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  1. XxMr0DarkThirtyx

    Rogue Ace5 - GTA V PS4 - Now Recruiting members

    Hey if you wanna join a crew with members that are great at pvp and have fun terrorizing people's lobbies and make money with Finale hiests join .. Message me or active leader and commissioner Leader - XxMr0DarkThirtyx (psn and social club) https://socialclub.r...xmr0darkthirtyx Commissioner - Axewoundomatico (psn and social club) https://socialclub.r...axewoundomatico Crew Name - Rogue Ace5. Crew Type - Soldiers Crew Tag - RACE (must be active tag for members) Crew Social Club - https://socialclub.r...crew/rogue_ace5
  2. cookie_q

    Qrazy Underdogs Recruitment

    Hi, I am the leader of the newly formed Qrazy Underdogs if you want to join just click the link to join https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/qrazy_underdogs_/gtav/ps4 Thank you in advance for joining and helping out.
  3. BestNtheWorld94.

    Players Wanted

    Just looking for anyone up for playing the flecca job hest a few times, just wanting to make some money. im on PS4 and my PSN ID is BestNtheWorld94
  4. niels875

    Peaceful CEO Sessions!

    ​Peaceful CEO Sessions (PS4 / XBOX ONE / PC) Are you sick of people destroying your special cargo? Or blowing up your cars that you're importing/exporting? Then this is the right place for you! This crew will be for people who are friendly to each other. This way we can all do our thing to make ourselves millionares! PCEO is not a competitively ranked crew. It serves as a syndicate for players wanting to peacefully make money in free mode. To know you and other people are friendly for each other you are wearing the PCEO tag after your name. The PCEO tag serves only as an identification card to be used in our sessions, to identify who is a PCEO member and who is a Random player. How to join a Friendly CEO Session: 1. First of all you need to join our crew: http://bit.ly/2jEjOLC 2. Set our crew as active crew, this way you'll get the PCEO-tag so players can recognize you 3. Start GTA Online 4. Click options and select ​Join crew members ​5. Make money! 6. When done set an other crew as your active crew so people don't join sessions that aren't friendly! Most important rules: Killing Other PCEO Members: Intentionally killing PCEO members is not tolerated in our lobbies. These people should be kicked from the session immediately and reported to a Moderator so we can keep the crew clean! Accidental killings happen, we all get that. Whether it be someone running into the tail-rotor of a helicopter, or accidentally locking into another PCEO member while firing at NPC enemies, it happens. Send the person a message and try to get a solution together (Offer to be associate). It will be sorted out and nobody will be punished for these accidents. ​Kick random players: In a session it is important to kick non-PCEO players immediately. This way you can be sure of safety in the lobby and prevent it flooding with randoms. Please read all the rules on: http://friendlyceosessions.blogspot.com Any violation of the rules will be punished, this can be done by a temporarily or permanent ban. Any made decisions are final! We are searching for moderators who can keep the crew clean of griefers and other people who are doing harm to players. PM me if you think you got what it takes!
  5. Zedap

    [PS4] Astro Godzillas

    Astro Godzillas (PS4) Hi everyone. Me and my friends created this crew before GTA V was released and I thought it could be cool to open it up and see if we could get a dedicated little gang going. We've played the game since it was released and are going to continue for the foreseeable future so we are definitely regular players. We are also going to spread our gang to Red Dead Redemption 2 when it is released. The crew is very small at the moment which may put some people off joining however my hope is to find some really good people who we can befriend and have a good time with. Also if we do recruit the sort of people we're looking for the chances are you'll be promoted up the crew hierarchy and hopefully in the future the crew will grow into a big one! About the Crew - Founded on September 11th 2013 - Consists of 8 members, half of which are not very active - All current members are British and older than 18 - Very light hearted crew, mainly play the game to have fun but also enjoy getting serious and earning some money together Ideally what we would like the crew to become is a community of friendly players, a sociable crew. We would like a crew full of people that enjoy playing different modes together (races, death matches, free roam etc) and also work together to earn money through the heists, CEO and Biker work. We aren't super strict like other crews or clans you may see in other games so we don't ask things such as every player has to put in X amount of hours into the game every week or anything. Think of our crew as a group of friends that hop on every now and then to game together. I am very active myself, often going online at least every other day however I'm not going to request the same from others. Me and the other members are all currently at university so we understand life can be very busy and stressful at times. Joining Requirements - No modders or hackers - Over 16's only - Preferrably British or European, can make acceptions - Mature & friendly The kind of people we are looking for are friendly and mature players (by mature players I mean people that don't cry or scream into the microphone, jokes are always welcome). Perferably British or European because of time zones and Ideally 18+ however if you're atleast over 16 we may make an acception. A microphone isn't really required, it would be better but we still welcome people without If you'd like to join a crew of people that get along and work well together either send me a message on PSN (PSN Zedap) or request to join the crew via the social club
  6. Looking for some people to play with late evenings (UK time) on a fairly regular basis. Don't care where you're from, but not looking for anybody just wanting to gather hundreds of friends. I have a slightly dark and twisted sense of humour, laugh at almost anything and hate screaming kids - so please nobody too young. Older the better! I'm 32 so be nice to relate to those of same age. Really just looking for anybody to enjoy some crappy banter with, play races, piss around in free mode, or make some cash with. CHEERS GUYS!
  7. AlduinNorthman

