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Found 2,247 results

  1. Officer Clay


    UNITED STATES ROLE PLAY CLAN United States Roleplay is activly recruting for mature and active players. We keep are roleplays realistic and as close to real life as we can. We Are Only Accepting Those With A Mature & Professional Background. If That Is Not Your Style Then Please Refer From Joining. if you would like info or want to join go to our website Social Club:http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/unitedstatesroleplay Website:http://usrpclan.weebly.com/ Website:http://usrpclan.weebly.com/ Website:http://usrpclan.weebly.com/
  2. aldodadondadda22


    is anyone aware of there been a page for bike meets, and MCS... I know there is a lot of MCS out there i have my own one with 9 active members still growing.. we wanna meet other MCS tho https://www.facebook.com/groups/bikemeetgtaonline/ if anyones aware of where the MCs hang out let me know CHEERS
  3. Hello everyone We see a lot of "MC" recruiting going on here, which can only be good for the MC 'scene' in GTA Online... What we don't see much of though, is originality; most clubs are either copying real life or in game MC's with little creativity involved. This is confusing because the underpinning theme of GTA is creativity and originality. And shooting people in the face. If you agree... or even if you don't agree... but you're looking for an active crew... then you could do worse things today than sign up for... The Bstards MC: formed 1 year ago on these here very forums, we are literally born out of the love of GTA and it's vocal, active and creative user base. Basically put, we love you all.. but we would still like to shoot some of you in the face. Here's a link to our recruitment topic from our ps3 days. We also have a web site, youtube channel, twitter account, facebook etc. etc. We're a fictional mc in the digital age !! We still have active ps3 members by the way, so you can still join us if you're an OG on Old Gen. Feel free to PM me on here or on R* social to request an invite, discuss the moon landings or what you had for breakfast this morning. Don't be a carbon copy, be original. Join the Bstards today!! Cheers, boppa_
  4. wolfpack directior

    Wolf Pack PMC PS4

    Wolf Pack PMC PS4 is now recruiting message me on kik if your interested in joining -my kik is wolfgaming324
  5. Tybg-jakob

    Looking for members <PS4>

    Anyone looking for a crew add me and message tybg-Jakob on the PS4 still needing staff so first come first serve Name: trapmafiaaaaa Crew link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/trap_mafiaaaaaa Timezone: CT
  6. donayCIA

    GFRA Military Crew Recruting

    Greater Federation military crew (GFRA) is a military RP crew. We are extremely active and were always prepared to fight. Right now we're looking for members for the newly formed government branch and marine branch of our crew. If you are interested please contact dontayCIA on PS4. For more information about who we are go to www.gfra.com or contact me at [email protected] We look forward to training you soon. Note: this is a PS4 only clan
  7. slashjaw26

    [Ps4]Loyl to the Game IS FREE TO JOIN!

    LOYL TO THE GAME CREW IS STARTED ON MARCH,9 ,2016 This crew is very good doing job like finance felony missions like that this crew has 411 members now and also we do heist missions, deathmatch,dominating lobby killing other crews [NOTE: ALLIES CREWS (DOLL) (BADD) (QWEN) (HATR)(BARB)(WARR)] PLATFORM: PS4 CREW SOCIAL CLUB LINK :https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/loyl_to_the_game CREW LEADER SC:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/angelxx01 COMMISSIONER SC:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/pab_187 TIMEZONE: USA,UK,ASIA ,INDIA,CANADA FREE TO JOIN US NOW ONLY ON PS4 AND ENJOY IN GTA ONLINE
  8. Clayndal2


