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Found 346 results

  1. salathiel

    Police Mod for GTA SA PS2

    Hi, sorry for the english. This is a mod I made for pc and I adapted to run on ps2. With this mod you can become a police patrolman and can arrest people, drop nails, call for backup, making pursuits, etc. Furthermore you can change the camera and repair the car. Video: How to install: Keys: R2 - Repair. Up - Nails. Right - Arresting suspect. Down - Reinforcement. Left - Camera. Tutorial: First of all you need to get the car. (Must be the first thing to do). Go on the garage and the car will appear. Enter the station and stand in front of the closet then you will get your uniform. Ready. You can now patrol. Whenever a suspect appears it will have a red mark. If it is in a car, you can press the down arrow and the reinforcement will be requested. To arrest someone, aim until he is hand up. So stop aim and press the right arrow until he starts to run toward your car (if you press the right arrow and he did not move, press again). He will enter the back of the car, then you needs to go to the parking. After some time the inmate will complete his jail time and leaves the right of the cell and go to cell left. You can open the cell on the left if you stand in front of it, so the prisoner can leave. Please visit my blogger: http://salathielpp.blogspot.com.br/2016/03/mod-policia-gta-sa-ps2-police-mod-gta.html and like the videos if you like. Download: https://mega.nz/#!eoR2TTRL!SWLTAztGB3U4v6nGwll9U2FdehAc5-GPB8jNGgH8hwA
  2. Here my first CarMod you ever wondered how it would the civilian version of the Hotring Racer? The Lumia is the civil version of that car! GTAInside link: soon Mega Link GTAGarage Link: soon Credits to Leonazix because he helped so much with the creation of this car
  3. BobFromReboot


    Finally, the rich in Vinewood can afford to turn their Air Conditioners on! This mod simply replaces the regular round texture on top of some roof AC units with an 8 frame animated texture. Use modloader. Updated! Changes: -two roofs in Angelpine used a different model for their AC units. Changed accordingly. http://imgur.com/s5ggmXE Download link (old) Version 2 download
  4. SlingShot753

    GTA III & VC 3D Pickups for San Andreas

    This mod replaces the San Andreas pickups with the ones from GTA III|VC|LCS. Replaces: -Health -Bribe -Property for Sale -Property Locked -Rampage (Both Single and Two Player Pickups) -Adrenaline Pickup -Clothing Pickup -Info Pickup -Two Player Pickup -Assets Icon/BigDollar -GTA 3 Bodyarmour Pickup (Includes VC Colors) NOTE: Since GTA 3 doesn't have the clothing pickup, I used the VC's model and replaced with the GTA LCS texture(PS2). And also, I resized them to fit more ingame (Original models were too much big). Installation: Choose one of the Colors folder and paste it with the DFFs folder inside modloader(highly recommended), or just replace the dff's and txd's in gta3.img. Ingame Screenshots: Check out the screenshots. Download: Mediafire Enjoy!
  5. xxWarPig22xx

    [WIP|REL|SA] GTA V Weapon Conversion

    GTA V WEAPONS TO SAN ANDREAS I'm converting all weapons from GTA V to GTA San Andreas. All weapons are retextured to resemble GTA V ones and they have custom weapon.dat lines. Most of them will be added, so you can download Fastman92LimitAdjuster to add them, or simply replace it with a vanilla weapon. At the end of my work i will make custom guns to replace weapons that haven't a GTA V weapon model to replace. Here is what I did until now.
  6. CLEO 4.3 Visit CLEO Website CLEO is a hugely popular extensible library plugin which brings new possibilities in scripting for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by Rockstar Games, allowing the use of thousands of unique mods which change or expand the gameplay. You may find more information about CLEO in the Sanny Builder help and on the website http://cleo.sannybuilder.com I'm now developing this. Now with legacy (CLEO 3) mode! Name problematic CLEO 3 scripts with the '.cs3' extension for added compatibility with certain CLEO 3 scripts and CLEO 4 (rarely necessary). The change log mainly highlights changes to opcodes (pretty important for scripters). Mirrors (latest build: v4.3.22) Download (setup) Download (zipped)
  7. In45do

    The Lost Cruise

    ~~~~ The Lost Cruise ~~~~ Introduction Hello guys! Here I want to make something new (for me), it's underwater map. It will be awesome because I will add ship wreck. I don't know what GTA V does when you're in the water, but I think you'll find treasure things like. Features What will you find in this mod? Look down here : - Submarine (made by Switch Designs, retex by me) - Underwater myth - 9 ships wreck around San Andreas - 9 blue package needs to be found - Improved LOD object of the ship (far distance) - Improved COL object (collision) - Improved Submarine handling - Darker underwater - Different rewards, depends on it's location - Submarine's light (thanks for @ZAZ help) - GTA V underwater (thanks to ) - Coral object around the ship's wreck (thanks to @ZAZ and @Meheraj7 ) - Underwater animation (thanks to ) - Brighter blue underwater (thanks to Ryosuke's colormod) - BONUS : GTA V ambience music, it will be heared if player driving a vehicle high on the sky Currently this version is BETA 4. Release Date 04/14/2014 BETA 4, download them here Screenshots You might want to see them here, because the pictures are too big. Video Comment and suggestion are welcome!
  8. nWo51289


