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  1. Hey im searching for low rank players (ONLY) willing to help me with package deliveries. Im player lvl 300+ who can offer in return: - cash from VIP missions that we would do between every CEO mission (50% for each player!) - money from bounty hunt - money from mugger + standard payouts from being my associate Also: - best vehicles that i can spawn and allow to control and have fun with them during missions - weapons I can throw if players are low rank and dont have any - help in unlocking some basic stuff Im searching for players with low rank who need help with start in GTA
  2. I looking for someone to help grind the Fleeca Job heist. Information and details are on my website. tereffwar.wordpress.com
  3. DominateGTA420

    Help a CEO Buy PS4 only

    Can you help me sell some shipments? You will be rewarded with whatever ammo you need, I will also put bounties on you to give you cash. Add dominateGTA420. PS4 only.
  4. Hey, as the title states, i'm looking for a group of adult players i can play regularly with. None of my friends play GTA Online so i mostly end up running around solo. I met one or two people from here i occasionalay play with but i'm wanting to get stuck in to the CEO missions, heists, races etc; with a more regular group. It gets boring doing the CEO missions solo and can become extremely frustrating trying to raise a crew of decent people to run heists. I'm from the UK and play GTA a lot. Probably too much lol. My character is only level 60 or so due doing everything solo thoug
  5. BasixSD

    Vespucci Kartel (17+)

    Vespucci Kartel Console: PS4/PSN Social Club Crew Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vespucci_kartel Vespucci Kartel YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6KERFCMqb-LtYSU6L5JYg Crew Leaders (SocialClub/GTAForums/PSN) BasixSD/BasixSD/CarboplatinVP16 RemyLebeau3/TBA/RemyLebeau3 DarkYusai/TBA/DarkYusai aceofspadesboat/TBA/Skyfal00737 L3gitBlu3/TBA/L3gitBlu3Panda Squisher--4/TBA/Squisher4 Crew Alliances XIXVXXIXVII (SESH): One Badass Family (BAMF): https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/one_badass_family STRICT RULES No Crew Killing N
  6. Hi. Im looking for some EU People to play with Just comment your PSN, or add me: zAK47__DK Looking forward to meeting some people
  7. NikoBellicJunior

    Rockets VS Insurgents?

    I recently found that this new Rockets VS Insurgents is awesome. Can't get enough. Friend me if you wanna play, MOINI16 on PS4.
  8. Its_Savaged

    Iron Lords MC

    Iron Lords MC NOW RECRUITING! Iron lords is coming back after crashing its first time we are making a come back with 18 Patched members and 4 prospects deep right now. We are looking for prospects.. new patch coming soon as soon as the transparency bug is fixed. MSG ME ON KIK"Messenger Application" at Kreaten
  9. StarWarsFTW

    The Department Of The Navy PSN

    The Department of The Navy The Department of The Navy PSN is a militarized role-play on PS4. We are small and about a week old. There are currently 8 members, but we are interested in everybody willing to commit to the crew. Social Club Link Here For any more questions, message me on R* SC or add me on PS4 frank3marc. More Crew Information will be coming soon as of now still needs work. (WIP)
  10. Is there a good crew out there that can help me do the deliver emp setup?? It's hard to do it with ransoms . Or if someone has good tips on that setup please let me know . I have tried like ten times . Psn: beentheillest . I'm on at nights and mornings .
  11. Car Show access is available 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, but can be subject to change. Please Message and Friend Request the Host to obtain an Invitation or if you have any questions Event Date Wednesday June 15th 2016 3PM EST and 8PM EST Host PSN: BlueHazeMay Twitter: @BlueHazeMay ThaNASTYsnaps Console PS4 Car Rules Coupes and Convertibles Snaps & Video Recording All Car Show events are subject to photo and video recording for all attendies. Please be cautious of other players and artists. Standard Rules Apply:
  12. Barnesee

    Recruiting for The Devil's Deed MC

    I am now recruiting for a PS4 MC that goes by the name of Devil's Deed MC. We are located in Sandy Shores and in desperate need of recruits. I am currently recruiting for the roles of: Vice President - My Second in Command, must be active and have a mic Secretary - Responsible for keeping track of events, and when new recruits get their patches. Must be active and have mic Treasurer - In charge of money and fees of the club, must have mic and be relatively active. Sergeant at Arms - Basically the clubs policeman, will stop trouble makers and keep the others in line. Must be active and
  13. Tired of being asked by fast runners, avoided by pussies. Hit me up if you're legit.
  14. My YouTube is BuRNzeeh, i am hoping to gather a group of players on PS4 and play custom game modes, such as Busted, Demolition Derby and much more and record funny moments, add me on PS4 at BuRNzeeH and send me a message
  15. graywolf2316


