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  1. Occult Kollective


    Occult Kollective - Join the Takeover No Gods, No Masters | Create Your Own Future | Do What Thou Wilt New crew just formed. looking to become a well structured Syndicate in Los Santos. No crew requirements or rules, No one will be kicked for inactivity or having multiple crews. Just made for those that want to play with like minded people, all sharing the same intention of playing GTA V. Cars, Bikes, Money, and a little bit of havoc. All crew positions are available, looking for all ranks and types of players. Join The Occult Collective : We Are The Los Santos Take Over For more Info Contact <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script>, or directly on PSN : NOWTHATSAKN1FE
  2. ritchierich00

    Recruiting for my MC

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for people to join my MC and crew. I created an MC on PS4 and I still need a VP and Sargent and everything. If you can create a patch for the MC you're automatically VP of my club haha I do have some of it made just need help finishing it. Basically we'll do missions, heists and fight other people, make alliances, and just goof off. No crew killing is my rule but have fun also. Let me know if you are interested and if you have a mic that would be nice. We'll discuss further things once I get my main people in the club. I want to work with the leadership of our MC to come up with rules and scheduling and basically help eachother out in building an MC from the ground up. Looking for active duty in the military or veterans but also will take anyone who is interested in just having a good time. Let me know a little about yourself and your PSN. Hopefully we'll get alot of people recruited then we can start making presidents of other places and also expand to Xbox and PC. Sorry this isn't as elaborate as some of the other MC recruiting threads but maybe that's something that we can work on as well.
  3. recruiting people who want to up there rank/level make money and work with me! I have all businesses and two warehouses I what we can constantly work with! ill makeu money as u help make me money! on most evenings an most weekends! 20s n above would be best but ill give everyone a chance once! gamertag is Morrison_Bruv add me and send a message with the request!
  4. My name is Elliot, I'm 20 years old and I grew up playing gta. I just got a subscription for my ps4 for about a year. Only.. I dont have any friends to play privately with. I'm 420 friendly, once an anime fan, and I listen to a lot of foreign music. My pronouns are he/ him or they/ them. I dont have a headset for my ps4 but we could probably skype maybe?
  5. Because of the sales going on this week, I'm trying to save my money up so I was just wondering if anyone wanted to help Ps4 T-Wrecks17
  6. The Disciples of Mayhem Motorcycle Club is Now Recruiting for our Club and Live Stream! we went on a bit of a hiatus because gta had gotten so stale but now with the new biker DLC out we are back and ready for business! DMMC meets every saturday after 5pm Eastern Standard time! DMMC now has 2 Charters Disciples of Mayhem Original Charter Disciples of Mayhem Los Santos Charter We have positions Available in both charters so if your looking for a club with room to climb look no further check out our website to apply today and for more details!!! www.dmmc716.wixsite.com/disciples-of-mayhem 420 friendly
  7. We are a small group of friends that play different types of games on ps4 we hope to play on other platforms like pc and xb1 soon.We use KIK and Instagram.I hope more people will join soon we are active and meetup and descuss problems often. Contact Me on KIK at SleepyModz If u have any questions or am looking to join.
  8. LS CHOPPERS CLUB Recruiting for the new Oct. 4th Underground Motorcycle Clubs Join LS CHOPPERS CLUB here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_choppers_club Platform is PS4 Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. Let's Ride!
  9. Iskypedyourmom

    TRBB recruiting now! Ps4 ONLY 18+ mature crew!

    hello my friend! this is the official topic of TRBB We are a just started friendly mature crew. For ps4 ONLY. if you wanna join us with things like heists, mc or just to have a Great talk with eachoter or whatever you and we feel like doing then you finally can! at this moment it is still a ps4 only crew, but if we find enough people from different consoles, we will open up a seperate console crew. we all got mics and we have both men and woman, EVERYONE IS EQUAL IN HERE. psn: iskypedyourmom and our crew link: = https://socialclub.r...bat_brotherhood We do have a few rules...: -have a mic. -no racisme. -be 18+ the crew got created on may 24th. so were still tring to find people that are nice and respect eachother. We currently at 120 members! we will be working with a rank up system wich basicly means if you do well you will get ranked up inside of the crew, think about representatives, lieutenants, commissioners and even co leaders. we dont care if you are black, white, yellow or purple just have fun with eachother, we got host and co hosts for pac, people with yachts, people with mc and ceo buildings. hosts for car meetups and the list goes on and on so everyone can do what they want. if you need our help with one of your businesses we help you but we expect you help the ones who helped you aswell. sounds mind blowing doesnt it? well its really simple, help and get helped that's all it is. my psn = iskypedyourmom social club name = iskypedurmom. https://socialclub.r...er/iskypedurmom send me an invite on social club, and one on ps4 and tell me that you want to join the crew. and just simply apply on social club to the crew from the link above...
  10. TheWordIsMarc_HD