    SA LODless is a modification that removes all of the LODs from SA and also increase draw distances for all of the HQ models in game. This is achieved by transferring HQ models from Binary IPLs for every sector of the map and transfer the IPL lines to its IPL counterpart and then deleting the LOD lines. Binary IPLs used by main.scm & interiors are left intact. This modification is compatible with the default main.scm, SAMP and numerous different cleo scripts, map mods etc. - Extract the files in put_to_root_of_gta_sa to your game directory - Double click on SA_LODless.bat and let it do its job! It will only transfer LODS to SAMPCOL.img for compatibility with SAMP if the SAMP folder exists - Done! - NOTE: You need to install this on a clean copy of GTA SA! - Download the latest versions of Fastman92 Limit Adjuster & SALodLights.asi from Project2DFX - Open fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini and SALodLights.ini and make the following amendments: fastman92limitAdjuster_GTASA.ini SALodLights.ini Can I install this using Modloader? Yes! - Create a folder in Modloader and copy gta3.img from your models folder to the newly created folder for this mod - Follow the steps above - While loading the game, when the loading bar reaches the end there will be a few seconds of waiting before entering in game. This will take longer if you have texture mods installed. This is because the game is preloading the map before you spawn. - When entering a interior and the game plays the animation of entering through the door, you won't see any buildings as LODs are by default loaded. Hopefully sorting this problem will be as simple as _DK's binthesky.cs script along with the problem above. What is the difference between SA_LODless & .LOD Mod by @BLlTZ? .LOD Mod replaces LODs with their HQ counterparts while LODless simply just removes them Why do we need this when we already have SALodLights by @ThirteenAG? SALodLights hides the LODs from view which makes them useless and taking up useless space & IDs What is 'LoadMap.cs'? LoadMap is a cleo script which includes the binthesky fix by @DK22Pac, increases ped/vehicle LOD distances & preloads the map before you spawn. If you want more control over these, download LoadWholeMap & MixSets by @Junior_Djjr SA_LODless 1.1.8 changelog Other Downloads SA_LODless 1.1.7b changelog (SA_LODless 1.1.7 combined with Things To Do In SA Version 1.5.1) @ThirteenAG & @LINK/2012 - Project2DFX @DK22Pac - binthesky @fastman92 - fastman92 IMG Console, fastman92 Limit Adjuster & fastman92 processor Igor Pavlov - 7zip You may modify, re-release, pretty much do whatever you want with this mod without my permission. All I ask is for you to mention me in your credits. If not, oh well not a big deal
  9. Marty McFly

