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Found 2,247 results

  1. BigRawn


    My name is Ronald PS4 PSN:CyborgNinjaLizad I am aware the name is ridiculous. It's old. Crew: Laughing Joker http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/laughing_joker "Tell Your Men They Work For Me Now. This Is My City." ~The Joker- Batman: Dark Knight Reason for being here: I am looking to expand my GTA Crew. We are a heist heavy crew. Our purpose is to always have a crew member be available to fill in a needed spot to do a heist and do it right. Getting Crew Heist bonus are the plus to having a heist crew. I'm also here to network with people in ways communicate better with those who may also want to set up heists seriously. I'm here to teach players the shortcuts for every heist in order to earn more money Save time and not lose. We are ready to start the $10 million when we have a set team that is willing. We are a very relax Crew that are here to have fun, but at the same time earn money when it is time to be serious. The inspiration from the crew is obviously the Joker from the Dark Knight. We Earn money only to give it back to the community, and better it but with a little chaos and any means necessary to obtain it. I am currently recruiting Lieutenants Representatives Muscles For now I will be recruiting these, but soon I will have to make it so that you have to move up in ranks. When I deem those who can be responsible with power then they will have earned it. For not I am recruiting anyone who is willing to join. Requirements: For now....Just be old enough to play Preferably have a microphone Don't need it Communication is vital to all success Being active as often as possible To join just go on the Social Club site and Look for Laughing Joker The emblem I created will be the same I have uploaded. If you have questions you and PM me or you could Message me on PSN. To join Please leave your info using this Template to help me decipher comments and people looking to join SOCIAL CLUB NAME: TIME ZONE: MIC? (Y/N): YOUR COMMENTS:
  2. We're new and have 25 active members who are online every day we run Criminal Mastermind challenges and heists and whatever you need...if you need to run some races for unlocks just holler at us we're a biker MC and ride Harleys or just any kind of bike mainly just American and ride in groups and have a great time doing it just check us out we will take pictures as we go to show what we do check out our social page at SOA San Andreas PS4 or psn: GrouchyRoach or just anyone in the crew they get on everyday so we will see your invite to the crew no problem looking for active players check out the Patch on our back it is sick!!! We've been established for about a week now and already up to 25 members its been insane guys just come find out yourself what we do and get noticed out there because we sure do http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/soa_san_andreas_ps4
  3. Watchem-SIMC


  4. ABPatches


    I will make any logo! Patches of just pictures! If you want me to upload I will with an add on of three us dollars if interested my kik is: AustiinTheGamer. BTW I make them in photoshop
  5. Chris-Teh_God

    [PS4] The Cold Dead Hands Recruitment Thread

    Welcome to The Cold Dead Hands Recruitment! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_cold_dead_hands We are a PS4 Wrecking crew, Gunslingers and Pain Bringers. The Cold Dead Hands are now recruiting new players for membership. We are seeking active, fun, skilled, and mature players to add to our ranks. We are a PS4 Wrecking Crew and the majority of our members are very active in-game and have mics. In addition to general recruits, we are also looking for seasoned players who are skilled in combat to be commissioners and lieutenants to help us dominate Free mode Lobby's and Deathmatches. Below you'll find information about our crew: rules and policies. We are looking for all types of players: Foot soldiers, Pilots, Tank Specialists, Snipers, Racers, Heist members, as we Wreck everything. Whether you are skilled in Freemode wrecking, Deathmatch domintation, Racing, or just want to join a crew that will offer you protection, or just to give you back up when needed- we could be the wreckers for you. Enjoy the benefits of having the freedom to pursue your gameplay in a crew without undue restrictions and regulations. There are no dress codes, no mandatory meetings, and we only have one rule. The most important thing for us when playing a game is having fun. Play how you want in a crew that will give you the freedom of choice to do so. Will you be the next to join us? We only have one requirement for enlistment: 1) Crew killing will not be tolerated. All incidents should be reported to a commissioner or anybody with kicking power. Use the crews social club, then we can debate it together. A crew are supposed to be your friends, your allies. If you are enlisting with the hope of becoming a serious member in our hierarchy, as mentioned earlier we are indeed looking for good players to help build the infrastructure of what will hopefully soon become a great crew that is a serious force to be reckoned with. Below are the requirements for the hierarchy positions. Commissioner - KDR 2.00 or higher Lieutenant - KDR 1.5 - 1.9 Representative KDR 1.0 All positions are also dependant on activity in game and on the social club and forums. If you are any good on Rockstar Editor and want to play around making crew videos. Feel free. As we also like having crew meets, to have a show of force. Even car meets if requested. None of this is mandatory, but we understand that this is something that players, and our members enjoy doing, and we are more than willing to be there right with you helping you to pursue your gaming wants and needs. We have a Twitter page @_ColdDeadHands We are currently deciding on a website, i suppose this will come with more members. Hopefully we will see a few more faces, and hopefully some to bring into the hierarchy. We will look forward to kicking some ass with you. Feel free to add us in game Chris-teh_god or Ellie87
  6. verbatimguitar


