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Found 2,247 results

  1. LfflNoor

    MC Recruitment (PS4,Experienced, Active)

    Website: http://theironlordsmc.wix.com/lffl Social club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/original_iron_lords The Iron Lords MC are a motorcycle club for GTA V that centers on loyalty, brotherhood and organization. We Wish to create a brotherhood that enjoys being a family and helping one another out. If you are willing to find a crew that always kills and rides together, look no further! Our aim is to be an organization that brings mayhem to the streets of Los Santos. ​ Requirements: Must be active. In Free Aim Must be Mature Must have a mic and kik. The rules and the bylaws are all in the website (The link is up) however some of the basic ones are: Respecting hierarchy and listening to the leaders. Wearing the patch. Not shooting anybody unless directed to. Must abide by 1% rules such as: ARs and Free Aim only. No passive mode and etc. No discrimination in the club at all. Must be loyal, and active. Crew hopping will lead in KOS. Must ride a harley bike. (lcc hexer innovation and etc) Must abide by dress code. Must attend Church/Meetings. If you want to join, either fill out the forum in the website: http://theironlordsmc.wix.com/lffl Or contact the secretary on kik: slutbruh She'll ask couple questions and then proceed from there.
  2. Whassup Guys For months now I've been searching for a military Roleplay crew. I've been in a couple of Military crews already but none of them were actaully what I wanted so I decided to just create one myself. If you are interested in joining, read the requirements below : -Must have mirophone -Age doesn't matter -You must be able to listen to commands. If you don't follow orders, then you will be kicked. If you an't participate in Roleplay, then nobody will want you in the crew. -At least level 35 -At least 50'000$ in cash (if you need money, we'll do heists) MUST HAVE THE APP "KIK" (We use this app to communiate when we're offline.) Roleplay will always be on weekends. I live in Europe so time zones may be a problem when it comes to organisation. But that an be dealt with one we have some members. The first few who join will receive a speial spot in the crew. Contact me if you want to join: PSN: discodonagh skype: donagh123 YouTube. EireTEX kik: D0nagh99 Or Leave a comment Or request an invite on the crew's social club page:http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sentinel_pmc_ls It would be awesome if you maybe subbed to my YT Channel too, it would really help me out. Thanks guys! Start Recruiting!
  3. Patro_11_

    I want to join a competitive racing crew

    Hello guys , my problem is that im probably one of the best racers in gta I ve never met a racer that can even compare to me and im always first with big diffrence from the second whenever I play seriously. Also I watch videos on youtube with impossible moments in gta racing etc. And t he most thug life moments with millions of views is my daily routine. Anyway the problem I that I cant find easily good races with good settings for example catch up off and clean contact races and also I always win with not much of a competition but I dont have a lot of friends who race. I would like to join one of the best racing crews so I can help them increase the reputation and im sure I will quickly become one of the best racers inside the crew if not the best.I ve send requests ti nodo race crew and some others and also personal messages but I didnt get any reply what should I do to join because I realy deserve it . I also wat to say that maybe my stas is not the best because I didnt have a very proffesional account and I let others play races and I have a hard time find good races without annoying people in. But I sure have some wins to prove myself and also if I could join on race from those crews just for trial it would be the best proof. Please help me wih your knowledge only serious answers please
  4. Makalin6

    SADPS Roleplay Recruitment NOW OPEN!