    [ENB] MMGE

    What is it? Marty McFly's Graphics Enhancement (short MMGE) is to date the most advanced ENB for GTASA out there. I rewrote the complete postprocessing of the ENB system, with focus on quality, performance and efficiency. Features: gaussian bloom with self-generating offsets and weights, faster and better than default enb bloom beautiful enb lens fx with custom offsets extremely simple and fast, yet beautiful DOF shader from scratch simple logarithmic tonemapping low amount of code to improve fps elaborated and thoroughly developed timecyc for best colors no weird color tints minimal amount of code for better fps Changelog: 1.0 | 07.09.14: initial release 1.1 | 29.12.14: smaller sunsize which now scales with screen size so no oversized suns on small screens anymore. Lowered lensflare intensity to prevent clipping. Smaller waterclear256 texture for better performance with water onscreen (old 0.076 and prior enb DLL's had no performance issues with large textures but updated algorithm in 0.248 has) 1.2 | 30.12.14: fixed bug coming with 1.1 which resulted in weird coloring when using no DOF configs Download: GTAInside Video: Screenshots: Known issues: (all these issues are not MMGE's fault but are caused by newest ENB DLL) Partial incompatibility with Windows 8/8.1. Possible fix which works for 50% of users is using modloader: install ENB as usual and move d3d9.dll, enbseries.ini and enblocal.ini to GTASA\modloader\enb\ folder, the rest stays where it is. This doesn't work for everyone though Needs DirectX redistributable. If your game doesn't start, reinstall DX setup from GTASA disk or use this one. If "procedure entry not found" error appears, update your GeForce Experience to at least 2.1.2 or newer. Blackscreen ingame (although minimap and HUD visible). Stealer protection kicked in. You need to copy the "Copyright_by_MartyMcFly.png" file to your GTA folder, too. If that doesn't work: possible fix is deleting the gta_sa.set file (sets all graphical and control options to default) in GTA San Andreas User files (located in My Documents). User "ByteCode2014" suggests that it could be Threaded Optimization in Nvidia CP, disable it. Or better, set everything in Nvidia CP to "Use Application Settings" Not compatible to old cards which ran older ENB's fine. Stealer list:Shahzel Ahmed Khan (proof: , facebook page)No support for SA-MP, MTA and incompatible hardware such as Intel VGA, AMD 3000 and prior, these are not meant for graphical modding and modding in general.
  10. Monument in honour of International Civil Aviation Day International Civil Aviation Day celebrated on December 7. This kind of aviation is used for civil needs: air transport, farming, health care and more other. Completely new monument with high quality models and textures, dedicated to the holiday, will be in Los Santos after installation. P.S. As bonus, in mod added some textures from HRT 1.4 [work 2012 build, now that textures were changed - 2015] because technically mod should include textures of the street, where stands a monument, so I decided to integrate those textures from HRT 1.4. Screenshots and video are captured in game with installed Autumn Sunshine. Originally released on Russian site in December 12, 2012 and include two versions (translated and readme, and signs on the monument!) - Russian and English. Author: Flame Release date: 12 December 2012 Download (27 Mb) See also: HRT 1.4 The Seasons series: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation Modifications by Flame: main thread
  11. HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition — is a modification which improves game graphics by replacing old textures for better quality. Main textures of Las Venturas, Los Santos, San Fierro and some parts of the countryside have been reworked. In addition to the replacement of textures, in some places there will be new objects. You now you can enter closed baseball stadium in Las Venturas; «Pirates in Men's Pants» casino turned into impromptu cafe; near the Wu Zi Mu's casino has appeared the park. Also, on the streets will now be more people, have been replaced trees and grass (using Project Oblivion 2007), made other improvements. ... Further development mod ideas — HRT 1.4. The new version creates entirely from scratch. Despite this, the «old generation» of mod too has many advantages, including changes on the location and very low, in comparison with brand new mod, system requirements. ----------------------- Download mod Automatic installation (589 Mb) Repacked in 2014. Here is also 2012 build: Deposit Files Manual installation (308 Mb) Mirror: Google Drive ----------------------- See screenshots in gallery on Mod DB, watch on my channel. HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition on Mod DB Readme with features list and tips how to run the game on new operation systems. How to combine mod with other my mods. The modification is compatible with SA-MP, but ENBSeries need to reconfigure or must be disabled\deleted (file d3d9.dll). The Seasons series: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation
  12. Flame

    [REL|SA] Realistic Weapons Pack

    Realistic Weapons Pack The collection, which includes several kinds of new weapons. Kalashnikov with bayonet > replace: old AK; Kalashnikov without bayonet > replace: old AK (see Bonus folder); AK-74 > replace: MP5; M1930 Mauser > replace: Colt 45; Hunter's knife > replace: old knife; Enhanced grenade > replace: old grenade. The mod is made to the Defender of the Fatherland Day the holiday which celebrated in Russia, Ukraine and neighboring countries on February 23. On this day, people honor the exploits of Red Army soldiers who fought with the Nazis. Also, this day is a holiday for the soldiers of modern armies, and is considered a «men's day». Mod has an automatic installation. Author: Flame Release date: 23 February 2012 Download from GTAGarage -------- See also: HRT 1.4 The Seasons series: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation Modifications by Flame: main thread
  13. Flame