    Be One of The Best, or Die Like The Rest. Grunt Corps MC Paleto Bay -Grunt Corps MC is a dedicated, active and fun group of people to ride with. We take our role play seriously and expect all of our members to do so. We have many high ranking spots open in new chapters. My personal chapter is Paleto Bay, The role play chapter. Prove yourself to me in certain skill sets and you can move up in the chain of command, or even the the special forces chapter if youre a good gunman. -Not everyone is meant to be a Grunt. Like i said before, Grunt Corps MC is dedicated. Everyone in this crew is completely loyal to the brother on his side. Members here are willing to drop everything theyre doing to help a brother in need. To wear our patch you need to prove yourself not as a skilled player but as a loyal, dedicated and eager to learn player. -Paleto Bay is currently looking for: Vice President, Sgt at Arms, Secretary, Road Captain and multiple enforcers. These positions will first go to players with MC experience, then to those who show they really want it. Promotion in this crew does not stop, With new chapters opening up, You could be an enforcer one day and a president the next. BYLAWS -These laws set forth by Grunt Corps MC National Chapter shall NEVER be violated. If they are, appropriate action will be taken against that individual. -ALWAYS have the MC patch on your back. -Grunt Corps MC must be your active crew at ALL TIMES. -NEVER kill a club member, If you are attacked, inform your president. -Always report violations up your chain of command. -NO quads, dirtbikes, or mopeds. -Beef inside club is squashed with a fist fight. -NEVER engage an MC that is not an enemy unless they attack first -If an enemy MC is seen, engage them and inform your President or VP so reinforcement can be sent in. -If a brother is in need EVERYONE is to drop everything and help. Do you have what it takes? -Be someone on GTA -Be feared -Be respected -Be one of the best -Must have a working mic -Must be 15+ -Must be active at least 3 days/week -Hierarchy must be active 5 days/week Now Join us! Social Club- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/grunt_corps_mc_pb Website-http://gruntcorpsmc.myfreesites.net/ PSN-BossNGrazo KIK-sscimmature
  7. New York Gunnas

    All New NYG Crew (PS4)

    We are a new crew to GTA online and we are looking for players to join so we can all raise some hell in the GTA online severs So just leave your PSN (Playstation Network) if you are interested http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/new_york_gunnas_x -New York Gunnas
  8. Watchem-SIMC

    SINNERS MC SS Looking For Hang Arounds (PS4)