    SADPS is a new roleplay community looking for great new members to roleplay with. Whether you have been RPing for a long time or have never done RP before we can help you out. We are a new community so if you join and are good you a likely to get promoted quickly due to lack of members. One of our main goals is to have very complex and realistic training and roleplay. If you would like to apply, please go to rpsadps.weebly.com and a staff member will look over your application.
  5. The Cavalry is an active MC community dedicated to having fun, working as a team, and hanging out in the awesome world of GTA Online. We offer new members the experience of being in and contributing to an MC. -Start as a prospect and rise through the ranks. Get officially patched in with our unique "Cavalry" patch logo, and rise up to an officer of the inner circle, or even starting your own chapter eventually. -Get paid to contribute! besides the typical small payouts you receive from successful supply runs and sell missions, we regularly run heists and give %'s according to rank and contribution to the club. The President takes 0% of the Heist cuts. -Play, ride, and enjoy a community of down to earth, dedicated crew of friends that have a great time, but know how to play well together. All officers are above the age of 30, so no teen drama or immaturity to deal with! Enjoy progressing in the game AND being a part of a community at the same time. -Room for promotion! While we are always taking new prospects, we also recently had the "Enforcer" position open up in the main chapter, and are shortly branching out to giving loyal members their own chapters around the city. If you are interested in joining The Cavalry MC you can click on the link to go to our social club website, or contact me on my PSN name for details. See ya out there and Let's ride! PSN ID: BrickHouse0 Social Club Link: Cavalry MC Social Club
  6. Hypnotic Slayers AKA SLAY are looking for quality players with a K/D ratio of 1.50 or over ====PS4 ONLY==== Looking for people who are Active daily and will set SLAY as their active Crew Looking for Good Snipers, Jet Fighters, Street Fighters Etc... No Killing Crew Members Crew Members will need to back each other up if seen fighting with another crew/persons in a lobby. K/D needs to be 1.00 & Over. Must have a Mic If you would like to Join Us Please click the link below and request an invite. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hypnotic_slayers If you have any questions you can contact me via my psn account ODD_ZoeWowiee We are also looking for someone with crew emblem ideas any would be greatly appreciated. Regards, SLAY leader.
  7. If you like to roleplay apply to the San Andreas Department of Justice clan. The website is sanandreasdoj-clan.weebly.com. If you have any questions message xFreedomHDx on PlayStation.
  8. KushKongGoblin

    Los Santos Blood MC Recruiting for PS4

    Hello All, I have just created this crew on 6/13/2016. I am in search of committed players that are willing to dedicate their time in making this crew a success. As of now the only requirements are that you own a 2 wheel vehicle and a leather jacket (of any style). I of course have big ideas of where I would like this crew to end up, but I also realize it is going to take some time to get there. My gamertag is KushKongGoblin so if you would like to join or have a question before joining either send me an invite or shoot me over a message. I have the PSN messenger on my cell phone so I am very easy to get a hold of at all times. Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  9. DB-Kapone-4D


  10. Alfa147dssta2


    Hi we are a new small crew, mostly British but we have a few European members and play on London Times, We have a few strict rules and guidelines but any rank is welcome to join as long as you have a Mic and a mature outlook, We have kik messenger a ps4 community and a Google+ page . As of now we have about 20 solid members but are looking to fill the crew hierarchy with quality players If you are interested in joining us please message me here first or check out our page here - https://plus.google.com/communities/103864733059839211227 Thanks Sc link : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_deadbeets
  11. we have now 78 members and we'll closed at 85 .. check our page on rockstar social club http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/remember_me_clan/gtav/ps4 for apply a request we don't ask a lot be online and enjoy with us ,,
  12. We are looking for dedicated and loyal individuals to join the ranks of the few in our pristine one of a kind charter. This motorcycle club is full of GTA Online gaming fun, full of motorcycle enthusiasts and abroad, and made up of a dedicated hierarchy that is active and online almost everyday. We are not the biggest club out there nor are we the smallest, we don't believe in bragging or undermining other clubs out there. What we do believe in is having a dedicated community for everyone to enjoy what they love best, the passion for motorcycles and a passion for gaming. We are like a family and once your in there are no strings attached, however once you are in we will promise to provide you with entertainment, fun and excitement. So what are you waiting for? To view our charter via the social club please follow this link Social Page: www.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/soa_chosen_few If interested in becoming apart of our family, please submit an application via the recruitment tab of our website at www.soachosenfew.org Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you soon.
  13. ImChristoffer

    Out Of Control.

    Wanna be Co-Leader of a Decent crew with 3 memebers, And help us grow? http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/out_of_control_og
  14. uparth


    Hey Guys! If your looking for a competitive GTAV crew that does role-playing and also terrorizes the city of Los Santos than join the Gambino Crime F4mily. We are a tight knit and well organized crew. XBOX ONE ONLY. Crew Link- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gambino_crime_f4mily#

    Live like a King! Join The Rebel Kings MC today! PS4 only.