    Hello this police chief clay from Los Santos Pd. We are looking for recruits to join my role playing clan. We do serious role plays in free roam and in jobs. This clan is only on ps4, we have custom rankings inside the crew. Some of the jobs you can do as you can rank up in the clan. RULES: JOBS: 1.) YOU must have a headset 1.) Tactical Response 2.) The clan has to be your active crew 2.) Patrol Unit 3.) You must know or learn NATO 3.) Drug Enforcement 4.) Also learn simple call out codes 4.) Undercover 5.) Add clayndal2 on ps4 5.) Auto Task Force JOIN HERE >>> http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/los_santos_pd_ps4
  9. A new Black Disciples Crew has risen and is available for anyone to join! We are short on members at the moment but we are all an active Crew. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_disciples_gdks We are looking for people to fill in the ranks! So if you put in some work you can be big in our Crew Hope to see you there!
  10. Created a new crew, looking to do videos and instagram photoshoots of people's cars. I do a lot of editing in Adobe After Effects and have an HD recording device. If anyone is interested in joining my crew, message me on PS4 or request to join(https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fluxed_fitment)! PSN: MrFluxedEdge
  11. Cpt.J.Taylor.

    (PS4j LS Country Army Recruitment

    The L.S.C.A. is recruiting. If you like role play, the military, combat, armored vehicles, trainings, orders and people you can trust., you're on the right post! We are looking for players who are loyal and like to accept orders. This crew will show you the difference between regular crews and a army crew. In order to become a member, you need to follow the link to the website and register from there. We hope to see you soon! Link: http://lscarmy.weebly.com https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_country_army
  12. RazorGamezXD

    Air Force One USAF Recruitment PS4

    Air Force One USAF Recruiting For The Ps4 we are a gta5 roleplaying crew, we need new serious members to help build up the crew. Link to crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/air_force_one_usaf Add The Leader On PS4: DynoTheT_Rex High Ranks Are Opened
  13. Looking to fill my crew up Tha H1v3 ( aka The Hive) http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tha_h1v3 A group For Online Tactical Shooters. On June 17 the swarm became too big and new Hives needed to be built, we split onto 2 continents We are brothers in arms, our strength comes through unity. Our honor is loyalty. Our resolve is ever strong and we never surrender. Every member will lay down their life to defend their brother. POKE THE HIVE OR ONE OF OUR BROTHERS AND YOU SHALL FEEL THE FURY OF OUR SWARM. Presentation: The Hive is a clan who started out on Xbox with Ghost Recon, first game on the console that was playable online. Since then The Hive has grown with Members on Xbox360 , PC , PS3. and now on PS$ You can see The Hive as a collective of gamers all around the world and now we want you! The Hive and the Like in all things in Life there are some rules that we need you to obey Rule Guide: --------------------------------------------------------------------- After joining the Hive please add at least the leaders to your friends list on Rockstar Social and PSN so that you can immediately start getting experience with us. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Treat everybody with the same respect you want yourself. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Always try to get as many Hive members on one team. --------------------------------------------------------------------- When doing battle with The Hive always use the clan tag "Hive". --------------------------------------------------------------------- Mic´s are required! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Everybody has to be active in recruiting new members with the same thinking ideology The Hive has. --------------------------------------------------------------------- We need you to be active on PSN and Rockstar Social --------------------------------------------------------------------- Always accept friends and invites with special referral of The Hive on it. --------------------------------------------------------------------- A member has to play with The Hive for at least 3 days a week. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Always Welcome new Member's of the Hive --------------------------------------------------------------------- All leaders must be devoted to The Hive and may only be a leader in The Hive There is also a role play part wanna use tactical vehicle warfare as they do with army convoys in dagerous area's and implement that with the crew in online servers The convoys all black with crew logo vehicles makes sure that all the crew members can farm for what they need. The hive is a secret goverment organization that get there funding with illegal practises Want to make my crew as a Hive of active players who join each other and grind and do missions together and make money.Also have a police role taking out any player's that are terrorizing the server' that got a bounty on there head's. Wanna be well recognizable with all black car's with crew logo. New players welcome we also looking for commisioners, lieutenants and officers to get promoted to this function need to be actif with in the crew. Rules: Be Actif with in the Crew. Dont kill Crew member's. Dont kill other player's for no reason. Allway's use black car's with crew logo. Treat everybody with respect. Help to make the Crew stronger and bigger at all cost's. Use the Mic. Take out anoying player's with bounty on there head that are terrorizing the server. All members allway's in 1 server. Make all vehicles available to all member's. Help to make the server more safer for player's. Help and join job's and other stuff that is going on. Over 18 year's old. Also all games will be Streamed i have a daily stream on http://www.twitch.tv/strik3d1 And Video's will be posted on Youtube when worth posting. http://twitter.com/Strik3dStrik So let's grow and make money together !!!
  14. HaWkzZ_-SpiNZ