    Looking For A MC? Tired Of Trying To Get Members? Want To Patch Over To A Stronger Brotherhood? We Are Looking For Hang Arounds To Join SINNERS MC SS, Intrested In Players In All Time Zones So Members Are Online 24/7 So A Brother Doesnt Ride Alone. Been Established For 5-6 Months. Looking For Players Active,Have A Mic, And Acts Mature Age Is Waved On How You Act. Only Interested In Serious 1% Players Only Assault Rifles Only, No Rooftops, Ya Know The Usual. Baggers, Daemons, Hexers, Old School Style Bikes Only. Contact Info Is Below. If Interested Please Contact Me First, I Will Meet With you So Will The Club To See If Were Intrested In Inviting You To Be Apart Of Our Club, Becoming A Patched Member Isnt For All Players, Were Serious When Needed, But We Dont Take The Fun Outta The Game Itself. SC-Watchem_HSMC Kik/PSN- Mr_watchem_drop Hang Around SC- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sinnersmc_hangaround SINNERS Prospect SC-http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/prospects_sinners_mc SINNERS MC SS (Mother Charter) SC-http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sinners_mc_ps4_ss SINNNERS MC Website- (Coming Soon)
  9. Hawk Squadron Hawk Squadron is looking for a few new members to join us online. We're a military-style crew that works well together. We've purposefully lowered our numbers from over 250 crew members down to just 15 tight-knit, team-players. We would like to have players that enjoy the tactical style of combat. We're looking for those players that are friendly, smart, and are able to work well with other players. Our crew has been around since the game's release and it's changed many times over the years but we've been doing well and are always ready for more. Game settings/types: -Traditional GTA Aim -Free-Mode -Team Deathmatches -Missions -Heists Note: This crew will not be for everyone. There are not too many people that prefer this type of crew and we don't blame you, it's a bit of a hassle for some players to have to follow directions and work as a team like this. If you can work well with us, great stuff and welcome aboard. If not, no worries, would have been great to play with some new people. A few requirements: Headset/Mic PS4 Must be active/online at least 3 or 4 times a week Approx. $50,000 to purchase the outfits and accessories* Follow directions until we feel you're alright to make your own decisions in combat Take the combat seriously, we try to uphold the "military-style" part of the crew** Must speak fluent English, communication is a major part of this crew Must have access to either Facebook OR Social Club ​​ * If you do not have the money we can assist you in acquiring the appropriate funds. ** Outside of combat we're free to say whatever we'd like, we're very friendly players. (No time-zone requirement. We have players from all over the world, though most of our members are from Canada, U.S, and U.K) Links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GTAHawkSquadron Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hawk_squadron
  10. BlackHeartedGovernor

    Impenitent Survivors - We do what is needed to get by...

    IMPENITENT SURVIVORS Whatever is needed to survive... The first thing you might be askin' is "why the name?". Well you see, "Impenitent" is not feelin' any sorrow or remorse for your actions. "Where does this fit in?" Would be your next question. Grand Theft Auto Online is all about comin' out on top. And that is exactly what I intend to do. In order to do that, you'll need to survive. You can only survive by doin' whatever is needed to get by. Impenitence will help you achieve that. Now some players might call you "scrub" or "cheap", but those people don't understand what is needed to come out on top. Now this ain't exactly the most honest or even fair way to do it but everythin' they hate is put in the game for a reason. We do not put ourselves at a disadvantage because we don't have to. Anythin' is allowed in this crew. Here are some rules/info: - You are at least 14 years old and mature. - At least semi-active. - Respect all players regardless of playstyle. - At least an above average player/experienced. 1.00 K/D. At least level 50+. - No trash talk, anti-homosexual, misogynistic or racist comments . You may unnerve or even praise other players. - DO NOT kill any crew members or associates without my permission. - Help fellow Survivors in need. We will do missions, heists, TDMs and anythin' else GTA has to offer. - Follow sensible orders. - Try and attend crew events. (Fight clubs, crew battles and the sorts. If you can't, refer to me) - Microphone is semi-mandatory. Improves communication. - Our territory is mostly Blaine County. Specifically Paleto Bay & Sandy Shores. - This is mostly a dictatorship. Once there are more authority figures. We might call votes. Most orders will be issued by me. - Wear normal clothes or military type garments/gear. No clowns or demonic bikers and the sorts. - We will try and take a serious approach to this crew. We obviously have a sense of humor of course. Any jokes and harmless/crew friendly clownin' around is fine. - Use anything you wish. Bulletproof helmets, RPGs, Insurgents, Technicals, Hydras and everythin' in the damn game. - You must show brotherhood and loyalty. - This is an Assisted Aim & Free Aim crew. Rules apply to both. - We will take over Free Roam servers for fun: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to join, then copy the question template below and post it here. Green text is mandatory information. Green text with underline = Dependent. (Or message me on Social Club) WARNING: MODDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF MODDING YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED EITHER. LEGIT PLAYERS ONLY. NON-GAME BREAKING GLITCHES ARE FINE. Timezone: Age: Proficiency/Skill: Social Club Username: (If you are messaging me on social club then there is no need to answer this part) Why should you be recruited?: Rank: Past Crew Experience: Past Heist Experience: (For reliability, of course) Position you wish to apply for: Nickname/Title: (e.g. Mine is "The Governor".) Preferred Targeting System: Also, make sure that I can see your stats on Social Club, make sure your profile, game stats and wall visibility are visible to everyone. Once you are recruited, you may change them to Crew + Friends visibility ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Help this crew reach higher grounds. So join and we will rise up. If people want wars they'll soon realize that... WHY JOIN? You are not limited as to what you can use, all weapons, vehicles and tactics are allowed. Reasonable dress code, military garments or casual/normal clothing will come across as more professional. If you are a competitive player and love The Walking Dead as well as role-playing then this is a crew for you. There will be a structured hierarchy where everyone has a role to play, crews without them tend to be quite boring and lose battles due to the sheer fact that they weren't prepared. In time, you will rack up a lot of money as well as RP. Though, please do not join simply for this reason. It will be a good laugh!: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have a history of crew-hopping you may not be accepted unless you had a decent reason. If you crew-hop or leave crews without a reason then you aren't worth my time!
  11. danmacccc

