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Found 346 results

  1. In45do

    In45do's Workshop

    Welcome to In45do's Workshop! Here you can download all of my released mods from 2014 until now! My computer was broken in 2015 so I took some times to focus on something else. Now I am back at modding again since 2018 with a lot of cool stuff to make! (These mods are for GTA SA) I'm open for collaborative work with GTA SA related mods. Feel free to leave a comment on how I should improve this thread and/or my upcoming mods. Thank you!
  2. the_mario

    LSPD skinpack by Mario

    LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT SKINPACK BY MARIO After several months of being worked on, I can finally release this skinpack with good conscience. It consists of a replacement for every LSPD related skin, minus SWAT. That includes the two female skins, vbfycpd and wfyclpd, all male patrol skins, such as lapd1, sfpd1, lapdm1, pulaski, hern and tenpen. These skins all keep their own head to match the original appearance. The uniforms and the gear however is all custom modeled and textured. I've tried to stay as close to LAPD's loadout with this as to stay realistic. I did not include a taser because they look horrible and we don't like horrible things. The models are pretty much lowpoly, although the textures are of decent size, several 512x512 textures as the standard. Features: I. Uniform variety Males have two uniform variants, short and long sleeve. Females only have short sleeved uniforms. Both uniform options have room for collar rank pins. There's also the option for sown rank patches on the sleeves. II. Normal mapping Simply put this results in better shadows on the model, as well as miscellaneous effects, such as faux reflection on the badge, nametag, rank pins and helmet. The normal maps have all been generated specifically for each texture instead of a cover-all solution. You do need the normal map plugin for this to work, which download link will be provided below. Note that you can use the skins without the plugin just fine, although you won't get the added effects. III. Alpha mapped ranks Each model supports both collar pins and rank patches. They are applied via alpha mapping, which makes it a seperate texture in the .txd.This allows for quick editing of the rank pin or patch, which anyone can doThere's a rank pin or patch provided for each rank, but you will have to put it in the .txd yourself using TXDworkshop. The ranks start from PO-3 to Chief of Police, taking along the Sergeant career and the Detective career. IV. Hand-drawn textures Many of the textures are drawn by hand in Photoshop. No more cases of the walking google images many mods have become nowadays. They're hand-drawn, with highlights and realistic shadows. This should result in the skins fitting better in the game. V. Custom models All models except the pistol and heads have been modeled specifically for this modpack, no models were stolen from other games or such. How to use the rank images: Each model supports both collar pins and shoulder patches. The collar pins are controlled by Pin and Pin_n in the .txd. The shoulder patches are controlled by Patch and Patch_n. The Pin_n and Patch_n images are the normal maps, which are blue. Replace those with the rank_norm images. The regular Pin and Patch images are to be replaced with the normal ranks. For example, to get the captain bars, you import the Captain.png into the Pin slot. You import the Captain_norm into the Pin_n slot. You don't change the file names of the Pin and Pin_n slot, they stay the same regardless of the rank. For a Sergeant patch, I would import SGTI.png into the Patch slot and SGTI_norm into the Patch_n slot. Credits: - Mario - Rockstar Games Downloads: Pack + rank images: Mediafire - Full Pack Rank images only: Mediafire - Ranks only Custom badge and namebar: Mediafire - Badge Namebar Normal map plugin by: GTAForums - Normal Map Plugin & tools Note that the normal map plugin will not work with the specular mod. Contact me if you find any real bugs.
  3. Irsis

