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  1. Hello guys, im looking for people who are interested in playing GTA 5 Online Anytime. My Crew is Crew101x (https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/crew101x) My car meet page on Facebook is (https://www.facebook.com/gta5onlinecarmeet/) All Are welcome to join if anyone is interested Want my PSN? reply to this post and ill post it shortly after
  2. verbatimguitar

    Triple Skulls MC Paleto Bay NOW RECRUITING

    Triple Skulls MC Paleto Bay The Triple Skulls MC is a motorcycle club role playing crew that is tearing up the streets of Los Santos with the partnership of their other chapters. The club is a bunch of fun loving, loyal, and dedicated guys that love to ride bikes and party together. The Triple Skulls only have a few requirements before joining: Be 16 or older Own a working PS4 Mic Own at least one American style bike Own a leather jacket (some exceptions) Be online at least 4 days/week Be level 50 or higher All members must prospect for 1 week before getting your patch Hierarchy posit
  3. Wyedens

    Looking for modder

    I lost my appartment and cars looking for someone to give me money because rockstar wont help me
  4. Hello GTA players! Do you want to have a peaceful and chill GTA experience? Are you already tired of trying to collect crates for your warehouses and sell them while people try to take you out? I am starting up a new crew for all those players who want to have a good time without getting bothered by trolls or griefers. Looking for good, experienced and active members! My idea is to do takeovers and help other members to find "split" lobbies, so we can focus on our stuff alone. We also need good heist/mission players. Crew Rules 1. You need to have crewtag activated during
  5. Sickkmann

    Synthetik Prophets

    Looking for mature players 18+ to get a crew going. I have a name and logo ready: I just need people to fill the ranks. A mic is preferred but not needed. Just looking to get together and do some car shows, missions, heists, etc. Plus I also do different car colors. So if you're into car modifications or you like to take Snapmatics of your rides paint job head over to the link and join!! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/synthetik_prophets
  6. Me and 2 friends are trying to complete the Criminal Mastermind Challenge on PS4, but for some reason we can't find anyone who will do And will take it seriously, but will also have fun. We are all decent ranks: 129, 74, and 130. Requirements: Must be 14 or older Must be mature You need a mic Need to be rank 70 or above PS4 Message beefy9layer if you're interested. We are looking to do them as soon as possible, so the sooner you're available, the better.
  7. Monsterbacon123

    transport unit for military crew

    I am the commander of the transport division for gta online in my crew we are based around the new finance and felony dlc's cargo transport feature if u would like to join message monsterbacon123 over psn, we do convoys, and in general protect our convoys and take out others, we have a very large spectrum of divisions in the military crew which you can also join but i personally love the transport units because its very fun and easy.
  8. Reptilliangod

    New drug cartel crew needs members

    San Andreas Reign is a PS4 crew i just started, this is an organised crew orientated around the drug cartel theme. This crew is semi roleplay This crew is for mature players who want to feel part of a major organization and have fun. SC link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_reign Apply through the website here: sanandreasreign.wordpress.com PLEASE Submit an application through the website and we will send you an invite to the crew if you meet the criteria.
  9. Car Show access is available 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, but can be subject to change. Please Message and Friend Request the Host to obtain an Invitation or if you have any questions Event Date Wednesday June 8th 2016 8PM EST Host PSN: BlueHazeMay Twitter: @BlueHazeMay ThaNASTYsnaps Console PS4 Car Rules All Types - DLC Content Snaps & Video Recording All Car Show events are subject to photo and video recording for all attendies. Please be cautious of other players and artists. Standard Rules Apply: 1. Do not damage
  10. Hello All Players, My name is XxUltimateKRxX using the PS4 system. I am looking for players to complete the criminal mastermind challenge with. This challenge is tough and will have a lot of challenges but I need players who will listen to orders and take their time and not rush through this. I would like to have players between level 70-1000. If you agree to help in this I can promise we will concur and rise to obtain the 10-12 million dollar challenge! Please answer this thread or email me at [email protected] Thank you and hear from you soon!
  11. Looking for some loyal associates to help me fill my warehouses!
  12. PierreTheBandit

    anyone wanna join for heist?