    Requirements: 1. Must have a working mic. 2. Must be 16 years of age or older 3. Must own at least one chopper style motorcycle. 4. Must not be in any other crews. Things you need to know. 1. Your patch is earned never given. 2. The Prospect period will not be easy, but it will be worth it. We are a crew that prefers quality over quantity. 3. This is a true brotherhood. Once you earn your patch, your brothers and sisters, are your family.
  16. Come and join the international crew Smoking Masterminds. Only for adult gamers 21 plus . We focus on doing heist , real money makers. We all use headsets and play as a team , we make loads of money and focus on the big heists. Our crew colour is neon green , looks great on all cars and bikes , our crew emblem says it al and very cool to put on your cars. Don't wait , join the Smoking Masterminds. Higher ranks go to criminal masterminds. Lady's are welcome to join our crew. Add me on PSN : Moszcowicz ( IF YOU HAVE JOINED THE CREW! ) GO TO ROCKSTAR TO JOIN OUR CREW! Visit our page : http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/smoking_masterminds AND JOIN THE CREW FIRST BEFORE YOU SENT ME A FRIEND REQUEST Come join this Elite Club of Smoking Masterminds! If you have any questions just ask! Our crew motto is : MAKE MONEY And this is what we do the whole day , we play the heist in one time and there is always a Pacific Standard Finale ready to join up with! Watch our crew video on youtube : And the latest video :
  17. persianbunny

    female/ female character crew recruiting!

    If you are a girl or have a female character join my crew "GIRLS GUNS AND ROSES" [ROSE] Crew color Purple/blue mix - REQUIREMENTS - Must be only crew you are in there is no loyalty in being in more than one crew. - No crew killing unless the other player knows or killing allies. - Must be mature (no age limit) - MUST BE ACTIVE!!!!! - Must be willing to train with crew. Including free aim training. - NO BULLYING. - ACCEPT your L in 1v1s don't be that person. - NO DRAMA - Have fun , join stuff, make friends and SLAY ----- Contact Psn Persnn Socialclub Pearsian_ Crew link : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/girls_guns_and_roses
  18. Mr_Bowman_1990

    Bowman Exports

    Starting a crew for doing organization missions, heists, and contact missions. Mature gamers only please. I prefer Free aim, but if I like you ill join your assisted. I work Monday-Friday 2pm- around 11pm EST Message me anytime im home and ill I'll play if im not already in the game. Psn: Mr_Bowman_1990 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bowman_exports
  19. RTMC_KingMonkey

    Recruiting For Rogue Tribe MC

    Rogue Tribe is a growing mc. We are the mother charter of our mc and we are 1%ers. Our biggest value is loyalty and for players who truly want to put 100% effort into making the club better. This is a 17+ year old club no kids! We have a clubhouse and are looking for members who are willing to grow with the club. If you are interested in joining here is the link to our social club site- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rogue_tribe_original
  20. Str8Kash

    Hi New Crew here! [PS4]

    Hi Im the leader of 'Out Of Control OGs' Click Here! - Its the RGSC at the moment we're only looking for people who can be online multipli times a week. Our Color is: All kinds of Blue black, gold, and white! So Let me know if you're interested! Hit me up on PSN: Str8KashTMI-Gang
  21. GirlPowerGTA

    Nos Speed I *NEW RACING CREW* PS4

    NOS SPEED RACING NEW PS4 CREW Welcome to Nos Speed the new and refreshing racing crew to hit GTAV Online only on PS4. We are recruiting the best racers in the game and with help from R* Verified creator UniqueAsh we aim to be challenging the best racers Online has to offer. We also have the help of several top creators so are list of bookmarked races is vast and strong. We are currently recruiting for a number of roles within the crew and plan on having a fresh new forum up after the new year. We plan to run weekly events tailored for both stunting and clean racing. My name is Aimee and I want to create a crew on PS4 where everyone who enjoys racing comes together and embraces each others skills and knowledge of the game but most importantly keeps it clean. This is a open crew for the moment so anyone is welcome to join while we get up and running and schedule are first events starting this weekend, more info below. So what you waiting for? Inject some Nos into your life. Nos Speed 1 are first crew event will be scheduled for this Saturday at 18.00PM BST UK Time which will include a variety of technical tracks and stunt jumps to warm up crew members. Every Saturday at the same time will be this event dedicated to Nos Speed Only and on PS4. further dates below: 2015: Nos Speed 1 Nov 28th @18.00PM BST Nos Speed 2 Dec 5th @18.00PM BST Nos Speed 3 Dec 12th @18.00PM BST Nos Speed 4 Dec 19th @18.00PM BST If this interests you and you wwould like to join us follow this link and join.
  22. Warriors war chief

    50s greaser gang recruitment!