    (SA) Bank mod

    BANK MOD by Irsis Hi everyone. I got bored playing SA and wondering why the bank interior only used on a mission? Then i created this. There are 5 location of the bank, use Atm mod by Msv(inside my folder) to know the location. Peds, employee and securities roam inside it. You are not allowed to hold weapons inside it, if you do the the alarm will start and you got 2 stars. You can rob the bank by throwing satchel on Atm, but be careful, securities are equipped with desert eagle. After you get the cash, the atms will take some time to appear again to avoid easy money. I also include my edit of bussines mod by fastman92, use it if you want some bank transaction inside the building(press TAB to open business menu when youre near teller) And my edit of Atm mod by MSV if you want to have bank icon and Atms scattered in map(Go near atm to open the menu). You can also rob the ATM by blowing it using satchel. Bank interaction: ATM interaction: Bank locations: Credits: Fastman92 Msv DOWNLOAD
  4. NO MORE ABANDONED AREA This mod is as straight forward as it gets, there will be people in places where there wasn't people, understand me? let me explain Do you like shooting gangbangers but allready finished the territories? Do you like shooting gangbangers for money? Do you like to infiltrate in military facilities just to kill everyone? Do you like to infiltrate in huge ships just to shoot the sh*t out of some Korean gangsters? Well you can do all that with this mod, and you won't have to feel lonely in alleyways, no, not anymore FEATURES -Responsive gangs in different places according to their city -Daytime congruence: Gangs appear in different places in different hours. -Interiors: such as the vagos house, the ballas crack den, and last but not least, the sindacco abatoir. -Restricted areas: You got the weekend soldiers willing to bite your skin off, the KACC freight depot is full of Soldiers too. -Ships: Only the ships of san fierro filled with Da nang boys are a good excuse to try this sh*t, is awesome just parachuting in one of them and shooting everyone in, or going there with the jetpack and shoot everyone in, or going there with a seasparrow and shoot everyone in with the machine gun of the helicopter, and so on. -Money: you don't do this just for fun, everytime you kill the gangs ubicated in the scripts i created you get from 2000 to 15000 depending on how much they are THE GANGS THE BALLAS Good luck visiting the crack den VAGOS VARRIO LOS AZTECAS Dis niggas ain't got no love for the paparazzi THE RUSSIANS They don't exactly like carl neither THE COBRAS BIKER GANG (This is not enterable in my mod, that marker is from enterable hidden interiors) THE MAFIA this is indeed enterable in my mod, there are mobsters inside, that's why the guards. THE SAN FIERRO RIFA THE TRIADS THE DA NANG BOYS The only way to reach this ship is by flight. I don't recomend swimming around this ship RESTRICTED AREAS KACC FREIGHT DEPOT You can only enter this area by using a patriot THE WEEKEND SOLDIERS Did you missed the weekend soldiers? Well they missed you too They just get closer to give you a group hug Is all understood? further instructions in the readme included in the download below http://www.mediafire.com/file/fi9i7bcbjjp8j9f/CLEO%20-%20NAA.rar Now all the gangs are only in one script, aside from that, i made improvements to the interiors. that are still individual scripts. Credits: gtaloconbest98 for creating the original mod in the first place, from which i have created the new scripts. MKKJ for the help testing and improving the scripts
  5. GTA San Andreas Advance is my project that make GTA San Andreas is better and harder than original. What I modified from this game. - Modified some missions to make this game harder. - Add more Peds and Weapons. - Add more Gang Members and Cops. - Add some stats. - Add some models to unique characters (Freddy, Weasel, Kane, etc). - etc... Some tools and another mods that I used. - Cleo 4 - https://cleo.li/ - Sanny Builder 3 - https://www.sannybuilder.com/ - 3DS Max - Fastman92 Limit Adjuster - Fastman92 - Modloader - Link2012 - Some Peds from... - https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=11520 - https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25088 - https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25755 - https://gtaforums.com/topic/553100-gta-san-andreas-big-gangster-mod/ (BETA gangster ped models only) - Some weapons from Manhunt, GTA VC, GTA LCS, and GTA VCS. Trailer: Download link Some features from BETA I version: - Some missions are harder than original. - Gangsters, Cops, Criminals, Prostitute, and Dealers are stronger than before. - Add some peds and weapons. - Elite Police Squads (like Vice Squad) are chasing and killing you if you get 3 Wanted Stars. - You just play missions until Reuniting The Families mission. - Add some hidden weapons. Some features from BETA II version: - You just play until Yay Ka Boom Boom mission. - There are many added and remove features. . Remove Elite Police Squads. . Add and remove some weapons. . Remove some new peds. - New weapon animations for Revolver Weapons and Double-Barrel Shotgun - Add more unique skin for characters. - Different Police skins (except San Fierro Police) if you use "PedFuncs". - Add and Change some Spawned Weapons. Some plans to future updates... - Add some unique enemies. - Add more peds and weapons. - More modified missions until End of The Line mission. - etc... Moddb page.
  6. ThePedro004