    Recruiting for Angels of Death biker gang

    Angels Of Death MC Liberty is recruiting for first 5. Just want to do Club contracts, drug runs and anything else mc related. Msg me on PSN for PS4: Vricow
  8. The largest crew and community that runs friendly, peaceful, no grief lobbies for the PS4. r/CEOfriendly or ceofriendly.reddit.com is the largest reddit and ps4 crew and community of friendly gta online players. We occupy lobbies and make sure it is peaceful and grief free for CEOs and MCs to work in. Benefits: 1. No need to grind solo, 2. Sell in a full lobby and receive % bonus for every person in the session, 3. Sell cargo/cars with professional help. Know that your sell cargo is safe and will be protected. No more flying 3 planes one at a time. 4. Have a whole lobby protect you from killers and griefers. 5. Make the most efficient and fastest money in GTA online. Learn the best tips and tricks from the best CEOs and MCs. 6. We are the largest closed crew of its kind and we screen members. If any member breaks the rules or griefs, we ban them forever. 7. Do missions in peace. No one will get in the way of you making money. We only have 300 slots left in our first crew. Please join asap. Please visit our subreddit to find out how to join these lobbies. Thanks!
  9. RekonEyEz


    Whats up guys , { BANG }407 is now looking for killas - If your looking for a fun crew to play we and want to run some folks out of the servers shoot me a message and we can set up a time to speak on PSN We are mostly a Squad from Florida and looking for local players. And as always, you betta RekonEyeZ link to the crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crews
  10. x Asroilu x

    Constellis PSC

    Constellis Private Security Company https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/constellis_psc Constellis PSC is based on the real life chain known as Constellis, within Constellis is a sub company known as Triple Canopy Private Security which operates as a militarized force. In our version of Constellis, Constellis is the only brand and operates as both guard force and military force. In this crew, it will be mostly boots on ground plus air support and transport. Constellis will likely not be using tanks or jets unless absolutely needed. In order to join Constellis, you must have a GTA Rank above 50 and must have access to armored vehicles and air vehicles of said rank you join. There is no K/D restrictions on joining Constellis, there are also no aim setting restrictions either. Constellis will operate in all aim modes from auto aim to free aim full. (Which aim preference you use will determine your reliability within the crew.) Constellis has a strict perspective on uniformed security, meaning you will be assigned a universal uniform set you will be required to wear during events depending on the style of operation. Uniforms will be from professional range master (Khaki's and polo shirt) to uniformed militia (Full tactical equipment), by no means will you be forced to wear a uniform outside conventions. Constellis PSC is a bi-console crew, meaning we will allow both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users to join since I own both consoles and GTA on both platforms. To join Constellis, there is no website registration as of yet, and will likely not have any in the future. Constellis will be using the Clubs and Community systems on PlayStation and Xbox to keep track of members and associates. To express interest in joining, please fill out the application below in complete format.. ::APPLICATION:: Social Club SN: Real life age (Sorry, but we will not accept anyone below 17): Preferred Console: Console Username: GTA Online Rank: How many GTA Characters do you have: Aim Preference: Time Zone: (Y/N) Microphone: GTA Online wealth (How much money do you have): ::BELOW IS OPTIONAL INFORMATION:: Real Life first name (So we can address you formally): (Y/N) Do you own both consoles: (Y/N) Have your been employed by a Private Security or Security Guard company in real life, such as Professional Security Consultants, Brinks, G4 Security, Triple Canopy, Constellis: If so, which ones (List all that apply even if not listed above):
  11. I am new to PS4 and GTA but I'm loving it.. I am I play all aspects of the game just don't know PARTY ETIQUETTE whether I should just jump in someone's party especially since I really don't know anyone... I want to do more HEISTS I am 38 years old and have a mic, so NOT a squeeky little kid here.... I can follow directions and also I don't mind RolePlaying.. SO with that being said if you see me on and need a Lackey I'm your guy and don't mind being a bullet catcher for the rest of the team if need be, I know how to fall on a sword my psn is SAMMYBOY2978 hope to play soon ohh yeah I am on all different hours of the day and night
  12. Zomb1esNeedHugs