    You Tired of joining MC's that don't ride together? Are YouTired of joining crews where nobody is online? Are You Tired of joining crews that kill each other? Are you a HUGE GTA 5 gamer? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you want to seriously think about joining PATRIOT RIDERS MC. LOYALTY IS EVERYTHING here. If you can't remain LOYAL don't even bother wasting your time because you will not make it into this crew. This is an organized charter with biker runs and is built around brotherhood. We ride together, we Die together. If you are a huge GTA 5 gamer, and you want to be a
  16. If you're looking for players who enjoy grinding PvE free-roam missions together in peace and earn big bucks while doing so, then this thread is for you. Examples include: Import/Export - running and managing importing and exporting operations. Bikers Motorcycle Club - being a part of the illegal MC business ventures. CEO Special Cargo Network - Buy/Sell missions within the CEO Organisation. VIP Work and Challenges - (e.g. Executive Deathmatch, Sightseer, Piracy Prevention, etc...) And so on... With hope to find & befriend other friendly CEO's and grind the "CEO Stuff" together in
  17. Car Show access is available 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, but can be subject to change. Please Message and Friend Request the Host to obtain an Invitation or if you have any questions Event Date MONDAY June 13th 2016 7PM EST - 12AM UK 10PM EST - 3AM UK Host PSN: BlueHazeMay Twitter: @BlueHazeMay ThaNASTYsnaps Console PS4 Car Rules All Types - Export Style and LowRiders Snaps & Video Recording All Car Show events are subject to photo and video recording for all attendies. Please be cautious of other players and artists.
  18. DB-Kapone-4D


  19. verbatimguitar

    Ghost Syndicate Organization

    Ghost Syndicate is a Crime Organization based off of mafia traditions. This crew is based off the Finance and Felonies DLC update so upon joining you will be invited to the Ghost Syndicate Organization. You will be an associate of the organization until you prove yourself to be a made man. At that point you will be given the option (if numbers allow) to be either security or work in cargo recovery/delivery. Executive positions are open as well, Such as Executive manager, Head of Security, Special Operations Director, ect. Message WICKED_Ghost1 on PSN to inquire about open position and
  20. The_don_bullen

    Bullen Incorporated Now Accepting Applicants

    Bullen Inc. Is a legitimate front and the face of an underground organized criminal empire. The Cheif Senior Executive (The Don) is looking for associates that will prove loyal and effcient to the operation. You start as an associate and be given a certain duty in the comapny such as driver or bodygaurd. Must be good at maintaining the position to be recognized for any consideration regarding promotion. We are looking for loyal associates we can trust with handling day to day operations of Bullen Inc. As a professional company front, you must look and act the part. Have a classy high
  21. WEiiKKeD

    Dirty Money Inc Recruiting

    Looking for a fun, laid back crew, whos interested in making cash all the timer and running the streets? Then look no further, Dirty Money Inc is a crew, and CEO office looking for players. This on PS4. Very few requirements -16+ (or Act like it) -Live in U.S -And MUST have mic Add WiiKKeD- on PSN and send me a message if your interested! Thanks!! www.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dirty_money_inc_crew
  22. Hey there, I need help with this heist. My ps4 id is bigrvman
  23. XJohny_VercettiX

    [EVAD] Pilot crew seeking pilots!

    Currently seeking pilots to join a joint-air crew ran by both EViL and The Real Vercetti's on PS4. The goal is simple, run a lobby in the air with EVIL and TVMF running the ground. What we are looking for is simple: Have a mic Don't be immature Be super chill Be 20+ Play either free aim or free aim assist (ground skills don't matter as we only focus in the air) Interested? Then hit me up on PS4 or check out our social club! PSN MOB_J_SACKS Social Club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/evil_vercetti_wings
  24. I'm looking to recruit players to do a weekly race playlist, for YouTube and Twitch. Maybe every Saturday evening. The races may be mostly made by LordTominac. Click the links below He makes awesome races, the latest one includes jumping off from platforms, high in the sky in a tractor. His YT channel His races on RGSC-Search LordT I'm not a big YouTuber, but I hope to be in the next few years. I will setup the playlists. My PSN ID is MOINI16. Friend me or join my new crew 'PS4 Racers' and I'll invite you for every race playlist. Check out my YouTube channel. PS4
  25. Dirty_Hank

    Now Recruiting

    Small strategic crew that had the game for PS3 and recently picked up copies for the PS4. We are looking to add a few more players to our crew to do heist and these new CEO missions with. If you're interested in joining message Dirty_Hank on PSN, but please keep in mind we are only interested in recruiting players that: 1. Are over the age of 21. 2. Have a mic. 3. Aren't douches. If you meet the requirements, then check us out with this handy link below! https://soc
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