    Autumn Sunshine

    The Seasons: Spring Season | Endless Summer | Autumn Sunshine | Winter Vacation || Other mods by Flame: HRT 1.4 | Main mods thread Autumn Sunshine Updated edition Autumn Sunshine is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas, dedicated to disturbing and enchanting autumn season. In mod you can see dynamic falling leaves, and already fallen leaves on the pavement and grass: in squares, forest, on the roads... You can see autumn trees yellow, orange, red and, sometimes, still green, as always in warm autumn. Fog in the morning and in the evening. Special atmosphere sounds: cawing of crows in the morning and, sometimes, subtle rustling of the wind... Also in mod is using ENBSeries graphic library that is specially configured for mod (using of palette makes the image more pleasing); with special menu users can easily configure graphic for their computer. Mod, as it was said, have a lot of gameplay features: wild animals in nature (this feature came to mod from mods-precursors Spring Season and Endless Summer but have been improved and expanded; for example, in autumn mod was added a new animal the coyote, you can find it in the desert; also you can meet two species of wolves, two species of bears, foxes; you can see your friends hunters with their dog and near the farms you can see chickens and roosters); hunting; ability to buy Hunter's House... In the Angel Pine village you can visit the exhibition of biggest vegetables in the state. Autumn for many people also associated with Halloween. Residents of the state are preparing for this holiday and arrange pumpkins and other festive decorations near their homes. You can dress in Halloween costume and when it considers that it is time to start the holiday, you can set the costumes for residents. And these not all features of the mod. Autumn Sunshine offers a wealth of innovations related to the autumn season, and you can spend a lot of wonderful moments with this beautiful mod. Authors: Flame, izerli, Black Stallion Release dates: 12 December 2011 — Autumn Sunshine (original version); 20 August 2012 — Autumn Sunshine: SA-MP Edition; 30 April 2014 — Autumn Sunshine: updated edition (main mod and SA-MP Edition were updated) ----------------------- Download mod Autumn Sunshine (automatic installation) (1 Gb) Mirror: Google Drive 2011 version: Deposit Files Main version of mod with automatic installation (recommended for all users); installation is very easy: just few clicks and you in the game! Other versions: ----------------------- Screenshots and video Updated version release video: Screenshots were captured in original build of mod, in updated version mod looks better, see posts below. Also see galleries: all screenshots from original version, all screenshots from updated edition. ----------------------- Userbars
  14. (header for 1.6 coming) What is it? MasterEffect (short ME) is a shader suite/library for the ENBSeries mod. There are many shader plugins out there, but ME is different. It combines almost every possible shader for GTA San Andreas, many of them exclusively only available in ME. Highlights Combined shaders allow the use of many different shaders together Config file so no code knowledge is needed Many exclusive shaders not available anywhere else Every value explained and documented Well-sorted shader order so no artifacts and conflicts, every shader works with every other one 100% bugfree (yet) Easy enabling/disabling of certain effects without need to change files Optimized and fast Download Grab it here. Current version is 1.6. There is 2.0 released for 0.248 but this version makes use of the new 0.248 shader system and is not useable on 0.076 or Generic. 1.6 is useable on 0.248 but it makes more sense to keep the different things ENB has to do in their respective files, for example bloom in enbbloom.fx. Support If you have problems or encounter bugs (which I can't imagine but I'm just a human) contact me here or on my facebook page. Please don't ask for installation, There is quite some ENB knowledge needed in order to make use of MasterEffect so ENB beginners, please start with something simple and not with ME in the first place. Have fun!
  15. Old logo: Hi. This is my first real mod... Well it adds more gang peds, gang turfs and two more gangs - the Russian Mafia and the Bikers. The first guys are enemies to you, while the second are good friends with you and GSF Here is what has changed: -Added many new gang peds. Any gang has at least a new one. -Removed all of the hobos (the game couldn't spawn peds with id's over 300) -Added to any gang a female member - REMOVED - It had too many glitches, I will update everything -Added gang territory all over San Andreas for example - Rifa in Market, Da Nang Boys in Marina etc. -Added the Clover as the third Balla gang car. -The Aztecas, Triads and Bikers are friendly to CJ and each other. -Enables lots of gang wars all over the state. A full territory map: Credits to PDESCOBAR for giving the map so I could easily add the territorys LEGEND: PURPLE - Ballas GREEN - GSF YELLOW - Vagos TEAL - Aztecas BLUE - Rifa RED - Triads ORANGE - Da Nang Boys GRAY - Mafia GRAPE - Bikers BLACK - Russian Mafia DARK GRAPE - Bikers and Russians REDDISH - GRAPE - Bikers and Mafia GSF members: Ballas Members: A Ballas emerging from a Clover Vagos Members: Aztecas Members: Rifa Members: Triad Members: Da Nang Members: The shirt of the first one isn't edited, the Ped Editor inverts it. Mafia Members: Russian Mafia Members: Biker Members: Biker & Russians at once... I need help in some stuff: -Adding more gang tags - This is fairly easy, but I don't know how to place them at a wall I can't do any of these things, so I need someone to help me and do it. I will give credit of course Stuff I may do: -Add new gang cars, exclusive to any gang -Add Mafgoon2 from the cutscene files. DOWNLOAD LINKS: https://www.mediafire.com/?ntiq9okoyyqwyrt - New version, might have bugs but is not very bugged. http://www.mediafire.com/download/w7id25x9d298678/Big_Gangster_Mod_Ver_2.1.zip - Enhanced version with a lot more content and most bugs from the old version are fixed. http://www.mediafire.com/download/sxdxo73j0n9sbtb/Big_Gangster_Mod_Ver_2.2.zip -Some small fixes in this one, moves to a different Limit Adjuster and adds 3 more Rifa members. VERSION BY GTAGA3IE1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/erl58vo022w0186/new_big_Gangster_Light_V4.rar/file Q&A A: My CJ is invisible! J: Sorry, this is a difficult bug to fix and I can't do anything about it... A: This mod sucks, it crashes. J: You prolly installed it wrong. A: Why do the Seville, Temple and Santa Maria Families have turquoise color? And why can't I recruit them? J: Tensions are on the rise and they're independent sets. A: WTF I got Rifa in Market, Mafia in Commerce, various gangs in Las Venturas, lololol doesn't make sense. J: I'm porting various turfs found on the PS2 Territory Glitch Codes topic. I don't care if it makes sense or not, I made up a custom story set in 1993 explaining it all anyway. A: Meh the mod is not really like it's in real life. J: So? Who cares? It's GTA after all. You can do what you want. CREDITS: -Silent for his Gang Wars mod -ric-013 for his PS2 Gang War codes, I ported most of his stuff here. -Fans for support Main mod credits: Mario - Peds Jinx - Peds //XP// - Peds Onlinegamehunter1 - Peds, Weapons (future versions will include that) Ric-013 - Coding OrionSR - Coding TheR3MAK3R - Peds (future versions) Kalvin - One SMF member model When you notice any bugs in the mod, write a comment about it. Don't post the logs from the errordump.txt or whatever, I can't really decode what the heck all these numbers mean anyway.
  16. DK22Pac