    Lost King's MC [LKMC]

    PSN Crew (PS4) - LS Lost King's. Website http://www.lkgta.webs.com (Under construction) Cutty Christmas Instagram https://instagram.com/cuttychristmas/ TheWordIsMarc Instagram https://www.instagram.com/TheWordIsMarc/ Cutty Christmas YouTube https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCATBGrn-693MoimRDTCQSag TheWordIsMarc YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClEASBYY2oUenCoRFtrwmig Social Club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_lost_kings Welcome, I want you offer you the opportunity of joining a Motorcycle Club that has been... Around the block a few times. To say the very least. We would like to extend you the offer, of trying us out. See if you have what it takes to become a King amongst the Lost. We've been around for four years at this point, And we don't plan on going anywhere. We operate club business and do events. We stream footage onto YouTube and even do a fiction series which includes Alot of non fictional events as a template basis. https://youtu.be/zS8HM77bFEs[/YouTube] 1.Mics are preferred but not essential as we don't always use microphones. In fact we can do just fine if you're a silent player. As long as you communicate via GTA Texting, Messaging or best for us.. Skype. 2.We use Skype as a day to day communication. Even when we're not in action we are talking about something or other. Building real relationship solidifies trust and respect and we pride ourselves on that. 3.Know your role, Respect your superiors and put in work. Prove you've got what it takes to earn and keep your spot. And Ofcourse the simplicity of following what has to be said by superiors, attending any meetings. Accepting RP Lovers, Like Minded MC Lovers and Pure Muscle. Whether you're down to be in the ranks and be a permanent fixture or just an occasional muscle rider, Please just let your intentions be known when joining We're adult and mature. We measure you by your maturity and not purely on your age. We love a joke as much as the next guy. But screaming, pissing, moaning and mowing down club members over and over, over dumbsh*t.. We can't be sympathetic over. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_lost_kings Come Fly with us. We may be lost... But we're Still King's! Please fill out a format form OR Just answers these questions :- PSN I.D : Preferred Name For Reference : Age : Sex : Previous Crew Experience : Timezone : Skills : Anything We Should Known : Intentions (Full Time / Muscle) : Play Times : About Yourself :
  11. Looking to join an MC? Looking for a true brotherhood? look no further and join The Forsaken Warriors MC Grapeseed on PS4. We are a true 1% free aim club. I started this club a couple months ago due to lack of direction in my old club. I was Sgt. At Arms and ran the prospect chapter for a decent sized(40+ members) MC on Xbox so i have the experience. looking for dedicated brothers to help build this club to greatness. Officer positions available. Short prospecting period right now untill the club gets more members. Prove yourself and you will have a patch before you know it. We wont be going around killing all the time. We are a roleplay club. Yes its just a game but we take it seriously. Any disrespect towards any patched brother will not be tolerated. Weekly Church and every patched brother gets a vote. must be over 18 and have Mic. If this interests you then check out our website, fill out the prospect application and contact me on PSN Rhymz202 or Social Club Rhymz_Innovator Website: https://jaus202.wixsite.com/forsakenwarriorsmc Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/forsaken_prospect_gs
  12. X_xBasicGamerx_X

    PS4 Car Meet

    Welcoming all Cars and Bikes! To Cypress Flats Car meet! This old industrial factory has a large parking lot and a nice open area for racing around the building! If interested, Add me! X_xBasicGamerx_X
  13. illumi_nahtzee


    Add me my gamertag is illumi_nahtzee, I will invite you to our group chat, we already have members but we are looking for more. Any car is welcome! I will post car meet times in the chat, be nice and respectful, rewards are given for people who win races also have fun!
  14. I'm looking for another Pacific Standard Heist host(PS4) with the finale, garage by the bikes and 2 reliable fillers who know what they are doing. I run the heist all the time with the heli and car. Host and fillers must be mature and respectful.
  15. Ethan Gardner