    Faithful Weapons Pack

    Faithful Weapons Pack FWP 1.0 Introduction The goal of the FWP is basically to replace the original game weapons with similar or identical HD quality weapons that are consistent with each other. Each weapon has been replaced by a high quality model consistent with the goal of getting as close as possible to the original weapons in the game. All weapons have their own icon (render of the weapon's 3D model, when I finish the base pack I intend to use nadalao's icons), as well as normal maps and mip maps. I will release DLC's in the future including added weapons without replacing, but will need to use Fastman Limit Adjuster. The mod also includes optional weapon sounds. Videos Screenshots Weapons Renders Current Progress: Melee Weapons Brassknuckles Nightstick Baseball bat Pool Cue Golf Club Shovel Knife Katana Chainsaw Pistols Pistol Silenced Pistol Desert Eagle Sub Machine Guns Micro-Uzi Tec-9 SMG Shotguns Chromegun Sawn Off Combat Shotgun Assault Rifles AK-47 M4 Rifles Rifle Sniper Grenades Molotov cocktail Grenade Tear gas Remote Explosive Heavy Weapons Flame-thrower Minigun RPG Heatseek Equipment Spray can Camera Fire extinguisher Parachute Heat Vision Goggles Nightvision Goggles Jetpack Detonator Others Cane Flowers Dildo 1 Dildo 2 Vibrator 1 Vibrator 2 Telephone Subtitle : Finished Not finished Download Current Version: 1.0 Recomended Mods: Normal Map by DK Awesome IFP Combat FX Upgrade Credits: ThePedro004 (Conversion) All the original models authors are in their respective weapon folder in the download.
  7. Zeneric

    Smooth Criminal Bicycles

    Smooth Criminal Bicycles v3.0 v3.0: Added more bicycle extras. Adapted with Vehfuncs' paintjob function. Secondary colors (carcols) added. Adapted with Vehfuncs' f_brake function. Replaced some SCB bicycle meshes with improved/better meshes (aka less blocky/messy). New bicycle details. Retweaked some bicycle materials. Adapted with SkyGFX and RenderHook (Sormed's PS2 Atmosphere RH preset recommended). Added default GTA SA Dirt (vehiclegrunge256) to bicycles - adapted with Vehfuncs' dirt system (ECG recommended for high quality dirt texture). Removed the need of ISDC's bmx/bike wheels, and also removed the need of Rikintosh's textures. Authors: Zeneric/Kkjj SCBv3 download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M82o-b6xHHacUiNa4yxj-9x47DkDGOT7
  8. BH Team