    IMFX - modification for GTA:SA which include: Lensflare v2.1 (sun flares); Moonphases v2.1 (moon phases); ProportionalCoronas (proportional coronas); ScreenWater (water drops on screen); Gunflash (improved gun flashes); Headshot (effect of headshot); Explosions (new explosions effects) This mod requires Overdose Effects version 1.5 (or higher) Download links https://github.com/DK22Pac/imfx/releases Made by DK22Pac & Function-X-
  17. hellya2011

    [WIP|SA] GTA: Project Liberty

    This is a total conversion that was started in December 2011, and is basically a IV/EFLC conversion for San Andreas. My project is not the first to try to complete this goal, but i'm going to try my best to finish the map. The map will use both IV models, and EFLC models. (i know backwards conversions aren't allowed, but a good friend messaged an admin, and said he would allow it as long as i host the file on a external site) I know, and understand many people will see this as dis-respectful, but that isn't my intentions. I respect Rockstar Games to the fullest. I think that the conversion brings out the beauty of the models, and the Renderware engine (i know its old, but still) and if anything, shows how amazing Rockstar is. If you like this mod, support Rockstar Games by buying both San Andreas & GTAIV so we can have many new games in the future. 'A Final Goodbye' Open Source Release This is the end for Project IV. One last release. Me and xXaerooff2Xx and has discussed it, and there will be only 1 more release which will be what we have done so far. It will be an Open Sourced release, so if anyone wants to continue our work they may do so, but give credit where it is due. The open sourced release will have bugs and issues, but it is where we left off at. Why is it ending? Simply enough, we have lost interest in doing it. I also can't find the time anymore. So instead of leaving everyone out there wondering if it will continue, this is the official update saying goodbye, and thanks for your support of this mod. Team/ Credits: Hellya2011- Mod Leader/ Model Convertor/ Scripting xXaerooff2Xx- Mod Leader/ Model Converting LIPTON- Model Convertor DK22Pac- Scripts & Tools Onyx- Pedestrian & Car Nodes Oksa8- Scripting TheNikoST- Beta Tester & Media Manager YoshiHDify- Beta Tester ItsAllAboutGTA- Beta Tester KiNG3LP- Beta Tester Special Thanks: Rockstar Games- Original Models, Content, & Awesome Games Function-X- Creator of Overdose Effects (gotten permission to use it) Vans123- GTAIV Enb & Timecyc (gotten permission to use it) and Help from modding questions Dk22pac- Advanced Light Mod (gotten permission to use it) Shemerrr- Original Skydome Model (gotten permission to use it) XMakarusX- DirectX For ProjectIV (gotten permission to use it) System Requirements (estimate): AMD Turion (or equivalent) Dual Core @ 2.0Ghz 3GB DDR2 Ram Nvidia 6800gt (or equivalent) (requirements based on my old laptop which could run it decent at 10-20fps) *If you are closer to the requirements, i suggest running it without enb* Progress: Videos: DOWNLOAD BETAV0.2 (deposit files, 802.33MB) Beta v0.2 Mirror (Yandex.Disk, 802.33MB) Download Beta v0.1(gamefront, 298MB) PLEASE INSTALL ON A CLEAN INSTALLATION OF GTASA & RUN MAP CLEANER FIRST!
  18. * No Permission is granted to modify or change the content of these files for other sharing purposes together with other projects, total conversions, mod packs, only with the exception when the user will keep the changes that are done towards the mod, privately. Any other different releases of the original Mod on cloud hosting websites will be reported and removed eventually. * Don't come to me to make requests for permission, I'm not saying this twice. * Moddb Webpage - SRt3 Main Installer : http://www.moddb.com/mods/srt3-mod/downloads/srt3-mipmap-2014 * Moddb Webpage - SRt3 Update V1.01: http://www.moddb.com/mods/srt3-mod/downloads/srt3-2014-update-v101 * (former StrategyInformer) GameWatcher Webpage - SRt3 Main Installer : http://www.gamewatcher.com/mods/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-mod/srt3-mipmap-2014 * (former StrategyInformer) GameWatcher Webpage - SRt3 Update V1.01 : http://www.gamewatcher.com/mods/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-mod/srt3-mipmap-2014-1-01-patch * Original Author: ParoXum * Author of Srt3 Mipmap Edition: ParoXum & BLITZ * Necessary Requirements: Project 2dfx & CLEO4 for 512MB.cs/IMG Manager Tool * Other Requirements: Standalone * Current Version: February 2014 * File Size: 2.7GB * SRt3 it's a San Andreas Mod, that retextures the entire map. It is at least the initial name of the project which the goal is to retexture any piece/object of San Andreas by textures of much higher quality. * SRt3 Mod exist since August 2005 - original author of this mod is ParoXum. * SRt3 mod has been released on 7 August 2006, but not everything was