    Hey guys, I'm hosting a drift me right now for those of you who would like to join we're having a good time sliding around the city of Los Santos!! If you'd like to join there are a few rules that you need to follow. RULES : No low riders or supercars. No killing other players. You must have a mic. If you'd like to join simply add me and I will send you an invite my psn is ZombieSharksSTFU
  13. THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME A HELLHOUND?!PROSPECT NOW! FILL OUT AN APPLICATION ON OUR WEBSITE www.hhmcpsn.weebly.com IF INTERESTED PLEASE LEAVE THE FOLLWING INFORMATIN BELOW: PSN GAMERTAG: R* SOCIAL CLUB: TIMEZONE: HOW ACTIVE DO YOU PLAN TO BE?: CLICK THIS LINK FOR FULL THREAD--> http://gtavcrews.com...043/#post-45691 Demonic..Maniacal..Driven...LOYAL. The Hellhounds MC was officially born on the PS3 on August 22nd, 2015. We are FREE AIM 1%er MC based on a core group of friends who have been playing together for over a year. We value Loyalty, Integrity, Respect & Brotherhood. We treat our own like family, and watch each others backs at all times. No brother rides alone. Our goal is to expand the club, to get big in the biker community, and build a well-established brotherhood for our members to call home. "Brotherhood" isn't just a word, it's total dedication to eachother or your club, not just when it's convenient..many people say it, but very few live it.​ ______________________________________________________________ We are looking for ACTIVE players who are willing to prospect, and prove they are worthy of earning their patch and becoming a part of the pack. There is no set time for prospecting, everything here is earned. We want people that want to be here and are willing to show that.​ ​ A prospecting period, is something you will never forget, it is what makes you, you. Not only do you have something to look foward to, but you'll have memories to look back at, when and if you become a part of the pack.​ ​ It is your training period, you will be made a hound.​ WE DO NOT LIKE QUITTERS DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A HELLHOUND? REQUEST AN INVITE TO BECOME A HANGAROUND NOW!: https://socialclub.r...mc_support_crew ONLY CONTACT IF SERIOUS ABOUT PROSPECTING. ______________________________________________________________ Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (members usually on around 3-12am)​ Must be 17+ & Have a mic (must be used) We use an app called LINE for our members to communicate outside of game. Also to keep track of prospects, and keep them up to date on mandatory events. DOWNLOAD IT NOW: https://line.me/en/ Church - Sundays @ 9pm EST(mandatory for all members) Prospect Rides - Mondays @ 9pm EST (mandatory for prospects and hangs) WEEKLY & MONTHLY RIDES, TDM TRAINING, BIKE SHOWS, CAR SHOWS, FIGHT CLUBS, and MANY MORE EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES! ROCKSTAR FEATURED CLUB. ________________________________________________________ Instagram: @hellhoundmc​ KIK: @hellhoundsmc​ PS4 ONLY​ ​Must download that app called Line in order to communicate.​ DOWNLOAD IT NOW: https://line.me/en/​ to get a faster response.​ ​Contact our Prospect Manager:​ HHMC Gate Keeper/ Prospect Manger Line ID:​ Tenene1​ HHMC Gate Keeper R* Social Club: Tenene1​ HHMC Gate Keeper R* Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/tenene1​ _____________________________________________​ - Chapter President, Kush.​ Contact Info​ Line ID: kvsh.ivxx​ R* Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/kushx97​ Instagram: kvshx88​


    We are the Navy of CGNA (Central Governemnt of North America). We are tasked with power projection, crisis response, and direct action. The mission of the CGNA Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas. CGNA however has tasked their Navy for aviation (flying) use only. We are looking for people in the following positions. Number one is most needed. All these positions are not all of them, but these posted means you're guaranteed a spot at that job if you pass training and requirements. 1) Annihilator/ Valkyrie Pilots (Rotary Wing) 2) Titan Pilots (Fixed Wing) 3) Aviation Boatswain's Mates (ABH) (Yellow Shirts) 3) Naval Aircrewman (AW) 4) Hydra Pilots (Fixed Wing) If interested, reply here, message me, or friend request me on PS4. My PSNID is PESCAROLOP902. Thank you and have a great day.
  15. Used to play online a bit on ps3. Now i can play everyday on the ps4. would be nice though to have a good crew to run with since it can get boring. Im still level 10, own a kuruma, and have a high end apartment. so let me know. cheers psn is Blink407
  16. I'm Derek, 17, and I'm looking for some players to race with on oval track races. Psn: THE-BOMB-12001 Lemme know if you're interested
  17. Don_L_Bianchi

    The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting!