    Add KingGuwopDK on PS4 if u wanna play
  13. Car Show access is available 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, but can be subject to change. Please Message and Friend Request the Host to obtain an Invitation or if you have any questions Event Date Saturday July 9th 2016 3PM EST - 2PM CST - 12PM PST - 8PM UK Host PSN: BlueHazeMay Twitter: @BlueHazeMay ThaNASTYsnaps Console PS4 Car Rules Muscle and Supers - Drag Race, Side by Side Snaps & Video Recording All Car Show events are subject to photo and video recording for all attendies. Please be cautious of other players an
  14. persianbunny


    Looking for people to join my crew "SELF SAVAGES" * Is a small crew of 8 active players we are looking for the maximum of 50 members only because I would like to get to play with my crew and meet everyone. * We are a free aim only crew (some members are still learning how to free aim ) * There is no age limit but must be mature and like to have fun. * Participate in crew members activities. (just doing heists all the time is boring) we like to do races, death matches, parkours, LTS. * ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA. YOU WILL GET BANNED. * have fun and don't be shy make friends party u
  15. I'm an amateur YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster. I want to do some videos, but I need players. I need players with mics, and over 18. I'm attempting to turn semi-pro. In a few weeks I'll have the equipment to make ultra high quality videos. I've got an elgato capture device, and a brand new laptop. I ordered a transmitter to record the game chat, and just need a few more items including a snowball mic. I wanna do last team standing jobs and races. I will do a shark card giveaway in a few weeks to advertise myself. I've spend over £200 for my YouTube and Twitch channels. When
  16. Host: @MamaSnuggles_ Streaming Provided by : NastyVision Streamer: @BlueHazeMay Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bluehazemay
  17. I will be hosting the setups and will give 400.000 on the finale i get 0 so i can keep the finale. Psn:beentheillest
  18. DG_Mindtrip

    The Purge Family Values Recruitment

    If you are looking to Purge when it comes to GTA 5 then we are the crew for you. We run heists, we do CEO missions, have party on the yachts, and best of all we love to purge in any lobby were in. There is no level requirement to be a purger in the Purge Family Values. We stream almost every night at around 5pm eastern time. Requirements: Must be at least 16+ Must Have a Mic Be ready to Purge at anytime Links: Socialclub.rockstargames.com/purgefamilyvalues Twitch.tv/irishlad4lyfe PS4: DG_MINDTRIP DG_Keeper
  19. Hello people I am going to be doing a car meet and a drag race tomorrow. It will start around 6:00 to 7:30 British time (in the afternoon on Friday) If you would like to join plz send me a friend request and saying car meet so I know who to add for car meet also if you want to come send a message to me on gta5 forums saying I would like to go and say your ps4 name tag so that I could add you to my friends. I'm also would be filming live on twitch if you are not avalible to go on my twtch name is 13JDay123 Plz no killing or you will be ban Hope you will come and enjoy Fro
  20. Jragzilla140

    Independence Day 2016

    ASSISTANCE NEEDED I was gone for most of the 2016 Independence Day Event. I have 200k in Online right now, I need to borrow 355k for the Liberator. If anyone is willing, please message me on my Ps4 account(my username, Jragzilla140) and play GtA Online on the 11th, between 6:30pm and 11:30pm central time. I eagerly wait for your reply!
  21. king5rida360

    crew recruiting ps4

    The Legendary Hustler's est. Oct 17 2013 are seeking to recruit loyal members to our crew. We consider ourselves a GTA family and we know the difference between success and failure as a great team. Working together, our members help each other in need, helps build rank and make bank. As a growing empire with more than 65 members total, over 25 members on the ps4 alone, we strive to promote our strongest members through the crew ranks. If you are interested in joining add king5rida360 on psn & send a message saying you would like 2 join. Requirements/rules -You must have your
  22. h_a_t_c_h25


    Add me as a friend and join my game and the meet will be at del perry beach at the end of desert ave (in the car park on the pier) h_a_t_c_h25 All cars and bikes welcome
  23. Have you been looking for a realistic emergency services roleplay clan, one which provides you with the most professional yet fun experience? Why not apply for the SAES clan, at saesclanps4.enjin.com If you would like to see what our clans like simply search 'sass clan' on YouTube. There's tons of videos.
  24. Tayotayotayo

    -ps4- pac stand grind

  25. Conorg121

    PS4 Car meet

    Wanting to do a car meet tonight or tuesday night at 10pm GMT, if your interested add conorg121
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