    -S A V A G E S- kill clan

    We are a small (around 10 people) military styled clan looking to expand. We are looking for like minded individuals who like to do deathmatches, RNG and public lobby rampaging. So, do you think you have what it takes? If so then for the people interested contact Blackwinter_- or ii__guerrilla__ii And be sure to join our recruitment crew. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/-lsavage_societyl-_/wall
  15. [PS4] SOLARIS ROLEPLAY - REAL LIFE RP SolarisRP is a brand new, mature, European roleplaying community based around GTA 5 on the PS4. With our founders being extremely experienced in roleplay management, we strive for perfection and hope you can contribute to this extraordinary online adventure. [ALPHA STAGE] OUR COMMUNITY IS CURRENTLY UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND IS LOOKING FOR HELP; STAFF POSITIONS, DEVELOPER POSITIONS, ... NEED FILLING! Ever wanted to become a police officer? paramedic or firefighter? Or would you rather become a well-known and feared criminal in Los Santos? Is that all a bit much for you? The possibilities are endless, you can become tow truck driver, uber chauffeur, pilot, lawyer, politician, news reporter, road worker, garbage collector, environmental activist, trucker, ... The only limit there is, is your the one of your imagination! We have created a professional, friendly community that offers: realtime voice communication using a nicely designed discord server, our own virtual currency with a player driven economy, our own standalone vehicle-registration-system on our website, online police database to log license plates, citations, arrests, ... active emergency services, a variety of immersive jobs to dive into and a friendly community to welcome you! We also have our own forum on the website, which is available for members to further enhance roleplay. In the forum, we have a job market, an event tab and much more... Solaris Roleplay can be joined by going through a quick application process. This personal application will be reviewed in max. 3 days after completion. The application is all organised on our website. If you go to the home page, you will find the "apply" button that will redirect you to our application form. Keep in mind, we are European Based but would like to expand so we can hold sessions worldwide. THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS THE COMMUNITY GROWS AND I GET FEEDBACK. https://solarisrp.wixsite.com/solarisrp Problems browsing our website? Use our support chat! ** We are still partially under construction... Feedback is awesome and will help us grow. SOCIAL CLUB: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/solaris_rp
  16. SomeGuyFromLosSantos

    Join the Great Six Criminal Masterminds!

    Greats Six was founded from 6 Great players who prepared since 2014 for the heists and then completed the CRIMINAL MASTERMIND - $10,000,000, LOYALTY - $1,000,000 and ALL IN ORDER - $1,000,000 Challenges. We now own the Maze Bank Office and several others. We a fleet of vehicles such as Rhino, Turreted Limo, Savage, Buzzard, Hydra, Valkyrie, Insurgents, Basically everything. Why did we create this crew? To help everyone with their Heist Setups, Finales, Ceo Crates, Ceo Work and basic leveling and PvP Training. Who do we recruit? Any level from 1-100, if you're above 100 we expect you to have reached a certain K/D Ratio that is legit and proven in Deathmatch or Freemode against our enemies. We help anyone from Level 1-100 to train their skills, gain money, reputation points. We do not recruit modders, we already kicked some people out after finding out they had 120 Millions of hacked money or after reports of them using wall glitches to grief people. If you use a glitch to change your clothing that doesn't bother me, if you use glitches to an advantage that is what we don't desire. If you're interested and active you may apply on https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/greats_six Anyone can apply to join the crew, we'll stop recruiting at 100 members and will keep the number of members on 100 because we do not want "strangers" in our crew, we want people we get to know and not people who kill crew teammates which we have a strong policy against. If you want to see some footage of CEO Work we do and deathmatches check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ8OJQf3oSEgbIuESm8bimw PSN ID: SofiannP
  17. ThoseRussianBears