retextured, ParoXum leaves the mod how * On 4 April 2008, the mod started to be continued by me. * Under the name of SRt2, in time the mod's name had changed into SRt3. This list represents all the goodies inside SRt3, including other mods and innovations brought to this version since the last version: * New HUD * Detailled Radar MOD by Ian Albert & BaygoN * Lod Mod/Draw Distance Mod * *OGM_2Pac*'s develop peds Packs for SRt3. * Deserted New Grass Retextured; NDGT, dynamic and static grasses of the desert : ParoXum * Normal New Grass Retextured; NNGT, dynamic grasses of the game : ParoXum * MTA: Rv' S Generics Objects; Barrels, baskets, cases, boxes, etc Textures Hi-Resolution : ParoXum * New Vegetation Trees; Pack containing my textures of vegetation, new model 3D of trees, palm trees : ParoXum * Complete Retexture Country of San Fierro - ParoXum & BLITZ * Complete Retexture Country of Los Santos - ParoXum & BLITZ * Complete Retexture Country of Las Venturas - ParoXum & BLITZ * Complete Retexture Desert of Las Venturas - ParoXum & BLITZ * Complete Retexture San Fierro - ParoXum & BLITZ * Complete Retexture Las Venturas - ParoXum & BLITZ * Changes in commercial logos like banners, billboards : Sprunk, Victim, BurgerShot, BoBo - BLITZ * For starters is required a clean V1.0 GTA San Andreas game. Other mods comes second. * Mipmaps - This new edition of SRt3 brings the possibility to play SRt3 textures with Mipmaps along with Lod Mod and now this time with Trees Lod included. Another project of mine that increases the Level of Detail for far objects of higher quality. * SRt3 Mipmap Edition textures are now having MipMaps. They are set to level 9. * SRt3 Mipmap Edition also contains my last work from where I stopped in Los Santos. Reminder that these textures where in semifinal build so reporting for finding any kind of texture who are not in their right place is futile. * SRt3 Mipmap Edition includes .Lod Mod/Draw Distance Mod. * SRt3 Mipmap Edition doesn't change the game interiors. * SRt3 Mipmap Edition includes all the previous versions and updates, meaning you don't need any other old versions. * The setup will install all the files in your PC, but you still have to install the mod by yourself. * San Fierro Finished - 100% * Las Venturas Finished - 100% * Desert & Country Finished - 100% * Los Santos : The progress has stopped due to my PC that is already old. I don't have money and even time anymore to, focus on what is left of Los Santos for now. When I'll have enough upgrades for my PC, then I will continue from where I stopped. * SRt3 works with SA-MP & MTA. * The Mod needs V1.0 because many programs & tools are asking for V1.0, otherwise no program will work for you in order to install something. * Why does SRt3 lags or why I'm having FPS drops ? At the moment I don't have any problems with lag, when using SRt3. I will remember that I have EAH3650 HD 1GB with Core 2 Duo 3,01ghz, of 4GB RAM. So far, for those who are having lower than mine, there is a change to have bit of lag. * Med Editor/Map Editor won't work anymore after gta3.img reaches 2GB/2.2GB and either with SRt3 when it will hit between 3.32GB/3.45GB with SRt3 and Archived at 2.50GB/2.80GB. * The Limit size of gta3.img is 4.095MB/4GB. IMG Manager can also show you this information. Going beyond 4GB for gta3.img, the game will crash at exit, the entire textures will be replaced with LOD blurry textures. Is not recommended to be played in such conditions. * Using IMG Tool V2 (Who the heck is using that anymore ?) or Alci's IMG with SRT3 installed, once the gta3.img is above 2GB, all the files that were installed previously will have 0KB when they will be extracted. All the files will be empty inside and not a single program like 3DMax, TXD Workshop, ZModeler can open them. Both or any other older IMG Tool aren't capable of extracting them properly anymore, even if you can still view their real size correctly inside of any IMG Tool. * It is possible that when using to often Alci's IMG Rebuild Archive command, at unknown percentage, the progress stops, cancels the hole progress, shows an error message and all the files that were supposed to be IMPORTED never got installed. * From this point the entire GTA3.IMG is broken, accordingly you have to use another clean gta3.img. I recommend IMG Manager made by xmen, the newest IMG Tool that can extract, import, rebuild. IMG MANAGER can have unlimited rebuild gta3.img - IMG Manager Official Topic http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=354093 For Win7, if IMG Manager doesn't work or run, use this: %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\ldr64.exe setwow * For Win7, if IMG Manager doesn't work or run, use this: %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\ldr64.exe setwow * There are differences between this IMG Tool and from the others well known. * IMPORT