    Calling all Irish Republicans!

  13. ivanmarroyo

    A1PHA5 [WOLF]

    New Good Crew Looking For Members Levels 30 and Up No Rules Does Not Matter What System You Have Fun Clan Money Earners JOIN NOW!!! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/a1pha5
  14. Awesomeman619

    Sharks Motorcycle Club (Recruitment)

    HISTORY: Shark MC's Clubhouse/Hangout is Rogers Salvage and Scrap which is located on Alta Street & South Arsenal Street in La Puerta Los Santos. The club was Est. on July 10, 2009 By BbUuFford456 & scooterb1997 in Liberty City, the club only had 2 members but later advanced to 11 in 2010. The motives were to REBEL AGAINST SOCIETY and ESTABLISH a BROTHERHOOD that could never be BROKEN! . On September 17,2013 we moved to the Los Santos area where we established a chapter & updated our Patch. Despite being outnumbered by other MC's due to losing members during the move we still managed to hold our ground and not be defeated and continue to survive. Our Motto Is "We Never Quit We Never Die Sharks Mc For Life". We are a TRUE 1%'er Motorcycle Club & only Want TRUE members that are LOYAL, TRUSTWORTHY, and REAL BIKERS. WHY JOIN & WHAT WE DO: Heists. Crew Rides TDM Races Raiding Freemode Lobbies Fighting Other MC's Or Crews Car Shows & Bike Shows Biker Rallies 24/7 Online Members True Brotherhood Power Within The Crew (must be earned) HOW TO JOIN: Go to our crew page on the Social Club Here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shark_motorcycleclub Its an OPEN CLUB! anyone can join there's NO! test to become a Shark MC Club member. RULES OF THE CLUB: 1. Respect Your Elder Shark MC Members. 2. No Racism..."Were Brothers" We Must Act That Way. 3. Participate In Club Rallies, Car & Bike Shows,Etc When In The Lobby. 4. Don't Be Ignorant Or Plain Stupid You Will Be Kicked And Banned From The Crew. 5. Respect & Look After Each Other..."You Ride Together You Die Together" FAQ: President's PSN: BbUuFford456 Vice President's PSN: scooterb1997 We Primarily Play on PS3 But Are Switching To PS4 Around November But Will Play On Both Console Equally Contact Info Twitter: https://twitter.com/madd_nathan_b PSN: BbUuFford456 GTA 5 Motorcycle Club/Crew Only! Timezone: Central Time (CT) For Any Information About Crew Events Or Questions Contact Me On Twitter: https://twitter.com/madd_nathan_b If You Are A Leader Of Another Crew And Would Like To Form An Alliance With The The Sharks MC Message Me On The Social Club Or On PSN @ BbUuFford456. WE HOPE YOU PICK THE SHARKS MOTORCYCLE CLUB AS YOUR CREW!
  15. COME JOIN THE PROPHETS OF ANARCHY! who is ready to cause some mayhem in GTA 5? we are a small, loyal, competitive, and friendly crew. if you want to do big heists, or small thefts, role playing, or maybe a Car Show, Then this is the crew for you. We are looking for people who are serious about GTA 5 online. We will be looking for people in all skill ranges. so come on people lets rule Los Santos together! THIS CREW IS A "PS4 Only CREW " Crew perks: - Earn RP/XP bonuses - Persist rivalries and Accomplishments - Rank up within a Crew Hierarchy - Loyal Teammates - any questions ask Crew leader: mattmontgo on the social club Or commissioner : DoubleDewa http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/prophets_of_anarchy_
  16. | Welcome to The 32 Kings Jet Crew Recruitment Page | PS4 Leader : MR-SHAW2 ( PSN : The32ndKing ) XB1 Leader : A new Leader is needed to expand this side of the console's | Crew Introduction | Welcome and thank you for reading, Now to get started this Crew Isn't all about Jets. If you take a look at the crew name the first two words are : 32 Kings, this is relavent to the Bmx as there are Real-Life Professional stunter's out there who's Bmx Rim is Strengthened by 32 Spokes. The Jet side of the crew is however substantially more Practiced in this crew than the Bmx and is mainly focused around Dogfighting with clean merging and single hit kills. Pilots can choose to carry on a DF even after a hit but must be agreed upon by both involving parties before the DF begins. We are looking to advance the bmx side of the crew but as we are mainly Dogfighters we don't fly/ride in the circle's so if you are reading this and want advancement opportunities with the role of teaching newcomer's the grinds please don't hesitate to contact either of the 2 leaders given above. | How to Join,Rule's & Aspect's of the Crew | | How to Join | You can request an invite to the crew through R* Social Club by searching 32 Kings Jet Crew, Adding either console Leader or simply by following the links placed at the bottom of THIS Post. | Entry | Entry is simple, there are two ways into this crew. DogFighter's : Must Attain at least 1 Clean Kill on the console's Given Leader Stunter's :Must Preform a 3sec ass-grind and must be witnessed (or video) | RULE'S | You must be Active You must show respect You are placed on an initial 1 week trial period (at which point Commissioners & Lead vote) You must wear the Badge (it's cool) You must have a Mic and Participated in at least 1 Party Chat with Crew Members Weekly (Mic Not Essential after trial period ends) You must Not be a Squeaker You must Not Hate or Throw any Verbal Abuse (instant kick) You must Not Cheat (Highly Frowned Upon) example: Merge kill During a Clean Merge DF | Aspect's | Dogfighting : The two main Dogfighter's in this crew are also the console Leader's. Unfortunately as both are on different platform's it's unclear who is the better Dogfighter. We are looking to hold some truly skilled Dogfighters and decent air-air Pilots and are always welcoming new blood. All it takes is 1 Clean kill (No Crash's, Spawn kills or combat merge's) and your in, how hard could that be !? Bmx Stunting : Now i am unsure of the XB1's bike skills as tbh no questions have been asked for this yet, but PS4 holds 2 intermediate's one more skilled than the other. | Closing Statement | Now after you have read all this please take a look at a few more things and then make your finale choice. Leader's Youtube PS4 : www.youtube.com/channel/UC9y26Oc6eFQKFTWp5vFcyoA Crew's Youtube Channel : www.youtube.com/channel/UCk8UBn4dDy0ZhoF_dSwWKJA Crew's Social Club : http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/32_kings_jet_crew_ (PS4) http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/32_kings_jet_crew_x1 (XB1) also a quick montage link : Need Admin for Twitter,Facebook & Any other social Network thanks so much for reading and if you have any further questions please contact either console leader on there/your platform and/or through social club for an immediate response.
  17. Clayndal2