    Bratva Security Incorporated - Recruitment

    "До́брое бра́тство -- лу́чшее бога́тство." Bratva Security Incorporated is a Private Military Contractor operating inside of Los Santos, San Andreas. We are a highly experienced and highly organized firm with top of the line weapons, vehicles, and gear ready for deployment for clients across the state. We are currently a PS4 only crew. The background of Bratva Security Bratva Security was established early 1992 in St. Petersburg, Russia after the fall of Communism in 1991. The fall of the U.S.S.R. briefly brought a period of vulnerability to the country of Russia and surrounding satellite states around the now newly formed Russian Federation. Bratva Security was formed by members of the now nonexistent Red Army, having left government payroll to enter Private work. The first order of Bratva Security was ensuring stability in Eastern Europe, which is still a ongoing task to this day. In recent years, Bratva Security has expanded to the areas of Western Europe and, as of 2016, into the areas of the Western United States under contract alongside Merryweather Security. There are two divisions to Bratva Security. Our first division, and our largest, is our Security firm. Peacekeepers are employed to this division, and depending on their assignment and position in Bratva Security, may be given various tasks either by Clients that hire Bratva or by Bratva Staff. Our second division is our Office Staff. These positions include CEO, CFO, VIP, secretaries, and members who conduct planning and logistics for our company. Operations Bratva Security conduct Bratva Security will engage in many kinds of VIP work, including all CEO, Biker, and Car Theft work. Bratva Security members can also be hired to supervise crew meetings, car meets, and just public lobbies for clients as well. Other kinds of work are welcomed at Bratva that were not listed above. Peacekeepers are not expected to work for free however. Any work that does not provide payment and is not ordered by a Commanding Bratva Officer is up to the Security Detail on if it is worth the effort to perform. Any work that does provide payment, however, is expected to be completed by Bratva Peacekeepers in an effective way with a successful outcome. Appyling for Positions Step 1 - Apply here - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KJSYWMP. This application will be submitted to the head of Bratva Security. Here, it will be on review for usually a few hours. You will be contacted within at the most 24 hours after applying. However, you can fill out a simple application here if you do not want or can not fill out the app out in the link. Please note, it may take up to two days to get you interviewed, however, it should only one. Copy and Paste this information into a reply if you would rather place a application here PSN ID - Times you are active - Notable skills you bring to the crew - GTA Rank - Step 2 - After being contacted by a Bratva Security Staff member, you will be brought into a interview, and if you pass, will begin your basic training for the crew, which will go over combat protocols, vehicle protocols, and general information you will need to be successful here at Bratva. Step 3 - After basic training, you will either begin work with Bratva Staff or continue onto specialization training, depending on the role you have applied for. At the end of all this, you will officially be a part of Bratva Security. Contact Information - You can reach me two ways. My fastest way of communication is Kik messenger, with my Kik being RussianBearsMod. My second way is my PSN, which is PapaNoChillWolf. Any questions can be answered their if you have any or are looking to apply for a contract or alliance with Bratva. Rockstar Social Club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bratva_security_inc "Good Brotherhood - The Best Wealth." Bratva Motto.
  18. Kree

    Seekers MC members wanted.

    Anyone want to join a new M.C? Seekers Mc still has officer spots open for anyone wanting to join.
  19. Ix Fallen Abyss xl is now Recruiting only on PS4! July 2015 - Ix Fallen Abyss xI CREW is now recruiting new players for membership. We are specifically seeking active, fun, skilled, and mature players to add to our ranks. We are a PS4 crew and the majority of our members are very active in-game and most have mics. In addition to general recruits, we are also looking for seasoned players who are skilled in combat for our deathmatch and lobby domination ,Jets,good in sniping in running shots . Some information on how to sign up to join us If you are interested in joining, please reply to this post with the following information: Name: Age: Country/Region: PSN: R* Social Club ID: Rank: K/D Ratio: Skills: Mic?: Statistics will not be used to judge your potential acceptance into the crew crewwebsitelink:http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ix_fallen_abyss_xisent a request invite to join Ix Fallen Abyss xI CREW
  20. ACS is a private security force based in the heart of Los Santos. ACS was created to assure the safety of our clients whether that be high end car meets or an individual living the high life seeking protection. We have few but strict rules they are as followed, 1.the client comes first 2.the client is always right....until they're not 3.stick to the dress code 4.listen to your superiors Once you've passed training and been with us for a week you can go for a specialist role, however this requires an extra 2 day course Driver: spaces available (3) helicopter pilot: spaces available (2) Private jet pilot: spaces available (2) Sharp shooters: spaces available (4) Requirements: Have a Mic Lvl 60+ KD 0.60 Reply to me on here or add urbo-_-tankz
  21. Mister Madrazo