command will always import any kind of file, but it will not replace the old/original files with the newest, meaning that you will have a duplicate of the same file in the IMG and the game could possibly crash at the loading screen or you will have trouble with the mod that was installed. You have to erase the old/original file in order for the new file to work properly. * BULK REPLACE command will definitely IMPORT & REPLACE on the same time any file that was installed, however it will accept only folders with files that are prepared inside them, just as my San Andreas Lod Mod is sorted out. * BULK REPLACE will also never recognize new files that don't exist inside the gta3.img and the command start replacing something that cannot be found, therefore the use of IMPORT command is required to be used. This is a reference to my seven new objects. * For CLEO4 in order to make 512MB.asi work: http://cleo.sannybuilder.com/ (Current Version - NEW! CLEO 4 Library (v4.3.11)/Installer(.EXE) or Standalone (Archive). * Project 2dfx to get Tweaker & Limit Adjuster by following the link below: * http://gtaforums.com/topic/573478-iiivcsa-project-2dfx/ Made by [TheJAMESGM & ThirteenAG] * Find the download link: "Project 2dfx SA - Download" and download the lastest version ( the current version is Project_2dfx_sa v1.6 ) * Extract only flickr.asi into the main DIR of San Andreas game aka gta_sa.exe Bonus! ----------- * There is a Bonus folder where you can find the following content. * As result of making Lod Mod, all the previous LOD texture were erased. However for those who aren't interested plaing with Lod Mod as well, they can use Lod texture again. The files can be found in Bonus folder, LOD Textures Pack and they also include mipmaps now. * Ped Pack consist in peds retexturing. I had users with opinions where some would not like to play with them and others would want to. * Is nothing better than having a new look of Hud. * fastman92 for making memory512.cs and methodunderg for compiling the file. * Robanswe for finding a way to fix the SA-MP CUSTOM.IDE white textures bug. * And the rest of the members and users who made reports over the past months.
  19. DYOM missions available online Subforum - Download - Missions database Intro Many people want to make their own missions for GTA San Andreas, but most of them don't have enough SCM-knowledge to actually do it. This modification is made for these people. It allows you to create a new mission ingame, without writing a single line of SCM-script. And you are even able to distribute them to other people. Installation Installation is very simple. Just copy the MPACK folder from the archive to your "San Andreas User Files" (in My Documents). To add downloaded missions, just copy the DYOMx.dat files into "San Andreas User Files". CLEO3 is needed for this modification to work correctly (download). Concepts There are four main concepts, which will first be briefly discussed, so it you can understand the rest of the features better. Objectives: The most important things in the missions you create with DYOM are the objectives. If you have achieved all the objectives of a mission, the mission is passed. For your missions, you can set a number of objectives, which the player of the mission must achieve in sequence. For each objective you can choose one of the four available kinds: A checkpoint that must be reached, a actor that must be killed, a car that must be entered or a pickup that must be picked up. Special Objectives: this isn't something the player has to do, but this is used to change the settings of the mission or make something between the objectives. So, for example, there is a change in the weather, a change in wanted level, a change in time limit or a cutscene. Select/Hide/Spawn: Besides the objectives you can also add other items: actors (either enemy, friend or neutral), cars, pickups and objects. Items don't have to be available during the whole mission. You can design them to appear after a certain objective has been achieved and hide them after a certain objective has been achieved.In designmode one of the objectives is "selected" which is indicated by a yellow marker, instead of the normal white marker over an objective. By default, the last added objective is selected, but you can select another one from the objective menu. When you add an objective, they will be inserted behind the currently selected objective. When you add items to the game, they will appear during the mission after the currently selected objective has been achieved. Afterwards, you can use the "SPAWN" and "HIDE" menu-options to determine when the item spawns and disappears. These options change them to the time when the currently selected objective is achieved. Save and Distribute: When you are making a mission, it is wise to save it from time to time. You can save when you select