    Tired of playing alone? Looking for an active, strict, organised and well maintained crew? Well The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting now!!! We are a strict GTA roleplay mafia that is established on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4!!!! We have been around since March 24th 2016 so you can count on us to stick around. Our crew is very strict and requires commitment but do you think you'll make it through? If interested message either Don_L_Bianchi_ on PlayStation or Mr L Bianchi on Xbox.
  18. Re6el7911

    Ps4 drift Crew

    Looking for people who know how to drift and love it.
  19. ItsTheRealProofless

    Storm Operations Recruitment Thread (PS4)

    Storm Operations Recruitment Thread What Are We We are a new found PMC crew called Storm Operations. We protect the people of San Andreas from the rouge players and do contract work with clients Requirments -Follow orders from higher commands -Be able to get on almost everyday -Must have a mic -Must have a good internet connection -have to be atleast 13 years old or older -must have a K/D higher then 0.85 Posistions We currently have a second in command and a third in command spot to fill to. -Infantry -Support -Recon -Pilot -Designated Driver (more posistions yet to come) How To Apply copy the text underneath and send it to "akaProofless" on kik or "ItsTheProofless" on PSN. Storm Operations Recruitment Appilcation Age: PSN ID: Rank: Posistion Applying For: Time Zone: K/D: How Much In-Game money You Have: Send that to either my kik "akaProofless" or my PSN "ItsTheProofless" Rockstar Social Club Page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/storm_operations_ Thank you for your time
  20. I want to buy a hanger while it's 25% off, so I need to grind this weekend. Looking to start/join a friendly lobby so I can avoid those killer NPCs gunning me down while exporting a car. Off topic, how much more money would I make selling my full (small) warehouse cargo with others in the lobby? I'm open to helping others out also, or you can just do your business. PSN: SuddenIvan You can also reply here, I'm following this topic. No mic, sorry, but I do have a keyboard.
  21. DonArmanno

    The Armanno Crime Family Recruiting

    Social Club The Armanno Crime Family is a recently founded Crime Family on GTA V on PS4. The Armanno's are a Mafia based in the new mob era. We operate on a unique set of rules. We like to make as much money as possible in freemode while causing mayhem, come join us and fight our way to the top of the Organized Crime Families in GTA V. As we are new we are looking for loyal associates to rise through the ranks when the books open. We are a free aim only. We are looking for members 14+, Mic, good rp, and above all else loyalty. If youre looking for a community to earn money with and have fun this is it. If interested message me on PSN Don_D_Armanno, message me on social club DonArmanno or comment your PSN and I will get back to you. Application Social Club Username: ANSWER HERE PSN: ANSWER HERE Age:ANSWER HERE Timezone:ANSWER HERE What are your in game skills:ANSWER HERE Any personality traits that would contribute:ANSWER HERE
  22. Im searching people for the Elite Challenges youll get the rarest t-sh*t in gta after finishing all elite challenges you have to be: -above lvl 250 at least -very skillful in every part of gta -absoulutly reliable -able to comunicate in a team -able to complete the challenges without glitches, cheats... the route for the pacific whcih i am doing at the moment https://youtu.be/1-9wug2yIos (you have to be able to do this and more challenging things...) About me: LVL 720 +210 +190 (2 accounts; 3 Characters) I already finished all Elite challenges. Languages: German and english PSN: pbberto Youtube: Bertolli18 FEEL FREE TO CONTACT!!!
  23. Grand Theft Auto LATE NIGHT CAR MEET!! 10/26 11:30pm (CST) - til Whenever ALL CARS WELCOME Please act appropriate if you wanna kill people this lobby isn't for you we just want to have some fun showing off our cars and Drag race for money! Please keep the racing clean,the bitching to a minimum and always Have Fun. PsN: MuDLiGhT join now
  24. KingLurk.ShogunsMC

    The Shoguns MC (PS4)

    We are a PS4 only Motorcycle Club who ride with each other regularly and all get along like true brothers. Too us it's not just a game, it's a brotherhood who respect each other and has each others backs. You don't have to just play gta but you do have to be online on gta with us for at least 3 days a week if you hope to get your full patch. If interested or want more information please contact the president on PSN @lurksta94 or on RockstarGames Social Club @KingLurk13 or simply reply to this topic and we will get back to you as soon as possible. -TheShogunsMC https://socialclub.r...oguns-eliteones
  25. UdEaD78


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