    Hello this police chief clay from Los Santos Pd. We are looking for recruits to join my role playing clan. We do serious role plays in free roam and in jobs. This clan is only on ps4, we have custom rankings inside the crew. Some of the jobs you can do as you can rank up in the clan. RULES: 1.) YOU must have a headset JOIN HERE http://lspdps4.wix.com/lspd 2.) The clan has to be your active crew 3.) You must know or learn NATO 4.) Also learn simple call out codes 5.) ADD CLAYNDAL2 AND MSG HIM
  18. Clayndal2


    Hello this police chief clay from Los Santos Pd. We are looking for recruits to join my role playing clan. We do serious role plays in free roam and in jobs. This clan is only on ps4, we have custom rankings inside the crew. Some of the jobs you can do as you can rank up in the clan. RULES: 1.) YOU must have a headset JOIN HERE http://lspdps4.wix.com/lspd 2.) The clan has to be your active crew 3.) You must know or learn NATO 4.) Also learn simple call out codes 5.) Add clayndal2 on ps4
  19. darky_bluhh

    Del Perro Locals Crew Recruiting ps3/ps4

    My crew is recruiting we have a street gang type of style me personally am the only one from my crew on ps4 while the others in ps3 I'm trying to build it up one ps4 so when they get here we will be huge we take over sessions do missions,heist,races,ect. If interested contact me on kik Darky_bluhh
  20. TheMiniatureKing

    IMF CREW Agents (Mission Impossible Agents)

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/_imf_crew_agents_ Recruiting New People Who want to join Crew. We need new agents to join the IMF. Must be ranke 120 or above with a KD of 1.30 or above if your KD is 1.20 that's ok to. Request Invite And I will accept if you meet the standards Thanks My PS4 GT is TheMiniatureKing if you have any Questions
  21. Lost Legend