    v.026.5-beta WHAT IS MOONLOADER MoonLoader is a modification for GTA: San Andreas that brings new ability to use Lua scripts made by mods creators. With Lua scripts you can change some game aspects, expand gameplay and add new features. MoonLoader provides to developers extensive functionality for modding, it includes all familiar capabilities that CLEO has, and also combines many new features that were not previously available together in any GTA: SA modding framework. It is still a young modification and hasn't yet spread widely, but there are some scripts already made, and it aims to become the complete modern CLEO replacement! FEATURES Lua Programming Language — the heart of MoonLoader. Lua is one of the most popular scripting languages, it has huge community, Lua is very widely used in game development, it's very simple but also very flexible programming language. Very easy to learn — despite it is a simple language there are a lot of tutorials, guides, books, courses and answered questions Great community — lots and lots ready-made solutions, almost every programming universal objective is solved Simple and powerful No programming limits (compared to SCM) No compilation needed Safety and error handling Built-in debugging tools Good and straightforward API And much more... MoonLoader uses LuaJIT — a just-in-time compiler for Lua and the fastest scripting engine FFI — FFI is an embedded library in LuaJIT, it provides direct interface between Lua and process memory and gives ability to directly call functions in memory, access data structures, pass Lua-functions to memory and even write on Assembly with DynASM from pure Lua. And, as everyone knows, all this is an integral part of gamemodding Script Management — script management system allows to obtain information about scripts and manipulate scripts execution Compilation is not Necessary — scripts can be compiled but it's not required, and if the script is open source every user can edit it without any preparation Error Handling — MoonLoader handles as many errors as it can. If CLEO-script dies because of an error then the whole game dies, but if Lua-script dies due to an error, it just prints the error to the log and stops script execution No Dependencies — the only two things are required is installed ASI Loader and version 1.0US of GTA: San Andreas Compatible With SA-MP — MoonLoader is meant to be compatible with both sigleplayer game and SA-MP Events — track such events like starting new game, window messages, quitting game, stopping script, etc. Atom as an Official IDE — Atom is great code editor, it's modern and completely customizable. MoonLoader has its own package for Atom to provide smart autocompletion, function search and error highlighting. Notepad++ also has an official MoonLoader support. If you don't like Atom for some reason, you can choose any text editor, even the standard Notepad. There are really no requirements for any special tools Early Stage Loading — Lua scripts loads just after game starts but there are two stages of loading: the "initialization stage" right after game launch and the "active stage" when game loaded Separate Save Game System — event-based game saving system allows to control when player starts a new game, loads a game or saves it Inter-Script Communication — scripts can exchange data and interact with each other through the export-import feature (it's not the standard function 'require') Synchronous Scripting Threads — scripting threads makes synchronous multitasking a lot easier Standard Libraries — distro includes some standard libraries with the common development tools And of course a bunch of new functions NOTES AND PLANS After almost a year of open alpha-testing MoonLoader finally got a beta-testing status. The stability of its work has been verified by time and by many users, but there are some things that you need to be informed about. Originally was planned that MoonLoader will support all versions of GTA: SA but with increasing functionality it's began to become a more difficult task and in the end it was decided that only v1.0US will be supported, maybe in the future it will change, but not now and there is no promises. Anyway it's not a big problem — most of mods supports only v1.0US as well and this version is most common for modding. MoonLoader has lack of documentation in English, official wiki is ok but currently it's all in Russian (but has the embedded Google Translate). Another thing is that many of conventional scripting opcodes are not described on our wiki (but you can find descriptions over the Internet, eg on GTAGModding). DXUT and SA-MP functions requires SAMPFUNCS installed, because they are opcodes from SAMPFUNCS. If you don't use these functions, SAMPFUNCS is not required. Since MoonLoader emulates SCM opcodes to provide all familiar game scripting functions, it makes small speed overhead for these functions compared to SCM — it is the cost for the all standard scripting functionality, but in most cases Lua is faster than SCM. The most common opcodes are gradually replaced with built-in functions in newer versions. Lua has no native support of thread saving into the file and MoonLoader doesn't support this as well. But it's not that bad, there is event-based game saving system that provides full control over saving and loading game. At this moment MoonLoader already has all necessary concepts and new functionality (like more game functions) can be easily implemented via dll and lua modules. The current plans is to add good rendering API and fix some of issues listed above. If you are interested in Lua script development check the getting started guide. DEVELOPERS FYP, hnnssy, EvgeN 1137 SPECIAL THANKS DK22Pac, MISTER_GONWIK, 4el0ve4ik, EXPORT, Garrus, CLEO 4 DOWNLOAD Download Installer Installation: run setup-moonloader.exe and follow steps of the installation master Download Archive (for manual installation. Doesn't include extension for Notepad++) Installation: extract all files from downloaded archive to the GTA: San Andreas root folder (make sure you have ASI Loader installed) Download Script Examples (may be obsolete) SCRIPT INSTALLATION Follow the script installation instructions or just copy all content related to the script into the 'moonloader' folder located in the game's root directory. LINKS Development Thread Wiki (Translated via Google Translate from Russian): main page; all pages related to MoonLoader Lua Mods on BlastHack (some of them are available in archive with examples, but the threads in the forum have descriptions) Official Russian Thread Official Russian Development Thread
  9. With this mod, You can make police rebel against the law! The dark side of the force! Aim gun to any police and press'z'. Fallen cop will be equiped with AK and go shoot peds, police, gangs. Some cop won't rebel right away. Don't worry, cause rebel one will take care of em. The mod is currently uploading at http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28078 (If you can't download at link above, you may download it at below page for now) http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/93929-police-rebellion-mod/ You can visit my blog for other mod http://blog.extraincomereview.com/category/games/gta-modding/ Updates log Version 1.1 - fix bug on making player invincible (you can use any trainer for that one) - make z key work faster Version 1.2 -fix bug that dead body dont disappear -make rebel cop stronger Version 1.3 -chance of rebelling now determined by total respect. More respect, more chance -make more variant in rebel cop's weapon -higher limit of active rebel cop
  10. nWo51289


