle car sound; to keep the "old, beater engine" feel that the normal SA sound had. Also, I used a much lower-pitch version of the BF Injection's sound, with extra bass (thanks, Audacity sound editor!). Also, the bike sounds have also been amplified by 5 decibels, since motorbilkes are naturally louder than cars (no engine insulation).
  12. FacFerC

    [REL|SA] Mercosur License Plates

    Hi, here mi first release, the new Licenses plates of the Mercosur you now can have the new Mercosur License Plates on the GTA the mod includes license plates of *Argentina *Brasil *Uruguay *Paraguay *Venezuela Screenshots: Argentina Brasil Uruguay Paraguay Venezuela Download Links: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27865 https://mega.nz/#!mtUlwQgB!tyGU_I_hoadCGvHhCygOU0nSAnTptuvoc478W8KyEs4
  13. Initial purpose of this mod is to extend SA's gameplay by adding different power-up effects from other GTA titles as Special Abilities without breaking away difficulty of the Vanilla game. Because, SA is pretty much fine without Power-ups. Additionally, this mod is also intended to customizable to suit player's preference in every way possible There are 2 versions of this mod. Version 3.2.2 Features 6 Special abilities with additional customization like combining abilities and special screen effect. Controls Press CAPSLOCK to activate or deactivate your ability. Open statbox to see Special meter, then hold CAPSLOCK to see Special status bar instead. Abilities There are 6 abilities available to install, each abilities have their own way to fill the ability bar. An in-game introduction will provide basic info of it. Slows down time of surroundings. Based on III and VC's Adrenaline. Doubles weapon damage. Based on GTA2's Double Damage. Nullifies any damage taken. Based on GTA2's Invulnerability. Sharpen vehicle handling and slows down time slightly. Based on GTAV's Franklin ability. Maintain aiming focus. Gradually restores health. Configuration & Customization This mod includes important .ini file that adjusts many settings to customize your special ability and overall interface. Make sure to take a look at it. Changes made here will applied after reloading save. Change button to activate/deactivate Special ability Show or hide default Ability meter and Special meter Install one or two of 6 abilities above* Restrict ability to only usable on-foot or driving* Enable and adjust custom special meter Enable and change color of special screen effect, similiar to GTA V Enable functional ability meter of GTA V HUD mod *These settings will carried over savefile Notes Instantly fills special meter cheat code: Type "POWERUP" or "VGIGYANW" or "MKKKLM" Instantly max out Special stat cheat code; Type "WHONEEDSPILL" or "VZEKTUAH" As your Special stat rises, it also takes longer to fully fills your ability bar. As there's many mods that tweaks HUD, Several adjustment might required to display special meter properly, depending on your screen settings and mods that tweaks your HUD. Videos & Screenshots Download Mediafire - GTAGarage - GTAInside End Notes Version 4.0.2 Features Adrenaline from GTAIII and GTAVC as Special ability. Precursor of Special Abilities mod and updated as alternate version of it. Overview Press CAPSLOCK to activate or deactivate Adrenaline. Open statbox to see Adrenaline meter, then hold CAPSLOCK to see Adrenaline status bar instead. Several activities will increase your adrenaline, an in-game help will cover basic info about your ability upon the first time you activate your ability. Additionally, your handling and aiming can be improved by practice often during Adrenaline state. Configuration & Customization This mod includes important .ini file that adjusts many settings to customize your special ability and overall interface. Make sure to take a look at it. Changes made here will applied after reloading save. Change button to activate/deactivate Adrenaline Show or hide default Adrenaline meter and Adrenaline statbar Restrict adrenaline to only usable on-foot or driving*Enable custom adrenaline meter, with adjustable color, size and position. Enable special screen effect when ability active, similiar to GTA V. It's color is adjustable as well. Enable functional special meter of GTA V HUD mod by DK22Pac. *These settings will carried over savefile and can't be changed unless you started new game. Videos & Screenshots Difference with Special abilities Download Mediafire - GTAGarage - GTAInside Version History
  14. EndyVoon