    PS4 Hellraisers MC looking for new prospects

    Hello, I am the President of Hellraisers MC. We used to be an xbox 360 MC crew, but we are currently relocating to PS4. As a result we are looking for new prospects to join our MC to make things more fun and exciting. Our website can be found here: http://thehellraisersmc.wix.com/hellraisersmc Our social club page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hellraisers_mc_vo And our prospect crew, for new recruits: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hellraisersprospects We mainly use the messenger app 'Kik' for mobile phones and devices to communicate, so it is highly suggested you download it as well to make communicating much easier. If you wish to contact me directly in order to speed up the process of becoming a prospect, then you can look me up on Kik: MAH92NL. My PSN ID is: MAHBrigadier We are an international crew that are mainly focussed on having a good time with chilled out people, but like to be competitive and participate in crew events or wars as well. We also actively try to help each other make more money on GTA by playing heists, missions, freemode events and much more. My crew and I are looking forward to meeting new recruits to have a good time on GTA!
  22. "RISE above! We're gonna RISE above!" -Black Flag If you're looking for a fun and loyal crew to join in GTA 5 Online, look no further. 7 Point Society was founded to recruit as many members as possible, bringing players together simply to have fun and wreak havoc and anarchy across Los Santos and the rest of the San Andreas map. The only rule we ask to be obeyed is to stand united, not divided. All this means is we ask our crew members to not persistently attack their fellow RISE/7PS members in Free Mode. We're actively recruiting and accepting requests from players of all ranks and skill levels now. Come have fun with us!!! Click or copy and paste the link below to submit a request for membership!!! socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/7_point_society