    [PS4] White Mambas MC LS {WWMC}

    White Mambas MC LS (Credit for patch goes to Reaper LP) ABOUT The club was formed on September 18th, 2015 by a newly released convict who goes by the name "White Mamba". He earned the title of White Mamba for his cunning/deceiving methods. He then began looking for people who were like-minded to join his Club and rise to the top of the criminal motorcycle club syndicate ... Bylaws & Info - Ages 14+ is allowed. Must be somewhat mature. No racism, sexism, anti-homosexual comments e.g. Jokes are fine. - Incase you couldn't/didn't read the thread title and the tag, this is a PS4 MC only. - Fight with what you are fought with. If they use ARs, you use ARs. They blow you up, you blow them up. - Try and ride a Western/LCC (Harley-Davidson type) whenever possible and especially with your fellow club members. The Dinka Thrust & Vindicator I will make an exception for. - Preferably use a headset. This grants much more efficient communication. - Preferably players in a GMT timezone or a similar timezone. - Try and check Social Club actively. - This is a highly strict roleplaying crew with Church and in time will have prospecting. This will be a PvP/Competitive MC, be prepared to fight. - This crew is both an Auto Aim and Free Aim crew, try and stay in Free Aim preferably. - Make sure your profile visibility is set to everyone on Social Club. I need to know who you are. Preferably have your game stats showing. - Once you have joined, you should leave all crews that aren't related to WMMC. - Prospecting will be introduced once a solid First 9 Hierarchy has been established. Prospecting will last one week or a few days depending on how I feel about you. - Do not kill fellow members without permission from myself or any other high-ranked members. - Do not bring down any burdens on the club such as killing members of other clubs without permission. Positions *Available positions are in orange* - Vice President: The vice president is second in charge and fills in when the president is away. The vice prez is often the heir apparent to the clubs leadership although this isnt always the case. Its his job to make sure that matters passed at club meetings are carried out satisfactorily. - Sgt. At Arms: The sergeant at arms is basically the gangs policeman. He enforces club procedures and maintains order at club meetings. The sergeant is in charge of security at gang events and he is responsible for back ups (attacks on rivals). - Road Captain: Most motorcycle gangs have a position known as Road Captain. He is in charge of logistics during a club run. He plans the route. The Road Captain rides at the front and leads the pack with the president. The position of Road Captain is usually a non executive position. - Secretary: The secretary is responsible for the clubs paperwork. He keeps minutes of meetings and records dates of significant events, such as anniversary dates (when prospects gain their patch). He corresponds with other gangs and its his job to keep members informed of upcoming events. The secretary is usually responsible for keeping records of club assets although the treasurer will do this in some gangs. Source: http://samcroclan.we...rarchyranks.htm - Outrider (Custom Position): A member who goes in advance of a high ranking club officer to clear a passage. Normally would act as a bodyguard for the President. Could be combined with Road Captain if necessary - Enforcer: To enforce clubpolicies/bylaws to Prospects. Assistant to Sgt. At Arms & assists club members in their interpretation of club responsibilities. Generally to promote club life among members. - Tailgunner: Defend club rides, assistant to Outrider & Road Captain. POSITIONS WILL NOT BE HELD OUT TO ANYBODY. YOU MUST SHOW LOYALTY. Before joining, you should fill out an application so I know who I am enlisting... If you wish to join then copy this question template and answer the following questions (PLEASE DO NOT PASTE THE BRACKETED PARTS): Timezone: Age: Skill/Proficiency (what you would bring to the table): Social Club Username: Past Motorcycle Clubs and past crews: Preferred Position: (e.g. Road Captain or Secretary. *Positions can be only allocated to one person, we cannot have two Sgt. At Arms. The same person cannot have two positions/roles either. Exceptions can be made however for certain positions) Preferred Targeting System: (e.g. Free Aim, Auto Aim. The reason I ask is so I know if you have any experience, if you do not have any experience, then we could schedule a friendly inter-crew battle/TDM to sharpen your aiming skills) Why do you want to join WWMC? (This is so I can get an idea of who you are and your intentions): What do you want your road name to be?: (A road name is the name you would be preferred to be called when with the crew. This isn't mandatory but in example, mine would be "White Mamba") If you are joining only for RP or are an unjustified crew hopper you most likely will not be accepted. Havoc Vote What is a Havoc vote? We will have Havoc votes if another players actions are deemed worthy enough of a death penalty. All members must vote unanimously. Havoc votes will be executed by "Harbingers of Havoc". These will be players who are experienced virtual killers who would kill for the club and would be given the title of Harbingers of Havoc. "What can I do to avoid a Havoc vote being executed against me?" For non-members: Stay on good terms with the club, don't kill us, irritate us or inconvenience us in any way and you should be fine. For members: These three above still apply. If you wish to leave the club, make sure you leave on good terms and explain why you're leaving plus settle any inside-the-club beef (if there is any) on the way out. Generally, just follow the Bylaws and you'll be fine.
  22. Tactical Gaming: tacticalgaming.net/hq/ We're a worldwide, mature, respectful organization with a military structure. We play for fun and understand that real life comes first. We have our own TeamSpeak 3 server and our community is active, friendly and accepting people of any skill level. Depending on which system you're on, your future Brigade Commander would vary so I can respond to any initial questions and get you in touch with the right people if there's any questions that are over my pay-grade. PS3 Social club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tactical_gaming_ps3 PS4 Social club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tactical_gaming_ps4 Platforms: PS3, PS4, XB360, XBone There's a lot of members from most time zones so I'm sure there'll be good times to meet up. To be accepted into the crew there is a Boot Camp test to complete after registering on the site. The purpose of this is to give recruits an idea about various TG rules, regulations and resources available to them. The secondary purpose is simply to see who's willing and capable to pass it. We're looking for dedicated people and this helps us find them.
  23. [introduction] The Wilde Crime Family is a new family Mafia based in Los Santos, San Andreas. The family does whatever it takes to sustain a profitable organisation. The family will have its allies, who we will work with to help one another. Monthly meetings will take place for the Boss to brief the rest of the family on the current affairs. On the other hand, the family will have its enemies, who we will do whatever it takes to minimise their business. It's just a case of choosing the right side, the Wilde Crime Family. [Roles] The family follows the general structure of a Mafia organisation: Boss: The Boss is the well-respected leader of the organisation. His role is to lead the family through all scenarios. Consigliere: The Consigliere is usually a family member of the Boss, although he is not an official member of the family, his role is to help the Boss make his decisions based on balanced information he is provided with. Underboss: The Underboss is second-in-command and is the voice of the Boss to the Caporegimes. He is well respected by all ranks. He will gather information from the Caporegimes to tell the Boss on the current jobs the Soldiers have been undertaking. Caporegimes: The Caporegimes are lead by the Underboss and lead a small group of Soldiers each. They may have to do some assassinations themselves if it is an important job, however, they will usually choose one of their Soldiers for a job ordered by the Underboss. Soldiers: The Soldiers are the lowest rank in the family, however, they are also one of the most important ranks. Their role is to do the jobs (assassinations, retrieving information, etc.). They may also be asked to guard the Boss at the family meetings, or at meetings elsewhere. The ranks currently available are Caporegimes and Soldiers. For more information on the rank structure visit http://uk.askmen.com/money/mafioso_150/176_mafia.html . [Rules & Requirements] 1. Try your best to have a mic, if not communicate exceptionally through messengers. 2. You'll need a metallic black four-door car as the crew car. 3. Dress professionally (I.e suits). 4. Respect everyone in the crew, no matter what rank they are. 5. Listen to the orders you are given. 6. Never kill a family member, this will result in a meeting with the Underboss on whether or not you'll be staying in the crew. 7. Speak English. 8. At least rank 35. 9. You must be able to play in any targeting mode (free-aim etc.). 10. Be mature. 11. Have fun! [How to Join] To join, message me on PSN (Wildy_4444) telling me why you want to join, what rank you'd like to apply for, and a screenshot of your character. I will arrange a meeting with you so I can make sure you are suitable for the crew. Thanks for reading.
  24. DrSeussStyle