    GTA SA Mod <Project EVE>

    Hello guys, I'm new here today I want to present the mod that make by me and my team's member (NMT) It is Project EVE, sine I want to post it here few month ago but I can't find the button that create new topic. For the proof the mod is own by me, here is the first post link below: http://www.miuk.cn/thread-37410-1-1.html (chinese gta modding website) And another proof is only me have the wing's version of the character of this mod First is the video hope your guys like it!!! And the Image: Project EVE Mod is: 1. A action type mod with exclusive a character. 2. The character in this mod is original design by Elsword and Xenosnake create a different eve in MMD. 3. It have RPG skill features, an combo system, even a flying system include. For more simple, it a bit like like dragon nest online 0w0 4. If you know who I am, maybe you can found some of the features/system of this mod is same as my previous mod (NEPGS, ACBT, PWC, MFSYS, ACBT-V2R) Note: The authors of this mod is in the video
  15. Project Overhaul is a Complete set of replacements for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: IV and Grand Theft Auto: V particles, effects, and much more. SA: 3D sound effects, ImVehF textures, Gta V Backfire, water droplets on vehicles, custom skids, butterflies, Jet splash and so on! IV: New Decals, Realistic Blood, Realistic smoke, New rain effects, HD Grass, HD Water, HD Vehicle Interiors, HD Vehicle paint, HD Vehicle dirt, HD Vehicle Generic Details, and much more! V: OIV Installer, Clear and High Detailed Water, New Rain effects (PRO & Mafia III styles), HD Water, HD Decals, HD bottom shadows, HD Water Caustic, HD Flares and DoF Flares, and much more! High-quality textures No frame rate drop Realistic effects Suitable for gameplay and screenshots (SA) PLUGINS: Re-created vehicles.txd GTA V Turbocharger lag (backfire) Custom skid textures Two different raindrop variants with ImVehFt support (NFS & Default) GTA IV vehicle fire Custom ImVehFt textures New HD Grass Flying Butterflies 3D sound effects (Fog, Sandstrom, Storm, Snow, Rain) CREDITS LennyH Function-X- Junior_Djjr Ezekiel [sAK*]KING_OF_SA FireFly B Dawg Mysterdogg SA VERSION: DOWNLOAD FINAL VERSION (gtainside) DOWNLOAD 1.2.1 (mediafire) DOWNLOAD v1.1.3 (mediafire) DOWNLOAD v1.0.0 (gtainside) v1.0.0 GALLERY GTAGARAGE
  16. The Truth '92

    [SA] Nostalgia Timecyc [SA:MP Compatible]

    Firstly, a huge thanks to fastman92 for his In-Game Timecyc Editor, without which timecycle mods would be an incredible pain in the ass to make. Also, you should all be using SilentPatch. It's freaking brilliant. About This Mod I would really appreciate feedback, good and bad, so I know what to improve on. I've spent years playing this game with "realistic" timecycles, including the past three using my own, so it feels kind of nice to see a nostalgic look to this game again, but improved where I felt it was needed. I hope you all enjoy it too, and please feel free to share any comments with me. DOWNLOAD LINKS 1. GTA Inside 2. MediaFire
  17. Description: This modification will add a running animation when using a two handed weapon. Need to add a simple asi script, and replace the default ped.ifp to add the sprint animation. Changelog: - Fixed Broken Animation. - FIxed Loading from a saved game. Download Link (UPDATED): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ue5mh97c22hy7uf/SA.Player_SprintArmed.rar Hope guys you like it Credits: EddoWilliams2016 - Inspired me with a release for VC. SlingShot753 - Fixed animation bug.
  18. An ASI mod that makes the HUD have VC colors, but instead of adding some VC features to the HUD (which, believe me, I tried, and it didn't work) I added a few extra twists.. Big thanks to iFarbod for helping out on most things. Now the screenshots: Sliding Area/Car text Flashing police stars (also shows the hud): And non-hud feature, VC-like interior markers: IT SPINS! Download link: <CLICK THIS>
  19. So, I've been asking this question myself. Why there's no one making a clean Daytona USA soundtrack on 8-track. with ambience noise and reverb that fits the game atmosphere? Since I've never found any, I have decided to make one myself, created using clean rip of Daytona USA Arcade soundtrack converted from a Yamaha YM2151 PCM chip .vgm log, Daytona USA on Sega Saturn soundtrack from numerous sources (Sonic Retro, vgm-rips, etc.) and then did some "nasty" things on Audacity using multiple plugins from the past. It loops perfectly. You'll need Alci SAAT GUI Frontend. Instruction on installations is availabe on the readme file on the either version. Note: If Alci SAAT shows up "Error Opening Lookup file 'x'.", download this configuration for your Alci: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rjx6pn4jkav091f/FIX+ALCIS+SAAT+(JPX64).rar Download links here: Arcade version. ZIP: Link (Mediafire) 7z: Link (Mediafire) Sega Saturn version. ZIP: Link 7z: Link Known issues: The same soundtrack would play on another, unrelated event stadium (e.g Blackfield stadium) because both shared the same stream (and I do not know how to separate them.) The audio may sounds too compressed on higher end speakers, because I had to compress the lossless file so it can fit on GTA SA stream memory. Video: (c) 1993. Daytona USA and the Daytona USA logo is a product of Sega and is copyrighted.
  20. Irsis