    OpenLiberty is a map conversion that converts the map of Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto 3 (PC Version) to GTA San Andreas Modloader is HIGHLY recommended! Drag & Drop "OpenLiberty" folder into the Modloader folder, enable in settings and play! You can install the 'old fashion way' but I will not give any assistance! Can I use the map in my mod? Yes you can! Its called 'OpenLiberty' for a reason Why do we need yet another conversion!? The LC map from saxvcxlc lacked prelight and props (lamposts etc) What has been converted? Everything. This is converted straight from GTA3 to SA as is. Will you convert the map to VC? No, but you are more than welcome to do that! Will you convert characters? No just the map Are there traffic? No. Need to figure out how to quickly convert paths from GTA 3 to SA without bugs Are there bugs? Missing textures, invisible collisions, no traffic, water does not fit within the 6000x6000 default bounds, Miss Liberty is missing night vertex color, random floating roads/objects, no culls Does this include any extras? This includes Miss Liberty & Ultimate Stunt Park mods by ODIE. Also includes missing multiplayer levels from GTA 3 without any fixes or work done on them. Also did a new radar map from scratch, each tile is 512x512. There are buildings with no roofs? That's how it is in GTA3. There will be a update in the future to add roofs to buildings Does this conversion have LODs? No Will you add map parts from LCS/SA? For the next version yes OpenLiberty 1.0.0 initial release Rockstar Games @cj2000 - RWIO 3ds Max Scripts, R* Col Converter, R* Texture Converter @fastman92 - fprocessor, IMG Limit Adjuster @DK22Pac - MagicTXD @LINK/2012 - Modloader, iii,vc,sa,limitadjuster @ThirteenAG - iii.vc.sa.limitadjuster, SALODLights @ZAZ - Clean main.scm @ODIE - Miss Liberty, Ultimate Stunt Park
  11. This modification aims to fix some script related issues/glitches/bugs left out by Rockstar Games in the PC version of San Andreas! Download link: GET IT HERE! -New bug reports of original SA script are welcome! Fixes list: To-do: NOTE: This mod fixes script issues without breaking original savegames compatibility and is based on 1.0 version of the script! Installation: Drop "main.scm" as well as "script.img" to the "script" folder in the data folder of your game and remember, don't forget to create backup of original files in case something goes wrong! Big Thanks to: Matt1010 - GTA Forums Topic design! OrionRS - Huge help with finding and fixing some of the issues! NOTE: This main post as well as Github page are still a big mess in turns of esthetics looking but i won't bother for now.
  12. EnhFuncs is a mod that adds new functions to models, designed for both weapons and for vehicles. It works just like other mods functions to models, but also with a .cfg. To have a weapon with some function of this mod, simply download and install. To adapt a weapon to some function, read files "How To Adapt" coming in the download. Actual list of functions: - 1F [break Action | "sawbarl"] - Possibility to model a gun that the barrel is broken when reloading (original sawnoff GTA comes with this feature!) - 2F [slide Cover | "slidecover"] - Possibility to model a gun with a piece that goes behind when shoot, the generally the "slide cover" of weapons like Glock - 3F [Penknife | "knifeblade"] - Possibility to model a penknife with the blade opening and closing DEMO OF 3 FUNCTIONS (1F, 2F, 3F): (was make with 3F v1.0) (Song: Djjr - L.I.O.N.) Author: Junior_Djjr Special thanks To: LINK/2012 and Wesser ACTUAL VERSION: 3F 2.0 [DOWNLOAD] You can download some weapons with this functions, clicking here, feel free to publish their functional weapons (or vehicles in future) here in this topic Change Log: ------ 26/08/15 (New script) - Main script rewritten from scratch with less CPU usage and RAM, not now lose more FPS. (EnhFuncs uses the same system for vehicles). Before the game could give lag if appears many people with weapons (such as police officers during high wanted level). - Fixed the "sawbarl" making the animation to reload twice. - Fixed Cameras commands (were wrong in the readme). - Added ability to change the game speed during the camera mode, thus being able to visualize the movement of the functions in slow motion etc. Cool to test and create videos demonstrating their weapons. - Less limit of models such as the "knifeblade" working for any melee weapon, and not only the knife. - Fixed camera 3 having the same configuration as the 1. - Rewritten error warnings, better and more warnings, such as checking files and version of crack. - Improved the default setting of the sawn-off (best locations and times). - Improvements in .txt of tutorial of how to adapt the functions. - Fixed the "slidecover" activating immediately at pick up a gun adapted to it. - Funções não duplicando na mesma arma. - The gun did not bugs if the .cfg not be loaded. - .ini file with some settings, including the camera positions. - English and Portuguese using the same scripts. Language set in the .ini. - Among other improvements not visible to the player.
  13. Hrod Wolf

