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  1. Grinch_

    IDE/IPL Sorting Scripts

    IDE/IPL Sorting Scripts It's about time I'm actually posting on this board.Anyway,these are two scripts, IDE Renumber Script IPL Sorting Script IDE Renumber Script - This first script just renumbers object ID's from IDE files. IPL Sorting Script - This second script sorts IPL ID's against IDE id's. I've made this script inspired by @X-Seti's one's here.The concept is totally same,just the implementation is kinda different.You'll need Python to run these scripts. These scripts also support processing multiple files at once and will
  2. ermaccer

    [Manhunt] PluginMH

    PluginMH, the very first Manhunt plugin that is not a widescreen fix! FEATURES: Debug Mode hotkey (F1/2) Save position hotkey (F10) Screenshot Mode Play in First Person Mode (unfinished) Customize colors of the game (HUDs and stuff *) and more! http://www.mediafire.com/file/pmvriwbtdco6jq7/PluginMH.7z <- Download, because bbcode is dead INSTALLATION Requires Ultimate ASI Loader, should work with Simple DLL Loader too. Extract pluginmh.asi and pluginmh folder to scripts or root folder of Manhunt. Check out Settings.ini for ava
  3. The Hero

    Real time clock

    So Kristian. asked in the SkyGFX thread about a real time clock (http://gtaforums.com/topic/750681-skygfx-ps2-and-xbox-graphics-for-pc/?p=1069100931 ). Here it is (source included): http://files.rockstarvision.com/realtime.zip Works with III/VC/SA 1.0. It keeps the clocked synched to the system time so to change the time in the game you have to change your system time. Weather logic has not been changed so i guess it will take quite a while for the weather to change. Have fun
  4. AdusPL


    I'd like to present you my first car mod ever... The Miara. Based on Lamborghini Miura. Download: III/VC SA More screens: Credits: @The Hero - Xbox vehicles and .dff importer/exporter @CML99 - Yen sign on the roof Old screens:
  5. WHAT: VC Themed SA Weapon Icons. Need I say more? WHY: Because, why not? WHERE: Get it here: Download, txd, bonus
  6. CharlesVercetti

    Advance™ HQ Weapon Icons

    The Starting Point. Note: The following text is actually a direct narration of Mr.Mike. This is a modification for any of the GTA games,to bring our 2D,8-bit quality weapon icons in high quality.As our own resources are not modifiable into better quality ones and installed on the GBA,I decided to contact this Vercetti guy on making the weapon icons.I also saw a post in which he promised a member on releasing the HQ Weapon icons.I waited for nearly 3 years and after seeing no progress,decided to contact this guy. You can install his icons on any of the GTA games(not on 2D universe and in
  7. Achievements System This mod adds 29 achievements for GTA 3 and 34 for GTA VC, which is similar to the PS4 version. List of achievements: GTA III GTA VC Supported game versions gta3.exe v1.0. gta3.exe v1.1. gta3.exe v1.1 Steam. gta-vc.exe v1.0. Download GTA 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?43b6dd7yogwo67q required CLEO v2.0 GTA VC: http://www.mediafire.com/?0ardjx8byaoef9z required CLEO v2.0
  8. Jack

    Wanted Level

    The mod is deprecated. Work continues here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/873592-wanted-level-editor/
  9. reditec

    [REL] OpenRW

    Project OpenRW is a multi-purpose editor and archive manager for the "older" RenderWare - Engine based games. Currently OpenRW's major features are: - Browse the games' files | by reditec - Automatic updater | by reditec Grand Theft Auto III (PC and PS2) - Read IMG archive files | by reditec - Extract IMG archives | by reditec Grand Theft Auto Vice City (PC and PS2) - Read IMG archive files | by reditec - Extract IMG archives | by reditec Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC) - Read IMG archive files | by Tank / Aviator / not implemented yet Download Source There is no stab
  10. AudioLibrary is a plugin for GTA Vice City/GTAIII which allows you to play custom music/sound files in a main.scm/CLEO script. Supported formats include: MP3, MP2, MP1, WAV, OGG, AIFF, XM, S3M, MOD, IT, UMX. Be warned, that this is still in early stages in the development and more features will be added over time. How To Install: Opcode Information: Old Versions: If you encounter a bug, please let me know. Source code (and recent builds) are available on GitHub: https://github.com/Allegri32/VCIIIAudioLibrary. Current release version: 1.1.1 DOWNLO
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