    (SA) Real peds remake

    REAL PEDS REMAKE by Irsis One of my old edit. Originally created by dim1988, then edited by Junior_Djjr(but removed, because of bugfest) and then hopefully the last person, me. This mod makes random ped around CJ become less boring. they will perform random animation like smoking, calling or get drunk - Now instead of creating actor, the script will catch random actor around player. - Same ped cant perform the anim twice - Unlike the older version, now mod wont start on mission, wanted level >0, actor's task of killing player(you dont want your enemy start doing animation when fighting you right?), when on some animation(hands up, cower, lay back etc), or when in rain(to make it compatible with hard rain mod) Optional: Inside my folder, i include a mod that make random ped bring bag or reading newspaper on a bench. Move that folder into your modloader folder if you want. Credits: - dim1988 (Original author) - Junior_Djjr (Remake version and ped struct script) DOWNLOAD
  21. Irsis

    (SA) Buy drug remake

    BUY DRUGS REMAKE by Irsis Do you like to get high? I recreated buy drug mod by BipolarBear and made it much better(at least for me xD) - Unlike the original version, now you can smoke while driving and added the ability to change your weapon while being high. - Inhale and exhale sfx added - When you smoke, the visual will start greenish, the screen will start shaking, cj will start shouting things, object become curved and the time is slowed down. - The high effect lasts depend on how long the script figuring its way out(i make some sort of maze for the script so you will get different result of time last) - Player limited only to five drag per weed. Control: Press NUM 1-9 near the dealer to buy weed Press 'TAB + 3' to light the ciggarette Press 'TAB + 4' to check the remaining weed Press 'R' to have a light drag Press 'T' to have a heavy drag Credit: BipolarBear (original creator) DOWNLOAD
  22. Irsis

    (SA) Fair cop

    FAIR COP by Irsis Have you wonder why cop didnt react to anyone who hit player? This script fixed it. - Cop will attack anyone who hit you as long as you dont have wanted level - Cop's weapon will depend on the target's weapon, if they using melee, cop will use nitestick. if using handgun/submachine gun, cop will use pistol. If using shotgun/heavy machinegun cop will use shotgun. Optional: Inside the folder i also include cop fix if you want to make desert sherrif and county deputy to appear on desert and county area of san fierro. DOWNLOAD
  23. Irsis

    (SA) Exhaustion mod

    EXHAUSTION MOD by Irsis I always love the sleepy feature on Bully and decided to make this. Based on some of Thalilmythos's hunger script, i created exhaustion(or sleepy, i dont know, my english sucks) mod to prove that gangster is merely human!! Therefore need to sleep too!! - Your vision starts to blur after 23 hour. Your head will go down, start to yawn, the screen gets dark, Cj moves slow and you cant sprint. - After 25 hour, you will pass out and there are random chance that you lose all of your money(this prove my bank mod is useful!!) Or lose your clothes(leaves you wake up only using underwear). - inside my folder, you can chose to install my anim mod so you can sleep anywhere by pressing TAB + W and have a smaller chances to lose your stuff when youre outside, unless you have reqruited gangs around you. Required: - Use blur on camera shake by LINK2012 to have the blur effect when sleepy: https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=23960 - Use sleeping mod by [_KRASH_] to sleep inside your house without worrying your stuff stolen: https://libertycity.net/files/gta-san-andreas/51304-son-sleep-time-ver2.3.html Credit: Thalilmythos DOWNLOAD
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