    SA XBOX Map Features

    This modification includes only the features of the XBOX map. It does not remove some PC objects in contrast to the original XBOX map. A thorough work was done on finding map objects. Enjoy Comparisons (many images) The "Optional" folder contains my fix for TransFender garage: - Rays of light appear between 07:00 - 17:00 (like the old garage in San Fierro) - Textures are similar to PS2 Requirements: Open Limit Adjuster Mod Loader Highly recommended: SkyGFX Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mmplj235399geqp/SA_XBOX_Map_Features.zip Thanks: - The Hero / aap for great tools - DimZet / Dimzet13 for the TT-HD-III Pack - Inadequate for support
  14. Criminal side activities One day i reached 100% in San Andreas, and used to say: "Man i just wish i could shoot someone aside from this cops" "I wish i could make some missions aside from saving people life on ambulances, putting off fires, driving a taxi or driving prostitutes around, i mean, am a criminal right? feels like i'm doing social service over here, one life, one fire, one cab fare, one prostitute at a time" Many moons have passed since those days, and i slowly learned 5% of scripting, but at this point, i said: "Now is the time, i'm making my missions mod." And so, here i am, without further boring storys about my modding background, let's get to it. This is cleo script that will allow you to earn some money by doing missions with criminal content (not like the regular sidemissions on every gta) like shooting a group of specific targets, on foot, or driving, destroying an specific vehicle, or beating down some fools, is all mostly randomized, so they can be anywhere, anytime at the press of a button. "Gang Convoy" This one is heavily inspired by the gang wars on TLAD, drive towards a gang and kill them all, but be carefull, they will allways react badly, if you want my advice, don't let the drivers see you, is not like CJ the OG is a friendly face after all. "Seek and destroy" This is the hardest one, you have to destroy a protected cargo driving around town, sometimes is a sport car, sometimes is a heavy load, sometimes is a bulletproof security truck, the point is, stuff is not meant to arrive to it's destination, you are just the guy delivering that message. "Driver: Pickups" Drive around the city collecting money from the worst kind of people that you can collect money from, undercovers, traitors, and all kinds of bad guys. "Driver: Getaway" In this, someone made some poor life decisions and that lead them to being wanted to the police, so now you have to provide 3 random persons a getaway car, and evidently help them escape. "Hit contract" In this you have to kill a target, usually armed or protected by bodyguards. "Beat em up" In this you have to beat some objectives without killing them, just to scare them away, and putting them gym moves to the test once in a while. Hold tab + u for some seconds to use it. That's all for today. https://www.mediafire.com/file/uebfknhitz5lus8/Smissions_15_-_07_-_2019.rar/file
  15. memoss