  16. illumi_nahtzee


    Add me my gamertag is illumi_nahtzee I own import empire, we have car meets, races and all kinds of events. Anyone is welcome! Just keep it peaceful. Any car is welcome, I will invite you to our group chat when you add me.
  17. We are looking for people to join our roleplay community, we have been around for over 10 months and we're looking for fresh new serious players to become part of our community. If you're looking for a friendly RP community then this is the place for you, we are only on PS4. We're always looking for people with new ideas for the community, anyone is welcome and all feedback is appreciated. We have a wide range of roles available from organised crime members to taxi drivers. However please note at this time LSPD applications are closed but you're welcome to adopt another role until new spaces open. We usually host daily sessions at 21:00 BST/16:00 EST, so if you'd like to be part of that we'd love to have you. The rules and the sign up form can be found at http://lossantosunderground.weebly.com/ If you have any questions feel free to reach us on the discord server which you can find linked on the site. Hope to see you soon!
  18. Hi all, I'm looking for mature like minded players to help each other for CEO/IE missions and any other 2x $RP event if need be. Platform: PS4 PS4 ID: Dr_B1G Age: Over 35 lets put it that way lol Mic: Yes Location: UK Ive been a solo player since the game come out but need a team to get the best out of the game. I haven't even done the criminal mastermind yet I play every day, and available to help anyone do their selling missions, so if you see me online give me a shout if you need any help. I look forward to meeting new people. Cheers Feel free to add me on PSN Dr_B1G
  19. aNeXiaGaming


    WHAT'S UP!! I'm looking for a heist crew who knows what to do and can grind through the playlist, I am from Ireland and I am a regular player. I have a mic, all help greatly appreciated. PSN: aNeXiaGaming
  20. illumi_nahtzee

    illumi_nahtzee CAR MEETS PS4

    Add me my gamertag is illumi_nahtzee, I will invite you to our group chat, we already have members but we are looking for more. Any car is welcome! I will post car meet times in the chat, be nice and respectful, rewards are given for people who win races also have fun!
  21. illumi_nahtzee


    Add me my gamertag is illumi_nahtzee, I will invite you to our group chat, we already have members but we are looking for more. Any car is welcome! I will post car meet times in the chat, be nice and respectful, rewards are given for people who win races also have fun!
  22. I need new serious partners who are willing to work with me to make some money from gunrunning. My PSN is thatdude_crumpy No level requirements, just don't f*ck around.
  23. MermaidJessica


    Anyone on ps4 add me.. mermaidjessica 20yrs old so only 20+ adds please, no kids. I have a mic.. been off for like 2 months and back now and need some people to play with Psn - Mermaidjessica
  24. NickDesigner

    Who's still doing Heists?

    There's 3 of us that play daily, doing heists to stack up at least $2-3 million so we can get started with CEO missions. If you're loyal and can get the job done with the rest of us, add my PSN: NickDesigner Also, check out our crew by reading the recruitment post below: http://gtaforums.com/topic/889306-dynamic-virtue-is-now-recruiting-ps4/ Thanks.
  25. RFFR-Prez-Addict

    Reborn Ones MC Recruitment

    Reborn Ones Motorcycle Club We pride ourselves on being a truthful brotherhood, we are looking for loyal and active members who would like to be apart of the brotherhood. Our Crew Links: Full Patch: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/reborn_ones_mc Prospects: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/reborn_ones_prospect Hangarounds: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/reborn_ones_hang Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebornonesmotorcycleclub/ Rules: 1. 16+. 2. Free Aim Only. 3. Must Use kik. 4. Patch worn at all times. 5. OX blood Cut worn at all times if Hangaround. 6. Brown Leather Jacket Worn at all times if Prospect 7. No Passive mode. 8. No Jets/Helicopters/Cars. 9. No Explosives or BST. 10. No killing other MC's when alone. 11. Bro love/salute all Patched Members/Hierarchy Members. 12. Listen to all orders given. 13. Don'r back chat or punishment will be set in place. 14. Respect everyone from Hierarchy, Patched Members, fellow Prospects and Hangarounds. 15. Only use Assault Riles/Pistols and Melee Weapons. 16. Reborn Ones MC Prospects/Hangarounds will be your only crew. 17. No doing 1v1's TDM with enemy MC's or Random players. 18. If your by yourself and you get shot by and MC or a random player then Leave the session. Unless if its a KOS and you are ready to fight. 19. No shooting anyone on your bike, Unless in a mission. 20. No talking or Chilling with a KOS MC or a punishment will be set in place. 21. Prospect and Hangarounds stand on guard at all times. 22. Never mute Hierarchy/Patched Members or fellow Prospect and Hangarounds. 23.Add every Hierarchy/Patched/Prospect and Hangarounds when u meet them.
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