the option "Save Mission" in the "Mission Menu". You can save up to 8 missions at a time. These missions are saved in "San Andreas User Files", with the name dyomx.dat. The x can be a number between 1 and 8, depends on which slot you used to save the mission. This is comparable to the savegames from the normal GTA San Andreas.Once you are finished, you can distribute the mission by uploading the dyomx.dat file to the DYOM website (http://dyom.gtagames.nl). If you want to play other people's mission, you have to download the mission (also a dyomx.dat file!) and put it in "San Andreas User Files". Then start DYOM, and select Mission Menu > Load Mission. If you just use the "save mission" function, and distribute that file (so dyom1.dat until dyom8.dat), everyone can change your mission. If you want to prevent that, you can select "publish mission" in the "Mission Menu". Then you will find a dyom0.dat in San Andreas User Files. When you distribute this file, other people aren't able to change the mission. Screens For more screens, you can go to the GTAGarage page or take a look in our subforum. Videos If you want to see more videos, you can take a look at youtube. Just search for "DYOM" on youtube (like this), and you will see lots of videos from other people who used DYOM. Download and upload missions We created a site, where you can upload your missions, and download missions from others. You can find the site here. Feel free to add as many missions as you want. You can make a topic in our subforum to advertise for your mission and to get some comments. Wall of fame! 2008 GTAForum.nl Awards 2008! GTAForums.com Awards 2008! 2009 GTAForum.nl Awards 2009! GTAForums.com Awards 2009! DYOM Contests Theme Winner Mission Topic No theme tony-resta Rest In Peace Click Gunfights miclin Destruction for Beginners Click Fan signatures To show your status as Mission Designer, you can can use this userbar in your signature: CODE CODE Handy topics: Changelog DYOM Designers Manual (WIP) Bug Reports FAQ Bugs and Crashes We want DYOM to be crash free, and will always try to fix any problems. But we can only fix problems if we can reproduce the problem or if the description of the problem is good enough. This will enable us to get a clue about the location of the bug in our code and we don't have to search in all the 15.000+ lines of scm-code that we have written sofar for this mod. On the reporting of crashes: There are three mayor types of crashes: Crashes that occur as soon as you start SA/DYOM. Crashes that occur during designing a mission. Crashes that occur during playing a mission. I'll try to describe shortly what is the best way to handle them: Crashes that occur as soon as you start SA/DYOM These are almost always related to incorrect CLEO3 installation. - CLEO3 is not installled at all. - CLEO3 is improperly installed. - The .exe you have is not compatible with CLEO3 ( see here for a link to a compatible version). Crashes that occur during designing a mission. - Do you have other mods installed, that might conflict with DYOM? - Try to disable CLEO scripts that are active. - Report the problem in this thread, with as much detail about the moment the crash occurs. What was the state of your mission, and at exactly what moment did it crash? Be as detailed as possible, so instead of reporting that it crashes while adding an actor, it is even better to report that the crash occured right after you pressed <space> while selecting a RPG as the weapon for an actor. - if possible include scmlog.txt in your report, if you have the scmlog CLEO plug-in installed. (recommended) Crashes that occur during playing a mission - Report the problem in this thread, provide a link to the mission-file that you played, and try to describe as accurate as possible the circumstances of the crash. - if possible include scmlog.txt in your report, if you have the scmlog CLEO plugin installed. (recommended) Authors: Dutchy3010 (Idea and Scripting) PatrickW (Idea and Scripting) Credits: Seemann (creating CLEO and sannybuilder) More info can be found in the README file. There is also a wiki article about Design Your Own Mission. Have fun with this mod, and don't forget to show your own creations in our subforum.
  20. Download GTA 2 Missions in San Andreas Full missions list: Pizza Cake Wheeler Dealing Big Bank Job Get Gamma Rei Follow That Traitor Get Zitzaki Swat Van Swipe Pizza Cake & Wheeler Dealing Go to the Las Venturas police headquarter and head north of it to find a payphone for Pizza Cake. Go to the Jefferson Motel and head west to find the payphone for Wheeler Dealing. Instructions are in the mission. These mission took me six hours to make. (Update: It would take a fraction of the time now if I were to redo all this again. I've updated broken links and images in this topic.)
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