    GTA SAN ANDREAS: WORLD TRADE CENTER HI THERE I WANNA REMAKE FOR OLD GTA SA GAME THW WTC TWIN TOWERS THE GREATIST BUILDING EVER MADE & FOR MEMORIES OF 911 the towers will be in san fierro it will be with entiror to the top floor & roof pics:
  16. Yhdf

    GTA VC Styled Icons

    These are some VC styled icons that i made for GTA SA and GTA VC weapons, i hope you enjoy. It contains icons of all weapons from these two games in gta vc style, including the VC beta weapon icons. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3LbLyN1bSM2TkpvQUNTWV9LMjg/view?usp=sharing
  17. I always wanted to make that statue look like it was made after the changes in Big Smoke Appearence so here's an updated statue for a small use in End of Line mission only kek https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3LbLyN1bSM2ZFV5bWF1bXpPNTA/view?usp=sharing
  18. GTA 5 Life Guard Hut Download : GTAInside Download : Updated Version Video Screenshots GTA 5 Life Guard Hut [Updated] 3d model source : GTA V , some of them created by me converted to : GTA SA Credit : Rockstar North , Rokstar Game Author : 6Four9 Features : - Custom LOD - Visible Windows Glass (special thank's to SergeDV) - Full Vertex Prelight - Custom Collision - High Poly - HD Textures (Resized from 256x256 to 1024x1024) - Animated Flag - Lightobject 2dfx Effect (special thank's to ZAZ and Zeneric) - Transparent Object (Glass Cup) How To Install : 2 Methods : 1.Manual Installation : Drag and drop gta3.img folder to gta3.img in Models's folder Drag and drop Data folder in to GTA SA Directory 2.Automatic Installation : use Modloader Drag and drop Data and gta3.img folder in to Modloader I put Screenshot in Screenshot's folder PS : Please do not reupload this mod in any other website , it's not allowed ! Enjoy !
  19. MrFinger

    Improved Vagos House

    This mod removes that fake red interior from Vagos house and adds there normal one. Burning Desire mission can be played with this mod. It has working collision and to get inside, you must ram the door with car. Screenshots: Download
  20. Hi, I'm gonna bringing my 2nd zombie horde survival to San Andreas. Story: You will go to the farm for a new years party, but being encountered by SWATs, after the infection spread in San Andreas. The 2 remaining farmer will drive you to San Fierro airport where are shelters. SWATs swarm to your location and... exploded their car and that's what your survival will start. Gameplay Wise: You will start the introduction first unless you wanna skip it, cheats can be found in description or readme. Killing more zombies per each waves will award you with cash but zombie will increase health and stats. Few Stores from were you start, including Luigi's taco and weapon store. 1 area upgrade (Located in Ruins in San Fierro) Can still save your progress when reloading your game. (Go to the nearest unlock safehouses or use cheat menu) 2-player is fully supported (only 2-player drop-in, drop-out mod you can go into his combined mod ) Screenshots: Downloads The Walking Hordes of Zombies Survival v1.0 The Walking Hordes of Zombies Survival v2.0 The Walking Hordes of Zombies Survival V2.0.1 Spawn Fix (Mediafire) Previous Version Zombie Apocalypse of The Walking Dead v2.0.1 OLD VERSION (if people would like to play the 2018 version, it really need way more required map of side mission) I use MTA2SCM to only convert placed objects and cars into cleo mission. (if anyone can get MTA2SCM.exe offine version I'll be happy converted more objects easily) V2 Changes: Luigi's nightmare - If you kill 400 zombies, you walk into Luigi's Taco (no service/zombie luigi) you'll encounter the mist that takes you to Luigi's nightmare Military base - after nightmare, you walk to Mitiary base to get the virus (where it started before) Few fixes You nolonger stand on the truck - but they'll leave you. (there's cars from the beginning and checkpoint) Removed "bringing Luigi to the car" (due to game crashes after failing the mission from checkpoint) Fix menus in Los Santos changed some music you'll start with big health - due do difficulty with armies/swats including zombies in higher level v2.0.1 small changes: Zombie spawn fix (spawn faster rate) Zombies will wonder around instead of going to player instantly. (How zombies wonder in "the walking of dead" TV series) add 8 more music cheats (some unused too!) Cheat lists (well not enough room to add menus of the cuz script maxed to 69kbs, so cheats will be squeezed in - fastman's doesn't increase the cleo mission. Test it before.) V1 play - play mission exit/giveup - exit mission skip - skip first part bored - skip second part boring - skip third part kill - increase 30+ kills wave - increase wave to +1 V2 stop music V2.0.1 music1 music2 music3 music4 music5 music6 music7 music8 music9 Videos:
  21. Spartan_112