    We are a new MC called The Condemned Rebels.This gang has taken form to release your souls.Come join the brotherhood and start fighting for your freedom in Gta. Message THR-MC_RENEGADE on the (PS4) if you would like to join. Also check out our rules below. We are no longer a Greaser club sorry. (RULES) 1. Don't kill your brothers unless we are in a competitive game mode. 2. American bikes only, unless told otherwise by officers and president. 3. Must have a mic and must communicate with your crew. 4. We play on the (ps4) and we play (free aim) only. 5. You must be 15 years or older. 6. No mods or glitches that pose an unfair advantage against other players. 7. You must play GTA 5 at least 3 times a week with the crew. if you can't just let someone in the crew know that you will be inactive for awhile. 8. You must wear your patch at all times. 9. You must wear biker style clothing, I'm not going to get into major details with this. If you don't know what I mean by biker style clothing, then just dress how you want to in the game; I will tell you if you are wearing something that looks completely ridiculous and embarrassing to the club. 10. I would prefer you to have a little experience in the 1%er rules but if you don't, Then me and the club will help you out. 11. The's weapons are not allowed against other players, Rpg's, sticky bombs, grenades, Proximity mines, Minigun, Auto shotguns, sniper rifles, Lmg's, Tanks , Helicopters and Jets. If any of the's weapons are use against you then you are allowed to use them back. 12. Communicate with your brothers in the chat room everyday that you are able to get on. 13. Make sure you join our community on the ps4 , i will give the invites to every member who joins. 14. Help your brothers out with missions. 15. Don't go into passive mode when you are fighting a enemy, Only time you can go into passive mode is when you are going to go do something. 16. Absolutely no other crews. why should you join us you might say ? well we do heist almost everyday so more money $$$$ for you, We have respect and dignity and don't cheat at the game # earn everything the legit way. We are a very mature group who likes to have fun and joke around but also when we need to get down to business doing a mission we take it serious and get stuff done. We are active everyday. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/condemned_rebels_mc
  23. Kalnazzar

    Beast 0f War (PS4)

    Crew Name: Beast 0f War Crew Motto: Survival of the Fittest Crew Description: We are a friendly bunch of people that are always looking to expanded are family. We are crew starting from the ground floor and we have a lot of potential to become something great. We don't care if you're the best or worst player or what level you are as long as you like doing heist your loyal, moderately active and friendly your welcome to join. Played Crew Game Modes: Heist, Survival, Missions, Races,
  24. Navy division force


    Hello I'm the leader of a military crew called Navy division force I'm currently looking for new recruits to join my military force your role will be air support ground support and others you will be fully trained before going out on the field you must wear the military outfits I tell you to wear you will also participate in alot of role play missions in crew only Lobby's we will also be doing lobby take overs and death matches. I'm also looking for someone who is good at making recruitment video's for YouTube and looking for a website developer I'm looking for 2 commissioners 3 lieutenants and 4 representatives. You must be 16 or over to join my military force a mic is required if your interested in joining please contact me on my psn invisible_troll_ PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PS4 CREW ONLY AND WE WILL BE GOING TO WAR WITH OTHER MILITARY CREWS Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  25. DG_Mindtrip

    The Purge Family Values Recruitment

    If you are looking to Purge when it comes to GTA 5 then we are the crew for you. We run heists, we do CEO missions, have party on the yachts, and best of all we love to purge in any lobby were in. There is no level requirement to be a purger in the Purge Family Values. We stream almost every night at around 5pm eastern time. Requirements: Must be at least 16+ Must Have a Mic Be ready to Purge at anytime Links: Socialclub.rockstargames.com/purgefamilyvalues Twitch.tv/irishlad4lyfe PS4: DG_MINDTRIP DG_Keeper
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