    GTA V Role Playing Motorbike Club XBOX 360

    Looking For Dedicated Members To Fill our Ranks We're Mainly an Xbox 360 MC but All Consoles Welcome! Looking to Expand to XB1, PS3, PS4 and PCWe are a very Kick Back bunch of Guys who like to Take out Bikes out and Convoy Hard! but following the Rules of Traditional Motorcycle Clubs. 1. Prospect- You Must Prospect for a Length of Time under our Prospect Chapter to Prove your Loyalty, as a Prospect you will be assigned a Patched Member as your "Sponsor". He will put you through the Ringer. You will do as your Sponsor asks(Except things that effect reality of course like Send Money etc). Your sponsor is the " Light at the end of the tunnel", he is the one who will say whether you are ready to be a full member 2. Patched Member- As a Patched Member you will over see your Prospects, Add them Online, Talk to them, Game with Them, Show them The Ropes. Its your job to Train Him Up. You will be given 1 prospect. But depending on Member to Prospect Ratio some Members may get More IF needed. You will Uphold the Rules set here and Thr Highway Reapers Name 3. Active- We understand that Timezones are in place and that You Do have a Job & Life but we like to have Active members although its not a big Deal Everyweek we'll also be Gifting a $2,000,000 Shark Card to 1 member who has shown Loyalty, Activeness, and Toughness over that Week To Join Submit A Request Here-> http://socialclub.ro...way_reapers_los. Thankyou
  24. Discord Server - V7QSVhR The Royals MC is a loyal, family based Motorcycle Club. We believe in loyalty and respect to all those within the club and those we are related to. We are not head hunters, we do not look for fights, but we retaliate where needed. One of our main enjoyments is meeting up with other Crews for Bike Meets, races and joint drives. Within The Royals MC we have 4 Charters spread across San Andreas and 1 Nomad attachment. These Charters range from Los Santos all the way to Paleto Bay with each Charter having their own meeting point and President / Vice President. Each Charter follows the same clothing regulations and bike regulations apart from Blaine County who have less strict regulations due to the heat and terrain in which their Charter and Meeting Point is positioned. All Charters (including Nomads) are open to join apart from "The Mother Charter" which you must be directly messaged by the National President about joining the Mother Charter, this normally happen after around 1-2 weeks if you are a candidate for being patched over. We highly recommended friending the other Club Members within your Charter and the other Charters so you can quickly and easily find crew sessions. MOTHER CHARTER NOMADS <- Most popular on Xbox One LOS SANTOS BLAINE COUNTY PALETO BAY Our Rules are fair but stern, we want all our club members to have fun whilst being disciplined. [NOTICE] Club Events (unless Charter Only) MUST NOT​ be held on a Crew Only server, they must be held in either a Friend Only, Invite Only or Public Session. 1. All Club members wear their Club Cut whilst online with the (or representing) the Club. 2. All Club members must follow the Clothing Regulations set below. 3. All Club members must use the correct bikes stated below unless given permission by the National President. 4. Whilst online with the Club, do NOT​ attack random players unless directly attacked. ​5. We are not strict on what weapons you can use in fights but be fair in terms of usage. ​(example: using a minigun to mow down a Level 10) 1. Club members must ALWAYS​ ​ride in the following order where suitable: (The rest of the Club follows in in same Column order) (This formation is also used for when sitting at Club Tables) 2. Club members must always be ready to fight and die for their President / Vice President, if under fire you must always protect your 'Pres' and 'VP'. 3. Killing your fellow Club members unless they are "Marked for Death" is strictly against Club rules. 4. Unless the National President / National Vice-President is online you must follow your President / Vice-President. During official Club meetings / events only Club Houses owned by the President / Vice-President. If no Club Houses are available, the Charter Meeting points are to be used. (view website) During unofficial club activities any Club member can have a Club House active. We encourage Club members to get to know each other and make new friendships, so at any time during unofficial Club Business feel free to run your own Club House and run the related Club Contracts and missions. Any Biker Cut / Jacket Any Biker Helmet (apart from MOD Helmets) Hoodies with Club Colours on may be worn during personnel sessions or unofficial events Jeans / Working Pants ONLY ​ONLY​ The Blaine County Charter may wear shorts ​ONLY THE BIKES STATED BELOW ARE AUTHORISED FOR USE WHILST A MEMBER OF THE CLUB ​The 'Blaine County Only' Bikes are optional to this Charter and may be used if the Club Member wants to. SPECIAL VERSIONS OF BIKES SUCH AS THE 'SANCTUS' ARE ALLOWED IF YOUR GIVES PRESIDENT PERMISSION
  25. PrincessXena

    {PS4} Sins of Los Santos Crew Recruitment

    SOLS is now recruiting!(YAY) Are you a player new/old to GTA V, a victim of a drive by, a lost soul, looking for action with some casual fun under the Los Santos sun? We are looking for great helpful players who hate the scene of drama queens(need not apply) and who can handle business as well as take and give constructive directions when needed. Our Crew Name: Sin of Los Santos (SOLS) Platform: PS4 RockStar SocialClub Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sins_of_los_santos PS4 Community Name: GTA V SINS OF LOS SANTOS CREW (SOLS) Times: Varies From US EST to US PST What the SOLS Crew has to offer: A relaxed and fun kick back mature environment A diverse group of people from beginners, moderate, and experience level players Depending on the mood & mode many of us take part in Races, Survival, Deathmatches, Heist, CEO/VIP Raids, and/or any other leisure activities or events Ideal Crew Member: Leadership & Respectful players Prefer mature player to be over 18 years (some exception have been waived) Have good working mic Have a great positive attitude, sense of humor, and can be a team player Be able to be an asset when call upon Represent the crew & display crew tag Offer any administrative help to assist in boosting team morale Contact Info: If you have any questions or looking to join, reply to this post and sent a message to me on PS4 @ PrincessXena. Please be sure to state your purpose, your interest, and any questions you may have relating to GTA V SOLS crew memberships. Thank you all who took the time to read this post and those having interest.
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