    Spartan112's Workshop

    Hello everyone! I'm Spartan112 aka EpicBearHunter aka Mikhail Isaev. I'm GTA SA, GTA 4 modmaker from Russia and this is my workshop. I'll try to keep in touch and post all my recent mods here. Some links: https://libertycity.ru/user/Spartan+112/ http://www.gtainside.com/user/Spartan_112 (yes, I want to start modding for GTA 5, but not now, sorry) https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/Spartan%20112 And now, it's time for some content. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto IV: Thank you, for visiting my workshop! I hope, I will not disappoint you!
  22. Jeansowaty

    Big Gangster Mod - CR Edition

    Hello y'all! I'm here to announce you the Big Gangster Mod - CR Edition. What does CR stand for? Complete Revamp. That's right, this is not the same thing as the old buggy one. Instead of having a fartillion of model per one gang, you have more than 40 new gangs that spawn in their respective territories, carry unique guns and ride their cars. The developement of this thing started ages ago in 2014-2015. What's new? -The two unused gangs now become the Russian Mafia and the Bikers. -GSF, Aztecas, Triads and Bikers are friendly to each other. -Added 68 (no pun intended) new gangs and sets of various gangs, using a rezone method mastered by @ric-013 and @OrionSR, each with 3-4 peds per gang. -Added 39 new weapons (special thanks to @Wakka387 for teaching me how to add new weapons, I used his Additional Weapon Spawn V2 to add them in). -Three Families sets, the Seville Boulevard, Temple Drive and Santa Maria Families are friendly, but unrecruitable prior to the events of Reuniting The Families. Upon completion (or forceful takeover via glitches/savegame editors etc.) their territories will change from Azteca Blue to GSF Green and these sets will become recruitable. Thanks to @Rocky24pl for helping with this script. -The Admiral is now used by the Front Yard Ballas as their third gang car. Credits: All are in the Readme.txt of the mod. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f3pt2p8084j954f/Big_Gangster_Mod_-_CR_Edition.zip/file Pics (special thanks to @gtaga3ie1 and @Ryder_NiBBa for them!): (the op is still unfinished) ENJOY!!!
  23. Sup, A small mod that restores the side missions of vigilante with cheetah that were cut in the final version of the game. Have fun.
  24. JD_225

    JD_225's Junkyard

    Welcome to JD_225's Junkyard The place where I dump my mods Ok, here is the list of them:
  25. Rocky24pl

    LS Property Pack

    LS Property Pack is yet another modification of mine, which adds new properties to be bought in Los Santos. Of course, the house in Vinewood hills with a beautiful view on Los Santos won't be missing. In Downtown we also have a fully-stocked tenement house, it has a helicopter on it's roof. All safehouses have a garage and a wardrobe. LS Property Pack includes: -5 new propreties to buy. -A new room and bathroom in CJ's house. -A garage in the Verona Beach Safehouse. -New weapon and car spawn points. -Upgraded Madd Dogg's Crib: *Three new garages free to use. *A new transition which will make navigating the place a bit easier. *CJ's room & a wardrobe Screenshots: Videos Authors: LS Property Pack - Rocky24pl GRGX Script - Link2012 ENEX Script - Silent Package for Modloader LS Property Pack Only Vinewood Hills Savehouse Only Vinewood Hills Savehouse & Richman Mansion
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