    The Sons of Anarchy WANT YOU!

    Hola Gentlemen, The Sons of Anarchy Vinewood Hills Original Charter is rebuilding from the ground up. My name is Josh (PSN: DrSeussStyleBrew) and i am the president. I have booted everyone and restarting.. I am looking for a group of 5-9 solid guys. You can contact me either on PSN at DrSeussStyleBrew or you can contact me on KIK at DrSeussStyle. Here some patch in rules: - Preferably be from America so our time zones are similar but its not required. - 16+ - Must have Mic - Must compete in a quick death match with me. (win or lose, doesnt matter i just wanna get a feel for your gun game) - Own a chopper meaning either an LCC Hexer or Innovation. or the Western Sovereign or Daemon.. - Make an outfit with a leather jacket wearing the patch - Keep the MC active at all times - attend churches on sat/sun if you can Here is the link to the Crew social club page.. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vinewood_hills_soa ATTENTION: To Be considered for a cabinet position, you must add me on Social Club. My social club name is: SuckMyPain.
  25. BrutalJupiter40

    Blaine County Roleplay (PS4)

    Hello everyone! My name is Carter, I'm a volunteer firefighter and police explorer from WNY, I'm trying to find people interested in roleplaying as sheriff deputies, park rangers, firefighters, EMTs/Paramedics and civilians. I already have a few people who I've been RPing with for a while and so far its a lot of fun! Since I have a background in Fire/EMS/Police I train the new recruits but I'm looking for someone to run the Sheriff's department although anyone mature enough roleplay seriously may join. Any applicants involved with Firefighting, Emergency medical services, law enforcement/security may be eligible for instant promotion once graduating the police/fire/ems academy. The clan is called Blaine County Roleplay, we exclusively stick to the blaine county area for a realistic country RP experience. Send in an application to our website and apply today! (The website is not finished yet I still have to add badges, ranks and units.) www.blainecountyroleplay.weebly.com
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